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“It Is What It Is”: a practical, mournful phrase which indicates acceptance of your inability to control a negative situation.

Not quite the future unknown of “qué será será”, more the present-tense acknowledgement that “Yes, this particular situation bites the big one, but there’s nothing I can do to change it”, no one uses the phrase “it is what it is” to describe something joyful, it’s a helpless shrug at unchangeable circumstances.

Knowing everything that’s gone on in his life, it should be no surprise that Louis would choose this as his favourite tattoo in 2017.

But what should be a giant questionmark to anyone who buys into the official narrative about his love life, is why he chose it in the first place. Especially given that he got it tattooed across his chest in 2013, when the band was at an all-time height of fame and he was supposedly in a longtime relationship with his loved-up girlfriend.

Even outright ignoring the fact that the design appeared on the same Liam Sparkes flash sheet as Harry’s butterfly stomach tattoo, I wonder what negative situation that was completely out of Louis’ control he might have been referencing back in 2013?


Also, he kneeled and kiss him too before saying ww
Enjoy my (dump) coloured scrap