and this scene was asking for it

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Phi Phi is also a person that is very easily manipulated by producers. Which means that her talent always got overshadowed by the reality TV bullshit, which sucks, because I think her talent is enormous. Mind you - I'm not blaming the edit. I'm blaming the people on set who got her to say and do all that shit in the first place.


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me a month ago: Okay when, where and how did Yuri removed his gloves??

me now: …..


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So I was watching BTS in Knowing Brothers and something caught my eye…

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When the AUA crew was trying to figure out each of the members nicknames, Hobi said how he hated his being “J-Horse”. He actually asked for a new one and it somehow broke my heart.

I’m aware it all started out as a simple joke but I feel like it’s something that is afecting his self-esteem in a lot of ways (we always talk about other members feelings but neglect Hobi a lot). We’ve known how he doesn’t feel as much appreciated as the other members and he is somehow taken for granted (take as an example all of those V Live mishaps in which he gets asked about the other members and his expresion turns into a puppy that just got kicked)

But I also know there are a lot of ARMYs that care for him and love him to dead. I know they would do anything to make him happy and feel good with himself so here’s what I suggest: as a fandom we call Hopie a “Sunshine”, but he might not be fully aware of it. Let’s keep that as his official nickname, let’s tone down the horse jokes and mean comments and give this ray of sunshine the love he actually deserves.

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*Sorry for the rant, I will forever protect my sunshine no matter what and do as much as I can to make him happy*

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Which members need glasses?

All members but Jhope have prescription glasses: 

  • Jin said in BTS 2016 Kkul fm HERE that he is farsighted and when he is not wearing glasses he is surely wearing lenses. You may have seen Jin blinking a lot in some videos, it’s usually because he ends up wearing contacts for a long time and his eyes get dry and itchy ‘cause of contacts.

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  • Yoongi mentioned in BTS: In my bag (GLOBAL OFFICIAL FAN CLUB A.R.M.Y. 3rd TERM) HERE (I carry) “Eyeglasses. Since I’m nearsighted… I need this when composing and reading.”

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  • Rapmon also said in BTS: In my bag (I carry) “Glasses and lens, for my bad eyes” he also mentioned in 4 things show behind the cut HERE  that his eyesight is bad so he wears lenses. 

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  • Jimin specified in BTS in my bag too (I carry) “Lens.My vision isn’t good so it’s been a necessary item for about 5 years”.

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  • Taehyung wear prescription glasses, he posted many tweets that you may find HERE where he wore them. He also used them during shootings (look at the gif below)

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  • Jungkook eyesight hasn’t been good lately *cough*video games*cough* These glasses HERE are his prescription glasses. 

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  • Jhope: We have no information about him wearing any prescription glasses or lenses, so I guess he only wears them for fashion purposes.

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Note that the members wear a lot of glasses and colored lenses just to compliment their style. They mostly wear prescription lenses because they don’t feel at ease wearing their glasses on camera. Hope this was helpful ^^