and this video is just too much

Honestly, I’m pissed.

Dan put so much work into his recent video and it was funny and great and some of y’all are being annoying brats about it. Dan took the time to look through all of our memes, credit each and every creator he included in the video and film and edit it for us and some people are hating on it because you have nothing better to do. 

Dan does so much for us and puts so much work into the content he creates, he spends ages thinking, preparing and creating new original content to make us happy and because he likes it, please stop being brats. One minute you’re complaining about not having enough content (not talking about the people who were just joking about it, I was too, the people who actually got impatient and were being rude) and the next you’re complaining that the content we get isn’t good enough. 

Grow up and appreciate Daniel Howell, he is amazing and does so much for us.

the signs as shit houston outlaws has done outside of the game
  • Aries - jake commenting on an old envyus video suggesting the members go to the gym to build up team spirit and energy 
  • Taurus - rawkus gifting linkzr over one hundred dollars worth of cool ranch doritos 
  • Gemini - muma voice: “lil pimp and lil peep are different people, two completely different people”  
  • Cancer - mendo not knowing what a mistletoe looks like 
  • Leo - spree voice: “i don’t know anything about world of warcraft so im FUCKED” 
  • Virgo - rawkus disassociating during their press conference 
  • Libra - linkzr commening ‘i look hot’ on fanart of himself 
  • Scorpio - coolmatt picking 69 as his number 
  • Sagittarius - the two matts and jake eating hot wings and jake being like this is the end of the outlaws. live on tape 
  • Capricorn - muma’s iconic i don’t know man, im fucking gay man 
  • Aquarius - coolmatt voice: “i like a FAT POCKET” 
  • Pisces - linkzr telling coolmatt good luck nerd in chat

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Hi.:. Can u write a fic where Chris goes ‘Darren u are not kissing me till you wash your mouth! You just kissed a tortoise!!!!’.. thanks!! love ur fics!!!

Reaction Fic based on this video. 

When they’d first began dating was overtly critical of himself. He’d always make sure to handle himself cautiously around Darren.

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I don’t often love people loudly.

Even when I get excited, I worry about how much noise I’m making. Am I laughing too loudly? Am I just too much?

I watch people who are more extroverted than myself put on displays, loud, flashy displays, and I wonder why that just isn’t me.

I talk about my life and listen and laugh with a friend and listen to my quiet voice and wonder if it’s enough.

I show love in different ways. I respond to writing prompts, or I get passionate about a debate, or I send an email with a meme. Or I make a video, because someone got me thinking. I listen. I read someone’s favorite book or I listen to a song they introduced to me and I wonder if it shows. I wonder if the people I love know just how much I love them. I’m not sure that they do.

When I do standup comedy I feel that I stick out a bit. Everyone else is loud, vibrant. Energetic. I get on stage and I’m quiet. My jokes are vulgar, but their energy comes from nervousness. For the most part I’m still quite shy.

But people laugh. One of my friends laughed so hard that in his video game listening to the recording he ran off a cliff, actually.

And do maybe I’m not meant to be loud. Maybe I’m not made that way. Maybe I’m not built to be in peoples faces. I’m a solitary creature. And that’s not so bad.

I just wonder… do people know how much I love them?


This whole Scheep situation is reminding me so much of DDLC it’s messing with me. Here’s why… Note: this is just thoughts, please don’t personally kick me out the Fandom for this :’)

Was this Intended? Did Schneep get deleted from the “Jacksepticeye” universe/channel, hense why there’s been no mention of him at all these past months. Espically with stuff doctor related. For example, in todays video where Jack is playing a medical game, That would’ve been a GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY to bring Schneep back for the fandom…

This is exactly how Monika does it in DDLC, she sees a girl (Sayori) getting way too much attention from you they player(Anti targets Schneep seeing how he is saving Jack way too many times), Deletes them completely from the game intentionally (Schneep has been gone from the Jack’s channel since August), then no one else in the game mentions Sayori once (Just how Schneep disappears from everything Surgery related).

This is JUST how In DDLC every character isn’t real. They are all “puppets” to Monika’s control, she is the one who’s able to manipulate their emotions and amp their own bad habits. This is ODDLY SIMILAR to in Kill Jacksepticeye, where Anti is able to drive Schneep to wrap the cord around his neck, then later corrupt him and he disappears in a glitch. Just like Sayori, forgotten while all the others go about their regular “lives”. Anti is definitely Self Aware, and the reason why we get the very generic response about where schneep has been from Jack is because that ISN’T HIM. That’s Anti talking, and he knows exactly what he’s doing.

“Yeah it’s because she doesn’t exist anymore.”

“Who do you think you’ve been watching all this time? My puppets.”

“I deleted all their files.”

“I’m in Control.”

These fit too well toghther It’s creeping me out typing this up😂


And what did he call himself in the video today? Dr. Jacksepticeye.



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CAROL! i'm learning korean rn and i know basic words, but i always mess up spelling because i cannot for the love of god differentiate between ㅐ and ㅔ pls. hoW do you do it? any advice?

aaaah this is actually one of those things which even native koreans have trouble differentiating between. they’re pronounced pretty much the same way which makes it pretty confusing. i wish i had more helpful advice but i struggle with it too, so i’ve just learnt to memorise how words with 에/애 are spelled!! if you want to find out more on it, you can watch the video talktomeinkorean did on it (though they also say that there’s no real way of differentiating between them, unless you’re a news anchor)

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If it isn't too much to ask, would you be able to show how you combine your markers and colored pencils in a coloring tutorial? I don't think I've seen such vibrant coloring before and your art just looks amazing! I can't stop looking at the eyes in your Naruto fanart gfdsgdsljhkhvp (keyboard smash)

Ahhhh thank you!! Hmm, I do got a little skin tutorial where I use both colouring pencils and markers (with the character Gray Fullbuster). That tutorial is on my tumblr btw! On my Instagram (same username), I’ve a “little” video how I colour 1 eye hahah, it takes 7 min in total?

Also, here are some progress pics from a while back (September). I tend to use the markers as base colours and layer colouring pencils on top of it. With the colouring pencils I go from high to less pressure. The colouring where I use less pressure, I use my finger to blend that out :)

I hope this helped!

Hiya! It’s been awhile!

As a fellow Princess Daisy lover, I appreciate and love Daisy, and I like to respect those that do as well. For the disrespecters and haters, I avoid them at all costs because arguing over a fictional character is redundant. However, I couldn’t help but notice some fans who ridicule other fans even though they too enjoy Princess Daisy. I would just like to say, as a somewhat public service announcement, that Princess Daisy is a fictional character. Granted, I love her very much and I look up to her greatly, she is not real. There is also a difference between canon and fan-made. Yes, Nintendo made Daisy paler a long time ago, but in two recent gifs, her skin appears darker. Now I love tan/dark skin Daisy. Maybe it’s because I’m black, and seeing Daisy for the first time with tan skin made me like her as a character more to begin with. Others do not like her tan skin. Some may hate it because it’s not her actual skin color, or that they are making her too dark rather than a sun kissed tan. But so be it. It is art. Fan art. If you prefer Daisy with pale skin, the draw, post and like posts with Daisy with pale skin. If you like Daisy with tan or dark skin, do the same. If you don’t have a presence, good for you. Some fan art can be well drawn, others not the best, but do not disrespect the fan art of others. If it’s not rude to the fandom in general, and not containing any images that you find obscene then you don’t have to like or acknowledge it. For example, I personally love the anime, Inuyasha. I ship inukag, the main and canon ship. Yet I see a lot of sesskag (the main character’s half brother). I do not like sesskag, I ignore it when I see it. I follow blogs that post Inuyasha related content who mainly ship inukag, and on occasion they enjoy the fan art or the fun fantasy of sesskag. I don’t enjoy seeing it, but there is no need to become rude or mean towards a ship, fanart, or a blog because of this. If you don’t care for certain fan art or ideas or theories about a fandom then so be it, post about it and what not, but there is a difference between ridiculing and having an informed or curious rebuttal against someone. Ridiculing is never wanted. I, personally, am leaning more that Nintendo should give Princess Daisy permanently tanned skin because of where her kingdom is, I doubt they’ll do it, but as of right now I just want Nintendo to include her more often, tanned skin or not. Why hate someone for liking the same thing you like, but in different ways? And I am not talking about illegal or obvious things for anyone who wants to get sarcastic. Same goes for those who enjoy seeing Princess Daisy as heterosexual, homosexual, pansexual, bisexual, binary, non-binary. None of that is canon, so when people create work having Daisy with dark skin and kissing Peach, it’s fan art based on what they enjoy about the fandom. I don’t ship Daisy with anyone. Actually I don’t ship any Mario Bros. characters, not even Mario and Peach. Let’s just keep loving Princess Daisy.

Another doodle  I doodled sheerly outta the fact that I wanted too
Squigly is one if not my favorite character in Skullgirls! ◠‿╹)

Her combo game’s fun, She has a pretty neat back story and story mode
and not to mention she’s soooo flipping cool! So I thought I’d take a shot at
doodling her ╹‿╹)

I’ve also made a combo video, showing off some her neat setups and
just how much damage she can do in a single combo. (And also with the same pallet)
so if you wanna check that out too lolz ◠‿◠)

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i love how this year and last year as well i thought THERE ARE NO MEMES?? WE HAD LITERALLY NO MEMES?????? NAME ME 1 MEME, I’LL WAIT! THERE ARE NONE but then he managed to make a 30 minutes video, sjgkjfdkfgd. A GREAT VIDEO THO/////

I MISSED HIM TOO :’’’’((((((( 💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛 i hope that since they’re on tour this year, they’ll record a lot of videos before going, so we won’t be starving, cause honestly i’m just,,,,,,,,, waiting on some solid daniel howell main channel content and now i got a taste after a while so i want more,, ,, ,, ,,,,,

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What would Bianchi, Chrome and Lussuria do if… (5) - they found a video not for their eyes?

Oh, this sounds fun! Thank you so much for the request and I hope you’ll enjoy the reactions!


Originally posted by vixensscream

Bianchi will like to pretend that she’s much too mature to snoop on anyone. If she’s told not to watch a video or knows that she’s not supposed to see something, she’ll act like it’s no big deal, like she doesn’t care and would never think of watching it anyway. No, it really doesn’t bother her. She’ll even try her hardest to not look…but if the phone was to magically be unlocked in front of her or the computer screen just happened to be playing the video when she was in the room, she’d snoop in a second. It’s not even malicious - the curiosity is killing her and honestly, her feelings are a bit hurt that she’d be banned from seeing something. What are they hiding from her?


Originally posted by various-cartoon-awesomeness

Chrome is a good girl, she really is. If she was told not to watch something or if she knew someone would not want her looking at something, she simply won’t look. She’d feel horrible if she did and won’t be the least bit tempted. If someone else was looking at it or watching it, she’d cover her eyes as quickly as possible and find a way out of the room - she will not argue with them over their snooping but she wants no part in it.


Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

Lussuria has no chill and he doesn’t even pretend to. He cannot believe that anyone would have something they didn’t want him to see. It’s so rude, so offensive, so….tempting. He must see it, regardless of whatever reason there is for him not to see it. He will use any method he can, underhanded or not, to view the forbidden fruit. However, he’ll be the first one to complain and get upset if what he views is not to his liking and he will take it out on whoever he views as responsible. Yes, he wasn’t supposed to watch it but that’s not the point. He’s clearly not the one in the wrong, can’t they tell that!?

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there was drama about dans new memes video but just pointless yelling tbh. some people loved it, some didnt, some were a little too rude towards dan and people were just kinda arguing but imo it was blown out of proportions. im glad youre back!

ohhhhh okay i knew about that just be scrolling through my dash last night!! that’s just silly to me, honestly. i’m on the boat where it’s ok to express if you loved it or if you hated it but those people who are being assholes and attacking others for having a different opinion as them is just SO silly. like no guys, stop. 

personally i loved the video so much!! so much to the point that it made me want to come back to the phandom bc it highlighted so many awesome funny moments within the phandom and idk it was just very wholesome and nice and i’m so happy he made it really long this time!!! 

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Hi! First off, I watch Hey Brother all the time because it’s absolutely incredible and gives me a million feelings. I especially love that Taako grows out his hair after forgetting Lup and all of the cuts to his forgotten memories are like a fur punch every time. I wanted to ask, in the transition to the beach scene, is that the twilight town clock tower in the background? Because now I want a kingdom hearts year for the IPRE

Originally posted by sailorscoutsforever

Aww thanks! That was one of my fave choices I think I made regarding Taako’s design and I’m! So glad that other people caught on and enjoyed it too.

And yes!! It’s Twilight Town! I was playing Dream Drop Distance (trying to prep for KH3 and get through as much side content as possible) while I was working on the video. Also I thought it worked thematically? Forgetting your loved ones, saving the world from a deep encroaching darkness, all that. Also I just love love Kingdom Hearts so it was a natural choice all around. 

A whole year in the Kingdom Hearts world would be so good though. So many possibilities… Man just the whole Stolen Century is great for crossovers. Aw man ok ok I got an idea.

Oh also! In that same sequence there’s also Death Mountain as a nod to Zelda as I was also playing quite a bit of Breath of the Wild. That one’s a bit less obvious because it’s not as iconic. And! Link is having memory problems in Breath of the Wild too. MEMORY ISSUES EVERYWHERE. 

I was working on this part of the video before that ep where they spitballed random worlds they’d been to (like the puppy world), so! I needed to fill that transition time with something, and they hadn’t visited anything between the robot world and the beach world, so it was up to me to improvise. 

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I saw you wondering who was making T's videos, and I hesitate to even make this guess 'cause peeps seem to freak out, but I do think it's Tobin. His videos for other clients have the same kind of feel/quality and is clearly done by someone who knows there way around video editing software but isn't a pro creative shop. Anyway, his connection is with Jordan (was? she hasn't posted anything w/him in a few months on IG - I follow her), but I think he helps T out professionally with cheap content.

I had a feeling it was Tobin, it just makes too much sense. I’m not sure why people continually freak out about him when he’s clearly not an issue here. Ngl his videos aren’t the greatest, but I guess something is better than nothing & it’s probably a hell of a lot cheaper than other companies would be. Thanks for the insight! 

So if you watched the game awards too you may have taken notice of this amazing cello lady

Turns out her name is Tina Guo, a Chinese-American cellist from Shanghai and LOOK HOW FUCKING COOL SHE IS

And just looking through her wikipedia article like holy shit she has done so much amazing work???


Also she’s done like a bajillion movie and video game scores, she’s done a ton of charity she HOLDS A BACHELORS IN METAPHYSICAL THEOLOGY!!!

This is the most amazing woman in the world! Why have I never heard of her before!? EVERYONE NEEDS TO KNOW ABOUT HER!


I keep seeing comments about how idols don’t have the right to complain or feel sad because they’re “celebrities” who are “rich”. Honestly, that makes me really mad. Idols are humans too. They have their own thoughts, emotions, and feelings. They’re not perfect, just like us, and that’s okay. I understand that some people may not like some idols for certain reasons. However, that does NOT give you the right to be leaving hateful/hurtful comments on their social media accounts or music videos. 

The idea that mental illnesses are not real needs to stop. Mental health issue is very much a real and serious issue. Idols have their own problems and struggles that we fans will never know about unless we become idols ourselves. You can’t just go around telling them how to feel or what to do because you have this particular view of them. They’re always under constant pressure to be “perfect” and that’s already hard enough on them. They do NOT need any hateful/hurtful comments to read. For all you know, those words could be the last straw.

Ever since the devastating news about Jonghyun was announced, I keep seeing those terrible comments about him and other idols. That’s why I decided to make this post talking about just a few idols who talk about these issues. Isn’t one death enough for you all?? How many deaths does there need to be until you realize that this is a serious issue that needs to be handled delicately? Why do you have to continue to criticize idols and tell them to go die just because they’re not doing/didn’t do something exactly the way you want them to? Why do you make their mental health issues invalid simply just because they’re celebrities? Remember that these idols are human beings too. Think before you post, comment, or say anything. Once you say it, it cannot be taken back. Don’t say something that you’ll regret later on. This goes for any mental health issues regarding a human being, idol or not.