and this scene just really made me laugh


“you win if there’s a change in hyungsik’s face” ; part.1 ailee vers.
{ivy vers.}

A few last thoughts re: asoue before I go to bed:

  • They used Lemony really, really well, mostly in the sense that they actually let him interact with the world (the characters mention him, he’s actively running from his enemies, he has more to do than just lurk in a clock tower), he’s a part of things and it’s good
  • They balanced funny-comedy!Olaf with wants-to-murder-these-children-with-this-knife!Olaf fantastically. The scene where he slaps Klaus in particular was stunningly done 
  • “I’ll open a box of merlot” (with a hard t) made me laugh more than should be possible
  • Literally every moment anything happened it felt like I was missing at least four easter eggs, two codes, and one ‘VFD’
  • (That was definitely Hector flying by in the background right?)
  • Please explain Klaus’ monogrammed pyjamas to me. I can not rest while this is unexplained
  • On the other hand I am living a Lemony’s sweater appreciation life
  • Jacquelyn and Gustav, loves of my life (for very nearly seven hours now), I want so much more
  • (Is taxi driver Ishmael also book 13 Ishmael??)
  • God damn yellow doors
  • Honestly
  • How dare you
  • I went into the show absolutely expecting we wouldn’t get the Sunny/Orwell sword fight and I can understand and appreciate why that’s difficult and why we didn’t get it but honestly there were so many cgi Sunnys you could have at least tried
  • (I’m so glad netflix spent money on cgi Sunny kicking arse at poker that was very narratively important thank you)
  • Multiple musical numbers?? The Count and Zombies in the Snow and a totally inexplicable full cast sing along I do not understand but we are blessed
  • All in all, while there was a whole lot more than was in the books, I keep remembering that it took Lemony until book five to decide ‘yeah an overarching story line is probably a good idea’ and I’m so glad that with the power of hindsight he can go back and dig elaborate tunnels under everyone’s houses and hand out mysterious code spyglasses and take so many more opportunities not to tell us anything we’re absolutely dying to know
  • Also why did the Baudelaires leave their picnic basket on the beach??
A few times, when I’ve gone up on a line or at the end of the scene before they’ve said cut, Andy will just look down and scream at my belly or something as if Jake’s all of a sudden seeing a belly there. It’s really funny. It’s been a running gag that’s made me laugh every time.

Melissa Fumero (on filming B99 during her pregnancy)

Alright, why in the world have we not been graced with the Brooklyn Nine Nine season 3 blooper real? I need to see this and all the other outtakes, please.

And apparently the season 3 DVD set has deleted scenes but not bloopers. Just… just… why would you do this to us, FOX?

Please. I need this.

Can we just appreciate that Miss Skullnick congratulated Star for trying even though she got the answer wrong?

It was just a really nice moment

My Thoughts About Jacksepticeye’s “SAY GOODBYE” Halloween Video


Jack’s channel:

I needed a place to share my thoughts on how amazing this video was.

To start off, I did not catch any of the hints leading up to this last October video. I thought the face cam glitches and other spooky Antisepticeye edits were just for the scares. Then SAY GOODBYE is uploaded. My mind was BLOWN. I swear, there are absolutely no words to describe how perfect it was.

First, Jack’s acting was so good, it didn’t even feel like acting. I knew he was acting, but he really made me question myself! I think the nosebleed scene was where I started questioning if all the coincidences were real, and just the editing was fake. Logically, I KNEW it had to be fake blood. But, the way Jack just laughed it off, saying “I never get nosebleeds! Haha, what a coincidence for this time of year!”, that gave me instant chills up my spine. What if he isn’t faking this? Don’t even get me started on the random noises, and how Jack just deadpans the camera at the end and “dies.” Gosh, Jack did SO WELL. Again, words can’t describe it. It was too good!!

Second, Robin’s editing was spot on! That’s the level of editing I want to achieve one day! All this month, the camera glitches and little easter eggs in videos were very well done. I loved it! Robin really upped his game throughout this month. He really showed off what he could do in this particular video, though. Like, DAMN, the way he created Anti’s appearances as a static-hologram-thing and the strange shadow on the door…SO GOOD! Seeing all the cuts and scenes come together was amazing. I loved how choppy it was, with the static lines as if it was falling apart, and how Anti comes in while Jack is killing himself and how REAL it looks. I seriously thought the video would end there, with Jack’s lifeless body encasing the pumpkin, and it would cut to black. No, it was even better than that. I jumped when Anti came up laughing at the camera. One of my favorite parts was the voice changing and when Anti said, “…but you just watched.” Honestly, it gave me Undertale vibes and reminded me of the Genocide run. How the player just wants to see what it’s like, how even Flowey references the audience watching it all happen…it perfectly fits in with us watching Jack’s videos. We wanted to see these Anti clips, these glitches, just to see what it’s like, and we didn’t do a thing but watch. Oh, and the 15 seconds of a black screen and silence, that was a fantastic way to end this spooky video. Seriously, props to Robin! He really went all out for this; I admire how beyond he went, and I really appreciate it. 

The final thing I want to touch upon is the aftermath video, “Happy Halloween!” ( First of all, I tip my hat to Jack on delaying the video. It really got me spooked. I wondered if he was going to upload a second video at all! Secondly, I LOVE the fact that Jack didn’t want to create a canon Anti for the channel. He used all these different ideas from the community and incorporated them into Anti. I love it so much. I love how much Jack really pays attention to us. When he was thanking the community for what we’ve created, I wanted to stop him and say, “No, Jack, thank YOU for listening! Thank you for doing all of this!” He didn’t have to make this video. Him and Robin didn’t have to do those little spooky glitches and easter eggs. But they did. They led us up to this finale. I really, really appreciate how much effort they put in. It was so worth it in the end. And in the aftermath video, you can tell how much Jack loved putting it all together. Gosh, I can’t say “thank you” enough. I love everything Jack does, I love all of Robin’s editing, I love everything these two have done. 

*sob story coming through* 

Jack’s videos have helped me through terrible days and they make me smile when the depression doesn’t want me to. I swear, when I watch Jack’s vlogs, I actually feel like I have a reason to live. I should live to achieve my dreams and I should be happy. Seeing how much effort Jack puts into his videos and into the community, it motivates me so much. Not only Jack, but the many YouTubers and bands that I love and follow; I’ll probably ramble about them in separate posts in the future, but this post is about Jack. You can see how much Jack loves doing this, and he’s always so honest and genuine about what’s going on. That’s the kind of person I could only wish to be. 

Again, words seriously can’t describe how well-put this spooky video was. I can’t congratulate Jack and Robin enough on their hard work. Everything leading up to it was fantastic. I loved it, and I know the rest of the community did as well.

Thanks guys. Thanks for everything you do. Thanks for listening to us.

Thank you.

I know that most of the canon supports Kaz as this completely in control mastermind with just a hint of Jack Sparrow-esque sheer dumb luck and the epitome of cool and just this really sexy well dressed guy who walks with a badass cane, but can I raise you the fact that he is a teenage boy that parades around his room shirtless in front of the girl he likes and that’s kind of the biggest dork move of all time he might as well be taking a mirror selfie and sending it to her at two in the afternoon like oh my god Kaz reel it in. 

Thanks for the warning at the beginning of this episode (lol) XD

When I first saw this message at the beginning of episode 15 of Soul Contract/Spiritpact:

At first, I was like “What, really? Why???”

And then more than halfway into the episodes, when they showed me this scene:

I’m so glad I didn’t drink anything, because I surely will spit it out (excuse me), because LOL, WHAT THE??!? I swear to god that this scene is JUST LIKE SAILOR-MOON transformation, and the background music is EXACTLY THE SAME (transformation music from Sailor Moon), I couldn’t stop laughing like seriously. Omgosh, this series sure knows how to make me laugh… With just the right amount of angst to add to it that I like.

I would have made an animation GIF out of this, but I don’t have the updated software to do so, so can only resort to screen-shotting, but from these screenshots, you can pretty much see what I mean.

Instead of the ‘pretty soldier’, he’s the ‘handsome one’ lol xD

happyhshitpost  asked:

What was your first kiss with Kyle like? c:

My first kiss with the Jew was absolutely perfect, my dude. Let me set the scene:

We were about fourteen, in that awkward stage. But I wasn’t because I was super cool for my age and really fucking mature and shit, you know. Anyway, we were chilling and being the cutest gays in all of the world, since Tweek and Craig are hella boring and are not nearly as goals as we are. So, we were just chilling in my backyard since I caught him stealing my shit, because Kyle needs my things in order to survive~ I then made him laugh since I am a guy, and he just looked great. I knew in that moment that he was who I wanted to be with and I cupped his cheek, making him look up into my eyes. I then smirked as he blushed and then gently kissed him. Kyle praised me for how much of a good kisser I am and all was well.


He was shaking the entire time, bumped noses with me, got his braces caught on my bottom lip, and cried.


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"If he lost to Viktor in the free skate the next day because the other man fucked him too hard the night before he would never be able to get over the sheer embarrassment of it" LMFAO THIS LINE MADE ME LAUGH SO HARD OMG

Someone pointed out in a comment in the last chapter that it was a really bad idea for them to have sex the night before a competition because it would be such a pain the next day and I completely agreed and wrote that fact into the next chapter! (so if you ever think I don’t read comments just remember I changed a whole sex scene because of one!)

anonymous asked:

Tbh Tyrain never creeped me out until his last scene where he was crying and laughing at the same time. It made me shiver.

Yeah when they finally let him go full crazy was when he really hit the right tone for me. Before that he was just kind of goofy - but to see him break was scary. 


Oh, I flipped from  the moment I saw the first conceptual drawing. When I went on set, the first day, and really saw the puppet working and the puppeteers, I lost it. The first scene shot was the one where everyone discovers that he’s a puppet. We couldn’t get through rehearsal without laughing when David was doing it, before we even brought the puppet in. It just made us laugh. And then the puppet came and it was hard to shoot. It was like making the musical on Buffy. Everyone was just so happy to work because there was a puppet. We talked about doing an all marionette Buffy one time, but we never really followed through on that. I don’t remember how I thought of it this time. It just occured to me that if Angel were a Muppet, it would make me very happy and that in my universe that’s something that could happen.

~ Joss Whedon on his initial reaction to the Angel puppet

I hate for asking because I feel like you’ve done this enough lol but I love your writing! Can you do another Rami interview except it’s with his girlfriend who’s also an actress?- I kinda took liberties and made her an actress on Mr. Robot, so I hope you like!

Interviewer: So this is your first movie with (y/n) yes? Is it hard to keep your relationship going on set?

Rami: Surprisingly no, I think everyone’s getting really fed up with us actually! We keep it professional when the cameras are rolling, but we’re the worst behind the scenes.

Interviewer: What do you mean by ‘the worst’?

Rami: (Laughs) Ugh you’re going to get me in trouble! Basically we just wreak havoc. I mean, she’s good friends with Portia on set, because they have so many scenes together, and about half the time we’re just trying to make her laugh during their scenes. (Y/n) will stand right in front of Portia with the straightest face as I jump around them. It’s ridiculously stupid. 

Interviewer: Sounds like fun!

Rami: Maybe… for everyone but Portia!

Action 2

For the part 2 maybe it could be during an interview and someone mentions that scene or something and everyone just laughs and makes fun of the two? Or a scene where the reader almost gets bit?

Walking to the set of the talking dead I was shaking. It was the first one that I was going to be on. I saw Chandler walking over to me.

“Hey, its really not that bad. Just be yourself, forget that people are there.” I nodded, a crew member told us that they were ready. It wasnt that bad, Chandler was sitting next to me. So that helped, and it helped that cast members were there too. It made it more homey if you will.

“So how about the make out scene between Y/N and Chandler?” Andrew said as he gave us a look.

“What about it?”

“You all have somethin to tell us?” I laughed a little, and laughed. Looking over at Chandler who would probably be as shocked as everyone else, about what was going to come out of my mouth next.

“Yea I do.” I smiled a little trying to hide the fact that I was a horrible lyer. “Me and Chandler are having a baby.” Everyone looked over at us with shock. I laughed so hard when I saw Chandlers face and it was pale. I knew that he would have thought that he we did it. “Just kidding, damn did you all think so?”

“Nah, well maybe. Kids these days.”

“Nothin different than when all of you were in school. You told me some stories.” I looked right in Andrews eyes. He got so red, Chandler and me laughed.

After the Talking dead I went to my dressing room to change into something more comfortable to go back to the hotel. I opened the door to see Chandler waiting for me to come out.

“Hey Y/N.”

“Hey Chandler, fun tonight wasn’t it?”

“What was with that little pregnancy stunt?”

“You said be myself, so why wouldn’t I have pulled it?”

“True.” He said as he walked me to the back door.

Sorry if it sucked guys. I really had no idea what to write. :/

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I followed your blog a bit ago but just now caught up on the story. This is some really good stuff! I really love the crew, and I think I've grown fond of the novakids specially. The way Sonny is just like "I JUST LOST AN ARM, Lumen, it's FINE" is really endearing. And about reaching the end of the story: I think you might still be able to work with post-endgame stuff! Starbound seems perfect for that really, and you could always just write stuff unrelated to gameplay, I think!

Thank you very much! I’m really grateful you were willing to read through the whole thing (gosh it’s long now, isn’t it?) I’ve gotten pretty fond of my Novas too ^.^ (That scene made me laugh when it popped into my head)

I started with the screencaps because this was supposed to be a gameplay-based story. Then it mutated? A lot of the stuff I still want to work with *coughs*backstory*coughs* doesn’t rely on screencaps or much gameplay at all… If people don’t mind me shifting focus away from the game occasionally, then I should be able to keep this story alive long after postgame. Gives more opportunity for character dev and interactions… And I’m rambling again >.>;;

Social Experiment

So today some of my friends and I went into the local town dressed as ‘emo/goths’ (basically skinny jeans with boots and a lot of black clothing, with makeup like Andy Biersack). We did it because we thought it would be funny to see how many dirty looks we would get and just to have a laugh. Of course we got stared at and laughed about and some people made comments, but it really shocks me how differently people are treated based on how they look. We went into the supermarket and used a self-service checkout and it did its usual ‘Unexpected item in the bagging area’ act, so we sighed and the attendant monitoring the self-service area was there in a nano second, which is when we realized that he had been stood right beside us watching us the whole time. We all know that the self-service checkouts always say that, and until then I had never had a staff member check through my bags to see if we hadn’t scanned anything that was in there. That in itself shocked me, that he actually went through to check everything with a hella judgmental tone. But then he put the bags back down and said ‘It’s a little early for Halloween don’t you think?’. Normally I would have brushed it off as a joke, but his tone and the general way we were treated disgusted me. We were then walking on the street and a little girl was looking at us and her mother turned her away quickly and hurried her on. A guy a little older than us looked at us and shouted ‘What the?!’ and some girls laughed and pointed, ‘Have you seen those faces?!’. An old man walked past with his dog so we all ‘aw’ed and he let us pet the puppy and told us that he was only 12 weeks old and my friend just looked up and said ‘You’re the first person who hasn’t given us dirty looks’ to which he replied telling us not to worry about what people say and that they’re lunatics, to only worry about ourselves and to carry on doing our thing. ‘Be the way you are and don’t pay attention to them, life would be much better if everyone thought that way.’ He was the only person all day that actually spoke to us and didn’t give us funny looks. I’m not saying anything about older people being less judgmental because believe me there were some pretty sour old ladies but stereotypes are ridiculous. Treating people so differently based on how they look is despicable. (do bare in mind there were 3 teenage girls, and the tallest out of all of us is about 5′4. We’re hardly threatening).

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just on that ask about the snow/ice effects, i've always thought the ice looked like plastic. like it just. doesn't look like ice? it looks like plastic made to look like ice that they use on stages and stuff.

You’re right.

& like this confession had said: [x]

Disney really missed lots of opportunities with ice animation. The ice in Frozen look like plastic or glass, especially in these scene:

“Ice Anna” doesn’t even look like ice, she looks more like a plastic doll *sarcasm*.

People try to defend Frozen by saying things like: “But ice animating is HARDDDD!!” make me laugh, ROTG by Dreamworks has better ice animation & it came out before Frozen.

And don’t even let me start with the snow in Frozen:


me and some friends purposely watched an awful movie (snow white & the huntsman 2 -the revenge of frosty the snowman or something) but we really loved the credits song (the only good thing about it where the credits tbh), but we all agreed that it sounds like she sings “old man sitting on da floor” and so lina (the meme queen) wanted me to draw her in charlize theron’s dress with an old man on the floor. 

she also knows about my obsession with ford but she doesn’t watch gravy falls and only knows him as “the old man” (she always forgets his name) and sooooo …. i drew her in that dress with ford sitting disapprovingly on the ground :D


“Look at me properly! Your eyes. That look in your eyes…I hate it like crazy.”

Wang So’s unmasking scene just made my heart ache with sadness for him.

This episode had me in laughs and tears. I enjoy every happy and painful SooSo moment and only wish for more - I love how they’re developing this relationship. It’s really lovely to see So smiling for a change even if it was short lived (damn that mama’s boy Yo).