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I had this conversation today with a boy from school..
  • Him: "Hey! You love Harry Potter, yeah?"
  • Me: "Yesss... why?"
  • Him: "I do too! Yeah I love it so much! I've watched the movies so many times and I've read the books like 9 times!!"
  • Me: *laughs* "Oh that's great! The books are great! I love it."
  • Him: "I was thinking though... about horcruxes."
  • Me: "What about them?"
  • Him: *looking deep af in thought* "Well you know how like.. he has them?"
  • Me: ", yeah??"
  • Him: "Well I had this crazy thought! Like, what if Harry was a horcrux?"
  • Me: "Uh... you said you've read the books? And watched the movies?"
  • Him: "Yeah! I love them."
  • Me: "Ha ha.."
  • Him: "Did I say something wrong?"
  • Me: "..."
  • Him: "..."
  • Me: "... WHAT THE FUCK"
  • Taeyong: I can’t believe I forgot my phone. I hope Ten liked his birthday present yesterday. Oh, he called.
  • [seventeen new messages]
  • Taeyong: What?!
  • [message one]
  • Ten: Hey Taeyong! Thanks for the Bazinga t-shirt it's… great. I was just calling because I might need a ride later tonight. Jaehyun can’t drive and I ran Johnny's Mazda into that ditch after we watched Fast Five on Netflix together.
  • Johnny: You still owe me for that.
  • Ten: Yeah, yeah, I got you, I got you. Mazdas are really flammable, did you know that? I didn’t know that. Well, I do now.. but anyway I’ll call you later if we need a pick up from the show, alright?
  • Jaehyun: [snoring]
  • Ten: Woo! Jaehyun, you’re up! Peace Taeyong!
  • [end of message]
  • Taeyong: I’m not listening to all of these.
  • [skips to the last message]
  • [message seventeen]
  • Ten: Oh my god is he dead? Why did you put him in the car?!
  • Johnny: It’s Mark, you idiot! Just shut up and keep driving to the hospital!
  • Sicheng: Ten, when are we getting to Chuck E Cheese?
  • Ten: Sicheng, shut up! Taeyong, please pick up the phone! We are in so much trouble! The Iggy Azalea show went south, so we decided to make our own, but… Oh man, oh man, pick up your stupid phone! Taeyong, go to my desk, open the dark drawer and burn everything inside! But hold your breath while you do it! Use that stupid t-shirt you got me to help the fire, you gotta do this, Taeyong!
  • Johnny: Ten, eyes on the road!
  • Jaehyun: Truck!
  • All: [screaming]
  • [end of message]

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warning: swear word


“Hey Archiekins” you roll your eyes at the sound of her voice. Just as you were having a nice and enjoyable conversation with your boyfriend, she just decides to come and ruin it like she has been trying to ruin your relationship with Archie. Ever since Veronica Lodge came to Riverdale she has been a pain in your backside. She came to this town thinking that she could get what she wants but newsflash, Archie was yours and even Cheryl Blossom respected that but Veronica just never picked up on it.

“Oh hey veronica” Archie replies, always sweet and caring that boy it was going to get him into trouble, with me.

“Bitch” she acknowledges you

“Wow I could eat a bowl of Alphabet soup and shit out a smarter insult than that.” You say and start to get up

“See you later babe” walking past Veronica and brushing our shoulders against each other


“Even though I don’t like that my girlfriend and friend fight like you and veronica do, I will admit that it is incredibly hot” Archie confesses. You were both sitting in Mr Andrews truck and the drive-in

“Yeah well I’ll be nice when she stops trying to steal my man” you mutter seductively against Archie’s lips. Kissing him softy afterwards, he kisses you back and soon the kiss turns hot and passionate. You straddle his lap, grinding against him.

ID #81390

Name: Lila
Age: 17, almost 18
Country: Norway/ Italy

Hey there, I’m Lila! I am a senior in the IB diploma. I love talking about a lot of things, some interesting, some maybe not as much? haha i’m the type to end up in a 1hr conversation about a blank wall and its very complex life. But um.. I like music ( Kendrick Lamar, Drake, Bruno Mars, imrealizinghowbasicIam, Beyonce) , oh and I love anime, and videogames too ( Playstation is great but Nintendo <3 ) .

I don’t have many hobbies, but do love coding, programming and robotics, and I’d love to learn more ^^. I love learning languages, right now I’m trying to learn French.

It would be fun to meet someone around my age around the world to become friends with and exchange cute letters or care baskets, or just really long convos about life haha.

Preferences: 16 and over

  • Christine: Hey, I got another musical to listen to!
  • Jenna: Is this another version of Heathers-
  • Christine, holding a CD: No no! This baby, is called Hamilton. It's basically American History, but with RAP IN IT.
  • Jenna: ...Well that sounds relatively badass.
  • -------
  • Christine: Did you like it? :D
  • Christine: Oh cool! I also brought this other one! It's called Dear Evan Hansen.

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OKAY NO BUT IMAGINE JOHN SOBBING HIS HEART OUT CASUALLY BC OF ALEX AND ALEX CAME IN CUZ HE WAS LIKE 'hey bRo wanna hang out- oh shit r u ok' and john is like hahah oh shit but Alex comes over and hugs him and they just stay like that for a while, john crying into Alex's shirt but he cANT TELL HIM WHY HES SAD BC Y E E T

*soft* Don’t *sniff*

My name is Tord and I’m a teen werewolf. And go ahead and laugh and make fun of me, but I believe all of us have something supernatural mixed in us. But you want to know what I am getting sick off? I am getting sick of – getting made fun of Tom. Like, when I walk in to class late and the teacher will ask why I am late? And before I can answer, Tom, will be like because he got down sucking Daffy Duck’s dick. That’s really funny Tom, yeah, because my lipstick is black, that’s really funny. Yeah, I jump through the TV and sucked Daffy Duck’s dick Tom. That’s what I did.
Too bad you got sent to ISS, f*g. And then you’ll take out – you’ll, you’ll get the classmates around and be like, quick, somebody give my silver, so I can slay the werewolf. Oh, hey, Tom, look, I have silver. Look, am I dying?! Am I?! And then you’ll pretend to get fake phone calls from Van Helsing and tell them to come in the classroom and kill me. Well, you know, what Tom, I am tired of you. I am tired of you! And then you call me Edwards Scissorhands? Well, hey, look, I brought some scissors this time Tom. Now, look, I am really Edwards Scissorhands. Yeah. You want me to carve you something, ah? And you know what, my mom, did she – because I told her, I was getting made fun off; she bought me an Xbox 360, saying I need to blend in with normal teens. Well, you know, what mom, I brought that Xbox 360 that you got me and it’s right here, it’s right here mom. Look. And you know what, I don’t want to play Xbox, I don’t want to fit in, I just want to be a teen werewolf, God. @bitekink

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Hey solar, so I have a question about autism. I think I might be autistic, though it's not at all confirmed yet. When I was at school, which I love, I was mostly fine. I have depression and anxiety, but I mostly had them under control. However at home a lot of new things are emerging that seem like autism symptoms. Can different situations trigger autism more? Does this mean I have autism and just didn't notice it before, or something else? Thank you so much 😊

Oh hi!! I don’t usually get requested personally in asks, so I’m glad I caught this!

So one thing people can have is autistic burnout. It’s essentially when an autistic person gets very stressed and overloaded about things in their life to the point that they struggle with their usual coping and symptoms are more apparent.

Here’s a really, really good video about the topic by @neurowonderful.
Please watch it, they can word much better than I do.

I’m almost wondering if you’re finding being at home more exhausting? You said you love school, so perhaps that’s something that energizes you, maybe there’s something at home that is affecting you negatively?

But yeah, it’s definitely a thing. Severity of autism can go up or down throughout an autistic person’s lives. I was diagnosed because of some really bad burnout when I was 17-18 but the signs were always subtly there.

- Solar the Sea Turtle

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I think an art trade is when someone draws the sketch and then someone else lines it and someone else adds color/shading. It depends how many people you have too. Idk if I'm mixing it up with something else. But hey I'd love to do an art trade with you.

Oh I see! So it’s like an art collab then? Just with a different title?

I have spare time now to draw so feel free to PM me if you want to do one!

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Someone who thought Jeff is Laf (or Vice versa) but realized that they were wrong mid sentence like "Oh hey Lafff-erson. Jefferson. Sup dude" or "Sup Jefff- ayafette. Laf, hi"

That’s how shipnames are born

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A friend was like Hey! You should watch this show. I was kinda eh about watching a sports anime but OH BOI WAS I PROVEN WRONG

I was the same way at first. I was like i don’t give a shit about volleyball… and now im like


Match over! Cut to…


The one and only place Qrow could ever be. This joke is almost painful. But hey! It’s Qrow! We’re finally meeting him properly!

Oh… Just a teaser for now, I guess. Qrow let out a half-hearted grunt in response to the barkeep praising Team JNPR, then returned to his drink. Huh.

Anyhoo, looks like Professor Port is giving us the rundown on Team NDGO (Indigo), which is facing…


Well, thank goodness for Neptune’s name. That is easily the worst team name yet.

Let’s see… We got a giant flipping sword, bo-staff-nunchaku-flintlocks, an energy glaive, and… What looks like a small sword. That’s some impressive power!

Oh hey what a surprise there’s another art! and I am alive! *Double Exicetment!!!!*

Did the fashional Classic Chloe with a help of KismetWrites at KWNP-Arts (T..That’s where we draw by the way you should check it out link will be right here) ANYWAYYYY~ I hope you guys like it! <3

Kismet also did Rachel from BtS so you should check it out as well!


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