and this used to be the title of my blog

list of three word latin phrases

i was going to keep this for my own references considering that i like to use latin phrases for my character blog titles, but i thought that i might as well share it anyway. under the cut are some three word latin phrases and their meaning, and more will be added as i find more!

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Alright here’s what I recommend you use to avoid NDRV3 spoilers if you have the XKit extension:

Everyone knows this one of course.
I use the following blacklisted words:

  • ndrv3 spoilers
  • drv3 spoilers
  • v3 spoilers
  • danganronpa spoilers
  • dr spoilers
  • spoilers

I have the following options checked:

  • Enable alt + B shortcut for adding new words
  • Show type of post when it’s blocked
  • Check author blog titles and usernames for blacklisted words
  • Don’t block my own posts
  • Don’t block posts I’ve liked or replied to
  • Use improved checking (might slow down your computer)

No Recommended
This is one I haven’t seen people talk about.
I have the following options checked

  • Get rid of recommended likes
  • Get rid of two-column recommended blogs (which isn’t as important as the recommended likes one, but I like this personally and you might avoid spoilery icons through this)

That’s ‘cause when you like something, this might happen:

tungls recommending you other posts. I wouldn’t want to see a spoiler through something like this. So if you’re not going on Hiatus and want to avoid spoilers make sure to get this extension as well and check get rid of recommended likes!

I’ve seen a few people do this, so decided to make a page of the borders/titles/bullet-points etc. that I use when I make notes or add to my bullet journal.

First section is titles

The second is borders, arrows, and bullet-points

The third are text boxes/bubbles (for mind-maps or when I want to add information on the side of notes, either as an afterthought or to better use the page), numbers, brackets, and some little symbols (I use sometimes either side of a sentence, phrase or equation to make it stand out a bit more).


[11.01.2017, 22:26] some food and nutrition notes in preparation for my test tomorrow [ft stabilo and steadler tiplus fineliners ] as well as some English lit notes (The Merchant of Venice). I still have more history revision to do before i go to sleep bc i started studying late :/
Kind of hyper though bc I’m listening to the Moana soundtrack whooo

I scanned in my food and nutrition notes but they came out a weird colour [?] My title is inspired by @islandstudies !!! Her notes are really informative and v nice to look at :) Also the paper I used was the ‘gradient notes’ by @ennui-for-me [i printed a whole stack of them so I’ll probs be using it religiously from now on] go check their blogs out !!!!
[day 11/100]

Trouble In Paradise - Yuta (M)

A/N: Um, so I’m not an expert on Japan, but the setting is festival/firework showcase in Japan [meant to be kinda rural where there r hot springs n where u can see stars], and I chose a kimono bc I heard yakuta are used during summer and I wanted it to be cold n snowy, so yeah…
I pulled this title out of my ass too


Word Count: 932

Originally posted by yoon-to-the-oh

You giggled, clinging onto Yuta’s sleeve as you trudged through the frigid snow.
You let out a shriek as he swooped down, collecting you in his arms.

“What are you doing?! It’s embarrassing-”

He glanced at your snow-covered geta sandals, as if the answer was obvious. You smiled to yourself, draping your lithe arms over his broad shoulders. His ethereal features entranced you, his soft lips, yet keen gaze-

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anonymous asked:

No offense, but maybe you should focus on making your mods available for all races instead of trying to shove your oc and fic down everyone's throat.You keep acting like its going to be the next looking glass or message sent or something, but its not. If it were, you wouldn't have to try so hard. And look at people with popular ocs. People ask about them and draw them because they are interesting, not because their muns are begging for attention with ask memes.


Again, not trying to be mean, just saying you’d be better off focusing on the things people care about instead of trying to make them like your oc.

Hey anon, welcome to my blog! If my title gives you any indication, I love Lavellans. Adaars and Trevs and Cadashes and completely non-canon characters are all amazing too, but I am unapologetic about my soft spot. 

I’m really sorry I haven’t had a chance to convert my mods for use by other races yet! I do intend to try to figure it out, but I’ve actually never done it before and am not totally sure how. 

But why are all my mods EF? Each mod takes me weeks, since I painstakingly adjust every angle vertex-by-vertex. Because they take so long, I actually make them for Avira first, then share them in case anyone else wants to use them, too. I know that seems self-centered. It is. It’s almost as though I am doing this for free in my limited free time.

As I’ve said before, I always welcome feedback on how I could make my blog a better experience for my followers. That being said, messages like this do not exactly motivate me to drop everything to accommodate your requests.  @feynites​ and @aicosu​ are both mutuals of mine and wonderful people, and I am sure they don’t appreciate you using their well-earned successes to denigrate a small-scale content creator.

I promote my fic because I’ve been working really hard on it, and it’s something that I am quite proud of. I know I don’t have a huge reader base, but I value each and every one of them because I enjoy sharing the world that I am building. The power of stories is in their telling, after all. 

And as much time as I’ve spent on the fic, I’ve spent even more developing Avira. I am disappointed that you don’t find her as interesting as I do! If you have any more specific thoughts on how to improve her or her character page, again, I am willing to listen.

I use ask memes because they give people a framework through which to discuss our characters. Anecdotally, I’ve had the experience where I see an oc on my dash that I want to know more about, but I’ve had no idea where to start.   To me, the love and care people pour into their OCs is what makes the DA fandom so great. I want to get to know other people’s ocs, and I want them to get to know mine. And I will absolutely not apologize for that.

So anyway, here’s Avira’s page, and here’s Uprising. I am very fond of both. If you are not interested in hearing about either, feel free to blacklist them.

So I see the anti-Roman trolls are here again

… hiding in the comments section of blog posts instead of reblogging like a person who’s adult enough to engage in real discourse.

But I’m glad the anti-Roman smarks and haters are trolling. I drink your tears and use your bigotry to keep me warm at night. Also, you’re each confirming my theory that you only have one endgame when it comes to Roman Reigns in the WWE: You’ll never be satisfied until Roman Reigns is fired from the company or squashed to the point where he is forever the brown lackey supporting every white wrestler’s title reign.

No matter how good he is. No matter how much merch he sells. No matter how many men, women and children love him, wear his T-shirts or brandish signs with his name on it, you will only be happy if Roman “knows his place” and stays in it.

Why else is there a smark troll running around commenting on Roman Empire posts claiming that Vince is trying to save Roman’s career? The career that’s held the World Championship Title 3 times, Tag Team Titles once, and now the US Championship. A career where he’s been requested on numerous podcasts, comic con panels, and photos with fans any time he’s traveling on the road. A career where he’s respected in the locker room and out. A career where he’s main evented multiple PPVs and always gets a reaction from the crowd.

Yep. Sounds like a solo career that has definitely gone over like a “lead balloon.”

You guys try so hard to assert your power, but continually fail to recognize that you have little over the millions of Reigns fans because we all know what fuels your desperate need to see Roman as a thug who backs up his white friends in the ring. (Here’s a hint: It ain’t your passion for wrestling.)

I used to think seeing Roman busted down to mid-card or low-card was enough for you smarks. But no. Like all bigots, you want to use your “power” to actually end livelihoods. You think it’s your right to demand that. How’s that for privilege?

You claim Vince doesn’t give you what you want. And yet …

1. Vince gave you a brand split.

2. Vince gave you a title around Sasha Banks’s waist, multiple times.

3. Vince made Kevin Owens the second Universal Champion after giving you a win by your fav Finn Balor.

4. Vince gave you a Women’s Championship instead a Diva’s Championship, and reworked the division so that the female wrestlers weren’t just treated like models, exotic dancers and valets.

5. Vince gave you Brock Lesnar in PPV after PPV winning left and right despite being grossly overrated, unable to tell a story in the ring, and shitastic on the mic.

6. Vince gave you Daniel Bryan as a World Champion, an Intercontinental Champion and now, a GM.

7. He gave you a World Champion in Dean Ambrose and pushed him into the spotlight to the point where he’s the go-to guy to main event Smackdown on an almost weekly basis.

8. He gave you Becky Lynch as a Women’s Champion.

9. He brought in Nia Jax in all her awesomeness.

10. He split up the Lucha Dragons and gave Kalisto a singles career.

11. He re-created a Cruiserweight Division to diversify the roster.

12. He invested in a Tag Team Division that’s leagues ahead of where it was a decade ago.

13. He gave you a longer Monday Night Raw, a live Smackdown and no Jerry the King Lawler on commentary.

These are all things you’ve clamored for in the last 5 years and yet, you still sit there and say “Vince doesn’t listen to us or give us what we want! ::kicks rocks::”

Does he give you everything? Hell no. Nor should he. You’re not children. You don’t get everything you want. But don’t you dare say he doesn’t listen to you or give you anything and that’s why you boo Roman.

You don’t boo Roman because he’s handpicked by Vince. You don’t boo Roman because he hasn’t earned it. At this point, he’s earned every title shot 10 times over. Why didn’t Roman put his US Title on the line at Roadblock? Because Kevin Owens wasn’t smart enough to demand it beforehand. Rollins demanded the US Title be put on the table when Cena challenged him for the World Championship Title. KO didn’t. That’s on him. Not on Roman. And the fact that KO didn’t demand it should have told you that Roman was going to lose (hint: sometimes there are clues if you pay attention).

But please, continue your trolling. Continue your facile excuses. Continue trying desperately to hide your bigotry in a weak attempt to fool everyone into believing your anti-Roman rhetoric has merit.

Go ahead. Roman’s fans will still be here. And so will he.

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Spoonie Sigils: sigil #2:

Hello everyone! Sorry for the long time no see. Here is the long awaited #2 in the Spoonie Sigils series (say that 3 times fast!)

Anyway, this sigil is titled ‘energy’ and is intended to give you a boost of energy when the fatigue is too real and nothing is getting done. Think of it as a coffee, but just the magical symbolic version. 

Remember, as with everything on this blog, this is not intended to replace your normal medical or self care routine, just to be used as well as. Always consult your doctor if you have any concerns with your heath!

p.s let me know if you would like me to make a post on how I make and charge my sigils, and I will!

p.s.s sorry about the image quality, I don’t know how to make cool digital images or stuff like that! I’ll try more in the future to take clearer images :)


Feb 23, 2016 | As requested, some screenshots of my psych notes this week. 

A short textbook note-taking tutorial

I use tables whenever possible to organize materials, and as you can see I format them differently depending on the content they contain. For vocabulary and situations where I’m employing tables in lieu of columns (which conserves space), I’ll make the border white, but for tables like the ones on pages 1 and 2, I’ll keep the border there for definition.

I title each section with the subtitle given in the book and underline it, then make a vocabulary list (bolding terms), and insert my tables. For actual notes (as shown on page 4), I try to keep it as simple as I can with lists instead of blocks of text.

Afterwards, I’ll go into Quizlet and make a set of flashcards (the last image shows the beginnings of what flashcards for this set of notes would look like). I’ll cut out unnecessary content from the notes (and trim examples down to prompts rather than full explanations), and in examples like page 4, I’ll condense each numbered point and its sub-points to the section I bolded, which summarizes the general idea.

Hope this was helpful! If this is received well (gets over 100 notes, let’s say) I’ll continue to post samples and explain my note-taking methods!

I tried a new study method for biology realizing my previous study habits for this subject weren’t working.

1. First I did a summary on the whole chapter that we where studying and I divided it with the chapter’s title, subjects and sub-subjects.

2. While doing the summary I wrote key words and important equations with another color.

3. The teacher always prepares a powerpoint for us. Using that to my advantage I highlighted in yellow everything that was mentioned on the powerpoint that was also on the book.

4. If anything wasn’t mentioned I would write it on the back of the paper that talks about that specific topic.

5. I did the same with my notes. While the teacher discuses the topic I write everything I think is important. So everything that the notes said that was in the book I highlighted in pink.

6. Again if something wasn’t there I would write it on the back of the paper.

7. Last but not least y highlighted in blue everything I thought was relevant or would be present in the test and drew diagrams on the back of the paper explaining each process the chapter covered.

Absolute Zero PLAY

Title: Absolute Zero REPLAY (Sequel to this)

Artist: ナゼベス

Translation: miyu-hearts

Cleaning & Typesetting: Woody

The long awaited sequel is here! This is most probably the last doujin I will be uploading on my blog. After that, my blog will just be used for reblogging stuff again and all the other doujin translations will be put up in the new scanlation group!

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Football Embroidery

After receiving so much amazing support and interest in my custom made football embroidery and cross stitch ideas I’ve decided to go for it. I am so excited to be able to make personalised items. 

Your ideas can be as unique and intricate as you want. Any team - male, female, club, national team ect, any chant or football song (the less lyrics would be the best because of copyright issue, though song titles seem to be safe to use and sell), any words or phrases, I could try copying photos of stadiums or anything you can think of. I am a Liverpool fan but don’t mind making for any team!

Here are some examples of football products I have already made (heavy photo warning) :

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Hi guys! I hope you enjoy! Thanks for the prompt Anon! xD

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Rinn are 20/21    

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a small request?

i don’t how many will see this, so it’s probably a bit useless, but I wanted to ask anyway :

Would it be too much if I asked you NOT to remove the original comment in my art posts when you reblog them? It’s already quite nice of you to reblog, and I’m really quite grateful for that, but what I put in my art posts is there for a reason, and it’s important to me.

It does not happen very often, but some of my ink drawings and a BC portrait have been more popular than normal lately, and I’ve seen it happening a couple of times. 

It’s just the title of the project, the material used, and a link to my tag and shops. It helps me with not having to answer mail about these specific informations, so while I understant it can be a lot of stuff under a pic, especially if it’s not fitting with the aesthetic of your blog, but it does serve a purpose to me. Removing it is also a tiny bit rude to the artist. 

So yeah, please? Thank you.

my askbox is open if you have questions/comments!