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Oh boy it’s been a while since I drew Aconite! They’re pretty much my only OC that I’ve made the design solid enough, and I’m surprised you actually like them! I don’t really have any fandom OCs tbh?

Long story short, they’re just a result of my old group of friends going ‘hey what if we took your sona and made them… daddy’ and bam. So yeah, pffft. Anyways, these are their offical colours for now that I’m happy with

hey consider: concept where gladio doesn’t curse as much because he’s got a little sister!! he can’t be a bad example!! he stubs his toes and he’s like ‘ah fUDGE’ ‘oh SHiITAKe mEuSHROOMS’

meanwhile, ignis is a master of switching between formal and informal speech, and also a potty mouth bc it’s his one form of Youthful Rebellion

gladio, dropping a weapon during training: oh, fiddlesticks.
ignis, expression completely flat: fuck. did you mean to say fuck.


iris, literal child, who was watching that training session: FUCK!!!
gladio @ ignis: >:O >:O >:O

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i think it’s stupid when people ask a larrie “are you a louie or a harrie” you do know it’s possible that you can support both right? we’re not limited to one person only

yep lol i don’t get those questions, especially if the op reblogs/talks about both. of course there are larries who only blog about one or the other, but if they reblog both… they like both 

husband; minhyun

a/n: requested by anon // gifs do not belong to me, credits to the owners + i wish this was real but no hope for me,,


  • this boi
  • oh my god,, he probably already promised you
  • that he’s gonna propose to you one day
  • but you weren’t sure when bc he’s an idol
  • but of course,, you kind of forgot about it and when the day finally came
  • you were sh00k
  • minhyun was acting pretty different that day and you could feel it
  • but you acted as if it was nothing 
  • bc minhyun could have times like that
  • but ofc you eventually asked him
  • “hey, minnie? is everything okay?”
  • since you two were backstage and all the fans started gathering
  • he couldn’t hear you and just nodded
  • not even daring to look you in the eyes
  • which was pretty weird bc he always looked in your eyes no matter what
  • hours passed and he was finally performing 
  • you wished him good luck before he went on the stage
  • you were literally there helping with staff 
  • until you heard your name??
  • it was your boyfriend, talking so you decided to listen
  • “so, i want to say something to ___ today.”
  • you could hear he was nervous but bc of the fans cheering and stuff
  • it made him less nervous
  • the members,, ofc knew about it and were pretty excited
  • “yeah, he wanted to say it yesterday. but since he’s a little extra, we wanted to do it with you guys!!”
  • you were pretty curious and decided to just peek a little
  • some fans noticed you and were shouting and everything to see you
  • “_____ IS THERE”
  • “HELLO ___!!”
  • you smiled and waved at the fans while the members and minhyun looked at you
  • “okay! so minhyun are you gonna say it?”
  • “okay i will. say it now.”
  • “but first, ____? can you come on stage?”
  • you were pretty shy but decided to come on stage anyway
  • you quickly ran over to minhyun 
  • and he smiled at you, holding both your hands
  • “okay prince/ss. this is something i’ve dreamed of telling you and it’s my dream is coming out now. ever since we’ve started dating, i knew from that moment that i wanted to spend my whole life with you. you supported me, you made me laugh, you were always there, no matter what and no matter which choices i made and without you, i don’t think i’ll be the person that i am now. so, ____? do you wanna marry me?”
  • you were stunned bc wow
  • but of course you said ‘yes!!’ while crying
  • and the fans, members and everyone there literally cried

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  • everyone was pretty nervous that day !!
  • but it didn’t stop you guys from having the best wedding ever
  • your friends, family were literally crying bc
  • you looked so beautiful and they couldn’t wait to see minhyun’s reaction
  • “you look so beautiful!”
  • “thank you, you too!”
  • “no you’re more more beautiful.”
  • they’d probs take pictures of you
  • of every angle and when the time came that you had to go
  • you were pretty nervous but your friends helped you calm down
  • “there’s no need to be nervous ___! just be yourself. it’s your day.”
  • “let’s do this ____! you can do it!”
  • you let out a big sigh before walking down the aisle with a family member / friend 
  • as you walked down the aisle,, the whole room brightened up bc you were so beautiful
  • and when minhyun saw you
  • tears began flowing his face bc you were gorgeous 
  • when you stood in front of him,, you helped him with wiping his tears off
  • “thank you.”
  • the both of you just stared at each other throughout the ceremony 
  • with so much love in your guys eyes
  • it was so cute and so ugh
  • and when you two were officially declared as husband and wife/husband 
  • he kissed you with so much love and it was so passionate 
  • everyone in the room cried
  • when you two went to the wedding reception
  • to eat ofc
  • you two sat next to each other, feeding each other 
  • and everything
  • he even sang you a song, the same song, he always sings to you
  • galaxy
  • it was so sweet and when the song ended
  • he kissed you 
  • you two continued to be cute throughout the whole day
  • and everyone had fun
  • of course,, it’d be a day that the two of you would never forget 

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  • you two would probably go to a country
  • where the two of you could relax
  • pretty much a place like santorini, greece
  • you two would go to a resort 
  • and just enjoy each other’s company
  • you and minhyun would of course 
  • be extra cute 
  • and the staff there would love the two of you 
  • bc you two are super sweet and stuff
  • “honey!”
  • “yes, prince/ss?”
  • “we should go to the beach.”
  • “oh sure! let’s go, shall we?”
  • you two would of course
  • play around and everything 
  • you two would even throw water at each other 
  • and just dragging each other into the sea
  • like 
  • other people would just look at the two of you be like
  • “wow, they cute af”
  • also !!
  • the first night that you guys spend there
  • it was pretty special bc this guy couldn’t believe you two were actually married
  • “i can’t believe it.”
  • “i can’t believe it too, we’re now.. married?”
  • “we are, it’s weird, isn’t it? to be called married?”
  • “yeah, kind of but at the same time i love it.”
  • “same here.”
  • you two had so much fun literally and even on the way home
  • after your guys honeymoon
  • you two received lots of messages from fans
  • and you read them all while on the way home

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home home:

  • peach wanted to be extra
  • so i decided to write the word two times
  • uhm !!
  • so you guys would probably already be living together
  • for a long time
  • but when you guys came home
  • married
  • it was weird bc everything just changed
  • minhyun became sweeter 
  • than he already was and he helped you around a lot
  • like he always did
  • but he did almost everything for you
  • you thought it was pretty impressive of your husband
  • bc he had a busy schedule but
  • minhyun always made sure that he helped you 
  • no matter what
  • and also !!
  • he’d probably the one that always cooks
  • he doesn’t want you get tired though
  • “honey, aren’t you tired? you just returned from practice.”
  • “no, i’m not. you can rest.”
  • “are you sure?”
  • “yes, i’m sure prince/ss.”
  • he’d eventually wrap his arms around you before giving you a kiss
  • you two would also have so many pics of each other
  • hanging every where
  • especially the wedding picture
  • it’d be literally in the middle of your living room
  • and whenever someone visits, it’d be the first thing they’d notice
  • “wow! minhyun nice picture!”
  • “hehe, thanks.”
  • okay !! it’d be so much fun living with him
  • also when he comes late from work
  • and he sees you asleep, he’d probably cuddle up next to you
  • and fall asleep

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  • if anyone feels uncomfortable with this just tell me !!
  • okay let’s start
  • okay so with minhyun
  • i think he’d have around 2 children
  • and he’d spoil and love them so much
  • but of course there’s a limit with his spoiling
  • “okay!! we will be buying toys but just for today, okay?”
  • and i can also see minhyun
  • always being there for them 
  • no matter what age they are and what choices they make
  • he’d always always love them
  • i think
  • he’d probably cuddle them 
  • and he would only do it when they want too ofc
  • you know he’d just show them lots of affection
  • for example like his kid,, participated in a show but he got eliminated
  • he’d be the first one to be there to comfort them
  • “it’s okay. don’t give up on your dreams just because of this.”
  • “thanks dad.”
  • he’d also spend lots of time with them
  • even when he’s pretty busy
  • his kids would come first and 
  • he’d take them out on dad & daughter - son date
  • “so,, where do you wanna go today?”
  • “maybe to the shopping street?”
  • “okay, let’s go!”
  • like i said already
  • he’d love them no matter what !!

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But what If she is just thanking him because he brought her her locket??¿?¿

And, aren’t this like, REALLY TOO MUCH SPOILERS? XDD

alright rewatching ep 4 for the 7428939272784th time and can i just say that when cyrus is practicing his hebrew and jonah skateboards up behind him, like jonah obviously speeds up to catch up to cyrus and trys to impress him, then *casually* flips his skateboard up and is all like “oh, hey, cyrus, like yeah, didn’t see ya there” jonah we all know it you’re in love we get it

*Liz and MJ are working together in a cozy coffee shop*

MJ: *whispers* Liz, don’t look, but I’ve seen Parker in here a lot lately. He’s planning something

Liz: *looks* Oh right! Peter! Don’t worry MJ. I’ve noticed him in here a lot too. Seems like he has quite a little crush on you.


Peter: excuse me

Peter: Hey MJ so I was… wondering if you’d wanna go out sometime?

Liz: She’d LOVE to!

Peter: Awesome! I’ll meet you here at 7?

Liz: Sounds perfect!


MJ: *after Peter leaves* I will kill you when I get back after tonight

Liz: Oh so you’re not backing out on the date, huhhhh? 😜😜

MJ: I-I.. um.. you… well…

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Crystal Desert - Elon Riverlands - Olishar’s Oasis Camp
Makeen: Hey, can you talk?
Priory Explorer Hozza: Of course I can talk. I’m an asura, which means I speak better than you ever will.
Makeen: Oh.
Makeen: So do all azurums look like you?
Makeen: Are you all so puny?
Makeen: Are your ears supposed to stick out like that?
Makeen: You look kinda like a skritt with its face smashed in.
Makeen: I bet you’d make a good pet.
Makeen: Can you do any tricks?
Priory Explorer Hozza:(sigh) Where’s a progeny discipline golem when you need one?

49, 62 w/ Seth Rollins

49. “You think she’s cuter than me?”
62. “But, I said I love you.”

Prompt from this list

You were talking to your boyfriend of 3 years but he didn’t seem to be listening to a single thing coming out of your mouth. Instead, his attention was focused across the room. 

“Hey!” You snapped, waving your hand in front of his face.

“Huh? What?” He asked looking down at you.

“You think she’s cuter than me?”

“What?” His brows knitted together as he slightly turned his head.

“The girl you’ve been staring at for the past ten minutes. Do you think she’s cuter than me?”

“Oh come on, don’t be like this.” He attempted to hold your hand but you pulled away. 

“Seth.” You gave him a straight stare.

“She’s cute, but she’s not cuter than you.” His eyes went wide once he realized he fucked up. Your jaw dropped as you crossed your arms. You scoffed placing you hands on your hips. You bit the inside of your cheeks to keep from laughing at your idiot boyfriend.

“I love you.” He smiled kissing your cheek.

“You’re an idiot.” 

“But, I said I love you.”  

“Oh my god.” You threw your hands up before you walked in the opposite direction.

“What? Did you want me to lie to you? You get mad when I lie.” Seth called out as you kept walking. 


June: “Don’t even bother, Rowan. This is not the first day that these dumb asses over here will eat snacks for breakfast, and I’m sure it won’t be the last.”
Tyler: “Hey, it’s not like we do this every day. It’s the last day of our trip, let us enjoy the popcorn!”
Rowan: *giggles* “Oh, so you do know what we’re talking about..”
Neil: “Oh, c’mon! It’s good popcorn. We just don’t want to let to get to waste, you know.”
Rowan: *smiles* “Can I.. have a few?”

Neil grinned and happily pushed his bowl towards her. Rowan took a few and popped them into her mouth. She chewed and chewed… and chewed. Rowan wasn’t particularly fond of popcorn anyway but this was definitely not how popcorn was supposed to taste..

Rowan: “Jeez… These are so stale..”
Neil: *smiles* “Eh.. Only a little bit..”
Tyler: “Still good though.”

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hi!!!! i followed u a LONG time ago when i still liked su, but now my interest in it is long gone. i still follow your blog though just because you're such an amazing, cool, lovely, warm, friendly, fun person and i appreciate u a lot 💘 thanks for blessing my tumblr dashboard!!!

Oh you sweet fruity goo I am SO FLATTERED! 

Hey it’s ok, sometimes we move on from interests, that’s fine, I feel like apologizing to you tho bc even tho this is technically a personal blog it’s gravitates a 90% around Steven Universe so I never tag that (I’m sorry omg). 

You’re super sweet and really thanks you for enjoying what I do and bearing with my loads of SU junk every time! I hope you have a fantastic day, cherry pie! 

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cc promt- c reacting to the acs trailer pls :)

Hey Nonnie, thanks for the prompt. I typed this out as soon as I could. Hope you like it. 

Darren looked down at his phone and saw the text: call me

‘Uh-oh.’ Darren thought.  

That was never a good sign. Darren tried to think back to their last few conversations, hoping to find a clue about what would incite this reaction in Chris and then he figured it out.

‘Fuck. The trailer.’

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Ndrv3 boys witnessing birth

Sprite Edition


Saihara Shuichi

  • He’s horrified.
  • He never wanted to see this.
  • He stays frozen like that even when it was over.
  • Uh…
  • I think he’s broken.
  • saihara.exe has stopped working


Momota Kaito

  • H-Hey now…
  • Isn’t th-this wrong?
  • He slaps himself.
  • No, he has to man up.
  • It’s just a woman popping a baby out of her–
  • OH GOD–


Ouma Kokichi

  • He’s that traumatized
  • …Or is he?


Amami Rantaro

  • He’s seen this before…
  • He has a lot of sisters, he’s witness their births and was there…
  • He feels sad now.


Gonta Gokuhara

  • Th-That painful.
  • Gonta no like people hurt.
  • Pl-Please stop for Gonta.


Shinguji Korekiyo

  • Beautiful!
  • The birth of another human is so beautiful!
  • He’s watching the screen eagerly.
  • He’s not like Komaeda who was orgasming.
  • He’s just practically bouncing off the walls.


Hoshi Ryoma

  • He’s very uncomfortable.
  • Why…are you making him watch this?



  • He turns a bright red.
  • He knows what this is!
  • Why is he seeing this again?!


Poor boys

~ Mod Celeste

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hey space mom!!!! have you ever known anyone who had an allergic reaction to marijuana?? my boss (a vet) found out about me being allergic to ragweed and was like "oh if you're allergic to that you're allergic to cannabis, they crossreact. that's impt to know for college, save you an ER trip" so uhh?? I'm kinda paranoid but also really morbidly curious if it can actually be that bad? I wanted to try it at some point in my life but i dont want a medical emergency y'know lmao

My stepfather is allergic to marijuana, but it’s fairly uncommon. He found out the hard way when he was young. If you go light and find out you’re allergic you can combat it with Benadryl and be alright. I really don’t think ragweed has anything to do with it. Dear, just about everyone is allergic to ragweed. It’s just a scare tactic with no science behind it. 

I’m allergic to hemp oil and I’m still not allergic to marijuana.

Here’s some sources:

Shane: Because you got this big shitty chain of command

Ryan: It’s like game of telephone, essentially. It’s the military it’s a ladder structure, basically.

Shane: It’s… It’s Game of Phones.

Ryan: oh my god..

Shane: Good, huh?

Ryan: That was terrible. I’m actually upset right now.

Shane: *stares into camera* Good.


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So I subscribe to this youtuber and she's married with a two year old daughter. They're all so adorable. Her husband left the marines and he's a full-time dad. Whenever he wants to go somewhere alone, grocery shopping, toilet, cook etc, their daughter legit starts crying so much and shouts "stay dada!" and she'd run after him and cuddle to his chest. Imagine what that would be like with Harry, the missus and their first baby. Oh my gosh! xx

MY HEART. :’(((

She just gets SOOO SAD every time he leaves because sometimes when he leaves, she doesn’t see him for a long time, so she goes through this little stage of separation anxiety even if he’s just running out to pick up dinner. So there’s always lots of cuddles and reassurance. 

“Hey, no tears, right? M’coming right back, I promise.” And he brushes her hair out of her face and wipes away her tears with the pads of his fingers. Maybe he teaches her how to pinky-promise, and they do every time he leaves the house to go somewhere. And she knows when they do, it means he’s coming right back. Maybe she doesn’t understand exactly what it means quiet yet, but it’s something and it’s reassuring to her. xx.