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26.03.1990 | Happy 27th birthday to one of the most important person in my life, Kim Minseok💖💖💖

Every time I see you, I see an amazing man who’s full of talents, passion, dedication, love and so much more. I hope you know how much you’re loved and cherished wherever you go and no single success in your life has gone unnoticed. I’m so proud of the man you have become and I pray that you never lose your burning passion for success. I also pray that you’ ll keep smiling like you do and will always have reasons to smile 😌

thank you for making me smile when I’m down & thank you for being strong when it’s the hardest. I’m so blessed to have loved you for the past 5 years and I’m looking forward to love you for another 50 years (and more). You will always be my earth🌎 , my air🌬️ , my water🌊 and my fire🔥

I love you, Kim Minseok, now and for a lifetime💕 

I think often we ignore what is good for us or helpful​ because it is challenging or seems long. I was listening to instructional video on meditation last night. The gentleman said you wouldn’t really notice the long term benefits of daily meditation practice until after years. 😐

Yet, perhaps the daily practice is beneficial in the act of taking time to practice being in the moment? Maybe it is like going to the gym, cut defined bodies may not occur even after years. But there is a release of positive endorphins just having accomplished a personal goal of going and caring for your body and soul.

So taking those small steps are worth it. 😘


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Requested: I was wondering if I could request one based on Perfect by Ed Sheeran! You are so talented at writing :)

Note: You’re so sweet, thank you! This is loosely based on perfect, so sorry it doesn’t talk about everything in the song. Also, I know it is like freezing in Pickering right now, but for the sake of this imagine, please pretend it is not. 


He was your first kiss. You don’t count the kid that kissed you when you were in Kindergarten, so he was your first official kiss. You were thirteen at the time. It was just a kiss though, as awkward as any first kiss and you laughed about it after. It took another two years for you both to realize that you actually cared for each other. You were as in love as fifteen year olds could be, but life happens sometimes. He left to travel the world, and you had to let go. You had to share him with the world because it would be selfish to keep him to yourself. But he couldn’t have you waiting around because that would be too selfish of him. Those were his words, not yours. You both let go because you didn’t know what else to do at almost sixteen. 

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What is the most important thing to look at in sr chart? Many say it's rising, but is there anything else? My sr Sun this year is in my natal house (12), but the rising has changed from Cancer to Gemini, so I know I need to look into Mercury's position, but what else? Thank you!

The Moon is always the single most important function in any chart; including solar return.  It’s going to show how you take things in and react to them. Overall position of the moon is where you shine your light the strongest for the year.

In the SR chart its about themes your facing for the coming year.  The position and house of the Moon can actually give clues to how ingrained the solar return work is for you.  In the angular houses the moon acts strong, succedent houses it has some effect for the year, and in cadent houses the solar return influences tend to impact the weakest for the coming year.  Since the cadent house are all mutable houses it tends to indicate a “go with the flow” kind of year.  

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Hey girl! Could I submit a request for a drabble? Maybe something where the reader has two year old twins and Sam helps with the ever dreaded bed time and it's all just super cute and sweet?

“Jo-Jo!” You sidestepped the Legos and stepped on a barbie shoe instead.

“Ow!” Oh I swear, you thought to yourself, I’m going to trash each and every last of these damn dolls.

“Charlotte!” You were busy picking up all the toys, and when you say all the toys, you meant every last item Unca Dean, Aunt Jody, and Aunt Donna had purchased in the last four years, collecting them in their respective wicker bins.

Why weren’t your girls answering?

You then heard splashing of water and giggles and knew they had gotten their mischievous hands into the tub once again.

“I swear if my twin spawns are into the Mr. Bubbles again, no Disney or Pixar for a month!”

You turned the corner to find Sam bathing your daughters, their hair in bubbly mohawks, with his to match.

“What? When did you get home?” You dripped the wicker basket and tears formed in your eyes.

“Hey, hey, they’re fine, I’m fine, come play with us,” Sam kissed you and bubbles plopped onto your nose.

“I came in through the garage and saw they were about to dig into one of Dean’s pies,” to which your daughters groaned, “daddy you’re such a goodie two shoes!”

“I am and one day you’ll thank me, for getting you bathed and ready for bed,” Sam’s voice became more firm, “and if I come home to another mess and you don’t help your mother clean up, no more visits to Aunt Jody’s to see Claire and Alex.”

Both girls’ eyes buldged out of their tiny faces and they nodded in defeat.

“Sorry Mama,” they said in unison.

“You better be,” you blew bubbles into their faces and they giggled.

“Nice save, Daddy,” you kissed him.

For @escapedownkennedylane

Chapter 19: For Every Stroke Towards The Sea

You go to bed tired, and you wake up
with your head full of water.

Every day begins with the sun
changing the dates on the year,

and sometimes you’re knee deep in it,
sometimes you’re breathing ash.

Other days, Time would envy
to be even in the shadow of you:

you magnificent sea God,
you disquiet hurricane.

—  Sequel to Chapter 18: A Most Violent Year by aye rah

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Is it a normal autistic thing to have really intense special interests that only exist for a while? I go intensely into things but only for a while and then one day I've exhausted it and then it's dead to me. Whereas my son has permanent special interests that last for years. I've always been obsessive when I get into something, the classic all or nothing, no half measures. Could it be considered an autistic trait? If so I'm adding to my growing list to discuss with my doctor on Monday.

While some autistics have special interests that last for years, like your son, others have much shorter lived SIs. For instance, while I have an SI that has lasted for almost two decades, I’ve also had a lot of SIs that are much how you experience them. I’ll get super, super into something for a while and then suddenly I don’t care anymore. 

This kind of all or nothing behavior is also indicative of black and white thinking which is another autistic trait.


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Well I don't like him because he's totally stupid sometimes like : Invel : "your best friend is E.N.D., the greatest demon ever created and is the brother of Zeref, the black mage who lived 400 years ago." Gray : " you killed Juvia, the love of my life and you think I'm going to believe the unbelievable stupid shit you're telling me so that i will not kill you? Then you're right. Instead, I'm going to kill my best friend that I've known for 10 years. Thank you for the information."

To be fair, the darkness from his devil slayer magic was corrupting his mind. Invel said that himself. 

I think Gray was just overwhelmed, and he blamed Zeref a lot for the suffering around him and in his life: his parents dying by Deliora, Juvia dying because of the war. So to hear that Zeref’s greatest demon was really Natsu would have been devastating. He was probably too angry to think straight. 

I personally liked the Gray and Natsu angst that came from their fight. I wish it would have lasted longer actually, but that’s just my preference.  

Plus when he saw Natsu he looked like a real demon with those black flames. (Something I’m dying to see animated!!!) And then Natsu started attacking him since he wanted to get to Zeref and Gray wouldn’t get out of the way. Everything after that just escalated. 

I’m sure if he was told Natsu was END in another way things wouldn’t have gone down like that. I still like Gray, and even after this you may still dislike him, but that’s okay. There’s no rule saying you must love every character from a show. Doesn’t make your love for the show any less real, just like my love for the show isn’t more real just because I like Gray. :) 

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Are you black? Cause on God I just saw you get the lyrics wrong in your snapchat video and accidentally mouth "Nigga nah" instead of "he trynna roll me up"

i’m going to correct you on a couple things here

yes I am partially black(among other ethnicities), i have a half black mother along with a black step father and half black siblings

I have been hearing “nigga” in various songs since i was 6 years old. from riding in my stepdad’s lexus hearing many rap songs, to singing along with him at just 6 or 7 years old. 

and finally, no I didn’t mouth nigga nah in that snapchat. You can clearly see my tongue move to “he tryna roll me up”

So no there was NO ACCIDENT, I have said nigga in the past because I am a multi-racial (one of those being black) & a multi-cultural male who has grown up in an all black household since I was 5 and I promise you I will say it again. 

han solo not actually being han’s name could possibly ruin star wars for me. or the canon part of it, anyway. we’ve known han for 40 years. i think the brilliance of the best films is that you never quite know enough about the characters. the mysterious parts of their personalities are something you, as a fan, can determine in your own mind. it’s different when there’s a backstory laid out for you. it’s more….restricted.

i’d like to give this film a chance, i really would. but han solo—my han solo—isn’t defined by some non-harrison ford, bizarre back story disney thought of just to keep the whole “one movie a year” thing going. that’s somewhat a disgrace to the character and the fandom, even if it does turn out to be alright.

it’s different with comics and books and all that. most people either take them or leave them. but the films are, predominantly, what define star wars for a lot of people. it’s not just about the hardcore fans like myself, who do decide to read the comics and the books and the wookieepedia pages just to learn as much about it as we can. it’s about the casual fans, the new fans, the young fans, the fans who only saw one movie and yet are still entirely and truly obsessed.

star wars is, in fact, a family. a family that includes the characters and the places and the stories, too.

please don’t break the family apart, disney. han solo is ours.

My Aphrodite Origin Story

If you had told me this time last year that I was going to be working with Aphrodite I would have laughed. At the time I wasn’t sure deity was ever going to be a thing for me, beyond archetypal/story work, and, if we are being honest, I really didn’t like her. Eros and Psyche is one of my all-time favorite myths, as is Atalanta… and when that’s your jam Aphrodite kind of comes off as a possible Snow White queen archetype’s mythological origins. Which, I mean, that’s not wrong… it’s just not everything.

Fast forward to just starting Year and a Day Tarot (#yaadt) with Alie! This was the first really ritual based practice I had brought into my life since declaring myself “vaguely witchy maybe” last year. Alie’s ritual, inspired by The Craft, was really a perfect introduction back into a kind of living I hadn’t explored since I was a teen. It was kind of a Pandora’s Box full of spirituality, since we’re talking myths.

When we reached The Empress something curious happened: I went all out. I had my Marie Antoinette doll set up as my stand-in (space limitations have me using dolls and the like as a proxy) and I rounded up materials for the four suits that were “on brand” for that pinkish aesthetic. I even wore a heart festooned dress with pinks and golds. I just felt compelled, no other reason. Weirder still: my cat, who never showed an interest in my tarot work before, was watching the whole thing quite intently. Afterwards, the Empress really made herself available to me and it was one of the most powerful experiences from #yaadt to date. I have been wondering if this was actually “first contact”—I just wasn’t sure who I was talking to yet.

In February of this year I really devoted myself to “sorting out this Two of Cups bullshit”—my hang ups with love. I worked a LOT with Eros and Psyche as a narrative of the balance of love and trust, which probably opened the gateway a little bit more.

This month started with my going “I do want to give deity work a try” and really researching Sophia, thinking maybe I found a wisdom goddess I could get behind. Nope, nothing. I wasn’t frustrated, I just figured it wasn’t for me. Life resumed as normal for a little while.

Then, one morning, I was drawing my card of the day at my altar space. I was putting the card on its little stand and taking in my lovely space. All of a sudden there was a voice in my head:

You really like beautiful things, she said and I could feel her smirk. And I knew who she was– years of being a mythology buff probably helped. 

Later the same morning, I was putting away some books and there she was again, a little less distant and just as sassy about it: You really do love a good romance, don’t you? Shame there’s not a goddess for romance and beautiful things.

At this point I’m sort of taking in my whole room like I am seeing it for the first time. The Austen, the E. M. Forster, the actual trash romance novels (I’m looking at you, Sookie Stackhouse), my beautiful dolls, the dried flowers, and all the knickknacks. The little ways I am always trying to make things prettier. The birds, especially, I’ve got a lot of doves, swans, geese, and songbirds in my décor. And then there were the unicorns—they come from sea foam, darling, just like me.

Crap. I’ve been working with her for years and I just never noticed.

So, um, I’m working with Aphrodite now. This was why I was looking things up and found the goose/swan art trope. I have no idea what I am doing, only that I am apparently very much hers and I am much more okay with this than I would have speculated at an earlier point in time. 

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For some reason I can't respond to your post, but I spent a few years doing to Southern California circuit and both Anime Expo and Wondercon were consistently very positive and profitable experiences for me as an artist.

Ooh ok cool! I missed AX this year just cuz I forgot the sign up date lol but I’ll def try to go next year!

“Live your life like you’re 80 looking back on your teenager years. You know if your dad calls you at eight in the morning and asks if you want to go out for breakfast. As a teenager you’re like no, I want to sleep. But as an eighty year old looking back you have that breakfast with your dad. It just little things like that, that helped me when I was a teenager in terms of making choices you won’t regret.” 


for @allmycharactersare-dead: oikawa, iwaizumi & the flock 1 and 2 trainees from wingbeats!! because dragons and dragon riders are. the coolest. also I promised you a thing!! ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ 

warm and soft like a fireplace….a heith….