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middle-earth meme: five locations [1/5] imladris

“Frodo was now safe in the Last Homely House east of the Sea. That house was, as Bilbo had long ago reported, ‘a perfect house, whether you like food or sleep or story-telling or singing, or just sitting and thinking best, or a pleasant mixture of them all’. Merely to be there was a cure for weari-ness, fear, and sadness.“  (The Fellowship of the Ring, p. 293)


Sometimes I get so embarrassed because I take a Harry Potter character seriously. It makes me feel as if I have no life, and I am being irrational when I argue against those who hate Snape.

Then I remember the impact Severus had on my life and how his story actually made me look at the world differently. I realize that characters such as Professor Snape aren’t just fiction. These characters represent values and exist to make a statement about our world. In Snape’s case he stands for values I deeply care about such as bravery, resilience, loyalty, and most of all love. Severus taught me that just because I had a traumatic past does not mean I do not have the power to change and do the right thing. Professor Snape teaches children that some of the best people have flaws and undesirable character traits because the world is not black and white.

I don’t really care if someone doesn’t like Snape, but when people mock Severus, his fans, and use completely made up reasons to hate him, I do take it personally because Professor Snape had such an impact on my life and the lives of many others.

stupidsexymustang replied to your post “I wish you’d write a story on Roy staying blind and team mustang…”


“You were supposed to keep an eye on him, Lieutenant Havoc.”

Looking up at the blonde sniper that stood over him, Havoc sheepishly rubbed the back of his neck. “I was looking after him. I just looked away for one second and-”

“And he walked into a wall and broke his nose,” Hawkeye grumbled as she rubbed the bridge of her nose agitatedly.”And what were you so distracted by that he’d manage to get all the way across the room without you noticing?”


“Are you sure I’m heading in the right direction?”

“Yes, boss,” Havoc drawled as he skimmed the scandalous magazine on his lap. “The door’s just in front of you.”

“Alright, I trust- Ugh, fuck!”

“I was… looking over a stark document…?”

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I'm having a problem describing my characters skintone and features, the cultures/countries in my story are fictional so just saying "he's from x country" doesn't work. Mostly I'm worried about a Caucasian based character being coded as white. Help?

A Caucasian-based character would be white, though. If you need to describe the color of white skin, there are a million ways to do it. The best way is to start with a base tone such as pale, light, fair, or medium. Then add a base color like white, pearl, alabaster, or beige. Finally, add an undertone like pink, rosy, yellow, brown, golden, red, or blue. So you end up with something like fair white skin with a rosy glow, or medium beige with golden undertones. 

If you want to write Characters of Color, I suggest paying a long visit to Writing with Color. They have extensive information and helpful guides dedicated to describing skin tones. :)


bogcrone said: Many people particularly those from the caucus region wouldnt like being refered to as “white” especially since many are treated as non-white, etc.

WQA said: that may be true, but Caucasian is an official racial classification for people of white European descent. 

I just got an idea for what I think would make a cool story.

Person summons a demon, for whatever reason, but is shocked to realize they recognize this demon. It is in fact, their best friend. Turns out they’ve been masquerading as a human for years and now both parties are shocked and feeling uncomfortable.

“You’re a demon!?”

“You’re trying to summon a demon!?”

Then everything is just awkward because the secret’s out and there’s this whole contract business. It’s really weird to eat your friend’s soul.

I’ve started watching Ore Monogatari!! (My Love Story!!) and I swear to god it’s the best!!!!!!!! Gouda Takeo is everything I want my future boyfriend to be omg he’s just the sweetest and so funny is just so caring omgggg he makes me so emotional!!!!!!

 if you haven’t watched it, I highly recommend it!!! even just watch the first three episodes!!! I can guarantee you’ll fall in love with Takeo!!!

Watching sense8 season 1
  • Episode 1:shit just got real.
  • Episode 2:shit just got real.
  • Episode 3:shit just got real.
  • Episode 4:shit just got real.
  • Episode 5:shit just got real.
  • Episode 6:shit just got real.
  • Episode 7:shit just got real.
  • Episode 8:shit just got real.
  • Episode 9:shit just got real.
  • Episode 10:shit just got real.
  • Episode 11:shit just got real.
O my god

I recently reblogged a post about me wanted to know all of u better, and so much people replied !! 😱 I haven’t been on tumblr for like a week but this is the absolute best to come back to !!!! I want to thank all the people who send me a message about who u are, and I’ll make sure to answer each and every one of them ! And for the people who are/were hesitating to send me one, please do !! I’d love to make some new friends and please never hesitate to send me stories, questions or just rambles about anything ! :o) I’m a slow answerer but I really do love to chat !



Though I know what canon solas is like, I actually don’t consider my Solas to have canon characterization, either, because his backstory is probably so different from anything PW intended that he’s not really recognizable any longer.

Sometimes, I want to put my Solas, KL’s Solas and Jez’s Solas in a room and watch them be confused. KL’s Solas is by far the darkest, even just in Apotheosis and would probably be confused by my Solas who has always been weirdly awkward and strangely good, and then Jez’s Solas would just be super suspicious of them both and want to yell at them for their past mistakes while feeling guilty for his own shortcomings.


Running a Mile, Achieving a Dream 

Last week I got to get as close as I’m ever going to come to experiencing what it’d be like to be an athlete on race day. From lunch at the athlete’s hotel to the nervous wait in the call room before heading on to the track to race a mile at the Anniversary Games with the Nike Milers, it was one of the best sporting days I’ve ever had. It was that good, I basically fulfilled a dream I didn’t even know I had. 

I’ve just posted the full story over at (Sorry I know that’s a bit annoying). Here’s what it felt like to run my first ever timed mile in an Olympic Stadium

   full-sized. checks box office mojo again and overanalyzes the state of movie industry. ITS!!! so weird to me. why is this movie doing so poor l y… i mean, it made its money back and it still hasnt finished playing but like hmmm… i cant even answer that question bc i dont know how the marketing looked in US… when aou was coming out we had advertising for that even in goddamn eastern europe, so of course it made money…. but nothing for antman in here so i guess they didnt want to pump in too much money… 

    idk that movie is so dear to me bc its honestly the best marvel movie out there, at least for me. it’s very tight, story- and cinematography-wise… im starting to think that marvel just !!! made people addicted to overstuffed movies and nobody wants to see something happening on a smaller scale and its like… this movie has a lot of heart. A LOT. OF HEART. people who made this movie loved it and its clear to see that, you dont get the same feeling with the rest of GRITTY marvel movies, the cast and the directors are just there to get paid (im lookin at u thor 2)… so its just sad to me that the only reason why people care about antman is to see the goddamn bucky scene after the end credits……. god forbid we get something fun and original in this marvel universe… if antman was another SAVE THE WORLD movie, everybody would probably fucking lose their shit and scream at marvel for days. it’s not heavy and preachy, it’s just a charming heist movie with a superhero twist and like??? is there another movie like antman? no there isnt. are there other movies like all those captain americas, thors, iron men…? uhm yeah, 90% of mcu. so like!!!!! idk im just so disappointed in the audiences. 

   go see antman if you havent already. you’ll regret not seeing that movie in cinemas tbh bc it wont be the same watching it on a tiny screen. care about antman. care about scott lang. care about the ants. they are friends.

  ps. can somebody explain to me why ironman 3 did so well in box office bc that is such a mystery to me

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Do you have any cutesy summer reads? It doesn't have to be romance, I like the best-friend stories too. Any suggestions? I'm thirteen, thanks in advance!


Take a look at:

  • Just Listen - Sarah Dessen
  • Flipped - Wendelin Van Draanen
  • Eleanor & Park - Rainbow Rowell
  • Anna and the French Kiss - Stephanie Perkins
  • Stargirl - Jerry Spinelli

Enjoy! :)

Dear Elena by Zesty Bod

This Bamon fanfic is just about the BEST thing that has ever happened to the fanfic world!!!
When Damon thought “He is so screwed”, I thought exactly the same way after reading the latest chapter 😭😭😭 Because i really want to read the next 100 chapters of this story like yesterday… Thank you Zesty Bod for this beautiful beautiful ode to Damon and Bonnie’s epic love… I can’t wait to read how their love develop to become the Epic love that we knew they are meant to be… I am so ready for this thrilling ride!!!

If the Servamp characters had Tumblr blogs

I just hope this hasnโ€™t been done already. In any case, those are just headcanons, so feel free to add ideas or disagree.

This got absurdly long, so read under the cut.

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Submitted by an anon - Muke Soulmate AU not!fic

((So, this has been haunting me for more than half a year now. It’s essentially the line out for a fic that I desperately want to write but probably never will. I’ve got the idea from this story (it’s lashton), so there are probably some parallels between my layout and that story, but everything down there has been carefully built up by me. I’ve left some crossed out things and notes for myself in this, to remind me of the development, and I was too lazy to delete them, so please just ignore it.))

Soulmate AU: when you touch or get touched by your soulmate, you get a tattoo sign called “the soulmate touch” there (the tattoo sign could be literally anything from tribal over flowers to animals or whatever).

Michael is living a normal life together with his two best friends Calum and Ashton, who are soulmates with some shallow friendships, but in general he’s a recluse and a bit of a loner and spends most of his time at home playing video games and fucking around on his guitar  and listening to music at top volume.

One day, he’s sitting on the couch listening to the radio (cause his mum turned it on while getting ready to meet up with her girls poker round and just didn’t turn it off when she left and Michael was too lazy to get up so he just keeps listening though he doesn’t really like it that much) when they introduce some new shining star from Australia in the singer and songwriter business local kid that’s aspiring a career in the singer and songwriter business, Luke Hemmings. It’s a radio show programme where they just present such local kids and bands and try to get them more recognition so they can have their big breakthrough.

Michael already has some weird feelings while listening to Luke talking is instantly charmed the second Luke starts talking and he’s just the right amount of smooth and awkward (like you can see the potential he has for being a smooth talker and a crowd charmer but he’s not quite there yet, still a bit too nervous and shaky and simply missing the experience and wit of someone having performed for a long time), but when he starts singing one of his songs, it’s like something from another planet.

Mikey falls instantly truly, madly, deeply in love with the song and the melody and lyrics and he kinda wants to wrap that song around him and sleep in it and burrow himself in it until you can’t tell him apart from that song, until it melts into his skin and paints the most beautiful scenes onto him and he wants this voice to sing him to sleep every night, to stitch him up when he’s falling apart, to make him fall apart in only the best ways and he’s feeling hothothot and coldcoldcold at the same time and he’s got that weird burning and stinging feeling in his ears and he’s with Calum and Ashton (who are soulmates – that lucky bastards) at that time, who just stare wide-eyed and with mouths gaping open at his ears he feels them throb and itch so he puts his hands over them and curls in on himself until they stop. He’s feeling both euphoric and wretched and it’s confusing him to no end because while it was a good song, it shouldn’t evoke such feelings, right?!

But then his ears start feeling normal again and he kinda forgets about it until later, when his mum comes home, a bit tipsy and giggly and when she sees him her handbag and jaw both drop and she’s like “MICHAEL GORDON CLIFFORD DID YOU LEAVE THE HOUSE I TOLD YOU TO TELL ME WHEN YOU DO THAT AND WHAT EXACTLY DID YOU DO WITH YOUR SOULMATE THAT YOUR SIGNS ARE GROWING OUT OF YOUR EARS” and Michael’s just like “what the hell mother what are you talking about” and she just points him to the mirror and when he looks into it he’s like “SHIT FUCK FUCK GODDAMN MOTHERFUCKING HELL FUCK SON OF A BITCH SHIT FUCK” because of course he would be the odd one that gets his soulmate tattoo touch from listening to a song. (and his tattoo sign is like music notes and daisies growing out of his ears, really intricate and delicate and somehow fluffy and soft looking)

But ok, it’s totally fine, he can totally work with the fact that his soulmate is famous maybe will be famous and that he doesn’t even know where to find him (except for somewhere in Sydney, Australia which is really fucking precise and would you please notice his sarcasm here thanks) and that they’ll probably never meet and that he’ll be alone forever and ever and oh god curling up in bed andburrowing under a blanket while wallowing in self-pity and just generally feeling miserable sounds rather attractive right now.

His mum comforts him with pizza and cuddles him like she did when he was little and sick and he feels a bit better but still not okay, never okay.

And at first, he tries everything to meet Luke. He listens to the radio nearly every day, he follows his facebook page and his youtube channel and his myspace page (even though he’s too much of a chickenshit to actually talk to him – every time his mum says that he should just start talking to him even if he doesn’t want to just straight up tell him “hey I’m you’re soulmate let’s marry?” (like she suggested jokingly at first) he just says that he wants to tell him that face to face and that he also wants the first impression Luke has of him to be of the real him and not some words on a screen (which is only half the truth but his mum doesn’t need to know how much of a coward her son really is)) and when he plays at some event he always makes plans to go.

Sadly, he can’t make anything of these plans because there’s always something going wrong (he was too late with buying tickets cause he didn’t thought he needed one until one of his classmates who went there pointed it out to him, he didn’t have enough money for the tickets, he was visiting his aunt (for a freaking week!!!! He could have killed his relatives for making a “let’s get to know each other really well because we can’t be relatives without knowing each other’s darkest secrets” week), he was too young for the pub Luke was playing in (ridiculous, considering that Luke’s even younger than him) and so on), and when finally, finally everything works out, Luke has grown into a little popstar. Not internationally, no, but he’s already well known all over Australia and has lots and lots of teenage girls screaming his name and his lyrics and he even headlines sometimes. Michael is actually a bit sad about that (even though he’s mostly just happy for Luke) because that’s narrowing down his chances of meeting Luke and convincing him that they’re soulmates (not that he would really need to convince him – a simple touch and everything would be clear), and also there’s always that small splinter of fear burrowed deep in his heart that Luke might find someone better than him – might find some girl he could be happy with; that he will be one of those who don’t need their soulmate to be happy and choose someone else over their soulmate (like is father has done after impregnating his mother).

Still, he goes to the show and he enjoys it massively (not least because he finally got to see Luke in the flesh and especially while he was performing, which he was absolutely born to do), and he meets Ashton and Calum there, two soulmates who are really sweet and really in love and who seem to have adopted him after one look because they don’t leave his side for a second. They even stay outside with him to wait for Luke, who’s known for coming outside after shows to sign stuff and take photos.

And Luke eventually does come out, but there’s a big crowd and Michael stands at the very back and the longer it takes, the more frustrated he gets. Suddenly, Luke’s manager gives him a sign and Luke apologises and says that he can’t stay any longer and that he’s really devastated that he can’t sign everything and take photos with everyone. Michael’s heart stops for a second and then he’s yelling Luke’s name and trying to fight his way up front but everyone just starts screaming and yelling and booing and awing in that second so Michael gets drowned out and he isn’t fast enough, even though for a second it seems as if Luke’s heard him, he slows down with a confused frown on his face, seemingly trying to listen to some specific noise he just heard, turns around halfway and Michael hopes with all his heart that he heard him and that he might still manage to reach him, but then Luke’s manager calls a second time and Luke just shakes his head as if to get rid of something, facial expression smoothing out again and he turns back and walks away.

Michael just breaks down after that, crying, and as if through a miracle, Ashton and Calum find him again and take him to some 24-hours-opened Diner where they treat him to a milkshake and force him to spit out his story. He expects them to take their things and leave him after he finished, because let’s be honest – Michael himself definitely wouldn’t believe it if that motherfucking cliché story didn’t fucking happen to him and left him with brandings on his ears. But surprisingly they believe him and stay, comforting him like his mother did. (and years later, when Michael asks Ashton how they knew he was telling the truth, he just smiles softly and says, “Someone who loves just sees these things”, leaving Michael to chase him with a “stop being so mysterious you wanker!!!” or something)

And after that he just really avoids everything that has to do with the unnameable because while he knows that people like him just tend to soak up everything their soulmate says/does and find comfort in this (he did it himself), he now just feels even worse when he looks at his soulmate’s perfect face onscreen, knowing that he probably won’t ever meet him in real life, and that makes him want to throw up out of loneliness and sorrow and self-pity. (And at this point he could forget about contacting Luke online, because when he went onto Luke’s fanpages, nearly half of the comments were literally just messages of “Luke, I’m your soulmate, let’s meet up!” in various states of capitalisation and exclamation marks.)

So he just lives in denial for a few years (like four or something) until he accidentally bumps into some weird hooded kid with sunglasses (like who the fuck wears sunglasses inside?? Wannabe-rockstar much) in a Starbucks (and really fuck you Cashton for being such annoying friends, he’s been third-wheeling for them for years now, the least they could do was being considerate for once and not to drag him into a coffee shop (motherfucking Starbucks nonetheless) and make him get the coffee when he doesn’t even drink coffee) and his ears burn and sting and tingle again and the boy just clutches his shoulder and takes off his sunglasses and it’s Luke (obviously) and he just tries to say something to Michael when a girl comes up to them and asks Luke for a photo and then like fifty others follow and Michael just freezes up and turns away and runs out when Luke’s attention is on the girls for a second, Cashton hot on his heels (because “what the fuck, Michael?? We didn’t even have our coffee yet!”) and Luke can’t do anything besides watching his fucking soulmate vanish and feeling really betrayed and confused and hurt and sad, as if an ice cold hand has grasped his heart and won’t let go anymore.

In the meantime Michael has run off to some park/alley/whatevs and he’s panting and trembling and sweating and nearly dry-heaving and can’t even stand anymore so he just let’s himself fall to the ground and he feels like such a failure because he had finally met the love of his life, his destined life-partner and the person he’s been longing for for years now and what did he do? He panicked and ran away (*mental face-palm*). And Cashton followed him so they kneel a bit awkwardly next to him and they don’t know if they should touch and hug him or not so they’re just hovering and ask in soft voices what had happened and Michael spills and cries and curses himself and Cashton don’t know what to do but they hug him really tightly as he breaks down completely.

And for the following week Michael just lies in his bed in his new flat (that he moved into at some point during the few years of denial about his soulmate) wishing he had never left his mother’s house and feeling awful and only eating some bits and pieces because he really doesn’t feel like eating at all and sometimes watching awful soap operas and sometimes just listening to the silence and sometimes crying and sobbing and cursing and yelling. And after a week he decides that this mourning really needs to stop and there are only so many days he can call in sick to work and he should really stop destroying himself over the things that happened (even though a long phone call with Cashton at three a.m. might have been the reason for this change of view/heart/mind/whatevs/???) and so he showers and makes a promise to himself that he’ll go to work the next day and after looking into his fridge he notices that he has run out of things to eat and when he finds that he doesn’t even have poptarts/crumpets or cereal at home he sighs and puts on his shoes to go out.

And he gets everything he needs, but needs to hurry because it’s already evening and he’s one of the last costumers at his supermarket. On his way home he passes a newsagent that’s still open and he just quickly skims over the headlines and there’s one tabloid that catches his attention because the headline is Luke Hemmings – new tattoo or soulmate found? and Michael’s heart drops and he quickly buys it, needing to know what they’ve written about this. He’s halfway through the article and both relieved and nervous – there’s no photo of Luke’s soulmate sign, but they say they have a reliable source that told them about a weird mark having appeared on Luke’s shoulder and that it’s rumoured to be a soulmate sign and now they’re speculating who the lucky girl might be and Michael’s brimming with jealousy and anxiety and he really wants to know with whom they’d like to pair Luke off – when he runs right into someone’s chest and that someone’s a bit larger and both a lot broader and more stable than Michael, so he’s the only one who lands his ass on the floor (Michael scolds himself because obviously he knows that reading while walking is never a good idea but Luke’s distracting him that much that he just forgets everything around him). Thankfully his groceries didn’t fall out of their bags and so he just stands awkwardly again and mumbles out some quick apology and looks up and finds himself staring at Luke fucking Hemming’s face.

And he’s wearing a hoodie again to hide behind it a bit, but no sunglasses this time and Michael is so mesmerised by these eyes that he really just stares at his face open-mouthed and completely caught off-guard. And when he comes back to himself (which feels as if hours have passed, while in reality it has been mere seconds) he tenses up because it’s his soulmate standing in front of him and he just ran away the last time – the first time – they saw each other and he just feels so ashamed and his face is burning red and he feels his body gearing up to run again and he’s panicking a bit because he wants to stop running, but Luke seems to have noticed that he was on the verge of running again and just grasps his wrist and holds him in place and oh dear lord, his touch feels so damn good it should be illegal. Michael’s ears are tingling a bit again and it just feels amazing and exciting and a little arousing even and he knows now why people are always craving the touch of their soulmates.

And they just look at each other for a while, taking each other in, and then Luke says, “We need to talk” and Michael answers with “I know” and they just sit down on the pavement because there’s no other [sitting possibility in seeing range (-> possibly not correct English way of saying this, needs to be rephrased)] and none of them wants to bother go looking for one. And Luke just starts talking about how hurt he was and still is and that this is making him very sad and that the fact that Michael already has a soulmate complicates his whole life but that he’s willing to work with what’s there and that he’d love to try being friends because even if they can’t be lovers he’d like for Michael to be a presence in his life and for himself to play at least a tiny role in Michael’s life. And Michael’s just sitting there, thinking “fuck fuck fuck how do I phrase this correctly how can I clear up this mess” and in the end he solves it by just blurting out “I don’t have another soulmate, you’re my soulmate”, which Luke doesn’t believe in the beginning, so Michael just tells him the whole story.

And Luke just thinks silently for quite some time, which makes Michael a bit anxious, and then he just says “You know you could have just contacted me, I might would have needed a bit convincing but in the end I’d have met up with you and then both you and I wouldn’t have had (-> ?? Not sure that’s the correct tense, needs to be thought about) to feel the way we did”, but it’s soft and more forgiving than anything else really and Michael’s eyes are already brimming with tears again (and seriously he’s such a crybaby that needs to change) and he just throws himself into a surprised Luke’s arms because he really needs to touch him and just whispers “I’m so, so, so glad that we still found each other in the end” and Luke just laughs softly and wraps his arms really tightly around Michael and they keep sitting that way for a long time, grocery bags around them and Michael sitting in Luke’s lap, hugging. They’ll need to figure out the rest sometime, but for now it’s enough that they finally have each other.

Okay, that was it, I really hope you liked it Andie!! (and if you want to, you can publish this, I’d be okay with that. It would be giving back a bit to your smut anons who seriously give me life)

Me and my mum were walking back from my schools award ceremony one evening when a guy crossed the road and started walking behind us. I didn’t think much of it but my mum visibly stiffened and slowed down.

The guy carried on walking behind her, matching her step for step. Suddenly, he pulled something from his jacket and the way it glimmered caught my eye.

My mum lost it. She started screaming, calling for my dad, the police, God. You name it. She clutched her chest and just dropped to the floor.

The man freaked out, showed her the key in his hand and went “Madam, please!! I just wanted to get into my house! You were walking right in front of it!”

All I remember after that is lying down on the ground because I was laughing so much I couldn’t breathe

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could you please tell us about your alien abduction? I'm genuinely fascinated by aliens, space and abduction stories. I don't believe a lot of them.. but some I do and I already believe you, could just just tell us what happened? or what you can remember? Ps you're beautiful and I'm so happy to see you signed up to a non-White modelling agency!

i fell asleep in my best friend’s mum’s car on the way to pick up her dad who lived about an hour and a half away….woke up on a hospital stretcher in a spaceship being prodded by a mutant….i’ll reveal the rest during my exclusive oprah interview in fall 2016

Strings (Michael Clifford Imagine) *HIS POV* - Handwritten Album Series

Strings | Handwritten Album Series

We met each other when I was 3 and she was new to the neighbourhood, she had just moved. Our mums instantly had a strong liking toward each other, which lead to the two of the, becoming best friends. And then our families met, which lead to me meeting (Y/N). My mum always tells me that we held hands so tight. I’m told it felt like an eternity. And all our stories fill my head. I knew back then we were more than friends, but the relationship was never serious since we were young. The story is two-sided, the story our everyone knew, and the story only (Y/N) and I knew. And the only one that could get hurt is me.

Years went by and when I was 11 everything seemed to change. There was a long division and I desperately needed my best friends help. “Can you come over?” I call her. “Yeah. I’ll be over in a minute.” And she was right, in a minute she was at my house and in my room. “What’s up?” She asks. “(Y/N) do you think one day we’ll ever be together?” “Of course I do.” She smiles. “Do you think when the time is right I should propose to you?” I ask her. She nods. I’m already climbing up the ropes to her heart. And I really don’t want to fall back down.

2 years later and we’re now 13. “I feel so lost Michael. I don’t even know why.” “Puberty?” I joke. “No. Well yes. But no.” She sighs. I near my hands towards hers as we lay on the grass in her front garden. “Can I hold your hand?” I ask her nervously. She accepts my proposal by interlocking her fingers with mine. “In the future, let’s get lose and live life with a plan.” She suggests. I know she wants to see the world, she’s always wanted that. And she means so much to me that I’d do that for her. I know she’s got second thoughts about us, but I’d do whatever anything to keep my best friend happy.

3 years later and now 16. Both of us in high school. “Michael, you’re almost never at school at anymore? When are you coming back?” She pouts as we lay on the bed together. “You know me (Y/N). I’m the kind of guy who sticks in one place.” “Then why are you here?” She questions. “You must have me hypnotised.” I smirk. “And I’d love to be by your side every night.” I cuddle into her. “Michael you’re my best friend but sometimes I feel like we’re meant to be more.” She sighs. “Maybe we are.” I say looking at her gorgeous eyes.

19 years old, it’s been 3 years. “Hey baby.” She greets. “What’s up?” I ask her. “Nothing…” She lies. Just because she has a smile on her face, it doesn’t mean she’s happy. I know (Y/N) I’ve loved her for 16 years. “I won’t take your lie, but I won’t question what’s wrong.” She nods thankfully. “But when you fall down, I’ll fall with you. If you get lost, I’ll be lost with you. And when the waves crash down, I won’t move.” “Michael, you love me… Don’t you?” “Yeah. Of course I do.” “No, I mean. Do you love me more than a best friend?” I smile at the ground and nod my head. “Yeah, I love you more than a friend. It’s been 16 years babe.” She grabs hold of me and kisses me, the kiss full of passion and lust.

The next day I couldn’t have been more excited for. (Y/N) finally discuss what we are. Just explaining how we feel in love. “You fell in love with me when you were three?” She giggles. “Yup. 16 years babygirl.” I grin. “I want a serious relationship (Y/N).” I tell her. She looks at me, there’s a gleam in her eye. And she shyly smiles. I love it when she looks at me like that. It’s adorable. “You’re the only girl that has ever made me go anywhere and everywhere for her. I want us to have our little cheesy always’ and forever’s. And trust me no moment will pass. When I’m with you I feel so much better.” She hugs me tight. But that won’t end my dedication. “I want all the Strings attached.”