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The Bookstore - Sam Holland Imagine

A/N: This was requested by @zendmylife weeks ago and I just finished it now. Sorry it took me so long to write it, I hope you enjoy it! 
Sorry if you don’t enjoy the books mentioned, I just picked two random books that I happen to enjoy. 1984 isn’t my favorite (tbh it was just easier for me to insult), but Peter Pan is for sure. Also, sorry about the title, I literally could not think of anything so I put something random that still related to the story.

Pairing: Sam Holland x Reader

Warnings: none(?)

Words: 690 (shorter than usual)

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Summary: Sebastian Stan x Reader where the reader gives him a blowjob as he’s on the phone and has to stay quiet through the call (as requested by anonymous)
Warnings: smut (oral sex, fingering) | Rating: NSFW, mature
Word count: 1664

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Jams With Java

Spencer Reid

Spencer hated being set up. It never worked out, no matter which one of his well intentioned friends was doing the match making.

Tonight had been no exception and as he wandered through the city streets back to his apartment he silently cursed himself for letting Derek convince him that this time would be different.

The girl he’d double dated with had been okay. A doctor who Savannah worked with at the hospital; she’d been very well educated and was extremely attractive, not that that was something that mattered to Spencer. But as the four of them had sat and eaten their food, it was blindingly obvious to everyone at their table that there was no connection between the two. When it got to that point where his ‘date’ was openly flirting with the waiter, Spencer pulled his friend to one side, made his excuses and left. He should have felt bad about running out mid date, but there was no love lost there. And Derek understood, even apologising to him for how the night had gone.

“It’s fine, Derek. I’ll see you at work on Monday, okay?”

And so it wasn’t even ten pm on a Friday night and Spencer was on his way home to spend yet another weekend alone in his own company. Which most of the time he didn’t mind, but now that even Morgan seemed to be settling down, there were times when it bothered him. The problem was he didn’t really know what he was looking for in a partner, all he knew what that he needed that connection, that instant spark. And he’d yet to feel it. Maybe he never would?

Spencer was just about to turn the corner off of the main street when he spotted a bright lit store front further down the road. Last time he’d come this way, the store was still boarded up and vacant, yet now it looked like it was open even this late.

He decided to walk the few yards further to check it out, seeing a brightly decorated sign ‘Jams with Java’.

As he approached the store front he could see that it appeared to be a music store combined with a coffee shop, with a sign announcing it’s late night opening. Forever on the look out for good coffee Spencer decided to check it out, pushing the door open and hearing the jangle of bells over the low melody that was playing.

Looking around, he smiled slightly to himself. There were only three customers in there sitting at booths off to one side. In the middle of each table was a mounted electronic tablet with a headphone splitter attached to it. It looked like people could plug their own headphones in and peruse the stores music choice, whilst they drank their coffee or ate the various baked goods they had on offer. A third of the store was taken up with rows and rows of albums, both vinyl and cds although Spencer was tech savvy enough to know that a lot of people just downloaded their music these days. He still preferred to own ‘hard copies’ though. The final third had various musical instruments on display, acoustic guitars and such. The smell of coffee permeated the entire space and Spencer found himself walking over to one of the tables and pulling up a chair.

After a few moments the only member of staff who appeared to be working came over and smiled at him. Her name tag read 'Victoria’ and she had one of the most enchanting smiles that Reid had ever seen. Her face looked almost bare of any make up, although Spencer knew from JJ and Emily that the so called 'natural’ look could take longer to achieve. Her hair was a mixture of honey coloured blonde with darker undertones to it and was cut relatively short for a female. She wore it in a side parting with the right side falling longer than the left and it framed her faced beautifully.

It took Spencer a minute to realise that she’d spoken, asking what he’d like to order.

“Sorry,” he shook himself out of his trance.

“That’s alright. You certainly looked like you were off in another world. Was it nice there, can I come?” her voice was like a wind chime in a light summers breeze, a sound Spencer could listen to for hours on end.

“Pardon?” he’d heard her words but wasn’t sure what she was saying.

“The other world you were just in… Was it nice there? Actually, just ignore me, it’s been a long day.”

“Sorry. It’s been a long day for me too.”

She smiled again, “If it’s been that long should you really be prolonging it by drinking coffee? Not that I should be turning down business in my first week. Decaf perhaps?” she wrinkled up her nose at the word decaf as did Spencer.

“I don’t sleep much anyway. A cappuccino would be fine though please, no decaf. I really don’t see the point.”

“Me neither. I adore coffee for both the taste, and the hit it gives me. Which is much needed sometimes. So, cappuccino it is, that’s my favourite too. Can I interest you in a pastry or a cookie? A muffin perhaps? We’ve got these amazing coffee and chocolate chip flavoured muffins, they are to die for. In fact, I really need to stop promoting them. I have two left and if they don’t sell, I get to take them both home.”

A thought passed through Spencer’s brain which he quickly dismissed, but then back tracked to it, deciding for once to act on it.

“Could I get the two muffins then and two cappuccinos please?”

“Two…. Jeez, you really don’t need much sleep. Give me two ticks and I’ll bring them over.”

She wandered away back behind the counter and Spencer found himself watching her as she walked. She was curvy, a very voluptuous figure hidden in black skinny jeans and a black long cardigan. Her v neck t shirt had been bright pink though and Spencer hadn’t been able to stop himself noticing the ample creamy cleavage that peeked out of the v.

Trying to not seem like he was biding the time before she returned, he started to swipe through the tablet, struggling slightly with the different options on there. He could work his iPhone but the interface on the tablet was different and he gave up just as Victoria returned to the table. She set out both drinks and muffins in front of him and he swiftly moved one of each to the space in front of the empty chair opposite him.

“You expecting company?” she asked him.

Spencer felt his cheeks start to flush as he shook his head and looked down at the table.

“Erm no, I was… um. I wondered if maybe you wanted to join me. There’s not a lot of people in here and you seem… god, I’m being stupid. Of course you don’t want to join me, you probably have much better things to do than talk to some random stranger….. ”

He felt a small hand touch his and then quickly retract and when he looked up he saw that she had climbed into the seat opposite, her waitresses notepad sitting on the table.

“So… Random stranger. If I’m going to eat muffins and drink coffee with you, I kinda feel like I should know your name maybe?” she took a sip of the hot drink, her lips pursing around the mug.

“I’m Spencer… Spencer Reid,” he couldn’t believe she’d joined him, butterflies jumping about in his stomach.

“Well, it’s nice to meet you Spencer Reid. I’m Victoria.”

“I know.”

“You know?” she suddenly looked alarmed and Spencer couldn’t help but chuckle.

“Your name badge…. ” he pointed to her chest at the badge that proclaimed her name.

Victoria started to laugh herself,“That’s happened to me three times this week. Customers calling me by my name and every time I’m like, how do they know? My sister always laughs at me. I really need to remember that it’s attached to my chest.”

“Your sister? Does she work here too?” Reid asked, taking a bite out of the muffin. Christ… It WAS good, she definitely hadn’t been lying.

“Yup. We actually own this place. My sister, her husband, and me. Our grandparents passed away earlier this year, within days of each other. We were their only grandchildren so as sad and upset as we were, we were both pleasantly surprised to discover that they’d been sitting an a sizeable rainy day fund, which they left to us. We decided to do something that would hopefully make them proud. Our Gramps always loved music and Grandma loved baking and food. And myself and Amy love coffee as well as food and music so we thought we’d combine all three. We’ve only been open for a week but we seem to be doing okay. And although it’s hard work, it’s fun….I’m rambling, I’m so sorry!”

Spencer could listen to her ramble all day, he thought.

“You’re really not.. I live a few blocks away and wondered who’d taken over this place. It was only tonight that I saw it was open and decided to come and see what was what.”

The pair talked for a while longer, sipping their coffee and eating their muffins, tearing tiny pieces off. One by one the other customers left until it was just Victoria and Spencer. She glanced to the clock on the wall, jumping when she saw the time.

“Balls… It’s eleven. I’m meant to close up at ten thirty,” she slid off the chair, quickly moving to the door and flipping the sign to closed.

Spencer followed her, hovering by the door. “Erm, how much do I owe you…”

She waived her hands away, “Nothing, it’s on me Spencer.”

“Can I… At least help you clean up then maybe? Seeing as I’ve distracted you and kept you here longer than you needed to be?”

He didn’t want to leave, he really didn’t want to walk away from this woman.

“Nah it’s fine. I live in the apartment above anyway. Sissy and hubby have an apartment a few blocks down but I think figured I’d save on the rent seeing as we were forking out for this place anyway. And it means I’m generally always here to accept deliveries. Will you come by again? I enjoyed talking to you tonight.”

Spencer nodded and begrudgingly accepted that he was going to have to leave her company. He opened the door and bid her adieu, albeit rather sadly.

She was just about to lock the door when he turned, going with his gut instinct for the second time that evening. She stopped, holding the door ajar when she saw he’d turned around.

“Victoria…I don’t want to… erm… Christ, I haven’t even asked if you’ve got a boyfriend… But would you… Maybe want to go out with me? For dinner sometime?”

She looked surprised to begin with and Spencer began to panic thinking he’d made the biggest mistake ever. But then her lips started to twitch upwards into a smile and she slowly nodded.

“I don’t have a boyfriend… And I’d very much like to go out with you sometime.”

“Really?” his voice squeaked causing her to grin even wider.

“Yeah, really. In fact, I’m actually free tomorrow. We only open late on a Friday. We close at six on Saturdays.”

“So I could maybe pick you at seven?” Spencer tried to control the nerves that were creeping into his voice.

“I think you definitely could.”

She rummaged inside her apron and pulled out her pad and pen, scribbling her number down on it and handing it to him.

“Text me, when you get home so I have yours too. And I’ll very much look forward to seven pm tomorrow.”

“So will I.”

Spencer took the paper, his fingers brushing against Victoria’s as he did.

And there it was, that spark he’d been so desperately waiting to feel.

The Ugly Truth: Part Two

THE UGLY TRUTH: Bucky x Reader, Steve x Reader


A distraught girl decides to quit on love, due to her romantically challenged past. But it wasn’t until Steve Rogers walked through the doors, that she knew she needed help. Looking to an old friend, a ploy to coach her in the romance department - she pairs with the likes of Bucky Barnes, the well known play boy who lives life on the edge. In the process of coaching into the arms of Steve Rogers - a very unexpected result is found between the two of them.

notes: cussing, some dirty talk, tension.

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anonymous asked:

What about RFA+V+Saeran that get caught up with an MC that is always getting into life threatening danger (a hell of a lot of enemies) but she's done it so many times she's just hella fearless and can fight em off easily? (Bonus points if she's quirky enough to even make a few jokes and one liners in the face of danger) she's not an agent or anything she's just really badass and is always getting into trouble.

anon, this is amazing. i want to be this mc. thanks for stopping by!

hope you like it!( ´ ▽ ` )ノ


  • is,,stressed
  • the first time he really got into how fearless she is was on a date
  • they were literally just walking along, laughing and holding hands, when someone bumped into the two of them
  • turns out, it was one of mc’s many enemies. 
  • the next thing they know, they’re surrounded 
  • zen is lowkey terrified, but mc just groans
  • she’s like, “come on, it’s date night!” but they don’t care 
  • one even tries to grab zen away from mc and she’s just like “oh, now you’re trying to steal my boyfriend?”
  • zen really wishes mc would stop joking around and call for help or something
  • but instead, she just shakes her head. one of the bad guys is sneaking up behind her. “you were right, zen. men are wolves.” 
  • and proceeds to kick everyone’s ass. 
  • she takes zen’s hand and leans up to kiss his nose. “can we go home now, babe?” 
  • he is absolutely shocked…and surprisingly found that hot 
  • he wants to protect mc, but knows she does that just fine herself. 


  • look, no complaints from yoosung at all 
  • someone, who was actually one of mc’s enemies, was making fun of yoosung
  • and had the audacity to punch him !! 
  • mc saw that though, and ran over. yoosung tried to stop her, but she glared at the other person
  • there they are, acting all smug and think they finally got away with something in front of mc when
  • mc trips them and the Beatdown beings
  • Yoosung is totally surprised. when could mc-
  • when she’s satisfied, she helps yoosung up and pulls him into a hug 
  • “sorry, honey. looks like someone was jealous because I have my own shooting star and they don’t”
  • wow, the compliment sent yoosung’s mind away from the person who was on the ground 
  • when they leave, he asks her how she did all that 
  • and she tells him about all her enemies. he’s so shocked!
  • “mc! that’s so dangerous!!” “its alright, they can’t beat me. I know, they’ve tried.” 
  • asks her to train him


  • what a kickass couple!
  • mc’s enemies never stood a chance against mc alone now, oh boy
  • a few of them had mc cornered one day, but mc was literally just chilling
  • they were all being assholes, you know, talking smack about mc
  • “why don’t you call your boyfriend to come save you?” one of them said
  • “boyfriend?” mc responded. “what’s that?” 
  • mc confused her enemies! 
  • “ah, I know what you’re talking about. No thanks. Why when I need a boyfriend when I have this?” 
  • and she moves in and starts beating one of them up
  • she pretends the other two are getting close to beating her up when one of them asks “maybe you want to call your boyfriend now?” 
  • “, I’m good.” mc says, “but you, on the other hand..”
  • enter jaehee and her ass-kicking skills
  • the one who spoke to mc is on the ground and mc kneels next to them 
  • “you had to face the wrath of my girlfriend”
  • see, jaehee knew cause they’re a couple who sat down and talked for hours and hours before making it official


  • to be honest, mc does feel a little better with all these guards around
  • but one day, a particularly powerful enemy of hers came by and fought the guards off
  • jumin is surprised that happened in the first place, but now he’s about to be more surprised 
  • “well. took you long enough” mc said. jumin is confused
  • she turns to jumin, “excuse me, dear. I forgot to take out the trash today”
  • and proceeds to whoop that person’s ass single-handedly
  • he is Shook
  • mc explains that she has…a few enemies. 
  • that explains why his guards kept getting hurt
  • he asks how powerful and fearless mc really is so she has a showdown with his guards
  • which she wins
  • jumin is so proud of mc, wow
  • she still has guards though, just in case

707 / luciel / saeyoung

  • he knew about mc’s many enemies
  • it showed up on her record. but her, herself, seemed nice and innocent
  • she just had major butt-kicking skills
  • which saeyoung thought was amazing
  • mc came over to the bunker and saeyoung had been bragging to vanderwood about her
  • so they ask to spar. mc kicks vanderwood’s ass. saeyoung is jumping in joy
  • but when they were on the run one day, both saeyoung’s and mc’s enemies caught up to them
  • saeyoung is lowkey scared, but mc is like. “well..don’t we have a bit of a situation here…”
  • he thinks it’s not the time for jokes, but mc just smiles. “i wonder what we should do about this…”
  • one of them gets impulsive and runs at mc, who easily takes him down
  • “ooh a free for all! fun!” she says as another one runs towards her
  • saeyoung cannot believe his eyes
  • she beat all of them. and at the end she goes, “and the supreme champion is…mc!! agent 606!! the crowd goes wild!”
  • saeyoung humors her and cheers. 
  • this is a common occurrence 

v / jihyun

  • he thought that by taking her in, she’d be in less danger than she was on her own
  • however, one of her enemies decided to crash the party
  • v was going to take care of it, but mc marched up to them
  • “i didn’t invite you to the party” she calmly says to her enemy
  • before the enemy could say anything else, mc stomps on their foot
  • “if you didn’t get an invite, you’re not invited. it’s fairly simple.”
  • turns out, mc has jihyun’s roasting skills
  • v is Impressed and he clearly underestimated her 
  • another one of her enemies went after v
  • but not on her watch
  • she beat them up so easily
  • “you know what they say about taking the sun head on! what do you want to be, an Icarus?” they say
  • it’s pretty amazing

saeran ( i went for more of ‘unknown’ here oops)

  • so…this was probably a mistake
  • he thought mc was just a random person, but she totally overpowered him when he broke into the apartment
  • she looked at him, her head tilted. “are you Unknown?”
  • “what’s it to you?” he asked
  • “well, I don’t recognize you. you’re not one of my usual enemies.”
  • now he was confused. “usual enemies?” she shrugged, “i have a ton”
  • “is that why it was so easy to lead you here?” “i figured I could take you. and I did”
  • he huffed, but he couldn’t argue
  • “what do you want?” “you could join me, you know..”
  • “but I’m in rfa already. And I like it here, thank you very much. If that’s all you wanted, I can let you go..”
  • “….quick question. tell me about your enemies.”
  • they kinda form a bond over mc’s stories
  • she eventually lets him go
  • “i’ll be back for you.” he says. “or.. you could find me. but tell the rfa any of this happened, i’ll end them.” 
  • and he’s gone 
Can I fluff your hair? (10th Doctor x fem!Reader)

Requested by @fandomsbooksmusicalways

Request: Tenth doctor. Reader is meeting him and gets him out of a sticky situation and therefore he takes her on one trip in the tardis 😊 reader asks if she can fluff his hair ;D

Fandom: Doctor Who

Pairing: 10th Doctor x fem!Reader

A/N: This is really lame. Sorry. >.

Originally posted by doctorwhocreations

They arrived from seemingly nowhere, appearing at random all-around town. Santa had lost his mind. Actually, all the Santas had lost their minds.

This very scene was familiar, so much so that I was pretty sure I remembered seeing it on the news when I was a child. Things dressed as Santa Claus with their plastic masks and destructive musical instruments had ravaged town, burning buildings and attacking people. As I saw them as an adult, I felt like I was the only one to remember the creatures that wreaked havoc. No one seemed bothered by the Santas as they passed by them on the streets.

Until the first one raised its instrument and sparks began shooting from the ends.

I remembered screaming and racing from the area. Darting down an alley, I found my escape route blocked, the way becoming a dead-end. Ready to turn on my heels and leave, one of the Santas had found me. It marched silently towards me.

“Shite.” I panicked. My eyes darted from side to side, searching for something to defend myself.

There was a broken mop to my left I leaped for and pointed it threateningly at the Santa.

“Alright, buddy. I am not going down without a fight,” I said trying to keep my voice even though I knew my weapon was feeble against this monster.

He stopped a few feet away, raising his trombone.

I started forward, brandishing the wood over my shoulder to strike him.

A buzzing noise, loud and piercing, halted my movements. The Santa stiffened, his body became rigid before toppling to the ground in a heap of red and white.

Though the buzzing had stopped, I could still hear it ringing in my ears. “What the devil is that obnoxious sound?”

I dragged my eyes from the crumbled heap and saw the figure standing in the entranceway to the alley. It was him, the man who stopped the Santa’s last time. He stood tall, a deep blue suit clinging to his lean form. His eyes were dark in the moonlight of the evening.

I couldn’t help staring at the silver object in his hand, the thing that had emitted the piercing noise to immobilize the creature.

“Much better,” he said, his Scottish accent strong as he seemed pleased with himself.

“Oi,” I started before I could stop myself. “I could have handled that myself!”

I flushed as he raised a brow, amused by my response.

“I’m sure you could have,” he admitted cheekily. He turned and left without another word.

It wasn’t until twenty or so minutes later that I saw him again.

One of the Santas had snuck up on him as he stopped another that had advanced to him.

I raised my mop stick and brought it down on the Santa’s head. The loud clunk that came from the contact made chills race through me. It barely made a difference, other than to turn its attention on me. The monster pivoted sharply, pointing its tuba at me.

“Oops,” I mumbled.

I went to smack the pole against him again but stopped when the buzzing sound returned. He crumpled as the other one had.

The man stared at me, his eyes lightening as he said, “Thanks for saving me.”

I snorted, laughing at his words. “I suppose I should be the one thanking you. Again. You’re him though, aren’t you?” It may have been phrased as a question, but it was one he didn’t need to answer because I knew.

“And who would that be?” he asked, scratching the back of his neck.

“The legend, the one they all talk about but no one truly wishes to acknowledge. You’re the Doctor.”

“Well,” he said, drawing out the word as if he were embarrassed. “I’ve heard a lot of things in my years, but I do enjoy that one. Perhaps I’ll have to keep that one.” The Doctor rambled to himself, enjoying the title.

“Can I fluff your hair?” I interrupted, staring at his brown locks.

The Doctor broke out into an awkward laugh. He grinned cheekily at me as he said, “All around new things today. Nine-hundred years and you’re the first one to ask that in a long while.”

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Dear Evan Hansen

So I posted this fic on wattpad and ppl liked it a lot (for some reason) so Im posting it here as well. 

tagging people who wanted to be tagged in my other fic (that i still havent started) if you want to be added or removed feel free to message me.

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sorry for any mistakes but im on phone and i have no idea what im doing.

Summary: typical soulmate Au where the first words that you hear from your soulmate is tattooed on you since birth etc..

The idea came from tumblr but i dont know who wrote it actually so i cant credit them sorrry

Warnings: death mention (dont worry its not mayor), DEAR EVAN HANSEN SPOILERS!

Pairings: I think poly i mean idk i never wrote poly/lamp before but i mean enjoy lol

Human! Au

It was on his arm for so long. And he still didn’t know what it meant.

I can’t believe Connor Murphy died.

Who is Connor Murphy? Why is he dead? Why is this the first sentence he will hear from his soulmate? Why?

Questions were building up in Virgil’s head. He spent the past 19 years of his life asking the same questions over and over again. He surely won’t find his soulmate after 19 long years. But his best, and only friend Patton still pushed him, still believed in him. He didn’t tell anyone, not even Patton what his tattoo said.

Patton didn’t find his soulmate either and he was 20. But he never gave up. He went outside as much as he could, in hopes that someone will pass by and say these five words:

This doesn’t make any sense.

He also had no idea what his tattoo meant, what made sense but he was hopeful.

And that is why they were sitting in Patton’s car to go the theathre. Virgil didn’t want to go, of course he didn’t he wasn’t the going outside type but Patton said he feels something is different. He couldn’t explain it but he said this night will change their life. And boy was he right.

“C'mon Verge it’s going to be fun! I promise.” Patton beamed with a comforting smile. He loved going outside. Virgil didn’t.

“Whatever. I still don’t like this idea. What are we even watching? I hope it’s something not that boring. But who am I kidding theathre is just boring..” Virgil said with a bored tone in his voice. He didn’t like theathre. It was dark, loud and they were sometimes singing. He didn’t like that kind of singing. He was more of the sad emo type.

“It’s called Dear Evan Hansen! If I remember right it’s about two boys who go to high school. One of them is Evan Hansen and the other is… What’s his name? Verge check that little prospectus please. I think it’s on the backseat.” Patton said not getting his eyes off of the road.

Virgil didn’t say anything just nodded and climbed to the backseat. It was not the easiest to find the little paper in the mess that was in Patton’s car but he succesfully pulled it out from between the two seats.

“I found it” He said as he sat back in the front seat.

“Check who’s the other boy in the play please. I can’t remember his name and you know I hate forggetting things.” Patton said. He didn’t hate a lot of things but his forgetfulness was one of them.

Virgil’s eyes scanned the paper for a few seconds when he spotted a name on the page.

His breath caught up and he felt like he couldn’t breathe.

“So what is it kiddo?” Patton asked. After a few minutes of silence he turned to look at Virgil who was just staring at the prospectus in front of him.

“Connor Murphy” Virgil whispered and let out a shaky breath.

“Is everything alright Verge? Do you want me to pull over?” Patton asked worriedly as he looked back at the road. He felt awful. He wanted to support his friend but he was in the middle of driving.

Virgil stayed silent for the rest of the ride. He only shook his head when Patton asked if he wants him to pull over for the second time.

“We are here Verge. Are you sure you don’t want to go home? You know it’s okay, I didn’t actually wanted to watch this that much, it doesn’t sound that interesting, so we can totally go home, it would be fine.” Patton rambled as an attempt to calm his friend down.

Virgil just shook his head and started to walk towards the theathre pulling Patton with him.

Virgil didn’t want to admit but he was actually kind of excited to see this musical. From what he knew it sounded interesting, but of course, it had to be ruined by some random person.

“Will you tell me why are you so silent?” Patton asked as he was walking next to Virgil. The boy let Patton go when he was sure that he is following him.

“No” Was all that Virgil said but it was enough for Patton to know not to push it. They will just enjoy this together and everything will be alright.

They sat down in their seats at the front and waited for other people to fill up the theathre. Beacuse of Patton if they ever went somewhere together they were always super early beacuse Patton didn’t want to miss anything.

The play didn’t start for another 15 minutes so Virgil decided to listen to music. As he reached in his pockets to grab his headphones he had to realize that they are in fact missing.

“Are you searching for your headphones? Sorry kiddo but maybe today is the big day you can’t miss it out just beacuse you were listening to music.” Patton said with an apologetic smile.

Roman’s Pov

“Logan we have to go! It’s Dear Evan Hansen!”

“I am aware Roman. But is it really that important? There’s no reason for me to go.” Logan asserted.

“Yes there is silly. You might find your soulmate! But most importantly I might find my own soulmate. My princess. I’m sure she is beautiful and we will be a perfect match.” Roman exagerrated.

“You shouldn’t assume Roman. You might be disappointed. What if it’s not even a girl? It can be a boy. Or a non-binary person. And what if you will be polar opposites. You set your bar too high, and that will cause disappointment.” The other boy stated.

“You don’t understand Lo. I can feel it. We will be perfect. I can feel it.” The dramatic one said.

“That makes no logical sense. And you can’t know for sure that you will meet them tonight. Also if you really want to see the play, we should go now or we will be late.” Logan pointed out.

“Oh gosh you are right we need to go right now. C'mon Logan you don’t wanna miss the play do you?” Roman said and hurried out the door.

Logan only sighed and went after the other boy. He was stuck with this drama queen till he finds his soulmate so he, secretly of course, also wants Roman to find his soulmate. And he would never admit it, not even to himself but deep down he too wanted to know who his “other half” is. It was stupid and illogical but he had to know.

The theathre wasn’t that far away, it was maybe a ten minute walk and with Roman’s fast walking they arrived in less than five minutes.

They went in and sat in the front row. Not that far away two boys sat around the same age. The only reason Logan noticed them is beacuse they looked like they are perfect opposites of each other. One of them wore a dark hoodie with purple paches and the other wore a blue t-shirt. The dark boy’s hair was in his face and his eyeshadow seemed to be under his eyes rather than on his eyelids. They looked odd but Logan didn’t think about them for too long.

Everyone fell silent as the play started.

Time skippity bc im lazyyy and also dont have any fucking time lol

The first act has finished and there was a 15 minute break. Almost everyone stood up to go to the bathrooms or to call someone etc..

They passed in front of the two boys when Logan heard it.

“I can’t believe it kiddo.” The sentence was followed with a sob which meant the person was crying.

Logan grabbed Roman’s arm and pulled the royal boy with him.

“Jesus nerd calm down you look like you just saw a ghost or something. What’s up with you? Why do you look so frightened?” Roman bombed the other boy with questions.

“I saw him. My soulmate. I saw him. I heard the sentence.” Logan breathed out.

“Why are you so weird? I thought you didn’t care. I mean I’m happy for you but you said you don’t care.”

“I thought that too.” Was all Logan said before they heard the theathre guy tell them that they have to go back.

Logan hurriedly went back to his row not even waiting for Roman. He kept muttering this doesn’t make any sense.

Apparently he was too loud as he heard a squeal from next to him. Of course he was standning right im front of the odd boy with the other weird guy.

“Virgil, Virgil, Virgil.” The boy shaked the dark one next to him. Logan just stood there looking at what the two were doing.

“What happened Patt? Are you hurt? Why do you look so… happy?” The other boy, Virgil as he just learned his name asked.

“Look!” He pulled up his cardigan’s sleeves and revealed that his tattoo was fading. Then Virgil noticed Logan standing there.

“Oh. Cool. So you are the guy. That’s cool.” Virgil said as he put his headphones on. At least there was an attempt to put them back, when he heard it.

“I can’t believe Connor Murphy died.” It was a boy who wore an outfit close to a Prince’s. There was no way that guy was his soulmate.

“You! You are the one!” He shouted suddenly.

The royal boy froze in his place and the two boys next to him looked in his direction as well.

“Roman?” Logan asked.

“Wait you know this guy? I don’t even know you. What’s your name anyways?” Virgil asked as he turned to Logan.

“Oh apologise. My name is Logan and that right there is my roommate. His name is Roman. And it seems like you said the words that are on his back.” Logan stated.

“Well Roman you spoiled the whole fucking play you know that right? You could have said literally anything else that didn’t contain these words but you, you had to say this. Thanks for spoiling this play. It was really great living my life in fear beacuse the word dead was on my arm. So really thank you.” Virgil scuffed.

After a few minutes Patton broke the silence.

“Verge calm down, it’s not Roman’s fault. It’s no one’s fault in fact.” The fatherly figure tried to calm both of the boys down.

“You… you are a boy. And-and you wear all black and you literally just look like an emo nightmare. I’ve waited 20 years for this?” Roman asked as he pointed towards the dark boy.

“Woah there. You don’t have to be mean. You don’t even know Virgil. You just critize him by his appearance. And that is not a good thing to do.” Patton said with a serious voice. “Very much so. Roman I told you. If you set your expectation too high you will probably be disappointed. Your soulmate doesn’t have to be a girl that is just plain stupid. Gender shouldn’t matter. Nor appearance. Personality is the one thing that matters.”

 Virgil’s eyes were scanning between the three boys in front of him. They were defending… him. Of course Patton always stood up for him, since he started high school the bubbly boy was always with him. But this new guy. He didn’t even know him. Why can’t the smart and kind boy be his soulmate? As he was thinking about this he felt something burning on his upper arm. It seemed like the three other boy experienced this too so they looked at each other then at their arms. He pulled up his sleeves and saw that the question What? was on his arm. But that’s not all. He also had I don’t understand and This makes no sense all tattooed on both his arms.

 "What?“ Patton suddenly asked. He was as confused as the others but everyone gasped as the word What started to fade from all of their arms. “I don’t understand.” Was the next sentence that started to fade from the boys’ arms. It was Roman who said this in complete confusion. “This makes no sense” Logan stated. The last sentence faded from Virgil’s arm. The other three looked at him. They all had the same sentence on their arm and Virgil said it immideatly. “I’m gonna faint.” He said and he fell to the ground. Or he would have fell if Roman didn’t jump behind him to catch him.

 okay so im ending this here beacuse im shit at endings sorry.

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You wake up with a pigeon gently pecking at your nose. It's trying to get your attention. It shows you its leg: there is a piece of paper. You take it with some struggle. "Hi, can you write a scenario where the class dares Momo to create weird stuff? Ps: I ❤ u". On the bed there is a familiar envelope. Inside you find photos of the 1A boys wearing cheerleader uniforms. Your blanked is covered in bird's poop. The pigeon flies out, leaving some feathers behind.

Pictures of my beautiful boys! Get that rat with wings outta here lolol

“Hey Yaoyorozu!” Everyone’s heads turned towards the back of the room as Kaminari made his way to Yaoyorozu’s desk. She sat up straight as he sat down on the desk in front of her. “So I have a question for you.”

“Sure! Hopefully I can answer it well enough for you!”

The other smirked at her and leaned in to rest his forearms on her desk. “You can make anything right?”

“Well, only inorganic things and things that I understand the molecular makeup of. Oh, and I also have to know the function of every piece and what it’ll do as a whole. And-”

Kaminari gave her a dead look as she rambled on about the complications of her quirk. “Okay, okay,” he interrupted.

“Oh, sorry I was rambling.”

“Eh, it’s fine. Anyway, so you can basically make anything so,” he leaned in closer, “what was the weirdest thing you’ve ever made?”

“Oh! I wanna hear this!” Kirishima pulled up a chair, bumping shoulders with Kaminari. A chain reaction began after that, everyone wanted to hear Yaoyorozu’s answer to this question so they all crowded around her desk.

“I…well…I can’t think of anything?”

Collective groans filled the room, followed by a “well that was fucking pointless” coming from Bakugou. Everyone was about to leave when Mina jumped up.

“Oh! I got it! What if we gave Momo a bunch of weird suggestions of things to make!”

“That would be great! It would be the perfect way to practice my quirk!”

Everyone’s groans turned to cheers and pages of notebooks were being torn out. It didn’t take long for everyone, minus Bakugou who thought everything was stupid and Mineta who was banned from coming up with suggestions due to his pervy small mind, to hand her their sheets of paper. She grabbed some of her informational books and placed them on her desk, taking off her blazer in the process.

“Okay who’s first?”

Everyone started to yell out that they wanted their ideas done first, overwhelming Yaoyorozu. She took a deep breath before activating her quirk, a top hat manifesting from her forearm. 

“Just put your paper in here and I’ll pick randomly. I won’t be able to do all of them before out next class but I’ll be able to get a few done.”

“Thank’s Yaomomo!” everyone in the class yelled before putting the papers in the hat.

“Alright, now,” she shook the hat and stuck her hand in, pulling out a random page. “Alright! The first item is…not going to be that one.” She crumpled up the paper and threw it away, face bright red.

“Let me guess,” Jirou sighed, “Mineta?”

“I swear he’s one sneaky little perv,” Hagakure piped up.

“The official first one is…a two-foot tall scale model of Pennywise?”

“Wait, the clown?”

Uraraka and Midoriya shivered. “Creepy.”

“Okay who asked for that?” Kirishima looked around the room and saw Kaminari smirking. “Bro why?’

Kaminari shrugged, “It’s for the meme bro.” He gave the redhead a high five and watched as Yaoyorozu flipped through the books and scrolled through her computer for research. 

“Alright I got it!” She stood up and activated her quirk, the figurine slowly emerging from her thigh. Everyone watched with anticipation and cheered when she successfully recreated it. “Here you go Kaminari.”

“Holy shit Yaoyorozu it’s hella detailed!” 

“Alright the next is…’that one lamp from the movie A Christmas Story? What even is that?”

“Oh just look it up. It’s glorious,” Mina winked.

“Alright then?” She looked online at pictures and references. “That’s a very interesting lamp.”

“Just admit it’s beautiful.”

“I…okay. I think I have it. But everyone is going to have to leave for this.” Yaororozu gestured to the door. Everyone blinked at her, confused before a light went off in their minds.



“We’re just gonna-”

One by one they filed out of the room and stood posted outside the doors to prevent others from going in.

“What’s going on out here?” Half the class jumped at Aizawa’s voice.

“Oh! Mr. Aizawa!” The hallway became a noisy mess of random excuses coming from the seventeen people standing outside.

“Alright it’s done!” Aizawa turned his head towards the door at the sound of Yaoyorozu’s muffled voice. 

She opened the door, holding the lamp in her hand and froze when she saw her teacher there. “Uh…hey Mr. Aizawa!” She tried to hide the leg lamp. “I didn’t see you there!”

“Give me the lamp.”

“Yeah, okay.” She ducked her head as she gave it to him.

“Alright everyone back to your seats. Hope you all had a productive lunch break.” Everyone pushed back into the classroom. Aizawa looked at the lamp and shrugged before placing it on a table in the classroom.

“Hey,” your sides were pinched momentarily before you whipped around to stare into the eyes you had become so familiar with.
“Hey! What are you doing here? I thought you said you couldn’t make it because you had a date,” you huffed out as you placed your drink down on the bar next to you before wrapping an arm around Harry’s neck and hugging him tightly.
“You’re mad if you think I’d miss this,” Harry laughed into your ear as his arms tightened around your waist before he curtly pulled away from you. Taken back by his surprisingly short hug, you had the instinct he hadn’t come to your release party alone.
“Where’s Lana?” You inquired, sure that Harry would point out his girlfriend but hoping he would reply that he had left her elsewhere.
“She’s in the bathroom. You know how she is, she has to look flawless wherever we go,” Harry rolled his eyes with a shake of his head as his hands were stuffed into his coat pockets.
“Yeah,” you mumbled, breaking eye contact with Harry to look over his shoulder where his voluptuous girlfriend had walked into the room your release party was held in.
“Babe, you shouldn’t leave your drink unattended,” Harry furrowed his eyebrows at you as he leaned forward to reach behind you for your glass you had set down earlier. During his brief time reaching for your glass, you were able to swiftly inspect his features with extreme sadness. It was one of those I’m-in-love-with-my-best-friend situations and, apparently, Harry was either completely clueless of your growing fondness towards him or he was just not having it. The way he acted had always confused you, so you had tried separating from him a bit before he seemed to think otherwise. Unfortunately, it seemed as if Harry’s girlfriend didn’t like the relationship you carried with Harry, so if the two of you ever made plans she would tag along. At first, she was just suspicious about your friendship but then she grew to like you and actually wanted to be your friend.
“Hi, Y/N!” Lana, Harry’s girlfriend, smiled brightly before sending you a friendly wave. You looked up at her nearing features and forced a smile.
“Hi, hon,” you called out with a nod.
“How’re you doing? Goodness! This is so exciting! We’re so proud of you, dear,” she shook her head in disbelief as she pushed through Harry to give you a sincere hug.
“Aw, thanks,” you responded, your eyes flickering up to Harry to see he was looking elsewhere.
“Sure, dear. Sure. I think I want a drink. Harry, do you want anything?” Lana turned to capture the attention of her tall boyfriend standing behind her.
“Uh, yeah. I’ll just come with you. Y/N, you want anything?” Harry’s attention set on you.
“No thanks,” you smiled tightly before raising your glass.
“Oh, yeah. I forgot, we’ll see you soon. Okay?” Harry nodded as he placed his hand on Lana’s shoulder and began leading her away. You only gave a nod before the two of them set off for their drinks, leaving you in a depressed mood. The rest of your night was spent trying to cheer up by speaking with proud friends and family members with no avail. Soon enough, you were able to slip away for a bathroom break. Once you dried your hands, though, you realized you didn’t really want to speak to anybody else. So, you hopped onto the long sink counter and leaned your body against the mirror set against the wall, tired and ready to go home. Thoughts of how you could break off all communication with Harry drifted into your mind as you sat in complete silence. After a few more minutes of silently thinking, the door was thrown open and Lana came rushing in, her hands clasped on her mouth as she entered a stall and started retching. Harry soon followed, his features conveying worry and fright. Opening the stall door, you watched as his features cringed before frowning at his ill girlfriend.
“Lana, are,” Harry trailed off, catching sight of you, “you alright?”
“What? No, shut the door,” came Lana’s muffled response. You controlled your urge to laugh as you remembered how grossed out Harry would get whenever talk of bile came up in conversation. You only shook your head and slid off the counter before making your way to Lana’s stall and pushing past Harry to help Lana with her hair. You tried your best from looking down at Lana as she became ill in the stall of the bathroom, failing once before looking back at Harry with wide eyes.
“Is it bad?” Harry raised his eyebrows with worry.
“A bit… Lana, you’re going to be okay,” you comforted the young lady at your feet as her whimpers echoed throughout the bathroom.
“Connor’s pulling the car around so he can take you home,” Harry informed about Lana’s good friend as Lana came up for air, gasping dramatically.
“I’m so sorry, Y/N,” she sobbed before she started once more.
“It’s all good. You have nothing to be sorry about,” you laughed as you continued to hold her hair back, your other hand awkwardly trying to rub her shoulder in comfort. She went on for a little while longer before stopping completely and leaning against the light brown surface of the bathroom stall.
“I feel ill,” Lana breathed out with a cringe at her bad breath.
“I’m sorry, love. Connor’s coming, alright?” Harry nodded his head at his disheveled girlfriend. She only nodded before the two of you shared an all-knowing look. It was then that Lana’s friend came in and carefully helped her out, with sweet words from both you and Harry. Once the two of you were left alone, you turned to Harry to see he was already looking at you.
“Well, that was disgusting,” you commented with  a laugh, “we should probably get back out there.”
“No, I don’t think I’m in the mood to work the room anymore,” Harry shook his head with a wrinkle of his nose as he walked over to the sink’s counter before hoisting himself up to sit on the counter, his legs dangling off the edge.
“We’re in the lady’s room,” you commented, finding it humorous that Harry wanted to spend extra time in the bathroom.
“Yeah, so?” Harry shrugged before patting the empty space next to him for you to sit with him. You only huffed out a dry laugh before complying with his wishes. After getting settled, your backs leaned against the bathroom mirror, the two of you sat in a brief silence.
“You’re a real jerk, you know,” you commented from your “seat”.
What? Why?” Harry turned to look at you with confusion in his features.
“You didn’t even take care of Lana and then you let some random guy take her home,” you raised your eyebrows at your friend.
“Well, excuse me for wanting to spend some time with you on your special night,” Harry shook his head at you with disappointment before looking forward, sending the two of you into another silent spell.
“Thanks,” you mumbled out, wondering why you couldn’t just tell the being beside you to get lost.
“Sure,” he faintly shrugged before you sat in silence for a few more minutes, “are you alright?”
“What do you mean?” You turned your head to look at his questioning features.
“You’ve been acting oddly this entire time. Is it Lana? Do you not like her?” Harry questioned, his facial features not showing too much emotion.
“No, she’s fine. I like her,” you shook your head before looking away from his almost too close features.
“Alright, well, I happen to know something’s wrong because you didn’t laugh,” Harry pointed out.
“What are you talking about, Harry?” You sighed with frustration.
“When you’re telling the truth, you always laugh. You don’t like her, it’s fine; I understand. I wasn’t expecting you to,” Harry began rambling before you grew tired of his talking.
“It’s not her, Harry,” you rolled your eyes with a soft shake of your head.
“Then what is it? I know we haven’t spoken in a while but we tell each other most everything and anything. You can tell me,” he pushed for the truth.
“It’s seriously nothing. I’m just tired,” you simply lied with a shrug.
“Babe! You’re such a bluffer,” Harry laughed out with amusement.
“Don’t call me that,” you stated with a slow, tired blink of your eyes and yet a slower shake of your head.
“Sorry?” Harry turned to look at you.
“Please don’t call me that,” you asked as you kept staring ahead, avoiding eye contact with Harry.
“What? ‘Babe’?” Harry inquired, specifically.
“Any type of pet name; babe, kitten, love, baby, etcetera,” you specified, quietly.
“So all endearing pet names in general?” Harry clarified, his eyes boring into the side of your skull.
“Yes,” you nodded, hoping he would just go with it, no questions asked.
“I’ve always called you by pet names, though. Now what am I supposed to call you?” He frowned, teasingly.
“Oh, I don’t know. My name, maybe?” You rolled your eyes.
“Is there something you’re not telling me, Y/N? Did you meet someone or something?” Harry questioned, interested as to why you had asked him to stop calling you by the pet names he usually got away with.
“I just think it's kind of wrong, is all. I’m not your girlfriend,” you responded, briefly excluding the fact that you were madly in love with him.
“What’re you in love with me?” Harry joked. When you stayed quiet, Harry turned to you with furrowed eyebrows.
“You know, I… I think it’d probably be best if… we stopped seeing each other for a little while,” you hopped off of the sink counter before you pulled the hem of your dress down.
“You’ve got to be joking,” Harry spat before jumping off the counter, “Y/N, you’re not serious, are you?”
“I’ve said what I wanted to say and now I’m going to leave,” you choked out before you turned from Harry.
“Hey!” Harry barked, angrily pulling at your arm to pull you back to where he stood.
“Stop that,” you wrinkled your nose as you tried pulling away.
“No, you don’t get to drop such a bombshell on me without an explanation. Are you saying you have feelings for me, then? More than a friend feelings?” Harry stared down at you, demanding an answer.
“Gosh, Harry. You’re so clueless. What gave it away? The fact that I’m always up to help you with whatever it is you need or the fact that I always stare longingly at you whenever you enter a room?” You raised your voice, angry that Harry hadn’t sensed your crush on him sooner and by himself.
“You never told me, that isn’t fair,” Harry shook his head at you.
“I’m not supposed to have to tell you something like that, Harry. It’s something you kind of just sense… and you didn’t and that’s fine. I just… I really think it’d be smart for me to distance myself from you a bit. At least for a few months or something,” you shrugged before pulling out of Harry’s grip.
“Y/N,” Harry started before you shook your head at him, backing away from your problems and conversation all at once.
“I don’t really feel comfortable talking about this,” you informed as you turned and made your way for the exit.
“I can drive you and we can actually talk about this,” Harry offered, his footsteps sounding behind you.
“There’s nothing to talk about Harry. Please don’t follow me,” you begged as you continued out of the bathroom and towards the restaurant’s exit, hoping Harry would leave you alone.

{Part II?}

Soda Surprise


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A/N: My dad’s camper got rear ended today. I’ve now been on my first police report. Summer is boring and repetitive but also the best time ever.

It started about a week ago, at first it seemed normal, bros giving bros bottled Cokes with the other’s name on them.

Of course, Phil being Phil, it has to escalate into an addiction. Now Dan’s got 26 empty bottles of Coke on his desk, all proudly displaying his name, and has yet to find a label reading ‘Phil.’

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