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I’m Always Here

Pairing: Sam Winchester x Reader

Summary: The reader’s been dealing with a lot of stuff. (I mean, come on… She’s a hunter. What’d you expect?) Anyway, she starts looking at pictures and finds some of her and her dad. (For the sake of the story, he died in a hunting accident years ago.) And it just kinda breaks the dam holding back her emotions, and Sam finds her crying in her room at the bunker.

Word count: 864

Warnings: The reader’s been just feeling kinda depressed and down and just blegh… And like one curse word??

A/N: I’ve been wanting to write this for over a week. I was feeling sad and blegh (No, like seriously. I almost started crying because I couldn’t figure something out while practicing piano. lol) so… I got this idea. I mean, what’s better than having Sam freaking Winchester comfort you?
Anyway, you can implement anything that’s been putting you down lately. Hope you guys like it! (GIF not mine.)


I stared at the pictures in the light of the small lamp that was next to my bed, trying to keep the tears from slipping out of my eyes. A loud sob slipped past my clenched teeth though. I put a hand over my mouth, knowing that if Sam or Dean heard me from wherever they were in the bunker, they would come in to make sure I was okay, which I really wasn’t right now.

I choked back another sob and half yelled instead, throwing the photos at the wall. Tears slipped down my face, and I brought my knees up, leaning my forehead on them.

I heard footsteps stop outside of my door and froze. So much for being quiet. Somebody knocked.

I wiped the tears away with the back of my hand and took a deep breath. “What’s up?”

Sam opened the door slowly. “Can I come in?” I nodded. He sat down on the floor next to me. “You okay, y/n?”

I shrugged, attempting a smile, and leaned my head back on the bed. “Y-yeah… Why?”

“I thought I heard crying and…” His voice trailed off as he noticed the pictures scattered across the floor in front of me. He leaned forward and picked one up. It was of me and my dad. “Oh.” I looked down at the floor, trying not to cry again, but a sob burst out.

Sam got up, and for a second I thought he was leaving me alone until I felt his arms around me, picking me up. He sat down on my bed, leaning back against the pillows, holding me close on his lap as I cried.

“Shh, it’s okay, y/n. Shh…” He stroked my hair as he whispered the words.

I swallowed hard and sniffed, giving a weak laugh. “I’m sorry.”

Sam wiped away my tears with his thumb. “You don’t have to be sorry.”

I laughed/sobbed. He kissed the top of my head and hugged me tighter. We just sat in silence for a little while.

“It’s not even just the pictures though,” I mumbled suddenly. “Normally, I can look through them without much of a problem. It still hurts, but I’m usually okay. But I think this time, with everything else, it just kinda pushed me over the edge.”

Sam sighed and raised his eyebrows for a second. “Yeah… I know what that’s like.”

“Yeah.” I smiled slightly. “But we’ve all been through some crap.”


I punched him in the shoulder and rolled my eyes. “A hell of a lot of crap.”

Sam smirked. “That sounds about right… Have you been sleeping any better?”

I shrugged. “Sometimes it’s better, sometimes I still have a hard time falling asleep. Nightmares and stuff like that too… But you know what that’s like.”

He sighed again and rested his head against the brick wall, his fingers playing with my hair. I stared down at our intertwined hands, tearing up again.

Sam brushed some hair out of my face and pulled my chin up to look at him. “Hey, what’s wrong?”

I shook my head and smiled a little. “Nothing. I just… Thanks for being here.”

He grinned and bowed his head dramatically, getting his hair in my face. “I’m always here for you.” His expression turned more serious. “Always.” He leaned closer and pressed his lips to mine gently.

“Hey, Sammy- Oh-” Dean stopped in the doorway. “Moment… Sorry. Um, you guys look cute together.” He smirked.

Sam cleared his throat and made a face.

I rolled my eyes and gave him a fakely sweet smile. “Yeah, and you just interrupted that moment, Dean.”

“Hey! You guys left the friggin’ door open! I just wanted to remind you that we’re leaving at six tomorrow morning for that case in Indiana… But I’ll just close the door now and let the moment continue by leaving.” He waved his hand in a “keep going” motion and swung the door shut with a grin.

Sam laughed quietly and leaned in, brushing his lips against mine again. I slipped my fingers into his hair, and pulled him closer, smiling a little into the kiss. He broke away with another kiss to my forehead.

“You feeling better?”

I smiled again slightly. “Lots. Except for the fact that I’m exhausted.”

“Yeah, well. It’s midnight and we’re leaving in less than six hours, so sleep good.” He kissed me again, long and hard, and got up, putting me down on my feet. I sat back on the bed, cross-legged under the blanket.

As he turned the door handle, I hesitated for a moment, and he could tell I wanted to say something. “What’s up?”

“Um, if you wanna sleep in here, uh, you, like, can?”

I felt strangely weird saying it, but then he smiled and walked back to the bed, laying down next to me. I turned off the lamp, plunging the room into darkness, except for a small stripe of light from the hall, shining in from under the door.

Sam pulled me into his arms, hugging me close, my back against his chest. He kissed my hair, and I sighed, closing my eyes.

A/N: Yep… Another author’s note. I just wanted to say that this is pretty much taken out of a series that I’m writing. I’m probably gonna start posting it after the season finale, so yeah, if you wanna get tagged in it, drop me an ask, send me a message, or even just comment on this. =) Have a great day/night! And sweet dreams about Sam Winchester!!

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Mornings, am I right?

No one likes getting up in the morning, it’s a fact. And really, why would you? There’s nothing glamorous about it. There’s nothing pleasurable about the slow build from grogginess to wakefulness that could take minutes to hours to go through. Every morning is accompanied with a bad taste in your mouth, sleep in your eye, and finding the new aches and pains that come from sleeping the wrong way on a bad mattress - or the unbearable knowledge of having to part from the comfort of a good one. Mornings, although beautiful in theory, are a pain in practice and it’s probably fair for everyone to be entitled to a little bit of grumpiness.

What’s unfair, and downright terrifying at times, are those who believe they are entitled to possible murder. Castiel was one of those people.

On more than one occasion, Castiel had woken up in  a bad mood. To the point where surrounding people - roommates, friends, family - had been scared for their wellbeing. It was a known fact that Castiel was somewhat of an ‘untouchable’ in the morning, even when he got up in his own time, and protection and mercy was wished upon those who were unfortunate enough to have to be the ones to wake him up before he was ready. He had broken twelve alarm clocks in his life so far and no one was too keen on taking up that position. Least of all his brother Gabriel who had been punched more times than he’d care to discuss. When Castiel got up in the morning, households came to standstills and the world around him fell to a deathlike silence. No one was sure what noise or action could set him off and no one was dumb enough to want to find out. Castiel was scary in the mornings. Castiel could kill you in the morning. Which was why people were more than concerned for the life of Dean Winchester.

Dean came into Castiel’s life as his first serious relationship - which was a classy way of saying “Castiel’s virginity taker” -  and was loved by not only Castiel but by those who were closest in his life. That’s where the concern came in. Dean and Castiel had just announced to their families that they had decided to move in together and while Dean’s family was ecstatic, Castiel’s was fearful for Dean’s life.

“Dean-o!” Gabriel grinned as he threw an arm over his shoulders and pulled him close, guiding him away from the large group of people and into a more secluded area. “Moving in with my baby brother, huh? Well that’s big stuff!”

“Yeah, well,” Dean said with a shy smile, “we’ve been dating for long enough, I figure it’s time. And, you know, I never get to go to sleep next to Castiel because I have such an early shift at the garage I’m…. I’m always gone before morning comes and I just want to finally have that ‘waking up next to the one you love’ experience.” He looked over at Gabriel and rolled his eyes. “I know it sounds stupid-”

“Sure does. Why on earth would you want to do that?”

Dean frowned and pulled himself out from under Gabriel’s arm. “What?”

“All I’m saying is that you and Cassie have a good thing going now! Why would you want to ruin that by being so close to each other all the time, I mean, blegh! Just, ew, right?” Gabriel shuddered. “It’s like ‘oh I’m home and you’re there’ or-or ‘I want to poop and- whoa! Hey! You’re there’ or just ‘you know I want to walk around the house naked and-oh! Oh, God! I- There you are!’ Just- Yeck!” Gabriel mimicked the action of aggressively wiping gunk off his arms and shook his head. “You don’t want that!”

“Uh, actually I do,” Dean chuckled. “And, not to make this weird, but I doubt Castiel would have a problem with me walking around the house naked.”

Gabriel approached Dean suddenly and grabbed his arms causing him to jump and look fearfully into Gabriel’s eyes. “You can’t do this, man.”

“What the hell’s your problem?!”

“You can’t move in with Castiel, alright? If you love him, you won’t do this!”

“That’s like the opposite-”

“No! No, because if you do this you- Dean, you won’t love him anymore, okay? Believe me, I’ve gotten close to that point! You have to tell him you can’t! You have to tell him you think you two are moving too fast. Dean, you have to stop this!”

“What are you freaking out about?! You’re scaring the crap out of me!”

“Castiel gets bad in the morning,” he whispered harshly.

Dean raised his eyebrows. “What, like…grumpy? Gabe, I think everyone is a little grumpy in the mornings.”

Gabriel bowed his head and shook it slightly before looking back up at Dean. “No, you don’t understand. Cas- In the mornings he’s…. He becomes someone else. He becomes something else.”

Dean looked down into Gabriel bright, brown eyes and swallowed nervously. “Uh…huh. W-Well, uh,” he continued as he gently pried Gabriel’s hands from his arms, “I’ll be sure to keep that in mind, alright?”

“What? Dean-”

“Listen, I’m just going to go back in there,” he gestured to the living room, “and continue with the celebration while you calm down.”

“You’re not listening to me, Dean! You-”

“I’ll see you later, Gabriel,” he said before quickly leaving the room.

Gabriel stared at the spot he had vacated and let out a short and bitter laugh. “Fine. Go on and live with him. You’ll see. My God, will you see.”

Dean slowly came to on a lovely Saturday morning. He yawned softly and stretched his body out as he rubbed at his eyes and turned over on his side, smiling at the sight of messy, black hair that met his eyes. It was the first time he was waking up in his apartment with Castiel by his side and the feeling of content that filled his chest was one he had never experienced. Dean moved closer to Castiel until he was pressed up against his back and wrapped an arm around his waist. He kissed the back of his head before moving down to his neck and back up again to kiss his cheek. He continued to pepper him with kisses until Castiel started to stir.

“Mm,” Dean mumbled and kissed him again, “good mor-”

“Get. Off. Of me,” Castiel growled back and Dean’s eyebrows furrowed together in confusion.

“What? Is it my breath?”

Castiel sighed heavily and pushed his arm against Dean until he was away from him then proceeded to draw the covers up to his chin.

Dean, although a little thrown off, smiled and moved over to Castiel again before pulling the covers back and kissing his neck. “Come on, I have today off,” he mumbled. “Let’s make the morning a good one.” He trailed one hand under the covers and down Castiel’s leg but before he could get anywhere good Castiel snatched his hand up, threw it against him, and once again pulled the covers up to his chin. “Cas?” There was no response. “Hey, what’s your problem, man?” Dean grumbled and shoved him. Castiel remained silent and, of course, that only added to Dean’s aggravation. “Dude!”

Castiel shot up suddenly and rounded on Dean, his eyes dark, hair ruffled, and jaw set. “It. Is. Ten. AM,” He growled out through gritted teeth.

“Yeah, I know! Rise and fucking shi-”

“No. No, because you see, I’m tired. I’m very tired, Dean, and I do not get up at ten. I do not get up until my body is ready to get up, and even then, I don’t like to get up. So when you wake me up - with, yes by the way, horrible breath - I get just the teensiest bit agitated. So, if you don’t mind, shut up and leave me the hell alone so I CAN SLEEP!” Castiel fell back against the mattress and pulled the covers up over his head leaving a very confused - and slightly terrified - Dean sitting in the bed next to him.

Dean figured Castiel must’ve had a bad night and decided to let the small argument go and hope for something better tomorrow. Dean got up before the crack of dawn due to his job schedule and made sure to be quiet while he got ready. Before he left for the day he made sure to go into his and Castiel’s room and gently press a kiss to Castiel’s cheek.

“I’ll see you when I get back,” he whispered. “I’ll miss you and-”

“Oh my GOD!” Castiel screamed and Dean jumped back as Castiel turned over and pulled the covers over himself. Dean was shocked but didn’t think much of it. The sun wasn’t even up yet, he’d probably be cranky if someone woke him up that early too.

As their time living under the same roof went on, Dean had been yelled at, elbowed, hit with a pillow, punched in the arm, thrown out of the room, and more. They even had to replace the alarm clock Dean owned. It didn’t take long for him to realize just what Gabriel had been trying to warn him about. Castiel was a monster in the mornings. And not in the way Dean had hoped he would be.

As he laid in bed one morning, contemplating just what to do about the situation concerning his boyfriend’s morning alter ego, Castiel started to stir and Dean felt himself freeze up. He was positive he didn’t even let himself breathe for fear it would be too loud. Slowly, Castiel’s eyes pulled themselves open and moved along Dean’s body until they landed on his. Dean offered Castiel a hesitant smile and the latter of the two actually glared before rubbing at his eyes and slowly sitting up in bed. Dean watched as Castiel stretched, scratched the back of his head and slipped out of the bed and into the bathroom before slamming the door shut and turning on the sink. A few minutes later he reemerged with a fresher looking face and shot Dean a look - one that made Dean’s skin crawl - before going into the kitchen. Dean heard the familiar sound of brewing coffee and while he definitely could use a mug, he didn’t dare move from the bed. God forbid he walk out there the wrong way and Castiel dumped the pot of hot coffee over his head. No. No, he was perfectly fine just lying in bed. The bed was safe. The bed was warm. He liked the bed, it wasn’t scary. Unlike the thing lurking in his kitchen at the moment. It wasn’t long before Castiel was making his way back into the bedroom and Dean’s jaw almost dropped at how different he looked. His eyes were soft and his cheeks pink with color. There was the slightest hint of a smile on his lips as he took a small sip from his mug before setting it down on his nightstand.

“Good morning, Dean,” he smiled before getting back into the bed and pressing his lips against his boyfriend’s in a long and lingering kiss.

Dean barely responded back to it, his eyes blown wide in confusion.

“How’d you sleep,” Castiel murmured against him.

“Uh…. F-Fine. I guess?”

“Mmhm,” Castiel breathed out as he straddled Dean’s waist. “You have any good dreams?”

“Not that I can remember,” he replied as Castiel started kissing his neck.

“No? Well, I had a pretty interesting one about you.”

“Oh? Yo-You want to tell me about it?”

Castiel smiled against Dean’s skin before pulling away and gently nipping Dean’s bottom lip with his teeth. “I think it’d be more fun if I showed you.”

So it took Castiel a couple minutes to be civil in the morning? Big deal, right? Dean could let bygones be bygones! Forgive and forget, that was his motto! And Dean could definitely be patient if this was going to be the reward. He would wait eons if it meant Castiel was going to worship his body like this whenever he got a day off. In fact, Dean was so overwhelmed by Castiel’s generosity that day that he got in his head the idea that he should return the favor. It was a fine idea and one that Dean’s sweet heart couldn’t pass up. It was an idea that he acted on two days after he had received his favor from Castiel. It was an idea that excited him as he pulled the covers down from a sleeping Castiel’s waist. It was an idea that had Castiel moaning and whimpering in his sleep. It was an idea that had Castiel screaming and cursing when he was awake. And, once again, not in the way Dean wanted. It was an idea that nearly cost Dean his life.

“I don’t get it,” Dean whined at lunch months after he had been living with Castiel. He, along with Sam, Gabriel, and Castiel, had agreed to go out to lunch for a long overdue brotherly catch up. Sam had suggested breakfast but that notion was quickly shot down by both Gabriel and Dean before it even had the chance to see the light of day. “I mean, how can someone be so horrible in the morning?” Gabriel turned his attention away from sticking his finger in Sam’s ear and looked over at Dean with a heavy sigh. Castiel was currently in the bathroom and Dean had taken the moment to shed his complaints on his brother and friend. “And someone who is so perfect in every other aspect on top of that! It just doesn’t make sense.”

“Look, Dean, some people get testy in the heat, some in the cold. Castiel just happens to get testy between the hours of three and eleven fifty nine AM! You just have to let it go and learn how to deal with it. If I could handle it for fifteen years you should be able to do it for the rest of your life!”

“Is it really that bad, Dean?” Sam asked and swatted Gabriel’s hand away from him.

“He punched me in my tenders, Sam!” Dean hissed. “And all I did to him was push his hair out of his face!”

“Maybe stop touching him then.”

“Maybe stop touching him then,” Dean mimicked much to Sam’s dismay.

Gabriel smiled at Dean and shrugged. “I don’t know what to tell you, man. Just accept the fact that you’ve fallen in love with Castiel and his demonic pre-noon entity comes with the package. I mean, isn’t the saying “for better or worse?”

“We’re not married.”

“Not yet.”

Dean groaned and sat forward with his head in his hands. There had to be another way. Maybe Castiel could start taking some medicine that made him happy in the morning. They made that right? Twenty-four seven marijuana doses should suffice that need if over the counter prescriptions weren’t available. Maybe he could tell Castiel that he read a study about people who are happy in the morning generally live longer. That would change someone’s attitude right? It would’ve worked on him, that’s for sure. Or maybe he could lie and say that mornings were hard for him too and they made him so upset he cried and the only thing that could cure that would be seeing a happy Castiel!

‘Wow, that’s lame,’ he thought with a sigh.

“Dude!” Sam yelled and Dean heard the familiar sound of him slapping Gabriel’s hand away. “Seriously? Stop it!

“Oh, yeah? Why don’t you make me, Jolly Green?”

Dean sat up suddenly then and the men sitting opposite him looked over. “That’s it!”

“That’s what, Dean?” Sam asked.

“I’ll make Castiel love mornings! I’ll do something in the morning that he can’t resist and it’ll just make him love the idea of morning!”

Gabriel and Sam stared at Dean for a long moment before the former of the two burst out laughing. Gabriel slammed his hands against the table and threw his head back in glee as Sam sighed and softly shook his head. Dean frowned at both of their reactions but didn’t let them bother him. He’d make Castiel like mornings. He’d prove them wrong.

All he had to do was think of something good.

Castiel’s eyes slowly opened at the sound of a pan clattering in the kitchen followed by the loud cursing of his boyfriend. God, he loved that man but there were times when murder seemed like an understandable crime. He raised his eyes to the clock by his nightstand and saw that the red numbers displayed the time 7:36. Castiel whined and pulled the covers over his head before burrowing deeper into the mattress. Another clang of pans sounded from the kitchen and Dean screamed once more, this string of profanities longer than the last. Castiel threw the covers off of his body before rolling out of the bed and stalking over to their bedroom door. He flung it open with such a force that it hit the wall behind it and, no doubt, left a sizeable dent in the drywall. He continued down the short hallway before turning into the kitchen and letting his eyes settle on the man that was causing him great distress. He didn’t care to pay attention to the abundance of sunflowers or the fluffy pancakes. He didn’t look twice in the direction of the heart shaped eggs or the freshly brewed coffee. All of his attention was on the person by the stove, dressed in his pajamas, humming some soft tune as he threw bacon into the pan.


He looked over and his eyes widened before he quickly abandoned the bacon and moved to stand before Castiel.

“You’re awake,” he whispered and swallowed. “Uh-”

“What in the hell-

“Wait, wait just let me talk, alright? Let me- Let me do this, okay?” Dean reached into the pocket of his pajama pants and lowered himself onto one knee. He took in a deep breath before pulling out a small velvet box and popping the top to reveal a silver wedding band. “Cas-”

Castiel, without any shame, began sobbing.

“Hey,” Dean said with a watery laugh, “wait for me to get the speech down first, alright? I won’t be able to get through it otherwi-”

“I’m so tired!” Castiel cried and Dean’s smile immediately fell. “Dean, I’m tired!” he sobbed and moved his hands up to his eyes. “I just want to sleep! I just want to go to bed and you’re proposing! Why are you proposing at SEVEN THIRTY SIX IN THE MORNING?!” Castiel screamed before he continued sobbing.

Dean looked down at the ring and then up at Castiel before raising a hand in a calming gesture. “No. No, no, see this wasn’t- You were supposed to start loving mornings! This was supposed to make you happy in the morning and-”

“I don’t want to be happy in the morning, Dean! It’s the morning! It sucks!”


“I just want to sleep in the morning, Dean! I just-I-I-” Castiel cried some more before somewhat composing himself and carrying on. “I love you but you really make me want to kill you sometimes,” he sobbed and Dean’s shoulders slumped forward. “Why do you want me to kill you? I don’t want to-to do that! I- I just want to sleep.” He sniffled and wiped under his nose before looking down at Dean. “Ok-Okay? Can I just sleep? I’m going to sleep.” He turned away from Dean and shuffled back into the hallway.

Dean sighed and felt his frown deepen as his heart became heavy. He stared down at the ring and mumbled, “So much for that,” before pushing himself to his feet and walking back over to the stove to move the bacon. He switched it off and turned back around only to be met with the sight of Castiel standing just behind him. He jumped and fell back against the stove before rolling his eyes. “Jesus, Cas! You scared the shit-”

“You were proposing?” he asked with wide and tired eyes.

Dean sighed and shrugged. “I mean, yeah! Yeah I-”

Castiel placed his hands on either side of Dean’s face and gently pushed his lips against his. Dean’s eyes fell shut and he kissed Castiel back with just as much tenderness before Castiel pulled away. “Yes,” he breathed against Dean’s lips.

“Yes?” Dean asked in disbelief.

Castiel smiled and bit his bottom lip before nodding. “Yes. Now give me my ring so I can go back to sleep.”

Mornings are rough. They pull you from the wonder of the subconscious into the hardships of the conscious. They have no mercy on those unfortunate enough to encounter them and don’t care enough to listen to complaints and upsets nor joys and praises. Mornings are cruel and unfair and downright nasty. They are not there to bring serenity or good wishes. They are not there to make the day any better.

Not every morning at least.

Welcome Back Yousef

Read on Ao3

Summary:The whole gang celebrates Yousef’s return.

Notes: Y’all wanted the party, so here ya go! There are some of our favorite ships in there like yousana and evak, there are some of our not so favorites, like noorhelm and vildus (vagnus?), some we have mixed feelings about, like joneva, but the point is that it’s cannon compliant, and the ships that aren’t our favorite exist, but thet don’t get as much any “screentime” as the good ones. Also Vilde is gay because they literally set it up in the show. Theres also a special crackship that i’ve talked about before, you’re welcome. i got lazy like three paragraphs in so sorry if it’s shit.

Sunday, August 20, 2017 at 8:37 pm
Multiple points of view

Yousef rolls his eyes at his friend’s impatience. He pockets his phone and doesn’t respond, figuring it’s kind of pointless when he and Sana are already standing on her front porch. 

They took their time walking back to her house, just talking about Yousef’s trip, how Sana was while he was away, and just enjoying being around each other in general.

Now, standing on Sana’s front stoop, Yousef is excited to see his friends again. He and Sana appear to be so late to his own “surprise” party, that it’s already in full swing. They can hear the music from the backyard, and the loud chatter that carries with it.

Yousef makes to walk inside, but Sana stops him.

“Remember to try to look surprised. Elias will never forgive me if he finds out I ruined the surprise. I give him so much shit for it when he does it, and I don’t need to look like a hypocrite,” she exclaims as she waggles a finger at him.

He laughs and says, “Okay, I promise. Alt for deg, girl.”

She rolls her eyes fondly as they make their way inside, walking through the living room and kitchen, out to the backyard.

They walk through the doors together as Yousef puts on a mock - surprised face that turns into a genuinely - surprised face. The backyard is breathtaking. There are fairy lights strung across the trees on the sides of the yard that drench the scene in an almost magical, soft glow. Everyone is wearing nice clothes, but not too formal, and chatting comfortably with one another. The whole atmosphere is just laid back and chill. It’s perfect.

The entire party seems to collectively turn to see who showed up, look back to their conversations, and then realize who it was. Un-synchronized shouts of “Surprise! Welcome back Yousef!” and scattered cheers ring through the backyard.

Elias starts running back and forth, seemingly trying to figure out what to do.

“Sana! You were supposed to text me before you guys got here!” Elias exclaims, hands running back and forth along the back of his head.

Sana scrunches her face up in confusion. “What? You didn’t tell me that!”

Elias gives her a skeptical look. “Ja, I did. I told you yesterday!”

Sana raises an unimpressed eyebrow. “Nei, you did not tell me! I would have remembered if you did.”

Elias deflates slightly. “Oh. I thought I’d told you before.”

Sana just shakes her head in disappointment as Eva busts out laughing from somewhere in the back of the yard, Noora consolingly patting her shoulder. The attendees start to resume their previous conversations as Sana makes her way over to the back of the yard.

Noora is still patting Eva’s shoulder, William standing behind her with a confused expression painting his face. Jonas is standing behind Eva with a fond, amused look on his face.

Surprisingly, Eva isn’t even drunk. There’s no alcohol at this party, as it’s at the Bakkoush’s house, but this is something that Sana would typically expect out of Drunk Eva.

“What’s happening?” Sana inquires as she gives Eva a skeptical look. When Eva only laughs harder, Sana turns to Noora for explanation.

“I have no idea.” She says simply.

A minute passes while Eva gathers herself again, moving away from Noora and standing on her own. Jonas takes this as a queue to step forwards and rub her back.

“I was just talking to Even earlier. He said that you and Elias have always been so much alike, but every time someone would tell you that, you’d look at each other and start shaking your heads and deny it. Then, right after he said that, Elias came over to us to say hi, and asked what we were talking about. Even told him, and he turned to me and was like, ‘Nei nei nei, he’s been on this for like, nine years, this guy has no idea what he’s talking about.’ So then we started talking about something else, but then you and Yousef show up, and you were like, ‘Why didn’t you tell me?’ and he was like, ‘I thought I’d told you before.’” Eva looks at Sana, waiting for her to start laughing along, but Sana just looks confused.

“Don’t you remember? Back in first year, it was the three of us,” she gestures to herself, Sana, and Noora, “In the library? We were talking about, uhm, Chris! Penetrator Chris and Ingrid hooked up at that one party and you saw it, but you never told me until we were in the library together?”

Sana and Noora start giggling along too, as Noora jumps in too, trying to talk over the giggles.

“Ooh, ooh, remember that time-” Noora begins, just in time as Chris and Vilde jump into the conversation.

“Halla, girls,” Chris greets.

“What are we talking about?” Vilde asks.

“Just reminiscing about the good times, yeah?” Noora sighs as she throws an arm over both Eva and Vilde’s shoulders. Vilde smiles and laughs along as she rests her head on Noora’s shoulder, and Noora squeezes tighter.

“Oh, remember the whole cabin trip during easter break in first year? And the Ouija Board? The one that-”

“Oh yeah, and the magic hijab-”

“The one that said-”

“And the no reply on Jodel-”



“-AND THE POTATOES!” Vilde and Noora shriek in unison, pointing at each other as they dissolve into uncontrollable laughing.

(Half the party is looking at the group of them by now, among them is the most confused, Isak, who just heard his name shouted along with the fact that he’s gay, and something about an Ouija Board. He’ll ask Eva about it later. None of the girls notice the looks being shot their way.)

“Hva faen is the deal with potatoes and you two?” Chris asks, exasperated.

Noora and Vilde share a fond look for a moment before Vilde quips, “Your body needs potatoes.”

Before anyone else can inquire about the mysterious potatoes, the girls all burst into more rounds of trying to shout over each other and coming up with the best remember this’s.

Jonas and William make eye contact over the group of oblivious girls and both shake their heads, silently understanding that there’s a mutual confusion plaguing them both. Both boys take this as a queue to leave.

Jonas lets out a huff of laughter as he spots Isak not too far away, in the corner of the yard with Even. As he approaches, he watches the exchange between the two of them. Even is standing close to Isak, hand resting on Isak’s upper back, as he leans in for a kiss. Even seems to expect a long kiss, whilst Isak only gives him a short peck and turns back to his plate of food he has in hand.

“…love food more than you love me,” Even whines as Jonas draws close enough near to hear the conversation.

“Maybe I do,” Isak shoots back, chin upturned with sass. Even feigns offense and puts a hand on his chest, gasping a scandalized breath to go with it.

Isak looks up at him with hooded eyes and says quietly, but still loud enough for Jonas to hear, “Nei. Nothing more than you.” Even smiles a bright smile and kisses Isak again, who actually returns more than a quick peck this time.

“Blegh,” Jonas says as he approaches. “You two are gross,” he grumbles, though his tone and the smile he shoots at Isak suggest anything but that.

“Halla gutta,” Magnus interjects loudly as he and Madhi step into the group.

A chorus of hallas ring around the circle as Magnus breaks it, stepping forwards to greet Even with a tight hug. Isak’s eye twitches when the hug lingers for more than one second, but Jonas thinks he’s the only one that saw it.

“What’s happening over there?” Isak questions, raising his fork and pointing in the general direction of the still shrieking girls, who are currently yelling something about Noora chewing out William in first year and William’s pubic hair.

Jonas just gives him a sideways look before responding, “I don’t even know myself, man. Something about Ouija Boards and Jodel and potatoes.” The boys laugh and shake their heads.

“Yeah, but uh, how is everything? I know we haven’t talked as much recently, we’ve both been busy lately. But it’s good? With you and Eva, I mean?” Isak prods. Magnus, Madhi, and Even have turned to their own conversation already, so now it’s just him and Isak.

“Det går bra, det går bra,” Jonas replies as he bobs his head. “I really think we can make it work this time. Just from the couple of months we’ve spent back together, I can see how much she’s grown without me in a year and a half. And it’s all for the better. We’ve both grown into ourselves a bit more now, and I feel better than I have in a long time.”

Isak looks back at Jonas with a soft expression. Isak knows in detail more than anyone else about the messy start to their relationship the first time around, and knows better than anyone else how much it had hurt Jonas when he and Eva had split up.

Isak and Jonas exchange a private smile that Even catches out of the corner of his eye. As Mahdi says something else that makes Magnus shriek in protest, and Jonas and Isak join in the roasting session, he takes this as an opportunity to slip out of the group, quickly squeezing Isak’s shoulder before leaving the boys to their own devices for a little while (no one is drunk, so he’s not too worried about leaving them alone).

Even takes a few long strides to over where Elias, Yousef, and Sana are all standing together.

“She’s the one that spoiled it, man!” Elias exclaims. Yousef looks down at Sana, who’s standing close by his side.

“Nah. You brought it up in the chat first.”

“That’s no fair, bro. You’re only taking her side because you like her.”

“Aww, Elias! Are you jealous!? It’s okay, I like you too,” Yousef sarcastically coos. He reaches out and wraps Elias in a hug that’s half bro hug but half soft and caring.

“I do. I love you,” Yousef says to him. Sana and Even watch the exchange fondly as he catches her eye over the tops of the boys’ heads. She gives him her signature Sana Smirk, and his eyes twinkle right back at her.

Yousef and Elias untangle with rapid pats on each other’s backs. Yousef steps back and says something lowly into Sana’s ear. She nods and the two walk away, not touching but still unnecessarily close to one another. Even watches them for a few moments, observing their interactions. He’s happy for Yousef. He’s over the fucking moon stoked for Yousef. Even knows how long he’s been pining for Sana (and how Sana pined for him, because let’s be honest, they’re not subtle when they’re together), and he’s glad they finally got together. He watches as they make their way over to the snack table, which is empty save the two of them. As soon as they have a little privacy they immediately start flirting. Within a few moments, Yousef has already thrown approximately three Cheetos at Sana, one of which got stuck somewhere in the folds her hijab. It appears to be lost now as they both pick through the grey fabric, dissolving into uncontrollable giggles. Even though Sana was going through a rough time a couple of months ago, and he’s glad to see her genuinely laughing and smiling again.

Even is pulled back to reality when he hears Elias sigh next to him. He turns back to Elias only to find him also staring at his sister and best friend.

“I’m happy she’s happy,” he says simply. Even smiles to himself. Even after years of zero interaction, Elias still manages to voice his internal thoughts aloud.

He turns back to face Even fully.

“Are you happy?” Elias asks it so simply. No judgement. No overbearing worry. No nosy snooping. Just genuinely wanting to know how his friend is.

Even’s small smile turns into a wider one, but still humble.

“Yes.” Elias meets his eyes and nods, matching his smile. They’ll have time to talk more later, but for now, that’s all they need.

“But it’s good to have you back, man.” Elias offers as he claps a hand on Even’s shoulder.

As if on queue, Mutta, Mikael, and Adam pop up to his right, all offering their own hands to pat his other shoulder or rub circles on his back.

He’s amazed how their old dynamic picked back up so quickly despite the history and how things had ended. Even is overwhelmed with love for these boys, who just accepted him back into the squad without anyone blinking twice.

“But what about you? How are things with Isabelle?” Even asks, and Elias’s smile grows as he looks at the floor. All the other boys chime in and start in on him about his situation with her.

Mutta had already talked to Elias earlier this week, so he knows the inside scoop.

He walks over to the snack table and piles his fourth plate up with junk food. Another girl approaches the table, plate already in hand with crumbs on it. She’s wearing a t-shirt with a french fry pattern on the shoulders, along with a purple and pink jacket thrown over it and a unicorn headband in her thin, brown hair.

“Jeez, this is like my third plate!” She exclaims. She smiles in Mutta’s direction as he laughs.

“It’s my fourth. I got you beat,” he counters playfully.

The girl looks up and meets his eyes. She had just taken a bite off of her plate and has her fork in her mouth. She seems to have swallowed her food, but is spinning the fork around in her mouth.

Mutta takes this opportunity to take in the girl’s entire appearance. She’s much shorter than him, a little stocky and judging from her wardrobe choice, quirky. He looks back up to her face and takes in her soft features.

She’s beautiful.

Suddenly he’s hyper aware of the fact that she’s eyeing him up and down, slowly as she continues to spin the fork around in her mouth.

“I’m Chris. I know you’re Mutta, but we haven’t really met yet.” She says. He smiles at her and offers his hand. He accepts it.

“Hi Chris, I’m Mutta. You just said that, though. Uh, sorry. Why am I still shaking your hand?”

Chris glances down at their joined hands, which are still shaking in the space between them.

They hold eye contact for what feels like another two minutes (it’s actually more like six, but who’s counting)

Vilde watched the exchange from her spot in the yard, as Magnus comes up behind her.

“Everything good?”

“Yeah. Great,” She smiles at him. She means it. Magnus smiles and kisses the side of her head and squeezes her hand.

“Just checking in.” He walks away back to the group of boys nearby, consisting of Mahdi, Mikael, Adam, Even, Isak and Elias.

Sana appears to her left and leans in to nudge her shoulder.

“You’re seeing it too?” Sana asks through giggles, referencing the eye-fucking taking place at the food table.

“Yeah,” Vilde giggles along. She cocks her head a little. “It seems different this time though. Do you know Mutta well?” She turns to look at Sana.

“I’ve known him for a long time.” Sana responds after a moment. She glances back at Chris and Mutta. “I’ve never really considered it before, but now that I think about it, the two of them make total sense.”



Yousef approaches them both with a warm smile at Vilde and a dopey, love-sick one for Sana.

“Hei,” she greets him.


“I’m going to go talk to Eva. Let me know if anything new happens over there,” Vilde interjects quickly, before leaving Yousef and Sana by themselves.

“Are you having fun?”

“Of course! Takk. Serr, takk. This was so nice.”

“I didn’t do this! Mikael and Elias planned it all.”

Yousef shoots her a skeptical look. “We both know that’s a lie.”

Sana giggles and nods. “Yeah. But most of the decorating was Vilde, she volunteered to set it all up the second she heard about it.”

“But still. It’s amazing.”

“You’re welcome.”

She takes a step closer to him and leans into his side for a moment.

“I’m really glad you’re back. Like, really, really glad.”

Yousef grins to himself like an idiot. He takes in the scene in front of him, the Bakkoush’s backyard brimming with people that love him.

“I am too. Like, I really, really am. I love all of you so much.”

Notes: uh yeah, so what do you all think about chris / mutta? I’ts such a concept I love it. this entire chapter was just foreshadowing what ill write more about in the future, (gayvilde) (EliasandIsabelle) (JonasandIsak) etc.

Dance With Me

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Summary: There’s always a school formal. But when a certain obnoxious rich girl decides to make it a huge masquerade, Chat Noir decides it’s time to ask his Lady to the dance. He’s prepared for rejection, but miraculously she agrees. What does this mean for Chat Noir and Ladybug?

Ship: LadyNoir aka Ladybug/Chat Noir

Word Count: 1,392

Status: Ongoing

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summary: swedish for;“enough, sufficient, adequate, just right, perfect
tw: mention of heights + balconies(non-harmful way)//
word count: 1200w
genre: fluff
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A/N:super late lovey-dovey shit for valentines day,, (ps. its japhan bc i still can’t let go of it it’s nearly been a year dear god)

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m-a-r-v-e-l-ous  asked:

I'm mad Bc my friend saw bvs and he's like mr. Film critic. But he went into it with the notion that it was going to suck. He was like "well I'm ready to be disappointed" and then came out like "yeah it sucked like I knew it would" but literally couldn't even form his own argument he was like "it had no story line and it was pointless and no character development and blah blah blah" and it just makes me mad Bc he was so prejudiced against it already

WARNING: long response warning and calling people out below.

Your friend, no offense, is an idiot. Like a lot of these brainless critics who often go by “This Movie Didn’t Go By The Formula I Like To See. So By Default, It Sucked.” He’s sounds like the other critics who kept saying BVS was more akin to an illustrious mythological painting as opposed to Marvel’s light-hearted neat style.

  • Which is a compliment. ????¿ But okay.

Like, the reviewers are literally mad that BVS forced them to use their conscience. They’re mad that BVS required them to use their brain, to challenge their own ideals. They’re mad because BVS is the first superhero movie to actually face-to-face hold their characters accountable for their actions even when they’re “doing the right thing”. It’s the first movie to put their iconic heroes in an objective light and have the audience go as far as questioning the heroes they love.

They’re mad because their villain wasn’t one-dimensional. Ignoring Doomsday, Lex Luthor (Jr fyi cos all the reviewers completely missed that he’s Lex’s son) was a villain who even had the audience fooled on several occasions. You expect him to be one way and he’s not. You can see that his father, Lex Luthor, poured ideals into his son’s head that eventually turned Lex into some kind of villain.

Pulling tricks out his sleeves like he’s a freaking master magician, bringing literally bringing Superman to his very knees without having to harm a single hair on his head, and playing on Batman’s entire psyche the entire time to put the two titans, so to speak, against each other.

Both for entertainment and to prove something to himself, the world, and to both of them about each other (which actually in turn works in Bruce and Clark’s favor in the end). Lex played the characters and the audience well. You had no choice but to respect his brilliance.

  • I can’t tell you how many times I covered my mouth and said “oh my god” because of Lex’s reveals lol.
  • Not to mention how easily Lex did the math on Batman and Superman cause he actually used his eyes ha.

They’re mad because the women weren’t twenty-something in cat suits and wielding guns. That formula always works but it’s time for something different. Not every woman has to be gorgeous with a mysterious past. It’s er, unoriginal. It works but, it’s very unoriginal and it’s the archetype you can find in almost every movie written by a man involving “strong women”

They’re mad because the women were diverse in age, skill set, appearance, and even ethnicity

  • (WOC Wonder Woman, which if you ask me, is a superhero accomplishment of the century brought to you by DC/Warner Bros).

Because the women were written on an even playing field as the men in terms of risks, casualties, danger, and so on. Because the women weren’t used as a sexual subplot and played a special role, especially the mothers. ;)

They’re mad because it’s an actual comic book accurate comic book movie. That it told a story where the audience didn’t have to watch eleven movies first and didn’t need to be handheld. Ever read a comic book? That’s what it’s like watching BVS. You go to the next page and the next page until you get to the end and wait for the next comic book issue. Sometimes you can’t fully appreciate a story a comic is telling until you read all the installments. BVS is just the beginning.

10/10 of those reviewers didn’t like BVS because :

  • - they didn’t pay attention. literally it’s quite embarrassing how much they didn’t pay attention and how it shows in their reviews that they are either really really stupid or didn’t actually watch the movie

  • - they’re used to those “family friendly, witty one-liner” superhero movies that marvel constantly makes and so they get frustrated with DC’s unique formula despite the absurdity of expecting DC to mimic the same formula as Marvel when DC has an unrivaled, unabashed reputation of their serious movies

  • * (ps- the writers/producers for The Winter Soldier admitted to using elements of The Dark Knight trilogy to make Cap 2 just saying which means the movie used DC’s style and look how well that worked out for them :) ) (pss- Marvel and DC aren’t the same so don’t expect them to be ;) ) *

  • - they came in being cynical and judgmental and desperate to see the movie fail

  • - they’re hypocritical

You can’t demand diversity and complexity in a plot, claiming that you’re sick of Marvel’s witty-one-liner method…

…only to deny it when DC produces it.

pick a side, guys. you either want better writing or you just want something to complain about.

People say there’s no character development but there was. And frankly, how much character development goes into a movie where two main characters haven’t been formally introduced to the story yet? The only one who could possibly have character development is Superman since we met him already in Man of Steel. And if you pay attention, Supes had character development.

What a perfect way to bait reluctant fanboys into seeing the Wonder Woman film by showing her in BVS in her truest battle glory where quite literally everyone fell in love with her! What better way to bait people into seeing the upcoming films with The Flash, Aquaman, Cyborg, etc than to give them sneak peaks in the film and show time-traveling Flash approaching Batman. In the final works of the Justice League all the questions will be answered. It’s reverse-storytelling at its finest and I am here for this.

Your friends claim that there was no plot? Um. What, did he go to the wrong movie and stare at a black screen for two hours and forty-five minutes? Um. The whole movie is layered with plot.

Sorry your friend is so close-minded. I wouldn’t have bothered seeing it with him. People like that can’t be changed. They prefer to be cynical and unreasonably harsh on a movie for personal and childish reasons. Oh the woes of being an egotistical know-it-all movie-goer who calls oneself a “qualified reviewer” I suppose.

  • Imagine wanting every superhero movie to be the exact same? That’s like eating flavorless oatmeal every day. Blegh.

Thank god BVS is the way that it was.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with kid-friendly films (tho I’m not sure how “kid-friendly” Marvel is and I think they’re mistaking those early Spiderman films for what the MCU is making today. My nephew can’t watch any of the Cap movies because of the violence) but thank god for BVS being a movie adults/teens can enjoy without things being dumbed down so kids can access it. Sometimes stories are meant to be told differently and specifically and DC has never sacrificed that for their “child audience”.

The real audience members enjoyed the film aka moviegoers who don’t bother with critics, people who are just looking to see a good movie, and the people who know the comic book source material enjoyed it even more.

  • It made 700+ million dollars which is more than any superhero movie has ever made, breaking a few world records including highest grossing superhero film in the process.

K bye

edit: he couldn’t form an argument because he didn’t pay attention to the movie lol


Min Yoongi; Humor

Everyone always thinks they’re going to be the chill girl after a break-up.

You know- the ones you see in movies who are like whatever, I don’t really care and are really classy and fabulous and drink fancy wine at a bar until some new equally hot or hotter man hits on them but they’re like no thanks I just got out of a serious relationship and I need time for me.


The chill girl.

Except now you were sitting at home with 2 days unwashed hair sobbing profusely into your second tub of Ben and Jerry’s (the only truly reliable men in your life), drinking cheap wine from the bottle, and yelling in your half drunken state at your phone.

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