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why cant people just let others enjoy things


“You know what? I’m getting another fantastic idea. Skirmish. Let’s have a war.


    What with the chaos in Inaba and importance of school, it has been some time since Naoto has been called in to work on a case in person. The vast majority of her recent work has been done remotely, whether simply figuring out connections between victims or motives, or analysing the collected data from a distance. It is the summer, however, and as much as Naoto enjoys spending time with her friends, it is difficult to deny a personal request for her help on a case.

    This is how she has found herself standing next to someone very blatantly not Japanese, with quite possibly the most official-looking officer she has ever seen in front of her, with several more (though with slightly less decorated outfits) scattered around the not particularly well organised office. He offers the both of them a stiff nod, then walks away, leaving her and the stranger to their devices.

    “Well,” she finally begins, breaking the drawn-out silence. “Cyber crimes and multiple murders? It sounds like the work of an organised group to me, though I suppose we would need to take a look at the collected evidence before we make too many assumptions. I am surprised more about this hasn’t made it onto the news, though I can see why they would wish to keep this quiet…” She trails off, mind distracted by processing the briefing they have just received. “—Oh, but forgive me. I am Detective Shirogane Naoto. It is a pleasure to meet you.”

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Fellow Stereo Kicks fans:

I love you, I am here for you, I am with you, I am heartbroken alongside you. I’m really sorry that because I’m not at home right now, I can’t write something longer at the moment or say something more meaningful.

But I want to say what I always say when The Worst Possible Fanthing Happens:

The feelings you are having are valid.

The friendships that you have made are valid.

The joy they brought you was real.

The sadness you feel right now is real.

My inbox is open even though I won’t be around until tonight. But I am here for you and your feelings are what matter to me right now. (Yours and mine, because I am also So Sad. Soooo Sadddd.)

But anyone who tells you that you’re overreacting is a jerk and they are who is wrong, not you. Your feelings are real. Your friendships formed because of this band are real. The investment you, and I, put into this band was real. You have those friendships and that passion, and you will be okay.