and this was my plan b

Stark Family Huddle

The Starklings get together to form a battle plan. 

Arya: Ok this is how we’re gonna do this.

Sansa: Umm..I’m really gonna be Queen right?

Arya: Yes, shut up.

Bran: So first..

Sansa: Cersei really hates me ya know.

Arya: Ok first we kill Cersei. Then Littlefinger

Sansa: Oh good…Littlefnger is my kill remember.

Jon: What about the White Walkers?

Bran: Yea…the white…

Arya: Ok so after Cersei. Will convince this other blood b*tch with the dragons to help us with the white walkers.

Jon: Hey that’s my aunt don’t call her that.

Sansa: Whatever…we’re still gonna get married right?

Arya: Yo’ guys first we gotta kill all these people.

Sansa: Then, I can have a big wedding.

Arya: Whatever…shut up…

Bran: I had these visions that…

Arya: Nobody cares about your stupid visions.

Jon: Maybe we should…

Arya: My wolves will take out the the white walkers.

Sansa: Then, I can marry Jon and be queen and have babies?

Arya: Yea…whatever…

Bran: These visions I had…

Jon: ummm…guys…

I keep meaning to do another brief Critical Role post, like… every time we finish an episode, but then I transition from the kitchen (where we watch) to my desktop, and I get involved in something else. And we’re up to episode 60 now, so we are rolling along, slowly, and eventually we’ll probably actually catch up and then I have no idea what we’ll do with ourselves.

So, some fairly stream-of-consciousness comments and commentary below the cut.

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this isnt even a slutty confession, just a wild ass story. BUT i had sex for the first time monday and the condom broke bc thats just some shit that WOULD happen to me like thats just my luck and im 16 so i had to have my friend buy me plan b so im probably good but w my luck who knows... but i s2g if im pregnant i will loose my shit



The only one who can win against me is me!: Victor’s B-Day Special

An almost 2-month late update to:

Parts 1-5 of this Young!Victor -> Yuuri <- older!Victor comic series.

Happy Birthday, (both!) Victors! <3 May your days be filled with lots of Yuuris <3


magnus and alec being all happy and comfortable on their way back from their first date, smiling brightly, and laughing about things that aren’t funny, just because they feel so good.
alec laces his fingers through magnus’ and they look at each other for a moment, wide grins on their faces. magnus occasionally squeezes alec’s hand and alec squeezes back.
they get to magnus’ building but they’re still talking and neither of them even mentions it, they just go inside for another drink.
it’s one drink and 90 minutes later when alec realizes what time it is and that he should’ve been home like two hours ago but he just…it doesn’t really matter when he’s here with magnus, feeling the best he’s felt since… well, ever.
“i should get going…“ alec sighs, but he makes no move to get up from the couch. instead he lets himself sink deeper into the corner and tugs his feet under magnus’ legs even further.
magnus is sitting in the middle of the sofa, elbow on the backrest and legs curled up. "of course.”
alec raises an eyebrow. “d’you want me to?” he asks, but there’s little insecurity in his voice. he knows magnus doesn’t want him to. it’s a weird, new feeling for him, knowing he’s wanted. but it feels… it feels good.
magnus tilts his head and unsubtly lets his gaze drop to alec’s lips. “if it means i’m finally getting my post date kiss…” he teases. he’s trying not to smile, but the glint in his eyes betrays him.
alec chuckles, feeling his cheeks heat up. “acting like you want me to leave is not gonna get you that kiss, you know." 
magnus nods thoughtfully for a few seconds, before finally letting the smile appear on his lips. "good thing i have a plan B then.”
“and what’s that?" 
"well, telling you would ruin the idea, wouldn’t it?”
alec pushes himself a little more upright, just a little closer to magnus. “are you always this cryptic?" 
magnus looks slightly taken aback at that, face softening a little as he stares at alec, eyes full of…something. awe, maybe. "i’m not being cryptic," he recites softly. "i’m being coy.”
alec swallows, only realizing they’d both slowly been leaning closer when he feels magnus’ breath touch his lips. magnus suddenly seems to realize too - alec can hear his breath hitch - but neither of them stops.
alec is the first one to close his eyes, for no other reason than to try to contain his smile and keep breathing with magnus’ lips brushing against his.
it feels like minutes, lips ghosting over lips, breaths mingling.
“plan B succeeded,” magnus whispers.

Kallias, High Lord of the Winter Court
  • canonically white as snow 
  • white as paper 
  • this boy is so white 
  • he probably gets lost in all the snow storms in the Winter Court if i’m being honest 
  • “dude where’s Kallias?”
  • “oh my Cauldron did we lose the High Lord again?”
  • “Darius, I blame you! It was your job to watch him”
  • this probably happens daily 
  • Kallias goes out for a walk and bam 
  • the Winter Court lost their High Lord again 
  • not to mention he always wears grey and white
  • whoever does his wardrobe is absolutely the stupidest person in Prythian 
  • this is why the Winter Court isnt involved with the war with the King of Hybern 
  • they’re too busy playing “Where’s Kallias?”

i spent some time looking up what size tumblr windows are/how tags work/etc. and i decided to go ahead and use this as my art blog. these are just pokemon b/w sprites recolored/pixeled. nothing special. martel is my fav here. i plan on posting more symphonia stuff in the future, so subscribe or follow or whatever if you want.

sylvarant team: scientist raine, schoolboy genis, pokemon ranger lloyd, waitress colette

tethe’alla team: pokemon ranger sheena, musician zelos, schoolgirl presea, blackbelt regal

four seraphim: veteran kratos, janitor* yuan, nursery aid martel, rich boy mithos

*because he’s always cleaning up other people’s messes

an AU where person A and person B are getting married, and during the cerimony right before person B appears all the lights go out and a spotlight shines on person A and they say “prepare for trouble…” with a devilish grin

and everyone is really confused but then the church doors open revealing person B who yells “…and make it double!”

drarry au: ivy league

the one where the boys are there to play soccer and study, but mostly there’s a lot of hate sex.
for ali~

now with fic


I’ve been thinking about ???% a bit lately so now I just have this disconnected scenario/AU/headcanons where it’s this powerful spirit that befriended Mob as a child and subtly possessed him, like Dimple did with Ritsu, so Unkown could slowly hone Mob into the perfect vessel. Except the plan backfired b/c now Unkown really cares about this poor kid and knows it Fucked Up by accidently hurting Ritsu, so now it’s more of a guardian spirit/psychic backup generator for him.

I really like the idea of Unknown physically crawling out of Mob horror movie-style the first time it leaves his vessel since it’s been inside Mob for like, ten years, so now it’s almost a part of him (it’s still safe for it to leave tho, Mob just gets a little dizzy afterwards and the depossession gets less extreme over time). I imagine it’d be forced to come out during an event where Mob’s chance of dying is Very High and there’s no way in hell Mob’ll be persuaded/is physically capable of taking care of the problem himself. Obviously Ritsu and Teru are very nervous around it (and Mob was convinced it was just an imaginary friend he used to have), but ???% gives them space and tries to make it clear it was sorry for hurting them. No one really fully trusts it except Mob in the end.

???% can’t speak (at least not any human language), so it primarily writes things down and draws diagrams. When asked who/what it is, ???% just writes the word “protection” so Mob and Ritsu start referring to it as Hogo instead of “that thing” or “the spirit.”