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Hey, guys! This is my first EVER short fic about one of my fave ships. KEADLYN! I’m still sad they sunk, therefore I tried to write a fanfic about them! Hope you enjoy!


I stomped my way all the way to the Women’s Room. I needed solitude, and I knew I’d get it there. The Women’s Room would be empty at this time of day. Mom would be in the garden and Miss Marlee would, of course, accompany her. My mind was clouded in fury. But it wasn’t the worst that I felt, it was the shame.

I could hardly believe it. I, the most powerful woman in Illea, was stood up by one of the males who was supposed to be here for my hand in marriage. All because he was too busy designing buildings!

What was he thinking? I hardly ever showed my interest to anyone, and there he was, being the one lucky guy, and he stood me up! All right, maybe it was my fault to disturb him while he was busy, but I was queen. He was supposed to do what I said.

Stop it, Eadlyn. You’re being a brat.

I refrained myself from slamming the door of the Women’s Room and quickly marched in. Leaning myself on the door, I slowed down my breath and tried to refocus. I needed to start contemplating what had gone wrong.

What was it, really?

His frustrated face came rushing back into my already chaotic mind and I found myself getting madder and madder at him. I couldn’t keep being like this. I needed to distract myself. I looked around the Women’s Room and saw Mom’s piano standing untouched. It had been a while since I last played. Maybe I should refresh my memory.

I went to sit on the stool and started playing an easy piece Mom once taught me. She said it helped her clear her mind whenever she and Dad had a fight. But I’ve never seen them having any kinds of fights, save their constant bickerings.

“I know you asked for a date, but I need time, okay? I just—I just got this idea in my head that I really need to put into drawings immediately.”

I shook my head, hoping it would get his voice off my head. What had gone wrong, honestly?

It was a rather fine day at the palace. I just woke up and got dressed when I suddenly remembered that I had a date with Kile just after breakfast. I tried hard not to skip my way to breakfast and created a very unladylike gesture I knew Lady Brice wouldn’t approve of. But I failed in every two steps. My body was giddy with excitement and I couldn’t get stop smiling.

Throughout the meal, I was hoping maybe I could catch him staring and winking at me like usual. But he had this really focused and serious expression on his face. I swallowed back my disappointment, trying to be positive since the date was just minutes away. But when breakfast was really finished and I stood up to summon him, he had already gone.

I found him in his old room after asking several guards. Him. On his chair. Drawing.

I walked up beside his table and noticed that he was drawing some lines I failed to care about.

“What are you doing, Sir Woodwork?” I tried to keep irritation from my voice.

“Not now, Eady.”

“What. Are. You. Doing. Kile?” I didn’t know whether he was messing with me or if he truly forgot we had a date this morning.

“Can’t you see?” He still got his hands on a ruler and a drawing pen. That did it. I checked first to make sure he hadn’t made too much progress on his drawing and snatched the paper away from the table.

“Could you shut up for a second?! I’m trying to draw here!” He looked up at me and I could see the glint of anger in his eyes. Did he really have to be that cruel? I was just asking for an explanation. If he wanted to delay our date, he could’ve just asked.

“Oh, of course, I could. But I was just trying to remind one of the Elites that I was supposed to have a date with him after breakfast.” Realization dawned his eyes. I could see that his body went rigid after I finished my sentence. So he did forget. “Could you tell him that? He’s the blonde one with really bad taste in fashion.” I started to turn my heels, then stopped, “He also has a knack for yelling at royalties. Perhaps I’d have him hanged soon.”

I walked quickly towards the door, but then I heard he called my name. It was just the barest of a whisper, and then he said, “I know you asked for a date, but I need time, okay? I just—I just got this idea in my head that I really need to put into drawings immediately.”

“Make sure you told me that before you stood me up next time.”

I just finished playing that piece Mom taught me when I finally realized how selfish I had been. He was drawing, for god’s sake! He had an idea and of course he would want to draw it immediately. I of all people should understand that clearly. I acted the same way every time I had a new dress or gown idea that struck me in a middle of a meeting. I’d sneak drawing designs, feigning attention and pretending I was writing something important. His idea just happened to strike him when he was going to have a date with me, thus making him forget about the date.

I had to apologize. All I had to do was apologize and it would be as if nothing had happened. We could go on to the date and nothing could have been more perfect.

I stood up and walked to the door. What I didn’t expect were the blue eyes that I met right after I opened it. He tensed went he saw me.

“Hey—uh—I figured you’d be here.” I could see the regret in his eyes and decided to play him a little bit.

“Oh, how so?” My arms are folded now. I tried to put the most menacing expression I could muster.

“I heard the piano.”

I raised an eyebrow. “How could you be so sure it wasn’t the Queen playing?”

“I saw her in the garden when I was looking for you,” gone was the regretful eyes, he was now smiling mischievously at me, “besides, it was terrible.”

My walls broke and a small smile escaped my lips. I dropped my hands and started to say my apologies,

“Listen, I—“

“Eady, I’m—“

We stopped abruptly and I almost laughed at the silliness of it. He opened his mouth to say something, but it was my fault, so I beat him to it. “Listen, I’m sorry for what I did—and said—back in your room. I should’ve understood. I mean, I know what it feels like to have an idea in your head and not being able to put it on papers. I was—am—selfish, I know that. But I thought maybe that has changed since the Selection started. Apparently,” I let out a resigned breath, “It hasn’t.”

There was an awkward silence. I was going to say something to fill it when he suddenly spoke.

“You shouldn’t be sorry. It’s not your fault. I should’ve put you first. It was really stupid of me to even forget we were supposed to have a date this morning. And no, you’re not selfish. You even thinking about this at all proves that you’re no longer a selfish and obnoxious girl you once were, Eady.” His blue eyes were piercing into mine. It was like he was begging me to forgive him while also trying to make his way into my heart. Why should I forgive him? He wasn’t even at fault.

“Do you still have that design of mine? I saw you left the room with it crumpled in your hand. It wasn’t finished, but I’ve done the rough sketches.” I hadn’t even noticed leaving his room with it. Turned out, I had subconsciously put it inside my trousers’ pocket on the way to the Women’s Room. It was nothing more than a sad crumpled ball of paper now. He took it and began to unfold it slowly and carefully. He pressed it to the Women’s Room door and began ironing it with his hands. He kept the paper there with his hands and I began to notice his design. I could see rough squares and lines.

“Can you see what it is?” I shook my head.

He chuckled and my heart fluttered a little bit, “It’s a swimming pool.” I gaped at him. I couldn’t believe it. “Remember when I said that somehow, everything that I designed lately is always revolved around you?” I nodded, remembering his words when we were walking through the garden at night two weeks ago. It felt like a lifetime ago. “Well, I just remembered that you’ve been wanting to go to the beach for ages, yet it has never come true. So, I had this idea on breakfast, why bother going to the beach, when you could just bring the beach here?” I must be smiling like an idiot because he chuckled for the second time.

He motioned me closer to see the design and he started pointing things to emphasize what he said, “See this big square? It’s the main pool, I’m going to design it so it’ll have this slide-like floor that goes further down when you get in, just like the beach.” Somewhere during his explanation about waves and sand, I was no longer paying attention to his words. I kept looking at him, he was so passionate and focused he didn’t even notice me not noticing. It was endearing.

Somehow, somewhere during his lecture about that pool of his, we had become extremely close. The air between us was filled with a pleasant kind of electricity. He slowly folded the paper and put it in his pocket. When he was done, he turned to me and reached out to brush a stray lock of hair behind my ear. I smiled up at him when he pinched the tip of my nose teasingly. “You weren’t listening, were you?”

“I was!” He raised an eyebrow, clearly not believing what I said, I pouted, “Fine, I wasn’t.” He chuckled.

Kile’s left hand had made its way to my lower back and now he was pulling me into him. I closed my eyes, waiting for the kiss that was bound to come. Instead, I heard him whisper in my left ear, “Do you forgive me, then?”

I smirked, leaned back, and looked at his hopeful eyes. This guy really had a talent for bringing the mischievous Eadlyn out of me. I snaked my arms around his neck. He instinctively used both hands to shorten the gap between us. I leaned in and stopped just before our lips met, his lips parted and I could see the torture I’ve put him in. I kissed his jaw, his neck, all the way to the skin under his right ear, where I knew would put him into complete misery. I could feel his heart beating so hard on my chest and the occasional moans and groans every time my lips touched his skin. Then, I whispered huskily into his ear, “Depends on how you behave on our date tonight. In my room.

He groaned in frustration and I let him kiss me until my body is heated with delight and joy and all fond feelings that I had toward this blonde boy.


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       Hello Everyone! So I know that America Singer Week 2017 was about a month ago (thanks to @eadlynschreaveofillea for hosting! it was great, T!) and it really brought alot of new content into the fandom, and I thought “why not keep it going!”. So I decided to host a Twins Week in honour of Eadlyn and Ahren, our favourite twins, whose birthdays are on April 16th!

        So the week will start on Monday April 10th, 2017 and will run until the twins birthday, Sunday April 16th, 2017. This is a time for you all to make edits, drabbles, songs, drawings, videos, and anything your brilliant minds can come up with, for the following themes (that will be under the cut). 


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Thoughts going into the crown
  • Me: I ship Eadrik
  • Kile: *Does something cute*
  • Me: I guess I ship Keadlyn now...
  • Henri: *cooks*
  • Me: <3
  • Fox: *asparagus*
  • Me: I guess I might ship...
  • Hale: *talks about fashion*
  • Me: ummmm
  • Internet: makes eadrik gifset
  • Me: no... totally a eadrik shipper
  • Internet: makes Keadlyn fluff
  • Me: 0.o
  • Me: My heart is confused

“I’d do anything you asked me to, Eadlyn,” he whispered.
I shook my head. “But I can’t ask.”
He squinted. “Why not? Did I do something wrong?”
“No, you idiot,” I said, pulling away.
“Apparently …” I huffed. “It seems you did something right. I can’t just kiss you like it’s nothing, because it turns out that you’re not nothing.

The Crown by Kiera Cass

A Brief Guide To Ship Names

Maxerica: Maxon + America
Asperica: Aspen + America
Laspen: Lucy + Aspen
Keadlyn: Kile + Eadlyn
Krisson: Kriss + Maxon
Elison: Elise + Maxon
Erilyn: Erik + Eadlyn
Headlyn: Henri + Eadlyn
Ianlyn: Ian + Eadlyn
Naxom: Natalie + Maxon
Maxeste: Maxon + Celeste

Add more if you can, and please tell me if I got any of these wrong.

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Hi!! Can you do "Who were you with?” “I don’t want this.” For our lovely ship KEADLYN (of course!!)

You got it! 

“Who were you with?”

I heard whistling already as I walked around the corner to my room. Kile was leaned up against the door, hands behind his head, his lips pursed in a whistle. I smirked, walking past him without acknowledging his presence and entered my room, leaving the door open just in case. Kile trotted in after me and plopped himself down on the bed. 

Who were you with? This time, I mean.” I rolled my eyes at Kile’s question. 

“No one.” I said, picking trinkets up off the dresser and pretending to examine each carefully. 

“Oh, really?” Kile snorted, coming up behind me and placing the glass figurine of a bunny back down. His chest wasn’t quite touching my back, but I could feel and electric charge coursing through me. I picked up another figurine. Kile took it out of my hands, and set it down. 

“Well, if you must know, I was with my dad. And my mom. The whole family was together really, quite interesting.” I turned and ducked under the arm Kile had placed on my dresser. He followed me with his eyes, turning to face me. His blond hair was flopping over his eyes just a bit, and his shirt and tie were disheveled. He had forgone wearing a coat to my room, and his shoes were almost untied. I smirked at him. 

“Sounds fun.” 

“It was.” Kile and I stood there, staring at each other for a couple minutes, the silence charged with something completely impure. Kile began to slowly walk towards me, his feet making quiet noises on the wood floor. 

“Have any plans for the rest of the night, Princess?” I couldn’t take my eyes off of him. This was a different side of Kile that I’d never seen. Kile was caring and funny and charismatic. I’d never seen him look so hungry. My eyes widened as I shook my head, not trusting my voice. 

Kile closed the distance between us, grasping one of my hands in his and leaning down towards me. Ready for a breath-taking kiss, I closed my eyes slowly, but the kiss never came. I could feel Kile’s breath near my neck. He put his lips to my ear, parting them slightly. 

“Come with me,” he whispered, pulling away quickly and yanking me along with him. I laughed as he led me down the staircases, hallways, past the hospital wing, past the Men’s Parlor and, finally, outside. 

“Wha-” Kile cut me off with a hand to my lips. He released me, but gestured for me to follow him. I trailed him carefully, trying to figure out where he was taking me. “Kile! Where are we going!” I whispered. It didn’t feel right to use my full voice in the silence of the gardens. 

Finally, Kile came to an abrupt stop, me running into his back. I pulled away quickly and moved to his side. At my feet there was a small blanket, just big enough for two. I peeked over at him, and saw a sweet smile on his face. 

“So?” I wondered aloud. 

“Lay down.” I did as I was told, and Kile came to lie next to me. 

“Woah.” There were millions of stars above us, the most I could ever recall seeing. Some were very dull and others were so bright it almost hurt to look. I moved my head to lay on Kile’s shoulder and he put his arm around me. He looked down at me, smiled and said, “Woah.” 

“I don’t want this”

“No, no, no, NO!” My screech could probably be heard all throughout the palace. I ran my hands through my hair violently, pulling out a couple strands as I paced through the room. “Nothing is right.”

I could feel tears forming in my eyes, so I decided to take a seat. On the floor. A legs crossed, head in hands, seat on the floor. I groaned and sighed, but did not peel myself off the floor of the Great Room. I could hear someone rushing over to me, kneeling on the floor beside me, but I couldn’t be bothered to look at who it was. 

“Sweetheart, it’s all going to be okay.” My mother’s calming voice pulled me out of my trance and I leaned into her embrace. Her callused hands worked through my hair, calming me down. She hummed quietly into my ear, like she used to when I was a baby and I could cry without being ridiculed. I took a deep breath and pulled away from her. 

“Mom, it’s all wrong. There’s too much pink and that’s not the shade of white I wanted and the chairs look all wrong and I think the smell of the flowers is giving me a headache. Mommy?” I looked up at her. Her hair had some grey in in now, and there were laugh lines at her eyes, and smile lines at her mouth. Her eyes looked tired, but still bright. 

“Yes, sweetheart?” My eyes filled with tears. 

I don’t want this.” A few tears couldn’t be contained and they spilled over, running down my face and dripping onto my dress. Mom smiled. 

“If that were true, you wouldn’t be doing this right now. All of this, the fact that you’re freaking out, means that you want this to be perfect. Do you love him?” I nodded fiercely. I clutched my chest, hoping she would understand what I meant. That I loved him more than I thought possible. That it hurt to be away from him. That I finally felt like I would get my own fairy tale. 

“You’re gonna be fine, sweetheart.” She smiled at me, helping me up from the floor. “It’s late, I can finish all of this up. Go get a good nights sleep.” I smiled faintly and nodded. 

As I walked out of the Great Room, I heard someone pacing. I looked up to see Kile just outside the door, his hands in his hair, just like mine had been. I smiled. He stopped short when he finally saw me, opening his mouth to speak. Nothing came out, and he closed and opened it again. I walked over to him, resting my hand on his chest. 

“I heard you were freaking out, and I was worried that you’d changed your mind and that maybe you didn’t want to marry me, which wouldn’t be that shocking because you’re you and I’m me and… I’m sorry, I’m not even supposed to be seeing you tonight at all. Bad luck, or whatever.” I smiled at him, placing my hand over his mouth. 

“I love you.” 

Kile stopped struggling against my hand and his face relaxed. He reached up to pull my hand off his face, holding it in one of his own. He looked down at me with a smile, and my heart started to flutter, like it usually did when I was around Kile. He leaned down and kissed me gently.

“We’re getting married tomorrow.” He grinned as the words came out of his mouth. 


“You’re going to be my wife.” His smile widened. 


“Boy, do I love you.” He crushed his lips to mine, and we stood there, kissing on the eve of our wedding, not a care in the world but for each other. 

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I chose the WROST time to re-read the second epilogue to The One because now I’m getting emo over

-Maxon & America IN BED together

-bby Kile

-in The Prince Maxon said he wanted a smaller party for his 20th(I believe in The One epilogue, it’s his 21st birthday though for the timeline) birthday and he changed his mind to a large affair

-May is already half the socialite she will grow up to become

-Maxon+Aspen, bros 5 ever


-THEIR BENCH in the gardens


dont touch me i need to go wallow in happiness

Me while reading The Heir
  • *Reading a Kile and Eadlyn scene*
  • Inner Me: Oh My God! Oh My God!
  • Me: *rereads the scene*
  • Inner Me: I think I'm gonna die!
  • Me: *rereads the scene*
  • Inner Me: I am so going to die!
  • Me: *rereads the scene*
  • Inner Me: Kile I just- I totally ship both of you!
  • Me: *fangirling*
  • Inner Me: Okay, that's enough.
  • Me: *can't stop fangirling*
My theory on The Heir's ending...
  • This is the first time in my fiction-reading life that I cannot choose or predict with confidence who I think would ultimately end up with the protagonist.
  • ((Curse you Kiera for creating such adorable guy contestants!!!))
  • But my bet is that Eadlyn would ultimately choose between Kile and Erik, two of the guys I believe she has the most chemistry with, but at the same time both have to overcome respective conflicts to be together.
  • To be honest, when we were first introduced to Kile, a guy Eadlyn wouldn't want to be with who happened to be Marlee's son and was conveniently placed into the Selection, my first reaction was "Oh no, this love story is gonna be sooooo predictable."
  • But as the story went by, I felt myself rooting for Kidlyn. Unlike Aspen in the first trilogy, Kile was interestingly different and quite out of the norm from the regular predictable love interests. His chemistry with Eadlyn during the Selection was surprisingly exciting, although for now it's mostly physical.
  • Kile might fall for Eadlyn for real. But we all know he's not the type who would want to be roped down by the Royal Family, and he's made that very clear. People may think that since Kile's the "childhood friend", he'd automatically belong to the trope where he'd never in a million years be chosen in the end by the protagonist.
  • What they don't understand is that Kile doesn't exactly fit that trope. Sure they grew up together, but up until the Selection, they didn't like being with each other. In fact, both abhorred the thought of them getting paired together (I really think either Josie or Marlee put his name in the Selection).
  • But unlike the "Childhood Friend" trope, Kile isn't a bland character who you would immediately toss away as soon as you find out he's in love with the protagonist.
  • And unlike the "Hate-At-First-Sight-Which-Turns-To-Love" trope AKA the Tsundere type, Kile DOES know the real Eadlyn, mostly her negative side, and honestly it's more or less justified. And he's DEFINITELY not pissing her off because that's how he shows his affection.
  • He said it himself, he let his frustration for being trapped into the castle walls into his actions towards Eadlyn.
  • His actions are quite understandable, and it's great how even though he's known as someone Eadlyn grew up with, we're still getting to know this love interest, and only during the Selection did both Eadlyn and Kile realize that there really is more to a person when you get stuck in some bad situation.
  • Plus, they'd make a really good Designer couple <3 they could collaborate and make beautiful creations together!
  • Erik, while a part of me hoped that he didn't start developing romantic feelings for Eadlyn in this book (I wanted a slow, gradual pace. But I still ship them too), I knew that something was going to happen between the two the moment they first met.
  • As their relationship developed, especially when Erik led Eadlyn to safety during the Kitchen wars, I began thinking "Oh, maybe there really is hope between these two!".
  • Erik has somewhat became Eadlyn's safety blanket during the Selection, a genuine friend who has no ulterior or romantic motives to become close to her, which is what exactly Eadlyn needs at this time. I don't know if Eadlyn realized that her feelings for Erik have turned romantic, but it's obvious that Erik has fallen for her.
  • Except (gasp!) He's not part of the Selection. The only reason he's there was to be Henri's translator (whom I absolutely love in this book! Henri's just an adorable sweetie pie!). It's clear that this guy's struggling between the rules and his feelings, also since he adores Henri as well.
  • Which brings him into the same category as Kile in which either one of the two contenders or Eadlyn would have to sacrifice something huge in order to be with Eadlyn.
  • The easiest route for Eadlyn would definitely be choosing either Hale or Ean. But we know these two would never really have a chance, although I guess we can't say for sure about Ean but we'd definitely know that it wouldn't be because of love.
  • Henri... as much as I love him, he's never gonna be it (although a little part of me wants him to be The One).
  • It all boils down to Kile and Erik, two people whom Eadlyn would have to sacrifice for if she decides to choose either of them.
  • So my theory about the conclusion is... *drumroll please*
  • That Eadlyn would NOT become Illea's future Queen.
  • I believe that the crown would be passed down to Kaden.
  • There MUST be a reason why Eadlyn keeps complaining about having this responsibility, and why Kaden seems to be so wise and knowledgeable about the kingdom's problems WITHOUT being forced to, even moreso than Eadlyn.
  • Simple as that, if Eadlyn abdicates the throne, then there wouldn't be a problem with her choosing either Kile or Erik.
  • Now I know this would not sit well with some readers especially feminists or plain ol' readers who're sick of seeing female protagonists throw their rationality out for love.
  • I mean, why would she give up the throne (not to mention becoming the first female ruler of Illea) for a bunch of losers whom she's fallen in love with???
  • Well, I would've been the first to complain if it weren't for the fact that Eadlyn keeps complaining and complaining about becoming Queen to the point of irritating me.
  • If anything, the fact that she's the future Queen isn't something positive for her even though it's supposed to be. Rather, it destroyed something inside her that could've made her happier as a human being even without romance to think about.
  • Not every person is fit to rule a kingdom or rather feels forced to do the job but is somewhat failing. It just so happens that Eady's one of them, and coincidentally she's female.
  • I'm not trying to put down women since I'm a girl myself. What I'm trying to say is that man or woman, this could happen to anyone. It's just a cause of bad timing.
  • So in conclusion, I think Eady's not going to be The Heir. She may choose a guy during the end of the Selection, but that doesn't guarantee that everything will sail as smoothly as Maxon and America's love story.
  • Now returning back to Kile and Erik, although it's really difficult to decide whom Eadlyn might end up with, I'd have to say that I'm leaning a tad bit more to Kile.
  • It can't be a coincidence that America and Marlee's offsprings are given a chance to develop feelings, or the fact that both are interested in designing (granted, in different courses) and freedom beyond the castle walls.
  • Erik may be a really nice guy whose understanding, comforting personality compliments Eadlyn's rather outwardly harsh but surprisingly fragile personality.
  • But Eadlyn might not really need that anymore when she's free of her reign.
  • Kile already understands Eadlyn, not to mention they have been technically living together since they were babies. They'd definitely relate to each other more than Erik would, and seeing their progress in The Heir, it wouldn't be so far-fetched to see them grow together until they just couldn't bear to leave the other.
  • So there. That's my take on how The Heir series would end, or rather who Eadlyn would end up with. Note that this is only a theory and does not have to be taken seriously.
  • All this aside... HOW CAN I WAIT ANOTHER WHOLE YEAR FOR THE NEXT BOOK?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

anonymous asked:

Keadlyn for "I'm not even sorry", "is that my shirt", and "you're a terrible cook" if you're still doing the prompts? Thanks xx

You got it! This is kind of like 3 stories that go in order? Obviously skipping time in between, but yeah. These could definitely be better, but here goes!

“I’m not even sorry”

I kicked off my heels even before I got to my room. The Report had felt so long tonight, and after standing for most of it, I could feel the blisters beginning on my feet. I stopped for a minute, and sat down against the cold wall, letting my aching feet rest. 

The nerves were still bouncing around inside me, even though the Report had been over for at least 10 minutes now. I called to a maid and asked to take my dinner in my room. It felt like too stressful of a night to have to go see my other responsibility, the one that I couldn’t fix easily, or decide what I wanted to do at all. 

I walked back up to my room, my shoes swinging in my right hand. As soon as I was inside the doors, I dropped my shoes and flung myself on the bed. I could tell that my dinner was already here, the smell was coating the room. Apparently I’d taken longer to make it upstairs than I had thought. 

I grabbed the glass of red wine and headed out to the balcony. I heard a knock on my door and, assuming it was Neena, I called for them to enter. I remained on the balcony, one hand on the rail, taking little sips of the rich wine. 


That was not Neena. This voice was deep. And though it wasn’t the voice of my maid, I knew who it belonged to immediately. 

Kile came up to stand next to me, resting one of his hands millimeters from my own. I smiled, not saying anything. 

“You were great tonight. Really.” His deep voice was soothing. I moved my hand to rest slightly on top of his in thanks. He moved his body closer to me and let me lean on him, sensing how frazzled I felt. 

“No one I know could have done that. In the middle of everything that’s happening right now… You’re incredible, Eadlyn.” I inhaled sharply as he said my name. I turned to him, my wine still in my left hand. He was standing further away than I thought, but still not far. I looked up at him through my lashes, willing him to close the gap between us. He did. He slowly slid his lips onto mine, helping me forget the world. 

This was what I adored about Kile. He was always there, always knew what to do. I smiled into the gentle kiss, pulling him towards me and sliding both of my arms around him. The wine glass dropped out of my hand, crashing onto the pavement of the balcony. Kile pulled away briefly, trying to find the source of the clatter. When he saw the wine spilling out of the glass, he began to run into the bathroom, presumably to get a towel, but I stopped him. 

“Hey.” I smiled crookedly. “I’m not even sorry.” 

Kile smirked and returned to my embrace, kissing me again until I could shut out all my worries of the weeks and years to come. 

“Is that my shirt?”

The palace was much quieter without all of the boys. It was kind of bittersweet. I was sad that I’d lost some of my good friends, but I was glad the stress of it all was over. It was early in the morning, and the bed was warm, even with only the sheets pulled over my body. 

“We’re breaking so many rules. Not even rules, laws. We’re breaking the law.” I giggled at his words, leaning into his arms and resting my head on his naked chest. Kile’s finger traced patterns on my arm, and I couldn’t help but wonder if he was drawing houses on my skin. I smiled at the thought, placing my hand on his chest. 

“Well, I’m the queen so I can break any laws I want to and then I can pardon myself. You on the other hand… that might be a little tricky. Don’t know if I’ll be able to stop them from carting you off.” Kile’s low chuckle made me smile even wider. “Besides, we’re engaged so it’s only like breaking half of the law.” I kissed his chest lightly. 

“What a dumb law. I think you should change it.” Kile groaned, pulling me tighter to him. I laughed and reached up to kiss his cheek. I pulled myself out of bed, not even bothering to cover myself with the sheet. I had a lifetime of waking up with Kile. He’d better get used to me now. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Kile smile. I yanked up some clothes from the floor and padded into the bathroom. 

When I returned, Kile’s eyebrows raised. 

Is that my shirt?” Kile asked, his lips growing into a smile. I pretended to gasp. 

“Well, look at that! It seems to be! Oh, shame on me, I’ll just have to go and change out of it.” I turned away and Kile grunted. I walked slowly towards the bathroom, not turning back. Suddenly, Kile grabbed me, throwing me back onto the bed and peppering me with kisses. I laughed as his hands moved along my body, tickling me. I hit his shoulder repeatedly, but he wouldn’t let go. 

Finally, he pulled away, smiling widely, mirroring my own expression. I leaned up to kiss him once again. 

“If you ever take that off, I’ll be personally offended.” 

“Ever?” I asked, faking innocence. 

“Well, I can think of one exception…” I smiled as Kile pulled me all the way onto the bed, and I didn’t stop as we continued to break the law. 

“You’re a terrible cook”

I screamed in frustration as I, again, burnt the butter. I didn’t even know butter could burn. But it was burning and probably on its way to lighting on fire again, like the last attempt. I turned of the stove and jammed the pan in the sink, running water over it. I stepped out of the kitchen, waddling into the hallway, and attempting to make my way up to the room on my own. But, as usual the past couple of months, someone came up behind me to try and lead me upstairs. I groaned, expecting to see Neena or Josie or my mother, as none of them were ever very far away from me. 

I turned around and instead saw Kile and I smiled, sagging into his embrace just a bit. 

“What are you doing down here? It’s late, you should be sleeping.” Kile complained, leading me up the first set of stairs. I rolled my eyes. 

“I got hungry, so I was making food. It didn’t go well.” 

“Eady, you’re a terrible cook.” I sighed. 

“I know. But I was only trying to make a grilled cheese! I mean, that didn’t seem that hard.” Kile held one of my arms and rested his hand on the small of my back as we walked up the second flight of stairs. “But then I burned the butter 6 times, so I gave up. And now here we are.” Kile led me the final steps inside and sat me down on the bed. 

“Do you want me to go make you one now?” Kile asked, always sweet and willing. I smiled and shook my head. 

“No, just stay with me.” I swung my legs onto the bed, and patted the space next to me. Kile slid into bed, careful to not move it too much. He faced me and leaned over to kiss my forehead. 

“How are you feeling?” He asked. I smiled. 


“Still beautiful to me.”

“Remember that a week from now when I’m sweaty and screaming and pushing a baby out of me, please.” 

“I’ll remember that every day for the rest of our lives. You’re the most beautiful woman in the world, and the most incredible wife anyone could ever ask for. And you’ll be an incredible mother. You’re an okay queen I guess.” Kile winked at me, and I giggled. He kissed me gently, and ran his fingers through my hair. 

We fell asleep like that, my giant stomach stretching into the sky and Kile’s hands tenderly touching my hair, and I knew without a doubt that I had made the right choice. 

Send me a ship and a prompt 

My friend: Who do you ship with Eadlyn? 

Me: *looks anywhere but at her judgmental eyes* Uh….I…um… 

Her: Fine. Kile or Erik? 

Me: *palms beginning to sweat* I ship her with…Kiiiiii….Errrrrr….Kiiiiiiillll….Errrriiiiiii…KiiiiiiiiilllleeeeeErrrrrrriiiikkkkKiiiilleeeeeErrrriiiiiiikkkkKiiiiileeeeeeErrriiiiii-

Her: *rolls her eyes* It’s not that hard, you know? 


*Okay, that last part didn’t really happen. I just stared at her, silently judging our friendship.*

Eadlyn forgiving her suitors like:
  • Eadlyn: Kile, you are the most annoying person on the entire planet
  • Eadlyn: *makes out with Kile*
  • Eadlyn: Fox, you were involved in a fight and I really, really, REALLY hate that
  • Eadlyn: *keeps Fox in the competition*
  • Eadlyn: Henri, I just feel like it's rude to eliminate you... Oh well
  • Eadlyn: *kisses Henri to make him happy*
  • Eadlyn: Ean, you don't even love me.
  • Eadlyn: *considers Ean's offer and doesn't eliminate him*
  • Eadlyn: Erik... You're not even in the competition lol
  • Eadlyn: *holds hands with Erik and feels comfortable*
  • Eadlyn: Jack...
  • Eadlyn: no.

Me: Okay. It’s settled. I ship Keadlyn.

*reads a drabble about Eadrik*

Me: Oh…I think I ship Eadrik. Okay. I’m team Erik.

*sees a super cute post about Keadlyn*

Me: Ooooookaaaay. I’m Team Kile now.

*reads a headcanon of Eadrik*

Me: Team Eadrik?

*rereads Keadlyn’s kissing scenes*

Me: OH FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT’S HOLY. I SHIP MAXON AND ASPEN. NO ARGUMENTS VALID. MAXON AND ASPEN. MASPEN. I’m sorry, America. I hope I didn’t give you a heart attack…

The Heir---spoilers and thoughts

1. Re: Maxerica

Oh my god. Just seeing them still in love after all these years, and literally being a fairy tale… I CAN’T EVEN. And as all who have finished the book knows, Ahren leaves with Camille and America has a heart attack. First of all, WHO GAVE AMERICA PERMISSION TO HAVE A HEART ATTACK AND GIVE ALL READERS A HEART ATTACK. NO ONE. Secondly, MAXON CRYING ARE YOU TRYING TO DROWN THE ENTIRE FANDOM? This is unacceptable. I need the fifth book now. And I need to know that she’s okay.

2. Let’s talk about the Selected

Basically, Kile is my fav. Henri and Eikko, I CAN’T CHOOSE. JACK AND BURKE YOU DISGUSTING SHITS. Baden… honey, try to be noble? I sincerely hope that Kile ends up with Eadlyn at the end or else I will definitely be bawling my eyes out over this injustice. Henri… bless that soul, I hope he ends up with someone really nice or maybe stays at the palace as a chef? lol Eikko, I sort of get a feeling that he might be requested to be put into the Selection by Eadlyn, I’m not quite sure of that, but I’m sorta hoping? I just hope that if it does in fact happen, nothing will go wrong between him and Henri. Hale, just stay at the palace make gowns and superb clothing, maybe? I quite like the Selected in general, except a few pigs here and there.

3. Favourite Scenes

I would have to say the scene after Eadlyn is harassed by Jack the douche and the siblings gather in her room, the baseball scene, the Headlyn kiss scene, and ALL KEADLYN SCENES ESPECIALLY THE KISSES THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

4. Favourite quote

“Fun maths is an oxymoron.” Can our queen-to-be be ever more understanding and perfect.


I do not know who you are shipping, but whoever they are, I’m sure it’s a great choice. Keadlyn for me is the one. I mean, you can practically guess it from the beginning when they bump into each other that it’s going to blossom into something else, and when she asks for that “fake” kiss, we all know that shit is going to break loose some time soon. And all those caring remarks from Kile, LORD SAVE ME. My favourite kiss would be, hmm… lemme think… ALL OF THEM. I just want to remind everyone that we still haven’t found out Kile’s middle name so maybe some other time in the future? *smirk* And when Eadlyn asks him “Kile Woodwork, do you want to kiss me?” I was like GO KISS HER BRUH!!!! Oh gahds. Can anyone find me a Kile on Etsy or something? 

6. Other wonderful men

Henri, I would marry you for all the cinnamon rolls you can make. Like seriously, how do you expect me to resist the temptation of food????? Erik… Oh lords of all ye heavens, a) he has a fucking awesome personality b) they held hands at the party c) Eadlyn dances with Henri and he’s just there in the background smiling sadly? COME HERE BABY LET ME GIVE YOU A HUG

7. Other characters

a. Ahren. Oh dear. I really like how he’s so in love with Camille, and I totally understand why he left his family. But still. It’s heartbreaking.

b. Josie. SHUT THE FUCK UP. gosh. 

c. Neena, I love her. I just think that maybe Eadlyn’s a bit rude some times (not intentionally though)

d. Lucy and Aspen. WHY IS THIS HAPPENING???? Can we please give them something nice. Please, please, please, please, please!!!!

Now I’m just gonna go. And read it a few more million times.