and this psd is one of them

Chinese new year was yesterday and valentine’s day is this weekend, so here’s a little picture with themes from both (: enjoy yourselves with loved ones if you celebrate them! if not, enjoy this sketch :D


  • High resolution jpgs
  • Step by step work in progress screenshots
  • big, layered PSD file
  • full videos of the drawing process from start to finish

For this piece for my patrons of $5/$10/$15 at!


DSprayberry - Pastel Colors - Twitter headers with psd

• Click on the picture to save in high quality or try this link

If you want to use these headers on facebook try this link: Facebook headers

• Twitter & Facebook headers has different sizes, be sure to use the right one in each social network

• If you use them please post credits to me in twitter with the #sprayberryedits tag, please

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and this one? post/138155897066/you-need-to-stop-running-or-youre-never-really

here you go : housestyrell_skins_1.psd

example: x

anonymous also asked: could you share this psd, please post/138753805746/were-all-lonely-and-all-we-want-is-for-someone

here you go: housestyrell_skins_2.psd

example: x

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What’s up, guys? I’ve currently surpassed my first goal of 100 followers - and as a thank you, I’ve decided to release an icon psd pack. I have the psds I made for ofthanatos, as well as my old psds from this blog and foxliing. In total, there are:

  • three 150x150 icon psds (leighton, zendaya, nicola)
  • four 100x100 icon psds (tara, robyn, ariana, selena)
  • two 200x100 icon psds (megan, liz)
  • one 300x100 icon psd (priyanka)
  • one 110x110 icon psd (zoey)
  • & one 75x75 icon psd (yasmin)

there are FIVE icons where i’ve included a spot to put your url or an inital. if you use one of those, you may notice that it has more than one text box to put your url in - this is on purpose, to make fonts that can’t be bolded seem more bold. here are the fonts you’ll need (or feel free to change them & use some you already have ! )

if you choose to use one of my icon psds, you don’t have to use every element. for example, if you use priyanka’s, you can remove the overlay or the text or the border. i don’t care. the colorings & overlays aren’t mine and i don’t take credit for them, but i’ve had them for so long i honestly can’t tell you who the makers are.

as for crediting me, you don’t have to. i’d love it, but you don’t have to. however, please LIKE and/or REBLOG this if you download the pack, and maybe shoot me a message if you use them because I’d love to see them in use! also, please don’t claim as your own. because that would make me very sad - i made these for you, you beautiful people, and i want to keep making stuff like this, but i won’t if it gets stolen.

download link here | mediafire

               - please notify me if it isn’t working. i’ve never zipped a file before.
               - if you don’t wanna download the pack and just want a single png
               hmu for a link

   EEY!! aha shai here . someone asked for the psd I was using for my icons once slash how’d i do it , I was originally going to give it to them &. them only but hey , i’ve thought ‘ lmao why not upload them all bc weh ‘

  there aren’t really any rules , but please , PLEASE do not claim them as your own . credit isn’t necessary but is always appreciated  !

 LIKE / REBLOG if you plan on using  , please .

                                                 DOWNLOAD HERE


requested by no one. ——— i am just dumping some gif icons i never had the chance to post. here are #288 gif icons of dylan sprayberry, best known for his role of liam dunbar in teen wolf & young clark kent in man of steel. since these are older gif icons, there aren’t any psd’s or textures attached to these gif icons, sorry. none of the gifs belong to me, all i did was crop the majority of them. i’ll probably update / post a new hunt when season 5b is over. until then, if this helps in any way, please like or reblog !

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Do you have any tips for those who want to gif live gifs, but can't get the quality and sharpening to the optimum look like other gifs on tumblr?

it really comes down to video quality. like we’ve mentioned a few times on this blog, .ts files are the best when it comes to gifing live performances. it maintains the high-def tv quality pretty well, and you can download .ts files of live performances on kpopexciting, kpop24hrs and 4sashi. some fandoms (usually the bigger ones) may have people uploading videos in this quality. korean torrent sites may also have them too (i.e., torrentkim1, etorrent, tcafe, torrentrg)

as for maintaining that quality, sometimes less editing is better. depending on the quality, you may not have to sharpen. psds with loads of adjustments can affect the quality as well, so keep an eye on those.

for more specifics, we highly recommend asking these blogs for some advice because they are really good at doing these kinds of gifs. you can also look at our photoshop help tag for more tips!

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How do I put 3 different gifs into one so that the PSDs won't overlap on top of the gifs on the bottom? I tried saving 3 of the gifs by itself and then put it onto a different canvas but it turns out to be a bit grainier than it was before. Is there a different way to do this?

Yes! Go ahead and put your gifs without the colorings on one canvas like you did, then put all three PSDs on that canvas too, obviously on top of your gifs. So it’ll look something like this. (Imagine my picture layers are your smart objects)

Then press and hold control and click the preview of your first layer while you have the psd group you want to be on that layer selected. 

Then click this button at the bottom of your layers pallet

Then this will happen on your layer. The white part is the only part your psd will show on in your canvas.

Then repeat that with the rest of them so they look like this. 

If you have any questions about that let me know! I hope that helped you!

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Heyy there c: Do you animate 12 frames per second, or 24? Also can you tell how to import the psd-files as frames into ToonBoom? Oh, and do you like flatten the layer, when you have colored it and put the shadows on it? aa, hopefully you understood the questions :'D

I always work on 24 fps, working mostly on twos though with occasional ones and threes where I need them. I honestly don’t know if it’s possible to import .psd files into Toon Boom. :? Normally, I just import each frame as .png files separately, then cut and paste them into one layer on the timeline.

Lastly, Toon Boom Studio doesn’t let you work on more than one layer when it comes to lineart and color, so yes, each frame is automatically flattened before I add shading. Hope this answers your questions! c:

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How do you do the instant message / texting pics for your legacy?

I searched for Whatsapp/Text PSD templates and found a couple different ones that I liked (here and here). Then I sort of combined them both into one to make something that I liked. I don’t mind sharing the PSD I made if anyone else wants to use it, just send me an ask or an instant message :)

EDIT: I also get the emoji’s from this pack.

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I was wondering about the cozy cats studio thing and how it says it comes in a zip file of SAI and something else. Do you have to have those programs to make use of all the stuff? Just curious about it because I'm considering buying it.

It comes in a zip file full of Sai and PSD files and my brush settings. I honestly do not recommend using any other programs to use these files. All the tails, ears, hair, face and clothes parts etc are on separate layers organized in appropriately labeled layer groups!  Depending on which one you choose emails are sent out each month (or bi-annually) with new stuff in them from me and artists ive hand picked to work along side :)

Beneath the cut are one hundred and twenty four bordered icons of Big Sean as requested by no one at all. I just noticed his resources are limited and I’ve made a bunch for my own rp use. None of the images are originally mine, I simply resized and threw a psd or two on them. Please like/reblog if you find these helpful !!

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My PBC babies finally came in! The record wait time for the first two came out at 53 days. XD I’m just happy to finally have them! The top ones were done by Nima who is incredibly kind and patient with me. The bottom two by Roark and once we get everything set up, my sister and I will be selling PSD uses for them.

The ones on the left are mine, the ones on the right my sister got to keep.

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Any tips for people who have been doing photoshop for a while but that we might have missed along the way? Like something you found really useful?

1) The ‘Q’ keyboard shortcut is one of my go-to shortcuts

2) Shuffling the adjustment layers of PSDs usually makes for some a+ colourings

3) Experiment with lots of different fonts to find one you absolutely love

4) I’d recommend making your own base colouring PSDs in advance for speed when making gifs (if you make PSDs) - I have a couple for each youtuber I gif so I alternate between them

5) I always save as ‘pattern’ not ‘diffusion’ as it makes the quality better when making gifs

6) If you make a lot of edits, make base PSDs for certain animations eg: I have a PSD saved from when I made the moving box on this graphic in case I ever wish to use it again

7) When I make my gifs, I like to use more selective colour layers than saturation because I think it looks smoother (that’s my opinion but y’know)

That’s all I can think of right now but if I can think of any others, I’ll add to this post.

Got any Photoshop Q’s?

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How do u make edits like the most recent one posted?

I use photoshop and I make the template by going to File > New and selecting which dimensions I want. 

Then I just crop whatever pictures I wish to add to the template

After I have cropped all the pictures that I want, I drag them down so that they’re a new window and then click on the image and drag it onto the template

So I do this for every picture until I have all 8 on the template. Then I simply add whatever coloring I want to add. I added my own psd but if you don’t want to use your own (or don’t know how), its.photoshop has lots to choose from and plenty of tutorials as well on how to color. 

All that’s left now is to add the text. I go to the text icon and click on it then I just simply write “M A R A” on my template and drag it so it’s lined up where I want it to be.

And there you go!