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@ white people reminder that we can’t be tone policed when it comes to race, that while we might get angry about racism that it nothing compared to what poc are being asked to swallow, that our racist relatives and friends and coworkers aren’t likely to listen to poc about race no matter what but will listen to us, that being conciliatory and patient might be less fun but is definitely more effective, that we need to stop using poc’s arguments for being able to express the fullness of their experience as an excuse for indulging in self-important rage instead of doing the anti-racist work that we need to do. 

Advice - Part 5

The fifth and final part! It’s a little cheesy with some extra cheese, but I kind of love it.

Part 1     Part 2     Part 3     Part 4

Maks, Peta, Sharna, and Val all spent the day hanging around the house. They just relaxed and chatted about whatever came to mind. Sharna avoided both being in a room alone with Val and the pointed looks she kept getting from Maks and Peta. She hadn’t had much of a chance to fill Peta in on the details of her conversation with James except for a quick summary in passing.

“What did he say?” Peta whispered quickly as they walked by each other going in opposite directions down the hall.

“To tell him,” Sharna said without hesitation. “To have faith that everything will be okay and to take the chance.”

“Good,” Peta said almost proudly. “Always knew I liked him.”

Sharna rolled her eyes and continued walking.

Throughout the day, they told Maks and Peta stories about being on tour, but Sharna let Val do most of the talking. Her mind was focused on her conversation with James.

You heard him, Sharna told herself desperately. Have faith. He told you how he felt and you both survived.

But that was different, she argued with herself. This is completely different. It’s Val.

But was it really that different after all?

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audreycritter  asked:

Batcat and 4 bc you know me, haha.

Day 3: Lost Love Found - Richonne AU for @richonnefics

The sun shone down on her bare arms and the soft breeze offered reprieve from the striking heat. The warmth was one of the things that Michonne had missed the most while she had lived up North. She could hardly believe it was seven years since she had been back to Georgia. She had missed the easy-going nature of the locals; the friendliness and helpfulness that the people imbued the small town with. She really felt like she was home.

She smiled and looked around the small living room; there were not that many boxes she needed to unpack. When she left King County all those years ago, she only took what she could carry in one bag. Her mind drifted back to that time, and she felt a small pang of regret wash over her. That was short lived as there came a knocking on her front door. Knowing it could only be her close friends, Michonne smiled and answered the door. She was met by Sasha, Maggie and Jesus; each wearing wide grins. They hugged Michonne in turn and then entered the house.

“This is nice,” said Sasha as examined the premises.

“I think I was in here once before,” said Maggie. “Back in high school at some party.”

“It’s cute,” Jesus offered.

“Oh my gosh, Michonne!” Maggie exclaimed before hugging her friend once more. “I can’t believe you’re actually here.”

“I know,” said Michonne.

“We’re glad you’re back,” said Jesus.

“Yeah,” Sasha agreed as she peeped around from the corridor. “We missed you.”

“I missed you guys, too,” said Michonne. “And thanks so much for helping me unpack.”

“Don’t mention it,” said Jesus, before adding, “Let’s get started.

“You gonna say something?” asked Jesus, as he drank down the last of his coffee.

“Nothin’ to say,” said Rick while peering out of his kitchen window; he was overcome by a number of contradictory emotions.

Upon hearing that the love of his life, Michonne, had returned, he felt his stomach drop. He felt hopeful and sad, irritated and happy. His heart beat faster, yet ached at the same time. He was angry with himself for feeling that fleeting moment of joy when Jesus had informed him that she was back in town. He then felt guilty for wishing she had never come back.

“Are you at least gonna ask what she’s doing here?” Jesus questioned his friend.

Rick shrugged.

“No,” he said, before taking a seat back at the kitchen table. “Don’t care.”

That was a lie. Rick cared very much about what his lost love was doing. At the beginning, he would ask their mutual friends about her wellbeing, but it only hurt his heart even more to know that she was well; that she was happy in her career choice; that she was doing fine without him. He had always suspected he loved her more than she did him. Why else, he pondered, would it be so easy for her to leave what they had? What he was unaware of, in his heartbreak and sadness, was that she was hurting for him as well.

Alas, that was years ago and Rick thought he was over her for good. This news regarding her return had shaken him to his core. So he lied to their friend, even though Jesus knew that the feelings were still there.

“Okay,” said Jesus. “Just giving you the heads up in case you run into her at the store or something.”

Rick sighed.

“I hope not,” he offered flatly, fallaciously. “But since y’all are still best buds, maybe you could do me a favor?”

“What is it?” asked.

“Drop some of her shit back to her that she left here,” said Rick, trying to hide a lot of his hurt.

“Sure,” said Jesus as he stood from the table and approached the sink. “But it’ll have to wait until later tonight ‘cause I’ve gotta run.”

“Okay, I’m rostered on tonight. Take my backdoor key. I’ll leave the stuff on the table for you,” said Rick as he removed the key and handed it to his friend. “Just take it all. I don’t want it here anymore. And thank you.”

Jesus nodded and gave Rick a small smile, “It’s no trouble at all.”

The box was brimming with items that Michonne had left and Rick had held onto. A headband or two; several comic books and novels; some items of clothing; and a multi-colored cat sculpture. Rick held the colourful cat in his hands and smiled at the object. He never really liked it, but Michonne adored the thing. When they split up, she left with such haste that she forgot to take it. Suddenly, Rick felt sad again as he placed the statue into the box.

Running his fingers through his hair, he walked to one of the drawers in the kitchen and retrieved writing materials. He knew he did not want to see Michonne just yet, but he would write her note.

To Michonne, it started. Here are some of your things you left. I kept them safe for you….

“Damn it,” said Rick as he scrunched the note up and tossed it on the floor; unhappy with what he had written and feeling like it was a charade.

He took another piece of lined paper and began another note.

Michonne, here’s your shit you left behind when you dumped me…

Rick stopped and then tore that page from the writing pad too and giving it the same fate at the other. That was not what he wanted to say at all; that was too crass. Taking a deep breath, Rick began to write:

Dear Michonne,

It’s been a while. I heard you were back in town, Jesus told me. But you already knew that.

Honestly, I was conflicted about the news. I wanted to know why, after all this time, and after what happened between us, did you decide to come back to King County? I don’t have any right to ask. I’m sorry if I overstepped. Somewhere inside I kind of hoped that it was for me. But that’s just foolish of me to think that way.

I hope your life has treated you well. I always knew you’d be successful where ever you were. I’m just sorry it couldn’t have been with me.

He stopped a moment and held the pen to his lips. There was something therapeutic about writing his feelings down. Even though he had no intention of ever letting her see the letter. Feeling better, Rick continued to write his most sincere and private thoughts:

It’s been hard for me, all this time, wondering what could have been between us. I always imagined that we’d have a couple of kids running around the yard. You looking beautiful as ever; radiant and pregnant. Me with a potbelly and a smile. Us, happy and healthy.

I shouldn’t be thinking things like that. I shouldn’t be writing things like this. What we had is gone. We both made sure of that. I guess I’ve never really stopped loving you. I never stopped caring. Honestly, I’ve always loved you and probably always will. I’m just sad tha…


Before Rick could continue with his thoughts, finish writing the letter, or discard it like the others, he heard a horn blaring out the front of his house; he knew it was his partner, Shane, who was late as usual, there to pick him up. He dropped the pen, picked up his hat and made his way quickly towards the door.

The bright light from Rick’s kitchen disoriented Jesus a little as he entered from the darkness outside. He saw the box sitting on the table and the notepad next to it; he glanced quickly, and upon seeing the note addressed to Michonne, tore it from the pad, folded it and placed it in the box. He left the light on for Rick, exited from the same door, and locked the house again.

Michonne and Sasha were still sitting out on the former’s front porch when Jesus showed up, lugging a brown cardboard box with him.

“That better be more wine,” said Sasha as he made his way up the steps.

“Unfortunately, it’s not,” he laughed. “A box of things belonging to Michonne, actually.”

The woman in question gave him an odd stare.

“From Deputy Rick Grimes,” Jesus explained. “A bunch of stuff he probably should’ve thrown away years ago.”

Jesus plopped it down on the small table; Michonne looked incredulously at it.

“Well, you gonna open it?” asked Sasha.

Michonne sighed, “It’s probably just some books I left there.”

“Let’s find out then,” said Jesus.

Michonne rolled her eyes at her friends and then opened the box. She saw something that looked like her beloved cat sculpture, before seeing that there was a piece of paper. She took the note out, unfolded it and began to read.

The third of four prompt fills promised to new followers of @geekyangie. This one is for @sherlockholmesismytype. The prompt was Sherlock undercover as a bartender at a 1920s Speakeasy, where Molly comes in for a drink to get her mind off colleagues who are intimidated by her being a woman. Enjoy!


Why, Molly thought morosely as she plunked herself onto a barstool, had she ever believed it would be easier to take up her chosen profession in the United States? Men were men no matter what country they came from, and she was sick of how intimidated they were by her being a female, much less a doctor. The fact that she worked in the morgue and did autopsies didn’t help; she couldn’t begin to count the number of ‘helpful’ suggestions that she might be better off delivering babies or dealing with ‘women’s problems’ she’d been subjected to in the past six months. She was glad her friend Meena had recommended this place to her just the other day; Molly was more than desperate for a nice cold gin and tonic to wash away the taste of male testosterone clogging her (figurative) senses.

“I should have asked that idiot Moran if he’d rather I told him to turn his head and cough,” she muttered to herself as she waited for the bartender to show up and take her order.

The sound of choked off laughter brought her out of her reverie, and she looked up to see the single most gorgeous man she’d ever laid eyes on standing in front of her, still chuckling. At her highly inappropriate words. How perfectly mortifying.

She was still trying to work out a way to explain herself when she realized he was asking her a question. “What’s your poison?” he repeated patiently as she just gawped at him like an idiot.

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Seventeen Reaction (S/O always having bad shoulder pain) (muscle pain) (Request)

@2heures sorry it was late I was eating hope you enjoy the reaction

S.coups:He thought about the pain he has been there before and shoulder pain he knew how bad it hurt to you.He decided to pay for a spa so you could relax and get a massage. “Is my princess feeling better”

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Vernon:He was like S.coups he knew what it felt like but he wouldn’t pay for a spa he wanted to help you himself.So he took some muscle rub and massaged your shoulder.You started to feel better kind of. “Do you feel a bit better now”

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Wonwoo:He came home to you trying to rub your own shoulder he put his coat down and rolled up his sleeves. “I will give you a massage just relax”

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Mingyu:Easy he loved you and you didn’t even have to ask for a massage but he would not mind as long as it helped you he would do it. “I hope you feel better after this”

Originally posted by seokmin---s

Hoshi:He loves you he would wonder what kind of hints you have been dropping when you say your muscle in your leg is hurting.He then caught on and put your leg on his lap to give you a massage. “You must be still more often your muscle in your leg tightens when you walk to much”

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Jun:He loves you and he would do that for you no matter what well he would when he wasn’t tired like he is now.He thought it would be great if you guys went to the spa to get a massage at the same time. “Let’s go to the spa I am hurting to also means we can spend time together”

Originally posted by constellia

The8:He loved you and you knew that so you couldn’t sleep at night because your muscle in your leg hurt so bad It couldn’t move.He woke up to see you rubbing your leg in pain. “Y/n wake me up next time let me massage it for you”

Originally posted by dearhoshi

Dino:There was nothing in this world this by wouldn’t do for you he did everything no matter what time.You have been having pain in your shoulder so you guys made a deal you massage his shoulders when he massage’s yours. “Y/n I hope you feel better we both have been having this pain for awhile now”

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Woozi:You hurt right in your shoulder where he has the same pain you work at your job all day and he sings you two would be hurting.You massaged his shoulder and he did the same to you. “Y/n get better just calm down and relax and take some time off work I will do the same”

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Jeonghan:He loves you and your pain is the most thing he would care about the rest is nothing to him.He would make you turn around on the couch and massage your shoulder. “You need to feel better I hope you do that”

Originally posted by visual-17

Joshua:Is a nice gentleman so he would love to help you with anything you need even if you hurt or needed something he would do that.You were cooking but your shoulder hurt he came in and massaged your shoulder. “You need to take a break after cooking let me do the rest”

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Seungkwan:He could be sassy towards you in anything but didn’t mean he wasn’t gonna do it you sigh as Seungkwan scrolled on his phone.You rubbed your leg. “Y/n you are having leg pain you could of said something to me come here let me massage your leg”

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Dk:Sitting on the bed scrolling on your phone was not that much of a pain well in your leg it was.Dk’s leg was hurting also he decided to take you guys to a spa and relax in a hot tub why giving a massage. “Y/n doesn’t that sound nice come on trust me tomorrow your leg will feel better”

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— voyager mix [part 1 / 3]

“The only time I would dare to walk through a puddle was at twilight, when
the evening stars came out. If I looked in the water and saw one lighted
pinprick there, I could splash through unafraid—for if I should fall into
the puddle and on into space, I could grab hold of the star as I passed,
and be safe.

Even now, when I see a puddle in my path, my mind half-halts—though my feet
do not—then hurries on, with only the echo of the thought left behind.

What if, this time, you fall?” 


i. eyes closed and travelling - peter broderick // ii. wasting my young years - london grammar // iii. dark paradise - lana del rey // iv. hunger - of monsters and men // iv. hello my old heart - the oh hellos // v. light - sleeping at last // vi. winter - daughter // vii. i remember - lena fayre // viii. st. jude - florence + the machine // ix. silhouettes - sleeping at last // x. perth - bon iver // xi. lost - liza anne // xii. sacred heart - the civil wars // xiii. to build a home - cinematic orchestra

(last updated: 20 feb 2017; will continually update as i read voyager!)

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you know what came to my mind u know that meme of gwash sitting by the pool and laf going 2 swim w the Lil rubber things for not drowning I forgot the name And he's like dont go to far son and laf is ok ddy this is bri now and we all running to the pool throwing Vegas comments and BRI is sipping oj saying don't get blocked kids

hahhhahah true

lumoskillercrispin  asked:

I always found Bella making the comment "You said that last time'' to Alice was really messed up. She knows that Jasper and Alice both will always feel bad about that.

About the party?

I’m of two minds about it.  I mean, it was a bit insensitive on Bella’s part to react that way.  Obviously everyone is aware of what a disaster Alice’s last party was and there’s really no need to bring it up. There’s a sort of resentment and snarkiness to that line that maybe wasn’t intentional? I think it was supposed to just be funny, but because of all the life and death drama that came about because of that party, it does carry more weight. But it’s also kind of insensitive of Alice to be like LET’S HAVE A PARTY when … no one else wants one? The last one they had was a disaster, and now she wants to add MORE humans to the mix. And even with all the threats and danger and drama, she’s still pushing for this party, which is a graduation party for Bella (since this graduation is largely meaningless for her and Edward), who doesn’t like parties

See, I love Alice when she’s stealing sports cars in Italy and calling out Bella and Edward when they’re being ridiculous, but as someone who is as introverted and party-averse as Bella, forcing these rituals (birthday parties, graduation parties, wedding parties) that Bella doesn’t like on her starts to move past “help her get out of her shell” to “doesn’t listen to her friend.” 

If Bella and Alice are really such good friends, they need to like . .. sort this out. Establish some boundaries. It’s helpful for introverts to have extroverted friends because sometimes we DO need a little push but there’s a difference between “I know you! You’ll have fun once we get there and if you hate it we’ll leave” vs “IF YOU LOVE ME YOU’LL LET ME THROW YOU A PARTY AND INVITE THE WHOLE SCHOOL!” And on the other side, Bella need to decide when she wants to support Alice and go to her parties and when she needs to stand up for herself and be like “I love you but this is not my thing–you go have fun though and tell me all about it later!” 

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Headcanon that MC likes photography as well and they love to go on walks with V and take pictures of nature

Yes please!
Love me some V! I can also kinda relate to this because nature is great aaand photography is great

This has been sitting for so long, i’m sorry.>-<

  • V and you take photos of eachother all the time, you’re both completly red because “no you’re the one who deserves to be captured in a picture not me!”
  • Your favorite flower is the blue ones and thats also what most of your pictures are (Wonder why)
  • When you can’t seem to find the right idea or just cant really get into it, V is right there with you helping you through your blocks, and takes silly pictures with you. Some of those silly pictures are displayed
  • Prior to dating (if dating) you two always took walks together and talked about everything between earth and sky, and photographed whatever came to mind.
  • V still has pictures of that, even his old grey days
  • most of your displays is of him in fields of flowers or in a tree.
  • Flowercrown selfies

Before I start, I want to add a disclaimer up front. This post will be a bit saltier in nature than what I usually write. I’m typically not one to openly complain. I like the story, and I’m thankful for it. However, there is one thing about chapter 125 that irks me, and that is Frances. Allow me to explain…

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So Meaghan and I swung by this bakery for dessert, and while we were there, the lady behind the counter goes ‘hey, so, we got an order in but no one came to pick them up, so I gotta sell them for half price. Wanna buy 16 cupcakes for $10?’

FUCK YEAH WE DO, she insisted we pay cash (despite us paying in debit not 3 minutes ago), but we are now 16 professional cupcakes richer at a suspiciously illicit discount.

Cause like. 1 of these cupcakes is $3.50, and Meaghan checked, a set of 16 was like, $50 bucks, so this was WAY less than 50% off.

MUN VS MUSE. ––– bold which applies.

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b asics: :

which of you is —
Older? muse / mun
Taller? muse / mun
Richer? muse / mun (idk what Shiro’s financial situation is atm but he recently graduated from college so probably me)
Neater? muse / mun
Nicer? muse / mun
Smarter? muse / mun  
Funnier? muse / mun


Who is a better friend? muse / mun
Who lies the most? muse / mun
Who swears the most? muse / mun
Who reads more? muse / mun
Who is more creative? muse / mun
Who is more troubled? muse / mun
Who has better morals? muse / mun (our morals are almost the same???)

Highlights from this hospital visit

-Binoj the super flirty nurse from India who asked me to help him put in an IV (is this allowed) and after it was in he said “does it look okay?” WTF binoj?!

-“i changed my mind mom, go ahead and kick binoj in the head.”

-Beardy the phlebotomist. He first appeared while we waited in the ER and the nurses failed at getting a vein. In came this guy with this glorious beard on his face (its actually styled and at least long enough to reach his collar bones). When he came through the door, i immediately caught the weird double take he did and the somewhat uninvited smile. I mean does this guy know me? What is this? He got his blood easily, a rainbow he said as he filled up all of the vials in all of the colors he had and on his way out, he spotted another cart full of supplies and proceeded to empty the cart and fill his damn pockets. Well, i laughed, because what the fuck is happening? And he looked at me, winked and left.
Fast forward to 5am that morning, im asleep and there is a bright light, its the second coming of Jesus, my mom was right, and i must be going to hell like she warned me all my life.

Nope, its beardy. Hes back for more blood. I looked at my phone and said too loudly “jesusfuck! Its 5am!”…apparently, this is just the time of night beardy operates because he was back at 3:45am the next night, this time giving me a heads up “im turning on the light” and i covered my head instantly. I think i was expecting it. HE KEEPS COMING BACK FOR BLOOD AND DOING THE SAME FUCKING THING. Only he tells me “you dont need to get up.” But the bright fucking light in my face seeping through the white sheet that does NOTHING to block it out, and my ineffective eyelids that might as well be made of glass mock me because its 3:43am and beardy is “tuuuuurning on the light” and fuck im AWAKE AGAIN.

Okay it has happened every single night. Its always him and last night i was so tired. So fucking tired. This has been going on for so long i am going to GRAB THAT FUCKING BEARD AND SMASH HIS FACE what the fuck beardy!

Anyway so i thought i dreamed this….but last night i heard it. I know i heard it because i remember it now. I heard him…very very quietly, in the softest sweetest whisper…sweet talking the veins to give him the blood. I believe he called the vein a sweet name like “honey” or “baby” i dont remember what but it took me a moment in my sleepy state to realize what was happening as he tried to get the blood out. Hes talking to the veins.

Im going to ask him tonight if he was talking to the veins last night. I need to know. I ALREADY called him beardy to his face by accident when i saw him pushing his cart in the hallway, i can ask him this. We are already past the weird stage and he stepped on my foot the other night so I mean…he also touched my back as i walked and i thought that was weird.

DOES HE KNOW ME?! He feels familiar. I dont know who this person is. Someone help.

These are all the highlights i can think of so far.

Let Sleeping Cats Lie Part 3 (A Zico scenario)

Originally posted by blockbcrew

Placing you on the sheets with care, Jiho paused. It felt like he was going to say something but nothing broke the silence. Feeling the need to say something, you alcohol-muddled brain said the first thing that came to mind. 

“I’ve always seen you as a man, Jiho-ya. I’m not sure why you would think otherwise.”

Looking up in surprise, Jiho did something you didn’t expect.

He laughed. And then his grin turned devilish.

“You were awake, weren’t you, just now.”

Caught and mortified, you tried your best to pretend like you didn’t know what he was saying.

“I don’t know what you are talking about what awake I don’t know seriously though I have no idea…mmph”

Stopping your flustered monologue with his lips against yours, Jiho drove all logical thought out of your mind. 

“I’ve always wanted to do that. It’s just like the dramas, isn’t it? To stop someone from talking with a kiss. No? ”

Suddenly shy, which was funny considering how you are now lying on his bed, you lowered your head unable to meet Jiho’s gaze anymore but he wasn’t having any of it. Feeling his fingers on your chin, your gaze was brought to his again.

Fond and adoring, that was how Jiho looked at you now. Like you were his princess and he would never deny you anything you asked for. Warmed by his gaze, you reached for him and hid your burning cheeks against his neck.

“I…really like you, Jiho-ya.”

“Baby, are you finally confessing to me?” You could feel Jiho’s silent laughter as he teased you. Staying quiet and not wanting to face him just yet, you pulled him even closer and held him tighter.

Not wanting to push you, Jiho let you be and stroked your hair with his free hand, as if calming a skittish kitten. Charmed by his presence and his ministrations, you felt yourself relax, all traces of shyness dissipating. You tilted your lips towards his and initiated for the second time that night.
Desperate to tell him without words how much you wanted him, you became bolder as you pushed him back against the bed, taking control. It was a battle of wills as you pressed yourself against him, his arms coming up around your back, holding you close. 

Every kiss felt like liquid heat that flowed between you, heating you up as you rocked against him, seeking the friction you both need.
You couldn’t remember how it happened, but you both wasted no time in divesting each other of all clothing. 

Finally. You thought. 

Skin on skin, you reached for each other, over and over again. Him, conquering your sighs as your voices mingled into the raw sounds of passionate love-making. 

As he brought you closer to your next peak, Jiho seem to have lost the self-control he had been holding onto so far, his thrust feeling more frantic, his kisses rougher. It was as if he was giving all that he had to you, his love, his passion, everything that he felt, he was showing you, in the only way he could.

Then you heard his voice, still hoarse in the aftermath.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, baby.”

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What's your dream life? If you find this Q interesting could you please describe what would be your dream house like, where would you live, how would you make money, what would you do in free time, which pets would you have, what would you do on weekends & sundays?

oki I have a v specific dream life which I’ve had pretty much since I came out of the womb but it’s a lil weird hear me out

I have always wanted to live in a forest. Like a treehouse, in a tribe, anything! either the daintree or amazon would b ideal for me but any old place with trees. I love being surrounded by nature and I don’t mind being away from society and humanity bc I kinda believe that nowadays it can be toxic. 

my other dream location is by the beach, I’ve actually been looking at apartments recently that are all within walking distance to beaches in perth, would love to live in byron too! if not living in the forest I would live either in a van with myself n my lil cozy space and travel everywhere or I would have a share house shack by the beach with my friends and we would have rowdy wholesome times

my job would hopefully be freelance photography, that’s the dream n I’m trying to improve and work towards that! 

in my free time I would go for hikes, go to the beach, adventure everywhere and take lots of pretty pics, I would get into painting and writing more and I would fill my heads with stories from books. 

as for pets I want 1 pig and 2 dogs :) peppa is gon be the name of biggie bc it’s so PRECIOUS

also I would spend a lot of time loving my companions n also doing activist work for vegansim and saving animals, maybe even open up a sanctuary one day

My heart is shining writing this out, this is a really good question!! 

anonymous asked:

I've read your post about Sam shipping Destiel or not, and it was really interesting, but then this scene came to my mind... Imagine that Destiel is canon, and Dean and Cas are kind working things out, things are still a little weird bc they never do things easy but whatever. And they are in the Impala, Cas on shotgun and they go to get Sam, and Sam is surprise that he has to go to the back. It would be like- Wow I want to know what u think in Sam's POV.

Hey - yes, I totally think it’d be a hilarious moment, and, as luck would have it, I did write that scene in Autrement Danger. Unfortunately, it’s not from Sam’s POV (I tend to write angsty things from his POV because I feel his mind is a pretty angsty place most of the time), but maybe you’ll like it anyway?

Also - I’m almost done with what has been a very busy period in my life, and I’m hoping to write more fanfiction in the coming weeks and yes - some fluffy Sam POV is long overdue. :)

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Can you explain "Jitsui Teinei Shinjin"? I know you're such a good explainer so please help! I came across it on Tumblr under the Konkokyo tag but I couldn't find exactly what it means / stands for ;-;

Hi there! 
Sure thing!

In Kokugakuin’s encyclopedia article on Konkokyo, it states

“ According to Konkō Daijin, one could gain the aid of the kami merely through “having faith in the kami out of a sincere mind” (jitsui teinei shinjin), and without the need to perform magical spells or abide by calendrical and directional interdictions.

So for context…back before the Meiji Restoration, a kind of form of Onmyoudou was very popular/heavily practiced - but it was also very restricting. Onmyoudou had been around for almost 800 years or so at that point, so a lot of the original/spiritual meanings were lost, and it became more of “avoidance of taboos” than a spiritual practice.

So one thing that was really heavy on people was a practice of “Days and Directions” , basically it meant you  were controlled by a perceived calendar based on complex things such as your zodiac birth year, direction of your house, the day itself and the hour, and more.

If you did renovations on an “unlucky day”, they said one could recieve divine punishment. Or if you traveled a certain direction (for any reason) it could mean death for you. 

This was a strain on society because it meant people could not visit family if they were ill, attend funerals, or even have to scramble to move a woman in labour (childbirth in the wrong direction could mean miscarriage in that belief). So it was a little chaotic. There were many many taboos and restrictions people forced themselves to follow out of fear - and at that era these practices had lost most of their original spiritual meanings to begin with - almost trapping people in an outdated and misinterpreted practice.

With the Meiji Restoration (1868), all of this was abolished. But Konkokyo originated before that, within the culture of the Days and Directions.

As the founder grew his faith, and became to spiritually experience Tenchi Kane no Kami-sama, he realized that the Days and Directions were not true to the natural world or the Universe. (In his spiritual journal, the Oboegaki, Kami-sama said “If it rains on a lucky day for construction, is it really a lucky day? If it’s sunny on an unlucky day for construction, will you only stay indoors and miss a day of work?”

Continuing with teachings like that he learned from Kami-sama, he realized about Jitsui Teinei Shinjin, “Faith in Kami out of a sincere mind/heart”- in other words, to trust and rely on Kami-sama with all of your heart, sincerely, for anything and anytime. Not to worry about taboos, superstitions, or bad luck or good luck, but just to always pray and rely on Kami-sama at anytime so things can go smoothly and peacefully. Not to avoid Kami-sama if there is a funeral, or an unlucky day. But every single day to trust in Kami-sama. To pray to ease misfortunes, to pray to be able to work in our daily lives, to appreciate both sunny, rainy, even stormy days as all part of the Universe - this is the kind of thinking /practice of Jitsui Teinei Shinjin. - to just not worry about things too much and just practice trust and reliance sincerely in Kami-sama. To build up that relationship, no matter the circumstances.