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Parallel FFXV Ch.12  and the new reimagined 1.16  ½

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holding hands — t.h

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author’s note: guys thank you so much for all the support on my first head cannon :( here’s more shit i couldn’t stop thinking about the past couple days so i hope you enjoy it! (sorry it turned out so long again)

  • here we go okay so lets say the first time tom held your hand was on your first date
  • he was nervous
  • i’m talking about so nervous his hands were sweaty and shaky and he couldn’t stop wiping them on his jeans
  • you were so nervous too kfjdkfjdf
  • your first date with him was at his apartment because he wanted to cook for you 
  • he thought it was a cute thing to do and he low-key really wanted to impress you
  • because he knew you liked simple, romantic things like that and not extravagant over the top pricey dates
  • ok so you were sitting on the counter top with your legs dangling off the edge
  • swinging them back and forth
  • tom was so distracted by you because you looked so cute 
  • he literally couldn’t stop staring at you
  • that’s why he accidentally placed his hand on the stove and BURNED HIMSELF
    • “ow”
  • once you heard that, you jumped off the counter and ran over to him
  • he was shaking his hand back and forth, trying to air out the burn
  • not only that but he was shaking his head because he just did something so stupid in front of you
  • when all he wanted to do was impress you
  • you could tell he was so upset by the look on his face 
  • :(
  • and plus his hand was all red from the burn 
  • :(
  • as if he hadn’t felt enough tingles from the stupid burn
  • but this tingle was from you and your sweet little kiss so it was different
  • his eyes light up and he just stared at you 
  • you could tell he was a bit happier so you kissed his hand again
  • he shook his head and laughed a little, so you were like
    • “what”
    • “nothing, i jus-i just wanted to do that first”
    • you stared at him a little confused
    • he sighed and said,
      • “i wanted to do that first, ya know hold your hand but i’ve just been so nervous because you look so cute and i really want to impress you but instead i do this and ruin it all and i don’t know y/n… i just really really wanted to hold your-
    • you let go of his hand
    • he INSTANTLY grabbed it again
    • you smiled and said, “looks like you’re holding it”
  • he swore he fell in love with you at that moment 
  • that was also when you guys had your first kiss and became official
  • ANYWAYS after that date you two couldn’t stop holding hands
  • lets talk about the most simple way being when you two were walking 

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Opinionated Riverdale Highlights:

Ep. 13: Season Finale


•They punned “Cliff-Hanger” too!

•The Alice & Jughead narrative is giving me life!!

•They just referenced Scooby-Doo!!

•I fear we have been trolled, the comic digest FP was reading was a Sabrina Spellman one (that’s how they made her ‘appearance’).

•I’m sorry but what is Fred hiding?!?

•Is no one going to talk about Betty actually being a Blossom??

•Love Camila, but is Veronica just becoming this arrogant needy girl or is it just me. Like she seems soo annoying, “forget it, I’ll do it on TOP of everything else I have to do”

•V did you really have to stand up to make that announcement.

•I love how Archie is just like “we’ve kissed” like acknowledge the poor girl standing next to you boo, she wants to shine.

•Kevin was just added to scenes so people don’t forget he’s part of the gang too.

•RAS petty idea of love triangle madness.

•Really RAS? You write Archie head over heels for Veronica in almost all the episodes and now you decide he should be troubled about it, make is seem like maybe just maybe he like Betty now.

•Oooh Hermione showing her true colors now

•Also in the beginning of the series they were struggling to find workers and now all of sudden Hermione found some to replace the Serpents so easily?!?

•What is that woman hiding?

•Cheryl is tying lose ends, how is no one suspecting her to commit suicide, I mean her mom practically encouraged it.

•"Kids got some darkness" -FP on Jug

•Man they almost went full Carrie with the Pigs Blood.

•Nice Cheryl is something else…

•Cheryl needs a hug, and a therapist along with the rest of the characters.

•The fact that FP put Jughead in the good school just makes me love him even more.

•Fred why are they writing you like this?! RAS I swear!

•Cooper woman face off

•Reggie Mantle who?

•I live for the hallway scene

•Alice drop Hal already


•Please tell me it’s FP’s!! Otherwise why would he be lurking on Alice…

•Oooh unwanted son comes seeking revenge theory! (If this actually happens can you call me your Theory Queen 👑).

•Whoever called the Cheryl drowning, props to you babe you were right.

•You gotta hand it to KJ tho he broke his arm while filming that!

•Betty’s speech was good but this is how it should’ve happened….

•'Reggie Mantle he’s Riverdale, so where the fuck is he?!’

•The Serpents take care of their own! And omg HOT DOG HAS MADE HIS DEBUT!

•I’m really happy bughead didn’t have sex, like we don’t need more Polly’s thank you very much…

•Like it runs in the Cooper family to get pregnant.

•Jughead in that leather jacket made me feel some sort of way…

•Betty over there like “Y'all really had to initiate him tonight.”

•"I’m in the mood for some chaos" Cheryl is back!!

•Pop is alive!

•Did Hiram or Hermione send that thug?



•Got to hand it to the cast of this show their acting has been superb!

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What was it like on the set of Black Lightning? 😊👏👑💯

(just be mindful that i can only speak about my experience for the first episode, since that’s the only one that aired so far)

I’ve been wanting to get into acting since I was in middle school, but my parents didn’t want me to be a child star, they wanted me to have my childhood. So I just did school plays and talent shows alot.

For most acting gigs for television you need an agent, but background acting is open to all. I didn’t wanna just sit and do nothing, so I decided to get into it.

In March 2017 (pilot season basically) the put out a casting calling for people to be students for a new show called Black Lightning. I knew what it was because of the dc shorts that used to come on Cartoon Network, so I was interested. It was really hard for me to get any other kind of background acting gig at the time too. So I signed up and 3 days later I was picked!

I was a senior in high school at the time and I skipped class to go, lol. And It was a short filming day, most filming days are long. We were only there from 2pm-6pm. The people were really nice and I made some really good friends. I got to meet Cress (the man playing Black Lightning) and he is so nice. Also, the set is really hot. 

The show got picked up for a full season later. In September 2017, I was asked if could come back and I said sure! Hurricane Irma was going on at the time so it was a mess getting there cause of the weather. The college was closed and that was great because I wouldn’t miss class. Alot of the people that were there in March came back so I was happy. I met China and I fangirled omg, but she was nice about it. 

The next week we did the banquet scene, and that was such a long day, but it was fun. I skipped class to do this day. It was really hot that day too, it was like 90 degrees. The director is also really nice, Salim Akil is the coolest male director ever. He picked me and friend to be a band in that epsiode and took a picture of us and posted it on his ig (he also posted me on his ig a week earlier).

The last day for of that epsiode for the people playing the high school students was the next day, when we did the scene where Anissa flipped Will. This was the best day ever, I had so much fun. They placed me and one of my friends by Dabier (the guy that plays Will) we talked to him and he is Hilarious. I also got a chance to speak to China again and she’s so sweet, she’s really funny too. 

My experience on the first episode was really good, the hours are long, but I didn’t mind. The whole cast a really nice and talented, and most of the crew is too.

13x01- my thoughts.

I want to start off by saying that I absolutely loved that episode. Like a whole lot. 

  1. First off, the opening scene with Dean and Cas… now getting a better shot of the wings it was so fucking heartbreaking and Dean kneeling by his side like… I appreciated that they showed a different angle and more of Dean’s anguish. 
  2. Then holy hell is Jack like awesome or what? That energy power wave thingy he did was so friggin cool, I literally cheered even though he was essentially knocking out the brothers lol. 
  3. Jack looking for his father… (and all this time we thought he meant Luci… sigh)
  4. Those two angels finding Cas… Thank you lady for saying he deserved better! But Cas all covered up, that must not have been easy for Dean.
  5. Was all the “butt” jokes on the Pirate Food Menu thing in reference to assbutt? I wonder. 
  6. I really loved the cop and her son. (Is that the kid from Riverdale?) 
  7. Jack loves candy… taking after the ol’ uncle Gabe, huh? 
  8. Jack reminds me so much of Cas.
  9. Jack is a smol that needs his daddy and oh, shit, he considers Cas his father, not Luci!! Bravo writers! Bravo!!!!!
  10. Do you think he changed some of his dna etc to look like Cas because hot damn
  11. …actually he looks like Cas and Dean’s child and now looking at a picture of Kelly, I see why (hair, green eyes)
  12. They find Jack yay but oh no, angels are a - comin’
  13. Did that angel lady just confirm Destiel?
  14. Dean throwing papers/ files at her A+++++ 
  15. Oh Dean is so gonna soften up to Jack. You betcha!!!!
  16. Oh no, they are back at the house… 
  17. OMG a flashback to the Pirate food place.. Dean. DEAAAAAAN. “BRING HIM BACK.” Oh god, thank you for this scene. THANK YOU. And it sure as hell reminded me of season 1 Dean calling John scene. 
  18. Jack mourning Kelly while Dean mourns Cas… Hello, my heart????
  19. Dean can’t even bare to look at him. *Crying* and omg, why is he tearing down the curtains?? Oh god OH GOD. Dean just can’t deal. My poor pumpkin. 
  20. Goodbye Cas. *hysterical* 
  21. Great episode. Makes me want more of the season! I am so happy they gave us real moments of grieving, I am relieved they didn’t downplay Dean’s feeling of loss and angst and sadness. I am glad they gave real focused attention on Dean and Cas.
  22. All great but the end. I am over Lucifer and I would very much like that smoking hot new Michael to come and smite his ass. Thanks. 
Riverdale season 2 after 2x05

That episode was scary, sad and intense but it was well done!!!

- Jughead initiation, for some part, was the fun part in this episode but the other was just painful. He is a Serpents now and I have to say, I enjoy the storyline very much.

- Ok Serpents, know Jughead his officially a Serpents: What’s next for him? Also Sweet Pea, Fangs Fogarty and Hot Dog what will be next for you guys?

- Betty broke my heart so many time during the hour, at one point I stop breathing. I feel for Betty and I just want to tell her everyting will be alright…

- Bughead scene was just beautiful and painful in the same time. I’m a Bughead fan and it broke my heart.

- Beronica OMG it was hard do see Betty being mean to Veronica. But again I have hope to see those two girls back together and maybe being stronger after Veronica will learn why Betty did what she did.

- Archie and Betty friendship in this episode make me want more of those two, not as lover but as friend. BFF 

- I feel for Archie in the scene between him and Jughead. You can see it’s difficult for him, even before Jughead coming out of the trailer, but when he saw the Serpents behind him, all his fear, for him and what the Serpents represent, coming out and he lash out the brake up on Jughead. When you see Archie later, at the Diner by himself, you can see he’s in pain and he regret what he said.

- I don’t think Toni Topaz will ever call Jughead *Juggy* again. She need to stay with Forsythe The III or Jones, but no Juggy!!!!

- I really like Toni Topaz and I don’t think much about the kiss between her and Jug. RAS and Vanessa talk so much about the fact she is bisexual + I believe Jughead is demisexual. I want to know more about her, what is her background, why she is in a gang and what is her home life his.

- The Pussycats Girls: Josie, Valerie and Melody deserve they own show. Those girls kick some ass in 2x05 literally by singing and by beating the crap out of Nick St-Claire, with the help of Veronica and it was a blast to see.

- Cheryl OMG Cheryl Life is hard on you but you are strong and I can’t wait to see how stronger you will coming out of this. 

- MVP of 2x05: The Real Serpents Queen came out of retirement: Alice Cooper in all her beauty with the Snake necklace and the snake print on her dress, she know how to make a entrance.

Lili Reinhart just elevate her game in that episode and Madelaine Petsch, she can do so much it make you feel real emotion for her character. Only bad thing about this episode his the lack of Kevin Keller. Riverdale keep on being crazy, surprising and amazing. We are just at episode 5… imagine episode 22 what it will be.

P.S. English is not my firts language, so sorry if it’s bad writing!!!!! 

✨Thor Ragnarok SPOILER FREE review✨

Tbh I didn’t expect this movie to be so awesome, but it surprised me in the best way possible!! Also, I had a mini heart attack when I saw Tom/Loki *____*

🍂 firstly, the opening scene with Thor was brilliant and sooo funny. It was quite original and that’s one of the reasons why this movie is great- because of how original it is!! Then, the 1st Thor’s fighting scene was epic and I love how they put together the music and the scene- it honestly gave me chills (also I think Marvel is nailing music in a fight - first GOTG volume 2, now Thor, bravo!! )

🍂 the other thing I really liked was SCEEEENARY porn! Most of the scenes were so bright, Asgard is beautiful, and I adore the cliff scene (or whatever) where Thor,Loki and {maybe spoiler,but those of you who watched it know who I mean} were + space,galaxy scenes were so pleasant to watch, especially in 3D

🍂 the characters were FANTASTIC!! It was nice to watch them, all of the casting is just so talented. Chris Hemsworth did an amazing job playing Thor- he was sweet,funny,tough, simply great.

And Tom, don’t even get me started omg!!! Loki was hilarious,hot,badass + I loved Thor/Loki relationship.. they’re the best when they’re together;)) + the scene I’m here (when Thor thought Loki wasn’t with him in the room) melted my heart ahhhh

🍂 new characters were also great, especially Hela, who is a total badass omg and Valkyrie who’s such a lovable and in a way relatable character! + Grandmaster and Korg were so funny, amazing addition to the film!!

— Bruce Banner needs to be protected at all costs!!!!!

🍂 also maybe the best thing about Ragnarok is the humor!! I loved how they used humor connected to the characters (ex.Thor and Hulk ‘holding hands’ scene and when Loki was like ‘now u know how it feels) + get help scene, Dr.Strange scene… and many others which really made me lol

✨ My rating for this movie is 10/10 so if u have a chance please watch it!

Also,it’s only my humble opinion,so you may or may not agree.. but please no hate.Thanks for reading! 🌷

Lastest Riverdale Episode *spoilers*

SWEET PEA NO. I love Juggie, bitch oh my god. What fucking type of ringtone does Betty have? Like what lmao. OHHHHHH ALICE BITCH YOU GOT EXPOSED. Omg I’m crying, that’s hilarious. Forsythe Pendleton Jones the Third can get it, honey. Hot damn that scene of him yelling oh my fucking god. And for once, I agree with Betty about exposing Alice. She deserves it, for trashing on my babies. And awww Archie is jealous, but fucking what’s his face better back the fuck up before Archie fucks him up. GUYS WHAT IF THE KILLER IS BETTY’S BROTHER SO THAT’S WHY HE ONLY TALKS WITH HER. I will stick with that theory until I’m proven wrong. Miss me with that jingle jangle shit. EVERYONE IS HAVING SEXY TIMES AND LIKE ITS COMPLETE BULLSHIT AND IM SO MAD WHAT THE FUCK VERONICA. Betty took it too far, so like fuck her. She cannot talk about anyone being a bad person, like she hasn’t done anything wrong? I swear to god. If Betty leaves Jughead because he’s a Serpent I will fuck up some shit. Nick, you bitch ass boy. Don’t you ever fucking touch my baby or any other girl again or I will personally fuck you up. Alice you’re still hot as fuck, but you’re very judgemental and it’s not okay. JUGHEAD IN A TANK TOP OH MY GOD BITCH. oh my god. FUck you Archie,,,,,, they broke juggie’s heart. And Archie’s mad because the Serpents fought back after he accused them of the murders and decided to come paint his ugly ass red circle on their properties. They didn’t attack him. He came for them duh. Archie was like a real dick for that. And will Jughead forgive Betty once this is all over? WHAT DID NICK DO TO MY FAVORITE REDHEAD’S DRINK? VERONICA AND THE PUSSYCATS BITCH DID NOT COME TO PLAY. why what type of initiation is this? NICK I WILL FUCKING RIP YOUR THROAT OUT. oh ronnie I love you so much. And I’m crying cuz like Juggie omg. I’m getting real fucking tired of her ringtone. I KNEW IT. ITS HER FUCKING BROTHER. Veronica stared at Betty like “what bitch” THEY PLAYING MY BABY HARRY IM CRYING. kay Toni I love you but, can you like,,,,,not? Betty. GUYS I JUST SAW THE PREVIEW FOR THE NEXT EPISODE AND I BROKE DOWN CRYING. WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING? WHO IS THIS FINE ASS MAN? IS FP OUT OF JAIL? WHY ARE THE ARRESTING TONI AND SWEET PEA? did I spell Toni right? I forgot. IM SHOOK. goodnight

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I'm really struggling with Sweet Pea after that last episode; people enjoying Betty's dance made me nauseous. Thoughts? Feelings?

Honestly, it didn’t bug me. I feel like everyone is blowing his reaction way out of proportion. He’s supposed to be what 17? Either way he’s a high schooler. Now, you can’t tell me that when a girl starts doing something like that that a teenage boy wouldn’t look at least my interested. And his reaction honestly seemed more of a “huh wow this is happening” not a “wow she’s hot” ya know? Plus, we all know he doesn’t really like jughead yet so anything that pisses jughead off Sweet Pea will probably enjoy. that’s how teenagers work. I’m not pleased with the scene whatsoever, but I don’t think people should be blowing sweet peas reaction out of proportion like they are. If one of the guy characters took off his shirt in a crowd and a girl looked interested, you wouldn’t automatically be like “omg she likes him shirtless I ship them” or “omg ew she’s gross for looking at him when he’s shirtless in front of her” like no??? That’s not common sense ?? Now I’m not saying a guy taking off their shirt is the equivalent to Betty basically stripping. But the point is still the same. He’s a kid, he’s gonna look intrigued. Just like when the guy characters take off their shirts on the show a lot of us viewers look intrigued as well. No need to freak or start throwing ships together, but I mean ship what you want, I just don’t think it makes sense.

Book of the Atlantic Reactions
  • UNDERTAKER!!!!!! 
  • Ok so like they fucking went ham on Sebastian’s eye glowy thing that he does. Like hot fucking damn they do not let you forget that he’s a demon. And it’s just so fucking sexy?? With his eyes all sharp and red and hngggg
  • Lizzie being Lizzie. Fucking awesome omg. That scene did not disappoint they did SO GREAT. THE WIFE OF THE QUEEN’S GUARD DOG FUCK YEAH. She lost her shit ain’t no freaky zombies better touch her man or else *puts up fists*
  • Snake doing the voices for his snakes lmfao omg I love that boy
  • Baby Ciel happily drinking milk with honey is my new aesthetic
  • The fact that they actually incorporated Sebastian getting all misty black into his ‘demon-ish’ form which was AWESOME 
  • Seeing the Ciel/Lizzie dynamic was just amazing. I feel so pumped to write something for them. Because despite everything my god you really see how much they’re willing to fight for each other and that shit is my jam. 
  • Grey being a salty salty
  • Hearing Knox call Grell ‘senpai’ 
  • Waiting until the end of the credits to see WILL!!! *heart throbbing*
  • Ok the fact that like they took the key scenes from the manga and just like kept them there for an extra few seconds so we could all soak in the deliciousness. When undertaker reveals his eyes and says the whole ‘how sad should laughter disappear’ thing, the one where he’s holding the woman zombie doll thing, and the whole death scythe GAHH. 
  • the fact that I dragged the bf along so he could finally explain the hell of a butler phrase to me lmao.