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Someone submitted this on a cosplay Facebook page. It’s kind of sad when cosplayers have to make fake titties just to wear their favorite character’s outfit. At the same time this is good because like no more worries about nip slips since for some reason Escher Girls often seem to lack nipples.

That is true. We can now pull off all the poses and costumes in the barbie anatomy tag.

I wonder when they’ll make fake pelvises so we can cosplay the stuff in the neverending pelvis tag

I can’t wait.


#Happy27thSooyoungDay! (10.02.1990)

One more year has gone by with our Cheerful Princess! 2015 was a great year when we think about all the good moments that she shared and made with us. More than an idol, she’s a role model, showing us her kind heart on enumerous occasions as well as her neat and silly sense of humour that would make anyone get a smile on their face. Today, we get to celebrate her and all that comes with her, we get to reminisce on her old conquers and remember the moments we most cherish with her. Thanking her would probably never be enough to truly appreciate all that she has done. But nevertheless, happy birthday to our wonderful Cheerful Princess, Sooyoung, and may you still be with us on many years to come ❤

SnK Ch 78: It’s that kind of death wish season

In June 2014, Hajime Isayama posted a song on his blog that he thought would be fitting for Bertholdt. It was called “The Season I Want to Die”.

I caught the cherry blossoms while suicide bombing
Holy voices playing a melody
Find me right now

Hey, that’s right. If we give up
Somehow life becomes easier

When @didanwhisperer​ first posted it, I remember wondering if Isayama was trolling us or giving us new insight. With chapter 78, I think I have that answer.

This chapter drew unmistakable parallels between Bertholdt and Mikasa. They were born into a cruel world. Acknowledging that cruelty made them strong. Mikasa stopped shaking; Bertholdt stopped sweating. Their fear was replaced with clarity and control.

But it’s the areas where Mikasa and Bert diverge that I find most interesting. When facing the cruelty of the world, Mikasa could look beyond it to see beauty and love. She chose to focus on those things and in doing so, she found the strength to live.

That hasn’t happened to Bertholdt. While his love for Annie and Reiner are undeniable, he’s drawn clear lines. Annie can be fed to the pigs and Reiner may not survive the blast. Bertholdt is ok with that. Friendships are of secondary importance to him. 

I almost get the sense that Bertholdt views killing them all as merciful. The cruelty of the world is too much for him. He can’t fight it. He thinks back to Marco’s death and the betrayal of his friends as tests of his resolve. 

Still, he’s no monster. I laughed at how quickly he tried to reassure Armin that he wasn’t evil. He didn’t want Armin to die thinking it was his fault.  Essentially Bertholdt tells him, “You are my friends and you are good people. You’ve done nothing wrong but I have to kill you.” He says it with a calm and earnest expression like somehow it will make sense to us. 

If I’m being honest, very little in this chapter made sense. I am once again left with more questions than answers and I find my frustration growing. Why does humanity have to die? Why did the peace within the walls come with an expiration date? Who really is the enemy?

Bertholdt’s character song ends on an ominous note:

I want to hurry up and die,
I want to hurry up and die,
It’s that kind of death wish season.

I wonder if Bertholdt is thinking along those same lines. Perhaps he’s able to accept the deaths of everyone he care for because he believes his own death won’t be far behind.

I know it’s still a WIP, but I feel like the Reylo shippers need something to lighten up their day. They are a wonderful community full of talented and creative writers, artists, and just all-around awesome people, and I’m glad to spectate everything you do for the fandom. So even if this contribution of mine is small, I hope it’s worth something, even if it only brings out a smile. Again, y’all are amazing, and no hate of any kind could ruin my love for you and this ship. <3

Reylo forever and ever and canon. Amen. 

(spread the love for ysbaddadenthebrave)

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I love the show, but I was wondering what the reason was for Gena getting killed off as violently as she had. If she was already inside the mountain when it would have exploded, why did she have to get stabbed so violently as well?

Ah, poor Gina…

This was a tough one. Gina was only with us for a few episodes, but we all instantly loved her (thanks, in great part, to Leah Gibson’s portrayal of the character). Gina was strong, opinionated, kind, brassy, funny, smart and beautiful. And her death was brutal – no argument here.

But we chose to tell her story this way for a number of reasons. 

One: it shows just how violent and merciless and deadly the Ice Nation is. Their assassin’s actions reveal much about the clan itself – they are terrifying, driven, and relentless. And Gina got caught in the crossfire.

Two: Gina is a hero, make no mistake. Even after the violent attack, she uses every last bit of her strength to drag herself to a radio to warn Raven and Sinclair. If Gina had just been another innocent citizen in the Mountain when it exploded, we would have lost this key component to her character. This is who Gina was: brave to the very end. In fact, it was because of Gina’s heroism that Raven and Sinclair still live today. Her dying actions changed the course of the entire season, Gina affected the story. She was not just another nameless extra, eating in the dining hall on Level 5, oblivious. She was the newest part of Adventure Squad, one of our people. 

We didn’t get nearly enough time to know her, but the time we spent with her spoke volumes. We will all miss Gina…

Thanks for your question!

I liked this and that in the show, but Manhattan and Agent Carter are so injected with ideology and political correctness that you wonder what kind of people operate Hollywood these days? They are becoming more and more like political propaganda from the Stalin’s 1950’s.

The only reason the guy in 2.01 and 2.02 is black (genius) is to show the segregation back in these years. The Hollywood cliche “good guys” in these series are who - a British woman who is subject to sexism anywhere she goes, a British butler, and a Latino. All white male characters are evil, dumb, careerists without exception. And they now injected another stupid H-wood cliche - the 31,536th cabal in the history of Hollywood, which is of course exclusively an old white male villains’ club.

In the first season Peggy, “shined” through with her anti-capitalist and anti-corporate tirades, and after chasing the blood of her former boyfriend, to save it for humanity, finally decided to destroy it. Why? Because whatever good could have come out of it for humanity, couldn’t match the stupid cow’s anti-corporate bias.

The silly humor between Peggy and the butler evolved into silliness with only microscopic traces of “humor this season and the introduction of the butler’s wife doesn’t anything of value.

Teen angst - instead of offering something new of real quality, the creators are throwing at us what - teen angst - finding a romantic partner for Souza and surely attaching Peggy to this and that male character until the glorious finale when the couple will get together. Because the creators are afraid if they get them together earlier, the show will lose whatever viewers are still around. Can it become any more pathetic than that?

The only thing that I expect more of this show is for the creators to find a way to inject Obamacare and global warming … and Bernie Sanders. Then everything will be perfect.


Strong women and the presence of a single black man and this user cannot stand it. 

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what are your favorite quotes


“Do justly, love mercy, walk humbly”- Micah 6:8

“You are all together beautiful, my love. There is no flaw in you”- Song of Solomon 4:7

“Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart”- Psalm 37:9

“I will not be shaken”- Psalm 16:8

“ Be truly glad, there is wonderful joy ahead”- 1 Peter 1:6

“ God is within her, she will not fail”- Psalm 46:5

“Kind words are like honey, sweet to the soul and healthy for the body”- Proverbs 16:29


“ Feel free to move at a glacial pace you know how that thrills me”- Meryl Streep in Devil Wears Prada

“ Do small things with great love”- Mother Teresa

“I am Beyonce always”- Michael Scott

“You know what they say, fool me once. Strike one. Fool me twice…Strike Three”- Michael Scott

And Andy other Meryl Streep quote from Mamma Mia or Devil Wears Prada

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THANK YOU. I could, but it would turn into a personal essay. I think I’ve said before that all essays are personal, which is true insofar as you consider the origin story of the essay (were Montaigne’s essays anything but personal?) and the kind of person who is historically skilled as an essayist (a person whose chief argument is with herself). It’s like saying that all novels are romantic. It’s not a fact, but it’s truer than it looks if you know what “romantic” means—what I mean by it—in relation to narrative, which is that man alone among creatures can not only tell her own story, but can tell it with, as Faulkner said ages ago, an inexhaustible voice. In relation to the essay, “personal” means that the essayist does not want to speak for others, finding it hard enough to speak for her own mind, her own soul, whatever.

One problem with the “personal essay” is that it requires the essayist to speak too plainly and for too many people “as a woman,” “as a black woman,” “as a black queer woman,” rather than to write in a womanly style, a black womanly style, a black queer womanly style—a personal style, the thing I feel so passionately and contradictorily about. There are so many essays with no style which are subsequently not essays at all. Didion said style was character. Hardwick said style was fate. Someone else I’m sure has said what I believe, which is that style is argument (again, there is nothing more stylish than an argument raged against yourself, and there is nothing less stylish than an argument raged against people who don’t even care about you, which is one of the traps of what we now call “identity politicking” (never mind that in America all politics are identity politics)).

Another problem with the “personal essay” in our moment is that it mistakes the first person for the personal. An essay can’t just be about something that happened to you because you’re you. Everything has happened to someone; what new can you make of it is the question. There is nothing more personal than the connections you see between seemingly disconnected things, the ability to do so being, as I learned in an old episode of the X Files, “a mark of genius”; I just think it’s a mark of individuality, which is normal and easy to confuse with genius. Most geniuses are individuals, but most individuals aren’t geniuses, which is fine. We have enough geniuses. We need more and more individuals. There are a lot of people who know a lot, but knowing a lot is no reason to write an essay. Neither is feeling a lot. Neither is having learned a lot: a good essay is not a lesson but a relentless taking apart of the object(s).

The most personal essay and the longest I’ve written is yet to be published, because it’s all over the place, it tries too much, it’s too much of what I read and learn and research obsessively, too little about why I’m obsessed, in short because it’s a difficult realization of not why but how my brain works. The editorial response to this essay of mine is one, that it doesn’t properly work (I know; it’s my brain after all), and two, that it should be more about me and my life story and what it is in my life story specifically that impels me to think and watch and love and write about these things. I think the way I wrote this unpublished (and yes, not quite ready to be published) essay is as individual, specific, and crazy as the craziest stories of my life. I think if a) no one else would do it like me and b) I myself could not do it better, then I’ve succeeded.

I don’t mean that people should not tell stories from their lives in the form of essays. I’ve told stories from mine and always will. What I mean is to put an emphasis on form, as well as on style, because it’s form that gives meaning to experience; it’s not information, however personal. People in media complain that what we used to call “stories” we now call “content,” but a story is content, and an essay—a real essay—is totally, unbreakably a form.

(The interview in question is here at Mask Mag.)

(I could talk for much longer about what exactly are the forms of essays, but that would be a lecture for which I should probably be paid, except for the fact that I’m not that kind of professional. Most of my own essays I wouldn’t teach.)

31 Jan 2016 - Into the Woods

The seasons don’t matter,
And neither does the rain,
Or the leaves that fall after they turn orange.
Because Autumn always follows Summer.
It’s a kind of game no one asked to play
and we’re powerless to stop it.
So we drink our coffee,
make music, write stories.
We build cities and tear holes in the ground.
We tame oceans and rivers.
All in some pathetic attempt
to lie to ourselves that it matters;
as if the leaves aren’t just going to fall off the branches again.
The real wonder is that we are here to see it at all;
but somewhere along the line we forgot that;
in our rush to convince ourselves 
that we could make it last more than a moment.


Thank you for your submission

Of all the things that annoy me on this site, the one thing I hate the most is “This is not for you.” This kind of thing:

You’re an artist. You make art. The fact that people who are not your target race/sex/gender can enjoy it too is just a testament to the fact that you made something wonderful.

But there are rights an artist doesn’t have. First among them: you don’t get to decide who does and who doesn’t enjoy what you make.

J.D. Salinger doesn’t get to decide whether the guy who shot John Lennon liked Catcher in the Rye.

Nietzsche didn’t get to decide whether Adolf friggin’ Hitler liked his philosophy.

Kanye doesn’t get to decide whether I like Kanye.

If you make something of value, people are going to enjoy it. And the better it is, logically, the more widespread its appeal is going to be. White people like Hamilton. Grown men like My Little Pony. I like cartoons. If people you despise enjoy something you love, don’t associate with them. Get over yourself.

If you like it, then it’s “for you”. Maybe it wasn’t made for you, but you still have every right to enjoy it. Don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise. There is no such thing as a guilty pleasure. There is nobody who has any right to decide what you love for you.

I was thinking last night about what Alex said on “Between the Pines” about Dipper and Mabel’s names being similar.  A lot have been speculating that it’s going to be alliterative, and there have been some really good possibilities (my favorites are Marc, Mason, and Mabus), but I’m wondering if his name might be Abel.  It rhymes with Mabel, it begins with an “A” like Alex’s name, and it has four letters to Mabel’s five, much like Alex’s name has four letters and Ariel’s has five.  That last bit might just be a coincidence, but in this show, true coincidences are few and far between.  Abel is kind of an unusual name nowadays, and I can see Dipper wanting to use his nickname to avoid all the “Hey Abel, what are you able to do today?” teasing he would have gotten from other kids.  Also, Abel means “breath”.  In the “Legend of the Gnome Gemulets” game, Stan talks about how Dipper nearly died when he was born because the umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck.  I can see the twins’ parents naming him that out of relief that he survived.

anonym fragte:

I absolutely love your fics so sooo much. Thank you for writing for the Captive Prince fandom, we are all so blessed! I was wondering if you had been thinking of writing something that involved Erasmus finding out about Damen being the dead Prince Damianos now King (especially the one he was supposed to be given to!) Anyway, thank you so much for everything. Lots of love and kisses from my end!

Thank you for your kinds words about my fic!

Am I thinking of writing something about Erasmus and Damen’s identity? I mean, no, I wasn’t really, though I am extremely suggestible so I am definitely thinking about it now. 

One thing I do really love about Captive Prince is working all of the cast of characters into a fic – there are so many wonderful secondary characters and that can be very enjoyable, I think. 

So Erasmus is interesting to me in that sense. More behind the cut because this got really long….


i’m getting super duper sleepy rn so!! goodnight cuties, i hope you’ve all had days as absolutely wonderful as you are! you’re so so important,
intelligent, talented, beautiful and loved, you’re absolutely fincredible in every single way and you bring so much light and happiness into the world just by being here! be kind to yourself okay, you are truly fintastic!! i love you all so very much!

  • White Woman #1:He has all these conspiracy theories he believes in.
  • White Woman #2:Does he think 9/11 was planned by the government? Because Adam thinks that. Well… I kind of think that too.
  • White Woman #1:Ummm, I’m not sure. I might believe that too.
  • - white women, in Boulder, outside of Foolish Craig's
  • submitted by @amanda-rae

Nothing says tropical like a Black-mandibled Toucan - Little is known about the black-mandibled toucan’s behavior or life history but it is generally predicted to mirror that of the chestnut-mandibled toucan. Like its sister species, the call of the Ramphastos ambiguus is a yelping, far-carrying cry described as “Díos te dé” (Spanish for “God give you…”). This species mainly feed on fruits, but occasionally on lizards, rodents, smaller birds and insects. -Wikipedia ✨All of the pictures in my gallery are mine✨ ⠀ 💐🙏Thank you so much for the likes, follows and all of your kind and wonderful comments!! 🙏💐 ===============================

☛ New Photography from Dan Mason

We have to become a better community to support the wonderful things Sam and Caitriona have planned for their lives. Be kind, be responsible, and most of all be respectful. We can not support anyone if we spend all of our time tearing at each other. 💋

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Hi fox! I just wanted to say thank you for everything, I love all of your videos and cosplays very much and I can't wait to see what you do in the future ^_^ you are the person who inspired me to start cosplaying and I am truely grateful. Keep it up!

Wow! You’re so sweet, Anon! Thank you for such a kind message! I hope you have a really wonderful week <3