and this was a hard desicion

BTS Reacting To Their S/O Not Wanting to Be Pregnant

Request: BTS reacting to their s/o wanting a surrogate to carry their kids because they can’t emotionally handle pregnancy.

This is a really interesting scenario so I was definitely pretty eager to work on it. I’m sorry that this scenario is pretty much assuming s/o’s are female. Still, I hope you enjoy :)


Unfortunately, I think Jin may be one of the members who would be initially resistant and uncomfortable with the idea of surrogacy. Jin seems relatively traditional and has talked before about how he already has his son’s name picked out which indicates that he’s definitely thought about being dad even if its just a little bit. The idea would definitely not be what Jin had imagined, but eventually he would realize there wasn’t really anything he could do. Jin would know the most important thin would be the happiness of his s/o. Jin would struggle with it, probably talking a bit to his closest friends. Still, ultimately Seokjinnie would decide he had to give his support to his love.

“If this is how you feel…then I’ll support you. I want you to be happy. I want us to have children and if this is the way, then this is the way.”

Suga (Yoongi)

Yoongi would, predocticablly be very accepting of the whole situation. He may not really understand the neccessity of a surrogate, it would be hard for Suga to grasp why his s/o had a problem with being pregnant, but in the end Yoongz would probably just accept the situation regardless. Since pregnancy is not something that directly affects Yoongi but rather his s/o, AgustD would consider the desicion pretty much up to his love. As long as they were still able to have a healthy baby in the end, count Yoongi in.

“Surrogacy? Well…sure, Y/N. If that’s what you think is best for you, then that’s it. We’ll do it.”

Rap Monster (Namjoon)

Namjoonie would be very interested in the reasoning behind why his s/o felt this was a neccessary action. Rap Monster wouldn’t neccessarily reject the idea but rather would want to just understand his love’s point of view. There were be a lot of long discussions between Rap Mon and his significant other, since Namjoon would want to make sure that surrogacy was eveb the best option. Maybe adoption? Rap Monster would want to explore all the different options, gauging which he felt would make his love (and himself) the happiest.

“But why do you feel so strongly about this Jagi? I don’t want to make you uncomfortable but I want to understand so I can help you. Let’s think about this fully, Y/N”

Jhope (Hoseok)
Hoseok would be another member very hesistsnt at first. Hobi seems to be flexible and empathetic so, there would be no question that ultimately Hobi would agree to whatever made his s/o happiest, but still, this would be in no way the ideal situation for Jhope. Hobi would be frustrated with his s/o if he couldnt understand why they felt the way they did, and would probably spend a lot time talking with his close friends and family. Hobi would feel guilty for being upset and would want to focus on the positive and find a solution that made both himself and his love happy.

“You know I will agree with you in the end. I want you to be happy, I would do anything for that. Anything for you. This…it’ll just take a bit of time for me. Don’t worry.”


Jimin would be very understanding of the whole situation. Since he tends toward the more manly side, I could see Jimin being very protective of his s/o always, and would be a firm supporter of anything that made his love feel safe and comfortable. It would be pretty easy for Jimin to just accept his partners feelings as fact and move forward. Chim would deem child birth and pregnancy way out of his reach of knowledge so would trust his s/o’s judgement whole heartedly. Jiminie would just be thrilled to be getting a baby.

“Whatever you think is best for you, we should just do that. I’m sooo excited, Jagi! I’m going to be a father!”

V (Taehyung)

V would be a little confused and probably disappointed though he would try not to be to open about it. Out of all the members, V is clearly the one most eager for fatherhood and has probably spent a sizeable amount of time thinking about what sort of family he’d like, the kind of father he wants to be, etc. The idea that his love couldn’t - wouldn’t, carry and deliver his baby themselves would be difficult for him to accept. V does not strike me as overly selfish though and so would most likely come around in the end, opting to accept the situation as it was and focus on just being happy to be starting a family at all.

This is not the way I pictured starting my family. Aish, I…I will be okay with this. I want to be completely okay with this…for you.“


Kookie would sort of just be lost. He would be confused as to what sort of emotional turmoil pregnancy could cause? Isn’t it just physical? Once Nochu had a better grasp on his s/o’s worries and needs though, I can totally see him just shrugging. Jungkook would by far be the most unbothered member of all of them. He would note jokingly that he would never want to carry a child either, and as long as at the end of the day Kookie understood the baby would still be his and.his love’s, regardless of who delivered it, he would be all for it. Jungkook would see no reason to fuss over simple details like who actually had the kid inside them, as long as it didn’t bother his partner, Novhu saw no reason to worry.

"You want to use surrogacy? Explain to me again how that works? The baby is ours though, right? Then yeah sure, let’s do it.”

So I made a website on Foodfight! for class.







Horrible Animation!

Witness the shocking visuals!

Corporate Espionage!

Unlikely theft, or scandalous lie?


Experience one man’s shortcomings!


The disaster of a movie, Foodfight!, has developed a following as one of the worst animated movies to have existed.

Not only did it take more than a whole ten years to make, it had a 45,000,000 budget, and only made $73,706 at the box office.

The film was a massive failure, with a lot riding on it during production. The studio planned on making toys, lots of merch, a cereal brand based off of the characters, and even a Foodfight! on ice show.

Now, the animators who worked on this won’t even put it on their resumes.

Explore the rest of the site to discover just what the hell this movie is.

“It needs to be 30% better.”~Lawrence Kasanoff, Director

  • $45,000,000 Budget
  • 10+ years
  • 1.7 on IMDb
  • $73,706 at the box office


One day, producer at Threshold: Lawrence Kasanoff, or Larry, saw Toy Story and were inspired. “What if, instead of familiar toys, we made a film with familiar brand names that you’d find in the grocery store?” he pondered. Well, he expected the Wreck-It Ralph of grocery products (or rather, Casablanca, seeing as how there are numerous references in the film), but instead, we got an apparent case of “corporate espionage” in 2002 (which I personally think is a coverup for Larry spilling his drink on the hard drives), and then, “Foodfight!”.

Those working under Kasanoff, found him very… peculiar in his directing. Animators would get orders from him like “make this more awesome,” or “make this 30% better,” and often treated scenes as if they were live action, telling the animators to do “another take,” implying he didn’t exactly know how animation even worked.

A lot can be said about the director and his role in how bad the film is. It was his desicion to use motion-capture animation, while still trying to keep the Loony-Toons-esk “squash and stretch” style, even though that’s comparable to using a philips-head screwdriver for a flat-head screw. This is also why everyone emotes like C-3PO, and has a near-dead, lifeless stare.

God help me, I researched all this

Screened capped cause it’ll be gone by the end of the semester

Preference: How you get back together (Divergent)

Requested by anon. Preference with Divergent guys (Tobias, Eric, Peter and Caleb), if you want one with girls, send an ask!

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would you rather have a giant cat or a dog ?

aaaa this is such a hard desicion i lov them both i’m also allergic to cats but who cares

BOTH bc i can’t decide both a giant kitty and a giant doggo would be perfect

All the Boys I Fall in Love with Are Straight or Fictional

Fate hasn’t exactly been nice to Baz his whole life. His soulmate might be a criminal. Or an actor. As it turns out, he’s something worse…

Chapter One, Chapter Two, Chapter Three, Chapter Five

Chapter Four

It was evening when Simon and Baz arrived at the castle that looked like it was on fire in the sunlight. Perfect, thought Baz. Fire fits well. He was good with fire.

Simon’s thoughts were racing, he didn’t even notice. As he walked alongside Baz towards the gate, he wondered whether he had made the right desicion. But Baz’ company just felt right somehow. Something inside Simon seemed to be lighted on fire – something Simon had doubted still existed. It was a long time ago that he had felt something like that. Baz made him feel alive again. Simon had gone through a hard time these past months, years even. After Agatha had left him, all that had been left to him had been the writing. So he had locked himself away, shut himself out, so what the hell was he doing with that stranger that with the passing time didn’t seem so strange anymore? Why had he felt familarity the first time he’d seen him? What was it that kept pushing him towards the other?

Really, Simon knew the answer but he didn’t want to think about it. Simon was good at not thinking about things. So he just pushed the thoughts away and followed Baz into the castle.

‘Black magic is centric in Watford. This is the place where the spell is most likely to work. There are some chambers in the basement no one knows of, at least no one I know of.’
They paced down the stairs, always paying attention no one saw them.

Black magic is illegal. Why the hell am I helping him?

Simon was aware how irresponsible he was behaving but there was something that stopped him from retreating. He should be worried about that. He wasn’t.

On the other hand, considering it was a spell of black magic, the spell wasn’t even that hardcore in sacrifices. It was very simple, actually. Not many people knew of it, therefore it couldn’t be abused by people.

Baz got out a key – who knows where he got that from – and opened the door to reveal a fire place in the middle of a painted pentagram.

'I- I’ll need your blood,’ Baz whispered, suddenly nervous. He took a little knife out of a pouch. With a quick spell, Baz lit the fire and he took out a few pages of Simons book. A moment Simon was unsure if he should do it but then he glanced at Baz and realized that for Baz he could to a lot of things. Some of them scared him. You know this guy for one day. Don’t you think that’s a little creepy? But he felt safe with Baz. Like he could trust him. So he took the knife and cut his forearm. Blood dropped on the pages.

Baz threw them into the fire and then he said the words that should change everything: ’Wherever they burn books, in the end will also burn people.

There was a loud crash and then – nothing. Baz’ heart started racing and the nervousness crept up in him again. Did it work? And if so, was he now about to meet the boy he had read about? Did he even still want to? Were did that thought come from? He had been so certain when he read the book, what was different now? Simon Snow.

In a moment, Baz would open his eyes and everything would change. In a moment, his whole life would turn around.

Because when he opened his eyes there was – nobody. Not the Simon from the book, not the author. And Baz shouted his name. He shouted it many times, loudly. He shouted so long until he cried and broke down.

In front of him laid the book. It was unharmed. Slowly Baz fingers reached out for it and opened it.

'One more step in that direction and I’m pulling this sword right through you.’

Those were the words Simon said, when he and the thief heard a loud crash. They both jumped back. Suddenly there was a young man sitting in front of them. His hair was a blonde mess and he looked as frightend as a young deer hearing the shots of a hunter.

'Where am I?’ he whispered.

'No!’ Baz screamed. 'It can’t be! It just- it can’t!’

How much guilt can one bear? How much pain can one endure?

Baz was almost too scared to read on but he had to be brave.

Simon raised his sword, uncertain whether the boy was a threat. Maybe he was a thief, too.

'Baz? Where are you? Is… You! You are Simon. You are the boy from my book. Did it work? Are you real?’

'I have no idea what the heck you are talking about, mate,’ the thief said. 'But I’ve got to go.’

With that, he turned to run away, but the boy grabbed him by his collar.

'You can’t,’ he said. 'You’re important for this story-’

Then realization dawned to him. 'Oh shit.’

He looked down and saw that his legs were both flesh and bone. 'This can’t be happening.’

Tears were running down Baz’ face. This was his fault. He should never have made that attempt. He knew that black magic couldn’t be trusted. Someone had given him the wrong spell. It was a spell that pulled people into stories, not the other way round.

Are you crazy? How could you believe there was a way to get a damn fictional character out of a book? It’s just imagination. Real people – those are the ones that matter. Simon matters. Crowley, what have I done?

'I must be dreaming,’ the boy said. Simon directed his sword once again at the thief. It seemed the boy was harmless.

'Rest assured, this is far from a dream. This bloody thief wanted to steal the king’s treasure. I am here to stop him.’

'Wow,’ the boy breathed. 'It’s actually pretty cool to meet you in real life.’

Simon frowned at these words but he didn’t say anything. The boy moved his feet slowly.

'This is freaking crazy,’ he said exitedly. 'I can actually move my legs.’

He started to run and jump. Simon didn’t pay much attention to him anymore.

'Wait,’ the boy said. 'Does this mean-’

Carefully, he lifted the trousers to reveal the ankle that had been lost in the car accident. And really, there they were. The words his soulmate was going to say to him. Only the had already been said. This morning, to be accurate.

'That’s fine.’

It were words Simon had heard often but never had they been the first words he had heard from someone… Until Baz Pitch rang at his door.

'Aleister Crowley, this can’t be happening,’ Baz cried. How could he have been so stupid? A fictional soulmate? That’s bloody ridiculous. The sentence on his ankle had been the first words he had ever witnessed from Simon Snow. It all made sense now.

So this is how the story goes.

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Hi, I decided to go into colorgaurd next year(for a school elective), which a little scaring for me considering its a lot of work, and Ive never done colorgaurd before. So, I was wondering if I could have a pink star to help reassure myself Im making the right desicion to go in.

I hope this star helps! I have a lot of pink paper right now, so it was hard to choose XP

Starting something new is always scary, especially if you’ve never done anything like it before. I believe in you though, just do your best and you’ll be able to make it through the class. If you’re really nervous, ask the teacher/coach/professor for some help maybe :> They should be willing to work with you to help you feel more comfortable.

Good luck! :D

Keep on shining!
♥ Courtney

Love You More

REQUEST: Could you ask L or michaela to do a fluffy Calum smut where he’s very possessive over you cos you got hurt in a relationship before and he likes to treat you like a princess and is just really cute?? So many Calum feels rn oh god.

It was almost like you were made for each other. Like you two were meant to be somehow. Cliche yes I know but Calum came into your life at the perfect time and changed things for the better. You couldn’t even begin to explain how much he helped you.

You had just recently gotten out of a really bad relationship. Your ex boyfriend didn’t care about you at all yet you were too blinded by your love for him to see that. It took you to find him with another girl one night when you went over to realise that he wasn’t worth any of your time and love.

You were crushed after though. You did love him, and you thought he loved you. It was hard for you to get back on track after, even when you met Calum and fell inlove with him instantly it was hard for you to accept it.

But you did. And that was possibly the best desicion you could ever make. He meant everything to you. And you were his princess. He couldn’t begin to imagine hurting you like your ex did.

“You know I love you right?” he asked one day. You two were laying on the couch. Legs intertwined, your head on his chest, his fingers playing with your hair.

“Of course I do.” Calum always asked things like this. He always wanted to make sure you knew he loved you. “Because I do. More than anything in this world.” You two sat in silence after that, just the hum of the television playing softly in the background.

“You know I’d never hurt you right?” Calum said this in a whisper so low even with his voice in his ear was hard to hear. You turned to him, laying your cheek on his chest. “Of course,” you repeated.

“Y/N I could never dream of hurting you. You mean everything and anything to me. And I love you more than I can even explain.” A smile played on your lips, as you kissed him. “And I love you,” you whispered. “Forever and always.”

Calum smiled at this, his grip around your waist tighter. Silence again. Now he was placing little wet kisses all over your neck, jaw, and cheek before moving it to your lips. Holding you close he whispered into your mouth. “Let me show you how much I love you.”

Slowly, Calum moved his hands down your body as he continued to kiss you. His fingers played with the hem of your shirt before he lifted it up and off you. Calum’s mouth ran up your stomach, his hands going back and unclasping your bra sending it to the floor with your shirt.

He latched his lips onto your nipple, sucking and nibbling lightly, giving the other just as much attention. His fingers hooked in your shorts, tugging them down along with your underwear.

It was his turn to undress himself and now you where both naked, Calum ontop of you. He made sure to kiss every part of your body, not leaving one spot untouched. “Beautiful,” he mumbled against your skin. “So fucking beautiful.”

Calum moved down low, his eyes meeting yours as he licked up your slit. You gasped, your fingers immeadiately going to tangle in his hair. He rubbed figure eights on your clit as he began to lick and lap your slit.

Calum had you a moaning mess, already you were feeling that familiar knot in your stomach. He noticed too, the way your body tensed and legs trembled he knew you were close. So he pulled away, leaning up and kissing you, you being able to taste yourself on his lips.

He aligned himself at your entrance, slowly pushing himself into you. When he was all the way in he let you get used to the feeling before he started moving. Calum’s hands tangled into your fingers as his forehead leaned on yours.

Pouring every ounce of love into each movement he made, this was completely different from the sex you two usually have. It wasn’t rough, or fast, it was heated and slow and loving.

You clenched around him, you gasping or groaning each time he moved in and out of you. Your back arched, your chests meeting and your grip on his handtightened.

“Calum I’m close.” He moved a bit faster but he wasn’t rushing his motions. Each time he moved now he hit your spot. “Come for me Y/N.” This quickly sent you swirling over the edge. You were a mess as you came undo around him. Calum came shortly after him moaning at the familiar feeling.

Now you two were trying to catch your breath, him sweaty ontop of you. You wiped his forehead and kissed his nose. “I love you Calum.” He smiled, holding you close to him. “I love you more baby.”

Hope you all like it! :) Sorry it’s a bit short.

-Michaela x

I’m really curious @all the ppl who don’t support baekhyuns conscious desicion to diet and workout; that believe the kpop industry is an ugly thing; who want to feed him fries and a burger because he switched carbs for proteins and vegetables, in order to fulfil a promise he made to his fans, because it was personal for him; who would rather throw away his hard work and effort among cries that the entertainment industry is ugly! What are you going to do now? Is this the point where you unstan exo? Are you going to stop listening to their music? I’m just curious, because its commentary I’ve seen appearing over the last 4 years of stanning a group that has one of the busiest schedules, if not the busiest in the whole of kpop. What happens to the fans that aren’t 100% happy with what goes on, but are still here supporting them anyway?

Knight in shining armor - Dean Winchester x Reader (Knight/Princess AU) - Part 16

Title: Knight in shining armor

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Word count: 6,340

Warnings: Smut, virgin reader, unprotected sex (I guess…? I’ve never had to use this warnings before)

Original imagine: AU. Imagine being a princess and falling in love with one of your father’s knights, Dean Winchester, although you are forbidden to.

Read Part 1 here! l Read Part 2 here! l Read Part 3 here! l Read Part 4 here! l Read Part 5 here! l Read Part 6 here! l Read Part 7 here! l Read Part 8 here! l Read Part 9 here! l Read Part 10 here! l Read Part 11 here! l Read Part 12 here! l Read Parts 13 & 14 here! l Read Part 15 here!

A/N: Don’t think that this desicion was hard to make. I had thought about it being an all-Dean story with that small part of love triangle but when the time for the real choice came I seriously found myself struggling to make it. Yesterday’s poll helped a lot and even though in the beginning it was close, it got more clear later. So here we go… My heart is breaking for doing this to Henry!!!- but I had to choose one because there will be more after this. And it’s not just the end.

Also PLEASE just please take it easy on me, this is my first time writing smut. But I’d like to know your opinions anyway!

Also- there is enough plot in this for those that do not read smut to be ok, anyway.

“Yeah I guess” he said with a chuckle that died off soon.

“Something troubling you?” you dared ask softly.

He raised one eyebrow ever so slightly but nodded his head nonetheless “You could say so” he said a little bitterly, no clear venom in his words but more of… sadness and pain.

He looked exhausted, as if he was tired of trying to keep up the smile.

You nodded your head a little absentminded but were able to notice how his eyes studied you- and how much he didn’t want to do just that. It seemed as if he was fighting an inner battle. If he should be so open with you again or once again turned his head, look the other way and completely ignore you.

The thought alone made your heart tighten. You let out a sigh in the end and spoke “And I guess I am the one to blame for that huh?” you smiled bitterly at him.

He looked down at his feet and then up at you “Do you want me to say differently?” he asked and you let out another sigh.

“No, no. Dean” you looked down at your hands “Besides I am the one to blame for all this”

“The only one” you added in a whisper.

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Every time...

Person:“ who is your bts bias?”

Me:“of course it is Jungkook cause he is a little wanna be fuckboy who can do anything and succed but there is Suga who can make me melt with his rap and I relate to him in a spiritual way but then I think about Jimin and his voice and his cuteness and his hips and I’m like “oh god this desicion is hard"and then Jin comes along to screw my mind even harder and I remember how sweet and handsome and caring he is and how much I love and look up to him but I cannot ignore the fact that Namjoon’s voice makes my heart go like crazy and my legs go weak so maybe he is my bias breaker too but I need to aknowledge how much I love Taehyung and his cuteness and his smile and how he seem to be a little kid but then a sexy beast comes and sings with his super deep voice and of course I need to think about Hobi and how crazy funny he is and how he always cheers whoever watches him and how I love his voice and dancing skills so like … Yeah”

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that's why jihyo is the leader.... bc she is so ugly and fat and make the others 8 members more pretty and skinny lol!!!

THANK YOU, ANON! I have waited for this kind of message for so long! Really, thank you! Let’s discuss Jihyo and the matter of leadership now. :)

First of all, I love Nayeon so much and I think that she would have made an amazing leader too and I would have been more than fine with that. Anything I’m going to say about Jihyo here is not meant to attack anyone else. We clear with that? Good.

How do we define leadership? According to several dictionaries leader is someone who has a capacity to lead. They are a person who guides, or inspires others, often being the first or principal performer of a group.

According to JYP a good leader is someone who is able to sacrifice and “one who can support other 8 members to be more attractive.” And no, dear anon, this doesn’t mean that the leader is less attractive etc, but it means that the leader is strong and humble enough to let the others take the spotlight. Someone who puts her group’s needs and well-being ahead of her own. And now, why Jihyo is a good leader.

  1. Experience: Jihyo has trained 10 years. More than half of her life and that’s amazing considering how young she is. JYP said that leader is the one member who will contact the company if there are any problems and it makes sense that Jihyo does it, because she probably knows more about the company than everyone else.
  2. Skill: Jihyo has trained long and is very capable in many things, such as singing. Even Jungyeon said that Jihyo is good at everything. The other girls look up to her. However, the most important skill that Jihyo has is ability to talk well. This is the skill she needs most as a leader and she has gotten a lot of compliments for that. Jihyo is also very smart.
  3. Empathy: Jihyo is a very kind person. During SIXTEEN she was voted as the nicest person and had almost double the amount of votes than anyone else. But she doesn’t show that kindness just to make people like her, she does it because that’s how she actually is. Some examples: cried when Sana talked about how hard it was to come to Korea “it must have been so hard for you”, Jihyo said. Profusely apologized to the fans after she cried in the debut showcase. Is nice to the cameramen and crew. When Twice was serving at a movie theatre, Jihyo worked as hard as the actual workers so that her members could talk with fans. This list could go on and on.
  4. Puts her group first: She said herself that rather than being successful she wants Twice to become like a family. Even after training 10 years to become an idol, she would still rather just have her group happy and healthy. She loves her members very much and she doesn’t mind putting them first. She also doesn’t mind sacrificing her own image like she did during Weekly Idol. (If you look closely she started dancing the crazy version of IGAB, because no one else was doing anything so she had to.)
  5. The girls chose her as the leader: It wasn’t the company, it wasn’t Jihyo herself and it wasn’t us fans. Those people who the leader is actually for, chose Jihyo. Twice chose Jihyo and if you call yourself Once then at least you would respect their desicions? Maybe not.

Idol group leaders don’t exist just so that we can admire them, or that there is this fancy postion for someone. They exist, because they make their groups work better. Being a leader is hard and it’s not about popularity or anything else. It’s about sacrifice.

p.s. Jihyo is fucking beautiful. ♥


Originally posted by scottlamg

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Characters: Peter Parker, Reader, Avengers

Warnings: Fluff

A/N: Hey guys :) I thought a Peter imagine will be good for us and this is for my dear Agent October ;)

So hope you like it and if i did some mistakes please forgive me :) Request are open~

GIF credits to the owner.

Having a protector mom was hard. But do you know what is harder? Being Tony’s daughter. Yes you heard it right. He didn’t know about me until 2 moths ago. My mom made a desicion that Tony will be never heard of me but here we are. She changed her mind after 17 years and took me to the Tony’s side. At first he didn’t believe us but a guy named Bruce made some tests and it was true. Tony insisted that I should stay with him. He wanted to know me better. Actually I was cool about this idea because this place-Avengers tower- was interesting. Like I am living with superheroes, what can I want? I know, a normal life.

“Can I come in?” A soft voice spoke.

“Yes you can.” It was Peter.

“Dinner is ready. I wanted to call you.” He smiled and left the room. I wore a nice dress and went to the dining area.

“Here you are. Come sit with me.” Wanda linked my arm and pulled me to the her side. She was so sweet to me. At first I felt really alone here but then Wanda came and she became my best friend. I smiled and sat next to her. Everyone was in here except Peter. I leaned towards Wanda’s ear.

“Isn’t Peter coming to the dinner?” I was a little worried actually. He called me for the dinner and now he was gone.

“I dont know. I didn’t see him.” She smiled and grabbed a big peace of bread. I started to eat but something was missing. I felt a little weird.

“Tell me (y/n), what do you want to be?” Clint asked me. He was such a sweet man. He treated me like I was his own child.

“I dont know. I have never thought about it.” Actually I wasn’t sure. I wanted to be doctor but seeing Wanda and Natasha, I wasn’t sure.

“I think she wants to be assasian.” Natasha took a sip of a wine and winked at me.

“Absouletly not.” It was Tony.

“Why?” I suddenly spoke. Tony were suprised.

“I don’t want you to be assasian. With this clumsy hands, no. You will die in the first mission.” He was so sure about me.

“I am not a clumsy person.” I said with an anger and the moment i finished my sentences ,I accidentally dropped my fork. He just smiled and took a sip of a red wine.

“Fine.” I said.

“Dont get mad (y/n). I’m sure with right training you can be great.” Steve smiled at me.

I was so angry. I quickly finished my meal and went to the upstairs which were the terrace. When I get angry or upset something ,I always go to there. But this night was different from other nights. I wasn’t alone this time. Peter was in here too.

“Hey.” I spoke with a quiet voice. He didn’t look at me but smiled.

“Hey.” He sounded a little bit of faraway. Like he was thinking something important.

“You didn’t come to the dinner.” I stand next to him and put my elbows on the railing.

“I wasn’t hungry.” He was still away.

“Hey Peter, Are you ok? You sound a little bit sad.” He was sad ,I knew that.

“Nothing, Just- nevermind.” He was struggling in his brain. I held him hand.

“Please tell me. You are the closest to my age in here and I dont like seeing you sad like this.” He looked directly in my eyes. And then I relaized, I held his hand for the first time. I didn’t want to let it go but I didn’t want to seem like a creepy person. I just stood like that. He didn’t avoid too.

“I dont know. I feel like I am not enough. Ok, I am Spiderman but I am not that strong like Steve or I am not smart like Tony. I feel so incapable.” He started to look at the floor.

“You know what, I will tell you about a friend of mine. He is in my school. We aren’t going to the same classes but I know him so well. He is so perfect. He thinks that no one likes him but secretly I really like him. He is so awesome. He saves people, he is super funny.” He looked at me. “And his name is Peter, Peter Parker. I dont know, maybe you are not knowing him but I think  you should meet him.” He chuckled and held my other hand too.

“He sounds really amazing. I really want to meet with him one day.” He smiled.

“I will set you guys up than.” I laughed a little.

“Hmm, (y/n) I need you. Girl problems.” Suddenly Wanda was standing next to us.

“I am coming.” She went inside. “I should go.” I let go off his hand and started to walk.

“(y/n)!” I  turned around. “I just learned Peter was in love with you too.” He smiled and scratched his head.

Suddenly I relaized, when I was doing that pep talk I accidentally told him about my feeling for him. I was all red. I just turned and started to run. All I heard was he was lauging. I went inside of Wanda’s room.

“(y/n), thanks god you are here. Which one is better for me. Pink or Blue?” She was holding two dresses. “Oh my god, Are you ok? You look like you have a fever.” She was so scared.

“Yeah, i think."I held my cheeks. She smiled at me.

"Oh, I know what is it. It is Peter Fever, right?” She laughed at me. I found a teddy bear and threw at her.

“Stop it.” But I was happy.


Hey, I’m with you, okay? Always.”

It was never going to be the same.

Niall hated this. Knee jumping up and down nervously, biting at his nails like he used to when he was a teenager, Niall really really hated this. How could they even do this without Zayn? How could they even try to continue on being a band if Zayn wasn’t there. 

Niall knew that Zayn was better off, back at home in his small, cozy studio apartment looking over beautiful London. Niall knew that Zayn was better off there, paintbrush or pencil in hand, ready to sketch the buildings surrounding the sunset that particular evening. Niall knew that. It didn’t make it any easier. 

Harry was sat next to him, heavy arm wound around his shoulders. They all knew Niall was taking it the hardest. After all, it was Niall who first ever said that One Direction couldn’t have possibly worked without one of them. And Zayn was gone. 

Niall shook his head at his own thoughts.

Zayn was not gone. Zayn was with them all the time. Constantly texting or skyping one another on the tour bus, cheering them on via snapchat at award shows. Zayn was always with them. 

The boys understood. They understood that Zayn just enjoyed the silence and calmness of a small, quaint life rather than the bustling and busy one they were living. Of course they understood. They got upset and hated it sometimes too. But for Liam, Louis, Harry, and Niall, It just never overpowered their love of the concerts and fame. 

Zayn never particularly liked that kind of stuff, and the boys respected that so much. It was hard to put into words how much they respected and understood his desicion. And honestly, they were so glad that Zayn finally put his happiness in front of everything else for once in his life. 

Zayn deserved that. 

The boys knew that their first concert would be the hardest. Niall especially. 

The blonde wiped the last tears off his face, clambering up as their assistant gave them the “five minute” sign. He shook his head, trying his best to feel better about the entire situation. He was on his way to the docking station when he felt the buzz in his back pocket. 

From: Zaynie

“I know tonight’s been a tad hard on you. But, hey, I’m with you alright? Always. Come home soon, baby xxx”

Niall smiled blindingly through his tears. Nodding his head as if the tanned boy could see him. He wiped his tears for the last time and grabbed his guitar. 

No, tonight was not going to be the same. It would never be the same without Zayn. But with the other boys by his side and Zayn’s undying support waiting for him back home, they would make it. Niall was sure of it. 

They might not be One Direction without Zayn, but they’ll always be our lovely, talented boys. Tons, tons, tons of support towards them, forever and always. 

I honestly feel so much better right now. I hope this makes you guys feel as good as it made me feel. I just can imagine this happening in real life, you know? :) 

Prompts are open! I take any Niall centered relationship and i will ALWAYS include Zayn. 

I really want to praise Todomatsu for this episode. He was completely supportive of Choromatsu’s desicion and even went so far as to hit Osomatsu for being so selfish in Choromatsu’s time of need. Karamatsu came through as big bro for Jyushimatsu and it tugged hard as hell on my heart strings. He did it without saying anything and that spoke VOLUMES about his character, I’m so fucking proud of Kara. 

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SUPER FU***ING IMPORTANT: May and June are super important for theCW to decide everything that will happen next season (number of episodes, time slot...). We HAVE TO keep hitting hard on the sponsors, Netflix, Hulu so neither of them want to come back next season of the loo. They will make those desicions now on the upfronts and weeks after. We can not rest until oficial announcement that Jason is out and that the 4 season will be the last one and with less episodes!!

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Bad boy, good lips - part 13

Part 13, babes! Okay, so I love the picture for this part - I mean, Gilinsky is perfect in every way possible. Anywayyys, thank you for 100(+) & 2,2K beautiful followers - ily. Um, I’ve started making a couple imagines to those anons who requested. And uh, I’ve got plans on starting a new fanfic! I think it’s going to be about Nash. Um, I don’t know what it’s gonna be about - so if y'all have some ideas, send them to me? And uh, I’m extremely sorry it took so long for me to post this part, school just came like shock to me, and I kinda gotta focus on that. I’ll still post, but maybe not that often. One part per 1 or 2 week or something, idk. Anyway, here’s part 13 - I HOPE YOU LIKE IT!

“It’s a quarter after one, I’m all alone and I need you now.”

PART 1  PART 2  PART 3  PART 4  PART 5  PART 6  PART 7  PART 8  PART 9  PART 10  PART 11  PART 12

“Is that okay with you?” I asked as I looked at Sam. He nodded. “Of course, I’ll just make the ice cream while I’m waiting for you,” he said as he smiled at me. “Thank you,” I mumbeled as I kissed his lips quickly as I stood up. “Ugh,” I groaned as I placed my hands on my stomach. Fuck the period. “You okay, sweetie?” Sam asked as he looked at me. “Yeah, just cramps,” I said, smiling weakly at him before I walked downstairs. I opened the door, and outside Jack was standing. Biting his lip pretty hard. “Bambi..” he started. “It’s (Y/N),” I snapped. “You can’t be with Sam,” he mumbeled, his voice shaking. “What? Did you come all the way over here just to tell me I can’t date Sam?” I asked, frustrated. “I did. He’s going to hurt you, (Y/N),” he started. “You can not decide who I can and cannot date, Jack. We’re not together, and I let you date other girls, so you should be okay with me going out with him. And by the way, Sam would never do that to me. Unlike you, I know Sam is not that kind of guy,” I said as I crossed my arms over my chest. “Ba..” Jack started, but I cut him of as soon as a sound escaped his mouth. “Jack, do me a favor and stay away from me,” I said. “W-what?” he asked. “Stay  away,” I repeated slowly. “But-” he started, again I cut him off. “Jack, leave,” I whispered as I felt tears filling up my eyes. He bit his lip, his eyes slowly watering up too. This was hard, almost too hard. “Okay,” he whispered. “Bye, Bambi,” he whispered. “Take care,” I mumbeled, now crying as I watched him slowly walking away.

As I walked inside, I took a deep breath and cleared the tears from my eyes. I walked up and into my bedroom. Sam was sitting on the bed, looking at me. “What did he want?” he asked. “He didn’t want for you to be my boyfriend,” I murmured as I sat down beside him. “What?” Sam asked, raising his voice. “It’s okay. I told him that was my desicion not his,” I answered. He nodded slowly. “And you know what? ” I asked. He shook his head, biting his lip. “What?” he asked. “It was a great decision.” A huge smile spread across those light pink, kissable lips of his as his eyes lit up. “Aw, come here,” he said as he pulled me into a hug, pressing his lips softly against the top of my head. “I love you, (Y/N),” he whispered against the top of my head. A smile crept onto my lips as I closed my eyes too. “I love you too, Sam.”

Weeks had passed, and Chrismas holiday had begun. Weeks without talking to Jack, not earning as much as a tiny smile from him. We didn’t even speak in the chemistry class when we were supposed to work together as partners. The only times we as much as looked at each other, was in the hallway when our eyes met or when he hung out with Sam, Johnson and I. The atmosphere around us had been even worse than ever. But I guess it was okay, that ’s what happen to couples that break up, right? And it was a good thing that we had both moved on. It was for the best, for the both of us. That way, none of us was going to be hurt. Even though staying away from him hurt as hell, I was kinda happy again. Sam had managed to fix my broken heart. He was all I could ever dream of, the perfect boyfriend. Every girl should have a Sammy. But luckily, he was mine. And all mine.

As soon as the vacation started, Sam left with his family to Europe to visit some family of his, which meant I couldn’t spend Christmas with him. He’d been gone for a week now, and I missed him like crazy. We skyped every night, called each other all the time and stuff like that. But I still missed his touch. I missed hearing his laugh in person, having his arms around my waist, feeling his soft lips pressed against my forhead. No matter how badly I wanted for him to come home, he wasn’t. And of course it hurt so badly. But he was coming home in less than a week, and I was already excited. So I just had to hold on one more week. And I was going to make that.

23rd of December. I was sitting in my bed, looking out the window. Staring at the snow falling down, laying itself on the ground as a thick blanket. The snow made the streets look so peaceful and the street lights lit up the dark streets. It was all so beautiful. I was tugging at the sleeve of my sweater as I bit my lip softly. I wanted to get out. No, I needed to get out. I had barely been outside my doorway since Sam left. And I missed the fresh air, I wanted to feel the snoflakes against my skin. As I stood up, I rushed my hand trough my curled hair before I walked downstairs. It was like 12:05AM, but there was this thing today. There was some concert at 12:00AM until 02:00AM and my older brother Jackson and his girlfriend Charlotte had been wondering if I wanted to go with them. So I guess I could. But they had already left, so I had to go find them by myself. But that was okay, I needed some alone time, even though I’d been by myself most of this holiday. As I put on my jacket, my dr. martens, a couple mittens and a hat as I opened the door and started walking towards the park - where the concert was going to be hold. 

The cold winter breeze blew my hair as I felt snowflakes fall against my skin before melting into tiny water drops. Oh how I loved this season. As I walked, I let my gaze slide over the peaceful streets lit up of the street lights.I reached the concert area in about ten minutes. The concert was fully started with different artists - among them was Michael Bublè. He was playing now, and his voice was so beautiful. Since it was packed of people there, I had to stand in the back watching. How I wished Sam was here to hold an arm around me. To hold me tightly against his body. No, no. These thoughts just made me sad. As I started to walk towards the crowd, I walked straight into someone. “I’m so sorry,” the person said. I could hear who it was as soon as a sound escaped the person’s mouth, Jack. “Oh,” he said as he started walking away from me. “Jack, wait,” I said as I inhaled a deep breath of the cold air. As Jack turned around to face me, I bit my lip. “Merry Christmas,” I said as I felt a smile slowly spreading against my lips. That smile seemed to be contagious, because a smile was now planted on his lips too. “Merry Christmas,” he said.

Jack and I ended up talking for a while, and it was actually pretty nice. “(Y/N), I can’t really deal with this anymore. I can’t stand not talking to you, not smiling at you when you come around in the hallway. You know I’m sorry for what I did, and I regret so much you don’t even know. Can you please forgive me?” he begged as he bit his lip. “Well, since Christmas is the time of forgiveness, I guess I could,” I said with a smile. “Thank you so much!” he said as he pulled me into a long and tight hug. As I buried my neck into his neck, closing my eyes. “Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you,” I heard him whisper into my ear, happily. As we pulled away, he looked at me. He didn’t let go of me, we just stared at each other. A snowflake landed on my cheek, and as it melted, Jack used his finger to get it away, lightly brushing my cheek. He then cupped my face in his hands as he leaned in and placed his warm lips against mine.

I’m sorry about this part. It’s like the worst part ever. But anyways, thanks for reading. You all mean the world to me. 5 notes for new post, and I’ll try to write it as soon as I can. Okay? Thank you again, I love you all!