and those are few and far between to be honest

Thesis on Morgoth and Sauron and their roles as Dark Lords (Part 2/4)

For my Tolkien project, I decided I was going to explore the dynamics of Morgoth and Sauron and see if I could make an estimate as to whether or not one was more effective as dark lord than the other. I did this in regard as I would not be able to debate whether or not one was more powerful (seeing as the Valar are higher beings then the Maiar, and seeing that Melkor was the eldest, he of course is indisputably stronger than Sauron).

However, just because you’re more powerful doesn’t always mean you’re more effective. We see this all throughout history in examples where generals themselves might not be very capable in battle but are able to gain mastery by being clever strategist. Therefore that inspired me to research if one could argue whether or not Morgoth or Sauron came closer to accomplishing their dominion over Middle Earth (or Beleriand).

I did this by looking at a few key characteristics– longevity of rule (but more importantly, what was achieved), servants (those who served under them and attributed to their victories), their primary enemies (or the state of those they fought against), as well as their defeat (and what caused the finale fall). Then I concluded with their legacy and the impact they have throughout the legendarium.


  • Armies are what win wars and it’s important to employ those who will help you and not hurt you under your command. What is also important is your relationship with said army and servants. Those who desire your victory will work harder to accomplish it. Those who are merely doing so in order to survive do not possess the same initiative.

General Disclaimer

  • I am not at all an expert, just a very passionate individual in Tolkien’s lore. Therefore some of what is stated throughout this essay may be based upon faulted research and weighed heavily by personal interpretation and opinion. So please do keep such in mind. Most of the information here was found within The Silmarillion, The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, The Unfinished Tales, as well as Tolkien Gateway and Wikipedia.


Major Servants (* most of these summaries taken from the Tolkien Gateway)

  • Sauron: The greatest and most trusted servant of Morgoth before and during the First Age. Originally a Maia of Aulë named “Mairon”, he was ensnared by Melkor and as “Gorthaur” he became Morgoth’s lieutenant in his Wars of Beleriand. He demonstrated the ability to take the form of a wolf, a serpent, and a vampire.

  • Glaurung: First of the dragons and one of the foremost lieutenants of Morgoth during the First Age– possessed a unique power to charm and ensare his prey and said to be the mightiest of dragons.

  • Ancalagon: Greatest of the winged Dragons of Morgoth. Morgoth unleashed the winged dragons, with Ancalagon at their van. Ancalagon drove back the forces of the Valar, but was stopped by Eärendil.
  • Gothmog: High-captain of Angband, one of the chief servants of Morgoth with a rank equal to that of Sauron. One of the Maiar that followed Melkor to exile, and because of either his brilliant mind or because of his ability to assume an immensely powerful physical form, he was made the Lord of Balrogs.
  • Carcharoth: Bred from the foul breed of Draugluin, the first Werewolf, and fed with elvish and mannish flesh by Morgoth himself. He was the greatest, most powerful wolf to ever live. Carcharoth was set as a guard on the Gates of Angband, and later he mortally wounded both Huan, the Hound of Valinor, and Beren

Minor Servants

  • Dragons: Also known as the Great Worms; they were evil creatures seen mostly in the northern Middle-earth. Greedy, cunning, seductive and malicious, a creation by Morgoth out of fire and sorcery sometime in the First Age. Included species such as fire-drakes and cold-drakes.
  • Balrogs: Balrogath (“Balrog-kind”) were Maiar corrupted by Morgoth during the creation of Arda, who cloaked themselves in shadow and flame and carried whips and swords. Famed Balrogs include Gothmog, slain by Ecthelion, and Durin’s Bane, slain by Olórin (Gandalf).
  • Draugluin: The first werewolf. Bred from wolves and inhabited with an evil spirit sent by Morgoth himself, Draugluin was the sire of all Werewolves of Beleriand, and dwelled with his master Sauron in Tol-in-Gaurhoth, the former watchtower of Finrod Felagund. He was slain by Huan during the Quest for the Silmaril, though informed Sauron that Huan was present. Beren and Lúthien used his pelt to sneak into Angband
  • Giants, Goblins, Trolls: Twisted creatures, created by Morgoth.
  • Orcs: Orcs were the footsoldiers of evil overlords - Morgoth, Sauron and Saruman. Made in the mockery of elves sometime during the Great Darkness.
  • Ungoliant (and her children): Ungoliant was an evil spirit in a form that greatly resembled a massive Spider. Ungoliant’s origins are shrouded in mystery. It is thought that she may have been one of the Maiar, or a lesser spirit, whom Melkor corrupted long ago, but she is not listed among the Ainur. It is also said that she came from the darkness above the skies of Arda, leading some to believe that she may be an incarnation of darkness or emptiness itself.
  • Maeglin: Maeglin was an Elf, the son of Eöl the Dark Elf and Aredhel daughter of Fingolfin. He lived in the First Age of Middle-earth and was a lord of Gondolin, chief of the House of the Mole. Morgoth promised both Gondolin and Idril in return for the location of the hidden city, thus luring Maeglin into the greatest treachery done in the Elder Days. He gave him a token that would allegedly keep him safe from the sack.


  • If one thing could be noted is that Morgoth had a decent understanding of hierarchy. He expressed a remarkable ability within the Silmarillion to gain trust in those around him– something in which could be his greatest ability besides strength.

  • It could easily be said that Morgoth possessed greater servants than Sauron; seeing as many were of his own creations. He had the Balrogs under his authority, as well as dragons and being of unknown origins. He wasn’t suffering in terms of followers and it could even be said that he was a decent lord in terms of servitude.
  • While man suffered under his lash, the orcs were seen as masters in their own right. Maeglin was offered Gondolin upon it’s surrender and the hand of the woman he loved. Gothmog led armies; Glaurung, Ancalagon, and Carchathor were given life. Morgoth didn’t make empty promises– perhaps they weren’t always honest, but he was able to give individuals a purpose.
  • He didn’t abuse what trust was granted to him once he had what he desired and therefore possessed a rather impressive relationship with those who followed him. While some, such as Ungoliant, would come to betray him– such were few and far between, unlike Sauron whose servants often had their own ideas..

Major Servants

  • Nazgûl: Known as the Nine Riders or Black Riders, were Sauron’s “most terrible servants” in Middle-earth. Sometime during the Second, Sauron gave nine Rings of Power to powerful mortal Men. It is said that three of the Nine were lords of Númenor corrupted by Sauron, and one was a king among the Easterlings
  • One-Ring: An artifact created by Sauron in the Second Age for the purpose of ruling over the Free peoples of Middle-earth, mainly the Elves. It was also known as the Ruling Ring, Great Ring of Power and Isildur’s Bane because it caused the death of Isildur.
  • Thuringwethil: Vampire servant of Sauron during the First Age. She was Sauron’s messenger, but was caught in the battle between her master, Lúthien and Huan at Tol-in-Gaurhoth (“Isle of Werewolves”). She was slain either by the Hound of Valinor or in the collapse of Minas Tirith. Lúthien later used her cloak to sneak into Angband during the Quest for the Silmaril. Because of Thuringwethil’s ability to change forms, she may have been a Maia
  • Witch-king: The Witch-king of Angmar was the chief of the Nazgûl, King of Angmar and Sauron’s great captain in his wars. A wraith, the Witch-king of Angmar was nearly indestructible, a terrifying warrior, and a cunning strategist.

  • Mouth of Sauron: Sauron’s servant and representative at the end of the Third Age. He had the title Lieutenant of Barad-dûr, since he was so strongly devoted to the Dark Lord. The Mouth of Sauron was one of the Black Númenóreans.
  • Saurman: Saruman the White was the first of the order of Wizards (or Istari) who came to Middle-earth as Emissaries of the Valar in the Third Age. He was the leader of the White Council. In Sindarin his name was Curunír, which meant “Man of Skill”. It soon became clear that Saruman desired to possess the One Ring himself.
  • Shelob: A great spider-like creature akin to those of Nan Dungortheb in Beleriand, the last offspring of the demonic Ungoliant. Shelob fed off with all living things, such as Elves and Men, but as these became scarce in the area, she fed upon orcs. Sauron would sometimes send her captured prisoners for whom he had no further use and amuse himself watching how she played with her prey.

Minor Servants

  • Ar-Pharazôn: Ar-Pharazôn the Golden was the twenty-fifth and last King of Númenor. He was the son of Gimilkhâd, who was the younger brother of the twenty-fourth King, Tar-Palantir. Ar-Pharazôn’s willful rule, and his great pride, led directly to the world-changing Downfall of Númenor and the founding of the realms in exile of Arnor and Gondor.
  • Fellbeasts: Winged creatures with beak and claws, similar to birds but much larger than any other flying beast. They were used as winged mounts of the Nazgûl
  • Giants, Goblins, Trolls: Twisted creatures, created by Morgoth.
  • Orcs: Orcs were the footsoldiers of evil overlords - Morgoth, Sauron and Saruman. Made in the mockery of elves sometime during the Great Darkness.
  • Smeagle/Golum: was a creature who bore the One Ring. He lived in the Misty Mountains for most of his life. In T.A. 2941, he lost the Ring to Bilbo Baggins. For the rest of his life he sought to recover his "precious”. Eventually he would come to seize the Ring from Frodo in Sammath Naur. In his euphoria he died and destroyed the Ring after falling into the cracks of Mount Doom.
  • Werewolves: Wolves, inhabited by dreadful spirits, they were created (or a least corrupted from some other form) by Sauron, who was their master, and who took the shape of a great wolf himself at least once.
  • Wargs: An evil breed of demonic wolves, suggesting that they were inhabited by evil spirits. The origin of the breed is unknown - perhaps they were among the creatures bred by Morgoth in the Elder Days. In any case, Gandalf listed the Wargs among Sauron’s servants in the late Third Age.
  • Vampire Bats: Vampires were mysterious bat-like creatures in the service of Morgoth and of Sauron. The only vampire whose name is recorded in the annals of Arda is Sauron’s servant Thuringwethil, but Sauron himself took the form of a vampire on at least one occasion, to flee Huan.
  • Flies: Tiresome, flying insects.


  • For an individual who was as persuasive and charismatic as he, it was almost more so beneficial to be an enemy of Sauron than among his servants, to which he arguably held a weak relationship with.
  • The orcs within the Lord of the Rings constantly confess to fearing him and seem almost bitter of their existence– often being fed to Shelob; who she herself remarked that Sauron believed her to be nothing more then a pet, in which he was gravely mistaken.
  • Saurman and Golum both expressed a willingness to betray Sauron as soon as they were able and the Nazgûl, his chief servants, were only obeying on the account that their fates were doomed to the One Ring.
  • Even Ar-Pharazôn humored Sauron in a mere attempt for immortality and therefore many trusted little in the Dark Lord himself.
  • One could then argue is that Sauron’s greatest servant was the One Ring, which in reality, was him. Which– if one were familiar with the characteristic of Sauron, would be of no surprise that he trusted himself first and foremost.
  • Therefore Sauron was ignorant in the needs and desires of those in servitude to him and perhaps that was why he favored the more animalistic creatures in his service. Something to which couldn’t and wouldn’t doubt him.

Overall Conclusion

  • Both possessed a various assortment of powerful individuals under their authority. However, Morgoth expressed a more natural ability to lead and keep those beneath his authority, sedated. Sauron was perfect at manipulating those around him, but could not establish a relationship as seemed almost natural to Morgoth. Besides, Morgoth even had the undying loyalty of Sauron, who trusted himself most of all. If he could seduce a maiar such as he, then that speaks levels to Morgoth’s influence in those who listened.
Let Them Eat Cake

Relationship: Sam X Daughter, Dean X Niece!Reader

Words: 1,448

Summary: When the Reader proposes a cure for Dean’s boredom, things don’t quite turn out as planned.

Warnings: Major Uncle Dean fluff. Like, so much that it’s disgustingly cute

Tagging: @winchesters-favorite-girl @deathtonormalcy56 @mysaintsasinner @sis-tafics @beholders-chroniclers

A/N: This was written for three different challenges. One was @supernotnaturalcas‘s SPNNC Challenge, and my prompt was “Have you ever actually done anything just for fun? Anything that didn’t involve violence?”. The second challenge was @sis-tafics and @eyes-of-a-disney-princess‘s Have A Hubba Bubba Birthday Challenge, and my prompt for that one was “The One with the Cake”. And finally, the third challenge was @daughters-and-winsisters‘s Writing Competition. (Also this was just really fun to write!) Enjoy!

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Though they were very few and far between, you relished those rare lazy Saturdays you got to spend in the bunker. At home in Kansas, under no pressure to gank a monster and save the unappreciative public, you finally had a chance to relax and unwind. Throughout the hallways, and the war room, and the library, there hung a calm, blessed silence, until…

“God, I’m so bored!”

You cringed. Every time you had a day off from hunting, without fail, your uncle always managed to exhaust his sources of entertainment before the clock even struck noon. To be honest, it was really freaking annoying.

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Why is Alton brown not a good person?

Listen, I love Alton Brown’s on-camera persona as much as the next food fan. I’ve watched Good Eats since I was a wee lass, so this fact is hard for me to accept as well. But, alas, Alton Brown has proven himself to be fairly racist, sexist, and homophobic. He’s a typical older southern white man.

This blog post is what most people cite when they talk about this topic. It’s a first hand account of one of his shows, and while you could probably argue that he was just making jokes that people didn’t take very well, I personally don’t think that they were okay. Everyone’s “line” is different, but what he said according to that account is well over it in my opinion.

Over the years, he’s also made quite a few fat-shaming comments (you may have to search in one of those, just ctrl+f “fat”, “big mac”, or “obesity”). I admit that they’re far between, but the fact that he’s basically been saying the same gross things from 2007 to 2015 makes me think that he still has those gross opinions.

Good Eats also had a few blunders into racist territory, with the portrayal of the Japanese, and I’ve seen mentions that black people are never portrayed well on the show (I can’t personally attest to this because I honestly can’t remember a time a black person appeared on the show. In fact, I can’t remember a time a non-white person did.)

I could probably go on, but to be honest I’m lazy and I feel like I’ve more or less made my point. Other people have probably said it better than me, but this is the general idea. Am I saying you can’t like Alton Brown and support his shows? No. It’s just important to recognize that his on-camera persona, like every other celebrity out there, is much different to who he really is. And he’s not as perfect as we’d all like him to be.

Darling's 20 rules

1. If you’re afraid to fight, then you’ll never win.

2. In times of tragedy and turmoil, you’ll learn who your true friends are. Treasure them because they are few and far between.

3. Know your enemies and never become your worst one.

4. Be grateful for your enemies. They will keep you honest and ever striving to better yourself.

5. Listen to good advice, but never substitute someone else’s judgement for your own.

6. All men and women lie. But never lie to yourself.

7. Many will flatter you. Befriend the ones who don’t.

8. Never fear the truth. It’s the lies that will destroy you.

9. Your worst decisions will always be those that are made out of fear.

10. Your mistakes won’t define you, but your memories, good and bad, will.

11. Be grateful for your mistakes as they will tell you who you’re not.

12. Don’t be afraid to examine the past, it’s how you learn what you don’t want to do again.

13. There’s a lot to be said for not knowing better.

14. All men die. Not everyone lives.

15. On your deathbed, your greatest regrets will be what you didn’t do.

16. Don’t be afraid to love. Yes, it’s a weakness that can be used against you. But it’s also a source of the greatest strength you will ever know.

17. The past is history written in stone that can’t be altered. The future is transitory and never guaranteed. Today is the only thing you can change for certain. Make the most of it.

18. You can be in a crowd, surrounded by people, and still be lonely.

19. Love all, regardless of what they do. Trust only those you have to. Harm none until they harm you.

20. Never be afraid to kill or destroy your enemies. They will not hesitate to kill or destroy you.

~ Darling Cruel

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Are there any sources you could recommend for someone doing Rammstein research?

The answer is: yes!

Obviously one has to look at various interviews and articles and try to keep up-to-date with them. There are years’ worth of those in video/audio/written form - Rammstein’s been around for two full decades, so just looking through them will help to piece a lot of things about their history together. There is not a specific one that I would recommend fullheartedly; sometimes interviews do suffer from contradictions (as things are reported or recalled wrong) or bias (given that many interviews are conducted with one or two members of R+ only), so reading just one or two won’t help too much. And some interviews are either not translated or translated poorly, which is always a drawback. But if you have a lot of time and patience - and most importantly, if your ‘research’ really is about Rammstein’s history as Rammstein/the band members’ opinions of each other and the world/logistics of tours or future plans etc., interviews and articles should serve as your primary source. 

I can also recommend the following books (which I have all read and do possess), if you are also interested in Rammstein pre-history or want a lot of context as to why sometimes they say/think/do the things that they do. They lived through a very different, and if I may say so, quite an unusual period in history. There’s a lot you can gather from wider research.
These are all primary sources, they all come directly from the band members or related parties.

The Rammstein Autobiography (ISBN: 3931126323)
This fetches a pretty high price nowadays b/c it’s out of print. It’s from 1999 and can provide no information re: the post-millennium exploits of the band, but it is beautifully illustrated, contains long and really quite insightful interviews from everyone in the band (except Olli, who only has a two-page spread of photos, and Flake, whose entire contribution basically reads like ‘this_band_has_caused_me_nothing_but_suffering_and_misery.txt’), and also contains some lyrics and Till poems from a time before either Messer or In Stillen Nachten. Some of those clearly went on to become Rammstein lyrics. Best of all, all the text here is translated side by side in German and English, which is not a common attribute to many R+ ‘primary’ texts. I’d check this one out, if you can get your hands on it. 

Mix Mir Einen Drink (ISBN: 3896029053 for the 2010 edition)
The quintessential ‘where were they before they were R+’ text. This is actually an incredibly detailed biography about Feeling B, which is still a band you ought to know quite a bit about if you are researching R+ or East German punk rock as a whole. There is no translation, but it’s still a solid 600+ pages of info; what you get out of The Rammbrick this book is a detailed picture of their younger years, and it’s also funny as hell. I think this book has literal historical value; The Rammbrick’s its appendix comes with things like Stasi files that were kept on the band, for one, and it’s a vivid firsthand sketch as to what life in East Germany actually was like. You see it through the eyes of people who were, in that state’s terms, living like outlaws - and the stuff they went through? They’ll come off as at the very least quaint and at the most horrifying, once the implications sink in. (The bit about Flake being the only one to escape arrest at Schoenhauser Allee station during the 1989 protests and later turning up to a completely empty rehearsal room comes to mind.) Highly recommended.

Rammstein Liederbuch (ISBN: 0711972206)
Can you read music? I got some good news for you, and some bad news. The good news is that R+ have had sheet music published of their Herzeleid and Sehnsucht songs, and they’re here. The bad news is that this is out of print, and it can sometimes fetch some truly insane prices (used ranges from £25-£430 what the literal fuck). There is basically nothing there except for sheet music, either, no bonus photos or anything. So if you can’t read musical notation/aren’t so much interested in the actual musical structure of R+ songs, you can give this one a miss. Otherwise, it’s stellar in quality and contains every instrumental part and solo - if you play an instrument, worth checking out.

Messer (ISBN: 382180730X for 2005 but I swear there is a later edition)
Till’s first poetry collection. I think it’s obvious why I recommend this. If you are interested in the literary merits of Till, you are going to want this, full stop. As for translations, I did a full translation project of this in my blog here, and am slowly in the process of doing secondary clean-up of the translations in messerstein. But you really need the original German texts in front of you, too, because this is poetry and it’s often impossible to preserve devices like rhyme, meter, aliteration, puns, and such that make poetry what it is, you know? I think the 2005 edition is out of print but I swear to god I have a later printed edition that isn’t asking insane prices like £99.95 jfc it was less than £20 when I got it brand new in October 2011??!?!

In Stillen Nachten (ISBN: 3462047779)
The second book of Till’s poetry. Poems in there are shorter but there are more of them, and the illustrations are… quite something. You also want this if you want to think about Till’s literary merits, and if you are a fan of Mayakovsky’s or Brecht’s or Rilke’s poetry, you are probably going to like this collection quite a lot. The Brecht is especially strong in this one. (If this is the case, I’m going to assume that you have some familiarity with Marxist critical theory and audience alienation and East German political history, though none of those things are strictly necessary to enjoy anything in Till’s repertoire.) I’m also working on translating this in messerstein and I think there is a translation coming out (don’t quote me on this) but again, same old. You need the original texts in front of you for maximum appreciation. This thing is actually affordable please for the love of god get it support Till hhhhhh

Mike Oldfield im Schaukelstuhl: Notizen eines Vaters (ISBN: 3938686618)
I’ve written about this recently. This had a reprint in… 2006, I think? If you are in Germany, you’re in luck; if you aren’t, well… yeah. I’m not sure whether to classify this as an (auto)biography of anybody, whether of Till (called Timm here) or Werner Lindemann (who wrote this book). It is a book vastly about Till at nineteen-twenty years old, and covers a relatively short timespan of maybe eight months, but it’s seen through Werner’s eyes. There is very little pretense in his writing and everything is portrayed with efficient, sometimes even superminimalistic, starkness, and I think sometimes that had led people to have false impressions about how Till and Werner treated each other. If nothing else, this is a very good sketch of life in East Germany, along with the generational difference between those two. I would recommend it more because of the East German aspect, to be honest. I’m translating this bit by bit; there are fragmented translations floating around from years ago, too, though I don’t think there is a completed version.

There are also quite a few third-party publications about Rammstein, usually in the form of unofficial biographies or actual academical texts; I would advise being far more cautious with those, obviously, but if you are willing to gamble, you can gather some original insight that you might not otherwise had. ’Outsider perspective’, in other words. I’m thinking of The Little Black Rammbook (close literary analysis of some R+ songs, discussion of their lyricism, other literary references that you might like to have, etc) and Bis das Herz brennt: Die inoffizielle Rammstein Biografie (exactly what it says on the tin). They are vastly optional. Flake also has a book out. I don’t have it, and I haven’t read it, which is why I have said nothing about it so far bUT JESUS CHRIST I NEED IT SO B A D. I shall have to add that entry in later, it should be really interesting.

Finally, as part of far broader context, I would recommend reading up in East German history, especially around 1960-1989, 20th century German poetry, WWII and the rise and fall of the Nazis (important, because R+ is frequently accused of fascism, and it is absolutely essential that every true Rammfan knows why this is an objectively wrong and horrible opinion), 19th-20th century German theatrical aesthetic theory like Gesamtkunstwerk/Verfremdungseffekt (explains the philosophy behind their stage shows), Das Nibelungenlied (Till seems to be heavily influenced by it), the structure and devices associated with poetry, and Marxism because why the hell not. But they’re the most background of background readings: in most non-academical cases, interviews, articles, their actual lyrics and music, and some knowledge of their history will do the job. Happy researching!

… Now I feel like I’m setting up textbooks for a school of Rammsteinology.

Exo Scenario: Anniversary Disaster with Kai ~

Can you please do exo kai scenario where kai is so busy with the Idol life that he forgets about your anniversary and you guys get into an argument and he suddenly points out all your flaws and you spill that it’s your anniversary? you can make up what happens after that :))) 감사합니다 ❤️

Absolutely :) Thanks for sending in the request (Kai seems to be popular) and let me know what you think of it (also I’m just starting to learn Korean, but I don’t know how to say you’re welcome, but I do understand ^ that you said “thank you”, so you’re welcome!) 

This is such a long scenario so I’m sorry that it’s so long!! Hope you like it though :)

With Kai so busy over the last few weeks, you weren’t surprised that he had forgotten your anniversary. In fact, you had almost wanted to call the whole thing off in the first place. Sure, you wanted to spend time with him, maybe watch a movie on the flat screen in your apartment and eat popcorn, but you knew he was busy. 

You still wanted to see him though, and you knew that hanging out with the other boys at the dorm would be far more lowkey than planning a dinner or trying to get him to come over to your apartment half way across town after he’s just gotten done with practice for the day. They were preparing for their next comeback and you knew from Sehun that the dances were making them all work more than usual. You didn’t envy them, but you did pity them. So you called Sehun, asking if they were back at the dorm yet, and he told you to come by and let yourself in, that they would be there in the next half hour. You thanked him and grabbed your car keys.

When you arrived at the dorm, the vocal line were already there, raiding the fridge because they hadn’t wanted to wait for delivery. You supposed it was a good thing that the managers stocked the fridge these days, otherwise they would have been more miserable than they already were. Baekhyun didn’t even say anything to you as you walked into the dorm, just nodded his head. Yes, they were obviously well overworked and exhausted. So you didn’t say anything either, just sat on the couch next to Kyungsoo and waited for Kai to come home.

It was before Kai got back to the dorm that Kyungsoo turned to you, his eyebrow quirking in your direction, “Isn’t it your anniversary today?” he asked you. When you nodded, he shook his head. “He totally forgot, didn’t he?” and when you nodded again, this time adding in a shrug, Kyungsoo just sighed. “Sorry.” and you just smiled sadly at him. At least someone remembered that it was your anniversary, even if it was Kyungsoo.

The dorm door opened, revealing the rest of the members, all extremely exhausted and stooping as they walked into the door. Sehun saw your first and though he was tired, he smiled and waved at you. But then he went straight to the fridge. Of course, you thought, shaking your head with a smile. 

Kai saw you next, but it wasn’t exactly the welcome that you were expecting. His brow furrowed and his mouth set in a hard line.

“What are you doing here?” he asked, a little rudely in your opinion. You didn’t want to start a fight with him, but you also didn’t like the tone in his voice.

“I know you’ve been busy lately, so I thought I would come to you, instead of asking you to come over to my apartment to hang out.” and you stood awkwardly from the couch, Kyungsoo looking up curiously from the TV screen, but not saying a word. This was your boyfriend and Kyungsoo knew not to say a word, lest Kai blow up in his face, too.

Kai didn’t say anything for a while, but when he did, he pinched the bridge of his nose, hanging his head, “It’s been a really long day today, I don’t think I have the energy to hang out.” 

Frowning, you understood, but still wanted to see him, to just lay next to him for a few minutes if that was all that he could muster today. You were always saying “well maybe tomorrow” but you really didn’t want to wait until tomorrow to see him and be near him. You pouted, trying to get some sympathy and some emotion from him.

“We can just watch TV together, Jongin.” you suggested, taking a few steps toward him, “We don’t have to do something elaborate. I just wanted to come see you. I haven’t seen you in a few weeks.” nor had you received really any messages from him either, other than the occasional “I love you” or “I miss you”. But those were far in between these days. You understood, though. 

You weren’t sure what it was that had set him off, if it had been something that you had said, or the stress from practicing all day, but Kai just blew up at you. You heard a few of the boys stop what they were doing to see what was going on.

“I just can’t tonight!” he said, nearly to the point of yelling, “I don’t want to watch TV. To be honest, I just want to go to sleep! You don’t know how busy we’ve been these last few weeks! I’ve barely gotten enough sleep and all you want to do is hang out, go to dinner, go see a movie!” his voice got louder with every word, “Can’t you see that I’m busy? Why are you so needy all of a sudden? You didn’t used to be like this when we first starting going out!” 

You shivered under the strain of his voice, not liking the words that he was saying. Were you really that needy lately? You didn’t think you texted him too much, or bothered the other members about him. You really didn’t think that you were that needy, but maybe you were? You looked down at the ground, your hands kneading together as you thought of what to say. Did you apologize for wanting to be with him? No, you shouldn’t have to apologize for something like that, especially not on your anniversary. 

You weren’t sure why it came out of you, but you whispered, “It’s our anniversary today.” 

Kai, still angry and unable to hear you because of how quietly you spoke, starting yelling again, “What are you saying now? What?” 

Apparently Kyungsoo and the other members had had enough of the one sided yelling match, because Soo got up from the couch to wrap an arm around your shoulders, looking daggers at Kai.

“It’s your anniversary, dumb ass. She came over to hang out with you because you didn’t remember that it was your anniversary.” and at his words, you wanted to shrink down and then disappear. You couldn’t meet Kai’s eyes and you felt yourself shivering despite Kyungsoo’s arm around your shoulders. You were really glad that the other boys were there, you didn’t think you could hold in your tears if they weren’t there.

“Oh.” Kai said, his voice barely audible. You felt Kyungsoo breathe out, exasperated, next to you. You didn’t think that you could take any more of this, so you wiggled free of Soo’s grasp and headed for the door before any of them were able to call you back.

“I’m just going to head back to my apartment for the night. I…” you weren’t sure what else to say, “I’ll see you later.” and you rushed out the door before they could call you back or grab your hand to stop you from leaving. You did hear them scolding Kai when you left, though, Kyungsoo and Sehun the most vocal of the members, scolding Kai on your behalf. 

You didn’t want to be seen in front of their dorm crying, not even in your car, but you couldn’t help it when you sat in your seat and started crying. The tears rushed down your cheeks, rolling warmly down your face and probably creating lines in your make up, though you tended not to wear much. You couldn’t have been there for long before someone came and knocked on your door. You didn’t want to open the door or roll down the window, not when you were still crying, but they knocked again and you rolled the window down just enough to hear what they wanted to say.

“(Y/N), open the door.” it was Kai, bending over to see your face through the car window. It was dark out and his frame blocked out the light from the dorm windows, but you were sure that he knew you were crying. You shook your head, but that didn’t stop him from sighing and opening the door. That just made you sob harder. What did he have to say now? 

You barely felt it when he lifted you from you seat, letting himself slip into the driver’s seat and position you onto his lap while closing the door behind himself. He didn’t say a word as he cradled you to his chest, just let you cry there against him. And you did cry, such ugly tears that you weren’t sure he could ever be attracted to you again. When you had stopped, he smoothed your hair away from your face and pressed quiet kisses to your skin, which only made you want to cry even more.

“I’m so sorry.” he whispered against your skin, which was now flushed from crying. “I’m so sorry that I yelled at you, that I said those awful things, and that I forgot our anniversary.” he didn’t make an attempt to kiss your lips, but he did kiss every other inch of your face, his kisses apology enough as you felt them quiver against your skin. He was sorry, you knew that. You brought your head down against his chest, cuddling closer to him and letting yourself feel how warm he was. Despite your flushed skin, you were really cold.

You had apparently started sobbing a little again, or starting to hyperventilate because Kai whispered, “Shh, it’s okay.” and hugged you closer. 

You weren’t sure how long the two of you stayed like that, probably until you fell asleep, but when you awoke next, you were still cradled in his arms, this time in your bed at your apartment. He must have drove you there and washed your face, then laid you in bed and pressed up close to you. You didn’t dare get up, not when you saw how peaceful his face was when he slept. 

This was all that you had wanted for your anniversary, to just lay next to him and feel him close. You didn’t like the way you two had gotten to this point, but you had made up and everything was going to be okay now. You curled closer to him and sighed into him, falling back asleep.

500 Miles

In which Caroline breaks a heel and Klaus has to carry her.

So, this is my first foray into the Klaroline drabbles territory and I thought Klaroweek would be the perfect time to try this out and I’m really excited about it. This started off as a drabble, but turned out to be more of a oneshot than anything. So, please be kind and don’t forget to tell me what you think!

It all started with a simple snap in the neck of the woods, her feet skidding across a stray rock that lined the forest floor. Caroline groaned as she tumbled to the floor, her knee cracking against the floor as she fell. Klaus was at her side in a moment, crouching beside her, with his hand splayed across the small of her back, the heat of him bleeding into her back.

“Are you okay, love?” Klaus asked, lowly, his voice like liquid heat in her ears, the scruffiness of his jaw tickling her cheek.

“Yeah,” Caroline sighed, sliding to her feet with a muffled grunt, twisting her sore ankle in both directions until she was sure it didn’t hurt anymore. “My stupid shoe broke.”

Klaus sighed and hooked his arm around her waist, hauling her up against his body. When she put weight on her foot, she couldn’t help the whimper that escaped her lips, crumpling once more. She would’ve fallen to the floor had Klaus not grabbed her right before it happened. Caroline groaned, twisting her foot and wincing at the sharp pain that shot up her leg as it twisted in an uncomfortable and therefore, pain-inducing direction.

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Does Flynn Ryder Have A Death Wish?

Part 2 of this Disney Park Nalu AU 

Summary: Working for Disney and dressing up as the characters AU, or more specifically, Lucy Heartfilia really wants to be a princess. 

a/n: it was getting too long so I had to split it up into two more parts, but Part 3 should hopefully be up soon!

Lucy had just wanted to be a princess, and instead she’d been handed a hot, itchy, heavy suit of a character that she didn’t even like all that well, if she was being honest.

And damn, did it smell.

A week of working in the park had now passed, however, and she was slowly getting the hang of things.

“Where the hell is Juvia?” Erza demanded, hopping on one foot around the locker room as she struggled to pull up the mermaid tail that always gave her trouble. Lucy had learned quickly that the fiery redhead cherished the days when she was given Ariel’s human dress opposed to the tail, but those days seemed far and few in-between.

The kids really loved the tail.

Erza huffed, ditching the heavy accessory for the moment as she continued, “Elsa was supposed to show up at the Frozen character breakfast twenty minutes ago, and Lisanna just called saying she’s a no-show.”

“Juvia wants to be Ariel!”

Lucy poked her head around the lockers when she heard the tearful voice coming from the entrance, and saw an unamused Gray with a petite Elsa latched to his arm.

“I found her,” the boy sighed, struggling to straighten his sash while Juvia appeared to only tighten her grip.

Lucy couldn’t contain her smirk. Despite his cool exterior, she saw right through the boy’s flushed cheeks. If she didn’t know any better, she’d say Gray didn’t exactly mind the attention.

“It’s no fair that Erza gets to be married to Gray!”

“Oh my God,” Erza pinched the bridge of her nose. “Juvia, we’ve been over this a thousand times. Just because Ariel and Eric are together does not mean that Gray and I are a-”

“Don’t even say the words!” Juvia finally relinquished her hold on Gray’s arms so that she could clap her hands over her ears. “Juvia doesn’t want to hear the words out loud!”

Mira poked her head around the corner, her hair half-up with only one earring in as she waved her phone in the air. Mira was the designated Cinderella of the park, but Lucy had found it amusing that she heard that the girl sometimes stood in for Maleficent’s character as well. The blonde couldn’t imagine the sweet girl in such an evil role, but the others had informed her that Mira could pass as a very convincing villain when she wanted to.

“Sorry to interrupt you guys,” the woman said, “but Lisanna just called again and she’s frantic. Apparently the kids really want to see Elsa.”  

Lucy smiled at the thought of Lisanna as Anna, and decided that the girl’s sweet, innocent personality fit the character rather well.

Then, the blonde’s happy mood turned sour as her eyes fell in the direction of her locker. She all but deflated at the thought of that stupid, made-up duck’s face that was waiting for her there.

It didn’t help that she was currently sharing the locker room with nearly all princesses as they prepared for their time slots. While they were all prepping their hair for their gorgeous wigs, Lucy was stuck tying hers into a knot on the top of her head to keep it off of her neck once she put the suit on.

As she stepped into said, cotton nightmare, she thought of the wig from Tangled and it’s long, beautiful braid. It was decorated with so many flowers it could be considered its own garden…

Lucy sighed dreamily as she pulled the Daisy head from her locker, too caught up in picturing herself as Rapunzel, all but swooning when she began imagining her Flynn Ryder.

He’d be strong and handsome, the perfect prince for her. She knew she’d swoon for real when his pink hair would- wait.

Pink hair?

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“Raise Your Glass”

Prompt: Imagine going to an ice skating rink with Sam, Dean, and Cas, and having to teach them all how to skate. (by thehandwiththeknife)​  

Characters: Reader, Team Free Will

Words: 1066

Author Note: This takes place after S10. Because I’d like to live in denial while I still can about happy endings.

In the past, you thought their height was sexy, but that was before you had decided to teach them to skate. Hundreds of pound of gorgeous dude slipping and sliding every which way sounds hot — until you realize that if they fall on you, there’s a good chance you’ll die.

Suddenly, the shapeshifter you guys took out earlier didn't feel like the scariest part of the day. 

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a little drabble, if you will

“I need you.”

Those three words meant so much to the boy on the other side of the text, so much that they made his heart wrench in despair and his eyes furrow, in a combination of heartbreak and disgust. Disgust for whatever or whoever had done this to her.

She didn’t need him often, and that’s why it was such a big deal when she did. She was always so independent and he’d be lying if he said it didn’t bother him some of the time, because he wanted to be there to hold her hand, to kiss her cheek, that it was alright for her to break every once in a while. She had it in her head that she needed to be at her peak every second of every day, and he needed her to know that it just wasn’t true. She was perfect, even when she was crying, even when her heart was clenching out in pain because she just couldn’t bear to be strong anymore, she was so, so, perfect.

He looked around, at the suits and the business jargon surrounding him. He needed to leave. He wouldn’t waste another second in this room; it reeked of bleach, desperation, and false confidence, wrapped around in these businessmans’ heads. He didn’t care.

His bandmates looked at him in shock as he muttered some excuse under his breath, but nothing else was on his mind after he left, but her.

She needed him.

If he was being honest, he’d say he treasured the moments that she was crying. He treasured the times that she cried because those times were far and few between and he wanted her to know that he was always, always going to be here of her. And it was hard for her sometimes to come out of her shell, to let out her vulnerabilities and her flaws and show him, completely, to him. She had a hard time letting go of herself. And he wanted to wrap her in his arms and show her that it was okay to cry. That it was okay to not be so sure of herself all the time. That it was fine and completely normal to have doubts and insecurities and that those things didn’t make her horrible they made her human. He wanted to cradle her when she cried. He hated seeing her crying, more than anything in the world, but he loved comforting her. He loved whispering in her ear, he loved showing his love off to her because she didn’t let him do it all the time. When they were in public, she would let go of his hand and a part of his heart would drop along with it. She acted like she didn’t need help, didn’t need anything, with her double course load in uni and her stressful job, because she wouldn’t let him pay for a thing, even though he’d insisted. She acted like she was a machine, and he hated it. Because she was his girl, his love, the one thing he could see himself relying on ten, twenty, years in the future and here she was trying to act like she was perfectly fine when she was breaking herself down to the very core.

Words got to her, sometimes.

He noticed the way she would scroll through the comments when she’d had a bad day, in class or at work. He noticed the way she’d let a tear fall and then wipe it away, looking to him quickly to see if he’d noticed. She listened to the words people called her.

Attention whore.

Gold digger.




A waste of space

A terrible match for him

She doesn’t deserve him

She doesn’t deserve anyone

The list went on.

And his heart broke, at the words people called her, because how could they say such things about the angel that lit up his life? How could they whisper words about her like they knew her, how could they say things about a stranger when that very stranger was the one who kept him stable? It made him angry, more than anything else. It made him want to crawl to the rooftops and yell to the world that he loved this girl, that she wasn’t with him for the money or the fame or the attention, that she was with him because she loved him, and if anything at all he loved her far, far, more than she would ever love him.

Because he loved her when she was angry, when she was yelling at him, when she was red in the face and screaming and he just loved seeing her so passionate. He loved seeing her sad, he loved being there to comfort her. He loved seeing her happy, the most, though. He loved seeing her smile because a smile from her was like a gift from heaven in the form of a feeling of everlasting ecstasy in the way that her lips would form into a grin and he swore, he could see the angels descending their light upon her, upon that smile. He could see the entire world pausing for a moment to stop and look at her and brace in the beauty that an angel was smiling for them.

“I need you.”

The words were fresh on his mind, and he wouldn’t let go of them. He loved it when she told him that. He loved feeling needed by her. He loved knowing that she was breaking from that skin of hers that declared she needed no one but herself, because he knew that was a front she put up to protect herself. He loved seeing the vulnerabilities, he loved seeing the real her, seeping through the cracks in the foundation to form something prettier than words could ever describe.

“I need you.”

He needed her, too. He needed her when the stress from work got too much, when he realised that all this pressure of people relying on him was something he just couldn’t handle. He needed her when he thought his entire world was collapsing because the entire world depicted him as something he wasn’t. A saviour. A superhero. A flawless man, meant to save and inspire the masses, when he couldn’t even inspire himself most mornings.

He needed her, when there was a spider, because he didn’t like them, and neither did she, really, but she was much better at dealing with them than he was.

He needed her when he was angry at the world for acting like his girlfriend, his love, was some sort of art piece that nobody understood, and people questioned why there was this streak of yellow here and a blob of blue there. They criticised her. They hated her. He needed her to calm him down, he needed her to say that she didn’t mind what the people said because those were just words, and words don’t do much in the long run. He needed her to keep him sane, from running off the railroad tracks because he just can’t take it anymore and he needs her to tell him that it’s okay to go off track sometimes, he just needs to take a step back and recollect his thoughts before he hops back on.

Even when she wasn’t physically holding his hand, it always felt like she was. Even when she was in a mood where she was trying to prove she was so much more than his girlfriend, she loved him endlessly. And he could never love her more in the moments that she needed him, too, because it was nice to feel needed now and again. It was nice to know that all of this love he’d given her, all of his time and his words and showing her every piece and flaw of him that there could ever be to show, she still needed him there for her, when she cried. She still needed him to hold her close and tell her that everything would be alright. She still needed him to kiss her and whisper sweet nothings in her ear. And he needed her, just as much, really.

I really don’t know what this is, to be quite honest with you, but thank you so much for reading it. 

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The Station, Chapter Seven

Fandom: My Mad Fat Diary

AU Synopsis: Rae moves to the seaside town, Croyde, where Chloe’s family has a vacation house. She’ll live there over the summer with Chloe’s family and work as an intern at a local radio station before heading off to her first year of university in the Fall in London. Upon arriving, she meets everyone in the gang and starts developing unexpected relationships.

Fic Master Table of Contents

The summer so far…

Chapter One | Chapter Two Chapter Three Chapter Four Chapter Five | Chapter Six


Chapter Seven

Finn opened the door to Heart, holding it for Rae as they left. The sky was tinted with orange and pink as seagulls sang overhead. Being at the station together made everything seem right again after the chaos of the past two days, even when he considered the talk with Kester that morning. Just being with her is enough. 

Rae followed as Finn held his hand out, offering it to her for the climb up Croyde’s Road. Rae looked from his hand to his face, letting the corners of her mouth turn up slightly. She reached out, lacing their fingers together. When her skin touched his, Finn’s nerve endings tingled. I can’t get enough of her. He nodded to the left, motioning towards The Thatch. “Come on, girl. We’re due to meet the gang.” 

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All Grown Up ~ M.C.

summary: childhood bestfriend!michael comes home to visit after losing touch over the years.

word count: 3,000

You remember it like it was yesterday. You were devastated at first, who wouldn’t be? A twelve year-old being told they’re moving away. Moving away from your friends, moving away from the only place you knew as home, even moving away from your school. Change wasn’t something you were every fond of. You liked routine, schedules, and just having that familiarity was very important to you.

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anonymous asked:

How do you think the Kane/Toews primer characterization is wrong? I'm curious as to your thoughts on Kane/Toews tbh

(I’m going through asks slooooooowly! Sorry, just really not much free time this week. T_T)

Sorry for the belated response - I wanted to do this when I wasn’t completely wiped from something or other, and then I realized that that probably isn’t going to happen anytime soon, so uh, here you go. :(

Note that the primer was written in July 2010, so it’s based on fairly old material. Not the fault of the author, but a fact. Also, the primer itself qualifies/disclaims some of the following views - it mentions that they’re BOTH extremely devoted to hockey, for instance, and that Tazer is not actually a complete hockeybot who doesn’t know how to party - but it feels like there were people who didn’t read those parts very carefully.

As a hockey fandom n00b, I personally found it a fun, enjoyable read that helped to hook me onto the pairing, so, y’know, clearly it was doing something right.

That said, these are my issues with the Kane & Toews & Kane/Toews characterization in the primer:

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Touch Love

Author: @setoutwithme

Rated: T for minor language and minor character death

Trigger Warning: Mention of suicide, Death, Substance Abuse

AN: So this is a fic inspired by an amazing Korean Drama called Master’s Sun and the title is the name of the song used for the main couple in the series.I know very well I did not do this show any justice but I highly recommend you watch it! The italics are flashbacks and initially intended for another version of this universe I had in mind but it should mesh…I hope it meshes. Actually don’t read this fic. Ignore it and keep scrolling.

Summary: Peeta Mellark is called to pick up his girlfriend, Katniss Everdeen, after she drinks herself into a stupor. His night is guaranteed to be filled with problems and unexpected visitors of the ghostly nature thanks to Katniss and her ability to communicate with the dead.

Song Inspirations:

Touch Love -Yoon Mi Rae

Peeta waved as the final customer left the bakery after making a purchase. He released a tired breath before moving to lock the front entrance and turning the open sign around to closed. The day had been exhausting being so short on staff, since his favorite employee, Rue, had gotten ill and he decided to send her home. It didn’t help that the last time he saw the beautiful face of his girlfriend was that very morning, when he woke her up with kisses and touches across her body much to her delight and his own.

He was eager to get home and just hold her close to him, whether to sleep or do more even if his body was on the verge of doubling over in exhaustion. As tired as he was, he knew firsthand that he had no trouble at all finding the energy and sheer need to spend the night making love to Katniss Everdeen.

Just then the phone rang behind the register and he moved to answer it, praying that it wasn’t another customer needing a last-minute order. More than likely he would still take it because he couldn’t say no, something Katniss always teased him about. He also hoped it would be his girl with the signature braid calling to find out if he was on his way home or to tell him that she was going to meet him so they could go home together. He didn’t mind either scenario and knew the latter specifically would be vastly to her benefit under their special relationship. He didn’t think much of it knowing that her need to have him as close as possible whenever they could be together was calming for both of them.

“Mellark Bakery,” he said into the phone and wasn’t prepared for the voice on the other end.

“Boy!” Haymitch barked into the phone. “You need to come get your girl.”

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