and this right here is why i dont make graphics

hellos all <3 its 010115 , a new year. so i guess its time to do a follow forever thing idk lol. no graphic or what so because i fail badly at that. i just want to thank all of you for everything hehe. on a side note , some of yall tags are hilarious and it just makes my day :“ hopefully you’ll see this & happy new year ! 

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hopefully i didnt miss anyone or make any mistakes. and note that i do not have a lot of mutuals because i am that potato otl  & to my followers , thank you for tolerating me ;a; i didnt expect my followers to increase these few days since im so dead lately but yea , all of you means a lot to me c:

hopefully yall dont mind but heres a recent selfie to make up for the lack of a fancy graphic edit idek 

(i removed the selfie lmao)

this is sedults’ 2nd follow forever! senpai LOOK AT ME!ahh omg you guys, i cannot even express what i feel right now because like i reached my goal of followers on tumblr and i would just like to thank all my followers for following me? a sorta crappy blog lol ((I DONT EVEN UNDERSTAND WHY I HAVE THIS MANY FOLLOWERs??)) haha thank you guys for occasionally sending me mail and making me smile :’–) you guys probably don’t know this but those letters make my day 100% better. thank you so much like x10000000 mhmmm.

I would also like to thank tea-lairs for letting me use her incredible piece of art for my follow forever! (THANK YOU SENPAI!!♡)  everybodyy go and follow this amazing blog right here thanks ~ 

like not even a week ago, i started posting my graphics and a lot of you guys have said so many nice things about them! i will post a whole lot more in the future, you guys keep me going lOL : ) btwww CHRISTY THIS WAS MOSTLY BECAUSE OF YOU SO HA ok, just lastly thank you for supporting me all this time. thanks for everything ;; BTW THIS REALLY BADLY EDITED THING UP THERE, YEAH I MADE IT OK I WAS LAZY 

ok so les’ go onto the follow forever! yehet ohorat!!

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thank you all adorable people for making my dashboard special ((idk tumblr says they never heard of some of the urls soo ;;)) (◑‿◐) not my fault lol, thank you all so so much and byee! p.s don’t be afraid to msg me!