and this was before a lift walk

Imagine: tom and you are filming a scene and because of your relationship you can't help but laugh

As you got off the chair and laughed you turned to tom in character “ oh bite me ! Your just an annoying cockroach that runs around ” as tom moved towards the door of the set you crossed your arms and lifted your eyebrow ➖➖➖➖ ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ Tom paused for a moment and then carried on walking while speaking “oh princess ! ” he laughed turning his head over his shoulder “ just because you’ve been told you can only look doesn’t mean you can’t touch ” before he could finish his line you both break down laughing for the eight time . The crew just rolled their eyes “can’t touch ” you said laughing “ you touch it every night (y/n) ” tom added making everyone laugh and you blush

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Beefy Bucky

(Bucky x Reader)

Thank you @narsissisticcracker for the request! (Sorry for how long it took!)

Summary: Beefy Bucky! One day he catches you staring at him and makes you tell him why, but you’re embarrassed because his beefiness turns you on.

Warnings: Makeout sesh, language a little bit.

                You walked into the gym for your morning workout session, when you saw your boyfriend lifting weights in front of the mirrors. He grunted softly as he curled his huge biceps. You walked up behind him and wrapped your arms around his shoulders, giving him a quick kiss on his neck.

                “Hey Doll, why are you here so early?” Bucky asked, removing his headphones and turning to face you.

                “I woke up early and couldn’t fall back asleep.” You replied before making your way over to the tread mill.

                Lucky for you, the treadmill was positioned so you had the perfect view of Bucky. Man, he was so beefy. His muscles were enormous, he had always been strong, but something was different. He had been working out more than usual lately, causing him to look huge and you couldn’t stop staring at him. Every now and then he’d glance over at you and smirk, and you’d look away pretending you hadn’t been staring at him all along. After 20 minutes you moved to an even better ‘Bucky watching’ location, the chin up bar. At this point, he very obviously knew something was up with you. He put down his weights and walked over to you. This didn’t stop you from continuing with your exercise, until he grabbed you by the waist and lifted you off the chin up bar.

                “Hey, what do you think you’re doing?” You yelled as he effortlessly placed you on the ground, despite your squirming.

                “You like what you see, huh?” He grinned slyly.

                “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” You said pretending to be clueless, trying to return to your workout.

                “You know exactly what I’m talking about.” Bucky grabbed your wrist, spinning you around to face him.

                “Buck-“ You whispered, your faces just inches apart.

                “Tell me why you keep staring at me.” He growled seductively, both intimidating you, and turning you on.

                “You’re just so muscular, and beefy.” You ran your hands along his shoulders and down his back.

                “I’m beefy?” He questioned, sounding surprised.

                “Yeah, y’know, you’re just, I don’t know.” You buried your face in his chest in embarrassment.

                “Am I making you blush Y/n?” He laughed brushing your hair off your neck.

                You felt his warm lips make contact with your skin, causing chills to run down your spine. He knew all your sweet spots, and exactly how to make you collapse into him.

                “Do I turn you on Y/n?” He whispered into your ear.

                “Y-yes.” You answered breathily.

He pushed you against the wall and placed his huge metal hand under your ass, lifting you up, forcing you to wrap your legs around his bulky core. His lips never left yours. This kiss was needy, sloppy, but still passionate. Your hands grasped his hair, and he moved his lips to your jawline leaving airy pecks. He pulled away brushing his nose against yours, releasing your legs.

“Maybe I should work out in the morning more often.” You smirked, biting your lower lip.

“I am pretty hot I guess.” He laughed walking away, purposefully flexing just to tease you.

Lol or imagine Megatron remembering who Drift actually was in relation to him like, after MONTHS of working with him.

Like one day they’re in a lift going down to check on something in the engine room per Magnus’ request and when Drift walks in it’s like:

“Oh, hello Drift. Ready to go?”

“Yep. Alright, let’s do this.”

And Megs is like “Okay.” But then he thinks about it. Wait. He’s been in an elevator with a pointy-eared mech who says “Alright let’s do this” BEFORE!!!

“… Wait a minute. Drift.”

“Uh, yeah? Did you forget som–”

“DRIFT! You’re THAT Drift!”


“… Sorry I got excited, I just realized it now.”

“.. YOU JUST– You JUST NOW realized I used to be Deadlock under you!!?!”

“Uh well how was I supposed to know. You’ve got a new frame, a new weapon of choice, really the Autobot brand is throwing me off a lot too… you know how different someone can look just with a paint job?”

“I can’t believe this. I can’t believe I worked for you. We’ve been living on down the hall from each other for 7 MONTHS! We see each other every day. You’re an IDIOT.”

“You STILL work for me, by the way. I’m your Captain.”

“Oh shut up.”

“Ooh, still feisty. Do you still have the fangs?”

“–Go away–”

“–No no, let me see–”

“–I SAID–”

And the door opens up to the former warlord scuffling with his once most feared general, at least 2 fingers in his mouth while his victim mercilessly kicks at his legs and chassis.


make me choose moodboards@hermionegrangcr asked: america singer or cress darnel

“What are these?“ Maxon asked, brushing across the tips of my fingers as we walked.
"Calluses. They’re from pressing down on violin strings four hours a day.”
“I’ve never noticed them before.”
“Do they bother you?” I was the lowest caste of the six girls left, and I doubted any of them had hands like mine.
Maxon stopped moving and lifted my fingers to his lips, kissing the tiny, worn tips.
“On the contrary. I find them rather beautiful.” I felt myself blush. “I’ve seen the world – admittedly mostly through bulletproof glass or from the tower of some ancient castle – but I’ve seen it. And I have access to the answers of a thousand questions at my disposal. But this small hand here?” He looked deeply into my eyes. “This hand makes sounds incomparable to anything I’ve ever heard. Sometimes I think I only dreamed that I heard you play the violin, it was so beautiful. These calluses are proof that it was real.” 

[SUMMARY: Negan finds a baby girl in the middle of the woods and takes her in. He begins to fall for one of his wives when he sees how much she takes care of the baby.]

Smut/Super fluff/Negan as a dad

Negan and Hazel.

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I barely use my Tumblr (I prefer Twitter - @jarpadrpincess), but I honestly couldn’t be happier with my op so… I’d like to share it here.

BurCon was my second con, and it was incredible. I was shaking a lot and half panicking, so the IMALIVE person had to come over. She spoke to me and made me breathe before I walked up. Jared was all smiley and I asked him for a hug. I had to explain I didn’t want my face in the shot, and he and said “you don’t want your…” before giving me a look. Eheheh. Then he told me to show him what I wanted. So I hugged his neck and he tightly wrapped his arms around me, and after the picture was taken he lifted me up a bit and moved me around before letting go. He was so smiley!!! After, I managed to tell him how proud I was for his recent interview and AKF. He said “thanks baby girl” and smiled again, and moved his finger over my chin before I walked away. He then smiled again and told me he loved the hoodie !! I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. I’m so glad I finally got to give him a hug.

I can’t wait to see him at MinnCon 2017 <3 I have his auto, and I may ask him to write ‘AKF’ so I can get it tattooed :)

This photoshoot inspired a little drabble. Photo not mine, credit to owner.

Thanks Evan for killing all of us with this dad-vibe photo right here.

Warnings: None, dad!Chris

“Daddy I don’t feel good.” your daughter said as she came into the kitchen for breakfast before school.

Chris turned around from where he was standing and walked over to her.

“You don’t feel good? Your tummy hurt?” Chris asked as he crouched down in front of her.

She nodded her head and made pouty lips. Chris felt her forehead with his wrist. It felt a little warm. He picked her up and set her on the countertop while he went to go get the thermometer.

“Okay sweetheart, you gotta help Daddy here. Can you lift up your tongue so Daddy can check your temperature please?” Chris asked.

Your daughter made a stink face and then opened her mouth wide and lifted up her tongue so Chris could check her temp. Sure enough, she had a fever.

“Alright little one, Daddy has some news for you. You can’t go to school today because you have a fever. But that means we can have a Daddy/Daughter movie day.” Chris lifted your daughter off the counter and onto the floor.

Just as Chris said that you walked in.

“What this about a movie day I hear?” You asked as you went to grab a mug for some coffee.

“This one here has a fever and can’t go to school-”Chris began.

“So Daddy said we can watch movies all day. Wanna join Mommy?” She asks.

“Oh sweetheart, I’d love to but Mommy has some work to do. But I’ll be home by lunch and then I can join.” You gave her a kiss on her head.

“I’ll call the school. You go do your work stuff and we’ll see you at lunch.” Chris kissed you before he swatted your butt as you began to walk to the garage.

Chris sat down on the floor with a bowl of cereal after he spent a good thirty minutes chasing your daughter around to take some medicine. He began to dial the school’s numbers to let them know your daughter wouldn’t be coming in today because she was sick.

He didn’t know how you did it. You had done all of this before you went back to work. He knew he was gonna have to make it up to you somehow.

12x12 Coda

They pushed into the bunker.  Castiel made his way to the kitchen while the rest of the Winchesters watched where he disappeared through the door.

Sighing, Dean closed his eyes for a moment.  He had only about a minute to shoo everyone.  This could get ugly.  Dean licked his lips before spinning around to look at his brother.

Lifting his hands in a surrender and arching one eyebrow higher than the other, Sam donned a smirk.  “Hey, yeah, I’m heading to bed. Have fun.”  He walked toward the hallway.

Biting the inside of his cheek and trying to push down the blush that was traveling to his cheeks, Dean turned to his mother.  

She had a softer smirk. It was awkward, but she lightly punched his shoulder and offered a stiff nod.  “Go get ‘im, tiger.”

Dean couldn’t stop the blush that time.  His eyes prickled and burned with the intensity of the blush as he watched his mother slip down the hallway, too.

He wasn’t sure how ‘under control’ it was when Cas returned.  In his hands were 4 bottles of beer.  “Hey, I thought…”  He trailed off.  He looked around the empty room; a tiny confused twitch set off between his eyebrows.

“I thought maybe we should go to bed early.”  Dean wrung his hands a little.  He stared at his fingers.

“Oh, okay.”

Dean didn’t see it; he was too transfixed on his own hands, but he heard the clatter of the bottles on the table.  He waited.  Or he anticipated.  Or he worried.  He wasn’t sure what to do.  There was more to this.  It was heavier than it needed to be, than it used to me.

There was more that needed to be said.  He opened his mouth but ended up closing it again.  Everything had always went unsaid and suddenly it wasn’t.

Cas was going to die and he said it.

Where Dean was still looking at his hands, he saw Cas’ hand come close to his own.  It was close enough that Dean could feel its warmth. 

Dean’s breath caught.  He peeked up at Cas.

Across from him, Cas was staring at their hands.

Maybe unsaid was their thing.  Maybe he didn’t have to say.  At least, not yet.

He looked back down at their hands.  With a huge breath in his lungs, trapped there by a lump in his throat, Dean took Cas’ hand in his own.

Dean wasn’t sure how long they stood their like idiots, barely even holding hands.  

Breaking the silence, Cas’ voice sounded much louder than the whisper that it was, “We should go to bed.”  He began to let go of Dean’s hand, ending the moment.  

Ending their moment prematurely in Dean’s opinion.

Tightening his grip, Dean shoved the lump in his throat to the side.  “How about the same bed, buddy?”  GOD, did he really say it like that?  That was horrible.

But it did the trick.  Cas’ hand relaxed into his.

That night, they slept, all curled around each other, all balled up in their own universe.  A profound, little universe they’d carved out of the rest of the world.

It didn’t smell like food, but it sure as hell smelled like home.

Remember Me?

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Summery: You and Negan were married before all of this happened and you lost him at the begging of all of this. he thought you were dead until he saw you at the lineup.

Word Count: 2051

Note: Italics are Flashbacks

Warnings: Negan Is a warning himself….

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Second Time Around- 2

Description: Six months after your divorce, Jongin finds out you’re dating once again. It would’ve been okay with him until his son, Taeoh, chooses spending time with you and your new boyfriend instead of him.

 - Jongin, Sehun, and Kyungsoo try to cockblock your date with Seunghyun. 

Word Count: 1,576

Part One Part Three

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- b&b -

- requested: you’re sick & Shawn takes care of you -

My throat burns and scratches as I cough into my fisted hand. I quickly remove the covers from my body and run barefoot out of bed down the hall of the hotel room to the bathroom. Lifting up the seat, I throw up into the toilet for a minute.

“Baby, you okay?” Shawn’s gentle voice asks as he comes to the doorway.

“Stop,” I hold my hand up. “It’s stinks in here.”

Shawn walks into the bathroom and holds my hair. His large hand rubs up and down my back as I puke into the toilet bowl again. I cough out what was in my mouth and flush the toilet. He lets go of my hair to grab some toilet paper before he wipes my mouth and then tosses it into the trash can.

“You’re gonna get sick,” I tell him as I wipe away my teary eyes; they always got watery whenever I threw up and I hated it completely.

“That’s fine. I don’t have another show until two weeks. That’s enough time for me to get better.” Shawn replies. “Here, lets get you up.” He grabs me from under my arms and helps me stand up. He kisses the top of my head and carries me in his arms out the bathroom and back to the bedroom. Shawn sets me down on the bed and I get under the covers.

“So much for getting to experience Spain, huh?” I ask him. “Take a lot of pictures for me, please.”

“I’m not going out.” He says.

“Why not?”

“Because you’re sick. I’m staying in and taking care of you today.”

“Shawn,” I groan, “I’m fine.” As much as I wanted to convince him that I was okay being with myself, I go into another cough fit.

“You really are a terrible actress, you know that?” He replies.

“Your fans are looking forward to meeting up with you today. I don’t want you to disappoint them. Please, go out and meet them.” I plead.

“Is that what you want?” He asks me.

“More than anything.” I smile.

“Alright, fine.” Shawn playfully rolls his eyes. He leans down and kisses my forehead before grabbing his jacket and putting his shoes on. “Call the front desk if you need anything.”

“I will.” I reply.

“I love you!” Shawn calls out to me as he walks out.
“I love you, too!” I reply, followed by a weak cough.

I reach over to the bedside table and grab my phone. I check my notifications and reply to a few texts I had for about ten minutes.

The front door opens and I sit up in bed. Shawn walks back in the room with a brown paper bag held carefully in his hands.

“I told you to go hang with your fans!” I say through my raspy voice.

“I did!” Shawn replies as he walks over. “I hung out with them to and from the little cafe across the street. I took pictures, signed some stuff, and came back.”

“You sneaky son of a… You found a loophole, didn’t you?” I smile.

Shawn gives me a small, yet cute and innocent smile. He walks on over and sets the paper bag on the bedside table besides me. “Scoot over,” he says. I scoot over on the other side and he sits down on the spot where I was previously.

He unravels the bag and takes out a styrofoam bowl, a packet of crackers, and a plastic spoon. “I bought you soup.”

“If I weren’t so sick and didn’t have vomit breath, I would kiss you so much right now,” I say.

Shawn smiles and I wrap my arms around him torso as burry my head in the side of his arm. “I love you so much right now!”

“Come on, eat it before it gets cold. You’ll feel better after you eat something.” He tells me. I let go of him and sit up as he dips the spoon into the hot soup. He brings the spoon up to my mouth and feeds me.

“I wouldn’t want to enjoy Spain without you,” Shawn says as I chew. “So I’m only leaving this room to bring you food.”

“So is this like my own personal bed and breakfast?” I ask after swallowing the food.

“Yeah,” he smiles. “I’m your personal butler for the time being.”

“Put your maid outfit on. That’ll be hot,” I joke, laughing before going into another coughing fit.

“Less jokes, more eating,” Shawn says to me as he brings another spoonful of soup to my mouth.

Shawn continued to feed me until I finished the whole bowl of soup. After I ate, he called to the front desk for some tea.

“Are you wearing socks?” Shawn asks me.
“No,” I reply.

He gets out of the bed and walks on over to his suitcase. I watch as he pulls out a big and cozy sweater and a pair of his socks before sitting down at my side of the bed.

“Put this on,” he tells me. “You should probably sweat this thing out.”

I pull back the covers as I sit up. He hands me the sweater and I put it on over my shirt as he puts the socks onto my feet. Shawn pinches at my toes before walking out the room. He comes back moments later with an extra blanket and I tie my hair back into a sloppy bun.

“Get up,” Shawn says.
“For what?” I cough.
“Get up, you’ll see.”

I get out of the bed and Shawn removes the covers before lying down the duvet, then the bed sheet, and then the blanket.

“Lie down. I’m rolling you into a burrito.”

I lie down on the side of the bed and Shawn grabs the end of the covers and places them over my waist. He then begins to softly roll my body over and over until I’m snug into a burrito of warmth. My feet stick out of the burrito and I shift my body inside so that I can breath and my feet get warm, too.

“Wait, what if you get cold?” I ask him.

Shawn shrugs his shoulders while his hands are at his hips. “I get cold.” He walks over to me and sits down at the bed. “As of now, you are checked into Shawn’s Bed and Breakfast. Enjoy your stay.”

I weakly laugh as he leans in and places a kiss at my forehead.

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Joshua shower smut please

“Josh, wanna shower together?” Your boyfriend immediately lifted his gaze from the sheet of handwritten notes and some lyrics in front of him and raised his eyebrows, as though surprised, and you giggled, your voice somewhat joking as you continued. “My back could use a wash.”

Joshua melted into a warm smile and put his guitar down before getting up from the couch he had been sitting on for quite a while, strumming the guitar and writing on the paper with a pencil. “Ah, sure.”

You grinned and clapped your hands together in excitement as you began walking towards the bathroom with Joshua following suit, the song he had been writing plaguing him. His eyes wandered on your body already, taking in how your hips swayed from side to side with your coziest pair of shorts hanging low on them, and Joshua clenched his teeth as he swallowed hard. Not now.

Undressing proved out to be even more difficult for Joshua; while you did appreciate his body as well, like you always did, Joshua appreciated yours in a way he didn’t necessarily want to right before showering with you, especially when it, to him, felt apparent that you really wanted to just shower. He stared at your breasts when you pulled your shirt over your head, having worn no bra underneath, and he took in a sharp intake of breath when you slid your shorts off, too, your panties coming off right after.

“Is everything okay?” you asked with an amused giggle at the sudden huff you heard from Joshua, and saw his cheeks with a soft hue of pink on them and a rather stiff smile on his lips.

“Yeah, just peachy,” he forced out, almost sighing in relief when you just shrugged and turned around so that you could enter the rectangular shower area at the back of the bathroom. Joshua bit his lower lip when his eyes almost involuntarily (only almost) wandered down your back and landed on your ass, and he was so grateful that he didn’t moan right there and then.

He joined you in the shower area and closed the curtain so that you could turn the shower on, and soon the comfortable, warm steam began surrounding you.

“So… where do you wanna start?” Joshua asked awkwardly, forcing his eyes to look into yours and nowhere else, and you chuckled and placed your hand on his shoulder to squeeze it.

“Honey, you’re acting like we would be showering together for the first time,” you said while shaking your head - Joshua wanted to protest and say that this was the first time it was like this: usually you had either agreed to have sex while at it, or neither of you felt like it and you’d just shower. This time, however, Joshua really wanted to have sex with you, while your plans seemed to only include the showering part, and he was feeling troubled, trying to decide if he should still suggest something else.

Joshua shook his head hastily. “Nah.”

Quirking your eyebrow, you got your hand off his shoulder and looked at the shelf with your shampoos and conditioners and soaps and everything in between. “Shampoo, maybe?”

You both washed your own hair, and you asked Joshua about the song he had spent most of that day writing. Rinsing his hair, Joshua chuckled and said that it wasn’t anything special and that he’d play it for you when it was ready. Naturally for you, you weren’t exactly satisfied with that, and kept insisting on him telling you what it was about, but Joshua merely shook his head and pressed a kiss to your forehead when he stepped away from the running water and let you wash your hair instead. “I’ll tell you later.”

Having to admit your defeat, you sighed and focused on rinsing your hair, while Joshua already took a shower sponge and put some of his soap on it, grinning at you when you looked at him in surprise.

“Saving the best for last,” he said, hinting at you, and you rolled your eyes in amusement.


You washed Joshua’s back with care, all the way from his shoulders to where the top of his ass was, and Joshua did his best to ignore the way it affected him when you’d occasionally run the fingers of your free hand on his skin. Once you were done, you rinsed the sponge and, after applying some of your own soap to it, handed it to Joshua.

“There you go,” you grinned, and Joshua gave you a nod. Turning around, you pressed your hands against the wall and closed your eyes as Joshua began rubbing the sponge on your skin, removing the dead skin and impurities and all that. It wasn’t until when you felt his sponge move to the front of your body that your eyebrows knitted a little, and when the sponge was suddenly put away and you felt Joshua bring his hands up your sides to your breasts, you gasped and turned your head so that you could glance at him. “Joshua?”

“Yes?” His eyes were closed as he washed your breasts, moving his soapy hands around them before just massaging and kneading them, which made your breathing more rapid. Clearly, if you had thought you were getting only a wash to your back, you had been wrong.

“What are you doing?” you asked, voice a bit unsteady with the rapid beating of your heart, and bit on your lower lip when Joshua full-on grabbed your breasts and pulled you against himself, allowing you to feel his length that, while it wasn’t anywhere close to being fully hard, wasn’t exactly in its softest state, either. It wasn’t until you let out a quiet moan, with blood rushing between your legs, that Joshua was more or less brought to his senses, and he was as fast as a lightning when he let go of you and took a few steps back in embarrassment.

“Oh God, I’m so sorry, I just–”

You looked at him, almost amused, and broke into a wide smile, although you were still rather pleasantly shaken by what he had done earlier. “Wanted to have some fun?”

Joshua gave you a small nod, his lips in a pout, and you shook your head.

“You could’ve just said so,” you said teasingly, walking closer to Joshua and bringing one of your hands to his length and the other to his shoulder, your lips finding their way close to his ear. He swallowed when he felt you lick your lips, the tip of your tongue grazing the skin of his ear lightly, and it wasn’t an easy task to remain silent with your hand touching him, either. “If you want to fuck me into the wall, I’m not stopping you.”

Joshua moaned weakly, nodding as you stroked him, and kissed your neck. “I really want to do that.”

“Do what?” you grinned, biting your lower lip when you felt Joshua buck his hips into your hand.

“You,” he grunted, and with one hand finding its way to your hair, he tugged at your locks a little to tilt your head so that he could claim your lips in a hungry, desperate kiss while backing you into the wall. You yelped at the sudden contact of the cool tile against your skin, at which Joshua saw his opportunity and slid his tongue into your mouth, while his hands travelled on your thighs and ass. Stroking him slowly, you teased his tongue with yours, enjoying the way he was panting needily.

“You sound like you really need this,” you mumbled against his lips, your voice thick as lust began taking over you, and Joshua gave you a nod, looking into your eyes with his own slightly hooded.

“I didn’t know I did, but you just…” he began, his hands squeezing your ass generously, which made you giggle a little, although it definitely also made you feel awfully aroused. “…turn me on so bad, baby girl.”

Admittedly, the pet name did make you feel a thing or two, but you just raised your eyebrows cheekily, smirking as you ran your fingers through Joshua’s wet hair.

“I’ve always known that you’re weak for me, but this weak…” you trailed off, your thumb sliding over the tip of Joshua’s cock and making him moan. “I can’t say I’d dislike it.”

“Please.” Joshua’s voice had a begging edge to it that made your nipples erect and sent tingles down your spine, all the way to your core that was starting to get wetter and wetter with his hands moving on your lower body and his cock hardening in your hand.

“Hmm?” you hummed, quirking your eyebrow as you wordlessly parted your legs and lifted the other one a little, bringing it up to Joshua’s hip where you used it to pull him a bit closer. His breathing was heavy when he brought one of his hands to your mound and slid a few fingers between your wet folds.

“I really need you,” he said against your skin, his hips bucking into your hand in a sloppy rhythm and his fingers circling your clit in a way that had your breath hitching and your pussy clenching around nothing.

“Mmhmm.” You bit on your lip as you pressed into Joshua’s touch, your hand on his length suddenly less firm, which had him grinning a little. Pulling back to take a good look at you, he licked his lips slowly.

“You look so good, I could just–”

“Then just,” you almost hissed, pulling him in for another needy kiss and gasping against his lips when he entered a finger into your wet core, joined with a second one after some pumps. You stroked him in time with his fingers moving inside of you, both of you swallowing each other’s noises, not that the shower wouldn’t have muffled most of your sounds anyway. Once you were asking, almost begging, for a third finger, Joshua gave you just that, but only for a short moment that had you whining in disappointment when he pulled his fingers out.

He breathed heavily, slowly and hesitantly replacing your hand on his cock with his own to stroke himself a couple of times while mentally doing a double check - it had been a while since the last time you had gone unprotected, but he soon remembered that you were also on the pill: it would be fine.

You had, by then, placed your other foot back on the floor, and just smirked as you ran your fingertips down Joshua’s chest and stomach. You giggled to yourself when you felt him shiver under your touch. “So… where do you wanna start?”

He rolled his eyes but laughed heartily nevertheless at your repeating of his earlier words, your voice changed to one that you usually used when you were imitating him, and leaned down to kiss you, his hands now loosely on your ass. “First, you could turn around…” You did as said, and placed your hands on the wall on both sides of your face, and swayed your ass a little in excitement. Joshua bit his lip and grinded against your ass while massaging your clit, his other hand holding one of your breasts. “…and then we could do this.”

You gasped when Joshua pulled his hand away from your heat and guided his cock between your thighs instead, giving you a couple of thrusts where his shaft was moving between your folds and inner thighs, rubbing into your clit and teasing your dripping entrance. The moan that he himself let out at that was melodic enough to have you pushing against him and groan impatiently, not that you weren’t a needy mess yourself, too.

“Just put it in, Hong,” you huffed, and without further ado, he guided his length to your entrance and, with one hand on your hip and one still holding your breast snugly, began pushing in slowly.

Fuck, it feels good,” he whispered blissfully, his eyes fluttering shut and his lips parting in pleasure (you could vividly imagine how amazing he must’ve looked, and you cursed the fact that you were facing the wall instead of him). Your eyes were shut tightly and your fingers were curling against the tile wall, your legs shaking slightly as you were filled up little by little.

“It really,” you began, your sentence being interrupted with a loud, surprised moan when Joshua pulled back and thrusted back in, and you bit down on your lower lip as he began moving his hips, “does.”

If it had been hot in the shower before you got busy, it only got more so with each thrust that was delivered, with Joshua’s hips slamming against your ass with a sound that only sounded more lewd than usual with your skin wet. You reached for the faucet and turned it a bit cooler, and almost turned off the whole thing when Joshua snapped his hips up particularly sharply.

Shit,” you hissed, feeling yourself clamping down around his cock as he fucked you, clearly needy and incredibly desperate, while kneading your breast. His hips were alternating between coordinated and sloppy thrusts, but they all made you feel good nevertheless, the familiar heat pooling at the pit of your stomach. He rubbed your hard nipple, which made you moan and in turn him thrust a bit harder.

Joshua’s eyes closed for a few seconds  every now and then as he reveled in the pleasure of being encased in your tight, wet heat, and all the time they were open he spent looking at your back as your back muscles moved, as well as his cock disappearing between your legs and the way your ass jiggled when his hips hit it. He groaned, bringing his hand from your hip to your ass to squeeze it before giving you an unexpected spank that had you stiffening and muffling a loud moan with your hand as you clenched around Joshua.

“Always had a thing for that,” he mumbled, barely loud enough for you to hear (you couldn’t tell if he was referring to you or himself, but whether it was about him or you, it would’ve probably been true), and grunted quietly at the feeling of you tightening around him.

“Joshua, please, I’m so close,” you whimpered, moving your hips in protest, since he had stopped his own movements for a moment that felt way too long for you, at which he leaned down to press a kiss between your shoulder blades.

“Cum for me,” he said, voice husky and attractively steady, and began thrusting again, his hand moving from your ass to your front, and the hand he had been holding your breast with covering yours on the wall. He began rubbing your clit in steady circles, and your legs were starting to quiver as your orgasm approached you, and it did that fast.

Joshua could feel your fingers curling underneath his, and from that (and the way your moans were getting higher in pitch) he could figure that you were close to your edge. Re-angling his hips a little, he thrust in roughly, managing to brush by your sweet spot, which finally brought you to your orgasm, your brows furrowing and mouth opening wide as you tensed, your back arching and your pussy clenching around his length.

A couple of unusual profanities left Joshua’s lips as he rode you through your orgasm, and soon released inside of you. He leaned against you, the hand that had been between your legs now running soothingly up and down your stomach while he pressed a series of soft kisses along your shoulders and neck.

“That was,” you said between your intakes of air, still feeling incredibly hazy after your orgasm, “really amazing.”

“It was, wasn’t it,” Joshua said, voice surprisingly soft all of a sudden, and you giggled, wincing a little when he pulled out of you. You turned around to face him and inspected his now rather relaxed facial muscles, ignoring the way it felt when his cum began dripping down your thighs.

“You seem like you really needed that,” you noted, wrapping your arms around Joshua’s neck and leaning in to press a kiss to the corner of his mouth as you hugged him close. He nodded, his cheeks flushed, and gave you an almost embarrassed smile: he felt so much more at ease now that he couldn’t deny anything. You grinned. “Well, I guess that makes two of us.”

The two of you laughed and embraced each other for a while, until Joshua cleared his throat.

“By the way, the song, right?” he asked, smiling at you amusedly when you nodded with raised eyebrows. “It’s about you.”

You made a face and hit his chest weakly, whining. “Are you made of cheese or something?”

At that, Joshua grinned and shook his head. “It’s not what you think it is.”

Staring into his eyes and noticing the meaningful quirk of his eyebrow and the dirty smirk on his face, you blushed and pursed your lips. “…Oh.”

Admin Scooter

Mostly I’ve seen nothing but ungodly love for YOI, including my eternal love for it, but I have seen a lot of people hating it just because it’s fandom is too vocal about their love for it and it’s “annoying” to some.

Let me just start by saying that this show has created happiness in people that otherwise don’t have many reasons to smile. I speak for many when I say watching each new episode cures my depression for that moment, and I’m not even being overdramatic. My days are terrible, I have crippling anxiety and the hardest thing for me is just getting out of bed. But this show, this show, it makes me feel good. To the point where my mom walked in on me smiling like a fool while watching it, she told me she’s never seen me smile so brightly before. My mood has overall lifted because of this show because it’s given me hope that there are good things in life and it gives me the confirmation that I’m even capable to feel happiness. Something that I wasn’t even sure was possible. If this gorgeous show is able to do that for so many people, to make others smile in this cruel world we line in, then why hate it for that? 

You’re allowed to not like the show because of what it is, but not liking it because it makes so many people happy is wrong. 

Seventeen Performance Unit Lip Balm Reaction

I came out with the hip-hop unit version of this yesterday or the day before and someone asked for the performance unit, so how could I refuse! So here you go, thanks for requesting <3 This is the performance unit reacting to you getting a tasty new lip balm.


Hoshi: Raspberry Pomegranate

“It looks great, Hosh!” You called to your boyfriend across the practice room. You were working on your laptop, watching him while he practiced. He looked at you in the mirror while he went to turn the music off and take a break with you. When he walked over to you, he lifted the laptop off of your legs, placed it on the floor next to you, and helped lift you up by your hands before wrapping you up in a tight hug. He leaned out of the hug to kiss you, but when he pulled away, he looked at you in amazement.

“Did you drink a smoothie?” You furrow your eyebrows at the strange question.

“No, why?” He glances back down at your lips, and kisses you again, still sporting the same confused look. Then he does it again, and again.

“Hosh, what?” You ask, a little confused by his actions.

“You taste like a smoothie.” He marveled at your lips as realization dawned on you.
“Ooooh, Hoshi, that’s my new lip balm!” You laughed at him. “Is it okay?” He looked at you in mock deliberation, before leaning in to kiss you again and then turning to walk away.


Jun: Cotton Candy

You walked beside Jun back to the dorm from picking up a couple of groceries for the boys, you carrying one bag, him carrying the other. You were glad to go with him, you liked spending time with him. You liked it a lot. In fact, neither of you had really made a move, but you had a feeling that the feeling was mutual. However, you weren’t sure if you should just sit around and wait for him to make the first move, but you also didn’t want to pressure him with his busy schedule, so you weren’t sure how to go about it.

“You okay?” His voice brought you back to reality.


“What were you thinking about?” He let out a breathy snort of a laugh as you were startled out of your trance.

“Oh. Nothing.”

“You sure?”

“yeah.” You assured him as you pulled your lip balm out to smear some on your lips, less because your lips were dry and more because it was a mindless thing you did to distract yourself from his questioning. Little did you know he was staring at you the whole time you did it. As you returned the cap to its place and put it back in your purse, Jun took up a new line of questioning.

“What’s that?” You looked at him a little incredulously. What did it look like?

“Lip balm.”

“Is it flavored?” You were a little confused as to where this was going, but you saw a little twinkle in his eye that made you want to answer him.

“Yeah, why?” You looked at him a little suspiciously but with a small, almost imperceptible smirk ornamenting your features. He noticed it. He stopped walking.

“Can I taste it?” Your eyes went wide in realization, and you stuttered incomprehensibly, completely flustered and unsure of what to say. He dropped the bag he was carrying and whispered as took your face in his hands to pull you up to him.

“You’re too cute.” And at that he crashed his lips onto yours. Stroking your cheek with his thumb, he moved his lips over yours firmly and passionately, and reached down to drop the bag from your hands, and you wrapped your arms around his neck, tangling your fingers into his soft chestnut locks. He snaked his arms all the way around your lower back and pulled you up to him even further. When the two of you broke the kiss, he kept holding you against him as he grinned widely.

“You taste as sweet as you look.” He said in a singsong voice just oozing with flirtatiousness, Earning a smack on the chest from you before you two resumed your walk back to dorms hand in hand.

Dino: Pear

You and dino were at the park on an early spring Sunday afternoon, just talking work. He was excited about a new choreo, you were finally making friends with the girl who sat at a desk near you, things like that. Watching as dogs ran their owners around and kids frolicked on swing sets and slides, you both sat on a bench, just enjoying each other’s company and the beautiful day. You pulled out your lip balm and spread it on your lips. He pointed out a couple of particularly adorable kids on the playground, earning a giggle from you followed by a peck on the lips. He leaned into you a little, making the kiss last a little longer than just the intended peck, not that you were complaining. After you two pulled away, he laughed a little and looked at his lap before moving his gaze back to the playground.

“What?” You wondered about his laugh. He looks over at you biting his lip to control his smile.

“You taste like pears.” He replied. You crinkled your nose at him cutely and leaned your head on his shoulder.

“It’s my new lip balm. I’ll keep wearing it.” You spoke softly as he took hold of your hand and started playing with your fingers.

The8: Blueberry

“Thanks for watching this with me.” You looked up at your boyfriend with adoration and he looked down at you with the same as he fiddled with your fingers on the couch in your living room. The beginning of Ariel was playing on the tv, and you had your knees curled up in front of you as you leaned on Minhao’s shoulder. You reached up to slide your fingers around the back of his neck and pull him in for a kiss as thanks for spending the evening with you, and he complied readily, kissing you back gently and sweetly. When you pulled away, you noticed a generous dusting of pink in his cheeks as he avoided your eyes.

“What?” You looked at him quizzically. For the most part, you’d gotten past the awkward phase, so he usually only responded shyly when other people were around.

“Nothing.” He lied, clearly.

“No, what?” You giggled at his cute behavior. He buried his face in your neck and you laced your fingers through his hair to massage his scalp as your heart melted a little. After a couple moments of this, he responded.

“I… think I could taste your lip balm.” He mutters, barely audible as he pushes his nose into your neck even more, causing you to laugh.

“Was it okay?” You checked with him, wanting to know how he felt about it. He reached his hand out to rest on your waste.

“I liked it…” You could practically feel the heat emanating from his cheeks and it brought a smile to your face.


Hope you liked it! I’m completely open to requests, so if you want to see anything else from me then just lemme know.

Rarely mentioned lifting tips

Okay so here are some tips that I think are not mentioned as much, sorry if they are. 

- When you return to stores you lifted from before don’t be nervous! Unless you have reason to believe they are looking for you, act normal. 9 times out of 10, SA’s won’t even recognize you from before. 

- YOU. DON’T. HAVE. TO BUY. SOMETHING. A lot of baby lifters feel they need to buy something small to throw off SA’s, but honestly it doesn’t help at all. I used to do this, but now I just walk out. Unless you’re with non-lifting family and don’t want to confuse them on why you begged to come to the place and not buy anything, then go ahead. When you buy something, SA’s are more likely to remember your face, imo. 

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[Femslash February]: Matching Outfits

does anyone remember those times in like middle/high school where wearing the same outfit as someone else was considered social suicide? :P

Day 4: Matching Outfits (Chlonette)

Words: 2380

Link to Archive of Our Own: [AO3]

[Previous: Rescue] [Next: Stars]

The moment Alya walked into the school building, she felt a hand curl around her arm and yank her into a custodial closet. Not quite the start to her morning that she had expected. 

She was a little disoriented as a mop toppled onto her head, and it wasn’t until Nino clicked on the light hanging above their heads that she saw Adrien advance on her, grab her tightly by the shoulders, and speak in a grave tone. “Where is Marinette?”

She lifted a brow. “…um, home? She’s awake, but she shows up like five minutes before class since she lives right there.”

“Yeah, yeah, I know she’s awake,” Adrien dismissed. “Listen Alya, this is very important. I need you to call Marinette right now and tell her to change outfits immediately.”

Alya’s eyes darted towards Nino, but he was leaning against the wall with his arms crossed, looking like he was witnessing a serious interrogation with literal lives at stake. She stared back at Adrien, who was still fervently awaiting her reply. She huffed. “Okay, what the fuck is going on?”

“Alya, babe, tell Mari to change,” Nino said simply. “Apparently we’re attempting to avoid the end of the world, and it’ll make no sense for the two of us to call her and tell her this.”

“What does Marinette’s outfit have to do with the end of the world. Why are we….what the hell, guys?!”

Adrien lifted his finger in front of her face, pulled out his cellphone, scrolled through Instagram, and flipped the screen towards her. “Please observe Exhibit A.”

It was a picture of Marinette that she posted to Instagram this morning. Black knee high boots. White skirt. Black turtleneck. Pretty basic for a school outfit, nothing out of the ordinary. “Yeah, she takes morning selfies and puts then on Instagram all the time, what’s your point?”

Adrien sighed pitifully, switched screens, and showed her his phone again. Exhibit B.”

Alya squinted at the photo for a moment, and then her eyes widened in horror. “Oh shit…”

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Brief Stay || Junhui || Oneshot

Originally posted by infinitblaq

Word Count: 1233

Genre: fluff, oneshot

Summary: some useless Jun fluff.

You sat outside your dorm room, hugging your backpack against your chest as another yawn fell from your lips. You tilted your head back, leaning against the wall and closing your eyes. You could almost hear your roommate’s shameless giggling and you scooted away from the door, holding back a choking noise. You shifted uncomfortably, looking away as a few people walked past you and looked at you curiously. Your cheeks heated with embarrassment and you let out a sigh, your forehead touching your backpack.

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Enjoying The Show

Pairing: Sam x Reader x Ruby

Word Count: 2260

Warnings: Very NSFW, Threesome, Unprotected Sex, Oral (female receiving) Female on female oral, fingering, multiple orgasms, minor voyeurism, 

Prompt: The reader accidentally walks in on Sam and Ruby, and while Sam doesn’t notice, Ruby does and confronts her about it. The three later enjoy a night with each other.

A/N: I’ve never written a threesome before and this is only the fourth smut piece I’ve written. I’m tagging my forevers and sam girls in this, but you don’t have to read! I will not be mad if you skip over this one.

Beta’d by the lovely @impala-dreamer

Originally posted by yaelstiel

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nine lives (let’s paws in this one)

Segmented Drabbles: a late night visit to the studio ; an important meeting with the (possible future) in-law ; an unexpected trip to the beach (Cat!Yoongi, Shifter!AU) 

Genre: Drabble, Fluffy fluff, Romance, Humor

Rating: Gen

Length: 2.4k

A/N: for you, anon :D hope you feel better <3

Originally posted by minyoongummysmile

The receptionist lifts his hand in greeting when you shuffle through the lobby, arms laden with takeout bags and Yoongi’s backpack full of spare clothes. “Need any help, Y/N?”

“I got it!” You shout back, only slightly breathless. “But thank you, Jinyoung-sunbaenim! I’ll bring you an order of egg rolls next time!”

He grins as you walk past and press the button for the elevator, before settling back down in his seat and picking up the book he was reading when you came in. You take a quick breath, inhaling the tangy sweet smell of orange chicken and fried rice, and glance around. 

It’s well past the time when most of the company’s employees have headed home for the day, but you know there are several starving artists squirreled away somewhere in the bowels of Bighit–because you’re headed up to the thirteenth floor right now to feed one. There at the point in the cycle in which they’re ending promotions and working on the next album, which meant that Yoongi is away on photoshoots, commercials, or variety shows during the day, and then buried beneath a mountain of half-finished lyrics and splintered melodies at night. 

You’d long ago realized that attempting to coax him out before two in the morning is a lost cause, so now you fueled his bad behavior with unhealthy takeout and triangle kimbap from the corner store. At least you drag his tired, bloodshot eyes away from the monitor for a few minutes while you visit.

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Exo reaction to: Getting caught in action

Second reaction in my list! Hope you guys like it! 

~ Marie, xx


Xiumin: He was on top of you, kissing your neck, being all rough, just like he knew you loved it. His hands were all over your body as he thrusted in and out of you. But he was soon stopped when your bedroom door flew open, revealing Chanyeol in the door frame. The tall boy screamed and covered his eyes. 

“MY EYES, HYUNG!” screamed Chanyeol before running away.
“Chanyeol you are dead!” yelled Xiumin

Baekhyun: You were both naked, discovering each other’s bodies whilst in the midst of a heated makeout session. Baekhyun pushed you up against the dorm wall, grabbing your bum to slip your legs around his waist. He entered you without hesitation. In the middle of all the action, Kai walked in as if nothing was happening, until he lifted his eyes. His eyes went wide and he just left without a word. Baekhyun smirked at you. *GIF*

“Now he knows your mine”

Chanyeol: You were both in the living area of the dorm, whilst the boys were out in town for a drink. Chanyeol wasn’t feel so good that night so he stayed back and invited you over. You ended up making unholy things on the couch. As he was over you, being a moaning mess, someone started unlocking the dorm door and the boys were already all in before you could cover yourselves. *GIF*

“Hey Chan…oh…OKAY LET’S LEAVE GUYS!” yelled Xiumin, ordering to the others to leave. Chanyeol hid his face in your neck and when the boys all left, you went together in his bedroom and locked the door.

Kai: You had taking control over Kai that night. You were on top of him, taking control whilst riding him, just like he loved you to do. You threw your head back as you were both moaning and screaming each other’s names.

“Kai! I need help with…Fuck” was all you heard when Lay walked in uninvited. You blushed and stopped and Kai just kind of stared at Lay, clearly telling him to leave the room before he’d punch his face.

Chen: This dirty bastard had made you scream since the beginning of the night. You had been a tease during the evening, so he decided he’d have his way with you for the night. You were on your hands and knees, begging for Chen and he was having a mad pleasure in making you beg. But D.O decided to ruin the mood by walking in and getting paralyzed for a minute. 

“Uh…I think I’m going to leave” he said before leaving. 
“Well…that was a mood killer” Chen added, giving you one last gentle slap on your bum.

D.O: You were going down on him since he had had a rough day at work. He had told you that the other boys had left to get some food, so you surely had more than enough time to have a little fun together. You pulled his pants down and gave him a little fun with your hands and mouth. His fingers were tangled in your hair and he was a moaning mess. But you didn’t realize that the others had came in early. Chen walked in his bedroom. 

“Soo! Dinner is…woah, okay, sorry!” The young man blushed and hid his eyes. “I shouldn’t have seen that! Fuck!” and he left the bedroom. Kyungsoo was quite amused with what had just happened, but he still stopped you and pulled you up. 
“Let’s go eat love”

Lay: Lay hadn’t realized how loud you were during the evening. It only started as a simple movie night for the both of you. One thing led to another and now he was on top of you, eating you out like never before. He loved hearing you moan his name. What he didn’t know, was that the walls of the dorm were incredibly thin and everyone could hear what you were doing. The boys started knocking on the walls. 

“We can hear you guys! Shut up!” someone yelled. 
“Oops, I don’t think they like hearing you as much as I do princess” Lay said to you, kissing your thighs.

Suho: Suho had been so romantic since the beginning of the night. He had taken you out of a date, payed you everything you wanted and when you came home, he had lit some candles in his bedroom, so you decided to reward him. You unzipped your dress and let it fall to your feet, revealing your beautiful body in special underwear. He smiled and pulled you on the bed with him before starting what was planned. His lips were sucking on the sensible skin on your shoulder, leaving a dark mark. Unfortunately, Sehun had to walk in without knocking. The young man leaned on the door frame and smirked. 

“Mind if I join in?” The leader asked. Suho looked up at him and back at you, he was surprised to see you motion to Sehun to come join both of you in your shared bed.

Sehun: He was being so aggressive and incredibly attractive as he was having his way with you. He was being touchy and firm, grabbing your bum and hips, guiding you in every new position. You were riding him, following his will until Suho walked in and was in shock. He wasn’t too sure on how to react to what he was seeing. 

“U-Uhm…uh…sorry” He mumbled before leaving. 
“You better leave” Sehun said, closing the door again and coming back to you. “So…where were we?” He smirked.

I hope you all liked this! I plan on writing more! Don’t hesitate to request anything from ships to scenarios and reactions! I love you all!


~ Marie, xx