and this pic was from the concert i went to ;;

So a crew member on Outlander has her birthday party at the concert last night and both AD from the show, and Sam both also post about the show. Now it may be that this person had her birthday with just a few nonwork friends and the other two were there independently but Outlander crew and cast seem a convivial group and I would think it was possible that some of her work acquaintances and friends could have turned up. (And if it was truly a bit of a birthday party that only increases the possibility that Cait went along as her presence would be easier to explain in a group outing of a group from the show out to celebrate a birthday) And as to the difference in location between this pic and Sam’s- there are no assigned seats- there is no seating at all- these are standing room concerts and people are always moving about during the performance. Sam’s pic is from the side of the room over by the bar and it’s small seating area which is located in an alcove off of the left side of the room as you are facing the stage. When he took the pic he seems to be standing on the edge of the room just in front of where the sound board operator would be sitting on the left side of the stage as you are facing it. With a wall behind him there and the crowd all focused on the direction of the stage to the right of him it would be easy to avoid being in candid pics of the crowd from that spot. The party girl could have easily moved out into the audience congregating in front of the stage for her pic and then back to her friends at the side of the room later. Most times when I’ve been at these venues people move up near the front, stay for a few songs, and then shift back again to rejoin friends etc. that’s the beauty of the standing concert venue- everybody can have a chance at a front row seat- or a spot in front of the sound board that no one is paying attention to!

**Sorry, we couldn’t find a pic from australia 2004 that was big enough

I met all 3 guys in Australia in 2004, twice in the one night after the concert. Zac was very friendly and charismatic, chatting freely and being very genuine and talking on a personal level. Isaac was more reserved and polite and Taylor seemed happy and friendly but not as chatty as Zac. This was the night it was rumoured that the guys (maybe only Taylor was married) and the crew and band took off their wedding rings and drank till the early morning in the bar at the concert and went home with fans. None of the wives/girlfriend or family came to this tour. This was a very small concert and all the band and crew seemed like they were in great spirits when I saw them about 10/11pm. I wish I had stayed!


I still can’t move on that Junmyeon actually got the storm trooper plush I bought for him and my letter I placed with the tag too! I was losing hope that he might not see it but SEHUN SAW IT AND READ THE NAME over that green neon paper I wrapped around that says “SUHO” (too bad I didn’t take a pic of it because I was already so hassled with the concert itself.) THEN SEHUN WENT TO JUNMYEON AND GAVE IT TO HIM AND JUNMYEON’S FACE WAS GOLD THAT I STARTED CRYING NONSTOP because his FACE WAS PRICELESS. I WAS SO HAPPY THAT I MADE HIM HAPPY IN JUST A SIMPLE WAY. He even brought the plush all the way backstage and it felt like he also searched for the one who gave it to him (and I wanted to scream it was from me!!!) Last night was the greatest night ever! I finally made Junmyeon smile and it was because of one of my efforts as a fan.

I love you Junmyeona. Please always remember what I said in my letter and I hope you love that storm trooper as how much I love you. ❤️


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26, 34, 49 :)

26. You just got a free plane ticket to anywhere in the world, but you have to leave immediately. Where are you going to go?

Africa. I’ve been in love with the nature there since i’m a little kid and i’d love to go.

34. What was your last dream about?

Ok so my last dream wasn’t interesting at all so I’m gonna tell you about the dream I had a couple days back.

I met Harry :) He was walking out from this concert and most fans went the wrong way, so I was walking down some other street and I see him with Dua and other friends I think, so I go and say hi to them and we start chatting about random things. I ask for a picture but I tell him not of our faces because i don’t like pictures of my face. We end up taking a pic of our hands and his anchor tattoo <3

49. If you could breed two animals together to defy the laws of nature, what new animal would you create?

SUCH A GOOD QUESTION. I first thought of flying kitties but.. god.. they could get anywhere. idk if it’s a good or terrible idea :O


Good memories since 2017 started in backwards order. Beautiful sunrise this morning. Valentine’s day cake. Selfie after I officially declared french as major. Selfie on the same day but before I went to lunch and froyo with my fave coworkers. The next 5 are from the lumineers concert: selfie with Melissa, gif of the show, vegan dinner of seitan reuben, cute mural behind the restaurant and the owner of the house saw us taking pics and laughed, homemade breakfast date night with log after our original plan of going out was ruined by the business of the restaurant, vegan chocolate peanut butter pretzel pie for log’s birthday. My heart feels full.

I love you ok? - Josh Dun

idk i just really love this pic of him help me 

anon requested: Caaaan you do one with Josh Dun where your his girlfriend and you go to his concert but are in the crowd and get really anxious and claustrophobic and have a panic attack and he stops the show to help? (I have panic attacks :( )

here you goooo!

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I went to a Holiday Party last night. It was a local gender society event. (The second pic is from outside of the party room at the hotel). There were all sorts of great people there. I got home just after midnight (later than I planned). It was great to talk to so many other girls that have had similar life experiences to mine. 

I will post more about it later and I have some great pics I took during my frantic attempt to get ready for this party (it literally took me all day!). I will post those sometime tonight or maybe tomorrow.

Right now, I get to go see my daughter sing in a Holiday Concert with a symphony orchestra - what a weekend!



[TRANS/INSTAGRAM] 160321 Jin Hwang Instagram ft. Chen

o_ojjjjjj: 남자친구의 친구가 연예인이면 생기는 일 갑자기 나온 휴가에 티켓을 얻어서 엑소 콘서트에 갔다왔다 종대친구 노래를 참 잘부르는구만 4년 전에 베네에서 일하고 있을때 주형이가 얘 SM이니까 싸인 받아놓으라 했을 때 거절했는뎋ㅎㅎ #EXO #chen #엑소콘서트 #첸

The type of thing that happens when your boyfriend is friends with a celebrity. I went to an EXO concert during (my boyfriend’s) leave because (he) got tickets. Jongdae friend, you are really good at singing. Four years ago when (I) was working at Bene, I said no when Joohyung* told me to get an autograph (from Chen) saying he’s in SM hehe. #EXOConcert #Chen

Pic trans: Jin Noona, please take good care of Joohyung*

*(t/n: name of OP’s boyfriend/Chen’s friend)

source: x x
translator: jen
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I feel like no one’s gonna give a shit about this, but I *need* to write it down, because I’m so friggin’ happy.

Guys, I met Nate Ruess. And he’s so sooo great.

His voice is stunning, the passion he puts into singing and dancing on stage is amazing, and the songs he chose were like my favourites such as Carry On, Just give me a Reason and Oceans from the Format… And he went out after the concert to talk and hug us one by one!! He was so cute and extremely passionate about what we had to say! I couldn’t have asked for more. The eight hours I spent by myself under the burning sun with no water or food? Totally worth it.

Ugh, btw his new songs are just so catchy, and I can’t wait for his new album to come out–

(In the last pic you can see my “MJSDASFAJAFJAOSFQAREYOUEVENREAL” and his “WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT????” after I said to him that this was my first concert ever. “Hope you may attend to many others from this time on, even better than mine”, I replied instantly “Quite Impossible.”)

Haters: “Lol, Emily is a desesperate, saying that they are friends with Norman, she is just lying to get attention, he should put her a restrain order´´

Norman Reedus* Went to Emily´s concert, driving for hours, let fans take pics of him in the parking lot, was ushered to the backstage and then left the concert with Emily, favorited a tweet saying ``Norman and Emily don´t let me live´´…*

Maybe, just maybe, the reason you never see then hanging out together is that he had to take down two articles he tweeted about Emily last summer due to hate from you-know-who, and later he had to do the same with the two bethyl pics he put in Instagram the night they aired Slabtown, and want to avoid innecesary hate…

Like we know for sure that he went to her concert tonight and they left together none of them posted any pic…

So the ``they are not friends because they never post any pic together´´ is bullshit. 


These are Iconic moments from Mikey growing up. I went through and retweeted all his pics tonight and had to save these. I have a lot more.


I almost chickened out.

Just a couple of out and about shots, followed by a few from when I got home. I went to Meijer for some groceries last night. I actually saw how full the parking lot was and turned around to head back to my apartment. I have no idea where it came from but I had a surge of anxiety. There were so many people there that it felt like too many unknown variables. I am now used to going out as my true self and shopping at places like Whole Foods, Fruitful Yield, clothing stores, even Jewel. For some reason though, a packed Meijer gave me pause. Maybe because of the size of the store? They are freaking huge after all. The parking lot looked like it was prepped for some major concert. Anyway, like I said, I turned around and was about to head to the stoplight to get out of there. Instead, I told myself I have every right to shop there just as I am and who cares if several hundred unknown people might see me and some might have a problem with me. 

I turned back around and went in.

It was totally uneventful and yet wonderful. I did not get a single “second-look” or double-take. I met every glance with a light smile and went about shopping for everything on my list (which was on my phone, making it easy to switch to snapping a few selfies ;-)

I got in a checkout lane and the cashier said politely, “Ma’am, if you want to step over to 19 (I think), she is on her way back and can take you.” I thanked her and began unloading. It was a very nice woman who came up and rang up my items. Afterward, she said in a very genuine tone, “You have a very pleasant evening Ma’am.”

See.. I almost turned around and wasted my time, almost missed out on some polite employees who gendered me correctly, and almost missed out on a major confidence boosting outing, all because of fear.

I am so glad I didn’t chicken out :)

p.s. I have no idea what light caught my eyes in the last photo, maybe it is just some elvish magic showing through? I had a comment posted a few weeks ago that said I had an elvish grin :)

As some of you already know, I went Seoul last week, I had a really good time there. Although I didn’t get to see Bigbang Final concert, but I watched it from V-app, still great!! So, I also went to GD’s Dolcebita pension on the last day of my trip, it was fully booked!!! OMG.. GD’s dad came to pick us from the bus terminal, and he’s really nice, he asked if we want to get some food before going in. So I bought some fried chicken from Lotteria. Here are some pics!

Since the pension was fully booked, the staffs organised a dinner with everyone, Appa Kwon joined us of course. We had Korean BBQ, he was sitting on the same table. We ordered soju, me and my friends had so much fun eating and drinking, he looked at us and he told me a few times that my face was red, lol. so awkward. But I swear I wasn’t drunk at all…

The grand piano from “Who You” MV was kept in the cafe. I’m a little disappointed that it wasn’t really well maintained because I tried to play and some keys went off pitch. 

The breakfast provided to all the guests. 

Some photobooks from the fansites and magazines.

And lastly, can’t miss this opportunity to take a picture together, eh? 


These are my pics from the Black Veil Brides meet & greet yesterday at The Garage in London! (concert pics/videos later) Hugest of thank yous to Jonathan Syverson for the tickets!

Basically there were four people who won a competition to meet them (and the parents of one), a girl named Jess and her older sister who were part of the fan club (she had some sort of card that let her meet bands for free… If anyone knows what this is please tell me!) and me and my mum.

We went from the bar into the main room, up by the bar and lined up. BVB came out from backstage, CC first, then Jinxx, Jake, Andy and Ashley. Andy and Ashley waved to us and asked us how we were. We were then allowed to go up and get up to two things signed. I didn’t know what to do as my mum rushed me out of the house before I could grab my CD! Jess’ sister suggested I get my shoe signed, and I couldn’t come up with anything better so I went for it! I went to CC first. He singed the shoe and I asked how I was. I said I wa really good and asked him how me was. He said he was awesome and then I handed him a note book. I told him it was a collection of little letters from fans. *If you sent a letter in, I swear on my life it was given to him!* He said ‘Wow, thank you!’ and had a look through it while I was standing there! I then went to Jake, then Jinxx who both asked how I was and signed my shoe. When I got to Ashley and Andy, they signed the shoe and I asked them if Jon was around as I had something to give him and I wanted to thank him for the tickets. They said they didn’t know, but gave the thing I had brought for him to someone else and then gave me literally the most charming smiles ever (not even kidding, if I could take pictures with me eyes… wow).

I then went back to the line while the others had their pictures taken. When it was my turn, Andy put his arm around my shoulders and I put my arm around his waist. He pointed Jon out to me, as he was now in the room (I already knew who he was, CYBERTRON DUH). We took the picture and I thanked them all loads. I’ve seen some of the other pictures and I kid you not (I have no idea why) but mine was the only pic Andy is smiling in! I don’t know if it was because I kind of know Jon, that I was the smallest and youngest or if he just liked/s me, whatever the reason I’m so happy :D

Then I went over to Jon, he said he got the thing I took him and that he had put it up in his office (I got proof of that later thanks to the mutual friend-type-person that got me in contact with him in the first place) and said it was great. I thanked him so much for the tickets and he said it was no problem.

Then we all got to be some of the first in to the venue as doors weren’t open yet. I was at the barrier for the whole gig, almost in the middle, but wait for my concert post coming soon ;)

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Hiiii! Okay so just the other night was the first time I had met a performer who meant a lot to me. I met Gabe Barham from Sleeping With Sirens. Right after the concert, I waited outside for like an hour and a half to see if anyone would come out, and Gabe came out and just went down the line of people and tooks pics/ signed autographs with every fan. When he got to me, I told him how much him and the rest of the band meant to me, and how their music helped me through a lot of stuff that has been going on. I also told him how talented he was, and he seems truly grateful for the things I said, which meant a lot to me too. He was so sweet and open to listening to what everyone had to say, definitely an experience I won’t forget ❤️