and this pic was from the concert i went to ;;

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I love your art so much and I want to draw like you someday!! Sorry to bother, but what did Veruca and Olly look as teenagers? Thank for taking time to read this!! I love you and your art just SO MUCH!!

Thank you so much you’re too sweet!! Olly and Ruca don’t look that much different from when they were teens but Olly had a 90′s hottopic goth look and  used to have his lip and nose pierced. I think Oliver has always dressed alternative, Ruca however wasn’t always very alternative her and her sister went to a school where they wore uniforms so she couldnt really dress how she wanted to all the time  but would dye her hair black and wore a LOT of eyeliner haha! It was only around the time she met Olly at 15 that she started dressing how she wanted. In the pic they’re probably hanging out before a Manson concert!


I thought I should finally submit the story between these two pics. Last year I was lucky enough to go to NYC to see EXO and was even more lucky to bump into Sehun, Suho and D.O on the streets on time square. This time around, I went back to NYC for the exo'rdium concert! The concert was amazing as always and it was so good to see EXO live again!

Now to how I met Oh Sehun, my bias again :’)
We discovered on the day of the concert that our airbnb was actually right across from the hotel EXO was staying in NYC. The day after the concert, my friend and I went to Starbucks for coffee in the morning. While we were at Starbucks, my friend realized that Sehun and his manager had just walked out of their hotel and we’re off walking. I was in complete shock because SEHUN!!! so my friend encouraged me to go after him and ask for a photo or autograph. At first I was very reluctant because I was really intimidated and shy but I realized another girl had just went up to him to ask for a selfie so I thought, why not?

So I went up to him and I quietly called out his name and he turned towards me and I asked for the 1st selfie and he said “Yeah sure come” and we took the photo and I thanked him and he did the same and I went back towards my friend. I was practically in tears right after and I told her what happened and she also wanted a selfie so we went back towards Starbucks where Sehun and his manager were at ordering coffee.

So this time my friend goes up to Sehun and asks for a photo and he says ok and I’m on the side just watching with a big smile on my face. As they finish taking their photo I’m still looking at Sehun with the biggest smile ever and he looks back towards me and smiles also. I don’t know what possessed me but I went up to him again and asked for another photo while giggling. Sehun started giggling also and was like “come come” and touched my hand and pulled me to his side and we took the 2nd photo ( MIND YOU I LOOKED LIKE SHIT THAT DAY CAUSE NYC WEATHER WAS DISGUSTING) but we took the photo and I look up at him and he’s smiling down at me and he thanks me and I say thank you back and my friend was talking to the manager because he was asking where we were from and my friend said we came from Canada and Sehun had overheard and was like “oh Canada?! Woah!” and I was like yeah we come from Quebec and the manager was like “oh french!” and all four of us started laughing and then we all said thank you to each other and our goodbyes and wished Sehun and his manager a safe flight to Mexico. We left Starbucks after that and just fangirled of course but we got to also see the rest of EXO (accept for Suho and Chen) as they were leaving their hotel.

That’s my 2nd EXO experience for you!
From: Ruth 😊

This Day in 1D History - April 13


  • the boys do a quick end-of-TXF-Tour Q&A (posted)


  • journalism at its finest
  • Liam’s VEVO LIFT interview is posted
  • “Harry and Lux doin some spreadsheets makin some deals” (via Lou’s Insta)
  • Up All Night Tour concert – Sydney, Australia 


  • Take Me Home Tour concert – Sheffield, UK #2 


  • Lilo discover Niall’s mishap from a few days prior (lmao)
  • …and start writing MITAM!!!!
  • Niall heads home from the Masters 

Okay but I have this headcanon that Nico knows so many celebrities because, really, he can shadowtravel everywhere. So:

- he goes to concerts for free (motherfucker)

- he sneakes to meet&greet’s for free

- he even went to the Oscars one night and someone took a pic of him on the red carpet

- and he was “ah yeah I’m super famous this aviator jacket is Armani”

- and really it IS Armani because he stole it from Armani’s closet

- he took a coffee with several actors and singers and no one ever noticed, thinking he was someone from their staff’s son

- Nico also shadowtravelled in the White House and Obama stared at him for a while and then just shrugged

- he’s seen so many dude celebrities naked it’s umbelievable

- Will is deeply jealous of that

- “where the hell have you been the past two hours?!” “there was this show at the Opera House in Sydney” “wHAT”

- he’s close friend with the Queen Elizabeth II and they have tea together every Wednesday at 5 pm

- but most important thing he scares the shit out of Percy whenever he has the occasion, and that’s by far his biggest conquest

- his cabin is basically a stock room for things he stole from celebrities’ houses

- but not expensive things; Nico steals the stupidest shit ever like a Super Mario shaped coffee mug or a pillow with dancing skeletons on it

Went to a Schubertiade last weekend so figured it would be a good time to post a few pics!

The first two were from the concert, the third from getting guacamole (also so excited about full ver erlkonig musik! it sounds amazing!)

and the last is my completed Schubert musik baton! Though I’m not planning on cosplaying him I made another for a friend who is! If anyone wants maybe I can try to write a tutorial for making the musik baton as well!


i feel like i havent posted a selfie in a while, so here’s 3 at once !! lol the first is from the ariana grande concert i went to and i love it because i feel like i’m giving off iskra lawrence vibes and i love her, and the second two are from my prom this year and tbh the lighting was shit but i love them.and i like the last one because i went to take a pic but my friend made me laugh and i think the result is so cute:)

🎶 Bias collage tag 🎤- Cheering him at the concert.
보고있어도 보고싶다 ❤️

I was tagged by this cutie @bangtanxships
Believe me cutie, you’re far from word ugly 🌸

I get inspiration from the Wing concert that I went to yesterday (OMG!!! I can’t get over this 😆) Some pics are mine taken from yesterday and the rest is totally happened… in my dream 😂 (credit to the owners)

I tag: @okayysunshiine @queridamina @coffee-and-kpop @gigi-2517 @yourhopeyourangeeel @yoyopudding @chanitnim @channynipa @kinsugai1999 (only if you want to) and anyone who want to do this.☺️

Sorry, If my tag bother you. I just wanna get to know all of you better. So, come and play with me~.


On thursday I went to see The Jesus and Mary Chain playing in my town. The concert was amazing. Sadly, my phone died before the band came on stage, so I only took a pic of the empty stage before the show started. Also I highly recommend their German opening act Laura Carbone! She was a great choice for the job and the audience loved her. Also she was super sweet and suprised about all the positive feedback she got.
Below you can see the look I sported at the concert and my new JAMC shirt I got from there.
I do prefere wearing different band shirts to concerts. If I’m at a concert people sure can assume I like the band, so why not show a different side of you.


I still can’t move on that Junmyeon actually got the storm trooper plush I bought for him and my letter I placed with the tag too! I was losing hope that he might not see it but SEHUN SAW IT AND READ THE NAME over that green neon paper I wrapped around that says “SUHO” (too bad I didn’t take a pic of it because I was already so hassled with the concert itself.) THEN SEHUN WENT TO JUNMYEON AND GAVE IT TO HIM AND JUNMYEON’S FACE WAS GOLD THAT I STARTED CRYING NONSTOP because his FACE WAS PRICELESS. I WAS SO HAPPY THAT I MADE HIM HAPPY IN JUST A SIMPLE WAY. He even brought the plush all the way backstage and it felt like he also searched for the one who gave it to him (and I wanted to scream it was from me!!!) Last night was the greatest night ever! I finally made Junmyeon smile and it was because of one of my efforts as a fan.

I love you Junmyeona. Please always remember what I said in my letter and I hope you love that storm trooper as how much I love you. ❤️

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Haaalp, I'm still suffering from post concert depression..I figured it's been a long enough time to look at the pics/videos I took from BTS but nope! I started tearing up, ugh. Let's find a time machine to go back to those nights they were in the US

I can tell you anon, that you’re not the only one! The girls I went to the concert are still suffering from PCD as well! It was such a good time despite the hell of standing in the cold in the morning to basically the whole day and I don’t regret it :’) Being realistic though, can we just pray they come again for a US tour next year!?! TT_TT

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how do i quickly explain bg from beginning to end to my friends who know nothing basically bc i'm Struggling™

  • they announced the pregnancy at the 3 week mark 
  • louis ignored briana for the entirety of her pregnancy
  • briana went to 6 concerts in london and stood in the front with no security
  • briana and her family used stolen baby bump pics and cropped the faces out
  • briana’s family had a bunch of website domains registered including things like “” and “”
  • louis looked like he wanted to sink into the floor when anyone congratulated him
  • the baby’s birth was announced by briana’s grandma in an instagram comment and the UAs knew about it before anyone in the family said anything
  • the baby’s name is literally freddie reign
  • briana wore heels and leather leggings a couple days after “giving birth”, had no tummy leftover from pregnancy
  • the baby got papped days after being born (even tho it was really just blankets in a carseat)
  • none of 1d congratulated louis
  • louis’s ig pics with the baby are all weird, fake-looking and unenthusiastic
  • louis never smiles with the baby
  • there have been many occasions where the baby looks like a d*ll
  • louis has not defended his baby against speculation that he’s fake
  • no one in 1d has met the baby
  • briana has been using the baby for attention and promo
  • louis has gotten papped at the same places with the baby a billion times

sorry that wasn’t really quick but i hope that helps dkjfhksjdhkg


after the concert we were running back and forth from the different entrances then they came out to load up their own stuff and we met them then, I got pics and I went back to dan to thank him for helping me stop cutting bc they did and he gave me the tighest hug and told me he didn’t want to hear about me cutting again then he saw my scars and signed them, then I went to Tyler to thank him and he gave me a hug and kiss on the cheek and forehead (kinda licked my forehead) and held my chin and told me I’m the bravest person he’s met and that he loved me (he asked about my lip piercing and told me he’d copy off my hair too), then I went to Chris and the same happened and he told me he wanted to see me next time they’re here and he loved me and then I went to Cam and he held like my arms and when I thanked him he pulled me in for a hug and a kiss on the forehead and told me to stay strong and that he loved me then I went back to Tyler for another hug and he hugged me so tight then finally I went back to Dan who was talking to my friend and I was caught between two cars so he grabbed my waist and pushed me back then pulled me in for a hug and told me he loved me

it was the best night of my life and nothing can ever top it

i love these boys so much and will defend them to the death for what they’ve done for me

just a little happy note

all the bands from my school went to state contests and we all got a 1 rating (1 is best) and my band even got a standing ovation and our sightreading went well. our band director told us it’s the first time in my school’s symphonic band history to get a 1 rating playing Class B at state contest. so proud of my entire band family!!!
사랑해 너희들!!

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Hey I really wanted to know this: did louis tomlinson and harry styles met before the x factor? I'm asking because I've read things like "they attended to the same concert" and I even heard once that Louis asked for his autograph in a WC, really?! P.S: Could you please answer me this with inteviews/tweets references were the boys told it themselves, or from where does this stories come from?? Thank you xx

Hi. Good story this one. I shall present the information but what you think is up to you.

First there is a theory that they knew each other before X Factor because there is a pic:

External image

And Louis is on holiday and it looks like Harry in the background???

The X Factor:

External image

Boot camp…..

And this interview from 4Music in 2011:

External image

Intereview here from 1.20 and then at 1.34 Harry says I met you in the toilet!

And then this tweet:

And yes they went to the same concert, The Script, before X Factor:

External image

There is a video of them at Manchester apollo but I can’t find it now. But you might be able to. They played on 23 Dec 2011 and Harry mentions it and it was Louis’ birthday and he got the whole crowd to sing it….

Hope this helps a little. Thanks : )

Prince & Me


When I was 18 in my freshman year of attending Fairleigh Dickinson University I was under an amazing amount of stress as I finished up my first semester (long sad story). My family decided I could go up to spend the winter break with Aunt Gwen who lived in Edina, MN, just outside of St. Paul. Aunt Gwen & Uncle Alan (Leeds) had managed Prince’s Sign of the Times tour, and still worked very closely with him. I had so much fun on this visit with Aunt Gwen: She gave me my first camera for my birthday, which is how I have pictures of any of this… we went to the Mall of America, Byerly’s grocery store (the most amazing grocery store I had ever seen), cross country skiing, walking across an enormous frozen solid lake, amazing fancy dinners out (including one in a rotating rooftop restaurant where you can see a tiny, baby Mississippi River out of the window,) shopping (at Ragstock and all kinds of cool shops), I picked out awesome and amazing clothes from Aunt Gwen’s insane clothing collection, taped copies of lots of Alan & Gwen’s amazing music collection, took long bubble baths with all manner of pricey perfumes, oils, masks, lotions, (you name it!  Aunt Gwen loves the HABA products just like I did especially back then, plus they stayed at tons of fancy hotels…), we had facials at the Aveda headquarters!, my 2nd professional manicure (I think the first was for my senior prom)… And we had TICKETS TO PRINCE’S PRIVATE NEW YEARS EVE CONCERT AND PARTY! But that was days away, and she just took me all around town with her for the whole time I was there. I went to work with Aunt Gwen at Paisley Park Studios. This was the lobby She showed me around and introduced me to a bunch of the people she worked with at the studio. I remember being especially thrilled that I got to take home a few buttons from wardrobe. It was in the wardrobe department that I got this pic of me wearing some sunglasses from wardrobe and holding up Prince’s outfit from the Hot Thing video.

So there we were, walking down one of the halls at the studio, and sure enough, here comes Prince with his girlfriend Susannah, (who was the twin sister of Wendy, of the musical pair Wendy and Lisa, Prince’s bandmates in the Revolution…). Aunt Gwen introduced us, and Susannah just flat out asked if I would like to join them in the studio, and Aunt Gwen (of course) is all “NO, she doesn’t need to go in there”, and I was dying of “yes yes yes please…”  And they let me in.It was dimly lit, with a chair off to the side where I sat, and Prince sat at his Fairlight, which is a huge audio processing machine, and Susannah was kind of next to him but back a bit.  I sat there for about 2-3 hours, quiet as a mouse, listening to Prince work on his new album. He was doing a song called The Line. I was in awe – completely silent (afraid to get thrown out). Prince spoke to me only very briefly, and I was soooo nervous I could barely reply. But still. I will never forget that experience as long as I live. This was during the time Prince was working on The Black Album. I only learned that later when I looked up the words I remembered him singing because it wasn’t something that ever came out in wide release.

Of course, cameras were strictly forbidden! That is my excuse for why this picture is so blurry – I was shaking and trying to be really quick about it! I snapped this just after Prince and Susannah walked out of the room.This is another shot from one of the studios (I’m sure it looks completely different now).   

I have a few more shots from around the studio – I was being very sneaky, I don’t know how I wasn’t too scared. I really was terrified one of Prince’s “people” would catch me and confiscate my camera…The manicure and facials Aunt Gwen treated me to were in preparation for the big New Year’s Eve party thing. I wore a black velvet dress, long black gloves and my great great grandmother’s fur trimmed coat.

At our table was Prince’s younger half(?) brother, John. I think he might have been about 14 at the time. This is John and me from the photo thing at the party.  Again, cameras were strictly forbidden, but they had this setup with a professional photographer so you could have some remembrance of the night.

At the party, I got to meet Morris Day and the Time, and then I was thrilled beyond words to meet Miles Davis, who kissed me on the cheek!!! I immediately ran to a pay phone to call my old boyfriend Matt, because I was dying to tell someone!!! There was caviar (which I tried) and champagne (which Aunt Gwen would never have let me have) and a really amazing concert that I was right up front for… I was too scared to take any photos for most of the night but I did snap this one pic as they were cleaning up at the end of the night

I have always loved Prince’s music, but to watch and listen to him at work was just magic for me. I know I was sooo lucky to have that experience. I will never forget it, but I sure am glad to have these few pics to remember it all. For this and so much more, Thanks Again, Aunt Gwen!


[TRANS/INSTAGRAM] 160321 Jin Hwang Instagram ft. Chen

o_ojjjjjj: 남자친구의 친구가 연예인이면 생기는 일 갑자기 나온 휴가에 티켓을 얻어서 엑소 콘서트에 갔다왔다 종대친구 노래를 참 잘부르는구만 4년 전에 베네에서 일하고 있을때 주형이가 얘 SM이니까 싸인 받아놓으라 했을 때 거절했는뎋ㅎㅎ #EXO #chen #엑소콘서트 #첸

The type of thing that happens when your boyfriend is friends with a celebrity. I went to an EXO concert during (my boyfriend’s) leave because (he) got tickets. Jongdae friend, you are really good at singing. Four years ago when (I) was working at Bene, I said no when Joohyung* told me to get an autograph (from Chen) saying he’s in SM hehe. #EXOConcert #Chen

Pic trans: Jin Noona, please take good care of Joohyung*

*(t/n: name of OP’s boyfriend/Chen’s friend)

source: x x
translator: jen
please DO NOT repost or take out our translations without full credit!

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If I'm not mistaken Sophia was not at the airport or otra Boston? I haven't seen any pics of her at the concert I even checked some Sophia blogs (I can't believe those exist) and haven't seen any

Yeah, I haven’t seen anything from Boston or since. I’m guessing she went about her merry way because Liam earned some down time thanks to the travesty that was the Attitude interview.

And how real is Ziam these days? Now we have confirmation Liam was in L.A. as of this past Monday.

And yesterday he turned up in London rocking a monster hickey.

And let’s pause to take a walk down hickey lane.

We know for a fact Sophia was nowhere around for 2 of these. So who loves that same spot? Three guesses…

Then Zayn oddly posted a goodnight on Facebook when it was just early evening in L.A.

Now there’s advance buzz of him showing up during London Fashion Week. 

It’s amazing how they manage to let us know they’re very much together and in sync despite the official narrative. Gotta love it.

Rbb and the person behind all the drag queen history.

Well this is my first master post. so ill try my best. and sorry i have grammatical errors im not a english speaker.
all this images came to me yesterday and i think if we just add 1+ 1 we can found something interesting things.

if you are follower of rbb and sbb twitter acc, may seen yesterday this pics of the rbb in hollywood blvd.

We know rbb and sbb are big fans of judy garland… and then guess what i found?? PAUL ROBERTS , 1d coreographer is big fan of judy garland and fred astaire… HUUUM judy garland… what a coincidence…

And this is what i found:

paul is fan of old cinema actors and also , i think he is openly gay, and also found, he is very into the musical theather history , u can go to his intragram and check it. …

then i went  little funther with my curiosity and i found he has a lot of friend in the musical theater industry

then i went to some of his instagram friends and i found this

also i notices he has a lot of pic with helene horlyck (1d vocal coach) who also shared the taste for old movie actors…

my theorie is: PAUL ROBERTS has a lot of knowledge in  old musical theater , and is very active in the lgbt comunity…. he has a lot of knowledge in musical shows and can easely see him knowing all those things about drag queen shows, movies, books and lgbt history. if you go to his photos on instagram u will see this more easely.

in addition, today in the morning i saw a gif on tubmlr where harry is in the jimmy kimmel reahersal, and he comes to paul, and kissed paul’s hand, as a cute gesture. soo i could see how good and close his relationship may be , and both of them looked very gay.. im a queer so i felt this thing. and made sum up al this info together.

ALSO .. i have another theorie… we always thought josh was behind rbb cuz the pics.. and becuase has prove he’s very close to the person who is in change of the bears…

since i went to santa clara concert. i been thinking. the person who arrange the bears must be a person who gets to the stadiums before the boys, cuz the boys always were the last to ge to the staduims so …

then i saw this 2 pics..

this is a pic from josh snapchat

and this pic is from pauls instagram
what i want to say with this is:
the band and the staff are always sharring time together backstge we have seen this in lou’s snapchat, i think this 2 pics means the band, helene, and paul were in the same room, and this makes me think this is always the same way,cuz i have seen in luo’s snapchat this.
 and pual and helene share a lot of time with the band while they may be caring the bears, thats why may be josh has spent some time with the bears..

im sorry if this id too long or horrible writen, this is my very fisrt master post.. and its very ccomplicated to me to put all the puzzle together in here.
ill try to tag some blog to get to mre people…if u want to add more info please please let me know.. 

@allegedlymags @lapelosa @bethaboolou @intenselouis @diggingandfluff @hoedidas @glitterlarents @jawsandhobama @yslboner @guiltylouis @zenlikejen @tellmethisisnotlove @vansandburberry @lourryetc @bearmustard @bromanceshmomance @saracha33 @problematiclarry @lornasaurusrex