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The Fourth Wall by Klaus Frahm

Hamburg-based photographer Klaus Frahm takes us behind the stage of many European theaters and offers us an unconventional perspective, which symbolizes the antithesis of the spotlight. By shattering the illusion of completion and perfection, Frahm depicts the full production behind the scenes. The dark and highly contrasted photographs reveal the theaters’ technological elements, its staging lights and complicated, less glamour space behind the curtain, which are concealed from the audience. Frahn’s goal “is to give way for a new perspective, to entertain, to offer a fresh sight on familiar things,” and to “reveal something laying under the surface.” The Fourth Wall is the audience’s chance at viewing reality. 


Tribute to Hayao Miyazaki
OMG, this video will surely make many people cry with emotion
The best video tribute to Hayao Miyazaki, mixed 3D scene with 2D characters, was absolutely perfect, for more information about the group that built the video click here

“But Master Dooku,” Obi-Wan protested. “As peacekeepers, Jedi must maintain neutrality in the face of pitched disputes. Surely the same principle applies?”

“I think not, Padawan. Neutrality in the context of two planetary factions is necessary, if one is to preserve objectivity and preserve the common peace. But neutrality in the case of civil war is dereliction of duty, a mere refusal to commit.”

A refusal to commit to either side of a foolish dichotomy?” Qui Gon retorted. “Such is better called wisdom.”

We are sworn to serve the Republic, master,” his Padawan reminded him.

“And which side of this theoretical civil war better represents the Republic, Obi-Wan?” The young Jedi frowned. “

The one which maintains its integrity.”

Lineage V by Ruth Baulding.

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Hi, yes. Dry humping is great. You should write more of it because WHY NOT!? Anyway, let me be honest (and sorry if this weirds you out but), I tend to skip most smutty fics, except yours! Something about the way you write your smut actually makes it bearable for me. You're not too vulgar with your scenes and I just find it perfect! But I specifically love the way you've written your Sam smut! I think i've slowly become more of a Sam girl thanks to your smutty scenes with him lol.

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I feel a sense of accomplishment for giving you Sam feels. Thank you for this message! You’re the absolute best, sweetie! Omgsh, I can’t. 

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hey, Kris :). here is a tough one, whats your favorite steroline scene? Mine is definitely the one at the wedding where she stood by him for comfort on what happened with Damon, that for me is what wifes should do. What I liked the most about that scene is them admitting to their flaws. And I liked how the writer didnt force them to be together, I felt there was a certain beauty in it

Hi sorry it took me so long to answer this! Ahhhh this is always so difficult but I really feel like my favorite scene is the scene in the woods in 6x13 when they find Ms Cuddles and its just so emotional because you can see everything about their relationship in one scene. You can see the romance because Stefan wanted to kiss her in that moment, you can see the friendship when they’re laughing together, you can see how much they’re there for one another with the hug. That scene is just absolute perfection for me and it had an even bigger emotional impact than a kiss would have in that situation, it basically embodies everything I love about them.

This is a perfect example of a scene where Hook should not be in.  He has no reason to be here.  He has no actual way to get out here except to walk which should have taken him hours.  It’s lazy writing and shows that there isn’t a point to his character beyond being attached to Emma in this town.

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Me again. What's your favourite moment/scene from both Pitch Perfects? You get one from each movie.

pp1: titanium in the shower / in the bellas finals, when they sing “PARTY IN THE USA-A-A” - there’s a beautiful harmony that’s more prevalent in the movie and it’s GORG and the choreo is ON POINT 

pp2: kennedy center performance. specifically,

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I'm laughing so hard. They are so deep in denial they're making up absurd explanation and comparisons that make no sense. I kind of feel sorry for them.

I don’t feel sorry for them. Before the mook came out, I was afraid because EVERY TIME we get something remotely RH (even if it’s important for the plot, maybe BECAUSE THEY ARE THE MAIN CHARACTERS) there’s a bunch of people calling Rin and RH (and even the shippers ourselves) abusive.

But now? I couldn’t care less. The mook is perfect; and the only thing I was afraid of, consent issues in the bite scene, was perfect and I want to send KyoAni flowers for that. Yeah, abusive Rin who bites Haru when Haru asks him to *yawns* Tell me more.

I’m just laughing. They can no longer use the abusive card and they think they are getting creative, when honestly, they are being ridiculous and contradicting themselves.

(btw, if you ask me, there are Some Differences between the CPR scene and the bite scene. Like, HARU COULD JUST HAVE GIVEN RIN HIS ARM OR SOMETHING.)

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Why did the wedding make you start Haylijah more? Are you an unicorn? HAHAHA

Somebody once told me it was because I’m a masochist lmao! It’s true tho shhhhh. I do revel in ship angst tbh. I love the pain and tears. I just hate myself!

No fr, that scene between them when he said “You look perfect” was so so good. Even though I didn’t agree with everything Hayley said (or tbh I wished she didn’t feel that way) but I can’t deny it was so beautifully tragic. The way they feel about each other, this point in their relationship where they can no longer act on their feelings, how Elijah was desperately trying to tell her he loves her just once before he’s stripped of that opportunity, I don’t think he was ever going to say it to her if not for that wedding tbh (that’s why I’m not that mad at Jackson or that storyline lol!), when she said “I have felt everything for you” DEAR GOD HELP ME! I knew I was in trouble. The tears kept rolling through. Elijah’s single tear was like a dagger right through the heart. I don’t know what hit me, but it was like the first time I truly realized how much Elijah really loves Hayley. I cried so hard. I got hit by a truckfull of FEEEEELS! It was glorious. I really came to appreciate their relationship in that moment. I kinda shipped them casually before, but it was never that deep. After that episode, I knew I’m in deep.

When I rewatch old scenes I can clearly see their appeal and get them feels. They do have something special. And it’s entertaining to watch. The chemistry is great. Maybe I’ll feel differently tomorrow, but as for now, I’m really looking forward to more Haylijah in the future.

It’s so weird to actually ship them hard at the one point a lot of shippers stopped shipping them or other people gave up on them completely but the heart wants what it wants idc lmao! It’s the beauty of TV, watching the same scene and having completely different opinion/emotions/interpretation.