and this season is killing me

Some of y'all: Why did they change the designs?? Lloyd sounds and looks awful!!!

Me staying in my lane: I mean? It’s not that bad


Me flying out of my lane wearing a bunch of “I love Cole” merch and waiting for my boys season: now wAIT A DANG SECOND HERE!!!!!

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I once read your post about why you think they won't kill Shiro and it greatly comforted me at the time, but sadly with the trailers and most recent Netflix promo vid, which I think was released last night, it really does seem like the writers are starting the process of phasing him out of the narrative, or at least as a paladin of Voltron which means I don't really understand what the hell the point of season 2 and the emphasis of strengthening his bond with black was. Thoughts?

I hardly think this is phasing him out.

Think about it: they’ve set this up in such a way that if the paladins were to actually “settle” in their new formation they’d probably switch armor- Allura would take the blue armor, Lance the red, and Keith the black- which they can’t do because Shiro has the black armor.

There’s numerous hanging threads. And, as you say, if they did do that- it’d make many numerous, emotionally powerful moments utterly redundant. You can’t say Shiro paved the way for Keith to have an easy time with Black- because those hard-won victories are Shiro’s, not Keith’s.

What I kinda wonder is happening here is if they’re kind of pushing the rest of the team/challenging them to kind of catch up to Shiro in some regards? Since in the past they’ve been able to kind of rely on Shiro, since he has the year on them. He’s been dealing with all this longer.

But that’s ultimately bad for all of them. It’s limiting the growth of the younger paladins, and more importantly, it’s been leading to Shiro unhealthily holding back on his own issues and troubles because he wants to be there for everyone else instead and doesn’t want to “burden” them.

So I wonder if this is more an exercise in getting the team all on the same page a little more?

Two things that really struck me in the IGN interview with JRoth, Chris, Richard, and Marie is that 1.) there might a new love interest amongst the people in the prison ship. My guess is that this is someone for Raven. 2.) That freakin’ JRoth basically there is no happy ending because tragedies are better. Whether he meant for season 5 or the whole show, I stg if Bellamy and/or Clarke dies at the end of this series omg or if anyone else I love Jesus help me I won’t survive.

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Can I hear your opinion on Allura, like elaborating opinion? I dont know how to feel about her either but I cant quite understand why.

Okay so I thought she was cool at first but then the way she just seemed insensitive to the paladins…. the way she’d push them then get angry at them made me upset. I mean I get it, her people were killed and they had to get better and fight, but where was the compassion? The Paladins had lost people too, had been flung into space for an indefinite amount of time aeay from everything they know, they are not meant to be leaders like Allura was brought up to be a princess. She was raised to make hard choices and be tough.

These Paladins only recently got put in that position.

Anyway then season 2 cam and what made me angry was the way she completely just turned on Keith and the way she’d look at him and basically make Keith feel like shit. He was the one most devoted to Voltron, to training, to fighting, the most wary to protect the others and she just starts hating him once they all, including Keith, find out he’s part galra? Bull shit.


sorry but it will be really hard for season 9 to top this iconic adorable moment