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                                     Sehun x Flying x White Moodboard.

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My theme is White / Flying together. 

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Dear Diary,

Today I got rid of the number/key system for source tagging. I can’t believe it took me so long. Now things will just say what source they are like a logical blog should be doing like source: thing. See how easy that is? What took us so long? I don’t know why we thought the key thing was a good idea in the first place. I hated numbers back then. I hate looking at numbers even more now.

We also reached 40k followers and none of us are really sure what to do about it.

That’s – that’s, wow, that’s high. We don’t really know what to do with a number that high. I still hate numbers so I’m pretend it’s not there and just keep making bad jokes.

The next thing I’m tackling for spring cleaning is that theme. Did you know it hasn’t been changed once since we started the blog? Someone should get on that. Or, like, maybe I should get to working on all the jokes in the drafts instead of playing ME Andromeda for the third time. Hm. More later.

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Guardian tag

Rules: This is for your guardienne. Fill with what your Guardienne could answer (if you have more than one OC then please feel free to do as Manu of these as you want!)

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i have two ocs so i will fill this in third person 

Name (or if she has a nickname) : Mei, she doesn’t have a nickname and Elina she goes by Elie 

Gender : female

What race is she (faeries/Human/ or something in between : Mei is100% human, Elina is a witch 

What guard is she in? : Both are in the Absynthe Guard but Mei mostly helps the Obsidian guard because she can’t understand alchemy at all and just loves fighting 

Which Companion does she have? : Both have Ciralaks and both of them are males 

Favourite food : Mei loves all types of seafood, Elina loves sweets and especially cookies

Favourite Color : Mei likes blue and black, Elina doesn’t have a favourite color she likes everything except orange

Crush (and why) : Elina’s crush is Valkyon because she likes quiet people that don’t get bothered by long periodes of awkward silence and she likes boys with soft hair in general, Mei has a crush on Ewelein but she kinda likes Ezarel too and since she doesn’t like getting herself into complicated situations she just ignores her love life and tries to avoid talking about it

Describe Yourself in 5 words : Elina would describe herself: as shy, strong, confident, pushy, and bossy as for Mei: lazy, reckless, loyal, possesive, self-conscious

What does she like to do in her free time? : Elina explores the forest and helps Kero and Ykhar sometimes with paper work, Mei takes naps and play with her familiar and sometimes she helps jamon to train the members of the guard

What does she think of the Human World? :

Mei gets homesick often although she had some rough times in the human world, her sister and friends and other people she treasures are there and she misses them, Mei too misses her parents and friends

What your Guardienne looks like : 



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can you do a part 2 or add more thing to the dating shawn list? i loooooooved it

(this took me forever, sorry you had to wait for so long) 
Dating Shawn would include pt. 1

Dating Shawn would include pt. 2

  • Him treating you like a princess
  • Stupid inside jokes
  • Always taking cute private selfies no one else get to see
  • Matching hoodies and sweatpants for long flights
  • You wearing Shawn’s dad cap
  • Him struggling not to laugh when you whine about your homework
  • You watching Grey’s Anatomy with him for the second time, pretending it’s not going to break his heart
  • “Lexi is cute” “Shut up, I thought I was cute” “No, you’re cuter” “Nice save, Mendes”
  • Teasingly smirks to each other from across the room
  • Being each other’s biggest supporters
  • Going to the gym on an early Sunday morning together
  • “Remind me why I’m doing this again?”
  • Him giving you nose tip strokes while drifting off to sleep
  • Both wearing black skinny jeans
  • “Twinning” “No Shawn, just no”
  • Breakfast for dinner
  • Him always spoiling you even when you ask him not to
  • Ending every phone call with “see you soon”
  • Him saying “time for cuddles” then just picking you up and carry you to bed
  • Him playing with your hair while you do your homework
  • “Pay attention to me” “Stop with the puppy eyes Shawn” “Then pay attention to me”
  • Going on random road trips with his friends
  • Long walks holding hands to clear Shawn’s head
  • Brian showing up unannounced every other day
  • “I miss you” “I miss you more”
  • You sending him drunk snapchats while hanging out with friends from Uni
  • Him always telling/texting you “be safe”
  • Singing along to Holdin’ Me Back in the car
  • Snapchatting constantly whenever Shawn is gone
  • Late night dance off to Ed Sheeran’s music
  • Popcorn fights while watching Riverdale
  • Him making sure you’re okay when he’s gone
  • Him teasing you when you wake up hunger over
  • Him being overprotective of you when fans or paps get too close and always making sure you’re taken care of first
  • ”Where’s y/n?” “Is someone keeping an eye on her?” “Make sure she’s not in the middle of this”
  • You teaching Shawn different drinking games when he finally has some days off
  • Pranking each other
  • Deep conversations with Karen when your heart feels heavy
  • Geoff making kissing noises when seeing you sneak of together
  • Him always sending your mother flowers on her birthday
  • You picking up the phone saying ”I’ll call you later” when you miss him too much to talk
  • Dealing with him always bringing his guitar everywhere
  • Him texting you the lyrics to Never Be Alone when he knows you’re struggling with him touring
  • Always turning your morning runs into a competition
  • Him stalking your Instagram in bed at 3 am when he misses you
  • Him making you a mixtape with his fave tunes every time he leaves again
  • Sending you sneak peaks of new photoshoot pictures
  • Being spontaneous together
  • Him saying “I just wish I could hold you tonight” when he feels lost 
  • Him teaching you how to play the Harry Potter intro on the Ukulele
  • Going to John Mayer concerts together
  • Stealing his comfy clothes
  • Him saying “I’m so in love with you I can barely breathe”
  • Constantly holding hands
  • Arguing over who gets to pick the music in the car
  • Him always getting up early, you begging for five more minutes
  • Helping him tie his tie before award shows
  • Buying John Mayer merch for his birthday
  • Him kissing you to make you shut up
  • Talking boys with Aaliyah
  • Him trying to teach you the hockey rules
  • Spontaneous sex (bathrooms, cars, dressing room in a store)
  • Kissing and tracing his tattoo
  • Dealing with him when his ego gets too big
  • Blowjobs when he’s feeling stressed
  • Staying in and watching Netflix
  • Exploring the world together
  • Him making inappropriate jokes about your sex life to Matt and Brian
  • Him being a bad loser when you beat him
  • Him being a bad winner when he beats you
  • “Aww babe, smile for me. At least you’re sleeping with a winner”
  • Rough make up sex when having had stupid little fights
  • Him waking you up with breakfast and kisses
  • Him lowkey getting jealous when Brian snaps you
  • Him waking you up when a new song idea strikes in the middle of the night
  • “Sorry love, didn’t mean to wake you”
  • Lots of spooing
  • Him tearing up when he realize he hurt you
  • Neck kisses on Shawn’s vein
  • Cheesy yet romantic date nights
  • Drunk sex
  • Fighting over who cheated in beer pong
  • Listening to music together while making out
  • Him walking around shirtless just to tease you
  • “You like what you see eh?”
  • Waking up completely entangled to each other
  • Fearing his going to stop loving you one day
  • Really cheesy pickup lines Shawn thinks are amazing
  • Him leaving hickeys all sort of places on your body
  • Morning sex to start the day of right
  • Him saying “God, you’re beautiful” every time he wakes up next to you
  • Love hearing Shawn sing in the shower
  • “Can I join you?” “I thought you’d never ask”
  • Kissing the scar on Shawn’s face
  • You being insecure but him reminding you “you’re perfect to me”
  • Having sex multiple times a night
  • Cute texts when he’s thinking about you
  • Him biting into your skin while lying naked in bed
  • Him loving to watch you get dressed
  • Goofy smiles that makes your heart melt
  • “I wrote a song about you” “Can I hear it?” “Not until it’s perfect”
  • “Only 13 days until I’m back in your bed again”

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Hey, can you maybe do the RFA reacting to a mute MC? I love your works very very much! <3

Thank you ^^
I took so long writing this and I think they get fluffier and fluffier as the post progresses lol whoops

-You only ever talked to him in the chatroom. You never even answered his phone calls.
-He thought you either didn’t like him, or you were just shy.
-Seven explains it to him though.
-He understands and he loves you nonetheless.
-He doesn’t need to hear you to know he loves you.
-But, if you ever do talk to him, he is the happiest person in the world.
-He pays very close attention to your facial expressions and body language instead.
-Yoosung is very patient with you, so you have nothing to worry about.

-He’s an outgoing dramatic person.
-He’s thrown off by the fact that you’re mute, but he adjusts quickly.
-Zen talks enough for the both of you.
-The fact that you don’t talk doesn’t bother him at all actually, especially when he meets you in person.
-Because you are you, and you are his favorite person in the world.
-You don’t need a voice for him to love you.
-He gets really flustered whenever you use gestures to show affection because it’s so cute.
-He’ll smother you with hugs any time you show affection because you’re too precious for this world.

-More or less, she’s a quiet person.
-At first, she feels awkward being the only one talking in a conversation, but she gets used to it.
-There’s no way it’s going to change the fact that she loves you more than anything.
-She’s a great talker, so she has no problem being your voice. The years in business have developed her social skills.
-It becomes normal to her.
-People are amazed when she can tell exactly what you’re thinking, especially the RFA members.
-She can tell when you’re happy, uncomfortable, sad, dislike something, all of that and reacts accordingly.
-Seven thinks she’s a witch.

-Can’t really say he has experience with this kind of thing.
-He’s lost at first, but when he finally meets you in person, all of his questions and doubts are nowhere to be found.
-You’re perfect, even without a voice.
-You’re presence alone is enough to ease anything on his mind.
-He’ll often times feel like he’s rambling on too much when talking to you, but you always gesture for him to continue when he stops.
-You obviously care about him and love hearing about his day.
-Jumin is at a loss for words (no joke intended) when you start showing him you love him through actions instead of words.
-You show an unimaginable amount of love, care, and affection.
-And you don’t even have to say the words.
-Poor boy isn’t used to so much unconditional love.
-Being with you is truly the best feeling in the world.

-He is pretty loud.
-He dials it down whenever you’re there. He’s worried that you won’t like him if he’s super loud and outgoing all the time.
-That’s not the case, of course, and when he founds that out, he stops hiding from you.
-It only makes you fall even more in love with him.
-Saeyoung is so used to it that he kind of forgets?
-Like someone asks about why you’re so silent and he’s confused because it’s a normal thing to him.
-It’s not a problem, at all.
-He loves, and I mean loves, when he manages to make you laugh.
-Because holy shit you’re the love of his life.

-V is a relatively quiet person as well.
-When he does speak, it’s usually very gentle, kind words.
-There’s lots of comfortable silence.
-You both use actions in place of words most of the time to show affection.
-He’s very patient.
-Voice or not, you’re his muse, his angel, his love.
-He likes talking to you, even if you don’t talk back. He can tell that you’re always listening and paying attention to him.
-He will get the surgery just for you.
-You’re smile means the world to him.
-There are so many photos of it.
-But, he keeps those for himself. There’s no need to sell something so dear to him.

-He’s skeptical of you at first.
-Nobody that silent is trustworthy.
-Of course, with time, he’s proven wrong.
-You show a lot of care for him, even without words. Even though he was wary to let you near him, once he does, he finds your presence very calming.
-Eventually, he finds himself venting to you when he’s upset.
-How do you manage to calm him down without saying a single word..?
-Saeran has never been the target of so much affection.
-And the fact that you can show so much emotion through mere actions alone is enough to bring him to tears.
-You care so much about him.
-And him, you.


took a study break to draw some more of my Kanas bc I haven’t done that in a while

[if ur curious about the other kana stuff, it is here]

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84. i didn’t realize i needed your permission. - For Satya/Genji please?

“You can’t go in there,” Angela says, barring Genji’s path. 

“I didn’t realize I needed your permission,” Genji raises a brow under his visor. “Seeing as that’s my apartment.”

“Satya is busy finishing something and would be upset if you interrupted her,” Angela explains, looking a bit sheepish. “Come back in a half an hour or so.”

“Alright,” Genji says slowly, confused. What could his wife be doing that he couldn’t be in the apartment? 

…Setting up a new ‘toy’ for their use?

“Satya?” Genji calls, knocking on the locked door. “Can I come in now?”

“Yes,” Satya says, throwing her voice slightly so he can hear her. “I’m in the living room.”

Genji unlocks the door and takes his visor off, placing it on the table by the door. He can faintly smell jasmine and something spicy, probably chai. He follows the smells to the living room, where Satya is sitting on the couch, an untouched cup of tea in front of her and studying a small piece of fabric on her lap. 

“Satya…are you okay?” Genji asks, brow furrowing slightly in worry. 

“I am…no, rather, we, are fine,” Satya smiles, gold eyes catching his dark brown.

“We…?” Genji trails off, eyes going huge as he realizes what the piece of fabric Satya’s holding is. 

A baby onesie.

“I just got the news from Angela. In seventh months we’re going to be parents.”

Fun facts about me--

@pandoranora tagged me to do four- and @daddynobucks tagged me for six. Sorry it took so long ☺️

1. I want a tortoise and chickens. I’ve wanted both for a long while now. My vet specializes in reptiles and he has several. They really are sweet. And the chickens–as soon as I can get my brother to build me a coop I’ll have them.

2. I’m a hopeless romantic. When I read a book, I want the butterflies and nerves – the happy endings and everything else in between. I don’t mind all the stuff that the characters have to go through to get there. Yes– I know that real life is definitely not a romance novel. But when I’m relaxing and reading a book I want some lovin’ happening.

3. I’m somewhat of a collector of everything. I am not a hoarder. I definitely still have room for tons more stuff!! But I tend to hold on to a lot. And keep a lot. Because you never know when you’re going to need it.

4. I can sew and use a serger.

5. I’m a nail biter. I will let them all get long and healthy- then if one breaks or cracks– they all have to go.

6. I must have a fuzzy blanket covering my skin to sleep. Winter or Summer it doesn’t matter. (Well in the winter I have 2 or 3)

7. Avacado!! On everything. All the time.

8. When I was in elementary school I was a card carrying member of the Rick Springfield fan club. I cut my membership form right out of a Tiger Beat magazine. A few years ago, I finally saw him live in concert. I also may have followed him back to his hotel and got him to take a picture with me.

9. Crushed ice is one of my absolute favorite things. I would eat it all day if I could and I would never be dehydrated again.

10. I am a night owl– please don’t open the curtains and let the light shine in on me. I like it dark, cold, and quiet. Also- I can pretty much fall asleep anywhere.

Jughead x Reader- What’s Best

Thank you @http-girlwithnolife45 for the lovely request! I don’t do smut, but I hope this works despite that ^^ Please let me know what you think and I am so, so sorry it took so long!

Warnings: Implied smut, swearing

Words: 734


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Do you know much on Lowborn Demons? I'm trying to find as much info as possible and if you knew anything it would be great. Thanks in advance!

Sorry this took so long to get to, I really wanted to give it the proper time to write up a response for you! I don’t work with a whole bunch of lowborns now, but I have worked with several in the past, so I can give you my observations from their realm everything like that!

So out of all demons, (and really many spirits in general), lowborns are going to be the most similar to humans in many ways. They form families similar to we do, have a social structure similar to us, and all that fun stuff. You have probably heard this elsewhere but I will repeat it again: while they are similar to humans in that aspect, they are demons and have a completely different moral code then we do.

Family wise, the ones that do form families, hold them very dear, from my experiences. They are very caring and love their offspring, and are often happy to talk about them with those that they trust. While mating and forming families for power does happen with lowborns, its not as common. They will form families similar to how we do, as the family acts as a support structure for each other.

They have jobs and social functions, there are political issues, all of that is sorta similar to how we have it here. Many enjoy art and music as well, and while many do try to raise their own power within the world, you will see starving artist types as well too.

Now as far as working with lowborns themselves: they are really all going to be fairly different. Like any spirit. Work with them as individuals and not as a race just as you would with anything else. Good luck! I hope that gave you some new info at least! :)

@crossfitalicia good lord. I just don’t understand it.

I definitely try to do right by my kids. For example,

My son couldn’t hear well for almost 9 months. I took him to the pedi like 6 times about it and all they’d do was flush his ears. Never helped. Finally made an appointment with the ear/nose/throat specialist because the pedi was no damn help. They did a hearing assessment and it was down 50%. Long story short his ears were packed full of thick goo. He had tubes put in a few weeks later. He heard so well after he woke up from his surgery that he was panicked and crying because everything was so much louder.

If I hadn’t pushed it, who knows how long it would have taken to figure that it. His education could have been hindered because he couldn’t hear well in school. Kids need parents to take care of them and that doesn’t mean just feeding them, clothing them, and giving them a place to sleep.


Omega Yato Completed!

It was a long build (mostly because I took so many breaks and procrastinated). I was really really sad that I messed up the priming and painting process. I should’ve taken more time to do a better type of priming (like gesso). Instead I used wood glue. It made the sword look rough. And that’s a big no when it comes to prop/replica weapons. It’s hard to tell at first because the wood glue does dry clear. The first layer of paint was a disaster. Thankfully, I have an ammmazing friend who helped me through my bitching. I’m happy in the end with how it’s looking. It’s my first time making a weapon! I’ve gotta be more easy on myself. 

The next one will be ten times better! I promise! 

madison-5634  asked:

Things that turn you on? Things that turn you off? Don't call me weird I'm just doing the RB thing you did bc I'm soooo bored

okay im so sorry it took me so long. 

things that turn me on…. i would say arm veins. being a gentleman. having nice eyes, smile, and body. but most importantly having an amazing personality. 

things that turn me off… bad breath. body odor… being rude af… and being disrespectful.