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Hey guys. So today is my birthday. I’m 27 now!

For my birthday wish, I want one thing. And if you can’t do it, it’s fine, but if you can, I implore you, do this not for me, but for my friend Kristen, who just lost her mother a few days ago to illness.

Kristen, or anemicloser as she’s known on tumblr, is a wonderful, kind, funny, and talented person. She is very excellent artist and in general an all around great person

Unfortunately, her mother passed away and now she has a funeral to pay for. She cannot afford this funeral on her own, and I am hoping that for all of the times that you kind and wonderful folks have reached out to me in my time of need, you would now be kind enough, if it’s possible for you, to pass that kindness onto my friend who is suffering and has to put her grieving aside to take care of a financial obligation that she was not prepared for.

The funeral is going to cost abotu $4,000. 

That’s a lot of money.

If i had it, I’d give her every penny, but I don’t, and I am so frustrated that I don’t, so I am begging you, if you want to do something nice for my birthday, please consider donating to Kristen so she can lay her mother to rest.

I don’t often make posts like these, and I don’t do this for people that I don’t know and trust. Kristen is really suffering right now and she’s too good of a person to have to deal with this horrible hardship at such a young age, especially all by herself.

So please, please, If there’s anything you can spare no matter how small, please chuck a little donation her way. Her paypal is:

Please spread this around and signal boost it, too. I hope that this will help her. I just want her to be okay.


Siwon Twitter & Instagram Updates | 150831 

siwon1987: After a long beautiful day, it’s time for #organica ’s salad! My choice is Lentil and Pumpkin. How wonderful it is.. :^) !!!

@siwon407 I just followed footsteps to come and take a look, and I came to visit Grandma. Of all days, today I miss Grandma very much. (Today) is the kind of day that Grandma liked, because the sunlight is warm, and the wind is cooling. For this year too, before (the year) passes by, I came to give greetings. A day which I truly misses Grandma.(T)

@siwon407: Sending Love.

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Your account was basically the one to convince me of Kaylor... Thank you and also fuck your cuz now I'm obsessed hahaha

i’m so happy i could make you believe in kaylor but please enjoy the obsession because it’s wonderful (sometimes really painful and frustrating) and we have a fucking awesome community of people here who are all really wonderful and loving and kind and accepting and fucking hilarious and the kaylor fandom is honestly my favorite place to be on tumblr. the people i talk to/follow in the fandom make all of this kaylor pain & despair worth it and it’s truthfully a fantastic place to stick around in


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What do INTJs often find attractive about INFPs?

I can only from my very personal point of view. I know there are some INTJs who’ve never really met an INFP they like, but for me personally they are wonderful human beings to spend time with.

So here are some of the things I like about on particular female INFP I know:

1. She’s ridiculous and she knows it. She’s able to laugh about herself and her laughter is contagious. It’s easy to joke around with her because she gets my kind of humor and she simply is hilarious.

2. She is incredibly deep and thoughtful. From this one ridiculous conversation it’s easy to drift to sharing thoughts about life and all it’s problems. The discussion I had with her go deeper than most other conversations I’ve had in my life. Maybe it’s we have such a close relationship. In any way it’s beautiful to share my thoughts and to listen to hers. I might not think of feel the same all the time but it’s still always wonderful to talk to her. Also because:

3. She’s inspiring. I don’t understand her mind sometimes. How she jumps from one idea to the next one. And I can’t really comprehend how she’s able to find so many brilliant new things (like in music or food or places). She enriches my life in so many levels.

4. She taught me a whole bunch of things. One of them being spontaneity. She has this “living in the moment” attitude in her life. Often I wonder how she’s able to get everything done without having a long term plan. She seems ot have this gift of getting everything sorted exactly on time. She taught me things about people and her world and she also taught me a lot about myself. Which might sound strange and I’m not even sure how to put this becuase I think I don’t fully understand it either…

5. I like listening to her. I don’t even mind what exactly the converastion is about. Her point of view is pretty much always interesting. And the way she tells those stories of hers, is just enjoyable. And another good thing is that she kept contacting me (especially in the early years of our friendship this was crucial).

She also as a pretty damn awesome style of clothing and sense of design and is a brilliant illustrator, graphic designer and photographer. So yeah… This is my personal point of view.

What are your experiences with INFPs and why do YOU like them? Or why don’t you like them? Leave a comment!

Also: find a general post about INTJs + what attracts them here.



I’ll update A Midwinter Night’s Dream this weekend! Here’s a little teaser - both Katniss and Peeta have The Talk, but they’re kind of different. ;)


I’m putting my book back in the bookshelf, about to go to bed, when Mother suddenly clears her throat. I turn around. Mother is sitting on the couch with a cup of tea. “Katniss, I’d like to speak with you before you go to bed.”

“Sure.” I’m more than a little bit surprised. Mother rarely asks to have a talk with me, and she looks nervous. I wonder what this is all about.  

“I probably should have talked to you about this long ago,” she haltingly begins. “But you are an adult now, and with that, there are certain… responsibilities.”

I furrow my brow. I’ve been taking care of this family since I was 12. I know all about responsibility. I’m about to open my mouth and tell her just that when she continues. “We need to talk about what your relationship with Peeta might lead to.”

I swallow hard. Oh no. Not this. “Mother, I…”

“Katniss, I’ve been young and in love, too.”


“Will you please just listen to me?” Mother looks about as uncomfortable as I feel. I reluctantly nod, sit down on the couch, and keep my eyes fixed on the old and faded carpet. My cheeks are burning. “You know what happens between a man and a woman, right?”

I just want to die. Right now. “Yes,” I mutter.


Rye grabs a pen and a sheet of paper from my desk. Rye is definitely not an artist, but I immediately see what he’s drawing. “Rye!” I hiss.

“Think of it as a roadmap of some important landmarks,” he says. “This is…”

“I know what all of that is!” I groan.

“You may know the names of all the bits and pieces, but you don’t really know your way around them, now do you?”

Fuck this.

“Even if you jerk off first, you’re not likely to last very long the first time, so you should really try to make her come first. It takes some practice to get it right if you’ve never done it before. I’m doing you a huge favor here, believe me.”

Thank you to otrascosasseries for making the banner! 

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youre kind of an embarrassment to the nonbinary community like im genderfluid and use they/them pronouns, im also pansexual. and ur embarrassing i know the struggle and i dont even talk the shit you do about cishets. it's not going to get you ANYWHERE at all. jesus christ no wonder why people hate us.

no offense but you’re probably cis

Reasons to hold on

Insp (x)


“I wish you knew that I´ll never forget you as long as I live”

“They take their shots, but we´re bulletproof

And you know for me it´s always you

In the dead of night your eyes so green

And I know for you it´s always me”

“When you’re young
You just run
But you come back
To what you need”

Out of the woods


Where do broken hearts go

I love you

“That kind of relationship brings on excitement, but also extreme anxiety and, kind of, a frantic feeling of wondering endless questions, and this song sounds exactly like that frantic feeling of anxiety and questioning, but it stresses that even if a relationship is breakable and fragile and full of anxiety, it doesn´t that it isn´t worthwhile, exciting, beautiful, and all the things that we look for” (x)

“This song is about those relationships that are never really done. You always kind of have that person, that one person who you feel might interrupt your wedding and be like, ´Don´t do it cause we´re are not over yet´. I think everybody has that one person who kind of floats in and out of their life, and the narrative is never truly over.” (x)

“It´s weird because I´m so public about talking about my friends but I never talk about my relationships, but it´s weird when you have a romantic relationship that transitions into being one of your really close friends. So it´s like ´do I talk about it? Do I not talk about it?´. That song was about a relationship that then tranferred into a friendship and tranformed into a really close friendship.” (x)

“ You always have two characters that were very different from each other but somehow they were perfect for each other. And they meet and sparks fly and they fall in love. And then halfway to the movie there’s this terrible miscommunication. This terrible misunderstanding happens between them and one of them storms off and the other one is just left there wishing they had said what they wanted to say And both of them are lonely and both of them are wishing the other had just set to them “I’m sorry, come back, I miss you” at 2 a.m. “

““I think a lot of the time , you still have feelings for an ex and sometimes , it doesn´t matter how long it´s been. Sometimes you feel like you have unfinished stuff and it´s okay to get back together with them.”

Harry´s reaction to a haylor sign (x about 03:05)

Serendipity (x)

Harry saying 1989 is really good (x)

“AND she is really good, so they are good songs” ()

1989 roses rumor (x)

“Hey you could have told me” (x starts 04:45)


Feel free to add more! 

Just Made it to 7000 Followers

I am legit crying over this, not that I am sad, but because I am so damn happy. I mean it. I don’t care if all 7000 of my followers read this or not, but I wantthem to know that I appreciate all of them immensely. I love them all so much, and I love anyone else who happens to just come across my blog on a whim. You are all so wonderful and amazing, and I can’t. I really can’t express how much you all mean to me. I just can’t believe this blog dedicated to David Tennant a wonderful man and talented actor  just an overall generous and kind human being along with a show called Doctor who has made such an impact on here and in my life so many ways. I am trying so hard not to be emotional, but I just want to give you all the biggest hug in the universe right now. I hope these will suffice for right now

Lots of love and thank you. Really thank you all so much.

-tennydr10confidential aka Katie

Everybody Has A Hungry Heart

read it on the AO3 at

by thankyouforexisting

“O-M-G, okay! Okay, okay, I’m calm. It’s kind of weird that Derek has always come because sometimes I wonder if maybe Derek is the only delivery guy? We should probably order at least like four pizzas because then he has to make the trip just for my house –"//In which Derek delivers pizza he isn’t meant to, Stiles curls into a ball, Scott is a sucker for Allison, and the girls have all the fun.

Words: 1780, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at
JB - Fall For You by Secondhand Serenade

Requested by anon

Thank you so much for taking requests and putting so much time and effort into them!

I’m really glad that you like them so much to keep requesting. I hope you enjoy these and I will continue to work harder in the future to bring you better stories.

A quiet sigh left his lips as he took in the sight of her laying peacefully in bed. Her body curled in towards his side; she missed him not matter how much they fought. Jaebum adored her; that was really the word for it. There were moments where in the silence of the night, and all the noise of the world faded away, when he would sit an admire her wonder. The kindness of her smile, the gentleness of her eyes, the ferocity in her words. He had regretfully been on the receiving end of such words one too many times. But he valued her honesty and the openness of her mind. She was a wonder to behold and he was lucky to have her in his arms whenever he came home. Despite the arguments and their combined flaws, she was still the woman who made him happy; aside from his mother.

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AFWC Day 31 - Hollstein

anon: Carmilla and Laura and some kind of anniversary please :)

(I believe most of this was inspired by some of the domestic stuff ukulelekatie had in their asks and headcanons, so shout out to them and their anons/asks! :)

And so August is almost over, and this is the last prompt to be filled. I hope you all had a wonderful month, and that my drabbles could make you smile and fulfill your wishes/prompts! Ask box is always open, so don’t let the end of August stop you from sending me ideas for fics! :D)

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To my mind, the core nature of Christianity can be summarized by a single passage in the bible where Jesus says: the only two important rules are: you should love God and you should love other people as you would love yourself.

Of course, not all Christians agree with this representing everything that is important about Christianity, but I know that many do and many of us half-arsed Northern European Christians-by-birth who turn up in church once a year for Christmas and otherwise just practice religion privately still live by this credo.

Now, what I wonder is: does this kind of summarizing passage exist in the scriptures of Islam, Judaism, etc. and if so, canand do groups of people agree on it being sort of the core of the entire religion?

Apocalyptic Playlist: Identifying With the Dystopian Genre

Hey all! My name is Max, and I am a genderfluid DJ sending you love from scenic New Jersey. I started DJing officially in college at the beginning of my sophomore year, but I have always created playlists for as long as I can remember. I create them mentally any time I’m listening to music, usually about whatever I’m feeling or thinking about. I try to figure out what inspires me about a mood or a genre, and find all the different ways that that inspiration can connected to all kinds of music, like wonderful little threads.

My taste in general tends to lean towards the fantastical. A huge part of my love for the fantastic stems from how genres like horror and science fiction address issues that plague a society. As a genderfluid queer human, I frequently find myself identifying with the so-called monsters. The problem is that when you look at certain characters who have this otherness related to sexuality and being an alien in a society (for example, the character Irena Dubrovna in the 1942 film Cat People), on a certain level, you begin to see yourself as The Bad Guy. No matter how sympathetic characters like Irena are to the audience, there is still a great deal of sin and shame associated with the condition of being “other.”

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Do you like Blanche like to escape? Maybe too much? How do you fight yourself from doing that?

This is an interesting question. I do have a penchant for escapism and not really being present in my own life. I’ve talked about this in therapy a lot. This tendency was especially exacerbated after I went through a very traumatic marriage and breakup. It almost felt like I had to stanch the PTSD of the experience by denying my own reality. Denial and not confronting what I really need to confront has been a huge downfall and source of angst and unpleasant developments in my life. 

A lot of my escapism involves indulging in fiction and food, which are both wonderful in moderation. But you take them a little too far, and…there be trouble. I’m also one of those people who is subject to obsession very easily (surprise, surprise), and sometimes obsessing over something too much is a kind of escapism from all the other realities in your life. 

How do I fight it? I don’t know. I’m still trying to figure that out. Prayer and meditation helps to center me. I’ve also found cognitive behavioral therapy to be very effective, in the sense that it helps me deal with those things that I want to escape from. I recommend it to anyone who has issues with anxiety, depression and “catastrophizing”–which I do. This book helped me a lot, and I’ve suggested it to several friends. 

You and me. Fire and ice. Winter and summer. Completely opposites yet completely the same. Like I’m only a half of a person. Only half a soul. My body magnetizes to you. My soul reaches to touch you, even at two thousand miles away. My heart screams your name, hoping yours might hear the sorrow aching in my words and feel the longing beneath my shattering bones. My mind illuminates at your voice and burns at the memories of us. My hands shred like paper, touching anything that isn’t your body, leaving scars too small to be seen but deep enough to be felt. The gardens of my body dries up into dust, waiting for the raging ocean of your lips to quench every inch of the plants sewn into my skin. Because even though all I see in myself is a forest of misconception, you see me not as misconcepted, but enchanted. Filled with apples of wonder, lilies of kindness, and daisies of promise. You view me as if every step I utter leaves you in awe and my every glance into the irises of your sparkling eyes, leaves you speechless. As if fate wanted the forest and the sea to sing a soothing lullaby in perfect harmony. As if the fire in her fingertips and the venom in her veins was meant to thrash against the icy door of your chest. As if the frozen cage around your heart was meant to be melted down by her. You’ve had a different fire try the same before yet she wasn’t bold, she wasn’t fierce, she wasn’t curious. She wasn’t her. The girl who surprises you every moment you’re with her. You’re seared, burned, scarred. And everyone knows a scar never fully heals. It may fade but it never goes away. And neither will her.
—  How I feel about you (via hockeyloversunited and 2797milesandistillloveyou )

Just to clarify, I’ve no idea if this is actually Will or just a troll, but I was sent this by an anon and while initially I assumed it was a troll, I have to admit the wish list does make me wonder. So either Will was being a silly dork and has the most hilarious wish list ever (which he would) or whoever made this, kudos for how much effort you put into it lol

Review on for TLOS4 and the wish list attached to the “William L Sherrod” user:

EDIT: Might as well add the items on this persons “purchased” list because um…they’re all kind of perfect chris and will stuff that I could totally see either or both of them buying. again if this is a troll, my hat is off to you sir/madam (thanks Maritza for the heads up!).

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thesilversun said: I’ve not thought about Due South in ages (although I kind of drifted a bit from the series after the 2 or 3rd series, as it felt like it went from comedy-drama being more comedy). Wondering which Ray? 1st Ray or 2nd Ray? Or both?

First Ray. Pure Ray. Only Ray.

I am all about social-commentary-with-jokes Due South (first and, generally, second season) and never managed to actually watch it to the end once they replaced Ray at the start of season 3. I don’t like Ray Kowalski’s dynamic with Fraser, or the whole contrived mess of the last two seasons. So much so, I have never watched it all to the end.

BUT it seems like most of the newer fandom stuff is all about RayK, which is why I think liking RayV is probably a minority opinion. I would like to be wrong though!