and this whole bit was awesome

LanceLot Valentines Date: Lance’s alien boyfriend is the best and Lotor isn’t sure what the big fuss is but he could definitely could get used to these strange earth celebrations

I got a request if I could share the pond leaves, and of course!
4 rc/pond deco
As for uploading the whole lot.
Hm, you know, if everyone was cool with including cc in buildings, I would share everything I build, but I’m far from a NoCC simmer and linking and finding all the stuff is just a bit -not fun- to me (I don’t mind simple wcifs tho!). It has nothing to do with me not wanting to give credit to all the awesome cc makers, it’s just me, wanting to spend my time on other things. :)
(Also, thanks for all the tips in my pond leaves wcif and birthday wishes! <3)

YOI theory time???

So yeah I had a theory that when Yuri said “Let’s end this.” he meant his career along with Viktor. But after reading something about the OP, “History Maker”, now I’m actually more convinced about my second theory coming true. A lot of other people have thought about this being possible, but my reasoning for it is just a tad bit different that other people.

So one of the lyrics in the song says “We were born to make history.” and then goes off to awesome music mode and the title card of the show plays. But if the lyrics are first from Yuri and go to Viktor, then I think that the line means that Yuri will make history, along with Viktor. 

But how?

I think by saying “Let’s end this” Yuri meant that Viktor and him should end their whole “coach and student” sorta thing because Yuri wants Viktor to skate again. He still seems to have a passion for it, so why not continue it? Yuri doesn’t want to feel like a burden on Viktor, so after his final skating routine in the Grand Prix Final, Yuri and Viktor will end their whole coach and student thing, but not their relationship.

But maybe Viktor doesn’t want to skate just by himself. He needs Yuri to stay close to him….so Yuri also doesn’t end his career. They both become skaters representing their own countries, and are rivals on the ice. However, off the ice they are lovers.  

And I don’t know if many have seen, but the official art for YOI’s OST but BOTH Viktor Yuri in a completely different outfit, ones we haven’t EVER seen before. It looks like this:

Like why would they include this outfit on the OST? I think that these specific outfits will be what Yuri is shown wearing at the end of the episode, maybe along with Viktor in his own outfit, and they are competitors on the ice in some skating competition. Call that a crazy call…however they do have a whole character design thingy for Yuri in this outfit (I can’t find it but his outfit is teal, gold, and black). 

Why do I think they’ll be competitors on ice? Well remember this scene in episode 8?

Viktor never gives an answer and pivots the entire question onto Yurio later, but this scene always seemed weird to me. I pointed this out before, but now I am even more confident in believing that Yuri becomes an ACTUAL fellow competitor on the ice. (Plus, Kubo, the writer of the series, said that she’s working on a season 2…if you didn’t know. THAT DOESN’T mean it’s for certain, but there is a possible YOI season 2 in the making). 

And in episode 1, Yuri’s friend says something like this:

2 times in the show, they have mentioned Yuri going against Viktor. I know it’s kinda not may many times, but they’ve hinted this before, so I don’t see how this could not be a possibility…

If you have watched Free!, in the end of season 2, we get a scene of Haru and Rin competing against each other on a professional level. So maybe we get a scene similar to that, but only with Viktor and Yuri in the end. Probably Viktor and Yuri in the last few minutes or seconds of the episode 12 are about to start skating against each other, and then the episode ends…and that’s how the season ends…

So that’s another way I think the series could finish off!

When Magnus kisses Alec

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So far we have seen Alec bend down a bit to kiss Magnus in TV and it’s been awesome.  Now I can’t wait for when Magnus is initiates the kiss when they are standing,  cuz it will be so cute to see with the whole height difference between him and Alexander with Magnus standing on his toes to reach those lips <3 <3 <3 


KARAMEL APPRECIATION WEEK || Kara x Mon-El || S02E05 || *loudwhisper* “MON-EL!”


I mean… everyone is talking about The Hug™, which, don’t get me wrong, was awesome, but is no one going to mention Mycroft freakin’ Holmes getting hit on and not knowing what to do?

“Maybe you’d like a drink sometime.”

“Of… what?”

I’m telling you, Mycroft is my spirit animal. Only classier. And smarter.


“What the fuck is a secret admirer if he just sends you notes and won’t even come out to protect you when the whole school hates your guts” 

(Based on Secret Admirer fic by kookie-time !)

Parrish Imagine - You Look Good

-gif source unknown-

Description: Prompt – “You’ve got a date tonight and you asked for advice on what to wear but I’m so in love with you and damn you look good in the outfit I picked out for you” from this list

Warnings/Labels: Poor lovesick Jordan

Approx. Word Count: 980 

A/N: This is pretty much from Jordan’s POV and it’s short. Thanks @katieyel for sending me that prompt list!! It’s awesome.

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To My Awesome Followers and The Portal Fandom:

I have a Portal related problem, and I need your help:

How would you carry around your favorite Personality Core for, let’s say, 5 or so hours? Especially if you can’t carry them by their handles and you don’t want to hold them under your arm the whole time. The Personality Core needs to be able to move and interact with what’s around them. Also, your hands are going to be holding other things off and on.

Thoughts? Ideas?

Happy New Year

Happy new year, my friends!  Enjoy some New Year’s angst!  This just sorta came to me, and I had to write it down. 

Dedicated to:

@ktrosesworld, @nannyogg123, @thedeliriumtennants, @goingtothetardis, and @pillie-biper10, who all sent me personal happy new year wishes, and to @miss-duria-blue and @wordsintimeandspace, who sent me comfort and well wishes last night because I’d had a shit day.  You guys are all so full of awesome and loveliness and joy and humor and the best things in humanity.  Thank you for bringing a bit more color to my life.  You’re collectively one of the better things that happened to me last year.

Characters:  Tentoo/Ten x Rose

Rated:  All Ages

Themes:  Angst, introspection, memories, love, comfort, New Year.

Word Count:  1300

Rose Tyler’s eyes snapped open as she awoke with a jolt, her whole body tense with the agitation left behind by what must have been a bad dream.  The memory of it had already dissolved as she shook the final cobwebs of sleep from her mind and entered fully into wakefulness.  Her heart was pounding, and she realized she was hyperventilating.  Swallowing dryly as she reached up to wipe a glaze of sweat from her forehead, she methodically slowed her breathing and waited for her heart rate to follow.

The room was still shrouded in darkness, all vague shadows and lumpy silhouettes, splashed with pale blue where moonlight was creeping through the cleft in the window drapes.  She looked beside her at the sleeping form of the Doctor, lying half on his stomach, legs and arms sprawled at juxtaposed angles.  She couldn’t see his face.  It was turned away from her, smashed into the pillow.  Miraculously, he wasn’t snoring.  He almost always snored.  It was a nice snore, more like a soft purr, which she found comforting.  It seemed fitting that he wouldn’t be snoring now, when she was feeling restless and upset, though she couldn’t quite grasp why.

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How detention becomes awesome

A little bit of Scorbus fluff to (hopefully) brighten up your day :)

Summary: Albus is in a shitty mood since they’ve been sentenced to detention at Hogwarts for their entire summer vacation. If only Scorpius could figure out a way to cheer him up…

Rating: G

2.2k words

Part of my “summer at Hogwarts” series.

(P.S.: I’m working on more fics as part of this series. Stay tuned! :))

“This whole place is rubbish!” Albus complained for the nth time in two days.

It had been two days since all the other students had boarded the Hogwarts express and had left the castle for the summer. Albus and Scorpius, however, had to stay back to serve the full year of detention they had been sentenced to after pulling their almost-world-destroying time-travelling stunt last fall. Scorpius envied his classmates who were probably enjoying their holidays with their families about now. He pushed away thoughts of his dad walking alone in the empty halls of Malfoy Manor.

“This sucks! I can’t believe we’re stuck here all summer! UGH!

Scorpius looked over at his best friend who was sulking in a corner of their dorm, staring at the wall as if he could blow a hole through the stones if he concentrated hard enough. Scorpius sighed. He didn’t think spending the summer in a (mostly) empty castle with an enormous library full of amazing books and his best friend to keep him company would be so bad. However, Albus’s moodiness seriously dampened any optimism he felt. What’s more, everything he said to cheer up Albus only seemed to make his friend angrier about the whole situation.

So Scorpius listened quietly to the complaints while he got dressed for the day. They were due to meet McGonagall in 15 minutes in her office where she’d assign their chores of the day.

“Albus, you’d better get ready or we’re gonna be late.”

“We have the whole summer to do her bloody chores, who cares if we’re late,” Albus snapped back.

Scorpius curbed the urge to send an overdramatic eye roll Albus’s way, opting not to risk upsetting him even more. Instead he gave Albus a half-hearted smile and affectionately said, “come on grumpy, it’s just going to be worse if we make Her Highness wait”.

Albus almost chuckled before finally getting up. “Fine.”

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Cat facts!

SUBMISSION: Sonja! I hope your week hasn’t been too rough and here’s hoping your weekend isn’t too stressful either! I found a buzzfeed article on cat facts lol love ya! ~C.A 💕 (This is my first time using the link submit so hopefully it works)



Newsflash in The Flash #12

The Iris bits were so delicious this week that I’m tempted to just post the whole damn comic. But for now, read on at your own risk and if you enjoy then you should totally buy the issue here and tweet some love to @williamson_josh:

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“Could you stop staring at me? It makes me uncomfortable.” Kurt says when he catches you looking at him.


“I know I may look weird to you.”

“I was actually looking at your tail. That’s so cool, can you grab things with it?”

“You…what? Yes I can.” He furrows his eyebrows, not sure what you’re thinking, “So you don’t think I’m strange?”

“Oh you certainly are strange but your appearance isn’t.” You smile at him, “You look awesome and that whole teleportation thing is great.” You had been really excited to meet him, always thinking he had one of the most interesting abilities. They were similar to your own as well so you hoped he could help you out a bit.

“Thank you.” He replies with a shy smile, blushing a little. Luckily you couldn’t see that.

my current stance

- i am hopeful for another episode, i WILL reblog about that so please unfollow if you don’t want to see it. no hard feelings

- i know evidence is patchy but i believe what i watched was wrong and needs to be fixed. this is an emmy award winning show that has ‘gone down hill a bit’ there needs to be answers and i want them. i believe this is actually meant to be mirroring what happened to ACD - they want complaints and they want us to rally. i could be wrong but as i’ve said i’m here until the bitter end and i don’t think that’s here yet

- i think the writers are scum even if they have planned a whole 4th ep, even if it’s awesome, i don’t care if they didn’t 'plan’ for people to be this involved, they’ve hurt a lot of people and don’t get free passes anymore

- i don’t blame people for wanting out it’s been too long and i can easily understand this being the final straw for a lot of people and i love you all and wish you all the best, it’s not the first time i’ve seen a bunch of friends leave this particular fandom and you’re not wrong for wanting out and i hope you find happiness elsewhere

- i’m nearly there too, give it a few weeks and if nothing is fixed i’ll be right where you are, but for now i’m hopeful because i’m not giving up hope even though the writers can go choke. i’m waiting for sherlock and john, not them


Okay, so this summer, I was in my camp’s production of Hairspray.

I was a Dynamite, and there was a scene where my group was sitting onstage listening to the radio with Motormouth and Little Inez before “I Know Where I’ve Been”. The radio bit was previously recorded and was basically a few sentences about Tracy escaping from jail, which prompted Motormouth’s first line and started the scene.

WELL, during the whole rehearsal process, things went fine. The radio segment worked smoothly every time and we had an awesome tech crew. On performance day, we did one “open dress rehearsal” for the camp and then a show that evening for family/friends.

So we get to the scene in the real performance. The whole show has gone great, and the lights come up on us sitting on the blocks on stage, listening intently for the radio.


We’re all sitting there, in front of the audience, with no idea what to do since Motormouth’s line was in response to that sound bite. We’re just there, waiting. Our director starts to say a line from offstage in place of the recording, but it’s the wrong part so her voice just fizzles out awkwardly. My friend and I are facing upstage, blocked by the other girls in the group, literally shaking with silent laughter. We just sat there, for a solid minute, in total silence. It was awful.

Seaweed and Penny then decided to make their entrance early, but the girl playing Seaweed messed up and said “Hi, Ms Motormouth….I mean, Mom!” Since “Hi…” was Link’s next line upon entrance.

The rest of the show picked up and went smoothly from there, but I was lowkey traumatized.

Here’s a little something I wanted to draw for @imjustalazycat for a while.
I just want you to know that you are AWESOME, you are one of the best people I met in my whole life.
I owe you sooo much and I would do anything for you.
You deserve a good rest after all your hard work!

I wanted this drawing to look a little bit different but…
Hope you like it ;w;

Darkiplier vs Antisepticeye!

Going through tumblr a bit after the whole Dark thing (which was fucking awesome) and noticing a trend in the type of posts that show up. There’s posts about “Anti vs Dark”, “Differences between Anti and Dark” etc. If this didn’t show enough competition between the two alter ego then this may also help…..
On a post I recently reblogged the original posts talks about Dark one - upping Anti and what he was going to do about it.
WELL!! Jack (Anti) being the sharp shooter he is replied with “CHEAP IMITATOR” in Zalgo text. I cannot help but feel some slight tension between the two forces already and decisions being made on which side do people like the most there have been other posts suggesting the possibility of these two coming together for a video at some point or something special happening in the future.
All I’m just saying is that the way Darkiplier and Anti have been going on, we all are in for a treat and already, I can’t wait for Halloween this year!!!!

watching season 2 of Voltron… Do you think we were a bit spoiled by Sendak?  I mean he was an awesome fighter, a cunning strategist, loyal in the face of death to his cause, and he managed to take the whole Castle of Lions with only other guy and a handful of sentries, most of them damaged.  Even at the mercy of his enemies and stuck in a pod he was still able to get inside Shiro’s head.  Now that he’s gone, on the Galra side we’ve had a brute in charge of Olkari, a coward on Taujeer, a Mall cop, and a guy who looks half gorilla who loves his pet more than his job and none of them were as cool as Sendak and Haxus .  Oh and Thace, but he’s awesome and on the good guys side so he doesn’t really count for Zarkon’s empire.