and this tony too

tony wearing clothes on clothes on clothes in that trailer. black suit jacket over black pullover over black shirt. 

‘it’s a multi-purpose look, pete.’ gestures at himself. ‘now i’m a businessman.‘ takes off the jacket, exposing pullover. ‘now i’m a dad.’ takes off the pullover, down to his shirt. ‘now i work backstage on Hamilton.’ puts on his black sunglasses. ‘now i’m a jazz musician.’

y’know, I wanna talk about a thing: Wanda’s house arrest in CACW

It’s so fucking dumb.

Now, I don’t mean that like “she shouldn’t be under house arrest at all wtf”, I’m a fan of Wanda, not an idiot. After what happened in Lagos I understand why keeping her out of the public eye is not unwise. What I find dumb is the fact that they tried to keep her under house arrest without fucking telling her.

What was riding on Tony keeping her contained? Did he tell Ross that he’d keep Wanda out of the picture and safe under house arrest? Because, if so, he should have told her that they needed her to stay put or Ross was gonna pull out the big guns and go after Team Cap - which, incidentally, contains people she cares about and would you know be a good way of encouraging her to stay put so the situation can be resolved.

Why did they not tell her? She could have broken that house arrest at any point entirely by fucking accident because the Avengers ran out of juice and so she popped out to the shops. If she doesn’t know about the house arrest and then gets arrested for breaking it, I’m pretty sure that’s entrapment - no one told her that she wasn’t to do this innocuous thing that she has, most likely, done before, as have, most likely, the other Avengers. No one told her not to or why, she was not aware that it was being set as a limitation and given it’s a non-standard one she should have been told. But no one did.

Now, if it’s not a legal house arrest and it’s just meant as a guideline and not a rule, then why didn’t Vision suggest a compromise of leaving the facility together - thereby she’d be under his watch, as an Avenger who’d signed the accords, and it’d show Wanda (who people are still scared of because she didn’t succeed in her attempt to contain Crossbones’ bomb) isn’t harmful or dangerous.

I’m a ficcer who likes things to work in-universe for the sake of my fics, and I can’t see a way to make this work. The only conclusion left is: the writers made it happen because they wanted drama. They had Vision lose his vaunted logic, had Tony act politically dumb which doesn’t map to his playing of Ross, and basically this doesn’t work.

It’s bullshit! It’s stupid! If it’s a legal house arrest, then you have to tell her, which solves the problems of the feeling of betrayal from Vision whom she trusts keeping her under house arrest against her knowledge. If it’s an illegal house arrest then she does have a right to be angry if it’s revealed but Vision can still offer a compromise and explain as they go that they’re trying to act pre-emptively to forestall people’s fears re: Wanda. Vision is a year old, by time of CACW and we’re shown he’s logical and, while naive, not stupid. Tony we know to have to be a certain measure politically savvy from working at the head of his company before he ceded it to Pepper.

The house arrest of Wanda Maximoff is fucking dumb as shit.

Tony: Bucky, are you trying to say you love me? 

Bucky: What? 

Tony: I love you, too. 

Bucky: You do? When did this…? 

Tony: [to Steve, Thor, Bruce and Natasha] Bucky loves me, I love him! 

Bucky: Oh, my God. 

Tony: You guys love us and we love you. 

Steve, Thor, Bruce and Natasha: We love you, Bucky! 

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headcanon that at tony and rhodey's wedding tony is a tearfull mess. he's crying so damn much, his hands are shaking, he stutters through his vows, but he cant stop smiling through the tears

This is so beautiful I had to scream for like five minutes into my pillow before coming back to this lol. Let’s be honest, there’s no way Tony Stark could marry someone he truly loves without the whole thing turning into a tearful mess (both Tony and myself included)! And considering it’s Rhodey, I am a melted puddle of happiness and light on the floor!!

Let it be clear though that Rhodey is no better. He was doing totally fine (read: about to have a nervous breakdown whilst clutching a bottle of far too expensive champagne–because Tony always has to overdo these things–to his chest and laughing hysterically) but then he sees Tony and and then he sees Tony crying, and Rhodey can not handle that at all.

So they are both crying and smiling and crying and smiling some more, and Tony stutters and Rhodey has to clear his throat five times and the whole world is narrowed down to the two of them holding each others shaking hands, almost dropping the rings because of it. Neither of them can believe that it’s really happening.

Tony won’t shut up about how beautiful the ceremony was for months after, and only Rhodey knows that he’s really just reciting everything he’s been told, seen on pictures or videos because (as Tony confessed to him hours later after the guests had finally gone home) he really doesn’t remember much except for how Rhodey looked at him like he was the best thing in the world and the endless prayers of ‘please let this be real!’ in the back of his head.

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I came for t'stuckony ff (btw, love the idea of Bucky being father of Peter), and stayed mostly because of the quotes, which I often reblog to my side blog \(^-^)/

Thank you for reblogging my trashy T’Stuckony quotes! xD

Ye be the reason them post get life and T’Stuckony getting known! I’m so happy to say that T’Stuckony is used often enough that it has recommended blogs for it now and a bunch of awesome quotes that aren’t my own. 

(And I’m so glad you do! For the ship T’Stuckony it just seemed perfect to have the spider children as their own, thus spider babies was born! i’m hilarious and the idea of Gwen being Tony’s and Steve’s daughter? It was too perfect not to do! And thus Steve being Gwen’s father, Bucky being Peter’s father, and T’Challa being Miles’ father came to be.) 

Spider babiiiiiiies. 

And when they’re grown?

Mama Tony and papas Steve, Bucky & T’Challa definitely have their hands full. 

priyasfinalfantasy replied to your post: Ok, I know this is probably controversial but……

If we didn’t have IW after, I would so down for Tony taking a hit for Peter and ending up in the hospital, and Steve sneaking in, hand pressed against glass as he watches Tony recover

Oh now I want that too, IW or no IW! Steve looking pineful is my thing in every verse!

  • someone: you can tell a lot about someone from their favorite fictional characters!
  • me, nervously shoving all of my sarcastic trashbag characters with daddy issues and poor decision-making skills out of sight: um

Tony Stark is the type of person who would meticulously research corny dad jokes on the internet just so he can recite them to Peter during Superhero Outings and embarrass him.

an incomplete list of canon pet names AA!Steve calls AA!Tony
  • hardcore (x)
  • showoff* (x)
    • * preferably used while lip-biting
  • the Man™ (x)
  • Mr. Big Brain (x)
  • rookie (x)
  • showboat (x)
  • the leader of the Avengers (x)
  • I R O N  M A N* (x, x, x)
    • * mostly reserved for moments of distress
  • a hero (x)
  • tech whiz (x)
  • maniac (x)
  • [my] best friend (x)