and this season is killing me

Effies tips for beating sleeping problems! Eat mold! I ate a bit of mold on my sandwich earlier by accident and now I feel like I’m going to pass out! My knowledge of mold is that it probably is not going to kill me and since I only ate what must have been a small amount of mold for me not to see it and cut it off the bread before I ate it I will be ok but at the fact I’ve not been eating fresh food all week because we appear to only have seasonings and sauces and no actual food to put them it means my whole body is preparing to die.

Liam started crying tonight before bed because he misses me and just wanted to snuggle for a bit.

Broke my freaking heart.

Rory got his teeth brushed and I snuggled him to sleep in bed.

I know my schedule is hectic and it kills me that he’s struggling with it.

Between cleaning the ballet studio and H&R Block I’m working 30+ hours a week, and then you add in the normal shuttling of kids to their activities, trying to make time for the gym….

I’m so thankful I have the opportunities I do but I’m also glad that they’re seasonal and that I know when the crazy ends.

Love Triangles don’t have to kill anyone

I keep watching shows and hearing stories of Love Triangles where people kill their ex-partners and/or their ex-partner’s new lovers and it’s made me realise that Black Sails, a show driven by revenge and full of pirates shown to have no issue killing people, is also the only show I have watched in a long time where love triangles are resolved with mutual respect and love rather than emotional/physical violence.

Aka my first original post is a massive essay below the cut on how Black Sails is ruining every other show I watch by having characters treat the people they love as human beings (spoilers for all seasons).

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sorry but it will be really hard for season 9 to top this iconic adorable moment

Things Are Different Now
  • Plagg: Hey kid, why don't you ask pigtail girl to go to the movies with you?
  • Plagg: You need a partner for your assignment, right? Why not pigtail girl?
  • Plagg: Pigtail girl is good at video games. You should invite her over sometime.
  • Plagg: ADRIEN I'M HUNGRY let's go to pigtail girl's bakery.

Most of the interactions between Marinette and Adrien in Riposte, in English dub, Feating Adrien “She’s a Very Good Friend” Agreste.

I want to murder this boy. How obvious can you be?! EVEN KAGAMI KNOWS AND SHE HASN’T BEEN HERE TWO SECONDS!

Marinette can get flustered easily.