and those cousins or whatever idk

Thank you!! Though I also just wanna point out that manons hair is the white blonde color to reflect her cold iciness to what’s around her, and aeline is fucking golden just like her cousin and it’s meant to be golden cause she’s warmth and fire in the form of a person! Aaaalso she’s supposed to be the warm counterpart to manons cold iciness. Feyres hair is a golden brunette NOT BLONDE! It is brought up quite a few times so idk why people can’t grasp this. I get it that you wanna take her work and bring it to life in your drawings or whatever. But do your research first. SJM put so much time and thought into her wonderfully written characters! Do not and I repeat for those idiots in the back. DO NOT fucking mess with her art!

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My little brother just drew a picture of a him, a girl, and a guy holding hands, and I was like "awww cute! Who are those people next to you?" and he said "our family" so I smiled and replied "so it's me and Donovan?" (our cousin) and he said "No, it's harry' and I was all confused but then he said "Harry saved you from whatever was making you so sad, so if he kept you alive, he's family too" and I started crying. Idk why, but I wanted to share this.

this is amazing and adorable and sweet and I don’t what Harry did for you, but the fact that your little brother deemed him important enough to be a part of your family just goes to show how much of an impact Harry can have on peoples lives.

And in light of recent events I think that this is really important, so thank you for sharing this xo