and those cooler mornings and nights

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Malibu Pt. 2



Ethans warm breath tickled your exposed shoulder as he lay cuddled up next to you, his arms draped over your waist. Every so often a small snore would escape his lips making you giggle. He groaned as you tried to escape his grasp, “Where are you going?” He asked sleepily.

You smiled at him, running your fingers through his messy hair, “I’ve got to get ready for tonight. The bonfire, remember?” He sat up in your bed, propping himself up with his elbows. You sat up with him, stretching your arms and legs out in front of yourself. He traced his fingers along your arms, making you shiver.

Wrapping his hands gently around your wrists, he pulled you to him. Your head was laying upon his chest, his hands tangled in your hair. “It’s early, Y/n. Cuddle with me for a few minutes.” He pouted and you giggled, snuggling up with him.

It had been a month since the three of you arrived in Malibu and so far, it was the best summer you’d had. You, Ethan, and Grayson had spent most mornings at Grandma Susie’s Diner eating a variety of pancakes, long days on the beach, and countless nights up on the roof of the beach house staring at the stars.

You drew circles onto his bare chest, “We need to get up, Eth.” You mumbled, trying to pry your body from his. Rolling to your side of the bed, you swung your legs over the edge, kicking a sleeping Grayson in the face. You gasped as your foot made contact with his jaw, apologizing profusely; over and over until he said something.

“Y/n, what the hell?” He groaned, rubbing his eyes with the outsides of his hands. You bit your lip to stop yourself from giggling. “What time is it?” He questioned, throwing the blankets off of himself. Standing from his makeshift bed on the floor of your room, he made his way to your bathroom, shutting and locking the door behind him.

You looked at Ethan, an adorably stupid smile dancing around his lips. His gorgeous hazel eyes bore into yours as you bit your lip. In that moment, you wanted nothing more than his plump pink lips on yours.

Tearing your gaze from his, you stood from the bed, adjusting your bikini top properly. The three of you sat in your room the night before, reminiscing on the prior summers you’d spent at the beach house. You laughed so hard you cried and water spewed from Graysons mouth. It was another wonderful memory you could add to the collection box of beach house memories in your head.

You banged on the bathroom door, earning a loud groan from Grayson. “I need to change, you goon!” Grayson unlocked and opened the door moments later, a towel wrapped around his head.

Ethan groaned as Grayson exited the bathroom, “Oh my God, Grayson. Or should I say Gracie?” You giggled, closing the door behind you. You changed into your bikini, throwing on a pair of shorts on over the bottoms. You brushed your teeth and tied your hair into a pony tail.

“So, what’s going on with you and Y/n?” You heard Graysons sleepy voice ask from your room. You bit your lip, debating on eavesdropping or not. In the end, the better part of you had lost. You gently pressed your ear against the bathroom door, careful not to make any noise.

Ethans voice was low, in an almost whisper as he spoke. You could just imagine his face. His finger pressed to his lip, shushing his brother, his eyebrows furrowed. “Nothing, we’re just flirting, I guess?” You heard Grayson scoff as your eyebrows knitted together, a small frown playing on your lips.

Just flirting? I see the way you look at her, E. She looks at you the same, it’s how mom looks at dad. You like her.” Your heartbeat tripled within seconds, your breath caught in your throat.

The room was quiet for a moment and you wondered if they had left your room. “It’s Y/n/n, Grayson. We’ve known her our whole lives! I don’t want to fuck it up.” You pulled your bottom lip between your teeth, a million thoughts racing through your head. Ethan likes me? Being the most common one. Your heart, still beating as fast as lightening, fluttered in your chest. “Don’t say anything to her, Grayson. I know how you are.” He muttered.

“I won’t, E. Just don’t wait too long, she’s great. That dude from down the beach has been trying to make a move on her for weeks.” You rolled your eyes before opening the bathroom door.

They sat on the edge of your bed, their backs towards the bathroom door. Both of them turned their heads, eyes wide, as the bathroom door opened. “You guys look like you’ve just seen a ghost.” You giggled, and they chuckled dryly. “What were you talking about?” You stood in front of your vanity mirror applying a light coat of lip balm to your lips. Looking back at them through the mirror, their mouths hung open, neither sure of what to say.

“Oh, just guy talk, y’know?”  

You smirked and nodded, “Okay, well, I’m gonna head down to the beach. Ryan is meeting me down there to help setup. See you tonight?” Grayson nudged Ethans shoulder, giving him an ‘I-told-you’ kind of look.

“Hey, why don’t I go too?” Ethan asked, standing from the bed. “Just let me change.” He smiled at you and scurried out of your room.

“What’s up with him?”

“What do you mean?” Grayson chortled, fidgeting with his fingers.

“What’s up with you?” You squinted at him, your lips forming a straight line. “Know what? I don’t wanna know. See you later, Gray!” You skipped out of your room, down the stairs, and down the beach path; the cool ocean breeze wrapping itself around your body, sending immediate chills up your spine.


The bright orange flame danced around the fire pit, warmth radiating throughput the beach. You and Grayson sat side-by-side, his arm draped over your shoulder. Ethan had run back up to the beach house to restock on solo cups, and had been gone for quite a while. “Gray? What’s taking Ethan so long?” You murmured. He sighed and shrugged his shoulders. “Maybe he needs help? I’m gonna run up to the house and see.” Grayson nodded as you peeled his arm off of you.

“Hey, Eth, what’s taking so lo- oh.” Your heart sank as he turned around, his lips looking more plump and a bit bruised. The brunette he had pressed against the fridge gave you an annoyed look. “Sorry, I’ll, um, bye.” You turned quickly, trying your hardest to stay calm and keep your composure. You took deep breaths as you walked back down the path, replaying the conversation you’d overheard that morning over and over in your head. If he liked me so much, why was his tongue down that girls’ throat?! You thought to yourself.

You reached the end of the path, only to be greeted by Ryan, who was grinning like a madman. “Y/n! There you are!” You mumbled a curt ‘hello’ before he continued. “Go on a date with me, Y/n? Please?” You bit your lip, looking up at him. All-in-all, Ryan was a good guy. He attended Harvard University, was a gentleman, and was very handsome. You’d never seen any of those characteristics before because you were so blinded by Ethan, but now? Ethan wasn’t an option anymore.

“Sure, Ryan.” You smiled, and he kissed your cheek.

“Would you like to come and hang out with me and a few of my friends?” You hesitated for a moment before nodding. Grayson wasn’t sitting by the fire pit anymore, and Ethan was probably still sucking face with the girl you’d never seen before.

Ryan tangled his fingers with yours before leading you back to the fire. The two of you sat down side-by-side, fingers still laced together. He offered you a water bottle from the cooler next to his seat.

You stared at the burning logs and bright flames for the rest of the night; the image of Ethans bruised lips and shocked expression stuck in your head. You wondered how he could say those things that morning, but have his actions contradict them in the most painful way.


Part two of Malibu!! Hope you guys enjoy it💛💛

No Rest for the Wicked

summary: you’re harassed on the street, but you never expected a god to come to your rescue. 

words: 3038

contains: swearing, brief street/sexual harassment, fluffiness, kind of a surprise ending i guess??

A/N: so i’ve had this fic sitting half-written for a few months now. i got a little inspiration to finish it, and here you go. i love thor so much. i did this reader fic a little different and wrote it from first person. i hope you all enjoy. 


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The city that never sleeps. Or as I like to call it, the city that just can’t shut the fuck up, even in the middle of the night. There was a constant soundtrack playing; car horns, people yelling, the slamming of doors and windows of apartments that loomed overhead. Sometimes, there’d be a remix. Like what sounds like a building collapsing or a volley of gunfire. Most of the time it was interrupted by the shrill police sirens. Those nights were especially entertaining. It was just nearing one in the morning, and none of those things had happened yet. With the way things were going in this city, though, it was probably only a matter of time.

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Elusive Autumn

Crisp mornings have begun once more,
A placid breeze whispers against my ears as I saunter the empty streets,
a stream of leaves brush against my feet as they fall from the nearest trees.

The woods are no longer verdurous,
but are now filled with an array of effulgent colors that not even the sweet summer nights could truly bring.

Each day is followed by the luminous and far cooler nights,
the moon gleaming in all its glory as the trees emanate its wondrous gentle song night, after night, and after night.
And those walking with their lovers can trace the scent of the smoke permeating the air from the distant lit fires.

It is within these nights the many tales and stories of legends and spirits of All Hallow’s Eve are retold as the celebrated day inches closer.

Behold, this world of the mysterious autumn,
my old friend who no longer remains elusive.