and this whole situation really

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I loved Caroline this episode, but the one thing that irked me was her reluctance to take responsibility for her part in the whole situation. It really felt like no one was acknowledging why Stefan was in his current situation. I feel the content of this specific situation was really important, and I was disappointed that we didn't get to explore more of Caroline's guilt and culpability.

She literally said she knew the blood was on her hands too because they’re in this together and then tried to come up with a better plan to work with Cade’s deal. How is that not acknowledging responsibility?

I’ve been wondering what the victuuri dynamics will be after the kiss? Like, it was a pretty big deal, their feelings are required!!! Im really curious to see if the whole kiss situation is gonna be touched or talked about by some character!

Have we seen the real Percival Graves?

Given the fact that we now know that Percival Graves was a real living person, an auror, and not just a Grindelwald disguise… In my opinion, there was a moment when the Graves we saw was the real Graves.
When Tina brings Newt into the MACUSA for the first time, Graves glances at her like he’s been knowing her for a long time, and he really seems to feel sorry for her and her whole not-being-an-auror-anymore situation.
So– Maybe it was really him feeling sorry for a friend that he can’t help, and he was actually keeping an eye on Credence and the children on Tina’s account, questioning Credence from time to time since the obscurial began to terrorize New York City. And the switch between the real him and Grindelwald probably happens somewhere between the scene with Tina and Newt, that I’ve mentioned before, and the first meeting with Credence in the alley; or maybe Grindelwald took his place long before the movie events and he acquired the gestures and the behavior of Graves from like practicing. 
Does anyone have any theory about this?

BTS Reacting To You Wearing Long Sleeves And Finding A Razor Blade

“Bts reacts to noticing you’ve been wearing long sleeves and they found razor blades in your cabinet? Love your blog!!”

Trigger Warning!



Jin would be very upset that you would ever hurt yourself. He would take your razor blades and confront you about it, not rudely, just to tell you that he thinks you’re beautiful and he’s always there for you when you need him. (You are Taehyung… and replace hyung with oppa.)

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Yoongi would be kind of disappointed, but he would understand what you are going through. In his mixtape, he discussed his experience with depression. He would do his best to help you through whatever you’re going through and would also dispose of your blades.

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Rap Monster:

Namjoon would be really sweet about the whole situation. He would get rid of your blades, but he will try not to make a big deal over it, so you don’t feel embarrassed. He would hug you and offer your his shoulder to cry on. “If you ever need anything or need to talk, you can come to me, Jagi!”

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Hoseok would not be able to believe someone so amazing would feel the need to hurt themselves. He would be kind of hurt that you hid it from him, but he wouldn’t let that stop him from helping you through whatever you need. He would assure you that you can tell him everything and he wants to hear everything you have to say. (You are Suga in the gif)

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Jimin would not know what to do with the situation. He would try his bests to get you to tell him why you did it and when he found out what it was, he would reassure you that whatever someone said about you or what you feel about yourself isn’t true. He would hold you the whole time and make sure to tell you how much he loves you, cherishes you, and thinks you’re the most amazing girl he’s ever met.

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Taehyung would be upset with himself that he didn’t notice it sooner that you were hurting yourself. He would get rid of your blades and would not let you out of his arms. He would cry with you, listen to you, and cuddle with you as long as you needed him to because Taehyung would cherish you and would want to keep a happy you around as long as possible.

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Jungkook would be shy about the situation because he wouldn’t want to offend you you hurt you even more. First, he would dispose of your blades, then he would try his best to comfort you. “It’s okay, Jagi. Whatever you need, I’ll give to you. I just don’t want my beautiful, amazing girlfriend that I love so so so much getting hurt.”

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Thinking about all the unlocked powers contained by letters unsent.

nobody get this twisted i in no way am blaming the BAND for this, while im sure they had to agree to it happening i dont think its their fault at all, i am however blaming the label/jamie for their inability to predict award season clashing with the tour and handling the WHOLE situation really unprofessionally 

ok ik we’re laughing at the score but can I just point out things about this game ??

- therrien hasn’t even pulled montoya out yet
- which is also putting unwanted pressure on the rest of the team because they’re so powerless and would honestly rather die than play the rest of this game
- this whole situation is really humiliating for montoya and the team in general
- fuck michel therrien

Like in our vows / A Nate Maloley Imagine

“Can I have a Nate maloley imagine where y/n and Nate are trying to have kids but they keep failing, and finally y/n goes to the doctor and they tell her that she is not able to have kids, and she thinks that Nate will leave her for someone else who can actually give him the family that he wants, but Nate was really sweet about the whole situation even though he is upset himself”

Here you go, this was an hard one to write. I hope it’s okay.

Please request me other imagine ideas!


9 months. 9 months me and my husband Nate had been trying for a baby. But nothing worked, no matter what we tried.

I wasn’t myself lately, the day me and Nate decided we wanted to take our marriage to the next step with starting our own little family was an amazing idea. At least, back then. Now all these months later I’m desperate. Desperate to see 2 little red lines on that pregnancy test. Of cource today, the test was negative. Again.

I laid in our bed, watching Netflix as Nate came in the room. He knew what happend and turned the tv off and looked at me. “Baby girl” he says and all the tears i’ve been holding in the last few hours fall out. He pulls me into a tight hug rubbing my back. “Nate this isnt fair” I say starting to sob. “I know baby, this ain’t fair.” He says trying to keep himself strong. “Can we lay down please?” I ask him and he nods “of cource we can”
We both lay down and we cuddle up. “We should go to the doctors again.” He says after a moment of silence. “Nate they will only tell us to try harder, you know that” I tell him. Nate really wanted kids. “We tried 9 months Y/N! We don’t know what’s going on! I’m getting crazy!” Nate gets mad, or upset. I can’t tell. All i know is that it only makes me feel worse. I feel like crying again but instead I start to sob. Nate looks at me. “Please let me take you to the doctors.” He almost begs me. After a while I nod. “Thank you” he says.

The drive to the doctors office was quiet, even the radio wasn’t on. We just didn’t had any words left to discuss about what was going on.

After a while we finally arrived. I get out off the car and looks at Nate. He comes closer and kisses me. “I love you Y/N, I always will.” He says grabbing my hand before we get inside. The waiters room was empty, on the ground we saw all sorts of kid toys. I looked at them and smiled. So beautiful and joyful.

After a while the doctor calls our name and we get inside. “Still nothing?” She asks us. We both shake our head. “Well, we might take some blood to see if everything’s alright. Is that okay for the both of you?” She asks us. We nod.

A week later.

“Why isn’t she calling Nate?” I say looking at my phone.
“I don’t know, maybe she will call in a second. She promised us to call as soon she had the results.” Nate says trying to calm me down. I shake my head and look at my phone again
“She’s a minute too late” I say, I got so frustrated. “Calm down baby, she is going to call I prom-”
Nate got interupted by my loud ringtone. I pick up as fast as I can.

The call wasn’t long, I dropped the phone. And fell down. Tears running down my face. Nate gets the phone, and she tells him the same few words;

“I’m sorry, we found out your wife can’t get pregnant.”

I haven’t seen Nate cry since the day we got married. Seeing him like this because my body doesn’t allow me to get kids broke my heart. At this point we couldn’t even comfort each other. “I’m sorry”
“Don’t be, it’s not your fault.” He says trying to comfort me even though he was broken after the news he just heard. “You are going to divorce with me, aren’t you?” I say looking into his dark brown, watery eyes. “I would never leave you. That was written in my vows.” He tells me. “Vows are just a paper” I respond
“Not when it comes down to you Y/N.”
He pulls me closer. “Eventually you’ll break up with me Nate, and get a family you always wanted” I whisper trying not to cry again. “We can make it on our own Y/N. We really can.” He says, I don’t know if it was him convincing himself or if he actually meant what he said. I just nodded.

Reblog/Like if you thought that ending was a relieve from all the drama and it was okay, not offending! 

I think way too many people are judging Tristan for wanting Pizza, like they are saying all mean stuff! But I don’t get it, like he just wanted to take their minds of the whole situation! I mean Zoe and Miles were really emotional but he made them smile again! And I thought that was a good ending after all the drama!
don't count your owls - norio - Haikyuu!! [Archive of Our Own]
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     don’t count your owls  

Author: norio                    
Relationship:   Akaashi Keiji/Bokuto Koutarou
Akaashi KeijiBokuto Koutarou                                            Additional Tags:    Alternate Universe - Hogwarts
Bokuto gets stuck as an owl and Akaashi gets stuck with Bokuto.


So i spent the whole day reading Haikyuu-fanfics while listening to epic/emotional/orchestral music. Then, i found this wonderful Hogwarts AU Akaashi/Bokuto fanfic and after some time that  BEAUTIFUL FANTASTIC BEASTS AND WHERE TO FIND THEM SOUNDTRACK   started playing in the background. I didn’t even notice, at first.
But when Akaashi faced a few Dementors and was about to get killed the music started getting louder and louder which made everything incredibly dramatic and then THE CHOIR GOT TO ITS CLIMAX  - AT THIS POINT I STARTED SHAKING HOLY COW that shit gave me the hardest goosebumps of my life. Even the Jazz-themed part after that FITS PERFECTLY INTO THE WHOLE SITUATION. I’m literally crying right now.

I really need some fanart to this fanfiction
or  more   owl!Bokuto turning into human  /  human!Bokuto with wings  fanart  in general, please Q_Q

I even tried to draw something matching to that one amazing part of the vocals getting louder. (00:52) It’s just a quick drawing of him spiking because it was too hard for me to actually draw Bokuto turning into a human again and using the Patronus charm.    RIP ._.

Your first summer at the Burrow would include...

Okay, wow, you guys CAN NOT agree, can you? Hahah, so, this, first date and dating while still at Hogwarts tied, so i just began somewhere, the next one will be up tomorrow! And as always, thanks for your inputs! 

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Btw, making this like you’re in that weird, but awesome kinda-dating-but-kinda-in-the-freindzone-but-not-really-anymore place! 


- I don’t think Fred would really think about the whole, being kinda poor situation at all, and with good reason, because hey, it’s lovely there 

- Arthur just being a curious guy and straight up asking what the deal is with you and Fred 

- Molly being a sweetheart and trying to smooth things over, but not really succeeding 

- While you’re almost dying from it all, Fred just laughs at it, as usual 

- Fred convincing you that de-gnoming the garden is  a “fun afternoon activity” 

- It’s not 

- Helping out Molly in the kitchen so you never have to come close to a garden gnome again 

- Playing quiddich and always picking Ginny first, or her picking you, just to piss him off a little 

- Winning, obviously 

- Trying to make it up to him by agreeing to help with the next de-gnoming 

- Late nights in the living room, just getting to know everyone while drinking tea and eating Molly’s cookies AND JUST TAKE ME TO THE BURROW PLEASE 


- Him, on the other hand, trying to warn you the whole way about the house and his parents and bein really worried you won’t like it 

- But again, he’s so relived when you like it 

- Molly having to tell you you don’t always have to set the table, or do the dishes, or help her cook

- But you’re just so grateful that they’re having you 

- Long walks around the fields and pond alone with George 

- Charlie suddenly stopping by, and George being a bit jealous when you really love listening to him talking about his job in Romania 

- Him knocking at your door after bedtime wondering if your sleeping or if you would like to go for another walk? 

- Midnight walks becoming your thing 

- Arthur being thrilled when you show genuine interest in his work 

- Fred, George and Ginny having to pull you away after three hours, ‘cause he’s just so happy that someone listens (Arthur is just the best guy ever, don’t fight me!)

So, should I do first date or dating at Hogwarts next? Hit up my asks and tell me! xx

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Can you do mx reaction when you have bread crumbs in side of your mouth? Thxxxx love ur blog 😘😘

Thank you sweetie ^^


GIFs aren’t mine~

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He’d honestly stare at it for quite a while, perhaps acting a little awkward as well. When you noticed how long he has been looking at you, you asked him if there was something on your face, to which he replied, “Oh they’re just breadcrumbs, jagi.”

“Why didn’t you say so?”

“Uh….” *flustered Hyunwoo activated*

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You were busy rambling off to him about how terrible your day went before suddenly, Hoseok’s face got closer to yours.

“Wh-what is it?”

“You’ve got some breadcrumbs on you, babe. Lemme get ‘em off.”

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Minhyuk would be really amused about the whole situation, giggling everynow and then as you talked. Confused of his behaviour, you asked, “What’s so funny?”

“…There are some crumbs at the corner of your lips, jagi. You’re so funny.”

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He’d probably tease you about it, not telling you why he was smiling slyly every time he looked at you.

“Can you please tell me why you’re acting like this?”

“Nu-uh. Not telling you.”

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Like Hoseok, Hyungwon would also get closer to your face, before wiping it off with his thumb softly, cupping your face afterwards.

“There. No more breadcrumbs stuck to your pretty face.”

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You were having some bread for breakfast with him before you had to go to work and once you were getting ready to walk out the door, you hear him yelling, “Y/N don’t go yet! You have some crumbs on your face!”

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“You’ve got crumbs on your lips. Want me to kiss ‘em off?” *Changkyun just being the normal greasy shit he is*

requests are open!

Molly wasn’t “mean”

I’ve been reading lots of comments from people saying that Molly was “mean” to Sherlock during the last scene of “The Six Thatchers”… Here is what I think about the whole situation:

Molly didn’t want to say those things. She REALLY didn’t. She was hurt, and you can notice it by her facial expression and voice. She was hesitant.

When she said “I’m sorry, Sherlock”, she almost shed a tear, because she didn’t mean to hurt Sherlock’s feelings like that, but she had to, because John asked her to do it. And John is in big pain. And John is her friend, too. And she would do anything for her friends. And she has already done anything for them before…

She’s always there, for EVERYBODY. I just hope someone is always there for HER, too… Someday.

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I know it really is not because the whole BG situation is just one big no for me, but..."I know he's not a dog, but..." is just damn hilarious. I am going to use that qualifier every time I possibly can now. I do not care if it makes any sense (because hey, when Louis used it, it also made zero sense). I will be all "I know he's not a dog, but I sure wish the store was not sold out of avocados today." "I know he's not a dog, but I f'ing forgot to do a load of laundry again." Cheers!

I honestly can’t stop laughing!!!

“What’s your new boss like?” “I know he’s not a dog, but we get along great”

fights (imagine)

Shawn’s POV

I watch as Y/N sits on the edge of the hotel bed, her hair falling around her face that was hidden in her hands. I throw my jacket down and sigh deeply, feeling oddly irritated by this whole situation.

“Are you just going to sit there?” I say with annoyance laced in my voice.

“Shawn, I can’t be bothered to have a petty fight over this” She sighs, looking up at me with tired eyes.

“Are you kidding me? Let’s just forget that he was flirting with you the whole night then, yeah?” My anger was growing and growing. I had to watch as this guy flirted with Y/N all night. It completely broke my heart, but also angered me so much.

“Jesus christ Shawn, do you want to over react some more?” She says, scraping her hair back into a pony tail. The fact that she was being so calm throughout this whole situation was making me really fucking annoyed. I wanted her to lash out back at me, I wanted the thrill of an argument.

“Over react? Oh sweetheart, trust me, I am not over reacting”  I laugh, in a pissed off tone.

“What did I even do wrong?” She fires back, making me laugh dryly.

“I don’t know, maybe just let him walk over you all night?”

“Oh wow Shawn, let me just apologise for talking to a friend for maybe an hour at the most. Sorry that it upset you so much” She says, getting up and walking towards the bathroom.

“He looked like he was more than just a friend to me” I say, making her head flip round immediately.

“Don’t you fucking dare bring up this ‘friend’ shit with me.” She growls, walking up towards me. I  watch as she looks completely ticked off. The alcohol that I had previously drank seemed to be wearing off a bit, making me instantly feel bad for being such an ass. “Why don’t we talk about some of your ‘friends’? I’m sure I could reel off a list of girls you spend time with.”

“Y/N” I say calmly, finally coming to my senses.

“Don’t fucking 'Y/N’ me.” She shouts, her face flushing bright red. “I won’t put up with you giving me shit about spending time with an old friend. That’s just not cool Shawn, not at all.”

“I know” I say slowly.

“Do you though? Because I can’t help but feel like you don’t trust me or something” She fires at me, her words hitting me like a bullet in the heart.

“I do trust you.” My voice cracks, making her face soften for a split second. I place my hand on the back of my neck, rubbing it slightly. Damn I felt bad. “I’m sorry.”

“Whatever Shawn.” She mumbles, sighing as she walks back into the bathroom, closing the door behind her. I hear the shower turn on moments later and I sigh, sitting on the edge of the bed. I’m such an idiot. This isn’t me. I never get jealous like that. I mean, I get jealous, of course I do, but I don’t react like this, never.

I lay back, just staring at the white ceiling for what felt like forever, until I hear the bathroom door open. I jolt upright, and see Y/N stood there in just a white towel, her hair now loose over her shoulders.

“I’m so sorry” I say, getting up immediately and walking over to her. I wrap her small frame in my arms and feel her relax into me.

“I know” She mumbles.

“I’m so sorry baby, you know I still love you right?” I say honestly.

“Of course I do,” She laughs, placing her arms around the back of my neck. My hands fall to the small of her back, resting there gently. “It’s kind of cute anyway” She smirks, making my cheeks flush. “Just promise you won’t be such a dick about it next time?”

“I promise” I laugh, staring into her eyes.

“Good” She smiles, pulling me in for a kiss.


oh my lord i don’t know how i feel about angry shawn. he just seems too calm all the time to get annoyed about anything ahah. anyways, heres something a little different! hope you like it! xo