and this photoset is a shit as always im sorry


the real 2013 photoset that matters to me

i have always felt terrible about my skin. tried years of doctors and medications and birth controls and support and all sorts of shitty concoctions that never worked. this year has definitely been the worst but also the best.

I have NO pictures or traces of the worst parts because i refused to take or have pictures taken of me during that time. i didn’t even want to leave the house or go to school. The first picture is around August when it had already cleared up a shit ton.

im sorry i genuinely never noticed how much it has improved over 2013 because I’ve been negative and distracted but now I do, and I’m actually so happy about it

it’s taken a lot to even feel comfortable doing things like going to malls and school without being obsessed with this shit and i now kind of understand why i haven’t been so down on myself lately.
it’s taken a lot of convincing on my own part but also everyone else’s, and i mean i often think because of my own shitty body image that nobody’s comments matter but i know they do; and i just really want to thank everyone whos ever tried to make me feel better about myself, or complimented me or tried to make me see something that i can’t because i know it probably seems silly but the little things matter a lot to me

so i hope 2014 is when we all figure out how to get over stupid crap and feel better about ourselves ok