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Signs as quotes

Aries: “Sky above me, earth below me, fire within me.”

Taurus: “Wasn’t it beautiful when you believed in everything?”

Gemini: “And I think to myself, what a wonderful world.”

Cancer: “She acts like summer and walks like rain.”

Leo: “You’re never fully dressed without a smile.”

Virgo: “What’s left unsaid, says it all.”

Libra: “You can’t stand around and wait to be asked to dance.”

Scorpio: “I’ll tell you my sins so you can sharpen your knife.”

Sagittarius: “All good things are wild and free.”

Capricorn: “The man on top of the mountain didn’t fall there.”

Aquarius: “Wit beyond measure is man’s greatest treasure.”

Pisces: “Baby, we’ll be fine, all we gotta do is be brave and kind.”


Tove Jansson, Moomin: The Deluxe Anniversary Edition

When my son Owen was born, all I seemed to be able to read was old collections of Nancy comics. After my son Jules was born a few months ago, I would lie down and read a few pages of Moomin.

The comics are so, so wonderful. (See this documentary about Tove Jansson’s life.) My wife and I have been joking a lot that we’re Moominmama and Moominpapa:  

The only downside to the collection is that it’s a big honking book and can be kind of cumbersome to read in bed: 

I ended up splurging and buying a bunch of these “Enfant” editions, which have been colorized by Drawn & Quarterly and come in nice little paperbacks (one story per book). Here are some images from Moomin on the Riviera

Highly, highly, highly, recommended.

Images via Drawn & Quarterly.

who in block b should you let be your dad?

kyung: would play really mean april fools jokes on you. the kind that make you cry. like pretending to be dead kind of mean. let kyung be your dad if youre interested in therapy
bbomb: if youre interested in learning how robots are attempting to integrate into human society, or are wondering how to fix a motherboard, then bbomb is the right choice.
ukwon: would be a good dad. let ukwon be your dad if youre interested in playing catch on the lawn every day with your three dogs and beautiful mom
zico: he’d be the vodka aunt of dads. might sneak some in a sports bottle at your weekly soccer game. do you want all your kodak moments to be stained with disappointment and vague, fleeting sadness? look no further.
p.o.: let p.o. be your dad. trust me on this 
jaehyo: literally satan. maybe consider him as a dad if youre into, like, the dark arts. necromancy. if you never want to bring guests into your basement because the door is dead bolted, then you should let him be your dad.
taeil: do you enjoy happiness? laughter? having a good relationship with your father? this is the dad for you


[[This is a very deep thank you from the bottom of my heart to this wonderful anon. How I wish you were off anon so I knew who you were so that I could do a more personal thank you however, I hope that you see this, and that you can understand how deeply this touched me that you set aside the time to write all of this.

I am so touched that you put the time to write you this. I was very nervous at the time when this was all happening, although by the end I was quite strong and sturdy in my stance, it was scary to start off, and a message like this set me solid in my footing.

It’s really quite wonderful during times like this to receive such deep, heartfelt messages. You don’t expect them to go to this extent and I think that’s part of what made it so wonderful to open my inbox to this  - even if it was laced with anon-hate at the time.

I welcome you whole heartedly to step forward anon so that I might interact with you one day, as well as thank you in a more personal light for this. It was so encouraging, and I - I just cannot express enough thanks.

However while I am on the subject, I think I shall make a huge thank you to every last one of you who supported me. While I stood strong and I stood my ground, and in the end, I’d like to think I’d have done the same regardless, I think you all indefinitely helped. 

All the sweet and encouraging words touched me so deeply. You don’t come out to a community like this and expect such a wonderful receiving so quickly, especially after such a shit storm, if you will. After posting that I was ready to lose followers and even receive anger from those who seemed close to me. 

You all stood by me and supported me to the teeth and avidly assured me both here and on Skype and I am eternally grateful for what you have all done today. You should all be proud of yourselves for standing up to that as well, because it’s scary to even be openly supportive in that sort of stuff. 

So thank you to every last one of you.

A specal thanks however to jayceofpiltover, progenitorviktor, youcannotaffordme, death-of-the-lily , ladybuvelle and so on and so forth. I would call each and everyone of you sweet hearts out however there’s just too many to number. I lost track but thank you all so much for all of this. While I did not directly ask for it, it is still much appreciated. 

You should all be proud of yourselves today. You all did amazingly. ]]

seriously tho i want to see stiles and lydia text. like lydia going to bed at night and wondering why stiles hasn’t written anything to her all day (lol never gonna happen) or stiles asking scott what to write back (lol totally gonna happen).
goodnight texts, goodmorning texts, what are you doing texts, would you like to go out with me texts, come upstairs i’m naked on your bed texts, literally any kind of texts.


It’s Meet the Aro(mantic) Day!

For any of you who don’t know, aromantism is the lack of romantic attraction. To help raise awareness of aromantism here’s seven facts about me, an aromantic!

  1. I am cis and my pronouns are she/her.
  2. I am aromantic and asexual (experience no sexual attraction).
  3. I am still trying to work out some of the finer details of my identity.
  4. I am not broken nor is my aromantism and asexuality a “defect” of any kind.
  5. I am a feminist.
  6. I spend way to much time on the internet.
  7. Procrastination might as well be my middle name.

To all of my fellow aromantics:have a wonderful day! Even if you’re not posting today or even if you’re not out yet, enjoy our day! You’re all beautiful.

help a human out: #stillkickinthis may roundup

6 months. It’s been 6 months since Aaron died. It seems impossible, both that time has moved at all and that I am writing a sentence that uses the word “died” and “Aaron” because whaaaaaat?? 

This month is a little bit different, because this month’s post has a sponsor. DON’T STOP READING IT IS A GOOD STORY. The folks at Angel on my Shoulder emailed me and said, hey, we provide support for friends, families, patients and caregivers affected by cancer. Things like free summer camps and supportive experiences for all kinds of people touched by cancer, would you ever write about us? And I said, NO WAY WHO CARES ABOUT THAT? JK I said, yes, of course, what a wonderful thing you are doing. Because it really is such a wonderful thing for people to spend their lives doing. So, this post about people who need a little help is brought to you by people who are doing a lot of good for kids who have experienced and immeasurable loss. And they are donating their money directly to one of these causes below. So, it’s quite a circle of awesome. 

Angel on My Shoulder programs span things for kids, things for families, and things for patients. 

Their kids camps are all listed here (Ralph is too itty-bitty for this, but maybe someday!)

Like any non-profit, they rely on volunteers. See if your skills are a match? 

And I mean, they probs wouldn’t hate a donation? IDK.

Pretty neat, right? And again, as the sponsor of this post they’ve agreed to donate some cash money dollars to one of our #stillkickinthis humans. Rad rad rad.

6 months ago, the whole internet scooped us up in its loving arms and now, I want to do a little bit of that for some other people who need a little bit of love. I do my best to include everything that people send to me, but I’m sure things slip through the cracks. If you have something to share, email nora dot mcinerny at gmail dot com with subject line FUNDRAISER. Any other way (tweet, fb message) or subject, and I will for sure miss it. xo

So, here we go:

Steph and I used to work together. And one day, she stopped by my cube to tell me she had breast cancer and we cried a little bit and laughed a lot and then she went to treatment. She lost all of her hair and was still beautiful. She grew it back into a cute little pixie. She came to work like nothing was up. And then one day she felt not great and went to the doctor and bam, she has leukemia. THE FUCK, UNIVERSE. Also important: sign up for the Be The Match registry. PEOPLE MIGHT NEED YOUR MARROW AND LIKE, DO YOU NEED ALL OF IT PROBABLY NOT.

Adonijah hill is a huge comic book nerd with glioblastoma. Sound like someone we knew? He has a beautiful family, which he’s been taking care of on his own since his wife died unexpectedly last December. He’s going through another risky brain surgery, while raising his four kids on his own. Send love, money, vibes. 

I met Mason through Tumblr(!!!) on his 18th birthday, when he took the time to write me a beautiful, lovely note when he could have been partying his face off instead. Mason is trans, living his truth, and being a strong, brave human in this world. He is also working hard to fund his full transition, completely on his own, with no help from his parents. But a little bit of help from the internet. <3

Okay. Get ready to cry your eyes out. Auggie is one of 30 kids in the US with Huntington’s Disease. There is no cure, and it will kill him. His father is currently dying of the same thing. All we want to do is to make this little guy’s life as easy as possible for the time he has left. Love love love you Auggie.

Robyn is a tiger wife raising money to help the love of her life get a clinical trial for his stage IV lung cancer. Lung cancer doesn’t GAF if you ever smoked, which is not cool and not fair. 

Kat is in COLLEGE with a rare brain tumor. Also, her fundraiser is SO CLOSE to being Still Kickin and yes I am trying to get a t-shirt to her! 

Matt Tonak is a part of the digital marketing community here in Minneapolis. He’s a dad and a good guy. Oh, and one day he went to the doctor with a fever that wouldn’t go away and there was something in his brain but they didn’t know what and NOW he has a diagnosis and I don’t really understand it BUT he needs ANOTHER brain surgery. I can tell you from experience that shit ain’t cheap. 

Jereme lost his father to brain cancer and he is avenging him with a mega bike race. He can only participate if he meets his funding goal. <3 

Aaron was lucky to have short term disability and an employer who supported him through three years of chemo and radiation. Not everyone gets that, and Lindsay is a mom with cancer who needs our help. 

Malikah survived malaria and epilepsy and is dedicating her time and energy towards fundraising for research and a cure. Love her bravery and tenacity. 

So many people sent me Justin’s fundraiser. What started as a fund for treatment is now a memorial fund for his wife and child. It is a big loss. A monumental loss. I am holding his little family in my heart and I hope you do the same.

Jackie and Parris are parents. And they each have life-threatening diseases. AND Jackie just got laid off because, again, NOT EVERY EMPLOYER ACTUALLY GAF and that is SO MESSED UP. 

Shannon is a mother of four with breast cancer. Those four kids need their mama and their mama needs us. 

By all accounts, Rusty Cheney was one hell of a guy. He died in a plane crash, on his way home to his wife and two children. His friends are keeping his memory alive and working to support his family. 

Mona is an oncology nurse turned oncology patient. She has bi-lateral breast cancer, and three kids, and needs our help. 

Male breast cancer is real. It’s fucked up and it sucks and this dad has it. 

Matt Vogel is a brain tumor survivor who had to drop out of medical school after a severe brain hemorrhage. <3 

A note on spoilers

Our wonderful Tumblr community grows and there are more delicious friends producing art and fanworks of all kinds (we fall on every scrap like ravenous blemmigans; thank you).

If you are reviewing fate-locked stories or using them to inspire your art/craft, please make good use of tags and Read More breaks in order to preserve the mystery of fate-locked stories for players that haven’t experienced them yet

We’re happy for everyone to do this in a way that works for their blog, as long as spoilers are clearly marked.

Thank you, delicious friends!

I Love You

I cannot be the only one,
who needs to hear “I love you.”
And trust that if I tell you that,
I’m always thinking of you.

I tell you how I feel about you,
every chance I get,
I know that sometimes things get tough,
and people can forget.

But you rarely ever tell me,
and I have to wonder why.
It’s not that you weren’t good to me,
you were extremely kind.

You showed your love through actions,
and loyalty in the past,
I appreciated all of that although it didn’t last.

I don’t mean to sound greedy,
or unappreciative,
and I’ll be grateful to you,
for as long as I shall live.

I do believe you did your best,
I know how hard you tried.
But waiting forever for those three words,
is a pain that’s hard to hide.

You’ve told me lots of other things,
many nice and sweet,
but none of them can quite replace,
“I love you” in my mind.

You used to tell me those three words,
you weren’t shy at all.
So what’s happened from then to now,
to change the way you feel?

I still love you,
with every single fiber of my soul.
I didn’t want to cheat on you,
you left me with no choice.

That boy is nothing to me,
he jumps up through needles to keep me numb,
keep me dumb and always under his thumb,
But I’d give him up to have you back home.

So who are you with instead of me?
Who is more than I could ever offer?
And are you happy now with them,
do they treat you properly?

I cared back then,
I still care now,
I’ll care until I’m dead.
You are the one constant thing,
that runs repeatedly through my head.

I love you more than any words,
can ever atttempt to explain.
Losing you will always be,
my life’s most brutal pain.

anonim sordu:

just wondering, what are your lifespan settings for our last hope? they seem much shorter than usual :o

WAYYYY Shorter! This challenge is all kinds of weird compared to my other challenges.

i am honestly so happy that selfies exist. the person who took the picture had enough confidence in themselves and bravery (whether they’d like to admit it or not) to post that picture onto the internet – a place where anonymous grains of salt sprinkle themselves all over the cutest cupcakes and salty cupcakes aren’t good!! don’t let them salt you and your beautiful attitude and wonderful selfie u perfect cupcake, keep posting selfies

Thank you all

(( I want to personally thank everyone for your kind words, well wishes, and condolences. I may not be able to respond directly to everyone, so if you’ve messaged me, replied, or commented concerning it, this is for you :)
And I truly do appreciate it *hugs*  You are all wonderful people.

I am still having a tough time with it, and I probably will for a while.

Blade was my kitty for 13 years, since he was a kitten. I learned today that tuxedo cats usually live to be around 8 to 10, so I am glad he stuck around for as long as he did, I just wish I could have done more for the little guy. I miss him a lot. He was a good, destructive, and loving little ‘howler monkey’ (he meowed like an air-raid siren). And he would always headbutt me whenever I leaned down and asked for ‘noggin’.

He will be officially laid to rest shortly.

Once again, I thank you. ))

anonim sordu:

Hi, I was wondering how you deal with the collisions on your map? I mean, do you paint over the parallax map with transparent tiles in the editor or do you do something else, like collision maps + pixel movement? It's really all right if you won't answer and stuff, but I'm really curious as to how you did it because it seems like that kind of perspective wouldn't be constrained to the 32x32 grid, but that's probably just me (;^;) Haha. (Also I want to tell you that your game seems amazing (*w*))


This is a current map I’m working on (Just a sort of hallway area) but when I’m making them, I use a 32/32 grid in photoshop so I can line things up and make them work better.  Sometimes I have to do alterations or get a bit clever, but that’s part of the fun.

In game, I use a parallax lock script which also allows for layers (though there’s ways to go past that with resizing, but I just find it to be easier to use the script)

and I use two invisible squares for what is free to walk on, and what is blocked off.  To mark the blocked off areas, I just use a random colored grid so I can keep track and then go over it later with the transparent.

It’s a little wonky process and annoying someitmes but it’s the only thing that works~

do you ever just sit and think wow. liam payne dreamed about being a performer and so he went out and did gigs until he was able to go on the xfactor. then when he was only 14 he got to the judges houses  and was told by simon that he had potential but needs to come back two years later, and he DID with a performance that got him a standing ovation.when he was told he was going to be in a group  embraced it wholeheartedly. he then proceeded to put everything in him into that competition, being -to paraphrase the rest of the guys- the most serious one about it. he pushed them to their limits and carried most of the songs until the end of the competition, which is something they would’ve probably not reached if it weren’t for him.

now he is part of the biggest boy bands in the entire world . living his dream and he is still all kinds of wonderful. he follows 17.3 k fans, and counting. he always stops for fans and is the sweetest to them. he is the glue that keeps the boys together. his bromances with each of the boys have been strong since day one. he is the one that handles problems and even speaks up for the rest of the guys when they can’t. if he makes even the smallest mistake, he always addresses it and tries to learn. 

he works his ass off consistently even, to paraphrase him during breaks, because he doesn’t think this is actually work and he enjoys it and wants to make sure he puts everything into it. he gives his 100% every single time he performs, never leaving the stage, even to go to THE TOILET. he is a true performer, he takes every song and sings it better live. he has an amazing musical ear and vocal range and only get better by the day. he is a master of stage presence and he was born for the stage. recently he took 13 of zayn’s solos and made them his own. 

speaking of zayn, he is the only person that has spoken about everything that happened candidly and honestly. you could tell he’s very upset and he’s sometimes used humour to make us and himself feel better but also never taken it too far. even if he’s mad, he’s still managed to show that he cares about zayn, just like he cares about every single one of those boys. he is their rock. 

he takes so much crap from fans and can easily just decide to stop being so nice but he doesn’t. he is under-appreciated by most of his own fandom and yet is still the most appreciative person. he is such a kind person, committed boyfriend, and a wonderful son and friend who was born for the stage and born to make people happy.


also he’s like super fine. SUPER DUPER DUPER FINE. like WOW. okay. 

These 15 Crazy Facts About Serial Killers Are Guaranteed To Make You Say "WTF"?!

Normally to get some insight into a serial killer’s mind people read the newspaper clippings of their crimes and wonder just how a human being can go that far; to be pushed to the very limits, to do something so gravely unkind and inflict so much fear and sadness onto others.

But maybe, all you need to do is look at little quirks in people, strange things they believe, maybe they even were capable of huge acts of kindness? Surely a serial killer wouldn’t be capable of good? Then again, why wouldn’t they?

Maybe none of it can be rationalized! Here are some crazy facts about some very infamous serial killers, and some are very surprising!

Okumaya devam et

hiddled-sherlokid sordu:

Since Tom hasn't had a serious girlfriend in a while, I was wondering if you thought he truly is the romantic gentleman we think he is and is just too busy/focused on his career to commit (which is very possible), or if he may be kind of a womanizer and just likes sex and prefers to hook up and play around?

Well, I can only tell you what I believe to be true based on the image and vibe I get from Tom (I may be totally off here) 

My one theory is that Tom is someone that always goes all in, we see it in everything he does and I think he’s the same in relationships. If he’s serious he will show it and put everything he has into it, and he will be every bit the romantic gentleman we dream him to be. I definitely see him as a sweet and attentive boyfriend, someone that takes relationships seriously and doesn’t mess around.
Now as you said his schedule the past years probably prevented him from even pursuing such a relationship just because he is well aware that he can’t go all in right now, and if he can’t be all in he’d just rather not be in at all. Part of me thinks that sex isn’t even that important in his life and he’s focussed on too many other things to really care either way.

But on the other hand I think, wake up silly Eve, a man like that will no go without sex for more than a year, be fucking realistic! :)

So yeah, option 2 is probably more likely: that given his busy schedule, he may not have time for a real relationship but he still does enjoy female company and one night stands or friends with benefits thing. I think he’s more the latter actually, I think he’d wanna know who he sleeps with and he doesn’t have an endless list, especially being the public figure that he is I think trust will be important to him, even in sexual flings. And it works both ways, I’d like to believe he’s honest and doesn’t lead women on, I don’t see him as a womanizer. But I’m sure the man isn’t blind to the effect he has on women either.

What do we know, right? He is very secretive about the whole thing, and of course that only leads to more speculation.
But at the end of the day, for me he was spot on with what he said in the Elle UK interview: we may all be curious as hell about his private and love life but when it comes down to it, we really don’t wanna know. Ignorance keeps the fantasy alive, or something like that?

Dear Amber

S/O to one of my best friends ever themountainxwillmove for being literally the strongest person I know on this planet.  Living the world you live in Amber, and still remaining kind, peaceful and generous is just such a gift and I am constantly amazed by how you do it. Even on your bad days you make the effort ot be a fantastic human being.

We all get low sometimes but you always pick yourself back up and that means something. It means a lot. It says so much about you and how wonderful you are.You’re there for people, you fight everyday and still you are one of the most incredible, kind people I’ve ever met in my entire life.

Inspiring, thoughful and kinder than any other.I love you girl, and we might not share the same God(s) but as is on par with yourself, this angel is for you. Although I think you’re already an angel yourself.