and this was all kinds of wonderful

Obviously, Alycia was a huge part of creating the character and making her a real person and living and someone you really wanted to watch, but we always, you know, imagined this Commander as strong and as formidable, and I think Alycia brings all of those qualities in spades. So it’s kind of the perfect marriage of the actress with the material. Once we knew how good she was, we knew we could just give her anything, which is always wonderful when you have that in an actor. She complemented and she perfectly realised the character that we were already imagining.
—  Kim Shumway on Commander Lexa for The Dropship (x)

This has absolutely nothing to do but…Kanda would be the kind of person to have a cactus. Just imagine that! Smol Kanda finding it in one of Tiedoll’s trips, like he just stares at it for like 5 minutes and all of a sudden he asks Tiedoll “what is this fluffy thing?” (because sometimes he has trouble with words) and Tiedoll is surprised/excited because Kanda rarely gets interested in something so he immediately answers “it’s spiky Yuu, and that’s a cactus” and Kanda just stares at the cactus like it’s the most wonderful thing in the world and says “I’m touching it” and that’s when Tiedoll almost screams “NOPE YOU’RE NOT”

And of course they take the cactus with them, Kanda is always carrying and taking care of it (he still has it in his room).

The weirdos I usually encounter early in the morning are surely wondering why I’m not running right now – guess if they are interested enough they probably check Tumblr and Twitter for any kind of information. And I’m happy to let them know I’ve been taken hostage by three heavy little things. The first is now apparently able to find a way out of his own bed and into mine; guess he felt quite alone in doing as such, so he took two companions with him as he walked down the hallway. They’re all on top of me and I’m just unable to move one inch. Thank god for my phone. 

Creatures crawling up and down my walls
they slipped in through the vents
I didn’t smell them
or see them or hear them
until they climbed up the long
flimsy legs of my bed
they snaked under my blankets
and cuddled up beside me
close and secure and comforting
in a form I didn’t know I needed
fur covered the backs of some
warm and soft and easy to touch
others were rougher
but closer
all of them were lovely
like clouds or snow
or forest moss
something about them
told me they were gifts
the kind that stows away in your suitcase
the kind you never plan on
yet still fall in love with
the best kind
life spilled out of them all
into me
and each other
so much so
that none of us
ever needed to breathe
we had each other
and things were wonderful
—  A.O.A.M. || Monsters Under The Bed

A 35 year old art teacher got killed this morning in Boston when she was driving and a manhole cover flew up and hit her windshield.. What? That’s not even fair at all. My empathy for all her family, friends, and students is keeping me awake tonight. Insane terrible shit happens every day because life sucks and is overwhelmingly unfair.

But life is also wonderful. I guess what I’m saying is don’t die having been someone who held back on his or her own happiness.

Quit your job and look for an employer who respects you. Cut ties with the friend who always brings you down and find ones who lift you up. Grab the weights that are 5lbs heavier even if it’s for 3 reps because you’re ready for a challenge. Move out of the city and into the mountains if you’re tired of the bustle. Apply to grad school, and don’t stop until you get in. Throw away reminders of things that make you sad. Ask out that girl you have been dreaming about. Reconnect with someone who was nice to you in the past. Sign up for that yoga class you’ve had pinned to your fridge for 3 months because you need some stress relief. Eat a cupcake and don’t feel guilty about it. Push through your comfort zone and do something you’d consider crazy. Bring more positivity into your life and don’t pass up opportunities.

There’s so much out there that can make you happy. Nothing is easier said than done when you literally have one life and you don’t know how much time you have left. Do yourself (and me) a favor and make your life count. Find strength in your fears and live.

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If you don't mind, what's your religion/ what do you believe in?

I believe in kindness, both to others and ourselves. I believe in striving to live in a way that if every single other person lived exactly like you do, the world would be a better place. I believe in the universe and all it does, in nature, in the environment and space. I believe in the wonder of our planet, and not thinking only of ourselves but of all other living things allowing us to share their home.

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Hi! I'm curious about your take on ENFPs and sentimentality: You've mentioned in the past that ENFPs are "weirdly sentimental" (like your friend wanting to be buried with her doll or Ariel collecting things), but you say you are not that sentimental (your post about the amusement park) and a previous post mentioned ENFPs are less likely to collect things than an INFP, but you've also mentioned they are likely to (like Ariel). Just wondering if you could clarify your meaning for me? Thanks!

I have a theory: developing sentimentality may depend a lot on environment.

The super-sentimental NFP I know comes from a family of sentimental SJs. They are all about repeating experiences, doing things with family photos, and taking walks down memory lane. In that kind of environment, her Si might develop more in those directions because it is nurtured to do so. I on the other hand grew up in a family devoid of sentimentality. I actually had to rescue my baby blanket as a teen from the back of the car; my mother had packed it to send it to the Salvation Army. (Let’s just say she defies the “ISTJs are sentimental” stereotype. She declutters at the drop of a hat and nothing is safe unless Family throws tantrums.)

Up until last week, I had all my childhood books and toys in a box in the basement. I reasoned that I was keeping them in case I ever have a daughter who wants to play with them – but the truth is, any kids I have are going to want electronic toys and cool new stuff instead of a box of Mom’s old ponies. And she may not love mysteries like I once did, thus cluttering up my limited storage space with books I will never read again was pointless. It was pure sentiment. I took them to the Salvation Army. I had prepared myself to let go, but as I stood there holding the box, this inner voice inside me said, “Keep it…” “No,” I thought. “Keep it.” “Maybe?” “KEEP IT.” “WHY?? I AM NO LONGER A CHILD. I DO NOT NEED THESE BARBIES.”

The box went away. It felt weird. But it was for the best. In three weeks, I won’t think about them anymore.

Of course, you could turn that around and say that an ENXP is raised in a house that doesn’t hold onto the past or allow for much sentiment – but inferior Si might choose sentiment or collecting things (and yes, that is very much a Si trait, to “collect” stuff) as a way to preserve the past. You might hold on to old letters from friends, or grandparents, or birthday cards, etc., to remember those people, or remind you that they are/were real, or simply because you feel strangely like letting them go would be wrong. You don’t know WHY you “need” to keep it, you just know you need it.

Ariel collects stuff that inspires her Ne, because everything in her collection ties in to her greater desire to visit the world above. If the object has no abstracting potential in it, she does not want it. NPs might hold onto things that tie into their memories or capture their imagination. I think an ENFP is less likely to collect things than an INFP, and more able to let them go after awhile, but what they choose to collect regarding sentiment will be less natural Si than you would find in a Si-dom. (They might decide to wear Grandpa’s old coat even though it doesn’t fit, to “remember him by,” where a Si-dom might find greater value in keeping and reading his old books.)

It’s important here to note that everyone can be sentimental about something – being sentimental does mean you use Si. You can be an SP who is sentimental about Star Wars, but your sentimentality is different than that of the Si-dom. 

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Two questions: I obviously don't expect Olicity to get engaged again until the finale, but do you expect that around 4x19 and forward they'll be both be open to start rebuilding their relationship? Or will it be like last season, where it was a 2 steps forward, 10 steps back kind of thing? Second question: Do you think we'll get an episode similar to 3x20 this year?

I agree, the re-proposal will be near the finale (if not the finale itself). 

I wonder if the death won’t be a bit of a reason for them to reunite… shared grief and all that. I’ve been saying for a while that it’d be a nice bookend to how things went with Sara’s death in 3x02, where she wanted him to grieve with her but he wouldn’t. How nice would it be for now, him to share his grief with her and for them to comfort one another?  I think that’d be lovely and might help propel their reunion. 

As for the 3x20/sex issue… I honestly don’t know. I’d like there to be but I think there’s several factors at play here.  Despite the fact that we (and MG) know that people with spinal cord injuries can have sex, I don’t know if the show would go there. So it might depend on Felicity finding a cure for her condition before then and I’m not 100% sure that will happen. The “search for the cure” can be something that takes place over the summer hiatus.  But I do think we’ll get a loving scene of some sort, just not that (and frankly, I’m not convinced that we’ll ever get that level of intimacy on the show again anyhow…). 

This impending breakup feels awful for all of us, I know that. But then I keep thinking of how far from the end of the season the 15th ep actually is. Consider where the show was in s1, s2, s3… at ep 15 things are almost always up in the air and thousands of miles from where the season ends up. Last year, we had Felicity hooking up with Ray and starting a relationship with him! By the end of the season, she was with Oliver and driving off into the sunset. Anything can happen, there’s always enough time, and we will make it

TVD S7 problems

Okay, so I just created this blog so I can write off my TVD thoughts. I’m new to tumblr so I’m sorry in advance if I tag things the wrong way or something. 

Season 7 in general
Honestly this season is kind of a mess. I feel like the writing is inconsistent and there’s no real follow-up between episodes. No continuity. Will get to the writing later.
The biggest problem for me this season are the heretics. They take up so much screen time and it leads up to nothing. The only interesting heretic is Beau and he gets little to no screen time. I really hope his character gets explored in upcoming episodes. Also I wonder what Beau’s doing all day since he’s never around the other heretics, is he just chilling in MF or what? I want to know what’s up with his scar and why he lost his voice. I think he is in next week’s promo with the huntress so hopefully we’ll know more by then. 
Nora and Mary Louise are useless and their relationship drama isn’t interesting to me. Bonora is really fun though, so let’s kill off Mary Lou and keep Nora. I just want a nice storyline for Bonnie and a love interest (not Enzo, don’t like him).
Valerie probably gets her own post later because I have a lot of (not so nice) things to say about her (+ some speculation on her character) and this post will get way too long if I include it in here.
On a positive note, I think the huntress/Phoenix Stone storyline is really interesting. She seems like a good villain and the mythology with the stone is interesting. Hope this storyline unfolds quickly.  
Also all the Steroline scenes we’ve gotten so far were really good and cute (7x04 was literally Steroline heaven) and most of them were just so them, especially the phone calls. Really liked those calls. Classic Steroline.
Stefan and Caroline are just so good when they are together and the writers are throwing all this unnecessary angst in their way. It’s so frustrating. I do strongly believe that all this Valerie/Alaric drama (assuming the FF are even real) are just obstacles for Steroline though. The tvd writers may not be very good at writing sometimes, but I choose to believe that they are not entirely stupid and that they won’t throw away 5 years of Steroline history for the disgraces that are Stalerie and Calaric. I just hope that after all this drama they come out stronger than ever. I’ve been shipping them since the freaking pilot I just want them to be happy together and get their long-awaited June wedding in season 8. 

The flash forwards
I think the FF were really interesting in the beginning. But as the season is progressing, I had hoped that the FF would have started to make more sense. But we’re 12 episodes in now and they’re still weird as hell. So right now I’m putting all my faith and hope into kmze’theories (this girl is a genius I swear) about the FF being Stefan’s personal hell. Besides, I just don’t see the purpose of the FF if they are real, apart from ruining the present storyline. So I am pretty sure there’s gonna be some sort of twist.
Or maybe this is just me refusing to believe that Caroline is engaged to Alaric (ew, hate him) and Stefan is with Valerie (ew). Can’t decide which one is worse. 

The writing
I think this season is really lacking in explanation of mythology and character motivations. 

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Red-Capped Manakin- The red-capped manakin (Ceratopipra mentalis) is a species of bird in the Pipridae family. It is found in Belize, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru and Panama. Its natural habitat is subtropical or tropical moist lowland forests. The bird is probably best known for the male’s unusual courting method whereby it shuffles rapidly backwards across a branch, akin to a speedy moonwalk. -Wikipedia The reason you keep your hands in the boat on the crocodile tour. ✨All of the pictures in my gallery are mine✨ ⠀ 💐🙏Thank you so much for the likes, follows and all of your kind and wonderful comments!! 🙏💐 =============================== If you love birds check out @best_birds_of_ig ✨Thank you to these fine hubs for my recent features.✨ @bestnatureshots @allnatureshots ✨ ⠀ ✨Thank you so much for featuring my photos! 💐 ⠀ Please check them out! ===============================

☛ New Photography from Dan Mason

If you didnt know already, i love jun so much and I’m so so so so incredibly proud of him and how far hes come. He had to learn and entirely new language and he knew it so well he was able to help minghao who wasnt as fluent, and now he is. He’s so talented and beautiful and I still dont understand how this literal angel is so unappreciated. He’s so smart and funny and kind he puts all of the other members before himself. He makes sure others are comfortable before himself - he tries and cooks when he can and he actively supports all of the other members in whatever they do (although ever member does this too). Hes learning to rap which is actually fairly difficult and even though he seems so greasy hes really sweet and wonderful pls stan wen junhui

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Just wondering what you think of this idea. So we all pretty much agree that it looks like TMZ has got some kind of exclusive because they were really ramping up babygate. But what if we got it wrong about the denial being the big scandal they were after? If Azoff makes an announcement about handling ALL of 1D and then HL come out, effectively debunking babygate and all the other PR stunts, all the public would need to do is piece together the evidence in front of them to realise that Simon (1)

Cowell were closeting and forcing the boys into stunts. It wouldn’t be hard to piece together, but we know that the GP is sometimes pretty stupid when it comes to stuff like that. So what if THAT is the big scandal that TMZ is waiting to get their hands on, with some kind of exclusive? Obviously not the coming out itself, because that’s not a “scandal” and they wouldn’t want it portrayed as one, but all the shit that Simon and co put the boys through. Do you think that’s a possibility? (2)

I think Harvey Levin is dancing a really fine razor’s edge if so. I’ve seen some suggest he’d post an exclusive of them together, essentially a coming out, if Harry and Louis were okay with it, but I remain suspicious. Harvey has had his dedication to his “no outing” policy for a long, long time. At the same time, TMZ is pure scandal like you indicated. I think Harvey would be reluctant to publish paps of them together, but he might do it if it were spun right. 

I think most of us have considered the possibility of them blowing the lid off this entire thing. I know I’ve certainly considered it, and with every new twist and turn in this sick maze, I flip and flop back and forth between options. I will say I haven’t ruled this out as a possibility, but I’m also trying to consider the business implications it would have for Harvey. He’d have to know some serious shit about Cowell’s immediate future in this business to agree to go along with it, I’d think. 

As always, we shall see!

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Absolutely. We’ll be kind to your savory, juicy, delicious, tender hearts. <3

Originally posted by ariamagpie

there’s an on going story i’ve been making up in my mind for years now. it is something i would want everyone to read but it’s also something that i want to keep to myself for as long as i live because it is the story i want to live in if i don’t have this lifetime. i guess we all have this kind of story in all of us. something we come running to when we feel like this life isn’t our life anymore and you don’t belong in your own story. i wonder if our stories are interconnected as if it’s another universe where all of us belong in there too the way we are in this life. yes, we get to create new characters and new everything we could ever think of and it’s wonderful and really magnificent. all i am saying is that sometimes i wish i don’t have to create this type of stories in my mind just to escape what’s in reality for me. but i couldn’t help it. i am a story teller running out of words. and also a selfish one, for not letting anyone hear this secret world i have created in my little mind.

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Hey there! I just want to say that you are amazing and your art is once of the most beautiful things I've ever seen, so I kind of stole my sister tumblr account just to tell you this (by the way, she also loves your art)Thank you for being so amazing! So yeah, I was wondering when are Numbar and Hawk finally going to meet each other? Because I can't wait to see them together. Jeh sorry for all the fangirling (not sorry).

Hey thank you so much! What a nice message. :D

Numair and Hawk won’t meet for a while, but it’s still sooner than I thought before I went back over my timeline–Hawk has to get to Enodia first. I can say that his journey north will be for the most part over after this current chapter, which, like. Dohohohoho.

In the meantime I can’t think of anything not spoilery to add, so I’ll repost the drawings I did for this post, wherein I drew Hawk and Numair’s first thoughts upon seeing each other.

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Happy belated birthday! Thankyou for all your recs and for bringing me happiness in the form of wonderful descriptions of two superheroes making out. I hope you had a good day!

(Hi guys, I’d like to again apologize to everyone for the spam whenever I answer the asks. Everything is tagged with “fic ask” so you can block that tag in case! Thanks!) 

ANYWAY, haha. Thank you so much, anon!! ♥ This is one of the asks that made me kind of guilty for not answering things for so long, lol. We all do love superheroes making out, haha!

Remember, kids:

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I've been an outside fan of Bloodborne for awhile now and I'm finally getting a PS4 and Bloodborne to play it for myself. I don't have any prior experience with the Soulsborne series and was wondering if you had any kind of tips or advice to a first time hunter?

First of all, have fun with Bloodborne! You’re gonna have a great time, and it’s best going in blind. However, there are a few things I feel I should really tell you.

1. Leveling Vitality and Endurance is always good
2. When it comes to fighting stats, for a first time player I’d recommend leveling either Skill or Strength (depending on what you prefer) to 30, and then follow up with the other stat.  
3. Bloodtinge and Arcane offer some nice possibilities, but you’ll probably play the game more than once, so you can try it out once you’ve become familiar with the game
4. Don’t underestimate the mobs! Try to lure them towards you one at a time as they can kill you quickly once they surround you, especially in the beginning.
5. Study your enemy and adapt to their moveset.
6. Shortcuts are your best friend! Always explore and try to open doors
7. The game encourages an aggressive playstyle and the regain-system is important!

These two last points are a tiny bit spoilery (not when it comes to story but to certain other aspects), so feel free to skip them!

8. You can only level up once you gain one point of insight. You either have to consume a Mad Man’s Knowledge or encounter the first boss. Farming makes no sense if you can’t level
9. There are some areas in the game that are completely optional. Access to the most important one is gained through a (not very well) hidden path in an area called “Forbidden Woods” that leads you to somewhere you’ve been before. Always explore!

     okay, so i will probably make a more flashy follow forever thingy in the future at some point ( with like some sort of giveaway and everything ), but there are just so many wonderful people around here that i wanted to take a moment to appreciate those people who have made my time here so special. i’ve had roleplay blogs before, but this is the first one that i’ve had in a while where i just have so much fun and i get to talk to all of you lovely people. you’ve all been so kind and friendly, welcoming, giving me confidence and entertainment. you are all so very lovely, and if i wanted this post to be a mile long, i would list everything i love about each of my individual followers ( all 109 of you ). but for now i will be focusing on those who have had a major impact on my experience here with jemma.

@t-chambler ; you and i have created a lovely little crossover ship, haven’t we? i think tara and jemma compliment each other really well and i love the chemistry our writing has together, plus you’re a super awesome mun and i wouldn’t change a thing about you. a+ tara chambler.

@pastyfitz ; dood, camilla, bruh. I LOVE YOU. i’m so glad that we met and i consider you a good friend already. thanks for putting up with my drunk ass on skype that night, i know how annoying i can be when i’ve been drinking ( speaking of, i’m pretty intoxicated rn tbh ) lol. ur the bestest.

@shotgunaxecombo ; you are quite possibly the most awesome person i’ve talked to on here. i love the whole banter thing we’ve got going on and the fact that we’ve never once ( or at least i haven’t )gotten offended by some of the awful shit we say to each other. xD i know you love me. :P this demon loves you too.

@antagxnized ; ok so we haven’t interacted much but i’m adding you because i love seeing every single one of your posts on my dash. i will go out of my way to read your updates thoroughly because you have literally the best ward blog i have ever witnessed. plus the mun is a total babe, so everything is aesthetically pleasing on ur blog. <3

@tremoriisms ; i still owe this cinnamon roll and skype date. it will happen, i’ve just been a bit busy lately. but she’s an awesome person to talk to and is one of my favorite daisy’s around and has literally the best coulson blog i’ve ever seen.

@hisbestgiirl ; so i’ve never actually watched agent carter, but as far as i can tell she is an AMAZING peggy! and she and i have one of my favorite threads going with her on this blog and i’m loving every word of it!

@whydoyouthinkileft ; she is such a sweet, sweet, sweet person and i love her to pieces. i was a bit afraid to talk to her or reblog things from her blog because i didn’t know if she would hate me for being another jemma reblogging things from her blog. lol. but she is precious and i love her.

@biochcmistt ; the only other jemma i would ever write with. i am the subconscious jemma to her real jemma and i love that we came up with that idea for our blogs. she’s perfect.

@whiskeyandtwoshotglasses ; i could not say enough nice things about this person. the muse is written to perfection and the mun has so much passion for hunter that it’s moving. and i love just having conversations about our muses and fandom with her because i love her outlook on things. she’s one of my favorite people to talk to around here.

@daisyquakesthings ; so far, she’s one of my favorite daisys around here. there are so many daisy blogs and this will be the one i will always seek out for plots involving her and jemma. i just love the way she writes the inhuman so perfectly and our writing flows together so well.

@lovelornrocketscientist ; and i’m saving the best for last here. YOU are perfection. i’m so glad you found me, your writing is the most beautiful thing i’ve ever read within this fandom. my threads with you are what i look forward to most when i check my notifications, and also we’re like the exact same person. the only person i’ve ever been able to talk to about my past that actually understands the situations personally. you’re the best fitz here and you’re a beautiful person and don’t ever stop being you. c:

//would it be alright if the pencil memes were kind of sketches but coloured and stuff? I got quite a few and I want to do them all, but it might take me a while if they’re are all high quality.