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a sketch I did a while ago and the wonderful @abelinajt was kind enough to write a story for it! go check it out: Lift up your voice, children, rejoice by Abelina and remember to leave some kudos ♥

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When you're taking point on an episode, do you have much input on the way the scene is filmed or does the director really kind of come in and shoot what they envision while reading your script? I'm wondering because the way 303 came together absolutely blew my mind. The whole sequence from the summit to the bow was so beautifully written and beautifully framed and felt very cohesive and just... fit. You and Antonio should team up more often!

Thanks! The writer on set has quite a lot of input into the way a scene is shot, but our role is not to be the director. We spend all of prep working with the director, talking about the story so that he or she understands our intention and what we need filmed. That helps get everyone on the same page.

When we’re on set and blocking a scene - which is when the director and actors collaboratively figure out the movements of that scene - the writer gives notes to make sure the physical progression is working. Then, during filming, the writer gives performance notes to ensure the actors are conveying what we need. As I’ve mentioned before, a portion of our story is told nonverbally, so we’re there to make sure those unspoken moments land. 

In the perfect world, the writer on set would have absolutely nothing to do, but we find that there are always questions, always things we know to look for that no one else does (especially if we’re setting up future story), which is why it’s so vital to have a writer on set at all times. That’s not the case on other shows, but it works best for The 100.

Okay, I’m just going to say something to the Stydia fandom that I think really needs to be said. 

A lot of y’all are talking about how Scott was a little bit useless last night in the episode, which, honestly, is bugging the shit out of me. Because Scott was there all the way through, helping and trying to figure it out, and it’s just lucky that Stiles’ plan with Theo worked before Scott’s plan with Liam and Meredith. No, not lucky. Lucky is the wrong word. It was actually a plot device so that we could have Stydia moments. 

Let’s face it. Scott McCall is this character who we rarely get to see on television, because he is the kind of wonderful guy who really defies a lot of stereotypes that people are comfortable with when it comes to traditional masculinity in media. I could go on a tangent about that, but instead I’m going to focus on the fact that Scott’s dialogue and action was reduced last night for the sake of our ship. 

Scott was pushed aside so that Stiles could be the hero. I have absolutely no doubt that Scott would have covered Lydia from the glass if Stiles wasn’t there. He would have done everything Stiles did. Scott loves Lydia too. But they gave Posey fewer lines than Dylan so that our ship would have the opportunity to have multiple incredible moments. We should all feel really grateful that we got these scenes, and that we got such irrefutable proof that Lydia loves Stiles– I mean, come on– but we should also keep in mind that what happened last night doesn’t make Scott weak. And if you want to “blame” someone for his behavior, blame the writers, not Scott as a person or an alpha. 

I liked this and that in the show, but Manhattan and Agent Carter are so injected with ideology and political correctness that you wonder what kind of people operate Hollywood these days? They are becoming more and more like political propaganda from the Stalin’s 1950’s.

The only reason the guy in 2.01 and 2.02 is black (genius) is to show the segregation back in these years. The Hollywood cliche “good guys” in these series are who - a British woman who is subject to sexism anywhere she goes, a British butler, and a Latino. All white male characters are evil, dumb, careerists without exception. And they now injected another stupid H-wood cliche - the 31,536th cabal in the history of Hollywood, which is of course exclusively an old white male villains’ club.

In the first season Peggy, “shined” through with her anti-capitalist and anti-corporate tirades, and after chasing the blood of her former boyfriend, to save it for humanity, finally decided to destroy it. Why? Because whatever good could have come out of it for humanity, couldn’t match the stupid cow’s anti-corporate bias.

The silly humor between Peggy and the butler evolved into silliness with only microscopic traces of “humor this season and the introduction of the butler’s wife doesn’t anything of value.

Teen angst - instead of offering something new of real quality, the creators are throwing at us what - teen angst - finding a romantic partner for Souza and surely attaching Peggy to this and that male character until the glorious finale when the couple will get together. Because the creators are afraid if they get them together earlier, the show will lose whatever viewers are still around. Can it become any more pathetic than that?

The only thing that I expect more of this show is for the creators to find a way to inject Obamacare and global warming … and Bernie Sanders. Then everything will be perfect.


Strong women and the presence of a single black man and this user cannot stand it. 

Prompt: Bumblebee.

Harry’s never been much of a talker, his slow drawl preventing him from getting much out before he gets distracted anyway but it’s like the very first time he sees her, any words he’d dreamt of saying had been snatched from his throat.

Afficher davantage

I was thinking last night about what Alex said on “Between the Pines” about Dipper and Mabel’s names being similar.  A lot have been speculating that it’s going to be alliterative, and there have been some really good possibilities (my favorites are Marc, Mason, and Mabus), but I’m wondering if his name might be Abel.  It rhymes with Mabel, it begins with an “A” like Alex’s name, and it has four letters to Mabel’s five, much like Alex’s name has four letters and Ariel’s has five.  That last bit might just be a coincidence, but in this show, true coincidences are few and far between.  Abel is kind of an unusual name nowadays, and I can see Dipper wanting to use his nickname to avoid all the “Hey Abel, what are you able to do today?” teasing he would have gotten from other kids.  Also, Abel means “breath”.  In the “Legend of the Gnome Gemulets” game, Stan talks about how Dipper nearly died when he was born because the umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck.  I can see the twins’ parents naming him that out of relief that he survived.

Three-toed Sloths seam to love the tropical weather in Costa Rica. - Three-toed sloths are arboreal (tree-dwelling), with a body adapted to hang by their limbs. They live high in the canopy, but descend once a week to defecate on the forest floor. Their long, coarse fur often appears greenish, not due to pigment, but to algae growing on it. Sloths’ greenish color and their sluggish habits provide an effective camouflage; hanging quietly, sloths resemble a bundle of leaves. Large, curved claws help sloths to keep a strong grip on tree branches. -Wikipedia ✨All of the pictures in my gallery are mine✨ ⠀ 💐🙏Thank you so much for the likes, follows and all of your kind and wonderful comments!! 🙏💐 ===============================

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While we’re talking about ugly cute alien babies @katzbj

Have Shi’s embarrassing baby pictures, combining all the unpleasant ruddiness of a premature human baby (arguably the ugliest kind of infant of all) and a newborn bird

Baby Kharkrua are also loud as fuck and known to bite at whatever wayward digits travel too close to their faces (their eyesight starts out pretty bad) it’s no wonder even their own parents aren’t terribly fond of them


When Jared hears a knock at the door, he wonders who could that be and smirk at the sign of his friend.

Jared: “Xavier?! What the heck are you doing on Earth?”

Xavier: “I have been assigned here.”

Jared: “Really? Let’s go inside.”

Once they were inside, they both sat down

Xavier: “I want to tell you that I am sorry for your loss.”

Jared: “Is that all you came here for? I doubt the great Xavier came here just for that.”

Xavier: “Very funny but your right. I just have a question for you.”

Jared: “Okay.”

Xavier: “Why do you think our kind abducted Lexie Graves?”

That question took Jared off guard

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Can I request for a one-shot of Jungkook reacting to seeing your ex approaching you at a party? Like gets protective and stuff :)

Jealousy is for weak - Jungkook

Characters: Jungkook x girlfriend

Rated: S for Sorry this is not as fluffy as expected… at all

Originally posted by jengkook

Did you ever wonder where jealousy comes from? I used to think I was not the jealous type, that this kind of low feeling wasn’t for me, that I was better than that, more open minded. But in fact jealousy is engraved in our flesh right where our lack of confidence lies. If I had more self esteem, if I were confident in myself, there wouldn’t be any place left for jealousy. Jealousy is feeling up the gap of the confidence we don’t have.

I believed in her, I knew she was loyal and wouldn’t cheat on me. But what I was less sure about was whether she would still want to be, with me. Whether she would prefer me someone else or be tired of me. That was why I became jealous, that’s why I became a jerk. Because I had too much trouble being sure of the power of seduction I had on her I had to make her stick to my side.

The game became more devilish during that party she forced me to go to. Actually, I wouldn’t have let her go by herself without being able to keep an eye on the guys around her. And I couldn’t find a way to make her stay the night at my place because it was actually her bestfriend’s birthday party. I was trapped and forced to smile to people I didn’t like much, talking about thing that didn’t interested me, receiving fake congratulations on my latest album.

I very soon understood that the evening wouldn’t be so pleasant when she suddenly jumped by surprised and had a guilty look in her eyes. I asked her what was wrong and she just nodded assuring everything was fine. But she seemed to look a bit whiter every second and at the edge of fainting when a voice in my back welcomed us.

“Never thought I would see you again Sugar, it has been a long time.” The man gave us a smirk as we turned around to face him. “Sugar?” I asked more for myself as I could guess who he was mentionning. “Jungkook, this is Jaehyo, a friend.” Her voice was trembling a little bit as it seemed that the memory of this man was shaking her. “He used to call me like that all the time.” She added trying to avoid my gaze and his.

“Don’t be so crual to me, was I really just a friend to you? Does that mean I was dating on my own all that time?” The one to be crual was defenitely him, he knew for sure that she was with me now and was just trying to show off and make things akward. By the blush on my girlfriends cheeks, I could guess it was working. What could she have ever found in this jerk? “I see, well these times are over now, so I guess you don’t need to worry about it anymore.”

My words was enough for him to smirk one last time and go on on another subject. They talked about high school, teachers and stuff. Minha, the queen of the day that was in their class back then, had joined them and seemed really enthousiast about the talk. As it was boring for me that hadn’t lived the same adolescent life as them, and because Minha was there to prevent any move from the jerk, I left them to go find a drink, maybe take some fresh air.

I knew it was stupid to feel so angry and pissed off by the presence of her ex. I wasn’t her first boyfriend, I knew it, so I also knew there was the possibility that we would cross path with one of them someday. But I guess what made me freak out is that she had already told me about this one. Jaehyo was the one she dated for two years, the one she had been in love with, the one that broke her heart. I couldn’t hate him more, neither could I feel more vulnerable. If there was one of them that could make her want to leave me, it was him.

I knew that in fact she had some very bad memories from their broke up and that she told me several times that she would never go back with such an asshole. She also told me that she never had feelings like those she has for me for any of her ex. Which means that she liked me more than she liked him back then. I shouldn’t worry, but to be honnest, that jerk was really handsome. More than that he had charisma and was older than me. I could see in the eyes of the other girls that he was a real Don Juan.

That thought made me realize that I had left them alone for way more time that I should have. I took a look inside and spotted them dancing in the middle of the living room. I threw my cigarette in the street, left the balcony and closed the window behind me. Even if he wasn’t that close to her, I didn’t like the smiles on their faces and the complicity in their eyes. I thought that my girl had forgotten quite quickly all the pain this bastard had make her experiment.

Making my way throught the crowd I found a way to put myself between them and dance with her. She welcomed me with a warm smile, calling my name and it made me relax, feeling my heart pound in a sweet way only she could make it. I took her hands and made her spin to finally drag her to me, one protective hand at the bottom of her back that would make anybody aware that she was mine.

As we were turning in rythme I found myself facing the said Jaehyo and gave him a look any guy would understand. I was marking my territory and suddenly felt better, bigger, more manly. Even thought this little war of “who is the alpha here” was complitely ridiculous. I guess guys can’t help it, but I heard girls compete between them more than we think. Maybe that’s just the stupidity of the human race.

I had thought the battle was over, and I was right, but the war wasn’t obviously. Because I thought I could relax now, I gave myself the luxury to spend a long time on the balcony again, far from everyone, taking time to think about nothing related to this or work, just some free thoughts. When after all the beers I had drink, the urge to go to the toilet woke me out of my daydream, I decided to go back to the society and meet the common people.

I didn’t realized on my way to the bathroom that my girlfriend was no where to be found in the living room. It’s when I got out that I noticed two silhouettes in the corridor. At first I thought that one guy got lucky and was about to leave them. But then I heard the voice of the girl. “Jeahyo, I don’t want to talk about it tonight.”

I froze. It was her, with her ex, on their own. “But you know I still have feelings for you.” I turned around in desbelief. Was that jerk trying to get back with my girl, only few meters away from me? I didn’t wait for them to notice me, I didn’t make any intro to my entrance, I just walked to them, caught his colar and pinned him to the wall. “Jungkook!” Hearring her calling my name wasn’t pleasant this time, my heart didn’t fluttered. In the contrary it was painful. I could hear worries in her voice. Was she worried for him?

“Are you trying to hit on my girlfriend right now?” I asked with irony. The guy that was playing it cool few second before was now less than a chiken. “No, no, I…” People would always under estimate me. Because I had this angel-like baby boy face and was kind of slim they would always think I’m harmless. But I was strong and could easily break a few bones if I had to. “Jungkook, please, stop. You’re going to hurt him.”

I was boiling inside. She couldn’t care for him, he had broke her heart. Why was she on his side? Did she still have feelings for him too? Did she lied to me? “Why do you care? What if I hurt him? He was trying to get into your pants if you didn’t get it yet.” It was now her turn to see red. She bursted out, making me jump a little. “And I was taking care of it, you didn’t have to come and put your nose in the matter.”

Speechless, that’s how she left me. I let go of him and pushed him in the direction of the living room so he could let us have a talk. “The matter? Are you considering getting back with that stupid crap? Do I have to remember you that-” She cut me off. Her cheeks was blushing out of anger. “You don’t have to remember me anything, I lived it Jungkook, I’m the most aware of what happened.” I started to feel uneasy, she was considering it. I didn’t even took the care to answer anything to that.

“Why do you always do that?” I stayed silent. “Don’t you trust me?” I couldn’t see the point in trusting her when she after all wanted to get back with her shitty ex. “I’m a grown woman, when a guy hit on me I can turn him down my way and on my own. And you shouldn’t have to involve yourself each time.” Suddenly I saw bright. So she didn’t want that guy anymore? “You’re my boyfriend, not my bodyguard, I can defend myself.”

I suddenly felt guilty and shameful analysing my move and hers that I had interrupt. “If I was afraid that you’d hurt him it’s because I wouldn’t want you to have any problem. He’s a coward, he would have called the police for a slap.” Her eyes was now tender and her honey voice made her look like a mother that gives her son a lesson. I walked to her and ask for forgiveness while she was already on her tiptoes to kiss my lips. “It’s ok Kookie, just please, be a little less jealous, won’t you?”

Jealousy~ Jealousy~ They say it’s a poison be aware guys! 

Always thankful and full of love for you!

- Rime

Helping Danse:

*spoiler alert - post Blind Betrayal and during last affinity scene*
When Danse says his line about how “Those institute bastards couldn’t even be bothered to give me memories of siblings or parents…” I wish there was an option to reply with the following:

Sole: “Maybe not Danse, … but you made your own memories. With real people, who really care about you. Cutler, Haylen, me. We all know you, the kind of man you are, and the wonderful friend you’ve been to all of us. Those memories, your memories, are better and more important than any fabrication the institute could have installed. You’re not alone out here, and you never will be.”


gavandmicool a demandé:

i hope you don't mind my asking, but i'm kind of interested in team MRNG and i haven't seen anything about personality stuff so i was wondering if you could talk about their personalities? (such as this one is too innocent and loves cats while this one turns everything into an innuendo and this one wakes up really early in the morning to make breakfast for the others, etc.) i really really love them!!

I don’t mind at all!! I’m super glad you’d wanna know more about them ! sorry this took so long to answer, but i wanted to make it kinda pretty so it wasnt just a wall of text ahaha i’ll also shove it under a readmore bc damn

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Anonyme a demandé:

im kind of new in the phandom and i was wondering since when dan start being more open/ stop acting all no homo ?

idk abt ‘no homo’ (i don’t rly like that term) but i’d say him (and phil) got more open in 2015…maybe even mid 2014 when they started the gaming channel because we just saw more of their interactions together more frequently?? idk

a-catgirl-universe a demandé:

Hello. I wonder what kind of schedule otters keep? Is place they sleep at same as one you work from? Can they go into exposition part of enclosed during night hours?

So in the morning usually 2 out of 3 otters go on exhibit. We switch up who it is so they are forced to hang out equally, gives them a rest day away from the public. And gives us better one on one training opportunities. And then some days all 3 go on. They are usually excited to go on exhibit because we switch it up and put fun things on exhibit daily. But once they are on exhibit they do not have access to the behind the scenes holding. They are on exhibit all day. They do have dens that they can sleep in if they feel the need to be hidden. And the exhibit is where we go in and feed them and such. Then at night we shift them back into their night holding area where they get dinner and like 4 million toys and fun activities. They have no access to the exhibit at night. They are usually pretty excited to come off exhibit at night because we build so many fun things for them to come back to.


Kim So Hye ftw woo~~~

all kind of improvements 😻😤😤👍

Keep Going

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conversely, what if it's their mother? and len and lisa grew up happy and healthy uwu


like what if their mother is still alive

what if they grew up with her instead of Lewis

what if she’s an incredibly positive force in their lives


happy and safe and so so LOVED, and Mayor Snart has raised her kids to be kind and wonderful people – smart, but tempered with grace and humility and every bit of charm they learned from watching her schmooze politicians throughout her tenure as mayor

I need this in my life, you don’t UNDERSTAND

So if you all didn’t know, when my grandma died last month, we adopted her dog, Oreo. I was wondering if anyone new what breed she might be?

She’s not very big, like medium-small terrier height, has a longish curled tail and she has soft, wispy (as not very thick), fluffy fur that can get kind of long unless we clip it down some.

lol she’s a brat too but we still love the bug eyed doof

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Hi fox! I just wanted to say thank you for everything, I love all of your videos and cosplays very much and I can't wait to see what you do in the future ^_^ you are the person who inspired me to start cosplaying and I am truely grateful. Keep it up!

Wow! You’re so sweet, Anon! Thank you for such a kind message! I hope you have a really wonderful week <3

Anonyme a demandé:

Hello CaptainCrunch! First of all, let me just say that I love watching your videos so much, especially your CMVs! They are so full of personality, and so well-cosplayed! I was wondering if you had any advice for getting started with cosplay on a budget?

aww thank you so much! ♥ I’m glad you like my videos and your kind words mean a lot! I’ve been wanting to make a “how to make cosplays on a budget” video for such a long time. I’ve everything that I need for it but no time whatsoever ugh. this video will be done for sure in the future, I just can’t say when.. for now I can only redirect you to my FAQ which pretty much includes a lot of the information that I would mention in the video anyways (thrift shopping etc). I hope it can help you a little bit :x

Anonyme a demandé:

What kind of music you listen to besides kpop

Well, back when I was like 13-17, I used to be really into pop punk and post hardcore and metalcore tbh so I listened to a lot of bands like Of Mice & Men, Asking Alexandria, Bring Me the Horizon, The Story So Far, The Wonder Years, etc. I was also (and still am) really into pop punk tho and I still like bands like All Time Low and The Maine and Paramore and Fall Out Boy and Panic! and Blink-182

IDEK if anyone of you know these bands lmao probably tho

Now tho, I’m obviously more into kpop and while I still occasionally listen to pop punk, I’m a huge fan of indie rock tbh (so a lot of The 1975, Halsey, Alt-J, Passion Pit, Phoenix)

But I’m not that picky tbh I like a lot of music ¯\_(ツ)_/¯