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Cons of being a northerner: it’s cold

Pros of being a northerner: you never need to know a single other topic of conversation. Everything and anything can be about the cold. You don’t even need a personality. Saying hi to a friend? “Wow is sure is cold today!” Confessing to a loved one? “Hey I heard the windchill is gonna be -35 tonight. Haha wild!” Been stabbed in the leg and need to make small talk with the paramedic? “Hey I didn’t even know I was stabbed, since you know the cold was stabbing me already. Hahaha you feel me. Or not! We’re numb. I’m gonna Snapchat this with the temperature filter.”


A quiet afternoon between one monster-slaying and the next


the best, most charismatic and handsome mc


                                                   —  Love Doesn’t Exist                                                       

                                            There’s No Such Thing As Love; 

Happy New Year!!

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Female is negative?

yes. it has nothing to do with human or animal sex, gender is a social construct. we assign humans and animals as ‘male’ or ‘female’ based on the shape of their genitals (either the ‘active/male’ genital or the ‘passive/female’ genital. theres tons of animal species for which this gets incredibly jumbled up though, ie egg laying species, or when eggs are transferred to the partner who possesses sperm instead of vice versa, etc)

the assignment of female to the egg-producing half of a species that reproduces by passing on genetic information via sex is simply due to the typically passive role of ‘accepting’ the information (vagina receiving penis, egg receiving sperm, etc). the assignment of meaning to one’s genitals (ie, that the difference between ‘male’ and ‘female’ humans is anything beyond physical) is a social construct with about as much weight behind it as your astrological sign. i mean, sure its undeniable that someone born on the day i was born would be a ‘pisces’, but that doesnt mean im bound to act a certain way as a result. similarly, someone born in the body i was born in would be assigned a societal label based on the characteristics of my genitals, but that doesn’t mean im bound to be a ‘boy’ or a ‘girl’ or act/dress/behave in any particular fashion.

if the association of yin & yang’s energies being explicitly tied to the genitals of a person as if we are all not made of trillions of active and passive interactions between particles upsets you, it should- believing we as individuals are capable of being either completely ‘male’ (positive energy, the ‘yang’ in yin yang) OR completely ‘female’ (negative energy, the ‘yin’ in yin yang) is an outdated way of viewing intelligent life. we’re all so much more than that; and to tie 50% of the population to the concept of negative space/void when they are just as infinitely complex as the other 50% is holding society back. destroying the concepts of gender in direct relation to genitalia would rocket us forward into a new era of enlightenment and progression.