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The Good Life // Spencer Reid

A/N: A commissioned piece I did for the lovely @sadhistoricblonde. I hope you like it!

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Spencer Reid as a father was something the team had all been dying to see. They had seen glimpses of what it would be like whenever he was around Henry, but he was being the “cool” uncle at the time. Or at least that’s the way Henry, a kid obsessed with magic tricks, would describe him as.

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officially, i have no idea what im doing anymore but im not gonna stop

Music Series: No Sound But The Wind by Editors

Okay…honey, baby, love, sweetheart, pumpkin, babydoll, walk with me on this one…

Unfamiliar, I looked this request up. Love the song, by the way. Living in America I am under-exposed to British music but completely fascinated and entranced by it. (I really need to move to England. It’s like my fairytale.) Being a pianist myself, I loved the acoustic sound of the piano. But geez, Anon…ha! Very post-apocalyptic between a father and son. Way to make me work for no money!

As I hate AU’s *cringing*, this will not be that, even though it screams it. So I ask my readers to have an open mind with my interpretation of the lyrics. I love Daddy Harry, so on the tail of Watermark, I would like to attempt to pull this one out m’ass.

Dear Anon, please forgive me if you hate it, but it’s what came to me and I thank you for requesting. As I’ve said before, these stories tend to write themselves. I just put them out for you all to read.

This story is inspired from my love of Daddy Harry (someone please give that man a child when he’s ready for one…totally volunteering for that), and “No Sound But The Wind” by Editors.

Here is a link to the Youtube video, the song not being available on Spotify.

p.s. To the Anon who asked me to make a ‘keep reading’ line on my posts to shorten them, I promise I will at some point when I have time to sit and figure it out. Sorry!

Kisses! xo



We can never go home. We no longer have one

I’ll help you carry the load. I’ll carry you in my arms

We walk through the ash and the charred remains of our country

Keep an eye on my back, I’ll keep an eye on the road

“Doin’ alright back there?” Harry looked back at you nervously through the rearview mirror.

“We’re just fine, aren’t we, bug?” you ask of your sobbing, young son, cradling him in your arms.

“There in about 5 more minutes, love,” Harry informs you, as you nod.

When your 4-year-old asked for his first ‘big boy’ bike, you were nervous. You thought he was too little for a bike that size, but Harry insisted he would be fine.

‘Gotta learn sometime, doesn’t he?’ Harry asked with a smile.

Now, as you hold your teary child on your lap, his pained arm lying on a pillow, you wish you had put your foot down on the subject. Your child would never ride a bike…ever again…in his life! But who were you kidding? Someday he would want a motorcycle like the one in Daddy’s car garage, you just knew it. You were doomed to a life of mumbling safety prayers over the two men in your life.

Harry pulled the car into the A&E entrance and quickly got out, opening your door.

Help me to carry the fire, To keep it alight together

Help me to carry the fire. This road won’t go on forever

“Let me have him, babe,” Harry insisted. “Come see Daddy, little man.”

You carefully pass him to Harry, holding the pillow in place to keep your child’s little arm immobile.

“That’s my boy,” Harry tells him, kissing his forehead.

The two of you walk together into the hospital, nervous but trying to remain calm to keep each other and your child from worrying too much.

“Excuse me?” Harry says to a nurse. “We think our son may have broken his arm.” You hear Harry’s voice clinch slightly at his words, but you’re proud of how well he’s handling the situation, keeping you calm in the process.

Seeing who he was and that it wouldn’t be good for him to be left around the public in the hospital waiting room, the three of you were shown back to a room immediately. Harry started to set his son down on the bed, but the little boy clutched onto his daddy, not wanting to be put down.

“What? You want Daddy to hang on to ya?” he asks his son as the little boy nods. “Alright then.”

Harry sits on the exam table, holding his son carefully and loving on him. You stand next to them, kissing the top of your son’s head and looking at Harry, seeing the sadness in his eyes that his child is injured.

“What are they going to do to me, Daddy?” the little boy finally asked.

“They’re goin’ to take a photo of your arm, bug,” Harry informed him. “Special photo that sees the bones inside your body. It’s super cool, you wait and see.”

The little boy sits upright on his father’s lap, careful not to move his arm from the pillow.

“Have you seen your arm bones pictures, Daddy?” the little boy asks, innocently.

Harry smiles and looks at you, then back at his child.

“Not my arm, but my foot, yeah,” Harry says. “Broke m’foot once and they took bone photos of it, just like they’re going to do with your arm.”

“Does it hurt?” the boy asked with a frown.

“It doesn’t, son,” Harry assured him. “But your mumma and I will be right here with you anyway.”

If I say shut your eyes. If I say look away

Bury your face in my shoulder, think of a birthday

The things you put in your head, they will stay here forever

I’m trying hard to hide your soul, son, from things it’s not meant to see

Once the x-ray showed the arm was indeed broken and that he would need surgery to repair it, you were both very nervous. Your child had never had surgery before, never broken a bone before.

“The bone needs to be reset before we plaster it, I’m afraid,” the doctor had told you.

As the medication given to your child slowly made him drowsy, you teared up, hating to see your son in such a way. Harry held your hand as he bent over his child and kissed his forehead, rubbing his head.

“Just going to take a little nap, bub,” Harry said, “And when you wake up, Mummy and Daddy will be right here and you’ll have a very cool plaster cast on your arm that we can color on with your markers.”

The little boy nodded, as Harry kissed him, letting you closer to love on him as well, then allowing the surgical techs to wheel the sleeping boy away. Harry heard you sniff and saw you wipe a tear from your face.

“He’ll be fine, love,” Harry said lovingly, holding you closely, as you hear him sniff, too. “He’s our son, isn’t he? He’ll be fine.”

The entire time your child was in surgery, you were both nervous, but Harry made you more nervous as he paced the small private room, or sat tapping his leg quickly, spinning his rings on his fingers, and sighing loudly. You reached over and placed your hand on top of his and he looked at you with a grin, holding your hand securely, lifting it to his mouth to kiss it.

“Shouldn’t have insisted he have the big boy bike,” Harry shook his head, feeling guilty. “You were right, he wasn’t ready for it yet.”

“Gotta learn sometime, doesn’t he?” you repeat his words back to him with a grin.

Help me to carry the fire, to keep it alight together

Help me to carry the fire, this road won’t go on forever

Harry chuckles lightly, kissing you sweetly, then waiting again as patiently as he could manage. In a short time, the doctor walked into the room.

“Everything went fine and he’s on his way back in,” the doctor smiled at you both. Relief spread over both of your faces as Harry hugged you tightly, kissing you, then standing to watch from the doorway as the bed his son was in was wheeled back inside the room.

“There’s our big boy!” Harry boomed.

The little boy looked up at his father and grinned slightly, bringing a smile to Harry’s face, assuming he was still a bit high off the medication and feeling no pain.

“Look at that amazin’ plaster on your arm, bug!” Harry exclaimed. “We’re going to be working for hours coverin’ all that white with colors, aren’t we?”

The little boy nodded, looking at you as you walked beside them both and leaned over, planting a sweet kiss on your son’s cheek.

“Mumma’s baby doing okay?” you ask him sweetly.

He nods again as you feel Harry’s arm around you waist. Another new co-parenting experience down, and you both survived.

If I say shut your eyes. If I say shut your eyes

Bury me in surprise, when I say shut your eyes

And I…

Help me to carry the fire, to keep it alight together

Help me to carry the fire. This road won’t go on forever

there are a lot of good experiences in my life i associate with playing muted video games while listening to other stuff in the background

what comes to mind first is listening to alex jones’s show while playing diablo 3

i think i came close to exiting my body that day

  • Nobunaga: So. Who broke it? I'm not mad. I just want to know.
  • Mitsuhide: I did. I broke it...
  • Nobunaga: No. No, you didn't. Hideyoshi?
  • Hideyoshi: Don't look at me. Look at Toshiie.
  • Toshiie: What?! I didn't break it.
  • Hideyoshi: Huh. That's weird. How did you even know it was broken!
  • Toshiie: Because it's sitting right in front of us and it's broken!
  • Hideyoshi: Suspicious.
  • Toshiie: No it's not!
  • Katsuie: If it matters, probably not... Lady Oichi was the last one to use it.
  • Oichi: Liar! I don't even drink that crap!
  • Katsuie: Oh really? Then what were you doing by the coffee cart earlier?
  • Oichi: I use the wooden stirrers to push back my cuticles. Everyone knows that, Katsuie!
  • Mitsuhide: Alright let's not fight. I broke it, let me pay for it, Milord.
  • Nobunaga: No. Who broke it?
  • Hideyoshi: [whispering] Milord, Ieyasu's been awfully quiet...
  • Ieyasu: Really?!
  • Hideyoshi: Yeah, really!
  • ...
  • Nobunaga: I broke it. It burned my hand so I punched it. I predict ten minutes from now, they'll be at each other's throats with warpaint on their faces and pig head on a stick. Good. It was getting a little chummy around here.

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Can you explain why you think Bellamy had a bottle at the end of the episode? My guess is that he had been expecting yo share a drink with Clarke. Your thoughts on it?

Well ye, I saw people saying that he had been expecting to share a drink with Clarke, which I love obv because I wanted them to have that drink and have fun since the Unity Day.. And it parallels 2x16 when she left after MW “i think we deserve a drink”.. And he makes this face when he looks at the bottle. he blinks twice i think like you can see he has been thinking about something and yes, for sure you can think that he has been thinking about how he was supposed to get that drink with clarke. maybe unity day or 2x16 came to his mind.

what’s is really important though - for me because i care about bellamy so much - that this bottle was jaha’s bottle - it’s the same bottle from s1 when he said “may we meet again” when he was alone in the space. We know also Isaiah won’t be in s5 of The100. And now not Jaha - but Bellamy - and Bellamy alone, without Clarke - is going to lead them in space. He’s going to be both “head”&”heart” leader (as Jason said in interview). So this bottle for me kinda represents that he’s now going to be this new leader, in charge and what’s is more: alone in this because clarke isn’t there with him.

so that’s what this last scene with bottle represents for me (looking back at to who it belonged to) but what is more important is what he has been thinking about - and i’m sure he had clarke on his mind.

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Yep. We never found out why Katrina joined Savitar. She helped him in his mission to kill Iris (Unsuccessfully) and wanted to kill someone who considers her as her friend. Where as Iris didn't want Barry to lose himself just so she could live, Iris never got a chance to change HR's mind in saving, because KF knocked her out when Iris was HR. When she came out, she wanted to help save him, even though she was too late. And in the end, she saved Barry from S3's big bad. But Iris is selfish. Okay.

I’m thinking she didn’t have a reason beyond the writers wanted to do something with her and had no idea what to do. That’s my best guess. 

But she did a LOT of bad shit and she has the potential to do that at any given time if she loses her temper. 

But I’m sure the *team* will forget and forgive all of that shit without her having to pay any sort of penance. I mean, damn, at least Barry didn’t spend a few eps trying to kill the heart of the team, Iris. 

The first bit of a sequel I wasn’t going to write

So a while back I wrote a fic called Ghosts of a Future Not Yet Past  and I mentioned that I had a few ideas for how a sequel would go, and posted a few amusing bits that came to mind. For some reason my brain decided I really needed to write the first, less cracky part of that sequel, so here’s the first encounters our heroes have with their ghostly friends after Mortis. Feedback definitely appreciated, since until now I’ve tended to keep my angst and crack separated… 

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oh it was dead silent lmao in my mind it was super awkward but lily said it wasn’t so 🤔🤔 idk I still cannot bring myself to watch/listen to the recordings of it but i got a lot of compliments on it!!! a random woman came up to me and said my speech was good so there’s that

Markiplier: Ive never gone to a roleplay social dress up-

Me: UM? 







Have I mentioned that my favourite thing is Adam Parrish being bisexual af?

Just casually describing people as heart attacks like you do

Dude this is not subtle
you are a mess

How Dan and Phil probably broke up #44
  • *after some really good sex*
  • Dan: God, that was amazing
  • Phil: I guess you could say that was wonderPHIL