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Moriarty: Kill you? No don’t be obvious. I mean I’m going to kill you anyway, some day. I don’t want to rush it  though. I’m saving it up for something special. No no no no no. If you don’t stop prying-


@charmedrumblings so I’m watching the season 3 episode Pre-Witched, and the premise of the episode is that the warlock who needs to die 9 times keeps coming back to the Charmed Ones because they’re the only ones strong enough to kill him.
The problem is that the girls use mundane methods of killing him - Phoebe uses a shoe heel, an umbrella, and a steak knife, Piper uses a box cutter… This makes me think of all the other times the girls have used non-magical means to kill demons and warlocks, and why mortals and other less powerful witches couldn’t achieve the same thing.
My headcannon is that the Charmed Ones automatically imbue any object they use to vanquish a demon with the Power of Three, without even realising it. By the very fact that one of the Charmed Ones throws a dagger, it is carrying with it the force of the Power of Three which makes it strong enough to kill said demon.

Why I believe Sabine NEEDS to become the Mandalore...

With the introduction of the Darksaber into Rebels, it put spotlight on Sabine who for the most part was either overlooked or shrouded in mystery. Sure, we knew she was a great fighter and that she’d run away from the Imperial academy, but we never fully understood the emotional turmoil she was in until ‘Trials of the Darksaber’.

'Trials of the Darksaber’ was by far one of the best episodes in season 3, and it gave so many more layers of depth to Sabine. You watched her grow, and struggle, and fall down but still manage to pull herself back up. It made her character so much more relatable and interesting, and the creators began establishing that she had the strength to rise to the role of Mandalore. This was a storyline that I was SO excited about, until this line happened:

This one line, completely ruined 'Legacy of Mandalore’ for me.

To me, this line was basically the Lucasfilm team saying “She’s not going to be Mandalore.”

Now, I could handle that somewhat. It was disappointing but, I could live with it.

But it was the moment, only one hour after the episode had aired, that people began putting Bo Katan in Sabine’s place.

Now this made me so furious. I suddenly felt like Rebels was taking a backseat again, and the characters of the Ghost Crew were getting overshadowed by Clone Wars characters that keep reappearing.

I have no problem with Clone Wars characters in Rebels, IF THEY HAVE A REASON TO!

Ahsoka, yep, that made sense.

Rex, great! That story line with him and Kanan was perfect!

Hondo? Not really necesarry but… okay?

Bo Katan becoming the Mandalore instead of Sabine?

*Flips the table*

If this is true, then my respect for Rebels is slowly dwindling. Why can’t we let one of the main characters of Rebels have some kind of freaking importance in their own show!!! Why must Sabine and Zeb get downgraded to the comic relief or explosives expert, while bringing in a character from another show to have the spotlight?

It’s really sad.

It feels like the further we progress through the seasons the further we’re moving away from the focus of the Ghost crew. I understand that it’s about the formation of the Rebellion and all but still, I started following this show because I loved the six main cast they established in season one. I fell in love with every single one of them, and adored the family relationship between them all. So seeing the lack of Zeb’s story, Hera’s development, Kanan’s struggle with his blindness and now Sabine once again being shoved into the background, it really makes me enjoy the show less and less.

But I’m getting off track. Basically, Sabine has everything going for her. She’s House Visla, she’s strong, she can wield the Darksaber, and she is a selfless, noble leader. She deserves this opportunity.

So if Lucasfilm are truly going to pass this onto Bo Katan, I will be sorely disappointed.

If you’ve made it through my rant then congratulations (and sorry), and remember this is just my opinion. If you think Bo Katan should be the Mandalore then that’s great, it’s your opinion, I just wanted to express mine.

Bob Odenkirk and Rhea Seehorn at the premiere of AMC’s ‘Better Call Saul’ Season 3 at Arclight Cinemas Culver City, CA (photo by David Livingston - 03.28.17)

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what is ur fave season and your top fave 5 fics?? ??

My favorite season is summer, but it has to be like early or late summer, where its just starting to get warm or its just starting to cool down.

I don’t really have a top 5 fics, but here are some recent ones that I read that I really liked!!

When We Were Younger (Catfish AU omg I LOVED)

Time Bomb (also LOVED but make sure you read the tags!)

Resist Everything Except Temptation (PIRATES!!!!!!!!!! PIRATES PIRATES PIRATES)

Emperor’s New Clothes (PAINFUL but I loved it!!)

These Bountiful Silences (my friend KILLED ME WITH THIS FIC I YELLED)

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I think you were one of the people who predicted Robin's death last season because of the way they were writing him and OQ. Zelena's treatment this season reminds me a lot of Robin's and now I'm wondering if you're finally gonna be right about her dying as well?As a writer, how would you go about it, I mean killing her off? Like, for what reason and who does it, what happens to Robyn and how will Regina react (since she is the only character really connected to her)?She also has a centric coming

Hello! And that’s very kind of you. :) I think that’s just about the only thing I’ve been right about in terms of this show’s specifics, ever.  

Zelena certainly hasn’t added anything to the plot this season. Like Robin, they haven’t established any relationships for her with the other characters. She could be a Will Scarlett situation, except it hardly seems like the story is too crowded to make room for her this season. They could have done quite a bit with her and the two Reginas and Learning to Love Yourself, but only gave that relationship a glance now and again, and left her on the bench.  

So let’s say she’s toast. How would it happen? It would have be either at the hands of another villain, or an act of self-defense by a hero. Zelena has no reason to start anything with the local hero population, so the latter seems unlikely.

Regina has killed literally every other member of her family (even if unintentionally in Cora’s case), so I always assumed that she was going to kill Zelena, too, eventually. If I was writing the show, this would definitely be what happened, but then the last episode would have gone down very differently than it did. So that doesn’t seem likely at the moment. The relationship is somewhat cool, but there doesn’t appear to be any motive for homicide. Perhaps one emerges during her centric? That’s leaving things awfully late, and she still seems to be alive during the finale, but it’s technically possible.

The only character we know of who does want Zelena dead is Rumple, who can’t attack Zelena directly. Manipulating Regina into killing her sister would be standout, except they already did that with the EQ, done and dusted. Also, those blue shirts he’s wearing since hiatus suggest that he won’t be murdering anyone unless it’s for a really, really good cause.

That leaves the Black Fairy, which seems even more unlikely, since there’s no connection at all that we know of between them. She might do it just to prove her villain bona fides, I guess, but how boring. :(

So, I have to reluctantly think that Green’s gonna make it out of this alive after all.

As for what would have happened to Robyn, if I was writing this, CS would adopt her. CS would adopt all of the babies, and all of the teenagers, and all of the kids in between, and live lives of beautiful chaos, and take them sailing and visit the EF and other parts of the LWM and –


If Zelena does die, given the way things are going right now, I expect Robyin will get shuttled off to the wish world with the other extraneous characters, to be raised by the clones of her aunt and her dad in what will eventually be relaunched as an SF spinoff of this show.

Thank you for the fun question!

Kill me now but I am not actually hating Bruno this season and I cant remember why I disliked him so much the previous season. Somebody put me right. He actually seems like a decent fellow if a little boring.

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name: [REDACTED]

nicknames: Iz

zodiac sign: Scorpio. I despise the zodiac, by the way. It’s not accurate at all and I am TIRED OF IT BEING ON THESE QUIZZES, GET OUT OF MY LIFE HOROSCOPES. 

orientation: bi

ethnicity: irish and german. So white as fuck. 

favorite fruit: I have a strawberry salad next to right now so I’m gonna saw strawberry.

favorite season: fall because I like that spooky halloween nonsense

favorite flower: cacti that I don’t manage to kill

favorite scent: Baked goods. 

favorite color(s): blue and green

favorite animal: I love cats. so much.

tea, coffee or hot chocolate: I run entirely on coffee and spite

average hours of sleep: it doesn’t matter I am always tired

cat or dog person: i like both but cats are preferred 

ideal trip: comic con?

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name: Rena, which I just learned is the topic of a lot of pronunciation fun

nicknames: Rena generally lol

zodiac sign: Taurus. Which is just about perfect ngl

orientation: I am asexual but gay as Christmas so ‘eeeyyyyyy ladies

ethnicity: White. I’m technically German – whoo! second gen americans represent – and my dad’s side supposedly has Melungeon blood but :shrug: That means nothing unless you live in Appalachia. Which I also recently learned is a topic of pronunciation fun. 

favorite fruit: Bananas or strawberries. Basically if it is not a cherry and goes on ice cream.

favorite season: Winter. I cannot explain how much it kills me to be in the lands of perpetual summer right now.

favorite flower: Cherry blossoms.

favorite scent: I like the smell of lavender. Or at least I keep telling myself that as I use a million types of freshners to keep this house from smelling of wet dog.

favorite color(s):I like turquoise/green/navy to the point that I just described my entire house decor 

favorite animal: It’s illegal for me to choose, sorry.

tea, coffee or hot chocolate: Hot chocolate

average hours of sleep: 8 if I’m doing good. About 4 if I’m doing bad. 

cat or dog person: Again, illegal.

ideal trip: It’s been the dream for a while to be able to afford to take my mom to Germany. But RTX is closer and actually happening in the foreseeable future so HELLO AUSTIN AND ALL MY FRIENDS.

I don’t tag people but feel free to do this if you want <3

Between The Lines

Title: Between The Lines

Summary: When Martin calls the brothers to tell them that a vampire has been killing people in Benny’s town, you tag along with the eldest Winchester to help him find his “blood-junkie” friend. But, even though Dean’s grateful for your help, he does not understand your motives and tells you that much. Which sucks. Because you can’t just admit you’re hopelessly in love with him. Right?

Author: deanssweetheart23

Characters: Dean Winchester x reader, Benny Laffite (mentioned), Elizabeth (mentioned)

Word count: 2053

Warnings: None really. Maybe some language and season 8 spoilers? Mostly fluff.

Author’s Notes: This is my submission for @angelschallenge Spring Challenge. Thank you for letting me participate, Angel, I always love your challenges! My prompt was “rainbow” (included in bold in the text below). 

This is set during season 8′s episode “Citizen Fang” and takes place right after Dean’s conversation with Elizabeth (Benny’s great-granddaughter).

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The sounds of birds chirping and trees rustling in the wind overwhelmed your senses as you leaned against Dean’s muscle car and wrapped your arms around your middle. It was still a bit chilly outside but as you took in the view in front of you, drinking in every beautiful detail of the magnificent landscape with fervor, you didn’t mind.

You’d always been fond of rainbows, ever since you were a little kid. You loved the way they glistened into the sky, loved the hues of green and orange, indigo and violet that danced together and created a bridge that joined your concrete world with the unknown, the immensity of heaven’s vault.

So, you ignored the cold wind as it caressed your skin and breathed it all in, grateful for a moment of stagnation. God only knew how rare such moments were for hunters.

“There you are. Thought you said you’d wait in the car.” Dean’s voice crawled into your thoughts, gruff but smooth like the Tennessee Whiskey he loved so much.

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sorry but it will be really hard for season 9 to top this iconic adorable moment

You know what’s so annoying? Lance keeps going around flirting with all these girls who literally use him or are just flat out uninterested (no offense to Allura tho LOL)

When he literally has Keith who clearly cares about him

Wants to be by his side

Flirts with him (almost to the equivalent of how much he flirts with those girls)

Literally always puts up with him no matter what, even if he does get annoyed sometimes

Never truly gets angry at him, even though I’m sure he’s wanted to on multiple occasions

Gets so hurt when he forgets an important moment between them, which shows how much he cares about him

Gets so easily jealous over him

And just the way he looks at him too 

It’s so annoying because he has a perfectly decent guy right there who I’m almost 99.9% sure likes him, but he could literally care less or notice. Like dude, open your eyes and look at what’s right in front of you already…