and this scene is great so i had to gif it

I just want to hug whoever decided Jace’s reaction to the Malec kiss was going to be this!! This proud but also kinda emotional smile is SO precious!!

We never got to see Jace’s initial reaction to Malec in the books, and I just think not only was it great that he was included in the kiss scene, but he had the most gorgeous reaction too! I mean not that I ever doubted that Jace would be happy, but just the fact that he looks so damn proud of his big brother for finally choosing himself after everything they’ve been through and Alec has been through within himself, and he kind of looks a little emotional too, you just know that Alec’s happiness is one of the most important things to him!

It just makes me super emotional to see Jace and Alec’s relationship, and to have this reaction from Jace to one of the biggest moments in Alec’s life, especially when it didn’t happen in the books, is just lovely!


13x04 “The Big Empty”
Cas vs. Himself (?)

Alright so, the one thing I had to think about with the Empty scenes was that to me it felt like Cas meeting his shadow self inside his mind (in a way to me it felt even similar to Dean meeting with Amara for the first time, who I always analyzed to be somewhat of a metaphor for Dean’s darker self) and not just meeting it, but (re-)connecting with it. In this regard what the scenes between Cas and Empty!Entity! or Shadow!Self!Cas reminded me of a great deal in how Cas was forced to re-live some of his worst memories in  6x22 “The Man Who Knew Too Much” in which Sam needs to confront all his worst memories in order to put himself back together again after being re-souled (and conveniently like Cas’ other version in this week’s episode in Sam’s case his own “mind” also tries to keep him from “going back” initially). So to me in a way these scenes could work as a set up to truly reveal Castiel having come back not as an angel, but human, but differently than before when his grace was stolen with a soul (I have always headcanoned that Castiel had “grown” a soul throughout the years so this would work nicely with that crazy assumption).

In any case, I think it’s noteworthy that Shadow!Self!Cas doesn’t seem to be immune to Castiel’s pain when being subjected to all of his memories. At least from the looks of it, he did feel all of it to to some extent. And in that regard I think it’s important to look at the ending scene with Castiel waking up in a field. Tbh if this is really “just” Cas than they could have spared us the entire Empty stuff including Castiel’s death, because frankly it would be boring as hell, that is why I think even if Castiel may be the true Castiel to come back (though the looking up into the sun and waking up, etc. could also perfectly be Other!Cas - then again that also would be too easy imo), his Shadow!Self has hitched a ride inside of him and is more of a part of him than it was prior - they could tie it all back to a “soul” in the end. I personally definitely felt like one needs to see Castiel’s expierences in the Empty in relation to Jack confessing to Mia that he “says he feels bad, but that he actually doesn’t feel anything”, because it works nicely with and calls back to S12 where the boys for a brief period of time had tried to extract the angelic part from Jack leaving him “only” with a soul. At the very least this line - even if Jack isn’t comparable to Soulless!Sam at all in all other departments - feels very similar to how Soulless!Sam tried to operate once Dean was with him. But given how hard it was for him to pretend, it remains to be seen if Jack will hit a similar wall at some point as well. I sure don’t hope so, but without any ups and downs his arc would be too boring, I suppose.

Okay putting aside how hilarious and painfully sad this episode was I wanna focus on this scene 

So first off the whole redhead obsession. I think the most obvious answer is whoever his wife was she’s a redhead which would make sense since Summer is a red head and no one yet seen in their family has red hair 

Also we see here that Rick might not have had a great relationship with his father seeing as he wanted unity to dress up as his father cheering Rick on. Something his real father probably never did. 

I’m really looking forward to understanding Ricks past and finally seeing who his wife is or was. I highly doubt she’s dead and god I hope she’s a badass

I rewatched the Season 2 finale ahead of the premiere, and the final scene between Barry and Iris is still so powerful, even after seeing it multiple times. How did it feel to finally get to play out that moment of intimacy after so many false starts between them? It was amazing, and what was interesting about that scene was that we were under the gun — we had a neighborhood curfew to shoot that; it was the last scene of the day and so Grant and I didn’t even have time to really rehearse, we were like, “let’s just skip rehearsal and shoot it.” So it’s a cool moment as an actor when you trust someone so much that you can sit down and do that, and I think we got a great moment out of that, just talking to each other. The lighting was beautiful and it just reminds you of a comic book — our director did an amazing job of getting that really iconic shot.

Now that Supergirl is officially part of The CW superhero family and will be crossing over to the other shows this season, what do you think Iris’ reaction to Kara (Melissa Benoist) would be if they met? I think they would get along famously - they have a similar quality in being kind of lighthearted girls next door, wanting the best for everyone. I think they would get along really well.

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9th December

Imagine bein in a cab and driving to the showplace of a murder together with you university colleague Sherlock. Both of you are pretty exited through the fact there is a killer you will catch.
“Hey, freak!”, a black woman greats Sherlock as you arrive at the crime scene. “She is a mean person, isn’t she?”, you whisper as both of you ignore the young police woman. “I believe she thinks you are a psychopath based on the fact you like to clear murders!”, you go on. Sherlock stars at you as if he had discovered a treasure. “Yes… I think so!”, he smiles and stares into your eyes, a little strange, but… maybe he sees something in you that he had not noticed before? Who knows.
As you see the vistim, lying on the floor of her very owne flat, you constantly know it was a man. At first the fact that someone strangled her, she is pretty tall and most women wouldn’t reach her neck, so it is most likely a man. Also there are Shoe prints on the ground, from male shoes. “It was a man! Tall, wearing Timberland shoes, likely to be her ex lover before she left him for a woman!”, Sherlock says, just as you discover the lingerie lying on the bed, too small to be from the woman who lies here, also it seems used and like someone who was here shortly ago would have ‘lost’ it while… you know! 
Tomorrow the story will go on, hope you have fun! :)


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‘That was an awesome red carpet. Did you do it?’


The Darjeeling Limited (2007) - Wes Anderson

I want us to make this trip a spiritual journey where each of us seek the unknown, and we learn about it. Can we agree to that?


Some time ago, our brother Branwell became involved with a married woman. Somehow that two-bit hussy Jane Austen found out about it.




“I do things because they feel good. I killed your High Sparrow, and all his little sparrows. All his Septons, and all his Septas. All his filthy soldiers. Because it felt good to watch them burn.