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why i love the moon signs

aries moon: you’re vivacious and wonderful and passionate and you focus this energy towards things that you love 

taurus moon: you make sure that you can be dependable and you always have a good heart and kind intentions above all else

gemini moon: you’re so intellectual and open-minded and sociable that your personality can sometimes be magnetic (when you’re not being repelling)

cancer moon: you just want to protect everyone and help all your friends at all costs and your strong emotions can be endearing at times

leo moon: you’re full of energy and spark and you can draw people towards you with your glowing aura

virgo moon: you know how to get shit done and you don’t usually ask for much or set unrealistic expectations/goals

libra moon: you’re always the peacekeeper who gives helpful advice to everyone they meet and you’re a social butterfly

scorpio moon: you’re artistic and you have strong emotional convictions that cannot be swayed and there’s something to admire about that

sagittarius moon: you’re naturally hilarious and you just want to live your life on your own terms just having fun and shit 

capricorn moon: your realistic and practical approach to life is needed sometimes. also, even though it takes a lot for you to let someone in, you truly value those in your life who are

aquarius moon: you somehow always seem to know what you’re doing and you have strong passions aided by your logic and i love that

pisces moon: your heart is sentimental and you’re (probably) fundamentally selfless and self-sacrificing with many of your friends/family members/lovers/etc

Kankri may have Asperger’s Syndrome

I’m a Psychology major with Asperger’s syndrome and I’ve always wondered why I related so much to Kankri Vantas, of all characters.  I haven’t been as much of an ass as he is since about 8th-9th grade, so I’m kind of wondering “what’s up with that”, and then it hits me.  He shows strong signs of having Asperger’s Syndrome, if not one of various similar autism spectrum disorders.

Let me review the symptoms, with examples to help the point along.  Children and teens with Asperger’s Syndrome may:

1) Fail to pick up on social cues, lack inborn social skills, have difficulty starting and maintaining conversations, and/or show difficulty taking turns while talking

2) Express little emotion, make insensitive remarks, and appear to lack empathy for others unless corrected

3) Fail to comprehend tone in others speech; this may lead to them taking a joke or sarcastic comment literally and become the butt of a joke to others

4) Develop and overly formal manner of speech, both in writing and in spoken dialogue

5) Avoid eye contact, stare at others, or closely observe others without knowledge of a social taboo tied to watching others; may make things awkward with people they are fond of as a result

6) Make unusual expressions or have odd posture

7) Preoccupy themselves with specific topics which they are particularly knowledgeable about

8) Have heightened physical or auditory sensitivity

9) Wear specific items for comfort and/or dress in an unusual or eccentric manner

10) Have little understanding or regard for social conventions, such as joining in on closed conversations

Also, after running his infamous “rant” through a tone analyzer, I found something quite interesting that most people overlook.

Shown above is a full analysis of the word choice he used in the speech.  Most of it was of course in social tone, despite the length of it that makes it seem like a book, so it is certain that he is in fact trying to talk to Karkat.  However, he displays some distinct traits in the divisions of his speech.

  1. Like most people with Autism Spectrum Disorders, Kankri displays little to no emotion in his speech while talking, accounting for only 4% of his total word mass, and most of that 4% is allotted to cheerful points in an attempt to make his speech seem more interesting.  This shows that he is aware that people become bored with him but can do little to change his behavior, a telltale sign of mental illness and disorder.
  2. His social tone is divided into three parts, agreeableness, conscientiousness, and openness.  Agreeableness is almost entirely positive, which shows his attempt at persuasion in his speech, while his conscientiousness and openness are mostly negative.  High focus on negativity in the conscience is often due to experiencing numerous instances of being ignored or subjected to negative stimuli, which is elaborated upon in his explanation of his experience (though indirectly) with the Beforan culling system.
  3. His writing tone that pops up in his speech dusts his monologue with analytical and tentative points as he gives his take on Beforan and Alternian cultures.  This is typical of speech with a topic and is not an abnormality unlike the other two categories.

Sorry for making this so long, but I felt as though I should elaborate on every point that I could think to do so, and mind you there are many more symptoms and qualifying factors for Asperger’s Syndrome than what is listed above; I merely presented what I did as strong evidence in favor of the likelihood of him possessing such a disorder and did not intend to present such information in a way that it could be taken to self-diagnose (please do not self-diagnose mental illness outside of simple disorders such as GAD or MDD).

Further reading:


from Justice League vol.02:no.34 (Dec 2014), written by Geoff Johns [source]

“Beating” and changing villains through kindness, not violence: that is Wonder Woman.

Or, “Don’t kill if you can wound, don’t wound if you can subdue, don’t subdue if you can pacify and don’t raise your hand at all until you’ve first extended it.“ (from Wonder Woman vol.03:no.25 [Dec 2008], written by Gail Simone)

Also: Lex Luthor being utterly baffled at a display of genuine gratitude from an innocent child is delightful.


‘There’s something sweet and almost kind, but he was mean and he was coarse and unrefined, and now he’s dear and so unsure, I wonder why I didn’t see it there before’- Something There (Beauty and the Beast)

Or, what would happen if Disney made the Hobbit

Edit- here’s a link to a Beauty and the beast bagginshield fanfic by Frodo_sheart, almost forgot I had this bookmarked:
  • Chris:Tom is such a wonderful and sweet actor, how do you deal with all the fans on tumblr and social media?
  • Tom:It's just a very nice thing, you guys are very kind to me.
  • Matt:I could be real kind to you...
  • Tom:what's that??
  • Matt:I could be real kind to you. I could be a giving, gentle lover like you've never known...
  • Tom:[loses his shit]
  • Chris:Poor Tom is like "I just got off a fucking plane today for this"

I wonder how Bellamy is doing like is he drinking enough water? is he remembering to eat? does he sleep well at night? does he even sleep at all? does he remember to shower every once in a while? even though he takes care of the delinquents does he remember to take care of himself? I need answers to these questions immediately!!

G'day all

I’m an Australian photographer, from Brisbane, Queensland. This image was created at Horseshoe Bend, Page, during a roadtrip through Arizona in 2013. I’m keen to head back to complete Part II of my Spirit of the Southwest project, Ultimate Utah, for which I’m launching a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign this week. More details on my blog, Awe and Wonder.

Have an awesome day and keep creating! :)

Kind regards,


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Do you have any lengthy everlark fanfic recommendations? 💜

oh goodness, I am TERRIBLE, THE WORST for remembering all the wonderful fics I’ve read! I like them and think “that means I’ll have them handy forever…” and then I see I have nearly 3,000 liked posts…

And I’m a big fan of the one shot or drabble - which often get turned into mini series with maybe 3 or 4 parts. So for those kind shoutouts to muttpeeta the-peeta-pocket and sponsormusings 

As for lengthy Everlark, I remember LOVING All the Presidents Men by  authoresskika

And I’m currently about 12 chapters in on Sever by dandelion-sunset

Blend by Lbug84 was incredible but it’s been taken down from AO3.

Oh and I know allhailthehutch writes multichapter everlark (I’m behind on the ones I was reading but I was really liking the Mellark of Sex and Wrong Number - but she has loads more too that I’ve tabbed for later (along with about 1000 other people, I’m sorry!)) and anything by peetasbunmyoven is always fab! katnissdoesnotfollowback writes wonderful drabbles too (which is why I take forever getting through a full length with all these awesome drabblers I’ve mentioned) … ehhh!!! I’ve literally forgotten everyone!! I’m just gonna tag some general Everlark writers now because I’m scared I’m missing someone!

jamiesommers23 streetlightlove1 titania522 starsmahogany hutchhitched pookieh everybirdfellsilent  papofglencoe ... I’m still forgetting people… definitely check out jhutchmyanchor - she has a list of 400 (yes, 400) Everlark authors that should definitely keep you busy! Oh and everlarkficquestions have a list of multichapter I believe (warning, this blog is outstanding and will keep you on tumblr for hours!)

(I’m so sorry for everyone I forget - this is not a reflection on you, and more a reflection on how excited I get for Everlark Fanfic that I basically just dive straight into reading!)


I participated a joke cosplay contest at Kontucon on Saturday. The theme was OCs and I ended up being the shitty OC who steals your OC.

Her name is Repos-tan and she’s a self-proclaimed master artist. She has such a versatile style that never looks the same! People keep wondering how she does it, but it’s definitely not by “borrowing” art from other people and claiming them as her own. She looks cute, but is also kind of a dick and no one really likes her. She can’t really seem to understand why, though… Repos-tan did nothing wronG!

Her color scheme is monochromatic because she has no imagination of her own. She also throws a fit if someone dares to criticize her amazeballs skills.

“Borrowed art” are prints I bought from the ridiculously talented huopa, pomsig and endrae. And idk some illustrations by some unknown guy who drew things for games no one cares about and another unknown Japanese person who’s drawn things no one’s ever heard of. Also a better, original (donut stale) version of that one painting is drawn by naanadougga

Photos by jestertofool and some are just selfies from my twitter..


hi guys. after talkig about it for the past couple of weeks, my first video is finally up! you can watch it here (make sure to watch in 1080p HD!!) 

the video quality isn’t the best (which is why i recommend watching in HD, the picture improves immensely) and it’s pretty long and the camera set up isn’t great but it was a learning experience and a lot of those things are going to be very much improved in my next video which will be up later this week.

i would love for you all to watch it, subscribe, and comment. i’m so grateful to have so many wonderful and kind followers on tumblr and i can’t wait to share my youtube journey with you all too. videos will be a lot of makeup stuff but i’m gonna try to include vlogs, music stuff, and and tag videos in with it to keep things fresh. hope you enjoy this first video of many to come!

Hey everyone!!

Where do I even begin?? Okay, well I haven’t made a follow forever since last year and I felt that it was time to make a second one since all of you have been so kind to me these past few years since I joined tumblr. Therefore, it felt right to give back to the people who’ve made my blog experience beyond enjoyable. I can’t even explain how each and every one of you has contributed to how I have grown and matured as a person. I sincerely thank each and every one of you who graciously follow me and take your time to chat with me, you simply make my day better :) And to those of you who I follow, thank-you for being such a cool cat and rocking your blog (I adore you)!! Also, if we’re mutuals/chingus/real life friends - you guys are the reason I even have a tumblr and the fact that you’ve contributed to how I’ve transformed as a person is incredible (you’re all incredible)♡. Thanks for all the amazing inside jokes, witty conversations, and the abundance of love you ALL have given me!! I’m seriously just babbling on now, but just know that I love and appreciate every single one of you and hope you’re currently having an amazing summer, you deserve it :)) Oh, and a VERY huge thank-you to the lovely Joyce for making my 2nd follow forever graphic (you rock x1000)!!!

Much love,

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so mod jessa and i have been discussing the idea of doing a boat royalty kind of thing, you know like homecoming/prom court but on the boat vs at a school. my town has this summer carnival thing and i keep passing all these signs people put up to vote for them and it’s cute and yeah yeah. ANYWAY, we’re still talking about it and it probably won’t be until the next time we get on the boat, but i was wondering if people were interested in the general idea.

i know you might be concerned thinking about oh no, it’s going to be a popularity contest and none of my characters will even have the chance to get involved beyond voting, but that’s honestly the part that’s making it so we can’t do it immediately. i was thinking maybe we’d allow characters some time to campaign a little. get together with friends, or groups we put together if some people aren’t friends yet, and help them with campaign type stuff. you know, someone who is good with photoshop could dedicate themselves to helping a specific character by making cute little images post asking those to vote for them, things like that, which will help those not interested in competing enjoy the event a bit more.

we’re still discussing the best way to go about every detail, but i think there will be two royals within band members/solo artists and then two within staff. and i say royals because we’re not doing king and queen and the winners can pick whatever title they would like to have. i even found a nice list that includes some gender neutral titles if you’re into that.

so! like/comment on this if you’re interested at all. if no one’s interested, i don’t want to spend a bunch of time on it trying to figure it out, you know? if you have any suggestions for related activities and all of that, feel free to comment, send an ask, or bug me on aim at modshosh. 

i will reblog this later on, so prepare to see this again.

kommis perguntou:

Mikisugi, the newest instructor at the academy, was sitting in Glynda's office, waiting to be introduced. So far he was non-plussed with Ozpin and Oobleck, "Where are all the women in this place? Jeez." He sighed.

       ۞ ~ Glynda sighed. She even wondered how this man was accepted into Beacon. Ozpin should know how these kinds of people tick Glynda off and yet he keeps hiring them.

    “Sadly, the only you are putting up with is me..”~ ۞

Okay, I’m kind a unsure if I should post any MK art at all anymore…(meaning character pictures or request that I have gotten) ‘cause it seems that many people think that I’m a scum and a disgusting person(and all kinds of other things). So now I’m just wondering that should I even be in this fandom anymore… I’m really confused what to do… Should I continue posting my drawings and be in this fandom that seems to hate me or just not do any MK stuff and leave the fandom.

The world is full of idiots that don't understand whats important. And they'll tear us apart Rose. But if you stick with me, I'm gonna accomplish great things Rose, and your gonna be apart of them. And together we're gonna run around Rose, we're gonna do all kinds of wonderful things Rose, just you and me Rose. The outside world is our enemy Rose. We're the only *belch* friends we've got Rose. It's just Pearl and Rose *belch*. Pearl and Rose and their adventures, Rose. Pearl and Rose forever, and forever a hundred years Pearl and Rose some things. Me and Pearl and Rose running around and Pearl and Rose time, all day long forever. Hundred days, Pearl and Rose forever a hundred times. Over and Over,,, WWW.PearlandRoseAdventures, all hundred years. Every minute,
Under Tank Heaters- Help?

First off thank you to everyone who sent advice! I care a lot about my animals so I do want to give them the best life possible. I actually don’t have a thermostat right now honestly. I was told when I first got them that I wouldn’t need one which I know isn’t an excuse and I should have done my own research but I didn’t. I have a temp and humidity gauge stuck to the back of the tank right now but will definitely be ordering 3 thermostats when I get paid on Friday! Quick question though, the uth that I have on all of my tanks (same brand) is exo terra and it says not to remove it after its installed on the tank so I was just wondering if anyone knows if I can peel back a small section for the probe and then put it back? Also how does the thermostat actually control the temp if there isn’t a way to connect it to the heat pad? or do I have the wrong kind of heat pad? Also when I was at the pet store I mentioned I was going to separate the snakes and the woman who owns and runs it gave me a large tub for free!! She said someone gave it to her and used to use it for their ball python and that I could take it if I wanted! So that’s one part of it taken care of, though I can’t move her yet until I get all the necessary supplies for it! Should I do an over tank light and uth or just an uth? I’ll post pics in a few!!

anônimo perguntou:

Hey listen tho I really enjoy everything about you. Like you respond to everyone and like with some people they kind of view answering asks as a chore which is fine some people get tons of them but you seem to genuinely enjoy it. And you're so sweet and your love for Ame is so so so great and it's so nice to see people who love her for who she is and I love your art style and momethyst is sooo wonderful and on top of all of that you are absolutely drop dead gorgeous have a nice day!!!

oh fuckin man
this is like
THE nicest message
im not even sure i can do a reply that does it justice

i’m uh. really happy that you think all these things of me. and you seem like a great and nice person?? thank you very much

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Hello beautiful people! You can call me Francess. :) I’m 18. Pansexual. Artist of sorts. Crazy cat lady. Introverted and shy at first, but I really do love people though I express it differently. I love deep conversations and warm tea<3 I love the rain and love living life! I’d love to get to know you. :“) Um.. I’m an awkward penguin when it comes to these kinds of things, but everyone is so nice here! I haven’t talked to any one of you yet, but you’re all such wonderful folk. I think we’ll be the bestest friends–or more, hmm! :) <3 

Here’s my personal/travel blog! Drop me a line, I’ll do my best to entertain every single one! (or click my image to be redirected there <3) 

I also made a kik: angelicwhisperer. Tell me you found me here :)

but if you don’t want to sign-up for anything (I totally understand!), you can make a chatroom here and just message me the link through my askbox.