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Sunshine (Ashton Irwin blurb)

Being a first time parent is hard. It’s full of sleepless nights, worried phone calls to more experienced people and constant stress, wondering if you’re doing anything write. Being a first time parent with a husband who seems to be always working, whether it be on a tour or recording an album (like he was now), was a whole different kind of stressful. Ashton had been at the studio all day, already gone before your daughter’s daily 6AM crying. From the moment you went to pick her up, you could tell something was wrong. She was hot to the touch, burning up, and her feeble cried were breaking your heart. 

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this love came back to me

[Olicity - M rated - 3725 words]
So this is my first M rated fic. I started writing it before The Climb, since its trailer inspired in me the idea of Oliver joining the League of Assassins in order to free his sister and city from Ra’s hold. From there the Olicity reunion after his extended time away jumped forth and wouldn’t leave me alone. (funnily enough it turned out to be kind of prophetic lol)
After many fights with myself over the quality of this, I finally powered through, thanks to the cheer and support of some wonderful friends (ILY all!). Special shout-out to justscribbling for her messages and love!
Please let me know if it’s not total crap (or if it is, but kindly please). Without further ado, here’s the story. *hides away*

AO3 - 

The city rumbles around them, thunderstorm beginning to crack on the distance like mirroring his unstable state.

Darkness fills the silence in the alleyway, the single light bulb that has survived the onslaught swaying back and forth, its cold light barely shinning on them.

Yet he knows she has seen him.

It gives him comfort to know their uncanny connection remains, like a well-practiced dance, her knowing the second he is there. It has been a second too late, or weeks if you asked her. 

But here he is.

The two members of the League that had been sent her way lie dead on the ground, like shadows of what he’s had to become, more demons stacking up on his chest.

A gasp leaves her lips, yet it’s different from the one she released upon being blind-sided by the attack. It’s the clear, unmistakable sound of recognition; relief mixed with shock, he can tell.

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heartofbellarke asked:

Hi there! Firstly, I'd like to thank yo u for being so patient and kind with answering all of our questions. Your responses are amazing. And second, I was just wondering if Clarke has turned 18 while on the ground, and if so, will we see that acknowledged at some point (like an impromptu birthday party heh)?

I always wanted to get this into an episode. Alas, it was never the right time for it. Clarke barely sits still for a second, much less pays attention to that kind of stuff. She’s much too busy saving everyone. 

Clarke says in the pilot that her 18th birthday is not for another month. Season 1 takes place over 29 days. As of 214, another 20 days have passed in season 2. Presumably her birthday would have been in there somewhere. So yes, very likely she’s 18 by now. 

99 (Thank You)

Forgive me my friends but I have two posts with 99 hearts, and as I’ve admitted to a couple of friends privately, nothing on Tumblr annoys me more than note counts that end in 9, and 99 is the worst of the bunch.  Good thing I really don’t have anything regarding Tumblr to be upset over isn’t it?  In case you’re wondering why I’m being such a drama queen (that doesn’t sound right LOL) about it, the problem is they’re both really, really long.  Please don’t hate. :)  

Love you all,
Mike <3  

Superfluous News Flash:  One just made it, you have been partially spared.  ;)
Scratch that, a very talented young lady just saved you from my verbosity.  I really did want to especially thank everyone for the kind words on my extremely long prose “A Writer’s Dream”.  It took me an entire evening to write, and it was outside of my usual comfort zone.  Thank you!    

My dearest Nwalings, thank you for all the wonderful contributions, creativity, art, fics, ideas, encouragements and kindness that makes this corner of the fandom a joy to be around! 

Nearly a year has passed since we had the Nwalin Week and its amazing turnout, and I was thinking, why not do this again? Just as last time I would suggest to do it in the middle of May, and have a complete list of prompts by the end of March at least, so everyone has enough time to complete what they wish. Any suggestions, ideas or objections as far as the time frame goes could be voiced right now though

anonymous asked:

Hi! I sincerely love your webcomic and I was just curious (sorry if you've been asked this before)--I find your world-building just absolutely fascinating, and I am wondering if there is any material that you draw your canon from and if you could possibly rec the things you draw the most inspiration from? As a non-Catholic/non-scientist, I feel a lot of the references in the comic pass me by, haha. Thanks again, you do such beautiful work all the time!

Thank you very much, that’s very kind of you. As for the inspiration for the comic, well, my parents are Catholic and I went to Catholic school. And when I say “my parents are Catholic”, I mean Church every Sunday, tithing, playing the organ, Knights of Columbus, etc. But they are odd Catholics. Among other things, they’ve both read Devoto (since I wasn’t willing to launch a Kickstarter without having had one of my parents look at it, and if it’s one it’s both). They don’t have a problem with it. Anyway, I guess my point was I had to read the Bible and write essays on it, plus the catechism (CCC) and Catholic theology papers and stuff, so a pretty substantial component of the comic is derived from that. (My senior paper was on usury in case you were curious.) I don’t really want to say, “If you want to understand Devoto, read the Bible” because wtfff so I don’t know how to help on that side of things. But there are applicable passages?

Speak out for those who cannot speak,
   for the rights of all the destitute.
Speak out, judge righteously,
   defend the rights of the poor and needy.   Proverbs 31:8-9

There’s a good one in Corinthians too, but I’m triskaidekaphobic so I never cite it.

I’m also extremely fond of The Mysterious Stranger by Mark Twain (deeply affecting author), which though popularized in that creepy claymation clip, is one of my favorite stories ever written (along with Love is the Plan, the Plan is Death by Alice Sheldon. So good.) It doesn’t include this relevant quote, however, which is from Twain’s autobiography (but admittedly a little out of context here):

But who prays for Satan? Who in eighteen centuries, has had the common humanity to pray for the one sinner that needed it most, our one fellow and brother who most needed a friend yet had not a single one, the one sinner among us all who had the highest and clearest right to every Christian’s daily and nightly prayers, for the plain and unassailable reason that his was the first and greatest need, he being among sinners the supremest? — Mark Twain

However, I was also strongly influenced by the Niven/Pournelle novel Inferno, which I first read when I was 12 or so, which is about a science fiction author who goes to Hell. It’s a good book, but don’t bother with the sequel. I also read Dante’s Inferno, which has its ups and downs and is by and large a pain in the ass, but at least you can get it for free on Project Gutenberg. However, it contains words you’ll find in my wallet and on my wall at work,

vuolsi così colà dove si puote ciò che si vuole

commonly translated, “This has been willed where what is willed must be.” Different people take it different ways, it’s my fallback for situations that boil down to “I guess I just have to do this.” I’ve also read Paradise Lost, but I feel it has sort of… permeated English-language literary tradition so thoroughly that it might not be worth highlighting. One of my birthday presents was a copy of Paradise Lost from 1880. (It’s not actually valuable.)

Where was I… uh, we had N/P’s “Inferno” because my parents are science-fiction buffs, and therefore so was I. Asimov and Vonnegut are my favorites. I can especially recommend Asimov’s work, since it usually avoids being creepy shit like a lot of the crap my parents had around (e.g. Harlan Ellison). Also, his short stories are easy reading and have a good punch. That said, Devoto draws heavy specific inspiration from sci-fi classic The Black Cloud by Sir Hoyle, about a thinking cloud from outer space. Like, really intentionally, that has always been a keystone of the world design.

A lot of the ways the divine interact with human life/consider human life are derived from or informed by concepts in environmental ethics. Not so much that they’re right or wrong, but that they have or do or should or shouldn’t apply ethical frameworks that humans have written about or suggested. (And by “we” I mean like Dr. Peter Singer or Dr. Robert Heilbroner, I personally specialize in butts). I mean, the system is different, but the relationship between the divine and people is similar in some ways to the relationship people have with “inferior” organisms. Black cloud!! Uh, and then I’m pretty interested in AI, that’s where the references to Dr. John Searle come in. (“Strong/Weak” AI.) They’re interesting questions. I talk about this sort of thing quite a lot with some of my friends, like you get a certain set of people and this is the kind of chatter that can go on for hours and hours. Especially when we’re avoiding work in the laaaaaaab.

Uh, this list is hilariously pretentious and also really long. My favorite mangaka is Naono Bohra, and she’s only of the only yaoi authors I ever read, and often re-read. I imitate her work to a shameless extent, so that’s definitely influence #1. 

Imagine being an eleven year old kid who was bullied all through school

And then you get this letter. You’re special. You’re magical. And you get to wave goodbye to your childhood tormentors with a magic wand in your pocket. Finally you have a chance to start over.

You’re sitting on the train, and all the magical kids are talking about houses and wondering which one they’ll be in. And you hear them talking about Gryffindor like they’re heroes. You don’t even remember Hufflepuff’s name. It was brushed off in the discussion with barely a sneer, like it wasn’t worth talking about.

Then you’re being sorted, and you kind of hope you’re put in Gryffindor. You can be a hero like the one in your books. You know you can.

Then you’re put in Hufflepuff. And as you go to sit down, you’re brushed off by the rest of the school with barely a sneer, like you’re not worth it.

And that’s the first time you wonder if maybe this school will be no different than the last.

Happy Birthday, Patricia MacLachlan, born 3 March 1938

Nine Quotes

  1. There is always something to miss, no matter where you are.
  2. Sometimes poetry—words—give us a small, lovely look at ourselves. And sometimes that is enough.
  3. My inspiration for writing is all the wonderful books that I read as a child and that I still read. I think that for those of us who write, when we find a wonderful book written by someone else, we don’t really get jealous, we get inspired, and that’s kind of the mark of what a good writer is.
  4. My greatest fear is being somewhere without a book.
  5. You will have a story in there… or a character, a place, a poem, a moment in time. When you find it, you will write it. Word after word after word after word.
  6. Fact and fiction are different truths.
  7. I have great respect for children. And I have great respect for their ability as writers.
  8. I, myself, write to change my life, to make it come out the way I want it to. But other people write for other reasons: to see more closely what it is they are thinking about, what they may be afraid of. Sometimes writers write to solve a problem, to answer their own question. All these reasons are good reasons. And that is the most important thing I’ll ever tell you. Maybe it is the most important thing you’ll ever hear. Ever.
  9. There are some things for which there are no answers, no matter how beautiful the words may be.

MacLachlan is an American children’s writer. She is best known for the 1986 Newbery Medal-winning novel, Sarah, Plain and Tall.

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by Amanda Patterson for Writers Write


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After funeral of Leonard Nimoy. Here his wife Susan Bay.

His family in Facebook wrote:”Thank you for all the love and kind words to Leonard. We lost a wonderful, talented, sweet man, a great father, husband, grandpa, and friend.
Again thank you for all the love and good wishes.
R.I.P and LLAP”

Yesterday a woman of colour came in my dad’s bakery, and in contrast to the other clients she was incredibly quiet - we live in a tiny town where we all know each other. It’s also a tiny town where I have seen less than 10 people of colour in 20 000 people who live here, and seeing non-white people is, still, kind of a extraordinary event. Anyway, she asked what she wanted and when she was going out I said, “Arrivederci!" which means, "Goodbye," because I say good morning and goodbye to all the clients that come in and out. Thing is she stopped, looked at me, almost surprised that I was talking to her, and then she smiled brightly back at me, and I wondered if that was because she was not used to be greeted around here.

Build Sneak Peek

This is a peek at another lot I am working on for my “Redneck Chic"  overhaul of Willow Creek. This particular lot started out as just an experiment, and seven hours later it’s about 75% complete.

Glass bottom Swamp boat tour anyone?

And yes, in case you’re still wondering; that is indeed a swimming pool. It’s  biggest pool; I’ve constructed to date, with all kinds of little grotto’s and islands for more private conversations.

anonymous asked:

is getting fake tits really worth all that disgusting scarring? no wonder you won't post full nude boob shots, wed all vomit

My scars are actually not visible at all front-on if I’m standing normally, and even when I’m stretched back and you can see them, they’re faded and will continue to fade more and more.

And I’ve never seen scars as flaws, I think they’re kind of neat. And sure, I’ll post a photo of my scars. 

I have found it difficult to say goodbye to an amazing man and a wonderful actor, so here is a tribute to Leonard Nimoy as Spock Prime.

Thank you sir for all your inspiration, kindness and wisdom. Also for giving us the much beloved character of Spock who you nurtured and carried gracefully from the start of the Star Trek tv series, all the way to the reboot movies, and for befriending, mentoring and inspiring Zachary Quinto in the role of Spock and entrusting him with the character.

RIP Leonard Nimoy 

Apparently feeling like a flower child today! All because I’m listening to #CrosbyStillsandNash probably. Ft. a new flower headband from Disney, haha! Have a wonderful day everyone, and try to bring some peace, love, and kindness into your day if you can! ;) (and if not, just listen to awesome music) ☀️☀️☀️

katsa is a grumpy lonely gnc woman grasping at who she is and what she wants, struggling with her perception of self and self-loathing, who has a hard time connecting with other people, and i see so much of myself in her for that.

but katsa is also brave and wonderful and kind and good and inspires love and admiration in the people around her without even knowing and she tries so hard and she cares so much and she is all of that and the above and i love her so much.

katsa is so important to me

Delivery for Lady Sungazer

A courier arrives to deliver a basket filled with fruit, cheese, and two bottles of wine.

Nestled in between some apples is a letter with neat cursive script announcing its intended.

  ~ Lady Sungazer ~

Lady Sungazer,

  For your time and support of the Thalassian Citizen’s Hospital we offer but a small token to express our gratitude. The effort that you have given in it’s support is a warm reminder that there are others who hold the care and health of Quel’thalas within their hearts.

  I greatly enjoyed the event you so graciously hosted in praise of our work and hope that you are gratified in the knowledge that such support goes towards the betterment of our people and our realm.

  The funds that your wonderful event raised and have donated to the Thalassian Citizen’s Hospital go towards medical supplies, new medications as well as treatments. We are grateful to you for your care, compassion, understanding and above all your support.

  Please know that we shall not forget your kindness. Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts.

~ Astrias Shadowstar

Head of Public Relations, TCH

[ tchospital  sungazerdietrichwra ]

Once upon a time... Rumple started a band.

When Rumple said ” we have to get the band back together.” At first all I could think was ” Now for the main event Rumple and the queens.”
Then I started wondering what kind of band he would have started, who wrote the songs, what would be the song titles, would they do a world tour and where can I get a band T-shirt.