and this pic was from the concert i went to ;;

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Name: Kerry

Gender: Female

Star sign: Capricorn

Height: 4′11 (i envy all talk people)

Sexuality: straight

What images do you have set as your desktop/cell wallpapers?: desktop is a pic from a bastille concert i went too (check them out if you dont know them!!), phone is me and my bff

Have you ever had a crush on a teacher?: no i dont think i have!!

What was your last text message?: “when ur trying to sue ur work” with a screenshot of me searching workers rights hahaha its been a day

What do you see yourself doing in 10 years?: if i aint married to the love of my life sipping cocktails somehwere with at least 5 dogs im SUING

If you could be anywhere else right now, where would you be?: japan probably

What was your coolest halloween costume?: im a basic bitch and have no cool costumes :(((

What was your favorite 90’s show?: friends!! or frasier

Who was your last kiss?: a guy from a tinder date (never again tbh)

Have you ever been stood up?: no thank god

Favorite ice cream flavor?: chocolate or mint

Have you been to Las Vegas?: yessss i went in may and my ass had to be dragged back out because i LOVED it 

What is your favorite fruit?: raspberries

Your favorite pair of shoes?: a pair of chunky heels ive had for years and refuse to give up

What’s your favorite book?: harry potter and the goblet of fire 

What’s the stupidest thing you’ve ever done?: accidentally drove at LEAST 20 miles with a flat without realising

What loser?: eddie and stan, god i love my kids

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I love your art so much and I want to draw like you someday!! Sorry to bother, but what did Veruca and Olly look as teenagers? Thank for taking time to read this!! I love you and your art just SO MUCH!!

Thank you so much you’re too sweet!! Olly and Ruca don’t look that much different from when they were teens but Olly had a 90′s hottopic goth look and  used to have his lip and nose pierced. I think Oliver has always dressed alternative, Ruca however wasn’t always very alternative her and her sister went to a school where they wore uniforms so she couldnt really dress how she wanted to all the time  but would dye her hair black and wore a LOT of eyeliner haha! It was only around the time she met Olly at 15 that she started dressing how she wanted. In the pic they’re probably hanging out before a Manson concert!

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What do you guys think about that time that the media actually thought that her and karlie were together and she said to stop saying she's dating all her friends? Was that her just not being ready, orr?

it happened right after Kissgate (dec 4th, 2014)…It was Tay’s tweet & immediate “reaction” to the huge buzz about the video of them kissing (twice) at this concert….It was the ONLY moment when she also liked a few shady homophobic posts on tumblr, the only time….

Some Kaylors think Kissgate was made on purpose for the girls to “test the water” about a going public planned for a few months after that, same for the Vogue cover/photoshoot at the same time, the best best friends video, and of course the VS Fashion show: all part of it…..Others believe Kissgate was an accident bc Tay was indeed very inhibited bc of alcohol, and as a result more spontaneous and affectionate with Kar….

What is certain: Before the concert that evening, Tay liked a few Kaylor posts on tumblr (including the famous one saying “to turn straight girls gay for a week end” (lol) 

Bc of the body language Tay had at the concert (there is pretty much every interactions between them on video (combined from many different persons), i think she was half drunk for real (i’ve watched all of them, over and over again), some movements/body language seem too spontaneous to be that calculated, there’s a moment where Kar is trying to calm things down when Tay grabs her from the waist, Kar keeps her arms up & remains laid back (maybe for Tay not to be able to kiss her (bc it happened at the end of the concert, and there had been 1 or 2 kisses already)…And of course, when the girls left the concert with Martha, Lily A and others, holding Tay (who still looks tipsy (notice Kar wears a scarf around her neck (clearly bc of red lipstick marks (lol) and Tay’s red lipstick is in bad shape too ;) 

They all look quite worried and way too serious, for it to have been premeditated : bc they knew it was gonna be Hell in the Media the next day…

People were tweeting live during the concert, (tweets are in the archives) saying : “Confirmed, Taylor is making out with Karlie” or “Why is Taylor Swift behaving like a lesbian ?” (something like that)….

I really think something happened earlier that day, for Tay to drink before the concert and like these specific posts, maybe a clash with BM and/or her team/parents bc she wanted to go public in the next future, but it was firmly declined for some reason (bc of album & ticket sales for the tour maybe..) and it pissed her off, so she had a few drinks, liked a few very gay posts for Kaylors to notice, and went all “fuck it” at that concert, maybe hoping that people taking pics & videos from their phones, wouldn’t give them other choice than confirming their relationship afterwards….it’s a possibility, bc the Vogue cover, shoot, the best best friend video, the VS FShow : it was probably all part of a going public plan at that time..I can’t believe objectively that it was just a super big glass closet, without a plan behind it at the time, bc after Kissgate, things changed radically, with their interactions, and so many other elements….

Remember: Paula & her team were fired when the girls came back from Big Sur in march 2014, Tay hired Tree, and then the glass closet began…..

Look at the pics (below) of them leaving the concert, seriously….look at their faces, how serious, worried they were, except for Tay, who was all smile; they had to hold her to help her walk to the car….they never do that, never…..That’s why i beleve she was really half drunk that evening….

For the tweets from ppl who were there, type kissgate in the search bar in our accounts, it’s all there ;) 


I thought I should finally submit the story between these two pics. Last year I was lucky enough to go to NYC to see EXO and was even more lucky to bump into Sehun, Suho and D.O on the streets on time square. This time around, I went back to NYC for the exo'rdium concert! The concert was amazing as always and it was so good to see EXO live again!

Now to how I met Oh Sehun, my bias again :’)
We discovered on the day of the concert that our airbnb was actually right across from the hotel EXO was staying in NYC. The day after the concert, my friend and I went to Starbucks for coffee in the morning. While we were at Starbucks, my friend realized that Sehun and his manager had just walked out of their hotel and we’re off walking. I was in complete shock because SEHUN!!! so my friend encouraged me to go after him and ask for a photo or autograph. At first I was very reluctant because I was really intimidated and shy but I realized another girl had just went up to him to ask for a selfie so I thought, why not?

So I went up to him and I quietly called out his name and he turned towards me and I asked for the 1st selfie and he said “Yeah sure come” and we took the photo and I thanked him and he did the same and I went back towards my friend. I was practically in tears right after and I told her what happened and she also wanted a selfie so we went back towards Starbucks where Sehun and his manager were at ordering coffee.

So this time my friend goes up to Sehun and asks for a photo and he says ok and I’m on the side just watching with a big smile on my face. As they finish taking their photo I’m still looking at Sehun with the biggest smile ever and he looks back towards me and smiles also. I don’t know what possessed me but I went up to him again and asked for another photo while giggling. Sehun started giggling also and was like “come come” and touched my hand and pulled me to his side and we took the 2nd photo ( MIND YOU I LOOKED LIKE SHIT THAT DAY CAUSE NYC WEATHER WAS DISGUSTING) but we took the photo and I look up at him and he’s smiling down at me and he thanks me and I say thank you back and my friend was talking to the manager because he was asking where we were from and my friend said we came from Canada and Sehun had overheard and was like “oh Canada?! Woah!” and I was like yeah we come from Quebec and the manager was like “oh french!” and all four of us started laughing and then we all said thank you to each other and our goodbyes and wished Sehun and his manager a safe flight to Mexico. We left Starbucks after that and just fangirled of course but we got to also see the rest of EXO (accept for Suho and Chen) as they were leaving their hotel.

That’s my 2nd EXO experience for you!
From: Ruth 😊


“See you there”

Apart from rebranding, this statement could be related to a new chapter of BTS + their next comeback. If you went to their concert, you may remember that during a few of their VCRs, it seems like they were reminiscing and walking through their “past” one last time before moving forward through the doorways into the light aka “beyond the scene”.

This Day in 1D History - April 13


  • the boys do a quick end-of-TXF-Tour Q&A (posted)


  • journalism at its finest
  • Liam’s VEVO LIFT interview is posted
  • “Harry and Lux doin some spreadsheets makin some deals” (via Lou’s Insta)
  • Up All Night Tour concert – Sydney, Australia 


  • Take Me Home Tour concert – Sheffield, UK #2 


  • Lilo discover Niall’s mishap from a few days prior (lmao)
  • …and start writing MITAM!!!!
  • Niall heads home from the Masters 

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I would still loooove to hear your full thoughts on your show whenever you have the time! haha no rush I just wouldn't want you to think no one cares anymore :)

ok! so! hi! I’m so sorry it’s taken my so long to get around to this.  Real life has been stupid busy and then you probably saw that I traveled down to DC to see his show there too and spend some time with some amazing humans.  So let me see what i can remember.  I took some videos at the concert BUT the phone I recorded them on died.  Word of advice?  Always listen to your mom when she tells you to just pay apple the money and let them change your battery for you rather than trying to change it yourself.  You will end up destroying your phone and need to get a new one right away since you’re leaving town ridiculously early the next morning and you need a phone because you’re meeting up with people and you also want to take pics and videos at a concert. ANYWAY. my point is i’m doing this all from memory.  I suppose I should put it under the cut since it’s pretty long.  

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Sophie I wanted to tell you something cause i'm confused and idk what's happening to me and i trust you. So I went to the today show, i was in line since 4pm, i met Camila when she brought the empanadas, we took a group pic that she posted on her snapchat. After that roger gave us passes for the M&G and i was so excited because it's the third time I met and I don't have a decent pic with her. The concert was AMAZING, she was phenomenal so i was really having fun. At the M&G i told her (cont.)

(cont.) that I came from Italy just to see her, that i’m so proud of her and that I love her and she was so happy she kept saying that she loves me so much and I was so happy in that moment. After this the guy who was taking the picture didn’t want us to do a single picture but a group pic and i was so disappointed. So i went to the hotel where she was staying cause i wanted to take a good pic and have her write me a tattoo but when i got there some girls told us that she switched hotel. (cont.)

(cont.) When I heard that i was so fucking sad i started crying hysterically since i got home and i can’t help but feel like this deep sadness and have this feeling that i’ll never meet her again. Idk what to do and why this is happening to me😭😔

That sucks sweets, but why do you think you’ll never meet her again? The girl is gonna put an album out, I’m sure she’s gonna be a tour junky and do M&G for sure, so why wouldn’t you be able to see her again? She’ll probably do a european tour, she will come to Italy, so there’s a big chance that if you really want to (and have the money for it 😑) you’ll be able to see her again

Okay but I have this headcanon that Nico knows so many celebrities because, really, he can shadowtravel everywhere. So:

- he goes to concerts for free (motherfucker)

- he sneakes to meet&greet’s for free

- he even went to the Oscars one night and someone took a pic of him on the red carpet

- and he was “ah yeah I’m super famous this aviator jacket is Armani”

- and really it IS Armani because he stole it from Armani’s closet

- he took a coffee with several actors and singers and no one ever noticed, thinking he was someone from their staff’s son

- Nico also shadowtravelled in the White House and Obama stared at him for a while and then just shrugged

- he’s seen so many dude celebrities naked it’s umbelievable

- Will is deeply jealous of that

- “where the hell have you been the past two hours?!” “there was this show at the Opera House in Sydney” “wHAT”

- he’s close friend with the Queen Elizabeth II and they have tea together every Wednesday at 5 pm

- but most important thing he scares the shit out of Percy whenever he has the occasion, and that’s by far his biggest conquest

- his cabin is basically a stock room for things he stole from celebrities’ houses

- but not expensive things; Nico steals the stupidest shit ever like a Super Mario shaped coffee mug or a pillow with dancing skeletons on it

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Out of curiosity, what do you mean by a group's dynamic towards each other changes??

A world tour is unimaginably stressful. Being with the same people for so long under stressful circumstances really strains the relationship, no matter what. It’s different when you’re dorming together or promoting in one place, during a tour you’re forced to stay healthy, positive, in a good relationship, perform perfectly, but it’s like hanging out with your siblings: you love them but you can’t stand them when you’re forced to be with them no matter what. ugly things come out and you learn more of someone that you’d rather miss out on. it’s happened to a lot of groups, they mature quickly and get professional, mull over life choices and have that dreaded “is the idol life for them” thoughts 

I think a Seventeen example of this would be last year during their fanmeet tour. They were going country to country and it was their first time on an overseas tour and while it was just fanmeets, it was a lot for them and a really big change in their career. Woozi stated it was the first time he was able to channel sadness in a song, and that’s how “Smile Flower” was born. I wasn’t really convinced it was a song for the carats (why would it, they see carats all the time) and this might be a personal speculation but i really thought Woozi wrote this song for SEVENTEEN. I thought they wrote this song for each other, because even if they’re apart and not a group anymore, they would still love and respect each other. I’m not trying to discredit the “original” meaning behind the song, but it is a possibility. Here’s some examples from “Smile Flower”s lyrics, because I even thought the lyrics represented the individual member’s mentality w/sadness

Vernon:  How happy I am, how beautiful you are / About us, who is second to none 

It really relates to Vern’s “go with the flow” aspect of this career, as he’s explained it wasn’t his intention to become an idol, that the job just fell into his lap and he went with it. And it shows even though things could turn sour, he’s staying positive and enjoying life as it comes 

Minghao:  Why am I hesitating? / I don’t wanna be like this

His line really got to me. Everyone knew that out of all the members, that Minghao had the least amount of confidence in 2016. He was not as renowned as the other members, was losing weight dramatically, and had the least amount of fansites (his only fansite that went to their concert got kicked out for violating the rules, which was why there were no fansite pics of him) He was probably one of the members that was having the hardest time, not knowing whether he was “good enough” and from there changed his image from “cool cutie” to “infinite possibilities” it reminded me how much he must’ve been going through, questioning his presence in the group, and needing to constantly fight internal battles between their hard schedules. 

Even though I’m showing a rather *negative* example of a group dynamic changing, it isn’t necessarily for the worst. They’re much, much stronger now. Their fandom is stronger, they’re stronger, their music is stronger. The best part about sadness is that it’s an energy, and energy can be redirected into something better and seventeen has reached unimaginable heights in their career people never would’ve imagined in such a short amount of time. 

anon who asked me about 2014

tumblr deleted my response so I’ll do it like this

right after Seungri’s accident there was a Yg Family concert and Jiyong kept praying and just look at his eyes xxx 

then there was also the Chanel event he went to and the press conference from the YG Family concert and these are the best pics I could find

It looks like a pic from @b-pandari as you can see his eyes were ready to cry and he did his best to look composed and I’ve seen him almsot cry during the win final too 

2014 was pretty messy , the company tried to cover the accident with the K*ik* dating story and that blew up, it was everywhere and there was also a photo shoot with dispatch to make them look real 

Seungri had also said that Jiyong did not visit him in the hospital so yeah… it just all fits and Jiyong said at the concert in Berlin that there is a link between Vanilla Sky and untitled 2014 and the scenery from the mv is pretty similar as well as the jumping from a roof top; and in vanilla sky there was also a car accident of a loved one 

and now a question for you: would you let  someone make fun of such a song? a song that talks about wanting to die to be able to meet your lover , that reminds you of immense pain and despair?

I would not let anyone do this no matter how close we are, yet Jiyong let Seungri do it at the Tokyo concert, there was no hint of sadness at that time

Let’s Talk About ‘The Fight’

Hello, friends!

As you may know, many of us predicted that there would be some sort of falling out between Zig and MC this chapter. Boy, were we right. I even had the nerve to write a super sad fic about it so I definitely thought I was prepared, but alas I didn’t know how difficult it would be to see it play out before my eyes. It was rough.

But, because I can’t help myself, I would like to take some time to break down what happened during this fight and give a little bit of what I noticed and took away from the various moments as well as the overall scene. I’ll try not to make this the most long-winded thing ever, but you know me…

Okay, here we go!

Whew boy. The moment I saw all this I was like…it’s about to get really real outside of this venue. Yikes!

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- Louis, Harry and Niall will be playing at iheart festival (i’m watching you, Liam)

- Louis posted a pic of Clif

- he also went to Green Day’s concert yesterday 

- new pic of Louis from the shoot 

- Louis hit 28M followers on twitter 

- Liam went to the Emporio Armani Show

- Harry played at the The GRAMMY Museum (not sure if you saw this, so i’m adding it)

- Niall, bless his heart, accepted Cristino’s challenge 

- and posted this pic for (one of his many) friend’s birthday 

not related to the boys, but Dua Lipa was looking very cute and everyone should see it 

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Why aren't there any videos or pics from Ash's bday party??we hardly got anything I knw he is a private person when it comes to his personal life bt this is huge n seems like no1's sharing anything n it upsets me

He’s been inactive lately and he normally either goes inactive because he feels like he needs to or he just want’s to (from what I’ve seen). He and his friends (I’m pretty sure) went to a concert and then they went to his house to celebrate. A lot of his friends posted ALT (all time low) concert snaps and then we got like one video from hoegs instagram story of them singing happy birthday at his house. I think nobody posted anything because he wanted it to be like that, he wanted it to be calm and not just phones everywhere plus he’s been inactive lately so it kinda makes sense that he wouldn’t want people snap chatting him and stuff. Maybe he’s been getting into that nature/friends/alone time/Ashton where he wants to take a break from the media for a while and hang out with his friends more and enjoy his birthday. 

Shica posted a video on her snapchat and I think you can hear a vacuum sound and apparently, Ashton was cleaning 😂aww (idk why him cleaning is so cute to me)

I feel like that's it but idk that's just my prediction ;). Also sorry that this was long -A🎱

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Ok, this will be another master post so could you do that copy and paste thing and if I run out of room and submissions just wait to post until I say POST because this will be long but good. Harry says a girl who he had a recent relationship with who had also affected him in the past couple of years has influenced a large part of his album. Now, we know the most recent relationship Harry was in was with Kendall as in the BBC interview, Harry says he hasn't dated since the beginning of February

“2)of 2016 (around the time Hendall broke up). Kendall would also fit the description as they were involved in 2013/14 and they have been friends throughout the years. But the problem is, I don’t think Harry and Kendall were that much in love. And I’m not saying this because I ship Haylor but because if they were then basically every piece of Haylor proof from 2014 onwards wouldn’t make sense. So I’ll start in 2013 after Haylor had broken up. We have Harry and Taylor breakup but then have a small
3)reunion (possibly only for hookups) in January 2013 in Cannes where they are together. They specifically aren’t seen together because they don’t want the public to know and articles are written about them. Then they cool off at the Brits (they are seen flirting and possibly hooking up with other people). But, by April, we have Harry missing Taylor as the boys tease him in Little Things. Throughout the rest of 2013, we have little hints of Harry missing Taylor such as assuming an interviewer
4)was talking about Taylor’s perfume, the VMAs, Harry’s friend tweeting him WANEGBT lyrics and he says please??, and then comes November. Harry and Kendall are seen together for the first time and it can be assumed their relationship started around then. However, Harry also says in an interview (regarding exes and Taylor) that sometimes if you have feelings for an ex, it’s ok to get back together with them. We also have MM come out which has Happily which Harry said he wrote about a relationship
5)in which your ex is with someone else and you want them back (could be about Tay bc she said in style that she tried to get over harry with other guys but couldn’t). Also about not caring what others say (the main cause of their breakup). By Taylor’s birthday, Harry tweets the Winding Wheel lyrics (while dating Kendall) on Taylor’s birthday as well as posts the Cannes sunset picture. While this is going on, not only is Harry dating Kendall, but he is also hanging out with Ed, Taylor, Courtney
6)Cox, and Johnny McCaid in Cox’s Malibu house (Courtney followed them all on the same day and she said it was really fun passing beer around and playing the guitar and this continues throughout Hendall 1.0). Gemma also hints that Harry may not like Kendall as much as everyone thinks as she tweets "trust me, Harry is putting his arm around Kendall [at the Eagles concert] to strangle her”. Then in February, Taylor writes 1989 with Style being the last song she writes. Although people think
7)were little more than a crush then and certainly not hooking up. Also Taylor implies that they were on and off more than once, so now would fit the timeline. This is just a theory, but I think maybe in January (detail about the man in styles is taking off his coat implying winter) Harry gave Taylor a ride home from hanging out with Ed and them and they hooked up (while he was dating Kendall yikes). We also have Taylor writing IWYW about Harry telling her that whole thing and he probably told
8)her at this time because they were friends. It would also make sense that Harry gave Taylor a ride home then because they had houses really close to each other. Then Kendall and Harry breakup seemingly amicably at the end of February except Kendall likes a post saying boys are mean and to eat vegetables do squats and wear red lipstick. Also in Feb/Jan of 2014, we have Harry pinning a post on his old Pinterest (it doesn’t exist anymore) about how beautiful and “vocally aweing” Taylor’s
10)performance of ATW at the Grammys was and how Red deserved a Grammy (thx Harry finally someone said it). Also, a fan sends him a direct with a picture of Taylor and he opens it. Anyway, Hendall breaks up and Harry, in the following month (March 2014 and throughout the rest of 2014) writes a string of songs that are almost positively about Taylor (I Love You, WDBHG, Just a Little Bit of Your Heart, Someday Maybe, Not Our Fault). Also, Harry gives I Love You to Alex and Sierra under his pen name
11)which is important because at this same time, Alex and Sierra are hanging out with Taylor because Sierra posts a picture of Taylor’s cat. Also, in that interview Alex and Sierra not only say that whoever wrote I Love You not only had a fling with Taylor but was also really good friends. We know for certain that throughout 2014, Harry and Taylor were friends as not only did this all happen, but Taylor also said she was “really close friends” with the person who 1989 was about in interviews as
12)well as the secret sessions. It is also important to note that Harry wrote it secretly and then, when a fan met Ariana Grande recently (this may be a troll) Ariana said JALBOYH was about a secret lover of Harry’s and then when another fan asked if it was Taylor she winked (COULD TAYLOR AND HARRY HAVE BEEN SECRETLY DATING IN 2014/HOOKING UP IN SECRET AS THE MEDIA WAS TOO MUCH FOR PUBLIC?). We all know what happens in 2015 but my point is this: if Hendall was that influential in 2014 none of
13)this would have happened and if it was, then all of this haylor proof couldn’t be true. The Hendall relationship resulted in single Kendall and Harry and Harry and Taylor writing tons of love songs about one another. If Harry really loves Kendall (and this was his longest relationship with her) then he wouldn’t have hung out with ed and Taylor, wouldn’t have hooked up with Taylor as style says, wouldn’t have posted winding wheel lyrics, wouldn’t have said he wanted to get back together with
14)an ex, wouldn’t have pinned a tweet about her brilliance, wouldn’t have opened that direct, and overall, wouldn’t have been involved with another girl (particularly his ex) while he had a girlfriend. From that relationship all we can conclude is that Harry and Taylor hooked up/were friends in 2014 and wrote songs about one another-they still had feelings for one another but one of them (Taylor) didn’t want to go on). Ok, so that was the most serious Hendall round and it had little impact on
15)Harry. Now for the yacht. We already knew they were friends in 2015. Can I mention though that even when they were friends then, they didn’t have some secret love as who did Harry write MITAM about? Yeah not Kendall, even though he could have if she meant that much to him. So Taylor was with Calvin and we have Harry inviting Cara and Kendall to a 1D concert and then they went on the yacht and I will say they were definitely more than friends but we also have to remember that Harry signed his
16)deal on the yacht and it just so happens Kendall is friends with all of those people. Ok, then by the end of January, they aren’t together anymore and what does Harry do? He thinks about Taylor just as he did in 2014. He tweets 22 lyrics on his bday as well as likes an insta pic from Paige reifler. He also tweets a lyrics by Norah Jones from “Come Away With Me” about wanting a lover you can’t have or want to come away to a secret place). Also, if you believe all of the hscox94/Spotify account
17)account stuff, there are subtl haylor vibes. The point being: he is single. And did he have to be single, no because he didn’t go away to film Dunkirk for another month or so. Then after the pictures are leaked, Harry and Kendall are seen shopping together in LA in April. Not a reunion, but simply proves they are friends-always have been probably always will be. Then, come September after Harry contributes some Haylor-like vibes to Another Man Magazine (possibly a reach but that poem and the
18)Stevie Nicks thing), Kendall and Harry are seen getting lunch in LA, but Harry’s team immediately confirms that they are only friends. Then it’s nothing until November, when Harry, as a friend, is invited to her bday party and they take a picture together, but more importantly, a picture is taken of Kendall making out with someone with Harry right next to them on his phone. Then on New Years Kendall is seen kissing ASAP Rocky or some other guy and then they avoid each other at the KOL concert
19)Since then, nothing. My point about this is: they are friends. This shouldn’t come as a surprise since they have many mutual friends, and split amicably both times around, and go to each other’s bday parties. Kendall is not at his 23rd though. Ok, now this is really recent, but Kendall basically confirmed she is having a friends-with-benefits type of thing with ASAP Rocky in her Harpers Bazaar article (everyone kind of suspected this already, they were seen at Coachella all touchy, and out an
20)about in London–note she wasn’t with Harry who was in London at the time but with ASAP). So once again, my point is they are friends. Harry may not love Taylor anymore, but it certainly wouldn’t make very much sense if the girl who influenced a huge part of his album was Kendall. In 2014, he was fine cheating on her and breaking up, in 2016, he was fine ending their relationship from the yacht and being friends, and in 2016/17 he is fine seeing her kiss other guys at her party and although
21)are friends, things might still be icy as they didn’t talk during KOL concert. I do think, since they split amicably and are still friends, that they might/are up to getting back together in that sort of friend-like way (Harry even says he has a couple of flames left in the BBC radio–and I think Kendall is one of them). I just think that the way Harry spoke about this girl in Rolling Stones, it just doesn’t fit to him and Kendall. He even said he wanted to give whomever not only a tip of the
21)but the whole cap and do you really think that girl is the same girl he had no problem watching kiss some other guy or didn’t talk to at a concert? If he did, I support him 100% and although I love Haylor, if it is about Hendall, that’s fine as long as he is happy. Besides the point of his music-of all music- is not to speculate but to listen and enjoy. So I did this for some fun I know I’m a loser but ultimately whoever it’s about it doesn’t matter because I will be buying and listening POST"


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i really kinda wanna send you a full-length selfie i took this particular day when i was 15f, just you you can see what i looked like right before i went to a fateful concert where i would end up getting separated from my two friends and one of their moms and raped by 3 older guys, but i don't know how to send pics anonymously....

Oh wow, that took a dark turn. I’m sorry that happened. Well you can always DM me and everything said is always private I don’t share any of it. I’m Assuming it’s a clothed pic as well lol.


Went to a Schubertiade last weekend so figured it would be a good time to post a few pics!

The first two were from the concert, the third from getting guacamole (also so excited about full ver erlkonig musik! it sounds amazing!)

and the last is my completed Schubert musik baton! Though I’m not planning on cosplaying him I made another for a friend who is! If anyone wants maybe I can try to write a tutorial for making the musik baton as well!


Took a break from Tumblr for a bit…just to enjoy life and not freak about dieting and weight-loss. Here’s a few clips from the things I did and enjoyed. I went to my good friends race and he took me for a ride in his car (only about half throttle) but it was awesome. Went to a metal concert and saw Of Mice and Men, Avatar and In This Moment. Finally, I had my best friend over for a makeup party where I decided I’m going to dedicate my Instagram to makeup pics.
All of this happened and I didn’t gain weight and it wasn’t consuming my brain. I still was aware of intake and was working out but I definitely needed it. Never give up 💪