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“Whenever you feel stand alone never shed a tear / If you always smile on face you’ll make it through the rain / I’ll never give in how high the mountains rise.” – Theme of King JJ
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Freya and their new Mount Part 1

well or I should name it “two pannels” xD
Here is a part of whats going on in my head as I saw my GW2 Character (Freya Nebeklaie / Norn / Revenant) on another mount then the raptor. lets see what the next sketches will show you. I´ll try my best to finsih this, At first just as sketch to show you the whole story .u. Hope you enjoy c:

GW2 belong to
Art and OC´s (Freya and her Pet) belongs to me!

Thank You

While it’s still Thanksgiving in my part of the world, I just want to extend a brief thank you to so many of you. To anyone who has ever taken the time to read anything I’ve ever written, who’s been kind enough to send me feedback and support and stories of your own. Writing has always been my greatest passion, but I never imagined myself sharing it, never thought it would be anything to take seriously. I posted my first piece of fanfic on a whim and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, and that’s because of all of you. I have met so many amazing people in this fandom, quite a few I’m privileged enough to consider friends, and I’m so endlessly grateful to all of you for everything.

Again, thank you.

One of the best things I’ve read on Instagram today:

At a Majlis one day I heard a story of an elderly Arab couple who were so in love that they could only eat when they were together and from the same plate. They said it brought them closer, the husband would cut pieces of meat just the way his wife liked it, and the wife knew just the right amount of yogurt her husband liked on his rice. They didn’t have to ask or say anything, both of them knew exactly what the other wanted. It was beautiful.

Since hearing that story my wife and I always eat from the same plate and only order one drink to share. What this taught us is the value of sharing in a relationship and how sharing brings two people closer together. When you share you learn about the other person, what they like or what they don’t like. When you share you always have to consider the other person just as much as you consider yourself, and that is what love is all about.

Love is about giving a part of yourself to the other person, love is about always thinking about your partner’s feelings when you make a decision, love is about agreeing together on one thing that makes you both happy, and you will practice all those things when you share who you are, what you want, and even what you eat with the person you want to spend the rest of your life with.

I’m Everywhere: an Antisepticeye theory

Way back in October when we were all wondering if Anti would make a comeback this year, I made a post that finished with the words “I’m ready for a good scare, Anti. Do your worst”. And I’ve seen people encouraging Jack when they see these tiny hints he’s leaving– first the glitchy thumbnail, then the Anti voice in Heartbound, then replying to a post in Zalgo, then the shirt he’s wearing in his Instagram story.

Now I’m wondering just how afraid we should be of him, and that’s partly because of what we saw with Dapper.

Don’t get me wrong– I fell in love with Dapper almost instantly, and I’ll protect him as best I can until the end of my days. But ever since Jack and Robin were cheeky and put that little Anti bit at the end of the compilation today, I’ve been having some more thoughts on our favorite dapper-duder, and I think I’ve cracked some unanswered questions about him in the process.

There’s a reason Jack never gave him a name, and why he has yet to confirm or deny that this character is a real “ego” of his.

That reason has everything to do with Anti, and it shows just how cruel our favorite little glitch b*tch really is.

What he did was a show of his power. He demonstrated just how much stronger he’s getting, just how far he can reach and how quickly he can reach it.

He was trying to convey to us that no one is safe from him. He showed us firsthand how easy it is for him to invade someone now– even the youngest of potential egos, and someone we’d come to love.

What struck me about this was that we’ve seen him do this more than once before. First it was Jack himself, but then Schneeplestein was targeted, too.

But this time there was something different. This didn’t have the typical Anti buildup like we’ve seen before.

A tiny open wound was all it took for him to start weaving his puppet strings into Dapper, and it only took him a matter of five seconds to finish the job. (Dapper cut himself at 5:21, and Anti started appearing at 5:26.)

This, to me, is terrifying progress. It took him pretty much an entire month for Jack, and Schneep took about 15-20 minutes.

And what kind of hurts me is that we are the ones fueling him. He gains strength from our ideas and he uses that strength to tie his puppet strings around people we love.

What I’m trying to figure out is… how the hell do we stop him?

He is right about one thing– we just watch these things happen. We don’t actively try to do anything to prevent him. He’s getting impatient with us for not taking him seriously, asking us things like “If you want him back so badly, why don’t you save him?”

Dapper was vulnerable, and Anti took advantage of that.

But I think something important to note here is that he hasn’t really gone for the same person more than once. What he did in Jack’s intro for PAX was just a repossession into a body he’s already been in, not a full-on takeover. Then he probably got bored and started making some new puppets to work with– Schneeplestein and Dapper.

He’s spreading.

As for why I think Jack never gave Dapper a proper name?

He didn’t want us to get too attached to him. Anti was already more attached.

And we didn’t listen.

So now that Anti has a hold on both older egos and new, with free reign over time at his disposal, I have a feeling that he’ll keep going after them until every little part of Seán is his. (Who do I think is next? My money’s on Jackieboy Man, what with all this attention he’s been getting lately in the South Park playthroughs.)

In all seriousness… I’m not guiltless of getting excited when I see hints at Anti, but I think a lot of us are forgetting that this he’s not exactly harmless.

But I guess we’ll have to wait and see… so until then, remember, that’s JUST a theory– A LAME THEORY!

Zack Snyder is a good nerd-turned-creator, he doesn’t just recreate his childhood heroes he updates them, he’s aware of their problems and fixes their flaws. He got his big Miller-inspired showdown but took out all the gross political subtext and horrible Superman characterization.

Geoff Johns is a bad nerd-turned-creator, he’s so in love with the superhero stories of his youth he refuses to see their flaws, he just recreates the past, he has nothing going for him but nostalgia. Sadly the Johns type is too common in superhero media, the best superhero stories have not yet been told and you won’t find them if you refuse to move past Donner or Timm or whoever. There’s too much nostalgia for not-good media in the industry.

smut-loving-bookworm  asked:

💐💐💐💐🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺💮💮💮💮 🌸🌸 just a ton of flowers for the most wonderful author, I wish you the best of luck for your work, life and love. Thank you for sharing such brilliant stories with us.

Thank you!


Nia sat down applying her makeup as her husband dressed for work. She was meeting with the ladies for Brunch in downtown San Myshuno and she always had to look her best.

Santos watched his wife admiring the time and effort she put into looking good. He had loved her once… but she wasn’t the girl he had married. she’d stopped being that girl a long long time ago.

“What are your plans for today?” Santos asked because he assumed whatever she had planned required money. 

“Oh nothing too extravagant just brunch with the ladies.. and maybe a little shopping.” 

“Ok.. enjoy yourself.”  he said as i went to exit the room…

“Santos darling. are you forgetting something?”

Santos looked at her questioningly “Please leave your credit card for me darling, yours has a higher daily allowance.” 

Santos sighed and rummaged in his pocket for the card… the only thing his wife cared about was appearances and money she was no longer the pretty girl next door he’d married. He doubted she still cared for him at all.  He took the card and placed it on her dressing table. 

“Oh thank you darling! Have a nice day at work!” Santos leaned in to kiss her goodbye but she pulled away, “You’ll mess up my makeup, air kisses. Love you darling.” With that Santos picked up his things and left. 

so i’ve been thinking a lot about the whole “linear timeline” thing and also the ellipses on …ready for it? and so it goes… so i wrote out the first line of each song, and wow it tells its own little story. 

you have the first part of the album:

…knew he was a killer first time that i saw him; i wanna be your end game; i never trust a narcissist ; don’t blame me, love made me crazy; this aint for the best; i don’t like your little games; see you in the dark…

this is all talking about how she saw someone she knew was trouble (yes ikywt) and how she wanted to be his end game but he played games with her and she was blinded by love (sweatshirt from lwymmd), and how their relationship thrived when it was dark and things were muddled

and then you have the second part of the album: 

you should take it as a compliment; no, nothing good starts in a getaway car; i’m perfectly fine, i live on my own; i loved you in secret; our secret moments in a crowded room; it was so nice throwing big parties; my castle crumbled overnight; there’s glitter on the floor after the party

talks about how she moved on and found someone new, and even in a crowded room they were alone together, and when her reputation fell he stayed and after all of the magic fades from the night before he stays in the morning

They’re Just Kids

Originally posted by sooper-dee-dooper-natural

Pairing: Winchesters, young!Bruce, young!Steve, young!Tony
Word count: 1,233
Warnings: A swear or two, kids fighting

“So, uh, funny story…” You chuckled awkwardly into the phone, glancing into the backseat of your SUV.

Dean groaned. “Do I want to know…?” Your older brother asked, worried about what you had to tell him.

Sighing, you made the turn you needed before speaking. Thankfully, even though you were using the handsfree bluetooth, the other occupants of the car were sleeping. “Well, in good news, you finally get to meet my boyfriend!” You said, your overly cheerful voice giving you away- letting him know something was up.

“Okay?” He asked, silently urging you to go on.

“Let’s just say, him and his best friends wanted to try a hunt.” You said hurriedly.

Dean blinked, staring down at a young Tony Stark, Bruce Banner, and Steve Rogers. His eyes went to you. “I thought you said I’d be meeting your boyfriend. Not a midget boy band.”

“Watch it.” Tony snapped, glaring the best he could, making Dean raise an eyebrow at him. “I’m short, but I can still take you.” He crossed his arms over his chest.

“Please tell me that’s not Steve.” His eyes were almost pleading with you.

You giggled and shook your head as you pointed to the blonde in the middle. “That’s Steve. The one you’ve already managed to annoy is Tony, the quiet one is Bruce.”

Shoving his hands in his pockets, he sighed. “Well, what are we supposed to do with them? Isn’t Tony some big shot?”

“Yeah, as an adult. What’s he supposed to do now? He’s maybe 8 years old.”

“Oh no. Nope. Not happening.” Dean shook his head.

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Steve (and the kids) headcanons bc I mcfreaking love it💕

- after the break up, Steve falls into a kind of depression. He really loves Nancy, and while he’s happy she’s happy (and with someone as great at Jonathan!), his heart is broken and he can’t seem to move on

-Dustin immediately clings to Steve. After the events of s2, seeing him battle demodogs with just a baseball bat and risking his life for 3 kids he barely knew turned Steve to a real life superhero and a great one at that! Everything he does is impressive. His jokes? Hilarious! His made up stories? Entertaining as hell! His driving? The best!

- Dustin notices that Steve’s been feeling a bit down- he sees Nancy and Jonathan hang around the town, holding hands and exchanging sweet kisses and well, 2+2=4. He mentions this to the party and they decide to do something about it. Mike suggests organising a D&D campaign and making sure Steve’s character wins to lift his spirits (like the community with Neal). When Steve walks to the basement on the day of the campaign, he IMMEDIATELY understands what’s going on and his heart grows five times bigger for these little shits bc 💕 they 💕 care 💕💖😭

- now listen here Steve hates (loves) all the kids equally but he’s observant okay. He sees that Will and Jonathan get along like a house on fire, El has Hopper, and Lucas gets along with his dad but Mike, Dustin and Max? A neglecting dad, a dad that passed away years ago, and an abusive stepfather and he takes these kids under his wings. Whenever they need help, he’s there. Homework problems? He’s there. Advise on girls/ boys? He tries his best. He loves these kids and he doesn’t want them to grow up without a good male figure in their lives and he tries his best to do right by them whenever he can.

-When Mike is allowed to plan the first day with El that won’t be supervised, he goes to Steve. He talks Mike through his panic attack and helps organise a nice picnic date in the park for them (of course he drives them to and from the location) (Mike stays on the phone to him for two hours that night- thanking him and explaining the date in every. minor. detail) (Steve might find it cute but he’ll take that with him to the grave)

- the first time he’s asked to look after Will on his own as both Joyce and Jonathan have to work, it’s awkward as hell. They’ve hung out together with the party, but never just the two of them. Will feels guilty, knowing his brother is currently dating Steve’s exgirlfriend. They spend the first half an hour in complete silence. It’s only when Steve gets up to get a drink from the fridge do they start talking (“woah kid are these drawings yours?” *queue will blushing* “y-yeah?” “Kid, these are amazing! Have you got more you can show me?”) (Will takes out a drawers worth of drawings and Steve loves each of them, complimenting every single one of them and just like that, the ice is broken)

- when lucas& dustin find out about Steve’s home life, with a neglectful dad and a mum that’s always passed out drunk, they decide to tell to their parents, hoping they can do something to help. Mrs Sinclair and Mrs Henderson, not knowing what else to do, begin to invite Steve over for dinner at least once a week each, knowing how loved he is by their sons. (When word gets word to Karen, Joyce and even Hopper, they proceed to do the same. Instead of an empty house, Steve spends five days a week in warm houses with people that love him

- before he goes to university, he manages (somehow) to convince all the parents into letting him take the kids on a mini car journey for the weekend. When the kids find out, they go crazy with excitement with and tackle him to the ground with hugs

- before he goes away to university, the kids all get him something different. Mike and El get a joint present of a walkie talkie, officially welcoming him to the party. Lucas gets him books that relate to his degree, Dustin gets him a framed picture of all the party to remember them by, Max gets him a customised skateboard with his name name spray painted across it, and Will makes him a customised comic book staring him as a superhero and the party as his sidekicks/ gang

- Steve stays in university for four months and he tries. He really does. He goes to his lectures, he does the readings, he never missed a deadline but he just doesn’t enjoy it. He loses passion for his course, he doesn’t really bond with the people he meets, and the big city scares him in a way he didn’t think possible. He misses home. Without telling anyone, he drops out and goes back home. While the kids are excited to see him again, Steve starts to wonder what to do with his life

- he takes the rest of the year off but he honestly doesn’t know he even wants to go back. He applies for part time jobs while he’s in Hawkins and he gets a job at radio shack. He spends 3 months working there and decides he wants to stay in Hawkins. He doesn’t want to leave the kids behind.

- for the following year he enrols in community college and he loves ever second of it. He gets to still see the kids, he gets to still be a part of their lives

- Hopper wasn’t really sure what to think of this Steve character at first but that changed with time. El’s opinion means everything to Hopper and before El was allowed back outside she needed tutoring as Hopper was constantly away working. Jonathan and Nancy couldn’t do it as they were both still in high school and as at last resort, Hopper turned to Steve Harrington. He didn’t have much hope, but he saw how comfortable El was with Steve and how much she learnt from him. Maybe this Steve Harrington wasn’t as much trouble as Hopper originally thought.

-Steve grew up in a house with parents that were never really there but at 18 years old he found a family of little brothers and sisters that loved him unconditionally💖

(I might add to this later)
Until You Do (I'll Bring You Tea and Honey)

Author: TheAvalonian

Rating: Teen

Setting: ModernAU

Word Count: 10k

Summary: Everyone keeps assuming that Merlin and Arthur are together, so as a joke, they start pretending it’s true. And then, suddenly, it is.

A story of giant teddy bears, meddling sisters, nonexistent homoerotic subtext (or is it?), and accidentally falling in love.

Comment: Cute and hilarious. The way they are just so comfortable around each other was lovely and I liked that although it started as something to show others, their relationship actually developed naturally and their behaviour continued while they were alone. Also Morgana trying to come up with bear puns was very amusing.


Just as Jordan had asked, Violet returned to camp early Sunday afternoon, after much convincing of her father. As soon as she found him at his cabin, he started leading her out into the woods, telling her he had somewhere he wanted to show her.

On the walk, they chatted about their weekends. Violet left out the bit about her fight with her best friend, however.

After about half an hour of walking, Violet finally asked, “So…. where exactly are we going? And are we almost there??”

Jordan nodded, “Yup. It’s my favorite place in these woods.. It used to be a swimming lake, until the docks started collapsing. Then management decided it was unsafe for kids, and instead of repairing it, they stopped using it.”

Violet raised an eyebrow, “I thought you were new here?”

Jordan shrugged his shoulders. “New counselor. I used to come here as a camper a lot when I was a kid though.. C’mon, we’re almost there.”

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I'm Steve fan and I don't want him going back with Nancy (I think most Steve fans I follow are the same) But I see Nancy and Jonathan as just a stepping stone to her growth. I don't see them having much in common other than shared trauma which unlike what is stated in the show isn't the best basis for a relationship. shared trauma may give you a sense of belonging but may hold back your growth. you can easily mistake that for love. Jonathan's first love won't be his last. I want that story.

So, something I like about Jancy is that by the last few episodes of season 1 and in season 2, I feel like they have this almost short-hand, quiet understanding. They sort of instinctively get what the other needs/wants, but that actually developed through, yes, shared trauma, but also through problem solving and figuring things out together (monster hunting in s1, and less so trying to expose the lab in s2). While I really have problems with how they were written in s2, I think I still saw some of that connection. I see that both in how Jonathan realizes Nancy needs to “burn the lab to the ground” in order to feel some peace, and, for instance, how Nancy is able to be there for him when he can barely watch Will in pain in episode 9. That kind of understanding and connection can be the basis for a strong relationship; however, I’m not sure the writers care about that and truly want to depict it. I also think they need to give Jonathan and Nancy individual character development, outside of a romantic relationship. The show has done so much telling not showing with Jonathan–they mention his trust issues, they mention his trauma, but they choose not to have him engage with those. It’s frustrating. He’s complex and there’s a lot they could explore. 

It’s that time of year folks!!! 

Can you smell the pumpkin pie, see the crisp autumn leaves, feel the change in weather? 

To help kick off the holiday season we decided to spread the love and give thanks to the wonder that is Richonne; and of course, the best way to do that is by cuddling up and enjoying these amazing Thanksgiving themed stories we found, just for you: 

Happy Thanksgiving! 🍁

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Hi, i wanted to read the fic called “just a kiss” about kurt getting a kiss from someone he don’t know “Blaine” Rachel and kurt wanna find out who it is. But the link to the story don’t work anymore /:

Seems that the author removed the fic from her account. Thank goodness for @klaineficspdfs! HERE ya go, anon!

Just a Kiss by Ittlebitz

Summary: Kurt and Rachel have been best friends since Rachel, her half brother Blaine, and her Dads moved in down the street from Kurt. When Kurt gets a mysterious kiss backstage after a performance, he and Rachel are determined to discover who Kurt’s admirer is.


A couple years ago, my best friend and i got involved with these guys who were in a band and it brought us a bit of attention by their fans and people on the internet.

One day, I got a message from some dude I didn’t know. I don’t remember what he looked like exactly, I just remember dark hair and dark eyes.

Anyway, he was super flirty, and I was being polite (like I was to everyone who messaged me at that point in time) and I just assumed he was a fan of the band.

The more I talked to him, the more weirded out I got. He knew a bunch of stuff about me, but like…. my personality and my habits and stuff and it was so weird I didn’t know how to handle it

And then he went into this speech about how we were soulmates and he could prove it and he started saying more things about me and I got weirded out

and then he wasyou have a birthmark on your…” and pointed out two birthmarks that I ALWAYS keep hidden and that no one has seen before

Before I could confirm or deny the birthmark statement, he was like “I have both of them too. In the same place”

And by that point I was like “I’m sorta in a relationship and this is freaking me out” and so he was like “I understand it’s a lot to take in.” And then he gave me a song title and the artist and told me that when I was ready, or if I ever needed him to post lyrics from that song and he’d message me

Mans i was soooooo freaked out and then I let it go but occasionally he pops into my brain and I’m like??? Should I be scared??? Am I oddly hopeful Bc I’ve read too many soulmate AUs????

Who knows???