and this was what came to mind

I always found it funny and kinda cute that Keith was so desperate to get Lance out of the pod before he was fully conscious and healed 

But then I thought, what exactly did he think was going to happen if he opened the pod like that or if Allura didn’t stop him, considering he knew Lance was still unconscious. I know he wanted to talk to him since they just had their bonding moment, but I mean he’s not even awake, he would have just literally fell over and crushed Pidge LOOL

Then episode one came back to mind, when Allura’s pod opened and she was still slightly unconscious and unstable but calling out to her dad so she fell over, but Lance caught her in his arms before she could get hurt






A drunk!Dean x Reader / fluff

A/N: Hey, it’s me! Just writing two things in one week. (It’s probably going to snow). This is just something that popped into my head, because I love drunk!Dean/Jensen. I hope you guys like it. Your response fuels my writing. Let me know what you think! ♥

Word Count: 1,302

- language.
- implied smut (kind of)

Tags: (at the end)
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*gif is not mine.

It was early for you, considering you normally didn’t wake up until at least noon. Looking at your phone, you realized it was only 7 am. Sam wasn’t even awake yet; his bedroom door next to yours still closed. With no windows in the Bunker, it was hard for you to wake up with the dawn anymore, your body used to the sun being your alarm clock. Walking down the hallway into the kitchen, you could hear faint giggling. It was a deep, goofy giggle, and you knew exactly who it was coming from.

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It’s this glance of sweetness I see in the look you gave me last time we met

It felt like 40 years though we knew us for 3 months

And when your song came up we screamed our youth out of our lungs

It’s those minutes I remembered what my first days of snow felt like

I crave you when you look down to the ground and your hair falls over your eyes

Think I’ll miss your warm voice, keeps spinning my head so I cannot think straight without you on my mind

It’s this look you give him everytime he says “I love you”

Am I the only one to notice the missing tremors in his voice telling me it’s fake

He’s gonna break your heart

And you’re gonna break my mind

HOO FAM. I have some THOUGHTS about Jane the Virgin tonight!!! I have always been on the good ship Jafael, but tonight I might officially be jumping ship!!! 

When Jane and Raf were first together, I was always so bummed he wouldn’t make sacrifices for her. He had so much emotional baggage that he always seemed reluctant to deal with. And there was no question that the hotel came first. 

I never LOVED Michael, but he made Jane so happy. I loved watching them in domestic bliss, I really didn’t mind it. But there was still the fact that Michael loved his job so much that it conflicted with Jane. 

At the end of last season, I really thought we were there. Raf was READY to love Jane. 

But then this Adam guy showed up. My initial reaction was that he had better be the best love interest of all time for him to pry Jafael from my weary, bitter hands. I wasn’t sure what would make him the best love interest of all time, but he had to be It if I was going to get on board. He had to do the One Thing I’ve wanted any of Jane’s love interest to do, since literally season one. He had to sacrifice for her. 

We two episodes in. The boy already did the Thing. 

Not to mention, Alba thinks that ADAM is impulsive and is irresponsible? Like Raf ISN’T? Y’all saw what that boy just did in reaction to Petra breaking up with him, right? That boy went to straight from his flight to Baggage Claim and he’s picking those suitcases right back up. Nope. He’s not ready. 

Besides, it’s kind of interesting to think that Jane might have too much baggage for ADAM. I want to see how they can work this out. 

inmortalwarlock  asked:

"do you regret it?" ok now love me forever 😘 I'm taking advantage of this anyway, I will be the one to love you forever.

<3 <3 <3 I definitely will love you forever Nanaya <3 <3 <3

With a Flour-ish 

Alec entered the loft that night with a mission in mind. Entering the loft, he removed his jacket and hung it on the coat rack, before making his way over to Magnus, bent over his work table. He came up behind him and wrapped his arms around his waist. Magnus turned his head and met Alec with a kiss.

“Good evening Alexan-“

“Let’s make a cake,” Alec interrupted him.

Magnus jerked back a little in surprise. “Wh— What?”

“I want to make a cake.” Alec hugged his boyfriend in closer. “Let’s make a cake.”

Getting over his surprise, Magnus laughed. “What brought this on? I didn’t know you had an interest in baking.”

Alec released his arms and shrugged. “I don’t know. I’ve tried making them a couple times in the past, but Izzy always insists on being involved, and you know that never ends well. And I thought it’d be a fun thing to do with you.”

Magnus turned to face him, raising an eyebrow. “Your sister’s cooking is quite toxic.”

“Exactly. So let’s bake a cake.”

Magnus smiled. “Let’s bake a cake!”

They walked together to the kitchen, but Alec stopped.

“What is it?” Magnus puzzled.

“I forgot to find out if we even have all the ingredients,” Alec sighed, shaking his head.

“Not to worry, my dear Alexander,” Magnus said with a flourish of his hand, filling the counter with eggs, baking soda, buttermilk, and everything else required.

Alec grinned and planted a kiss on Magnus’ cheek before walking up to the counter. Pulling out a mixing bowl, he placed it in front of him and placed a recipe that had been sitting in his back pocket on the counter. “Okay, so it says to start with the flour, sugar, cocoa, baking powder, and baking soda.”

As Alec grabbed the sugar and began measuring it out, Magnus glided his way to Alec’s side and reached for the flour. As he pulled the bag open, the powder puffed out, giving Magnus an idea. Grabbing bit of flour, he threw the powder at his boyfriend.

“Wh- What was that?” Alec sputtered, before turning to Magnus with a look of betrayal, hair and face covered in a sheet of white powder.

“That,” Magnus grinned, “was totally worth the look of surprise on your face.”

“Well fine then. Two can play this game.” Alec smirked before reaching his hand into the bag. He took out a handful of flour and flung it at Magnus.

“This means war.” Magnus declared in astonishment, then gleefully smashed a fistful of flour onto the top of Alec’s head.

They continued for the next few minutes, laughing and throwing flour at each other until they somehow both ended up on the floor, staring at the destruction. A thick layer of white covered every surface in the kitchen, the flour bag was knocked over, spilling what little was left, and the mixing bowl had noticeably less than the three cups of flour the recipe had called for.

“Oh my word, look at this disaster,” Magnus said, bringing his hand to his face, shaking his head and laughing. “What have I done?”

“Do you regret it?” Alec asked, raising a flour-filled eyebrow, his laughter still silently shaking in his stomach.

Magnus turned to look at his boyfriend, the usually so serious Shadowhunter, sitting on the floor, covered head to toe in flour, and reached out to place a hand on Alec’s cheek. He caressed the side of his face as he brought their lips together. After a brief moment, he pulled back and smiled. “Not at all, Alexander. Not at all.”

Unrequited // Jughead x Reader

DISCLAIMER!11!: this is my first tumblr one-shot imagine thingy. And I’m tired. I usually write better.

His hair. His clothes. His dark protected persona. Dear God, even his backpack could make me melt. Just the ghost of him could elicit a fast-beating heart and a million thoughts racing through my head.

Jughead Jones wasn’t what the typical person would classify as popular. Any chance of being deemed cool enough to run with the in-crowd was thrown out the window when his parents gave him the name “Jughead”. He was teased when all he was doing was minding his own business, mostly by the varsity football team, and the first line of offense would be insults around his name. Then came the nicknames. Wednesday Addams. School shooter. Faggot.

It seemed to roll off his back, however, but that didn’t stop me from wanting to punch Reggie and his cronies in the jaw. Jughead did absolutey nothing to entice them. Can’t they learn to mind their business? But I digress.

While Jughead was not everyone’s favorite person, he caught my eye rather quickly. We shared a few classes at Riverdale High, and while he was quiet, when he was called on anyway he gave the correct answer everytime. And it wasn’t vague either. It was as if his IQ was almost higher than the teachers themselves. That was when I first began to take interest in him.

After I began taking notice of how intelligent he was, I found myself staring at him more often. Discretely, though, I didn’t want to attract his attention that way. I studied his features; his freckles, the bags under his eyes (which were a brilliant blue), and the hand-crafted beanie he wore everyday. I wondered why he wore it so much. Was it because he couldn’t afford any others? Did it have sentimental value?

Soon enough, I began to feel self conscious every time I looked at him. He was smart beyond belief. He was incredibly attractive. He was independant. Jughead seemed like the guy who had a dry sense of humor. If I wanted to befriend him, or have things develop into something more, I would have to get smarter. Do research. Improve my wit. Work out, possibly. Guys like fit girls, right?

I did everything in my power to be like him. I don’t know if that was a right move or not, but it was getting too much for me to handle. Jughead Jones was a part of my daily thoughts—I couldn’t get him out, even if I tried.

Fast forward to the present. I’m sitting in the small library, bored out of my mind, and knitting. It’s been a hobby that I’ve had for as long as I can remember; it’s become quite an obsession, really. Everyday, I’d wear a self-made jumper, even if it was Spring. Everybody has their hobbies, right?

Anyway, hearing the warning bell ring for class, I stand to go to English. I instantly hear the slam of lockers.

“Get out of the way, Addams!” Reggie. The same douchey voice already made my blood boil. There was no doubt who his recent victim was. I rush around the corner and spot Jughead on the floor. I see Reggie holding his grey beanie and smirk. “Who made this for you? Your mom?”

“Do me a favor and mind your own business,” Jughead replied, getting up to stand, but was shoved back on the ground by Reggie’s friends. My fingers curl into fists. How disrespectful can you be?

“Do me a favor and dig this out of the trash can for me,” Reggie threw the beanie into the trash bin and walked away, his friend cheering as they followed him. I saw Jughead get off the floor quickly and dig through the trash. I take a deep breath. Now or never, Y/N.

I swallow hard and walk over to him in time to see that his beanie was covered in pudding. I noticed the disheartened look on his face, but when he noticed someone was standing by him, he masked it in his permanent face of nonchalance.

“Reggie is a douche… sorry about him,” I have no clue what I’m doing. How do I start a conversation with someone I’ve practically been gushing over since the beginning of the year? With immence nerve-wracking words, that’s how.

“Don’t apologize. It’s not your fault.” Was all he said, looking back down at his hat.

“I… uh… have another beanie in my bag if you wanted to wear it.” His head snaps up. Immediately, I add, “But you don’t have to. It… er… might make you resemble Where’s Waldo.”

He let out a small chuckle. “Possibly. Show me.”

With shaky hands, I zip open my backpack and grab the red and white striped hat and hand it to him. He examines it for a minute. “Are you sure?”

I nod quickly. “Yes! I- I mean, yeah. I’ve got plenty at home.”

“Did you make this?” He asked, slipping it on. I nod. “Interesting. Y/N, right?”

“Y-yes. How did you know?”

“Well, for one, you’re in my Chemistry class, my English class, my P.E., need I continue?”

I shake my head, my stomach twisting and turning. “Speaking of English, we’re going to be late. Walk with me?”

He nodded with a small smile. “Afraid you’ll get lost?”

“No, I’m scared I’ll lose Waldo. Finding him can be a pain, you know.”

Pennywise headcanons! Marriage/engagement.

Hi guys, I was thinking about how our clown would react at this so I’ve decided to bring my point of view of it as some HC. Hahaha Please don’t mind my bad english.

  • He will always be following you and watching you, since you’re his girlfriend. One day you met with some friends and the news that one of them is getting married came out.
  • You and all the girls scream in happiness, congratulating the newest bride on the group.
  • Later, he appears at your place and starts to do a lot of questions about marriage and what was that “shining thing” on your friend’s finger.
  • “And why should woman be happy for a simple ornament?”
  • You try to explain the real meaning of the diamond ring to him.
  • “I have a lot of that thing in my lair, if you want it I can give you all of them.
  • Try to explain again and say that every engagement ring is special to one person.
  • Confuuuused face.
  • When you’re watching TV shows about weddings, like “Say yes to the dress” he will be very confused why woman spend so many time and money to wear a dress for a single day.
  • “And why are you crying?!”
  • Try really hard to understand why people get married and why people always cry about it.
  • Likes to see how excited you get when talks about your “dream wedding” after explaing to him what the marriage represents.
  • Asks if you both can get married too.
  • “You’ll be the most beautiful bride in the whole universe, my doll.”
  • Let’s talk serious here, Penny is not the real romantic type, he’ll love you on his own way. And I bet he would try to ‘ask’ you to marry him in a very peculiar way.
  • Exemple: going to buy (or probably kill to get) you a ring from a jewelry but do not know exacly what to buy so he’ll get more than 3 rings, just to let you choose your favorite.
  • Proud of it.
  • When he finally appears on your house to propose to you, he goes in the middle of the night, standing on the side of your bed while staring at your sleeping face.
  • Thinks how could he fell in love with such creature, so vulnerable, weak… but so damn adorable.
  • He kisses your forehead.
  • Kinda nervous.
  • “Will you marry me, little doll?” He whispers on your ear.
  • You obviously do not figure out he was there because of your deep sleep. So he just put one of the rings on your finger and lay down on the bed to sleep by your side.
  • Cuddle a lot.
  • On the next morning when you wake up, you notice your boyfriend on the bed with you. Kissing his cute nose before putting your eyes on the shining ring on your finger. “Wha-?”
  • You screams in happiness when finally notices it.
  • “Aaaah! What’s wrong?!” He wake up and screams confused.
  • A lot of hugs and kisses after saying “yes” to him, a thousand of times.
  • Happyboi.
  • You both try to figure out how to get married by law and/or church.
  • “We’ll find a way.” He says every time that you get worried about it.
  • Very supportive fiancé.
  • He uses his human form so you can show your “mysterious future husband” who you always talks about to your friends and family.
  • Asks you if he’ll look weird using that “groom outfit”.
  • You just melt of the thought of it.
Play pretend - Bucky Barnes

Summary: In order to accomplish your mission Bucky and you have to pretend to be married. 

AN: I have decided to rewrite the old “fake married” and this is what came out of that. I’m thinking there will be more parts, but i’m still not sure how many yet. This took a while to write so keep that in mind. That’s all. Hope you guys like it. x

Originally posted by gliceria

“We have suspicions that a couple in this town,” Steve pointed to the huge screen behind him, “has ties to the crime organisation KIRA. We are worried they might be planning an attack.”

The meeting room was filled with all the Avengers and Steve who was assigning new missions.

Steve grabbed two files, “Here is everything we know about them.”

“Y/N and Bucky,” you straightened up at the sound of your name, “ you will be going on an undercover mission. All further information is also in the files. You leave in 2 days.”

Steve threw the files over the table in your directions before moving on to the next mission.

You quickly flipped through the files to get an idea of what the mission entailed. Essentially what you would have to do was pretend to be married and gain the couple’s trust and figure out what they are planning.

You glanced over at Bucky trying to access how he felt about this but all you got was a brief unknown emotion quickly replaced by a reticent look. You didn’t know what you hoped to see, but not being able to read him threw you off. Hopefully, he wasn’t cursing Steve out in his mind for assigning the two of you on the same mission.

“Dismissed.” Steve ended the meeting and you let the thought slide as you left the room.

The day had passed by in the blink of an eye and the halls were lit up with bright fluorescent lights that made your tired eyes squint in pain. You hurried into your own room, quickly slipping out of your workwear grabbing an oversized shirt laying nearby. You grabbed the file, slid under the duvet covers, and were ready to study it until you knew everything by heart.

You would be going undercover as Lisa Wright, a 24-year-old, known for being charitable and always volunteering at events. Bucky would be going undercover as Jared Wright. The recently married Lisa and Jared were currently trying for a baby and had decided that moving to the suburbs would be the best environment for a family.  

Pretending to love someone would forever be one of the hardest parts of going undercover. People were quick to notice, subconsciously, if something’s off. You had to sell the act or else everything would fail.

You read the next page of the file containing all the information they had gathered on the couple so far. Amy and Daniel Williams had moved to the town two years earlier from an unknown location. Further information about their lives could not be found suspiciously. They were involved in all of the town’s events and had quickly snaked their way into the town community. It was now up to Bucky and you to gather more information that could possibly incriminate them.

The next day was spent preparing to leave. Furniture and other knick-knacks were taken care of for you and would arrive with you to the house. All you had to do was to fill some suitcases with enough clothes that would look realistic. You packed the usual housewife clothes like summer dresses, knowing you would have to blend in. Sifting through the clothes you had been sent took longer than expected and by the time you were done it was already evening.

“Who’s ready to eat some pizza?” Wanda and Nat didn’t wait for you to open the door but let themselves right in. Wanda carried two large boxes of pizza and threw them down in front you before gracefully sitting down on the armchair. Natasha came in seconds later carrying a bottle of wine and three glasses.

“I guess I am.” you laughed helping Natasha put down the glasses on the small table before sitting down on the couch. You reached out to open the bottle pouring the liquid into the glasses.

Working top secret missions and risking your lives on a daily basis took a toll on you. Friends weren’t something you got easily, the worry that they would be targeted stopped most of you from forming any. The girls had been a pleasant surprise and nights like these could almost make you feel like a normal woman.

“So what does your mission entail?” Wanda asked curiously.

You took a sip of your glass before answering, “I have to pretend to be married to Bucky so we can gather information.”

Natasha raised her eyebrow smirking over the rim of her glass. “Bucky, huh?”

“Stop, don’t make it something it isn’t.”

“The two of you do look awfully close…” Wanda added remembering all the times she walked in on the two of you sitting close laughing together.

“We’re just friends. Good friends.”

“Very good friends, indeed.” Nat didn’t miss the flush that crept over your neck as you grabbed a piece of pizza trying to change the subject.

“What about you guys?” The girls let the topic lie, letting you off the hook for now.

You spent a few hours just catching up with the girls and relaxing before it was time for bed. Tomorrow you would be in a completely different town pretending to be someone else possibly endangering your life. When you would be back was unknown but hopefully, it would be soon.

The house looked like it came directly out of a movie with its white picket fence and gorgeous garden. The surrounding houses looked exactly the same and fit the picturesque town. 

“Where do you want this?” One of the men helping you move pointed to the couch.

“Oh, just in here.” You lead the way showing him to the living room. You were almost finished getting the larger furniture into the house so you started unboxing the boxes to the kitchen.

Bucky was currently upstairs assembling your new bed. The bed the two of you would be sharing. Sleeping in together. Oh boy. The girls might have been correct about the two of you being close. But this would bring you into entirely new territory. 

The house started to look put together after a few intense hours of unboxing. There was still some boxes left but those would have to wait till tomorrow. The downstairs was almost done and just needed a few personal touches. 

“Doll, are you ready to eat? I made us dinner,” Bucky asked sticking his head around the corner so he could look at you. 

You followed him through the kitchen to the small dining room. “You made lasagna?” you exclaimed delightfully.

“You told me once it was your favourite,” He shrugged casually.

“I can’t believe you remembered” You gave him a soft smile, “Shall we?” 

You both sat down and Bucky began cutting into the lasagna. You gave him your plate silently and soon the two of you were eating peacefully. 

“I saw a few curious neighbours looking through their windows when I was outside,” Bucky said. 

“Well, they probably haven’t seen new faces in a while,” you wiped your mouth carefully with a napkin. 

“It is a small town, “ Bucky agreed, “I’m sure tomorrow someone will come knocking.”

You hummed, “This is probably the last night we can be ourselves without having to worry about being bugged.”

“Well, let’s enjoy it then.” He raised his glass in cheers. 

“To a night with no worries.” You repeated clinking your glasses together. 

The rest of the night was uneventful. Bucky somehow got the TV to work so you spent a few hours watching a movie before you decided it was time for bed. 

“I’m gonna go to bed,” you told Bucky getting up from the couch. 

“I’ll be up soon,” he responded.

You changed into some of the nightwear you brought with you and after finishing your nightly routine you slid into the newly made bed. By the time Bucky joined you were already half asleep.

“Goodnight, doll,” he whispered putting the duvet that had slid off over you again. He paused for a moment before you felt his hand brush some hair back. He laid back down with a sigh. Tomorrow all your troubles would begin and hopefully, you would both come out of it unscathed.

looking through the window on a plane

writing my comment on this post I came across this little shot at the end of TAB…

It’s the last glimpse we have of modern tarmac and it is shot through the window of the plane… literally from what must have been Sherlock’s view!!!

So we are looking at modern tarmac from Sherlock’s point of view… we are looking through his eyes on himself leaving to solve the problem of Moriarty!!

He never left the plane…. he’s still flying high in the skies!!!

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starlight (Spenserian sonnet)

my stars would wander aimlessly in my eyes
they cast their beams within the scattered deep
behind the steel blue iris of my clouded skies
their secrets hidden forever, theirs to keep

kept locked away from tears that i would weep
in darkness i willed them all to keep and hide
so nary the smallest hint would dare to seep
but then a calling came from the abyss wide

a keening prayer that could not be denied
it burned it’s way into my ‘wakened mind
and wouldn’t be ignored although i tried
i forged my way to seek what i might find

and found her there, she gives herself as mine
now stars align and upon her brightly shine

Spenserian sonnet in iambic pentameter,
rhyming form:  a b a b  b c b c  c d c d  e e

this lady just came at my table and said “you have such natural beauty. there is something so serene about your face. i was not like this before, after 60 yrs old i just began telling ppl what’s on my mind. it’s an energy” and booped me on the chin and left and she couldn’t have had better timing bc i was just telling my bf abt how unattractive i’ve felt lately and im sittin here w a stupid smile on my face n tears in my eyes bye

Sewers (Reddie)

Helloooo! I’m working through request at the moment, and this is super short im sorrrrrrry! But please continue requesting things: HERE

Summary: Request: ure going to think this is such a shitty idea lmao, i was on maths class & this came to my mind for no reason. so what if the grey water thing happened, but only richie & eddie were there? like richie drags him there after school or something, they end up fighting & accidentally fall on top of each other, which leads to Eddie having multiple asthma attacks cuz he’s fucking laying on grey water under richie??? and they end up kissing & both freeze like wtf just happened & wtf did I love it

I changed this slightly, and it’s really short im sorry!! 

Word count: 972

“The sewers are full of diseases!” Eddie argued weakly. Honestly he didn’t really know why he was following Richie, as they rode their bikes away from RIchie’s house. They had spent the morning eating sandwiches that Eddie had brought over. The first full day of summer holidays. They were supposed to be hanging out with Stanley and Bill, because they couldn’t yesterday, but Bill had said he was sick, and Stan wouldn’t go if Bill wouldn’t go, because he didn’t want to deal with Richie.

Eddie couldn’t blame him. He had almost been sick when Richie proposed they go to the sewers, down by the barrens. They had been arguing about it since they left Richie’s house. Richie rolled his eyes, and ignored out of Eddie’s senseless babbling about diseases. Richie hopped off his bike, as they arrived at they arrived at the side of the Barrens. Eddie followed suit, and they both climbed down to the side of strong river that flowed down the barrens, defeating the purpose of the name.

They walked carefully along the sides, Richie leading the way to a large, circular, concrete opening. Eddie’s steps were more careful than Richie’s, as he made sure his feet wouldn’t slip. He sighed, watching Richie slip slightly, and cackle loudly. They finally made their way into the large sewer pipe, and Eddie looked around in disgust.

“This is disgusting.” He muttered, shaking his head. Richie rolled his eyes. He was getting bored of Eddie’s complaining. Richie continued walking through the tunnel, looking around at everything. He  turned back to look at Eddie, who hadn’t moved from his spot on the bank of the Barrens.

“Cmon, Ed’s!” Richie called, waving a hand to Eddie.

“Uh uh. It’s gray water.” Eddie stated, shaking his head.

“What the hell’s gray water?” Richie questioned, shaking his head in response.

“It’s basically piss and shit. So i’m just tellin’ you!” Eddie said, his voice echoed around the tunnel. “You’re splashing around in millions of gallons of Derry pee, so.” Eddie trailed off, watching Richie pick up a stick, and smell it. “What- are you serious, what are you-“

“Doesn’t smell like caca to me, Senõr!” Richie joked, putting on a stupid voice.

“Have you ever heard of a staph infection?!” Eddie snapped, waving his hands.

Richie pointed the stick at him. “Oh, I’ll show you a staph infection!” He said, loudly.

“This is so unsanitary!” Eddie argued again, muttering to himself.

“Just come in for a second. Just one!” Richie said, in pleading tone. Eddie felt himself moving forward slightly, his head swimming with thoughts of bacteria. Richie smirked at the smaller boy, watching him move forward.

“This is like swimming in a toilet bowl.” Eddie sighed, making his way towards Richie. Richie smiled wider.

“Aw, Eds! You’d swim through a toilet bowl for me?” He teased as his pinched Eddie’s cheeks. Eddie glared at him, moving his foot back to kick water at Richie. But he slipped instead, and grabbed Richie. He wasn’t going down alone.

He fell on top of Richie, and his breath hitched in his throat. He couldn’t breathe. It wasn’t because of the gray water, which was splashed all over him. It was because Richie was underneath him. His glasses made his eyes look bigger than usual. He had a sloppy grin on his face. His hair still looked good, even though there was specks of gray water stuck in it. Eddie couldn’t breathe because the boy underneath him was fucking perfect.

Richie’s grin slowly turned into concern, as he realised Eddie couldn’t breathe. He slowly, and carefully, moved Eddie into his lap, instead of his chest. Richie sat up, wrapping one of his arms around Eddie, and using his other to dig around in Eddie’s fanny pack. He quickly grabbed Eddie’s inhaler, and opened it. He put the small mouth piece up to Eddie’s mouth, and slotted it in. He quickly pushed down on the top, giving Eddie a burst of air, which he desperately needed.

Eddie’s eyes were wide, as he took his inhaler from Richie, and got a second puff of air from it. Richie bit his lip, feeling guilty for dragging Eddie into this sewer, and causing him a panic attack.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean for you t fall and have an asthma attack.” Richie said, looking down sightly. Eddie’s head was still spinning, from the moments which he had lacked oxygen.

“That wasn’t why I had an asthma attack.” Eddie splutters out, coughing into his hand. He slowly put his inhaler back into his fanny pack, ignoring Richie’s confused face.

“What happened then?” Richie questioned. He was oblivious to Eddie’s crush, and Eddie desperately wished he wasn’t, just so he wouldn’t have to spell it out for him. But he found a sudden confidence, as he looked at Richie.

“You.” He stated, quietly. Richie stared at him for a second, confusion slowly turning to realisation. Eddie felt self-conscious, but he didn’t break eye contact with Richie once. Maybe that was why he didn’t feel Richie leaning in, slowly.

His lips found Eddie’s and Eddie’s eye closed, instantly. The kiss was soft, and short, and before Eddie knew it, Richie had pulled away, a small smile playing on his lips.

“Let’s get out of this gray water.” He said casually. Eddie nodded quickly, getting up. He held a hand out for Richie to grab. Richie pulled himself up, and intertwined their fingers, leading Eddie out of the sewer.

They lay beside each other, on the grassy part of the bank, still holding hands. Richie began talking about an album he bought last week, and how great it was. And Eddie nodded along, smiling whenever Richie looked over at him.

He never thought he would like the sewers, but now they were his favourite place.

a rick and morty thought

So I was rewatching “Morty’s Mind Blowers” (s3 e8), and after seeing Beth so easily choose Summer over Morty again, it made me think of what could have happened after. 

Similar to when Morty ruminated on the effects of the truth tortoise, what if Morty also came back home from that adventure (hellish one at that) and talked to Rick about it. What if Morty tried to forget about it and move on because it would destroy him to keep thinking it over, so he eats dinner, watches some tv, and goes to bed like he usually would, but when he lies there alone with his thoughts, the moment keeps replaying in his head, taunting him to tears. Eventually it gets to be too much, and feeling he has no one else he can talk to about it, he goes to Rick. 

Rick does the expected of telling him to go the fuck back to bed and then eventually sits up to listen to him, and as he hears Morty breaking into tears and sees him shaking, he realizes how serious this must, so he listens to what happened. He hears everything Morty has to say, and he just hugs him. No shits and giggles or fuckery, just hugs him and let’s him sleep with him in his room. Then, when Morty falls asleep, Rick wipes that memory and puts Morty back in his own bed. 

I don’t know, guys. I’ve ranted more than I thought I would, but damn it got to me, and it broke my heart in general for Morty while thinking about how much Rick does or doesn’t care about Morty. He could care a lot more than we know and just gets rid of the memory. And I just love the idea of supportive Rick. 

Anyways, hope someone else is shook with me 

Should have noticed something strange about her from the start. She’s a walking, talking galaxy aesthetic with moons plastered across her shirt and stars swirling around her legs. She has a strange obsession with the moon and always takes her hamburgers bloody, but that’s not strange, right? She’s just a little odd and that’s alright. Every month, like clockwork, she loses her voice for a couple of days. And, she has a strange ability to smell chocolate from a mile away. Well, maybe not a mile, but that’s certainly what it feels like. Should have noticed something was strange about her from the start. She has a tendency to squirm when she’s happy. Never really thought anything when she would bring back tossed away pieces of paper, either. She was just strange. A bit quirky. That’s all. That is, until she came one day and said, “I’m a werewolf. I hope you don’t mind,” and then everything became so much stranger. She said it as it were nothing. As if she was talking about the rain outside. But, it was enough. Enough to turn the world upside-down. Because, sure, she was obsessed with the moon’s cycles, but a werewolf? it was unbelievable. She was too sweet. Too soft. Too kind But she just smiled. “I won’t hurt you.” And of course, that was true. She would never do that. Still, it was a strange thing. A werewolf. Should have noticed something was strange from the start, but werewolves deserve love, too. So, sure she takes her hamburgers a bit bloody and can’t talk a few days out of the month. She’s still the most beautiful girl in the world. Her sharp teeth and claws only further prove her beauty. A monster in human skin, most say. She laughs, “I’m a human in monster skin and that’s even more fun.”

anonymous asked:

I... I think I'm transgender. I'm pretty sure. It comes and goes in phases. Does anyone else get this? I was so sure that I was, and I came out, but... as soon as I came out and got a negative reaction I was suddenly comfortable with my body again.

Lee says:

You could be genderflux or genderfluid maybe? I’m sorry there was a negative reaction when you came out, I hope you find some supportive lgbt-friendly friends or your family changes their mind over time!

so the only word to describe n*gan that came to dalton’s mind was “bully”? are you freaking kidding me? and jdm had to sugarcoat this shit once again and mention how he doesn’t see him that way and that he is just a dude who tries to keep his group alive and that he wants to save people. lmao what? can you fucking own your character for once? where is david morrisey when you need him. 


what am i even writing delfi calm the fuck down