and this show loves to deliberately trick me

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Hello! I really like your blog, you are always very thoughtfully and thoroughly answer the questions, thank you very much. Please tell me how you feel about the behavior of Jensen on his joint with Misha panel on JIB8? His behavior killed me. For me the trick with Collins, that he took off his pants in front of him, completely devalued his hugs with Jared. He was drunk in both cases. It turns out that all this is just fan service?

Anon 2:  Hello, do you think Daniela encourage all the “c*ckles” thing in the jibcon?

Anon 3: Idk how I feel about Jensen attitude in the panel with M, like he forced it somehow. And it feels like he doesn’t care of what M was saying. What do you think?

Hello, all of you lovely people!

I finally had the time to watch the panel and oh boy, I must say I feel a little surprised by Jensen’s behaviour. He was obviously very drunk and a little disrespectful towards Misha. I kind of detected the same vibe from the Jared/Misha panel as well, just not quite as strongly.

I didn’t think much of the underwear moment, not especially now that I read this theory that explains so much. So, Jensen gets a pair of boxers with a bear pictured on them - that’s so obviously a joke directed at Jared’s fear of bears. Can you imagine the giggles the J’s must’ve had over the article of clothing? Anyway, it’s unclear whether or not Misha understood the joke, but he was clearly uncomfortable with this turn of events. Had Jensen been less drunk, I doubt he would’ve done this, but I guess we were witnessing a wild Nesnej.

For my own amusement, I kept a count of how many times Jensen mentioned Jared. Four. That’s not bad for a 30 minute panel, don’t you think? He even said Jared “has been a fairy all day.” Oops, did you mean “all his life”?

It turns out that all this is just fan service? 

I think it was largely a drunken “it seemed like a good idea at the time” case, but also fanservice. I wonder if he woke up the next morning, vaguely recalling what he had done and buried his head in Jared’s armpit with a groan? He doesn’t always board the d*stiel train as we see in this very panel - when a fan asks a question that’s clearly suggesting d*stiel and Misha answers “When in Rome..”, Jensen just aims a long and judging look at him.

For me the trick with Collins, that he took off his pants in front of him, completely devalued his hugs with Jared 

I don’t feel the same way at all. If this was a deliberate bait to the c*ckles shippers, it only goes to show that there’s something that’s happened that created the need to distract the fans away from. Jared did the very same thing in his panel with Misha - the crotch sniff!

And with the kind of convention this was, you can just take your pick. So many lovely and coupley things happened between the J’s that I personally don’t wonder why they felt the need to show how “very friendly” they can be with others too. “Look here, we do this kinda stuff all the time with our buddies!” If anything, behaviour like this from the J’s only goes to highlight all the loving moments between them. Maybe that’s just me.

do you think Daniela encourage all the “c*ckles” thing in the jibcon?

I can’t really present a strong opinion on this. I’ve heard she ships d*stiel, but I haven’t looked into her social media aside from the convention stuff. She did, however, provide Jensen and Misha with some alcoholic beverages during their panel. Wasn’t Jensen drunk enough already? I must admit that the gesture made me think there may be some truth to this. I’ll refrain from making a proper statement because I haven’t got enough information to form a solid opinion on.

it feels like he doesn’t care of what M was saying. What do you think? 

It really looked like that to me, especially at the beginning. He kept interrupting Misha and his attitude seemed somewhat arrogant. We all know what a lovely man Jensen is, though, so perhaps this is how he can get when he’s drunk. I’m not sure whether or not his animosity was directed at Misha or whether the man just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time, but there’s a pattern with these panels - Jensen seems to prefer to be intoxicated when he’s sharing a stage with Misha. I know a lot of people theorize that Jensen dislikes Misha a lot, but I don’t think it’s quite that simple.

Anyway, I’m gonna close this monsterous response up with the panel video with a some added timetags for all of you who are reluctant to watch the whole thing.

  • (7:10) Daniela shows up to offer them drinks
  • (13:00) Jensen presents his underwear to Misha
  • (14:38) Jared’s been “away with the fairies”-question
  • (16:45) They tell the YANA story that moved Jensen
  • (26:33) The d*stiel question, followed by Misha’s comment “When in Rome” and Jensen’s long oh-no-you-didn’t -stare
  • (28:05) In relation to the same question, Jensen says “Well, I know where I’m going” - I’m perhaps not entirely objective here, but is he thinking of Jared? 

After the cast joins at the 30:10 marker, Jensen and Jared largely take over the dialogue as they thank the fans and Daniela for the convention. Jensen talks about a memorable thing that happened to him on Twitter at the 30:46 marker and Jared knows all about the story. There’s also a little buttslap at the end (35:17) from Jared to Jensen. “Good job, baby”?

I am so sorry this turned out so long. I guess I can shorten it all down to one sentence - “I’m not alarmed by any of this.” When you see Jared or Jensen on stage with other people, things seem to spiral out of hand very quickly. The balance suffers, one might say. On the other hand, these panels are lacking most of those knowing looks and wordless communication that we’re used to hearing from the J’s. I hope my response is sufficient to all of you sweet folks! Have a wonderful weekend!

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