and this program makes me nostalgic

Mob Psycho 100 chapter 98.6

- shiratori brothers got their moment; now leave

-ritsu isnt needed and have complex (ç-ç)

-takenaka havent programs for new years eve (ç-ç)

-reigen finally<3

-reigen nostalgic and sounding always as a sad man(ç-ç)

-serizawa!!!<3 confort reigen a bit..

- not he has friends (ç-ç)

- seri friends > reigen friends

- beuatiful the part reigen ask his second disciple to drink and not eat (translate: want you be sad with me?)

- reigen know driving (?? or not; it would be funny if he had only to rent the car and mob use powers to make it fly ahah)

- mob and reigen pass the new years eve together *-* i love it; and the reference to mobpuz line

- takenaka probably will read reigens mind xD

- tome x.x not do it (ç-ç) dont get serious

- the last sentence literally broke my heart o-o


Um…cool? Apparently Her is working on an app for kids to introduce them to programming.


-I liked Her’s reasoning for this “ Part of the inspiration for this new game series came from the many fan emails and letters we have received over the years telling us how Her Interactive games influenced STEM education and career choices.” Their hearts are really in the right place. 

-Her!? Drawing Nancy’s FACE!?! BLASPHEMYYYY! I think the art’s fine, not anything amazing but it makes me nostalgic for old point and click edutainment games :)


-That theme song is HORRIBLE. It sounds like something I made up in two seconds? “Codes and Cluuuuuuues!” why.

-Nancy’s personality is way off from Her’s usual games. She’s way more perky than usual and I feel like she’s usually more modest about her accomplishments? This Nancy feels like a combo between Bess and George. 


-Nancy’s VA isn’t terrible just kinda generic, perky heroine voice. I wonder how old she is in Codes & Clues? Probably younger. Anyway, I’m the fence :P


I’d play it. I know it’s for younger kids but that’s never stopped me before! I honestly know nothing about programming so it might even be informative. Bring on the -crappy theme song voice- “CODES AND CLUUUUUES”