and this video is so bright and lovely

Did you see that shooting star tonight?
Were you dazzled by the same constellation?
Did you and Jupiter conspire to get me?
I think you and the Moon and Neptune got it right
‘Cause now I’m shining bright, so bright





So I was looking a Hobi video, and I literally thought there is nothing more beautiful than Hobi with this blonde hair.

But then I remembered the pink haired from the Gayos

And the unforgettable orange ♥

And the light brown:

And the dark brown from HYYH era tho

And underrated red haired Hoseok:

And the black hair:

In conclusion there is nothing more beautiful than Hobi, no matter what hair color he has, he is going to shine bright.

(the gifs and the photos aren’t mine, credits to the owners)

positive sapphic stereotypes

(based on people i know irl/on tumblr)

lesbians: have their life together, or at least act like it. snapbacks and flannels for days. takes a Lot of selfies just 2 admire later. Cool Mom™ vibe

bi girls: damm do these girls love their flag colors!!! fashion sense is 👌🏻also so many fucken Puns and fun facts

pan girls: radiate this weird Sunshine Aura??? like idk how to describe it but y'all are so Bright u know?? optimistic and smiling and just Happy it’s good

nonbinary wlw: probably has dyed hair and listens to fall out boy. gay but won’t admit it. talks about existence and psychology to friends to weird them out

trans wlw: pro @ video games and generally chill but will debate u for DAYS and win. usually have cool hobbies n stories to tell. probably a communist




Swimwear advice!!

So sorry, this turned out really long. Anyone is free to message me if you have questions or just want to talk :)

I’ve seen several asks from guys who aren’t out or aren’t accepted feeling anxious about swim wear- I thought I’d pitch in my suggestions on swimwear that is fairly gender neutral, or at least not over the top feminine.

If you’re going to be stuck wearing a “girl swimsuit,” you can definitely find stuff to wear in the women’s sections at places like Target, Walmart, or sporting goods stores. There’s usually a big section of trendy bikini/one piece stuff, but there should be a section that’s more basic and less revealing options.  Check there for basic swim or board shorts. A lot of these are still probably going to be pretty short compared to most men’s trunks, and they’ll probably be more form fitting, so look for some with a drawstring or adjustable waistband and go a size up.

As far as tops go, you also want to go with something pretty basic and toned down. If you can find something that’s basically just a tank top, then that will probably be your best bet. Try to find something with a relaxed cut instead of something that goes in at the waist (going a size up for this will probably help too). Look for something that has wide straps or even sleeves, since thinner straps tend to look more feminine. Almost all women’s suits will have bra cups built in to the top. If you’re lucky enough to find one without them, then that’s great, but in most cases, you can pull out the foam bra cup inserts. Do that! Those will define your chest more. If the suit is a thin material or you feel self conscious, you can take a few pieces of a stiff fabric like denim or canvas and insert those into the pockets the bra cups were in. Doing this won’t work like a binder, but it won’t define your chest like the cups did, and it’ll help to keep you from poking through your top. Be sure to remove the fabric as soon as you take off your suit, since it won’t dry very well and could get moldy or gross if it’s left in.

Other routes you could go would be to wear a basic athletic style one piece with shorts over it, or shorts + bikini top or sports bra+ rashguard top. If you cant find what you’re looking for in swimwear, don’t be afraid to try stuff like sports bras or lightweight athletic shorts/shirts, as long as you don’t leave them wet for too long- toss them in the dryer once you take them off to avoid aforementioned mold.

Some basic pointers on picking swimwear that’s not super feminine:

-Go for darker colors, neutrals, and earth tones. Bright, neon, and pastel colors are usually seen as more feminine.

-You can never go wrong with basic, plain pieces. If you love prints like me, though, stuff like stripes, plaid, geometric patterns, and camouflage tend to read masculine. Anything with superheroes/Star Wars/ video games/ sci-fi is also a pretty safe bet.

-If anyone questions why you’re so covered up, or not wearing a “normal” swimsuit, or whatever, you are not obligated to tell them anything you’re not comfortable with. Lots of cis women prefer to cover up too, for a lot of reasons. You have permission to lie like hell if you need to for your physical/emotional safety and comfort. You can say that you want to protect your skin from the sun, you can say that you don’t like “trendier” swimsuits because you’re worried you’ll flash everyone, you can cite religious reasons, etc, etc. Or you can just say it’s more comfortable and leave it at that. You don’t owe anyone an explanation for how you dress.

Most important: I know it sucks to feel stuck trying to fill a role that you’re uncomfortable in, and it’s really hard and depressing trying to be someone you’re not. Remember that it’s not forever, and some day you’ll be able to have fun swimming with friends, wearing what you want and feeling comfortable and confident. Someday, you’ll get to decide what haircut you want, what clothes you wear, what name you go by, what surgeries or HRT treatments you want, and you’ll be surrounded by people who respect and support you. I know it’s hard, and I know it seems like a long wait, but be kind to yourself. Someday, you’ll look back at how things are now, and you’ll be proud of how far you’ve come.


I needed to say goodbye to UMFB&MHA, so I made a fanvid of chapter 14.  I had a hard time realizing that we will not be inside Yuuri’s head anymore </3  I needed to let him go… and from that need was born this video <3. 

@kazliin  I love you so much for creating UMFB <3 I’ll never get over it <3 I’m sad about UMFB and excited about OBS!! :s That’s my life now.

I hope you all enjoy it!

Fanvid 1 after chapter 11.

Fanvid 2 after chapter 13.


though they’ve both been “sitting eyes wide open” and are dressed in black throughout the entire video to reflect the treacherous emotions evoked from their separation, zayn is notably surrounded by blue shades, and with lyrics like “it’s just a cruel existence, like there’s no point hoping at all” this poignantly symbolises the painful, destructive doubts associated with waiting around for what is seemingly a lost love

whereas taylor is tinged in deep reds, and with words like “or just lost the love of my life” this echoes how the memories that often powerfully haunt us in the most quiet of moments are those that burn with a light so overwhelmingly bright, loud and intense, and it’s those passionate, thrilling emotions that can ignite newfound hope, and rekindle a flame once more

so alec loves making breakfast in bed for magnus like it’s his favorite thing ever so he gets up all the time and makes magnus the most elaborate dishes and he’s so extra™ about it but nothing makes him happier to see magnus’ reaction to french toast and watch him eat it, eyes bright and lips dusted with powdered sugar as he says “thank you, baby” through a mouthful of food, hair crazy and no makeup on his face, wearing nothing but boxers and alec thinks he looks more beautiful than ever when magnus presses his mouth against his, humming softly and tasting like strawberries and syrup.

and one day, alec decides, for fun, to film himself making breakfast for magnus and his reaction and shows it to legit everyone he knows and isabelle thinks it’s the cutest video on the planet so she secretly uploads it to youtube and alec finds out and is like WHAT TAKE IT DOWN ISABELLE I’M WEARING NOTHING BUT SWEATPANTS IN THAT VIDEO but then he sees all the likes and comments and he gets so happy!!!!! that people enjoy seeing him making his boyfriend happy!!!!!

so it becomes a thing where alec starts a channel called “breakfast for my boyfriend” where he chats at the camera while making magnus belgian waffles or an omelette so it’s like a personal vlog but also showing people how to make certain types of breakfast dishes and it always ends with alec knocking on magnus’ door like “love? can i come in?” and presenting him the food and magnus’ bright smile charms viewers so much and he can be seen repeatedly pecking alec’s cheek with his arms around his neck while alec waves goodbye at the camera.

soon alec spices it up and is like “okay guys now im making DINNER for my boyfriend” and the channel gains more subscribers and sometimes magnus hacks it to make food for alec (which alec pretends to hate because ‘that’s my thing!!!!’ but he loves it) and will always sign off with a cheerful wave and a hushed voice as alec buries his face in his neck, sleeping peacefully after a hearty and delicious meal.

and later these food vlogs become vlogs about their regular lives like alec doing push-ups and magnus telling him for every ten push-ups he gets a kiss (alec obviously starts doing them faster) or like going to ikea and pretending it’s their home and getting kicked out (they’re laugh crying at the end of the video) to alec suprising magnus with a special serenade from simon on ukulele or maybe alec filming magnus in the car hardcore rapping to kendrick lamar and saying in the background, “that’s my boyfriend” cause he’s so freaking proud.

and when the kiddos come along they don’t stop vlogging in fact they vlog even more and their channel has such a following like they’re famous now and max and rafael are total stars, putting their faces close to the camera and going “HIIIIIIII” to helping one of their dads make breakfast for their other dad.

anyways malec vlogging about their lives and being happy with their kids is an aesthetic and a dream

anonymous asked:

Hello guys! I am fairly new to NCT. I am not sure if you guys do this kind of thing or if you have done it already, but will you be able to maybe make a post about the personalities of NCT members, as an introduction for a new NCTzen? If not thats okay too! 😊

hi omg welcome to the fandom!!!! and we can definitely try~ just know that some parts involve our own opinions so other people might think differently!! and that this is probably going to get really long rip so here we go


  • really weird but in an adorable way
  • shy on camera but apparently the wildest off camera
  • loves his sister a lot!!! he used to argue with his sister a lot but is really close with her now
  • will sleep anywhere and everywhere


  • the most supportive member!!! he always compliments the others and his rolling paper messages were by far the longest and most meaningful
  • tends to talk a lot and keeps the group entertaining on variety shows
  • is a morning person, wakes up the earliest out of all the members
  • likes to drink coffee


  • an actual puppy… he’s clingy and acts cute (unconsciously?) really often
  • gets really shy when people compliment him for being handsome ;;;
  • he likes to eat sweet things, self proclaimed cookie monster
  • to him, cleaning is relaxing and similar to getting a massage ldakjhfalsjd


  • loves winwin so so so soso much?????
  • sleeps early compared to the other members
  • apparently the funniest in nct? according to mark and jaehyun
  • really savage, especially with doyoung alksjdhalsjdh


  • argues with and nags everybody (but it’s the kind of bickering that you do with someone you’re really close to!)
  • loves the dreamies a lot, is very protective of basically anybody who is younger than him
  • very mature and intelligent!! he was unanimously voted as the oldest hyung if you were to ignore actual age


  • likes to make fun of doyoung 24/7
  • super bright cheerful and smiley all the time!!!
  • gets scared very easily (watch the video of him on hit the stage being scared by a ghost akdsjhfakld)


  • always wants to make other people happy ;;;; taeyong says that jaehyun’s a mood lifter for the team
  • has shamelessly touched the members butts multiple times on camera
  • apparently he eats the most out of all the nct members
  • all of the members always call him cute so ofc he’s cute!!!


  • the ultimate member magnet??? literally everybody loves winwin
  • likes to learn complicated korean idioms and phrases rather than actual everyday words (ex. internal organs)
  • really likes playing mobile phone games


  • arguably the most hard working member in nct!!! he’s debuted in all three units, writes his own rap lyrics, filmed 2 variety shows so far and is releasing another single in a couple of days 
  • doesn’t like doing aegyo alksdjfhalsj he gets so embarrassed afterwards
  • just a genuinely nice guy overall?? it’s pretty clear that what you see on camera is what you get!!!


  • loves moomin a lot omg like he draws moomin, paints moomin watercolors and has a bunch of predebut pics of him with moomin stickers
  • super sweet for taking care of chenle when he was still new to korean
  • nobody ever roasts him tbh which means hes literally an angel


  • super clingy!! especially to mark and renjun
  • shares the no jam (no fun) character with mark in nct dream alskhdfls maybe his humor isn’t always to nct dream’s tastes
  • lowkey savage to the dream members except for renjun


  • sometimes acts super confident but is also sometimes really shy
  • loves acting cute and doing aegyo (he knows he’s good at it!!!)
  • super savage at times but also really nice (he’ll go out of his way to cook mark dinner ;;)
  • picks up choreography (especially other groups’) really quickly


  • it seems like he picks up on things really quickly?? given how fast he learned to ride on a hoverboard and learned thai phrases
  • likes being in front of the camera omg (just watch him in nct life bangkok)
  • super resilient!! he’s gone through a lot this past half year ;;


  • loves his mark hyung a lot and shows this affection by saying that mark is a cute maknae??? also close with taeyong and chenle
  • really extra ;;; apparently once sent a meme (??) to the entire nct group chat and got called out by their manager for being too much alksjdhfals
  • loves himself a lot… has a clip from nct life of himself on his phone that he plays in the waiting room as enertainment


  • super shy at first but once you get to know him he will turn on you and roast your in front of your face
  • yaja time’s #1 supporter (he even wanted to do it with super junior)
  • exo’s biggest fan. literally
  • loves dance more than playing sports

I’m so in love with “Of Bright Stars and Burning Hearts”!!! 

Here I am again with another video edit! It’s so exciting to read Viktor thoughts!!!! @kazliin you’re such a talented writer!!!! OBS&BH It’s SO AMAZING!!!!! The Rivals series touched my heart and soul <3 BEST FANFIC EVER!!!! Every detail matters in UMFB&MHA and OBS&BH and that makes your fanfics perfect <3 Thank you for this experience!!!! 

I hope you all enjoy it!!!!

Fanvid 1 after chapter 11.

Fanvid 2 after chapter 13.

Fanvid 3 after chapter 14.

“And yet Viktor had still fallen for him despite everything and now he could never look away, could never turn from Yuuri because Yuuri was beautiful in every way that it was possible to be beautiful and even if he hated Viktor with a passion to rival Viktor’s love nothing could ever change that. Nor could it change the way that Viktor felt.” 

Imagine Bangtan: Tattoo Artist & Piercer! Jeon Jungkook

Hey guys! So, this is going to be a different profession AU! for all of Bangtan~

I hope you enjoy it!!! 

Imagine Bangtan (Different Profession AU!): Min Yoongi | Kim Taehyung | Park Jimin | Jung Hoseok | Kim Seokjin | Kim Namjoon

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Okay so, this is how I see it going

  • After you’re done with your exams and shit, you made this plan to fulfill your dream of getting a tattoo and extra ear piercings
  • So you ask around for a good place to go to and book an appointment with the best guy there
  • After a couple of drinks and some encouraging pep talks from your friends, you decide to head out a bit early, just to make sure you aren’t late
  • And you’re sitting in the waiting room when you see him
  • He’s got the most beautiful tattoos all over his right hand, covering the length of it and his piercings shine under the lighting, making you blush furiously
  • Because how the actual fuck can a guy look that hot?!?!!? I know this is a cringe line but someone needs to arrest him for being so hot like wtaf
  • This had by far got to be the most handsome man you’ve ever seen in your life and you’re practically drooling
  • And then he gives you a heart attack by walking towards you
  • You’re internally freaking out like ‘why is a hot guy walking towards me???’
  • And he’s like, “Y/N?” leaving you super confused but you nod your head yes and he smiles softly at you before being all swag like, “Okay hon, let’s get you pierced and tattooed up, shall we?”

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fuckfuckfuck this is sooo late. writer’s block completely crashed into me and screwed me over. i don’t know how to write anymore i’m sorry D: 

prompt fill for the fantastic @prompt-master​!! <3

“–Jeremy? You’re spacing out.”

Michael regrets the words when he sees Jeremy’s shoulders tense up, his whole body going rigid. “Shit, I didn’t mean to startle you.”

“No, I–” Jeremy swerves around to face his best friend, blinking owlishly. “I’m fine. Sorry.”

Michael studies him closely. He seems fine, but the blue of his eyes is a bit duller than usual–an airy blue adulterated with gray, like a sky anticipating a rainstorm. It’s a little concerning. His eyes only look like that when he’s sad. Or tired.

“Are you okay?”

Jeremy blinks, clearly startled by the question. “What? Yeah. I’m–good. I’m great.” He smiles–thank god it’s a genuine smile–and Michael relaxes just a little. 

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shipping aesthetic masterpost :)

aries ships

aries x aries: warm red; hungry first kisses; mini-dress wedding; taking shots together; childish arguments; playing video games

aries x taurus: luscious magenta; passionate make outs; personified vows; sexy dancing; unnecessary jealousy; days out at the fair

aries x gemini: bright orange; love bites; outdoor marriage ceremonies; drunk laughter; sassing each other; buying a pet dog together

aries x cancer: deep peach; caresses edged with yearning; crying over the vows; brutal advice; make-up sex; over-the-top snuggling

aries x leo: shiny gold; teasing kisses; massive wedding cakes; wild nights out; angry social media posts; competitive sports

aries x virgo: elegant black; tender make-outs; the first dance; yelling silly things and drunk-laughing; calming massages; little contests

aries x libra: lurid pink; lip biting; massive wedding dresses; amazing dancing; passionate apologies; bouquets of roses

aries x scorpio: intense crimson; dirty talk; tango music; really skimpy clothes; crying-shouting; cuddles that turn into make outs

aries x sagittarius: glittering bronze; second base; laughing through vows; silly dancing; poke wars; spontaneous adventures

aries x capricorn: rich maroon; impassioned disrobing; bows and curtsies; tugging at ties; let’s-calm-down-faces; tipping the chess board

aries x aquarius: sunny yellow; neck kisses; really weird music; making cocktails; hand-holding; under table kicks

aries x pisces: pale rose; playing with hair; tears of joy; “YES LET’S DO THAT OMFG”; arguing over who’s hotter; swimming

taurus ships

taurus x taurus: seaweed gold; yearning make outs; weddings; sneaking out to meet each other; ‘you’re all mine’; lots of pets

taurus x gemini: baby yellow; butterfly kisses; running around outside; fingernails scraping down backs; tongues sticking out; petting random dogs

taurus x cancer: pure white; the first time; romantic proposals; making out in school; crying all over each other; chocolate

taurus x leo: shining copper; third base; over-the-top weddings; drunk dancing; ‘no I’ll pay!’; Valentine’s Day

taurus x virgo: delicate green, respectful kisses; tea parties; giggling way too much during sex; wiping each other’s eyes; reading together

taurus x libra: warm pink; quick hugs; sentimental declarations of love; foot massages; yelling then cuddling; dinners out

taurus x scorpio: wine red; sex; vows of forever; highly sexually flirtatious dancing; screaming; champagne

taurus x sagittarius: soft khaki; trails of love bites; dancing in the rain; doing drugs together; ‘i still love you’; festivals

taurus x capricorn: elegant bronze; gently grazing teeth; hands squeezing tight; late night walks home; passionate anger; movie fests

taurus x aquarius: lurid aqua; biting; laughing so hard you can’t breathe; taking shots together; angry tweets; video games

taurus x pisces: powder blue; excessive cuddling; twirls; giggling; sobbing in each other’s arms; buying a puppy

gemini ships

gemini x gemini: bright orange; lip biting; killer high heels; sexy dancing whilst very drunk; inventive insults; reading magazines

gemini x cancer: pale tan; butterfly kisses; laughing-crying; sneaking out at midnight to meet each other; over-dramatic arguments; playing with hair

gemini x leo: shimmering gold; showing-off make-outs; socialites; mixing drinks; arguments that turn into sex; rolling in the grass

gemini x virgo: satin grey; holding hands; 20th century style wedding clothes; sexy dancing; snapping; cats

gemini x libra: hot pink; kink; old-fashioned girl band music; dancing the night away; sassy insults; extravagant, flamboyant gifts

gemini x scorpio: shocking black; love bites; intense eye contact; vodka; secrets; writing together

gemini x sagittarius: warm peach; hugs that turn into kissing; the first dance at a wedding; taking shots together; crying; walking the dog

gemini x capricorn: steely grey; lips brushing fingers; the MPDG archetype; laughter; ‘no, I’ll pay’; reading together

gemini x aquarius: lurid turquoise; hand-holding; adventures; weird drinks; ‘i do SO love you’; conspiracy theories

gemini x pisces: candyfloss violet; sweet, tiny kisses; cropped pannier skirts; stamping on cigarettes in high-heels; red eyes; flowers

cancer ships

cancer x cancer: rainy blue; lovingly tender make-outs; wedding dresses; long, sensual baths; ‘it’s gonna be okay’; dancing together to ‘our song’

cancer x leo: breath-taking gold; slow sex; laughter; music; shouting that becomes crying; cheating at Scrabble

cancer x virgo: elegant grey; hand kisses; bows and curtsies; long-term relationships; love letters; walks in the snow

cancer x libra: peachy pink; soft cuddles; strawberries; helping each other with appearance; cloud watching; the first day of spring

cancer x scorpio: deep maroon; hands clawing at each other; heels; taking drugs; passion in love and anger; rain

cancer x sagittarius: honey bronze; light make-outs that become more intense; road trips in a storm; smoking and dancing; tears; ‘forever’

cancer x capricorn: stunning white; hungry kisses; ‘unconditional’; walks in the woods; little white lies; help with homework

cancer x aquarius: lurid aquamarine; hand-holding; skipping; mixing drinks; bitch slaps; playing video games together

cancer x pisces: sweet silver; Valentine’s Day poetry; dancing in the rain; tripping for the first time; playing the victim; endless cuddles

leo ships

leo x leo: marigold yellow; tiny, gentle kisses; the sun; really loud music; unnecessary jealousy; walking the dog

leo x virgo: fresh green; ‘can I kiss you now?’; tea dresses; amazing dancing; telling jokes to stop them crying, cassettes

leo x libra: pop pink; PDA; weddings; pink champagne; really terrible insults; slow-to-fast dancing

leo x scorpio: burned bronze; sexy time; vodka; cigarettes; deep and laboured breathing; running really fast

leo x sagittarius: vibrant orange; love bites; dancing and skipping; high-heeled shoes; red faces; travelling the world

leo x capricorn: golden brown; passionate make-outs; warm, rich, slow laughter; slow breathing in darkness; shouting; painfully wide smiles

leo x aquarius: vivid indigo; scratching fingernails; raised eyebrows; drugs; excessive hiccups due to inebriation; giggles

leo x pisces: pretty peach; hair-twirling; full, lacy skirts; walking home late at night; wiping away the tears; just snuggling together

virgo ships

virgo x virgo: soft ivory; light kisses; wedding clothes; bright light; insults that make you go ‘ouch’; constructive criticism

virgo x libra: pastel cream; caressing hands; veils; carefully mixing drinks with exactly the right amounts; apologies; flowers

virgo x scorpio: classic black; biting; elegant outfits; cigarette smoke; viciousness; meaningful eye contact

virgo x sagittarius: rich tan; romantic make-outs; bouncy clothes; flat shoes; really terrible insults; buying a dog together

virgo x capricorn: honey gold; single passionate kisses; formalities; ‘oh my god this is so BAD of us’; arguing then make-up sex; homework help

virgo x aquarius: pastel green; finger-drumming; nail polish; really weird drugs; intellectual debates; ‘ewwwww’

virgo x pisces: delicate pink; the tiniest of kisses; flower posies; staying in; ‘I will never, ever, ever, ever hurt you’; teddies

libra ships

libra x libra: soft gold; sensual hugs; baths with rose petals in them; sexy dancing; passive aggressiveness; listening to music

libra x scorpio: deep rose; sex; lipstick; lots and lots of alcohol; trying really hard not to cry; very sexual flirtation

libra x sagittarius: pastel yellow; unexpected kisses; eye shadow; high heels; ‘we’re not fighting are we?? are we???’; silly dancing

libra x capricorn: pure white; massages; neat bedrooms; everyone’s looking at them; well crafted debate points; going to art galleries together

libra x aquarius: baby blue; fiddling with hair; bright lights; taking shots; ‘you did NOT just say that’; shitty video games

libra x pisces: warm peach; kisses that leave lip gloss stains; ducklings; being good; sniffling; cuddling with pets involved

scorpio ships

scorpio x scorpio: intense scarlet; unexpected sex; black satin; nights out at clubs; the silent treatment; making out to loud music

scorpio x sagittarius: rich gold; hickeys; steam-punk; sneaking out; distracting the other from anger with kissing; exercising together

scorpio x capricorn: classic tan; dishevelled chaise lounges; wood; grinding cigarettes under high-heels; rage; good food

scorpio x aquarius: shocking ebony; biting; metal furnishings; mixing drinks; amazing insults; take-outs

scorpio x pisces: deep navy; warm, soft kisses; a single flower; drugs; trying really, really hard not to get angry; nervous PDA

sagittarius ships

sagittarius x sagittarius: orange tan; just making out in general; fabric; elopement; excessive swearing; dancing to amazing music

sagittarius x capricorn: golden bronze; familiar yet intense kisses; vases; alcohol; ‘no I’M right’; watching TV

sagittarius x aquarius: bright purple; lipstick marks in weird colours + places; not getting married; shitty insults; poke wars

sagittarius x pisces: gentle violet; the first kiss; brightly coloured fish; weird drinks; third base; walks with the dog in the park

capricorn ships

capricorn x capricorn: coffee chocolate; sensuality; correcting one another’s formal outfits; cigarette smoke; ‘oh, really’; brilliant cakes

capricorn x aquarius: royal blue; small hickeys; going bird-watching; shitty old video games; heated debates; ‘we’re never bad’

capricorn x pisces: dolphin grey; second base; marriages; ‘you love me right?’; comforting each other; cuddling

aquarius ships

aquarius x aquarius: shocking orange; messy first kisses; building things together; taking shots; endless hypothesising; being way too competitive

aquarius x pisces: neon blue; laughing sex; original wedding ideas; cocktails; ‘this isn’t arguing’; old music players

pisces ships

pisces x pisces: delicate turquoise; third base; aquariums; tripping in heels; silly arguments that end in crying and cuddling; teddies