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I think we all know that jungkook is just generally obsessed with jimin's everything but there's just something about him holding jimin's waist that's just so heart warming and boyfriend-y and natural there's literally nothing cuter

Okay but…listen… really wanna know what’s cuter? Jimin loving Jk’s waist just as much

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~ giffu tutorial ☆.。.:*

hello i have received many asks about gifs and how i make them and how i color things so i finally decided to go for it and make this. clicky down below if you wanna see the underwhelming magic that goes into my mediocre gifs

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| Happy Birthday Junhoe ♡

I found back that video in which Junhoe basically apologized for being seen as “rude” and it broke my heart - because  I can relate to this 110%. The fact is that besides being a mindblowing vocalist, his honesty and spontaneous reactions are one of the reasons I love him so much. As someone who’s been called out for being insensitive and cold for speaking up my mind, when I see people like Junhoe it kind of reassures me because it reminds me that it’s okay to be myself.

I look up to iKON in more ways than one but when it comes to Junhoe, I truly admire his strenght and personnality - which has so, so many sides. So yeah, I got emotional thinking about how much he had to overcome + wanted to show that lovable side of him people sometimes forget, since it’s buried under three thousands kilos of sass haha. He really is just an endearing kid who gets super soft when close to the fans and just because he may not be the best at expressing his feelings does not mean he’s not a giant sized toddler.

Respect Junhoe. Love Junhoe. Happy Birthday Junhoe. ♡


few tips for HD gifs

ok so after that anon yesterday, two more people asked for tips so i decided to just make a post about it. lowkey bc y’all asked, highkey bc i’m hoping it’ll inspire you to make more gifs of kara bc i’m starving for quality content n there’s like zero (0) gifs in the tags lately if we don’t count k/aramel

btw i’m using PS CS6, but i think the settings are pretty much the same in other versions too, idk.

ok so here’s some tips:

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Are you planning to pick up your YouTube channel again in the future? I really enjoyed each upload and miss them. (not trying to beg, just curious :)

Yes, I definitely would like to resume making videos. I needed a break because I was putting too much pressure on myself to produce them, and it was drastically cutting into my ability to make…anything else, lol. I needed to find a better balance with my time and energies.

Right now I am gearing up to begin streaming my cosplay work progress! The footage from the streams will be cut down into smaller videos and uploaded to YouTube. This way, I can keep my focus on crafting costumes, and hopefully streamline the filming and editing aspects of it.

My very first stream will be Saturday, April 1st, which is also my birthday! I will be making a simple leather project from start to finish and giving a general overview of leatherworking techniques. This should be a good introduction to leatherwork and will cover concepts that can be applied to almost any leather armor project!

Hopefully some of you guys can make it to the stream so that I can answer your questions in real time. But if you can’t watch live, all the info will be made available later on YouTube. Thanks for supporting my channel and work. <3

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Hey! I just wanted to ask you a question based on rumours I've heard around taekook lately? I heard that they moved away (idk the specifics well) and that's because of the hate fans who didn't like their relationship (like they're too friendly, etc.) and that bighit and stuff are cutting them off in videos and they're forced to just not be as close? idk. if you know about this do you mind explaining to me? Thank you so much! I love your blog a lot. Have a great day!

Hello sweetie munchkins! Sorry if this was a little late. Thank you for appreciating my mess of a blog ♥

1. They moved away? Like? From the dorm? I do not know of this but i hope this will NEVER happen. HOW CAN THEY HATE THEIR RELATIONSHIP? Romantic or not, their bond is beautiful and ruining it is just…almost inhuman.
2. BigHit cutting them off in videos? YES. THIS IS. LEGIT. How can we explain those taekook moments that we kept on seeing ONLY in Dispatch and Fansite photos/ Fancams nowadays?
3. Forced not to be as close? YES. I CAN SEE U BANGTAN HYUNGS.

Dear God all i wanted was for you to give my two angels happiness.


Please take 7 minutes to watch this - only 7 minutes out of your day. My friend sent it to me to spread awareness of animal cruelty. It’s such an important video. Animals are taken from their native homes and put in small cages with virtually no room to roam around or be free. They are treated like shit for other people’s amusement. We can’t let this go unnoticed because of the lack of attention it gets; there is still so much animal abuse going on in this world. What we can do is educate people, report places like these with unhealthy environments, and just let animals be free and taken care of. Animals have rights too. Please share this. (Warning: it’s a very sad video, but nevertheless, it needs to be seen and brought to everyone’s attention)

I love Mario way too much.
I love how innocent it is.
That sort of innocence is rarely seen in video games anymore and it just makes me happy everytime I play it. Like for the few hours I get whisked away to the Mushroom Kingdom I get to be a kid again. It’s nice.

(I can probably say this about a few Nintendo franchises really though. Thankyou Nintendo)

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How would you make slime? How much of what to use? I tried with borax, glue and water and ended up making a sticky big rock

Okay this ask might be long.

You get your glue and put it in a bowl, then you add the same amount of water and mix it well.

Then you get your solution (hot water with one tablespoon of borax) and add it little by little and mix it constantly. Don’t add too much solution because that will make it hard/break into pieces. I usually put in half a tablespoon at a time and then mix for awhile and then keep going until I get the consistency I want.
Sometimes I pour in a little bit of laundry detergent to make it stretch better.
If you added in too much borax and it’s too hard, just add in a bunch of lotion and mix it in and it should stretch more!

You can add in color later or while you’re mixing the glue and water, but I do it after I make the slime because it’s fun to see it transform.

I really hope this helps you!! It’s okay if you don’t get it right the first few times. It took me awhile to get the hang of it. ❤️

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I just finished your fic today and I was filled whit so much!! love!! You are an amazing writer and I really admire the love and work you put in Beside the Dancing Seal! 💕💕 And also thanks to that I keep looking at videos of seals ;;

I’m so glad you liked it! Thank you for reading! (and sorry not sorry for bingewatching seal videos, i too have the same problem lol)

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I was talking to this guy and we both really liked each other, I have insecurities so whenever he wanted to ft I'd say no. Recently we got in a argument about it and he isn't responding back yet he still has me on Facebook btw I had the courage to upload full body videos therefore he knows what I look like. Do u think I should move on?

I mean, I understand where he’s coming from. It’s incredibly difficult, if not impossible, to have a fully formed relationship with someone just via the internet. If video chatting/calling is an option, it’s totally understandable why he’d want to explore that avenue of communication with you. And I would personally probably get upset too if someone I really liked could video chat with me but wouldn’t.

I also totally understand why you’re scared, online dating for plus sized people is difficult and at times, scary. And when you’re insecure, it makes it that much worse. But instead of putting all that energy into moving on, why not pony up the courage to facetime him? It’s never as bad as you expect it’ll be and once you have that first call out of the way, the rest will be easier! He WANTS to talk to you and build a relationship with you and that’s more than a lot of people can say! I know you’re scared but you can do this!!

Don’t give the Jontron fandom too much credit just yet. Yeah, they’re turning it against him en masse, but if you pay attention to the actual substance of their criticisms, what they’re shocked about is that it turns out he “meant it”. By and large, they’re still hanging onto the notion that it’s okay to indulge in racist rhetoric as long as you’re doing it ironically, or to be an edgelord, or whatever. As far as they’re concerned, Jontron’s real crime isn’t being a racist fuckwit, but failing to maintain plausible deniability.


I’ve been collecting a few posts from the jacksepticeye tag for a while that reiterate how much I love this community, so here’s a few of my favorites :) I say it too much, I know, but this community is AMAZING!!! These posts are solid proof that the people of this community are incredibly kind and positive, and idk y'all, that just makes me feel so happy! 

They also show the impact that Jack and his videos are having on people, which again, is awesome!! :D @therealjacksepticeye

i know namjoon gets a lot of acknowledgement for using english to talk to international fans (as well he should), but i also really want to praise the rest of the members too. they may not be fluent but they’re trying so hard to learn even if its just a few words here and there. it honestly makes me so happy and grateful when they use english on the vlive chats or in videos. they don’t even have to do all that, but seeing that they’re so eager to communicate with everyone and the fact that they put in so much work to do so is incredibly heartwarming. i hope they know that all their efforts are genuinely appreciated and that we love them so much for it.