and this part of the music video is so adorable

Porter Robinson quote starters

  Source of quotes

“ my freaking fans are the freaking best. freak “

“ wow im so adorable wow wow “

“ fuck the sore throat fairy. “

“ one of my favorite memories of the last year was telling _____ about my new music and him offering to be my therapist “

“ i played stepmania in front of my manager today and he asked me what was wrong with me “

“ list of things my cold is keeping me from doing: breathing “


“ i am and always have been secretly a robot “

“ my favorite feature is clicking to an unloaded part of the video, and youtube stops loading and forces you to refresh “

“ the entire athleticwear fad has been insanely convenient and comfy “

“ pump it up plebs “

“ tropical pineapple fuck offf “

“ this is me suppressing my hateriest impulses “

“ i forgot to breathe “


“ what’s an ekowraith “

“ this ‘very decent christmas’ compilation makes me wanna go to xmas party djed by ____ in a santa hat he doesnt seem to know he’s wearing“


“ you guys are my favorites (i have favorites). “

“ i’m being an insomniac piece of shit “

“ i will fuck you up at age of empires “

“ y'all are some straight-up buttlickers for not sending me or even telling me about krmt “

“ attn all boyfriends of twitter: may you all give jim halpert-tier gifts this year “

“ I’ll be the one dying “

“ Ideally, I’d be waking up at 7am on my farm “

“ untz untz untz untz “

“ Ay I will ay~ “

“ i tossed that fucker off “

“ Stand up and get out of my cool guy crouch “

“ Now i know how Olympic athletes feel “

“ I’m making smoke over here “

“ Our beautiful child has be ruined “

“ I’m starting to make weird faces, i can feel it “

“ we are definitely absolutely in the club “

“ my hand hurts! “

“ And there’s no question i think that i like cute things and shit “

“ These are kind of like Star Wars galaxies “

“ i like crying about moe girls “

“ put a fucking shirt on you bro “

“ im fucking crying and sad “

“ oh man, in game music is playing “

“ windows media player, killin it “

“ i’m the realist “

“ you can be a guy who plays a weird flute “

“ i was lmaoin “

“ now that i have your attention, check this out: people in australia think it’s funny that we say “badass” “

“ funny meme rukes. good shit “

“ I dreamed last night that I met Wolfgang Gartner. He didn’t know Say my Name. “

“ name-and-you-can-name-and-you-can-name-and-you-can-name-and-you-can-name-and-you-can-name-and-you-can-name-and-you-can-name-and-you-can-nam “

“ this baristas name is tiff tiff “

“ neek thiyah “

“ meme-free since 1992 “

“ i couldnt find the version of the tour poster that had giraffage’s name on it so i improvised with ms paint “

“ .. join us…. “

“ (glances at watch, groans) “

“ im looking forward to corporate twitter accounts attempting the doge meme well into the year 2017 “

“ i woke up at 6:00 AM feeling sick and having a weird, delirious dream about needing to turn in a mixtape today “

“ eating poutine does nothing for me. “

“ im pretty sure the best way to characterize the amount of ice cream i just ate is “illegal” “

“ when someone starts talking while i’m trying to show them a song, i will 1) hate them 2) passive aggressively triple the volume right away “

“ I just burned the hell out of my hand on steam. “


“ You got gengar eyes “

“ someone just approached me & asked 1. are you in a rockband 2. are you on the Disney channel “because you look famous”. answered yes to both “

“ snapchats i have received so far: shirtless dudes, videos of college girls smoking blunts, pictures of cats “

“ that sneeze felt so good that i got chills “

tired and reflecting after feeling rapturous emotion and horror

I love so much about my life. I love making art, I love living with my girlfriend and I love who she is as a person, I love my cat, I love my sister (even though she can drive me crazy), I love my mom (same goes for her, even more so), I love my dad who is an immense source of stability and normality in my insane world, I love the school that I go to, I love for the most part the state that I live in, I love my TV Shows and films and video games, I adore music (probably more than anything), I love making food and eating food, I love hiking. All that being said, life is a frightening void of surreal half-horrors and living fears, full of beauty so grand it evokes the very terror at it’s opposite, and where simple pleasures are relentlessly torn away from the world by our own destruction, pollution, and technical advancement. The very species that creates the great works that fill my life with wonderment and meaning are part of the very same that obliterates the only thing that is more sacred and important than art. 


This is a description of BTS for @ryanxhaywood (IM TRYING TO GET HER INTO BANGTAN)


BTS (oldest to youngest): Kim Seokjin, Min Yoongi, Jung Hoseok, Kim Namjoon, Park Jimin, Kim Taehyung, and Jeon Jungkook.

Company: Bighit Entertainment (Here’s their youtube channel) 

The Boys Twitter: Here

Bighit Twitter for BTS: Here

Bangtan YouTube Channel: Here

Bangtan Subs: Here 

Fandom Name: A.R.M.Y. (Adorable Representative M.C for Youth).

Hyungs (The oldest in the group): Rap Monster, J-Hope, Suga, Jin

Maknaes (The youngest guys): Jimin, V, and Jungkook (THEY ARE DEMONS) lmao

Albums: Skool Luv Affair, O!RUL8,2?, Dark & Wild, Wake Up (A Japanese mini album), The Most Beautiful Moment In Life, Part 1, The Most Beautiful Moment In Life Part 2. 

Check out the Vapp, BTS uploads livestream videos there and not only them, but other Kpop groups!

Their music is about love, mostly youth, their feelings, and stories. 

If you actually get to know them, they’ll make you emo as shit lmao. SO let’s talk about them individually. This is from oldest to youngest.

Btw the description is very random, but (^:

Kim Seokjin / Jin / Pink Princess / Eomma (mommy) 

Jin is the oldest in the group. Korean ages confuses me so I have no idea if this is correct, but he is 25 years old! His birthday is on December 4th, 1992. He is VERY HANDSOME, he even knows it. He calls himself handsome everyday and he’s correct. People think he’s the normal one in the group, but trust me… No one’s is normal in this group, they’re a group of memes. BACK TO JIN! Jin is the visual in the group and he’s a singer (: They all dance, but when it comes to freestyling… You’ll understand when you actually get to know him Pfft. His favorite color is pink and he even has a pink flip phone ~ it’s daebak (awesome). People have thought of Jin as “one of the least favorite” but THEN THIS ONE TIME HE CAME OUT OF A VAN AND HE STARTED TRENDING ON TWITTER BECAUSE OF HIS HANDSOME LOOKS >~< SO HANDSOME. He cooks and he LOVES eating more than anything, he has this segment called Eat Jin and it’s when he tries different types of food and he tells us his opinion on it. Whenever you’re feeling lonely, you can literally watch Eat Jin, it makes you feel like you’re there eating with him pft. He has plump lips that you just wanna kiss so badly ughhh, Jin makes me go crazy. HE IS A BIAS WRECKER.

Here’s a link to one of his Eat Jin videos with subtitles: Here

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Min Yoongi / Yoongi / Suga / Grandpa / Motionless Min 

Suga is the second oldest in the group. I believe his age in Korea is 24 and his birthday is on March 9th 1993. He literally looks like the youngest in the group, he’s smoll, but if you wanna fight him he’ll probably beat your ass. (^: He’s the one guy who’ll make you emo lmao. He tends to tell us his feeling on Twitter, he wants to become a better person. This one time (not too long ago), Suga and V felt sick and couldn’t perform so they were sent to the hospital to get checked on and everything was fine. Although, he felt SOOO guilty for it. About several weeks later, they had time to go back home and rest with their family and friends… But he was the only one who did more things than that. He went to the stadium where they were supposed to perform and practically cried and felt so guilty for not being there for his fans… No matter what you have to love him, he’s one sweet guy (’: Anyways, IM FEELING EMO. okok, so Min Yoongi is a rapper in the group, he spits legit fire out of his mouth every time he raps. You can feel the emotions every time! His mixtape isn’t out YET SO LOOK FORWARD TO IT, IT’S GONNA BE LIT AF. Now, people view him as lazy. BUT he actually isn’t,he makes the music, along with Rap Monster and J-hope. He stays up at night just to make music for us, so his members have to drag him to bed. Whenever he gets the time, he either writes music or sleeps. He looks so freaking squishy and hugable. MIN YOONGI IS A BIAS WRECKER TOO

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Jung Hoseok / J-Hope / Hoseok / Hobi / J-Horse

J-Hope is 23 years old, his birthday is on Feb. 18th, 1994. Man, I’m gonna tell you this, if you EVER tell me he’s ugly, I will legit find you and kill you because that is a false opinion. This one time people started a trend on Twitter something like #JHopeisUgly… He was depressed about it and started working harder… He’s such a handsome guy ;n; He doesn’t deserve itttt. He’s a rapper, and the main/lead/sub dancer. He’s the best dancer in the group, he has this segment called HopeOnTheStreet and it’s videos of him dancing! J-Hope also makes me emo… I tend to see him putting himself down and it hurts me ;__; Anyways, Hoseok has bright beautiful teeth (brighter than all of our futures), his cheekbones can slice everyone’s existence. HE YELLS ALL THE TIME, YOU LITERALLY HAVE TO LOWER YOUR VOLUME BECAUSE OF HIM lmao. He also hates snakeu <that’s a link to understand “I hate Snakeu”. He’ll make you smile 24/7 every time you watch or even think about him. His rapping skills can probably put you to death because it’s so lit. He released a verse called 1 Verse from his Mixtape, it’s freaking amazing. Here’s a link  He’s an aeygo machine… (Aeygo: Korean refers to a cute display of affection often expressed through a cute/baby voice, facial expressions, and gestures). <333 he’ll make your heart explode. HE’S A BIAS WRECKER THREE.

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Kim Namjoon / Rap Monster / Namjoon / Pinkmon / Rap Monster / lemon

Rap Monster is 23 years old! His birthday is on September 12th, 1994. NOW, people think he’s the least attractive member, bUT NO HELL NO. HE IS SOOO ATTRACTIVE, None of them are ugly and deserve to be treated like that. Pinkmon had/has a lot of hate for so many stupid reasons, but they were the past. People are stupid and won’t carry on from it. There was an incident where he called V and J-Hope “black” because he couldn’t see them in the dark, but people got butt hurt and started hating on him. THEN when they came to New York, some ass had to write a “threat” to him that she was going to shoot him… So the concert was cancelled and everyone was scared out of their minds. HE DOESN’T DESERVE IT. Im being emo again jesus… Anyways, He’s the main rapper lol obviously and also a dance machine (^; His raps are PERFECT!!!!!!!!!! He also released a mixtape about a year ago, here’s a link to his mixtape. Here’s also a link to my favorite song in the mixtape, Do You . TO CONTINUE, THIS KID CAN’T EVEN CUT ONIONS FOR SHIT LMAO. He’s very hardworking, talented, and can sing, although he isn’t even a singer (Here’s a link to his cover where he does sing (along with Jungkook) of Fools by Troye Sivan. This guy may not cut onions correctly, but he is intelligent. He will take the smallest things and create a deep meaning to it. EVEN IF IT WAS A FUCKING TOILET PAPER, HE’LL GO INTO DEPTH WITH IT. (He also created the famous bts quote “You Got No Jams” to Jimin ((Jams = fun))) NAMJOON IS A BIAS WRECKER FOUR.

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The guys up top are the hyungs ^^

Now for the three maknaes vv

Park Jimin / Jimin / ChimChim / THE YES JAMS GOD / AKA MY BIAS

Jimin is 22 years old in Korea and his birthday is on October 13, 1995. People tend to like him for his abs… But currently he said he doesn’t have abs anymore which makes me happy because he’s eating more! Someone even posted a picture of his wittle tummy. He used to eat one meal or skip breakfast and it saddens me BUT hopefully he’s still eating a lot. He’s fucking sexy ok. He can literally go from sexy to cute in .2 seconds or cute to sexy in .2 seconds. He’s a singer/dancer. His voice is so angelic and beautiful, it’ll make your ass even cry. Here’s a link to BTS cover of Perfect Man by Shinhwa (Jimin’s fancam) Here If you want to watch them all, here . He has an ass bigger than my future. HIS LAUGH IS EVERYTHING TO ME, SOMETIMES WHEN HE LAUGHS REALLY HARD HE DOES THIS HIGH PITCH WHEEZE THING. Although he does have good looks, he’s more than that. He’s dorky, funny, smart, caring, genuine, etc. Whenever his members are sad, he’ll be the first one to be there for them. Sometimes he just silently stays beside them and makes them feel better (^: EVERYONE SHIPS HIM WITH JUNGKOOK AND THEIR SHIP NAME IS JIKOOK. IT’S REALLLLL. THEY’RE MARRIED. HE IS MY BIASSS.

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Kim Taehyung / Taehyung / Tae / V / (People used to call him alien, but he dislikes it)

V is 22 years old, his birthday is on December 30th, 1995! For sure, he is almost everyone’s first or now bias. He’s a dork and a meme. He’s a beautiful human being and EVERYONE LOVES HIM. NO MATTER WHAT. But he will make you so embarrassed in almost all of their interviews. He’s so funny and lovable. There’s nothing you can’t love about him. Tae can look so serious in pictures or whenever he has to… But he is seriously not serious in real life lmao. Tae is a singer, his voice is BEAUTIFUL. He can go high then low omgg. This one time, he was singing Loser by Big Bang during an award thing and BTS won the award so people started to talk shit about him for it and it made him really sad (He sang the song before they even got the award). BUT THEN HE GOT HIS CONFIDENCE BACK AND BAM he’s himself (^: He’s probably Jimin’s best friend in the group because they’re always making videos together on the Vapp (; HE IS IN LOVE WITH ANIMALS AND ESPECIALLY BABIES… If he sees a baby in his site, he’ll take it and play with it (^: He would be such a good father. Remember this, don’t call him a 4D alien because he hates it. He liked it at first, but everyone over used it and now he doesnt! He was my first bias when I was introduced to them but Jimin is now, BUT HE’S ALWAYS MY LOVE. Here’s a link to V’s funny moments HE’S A BIAS WRECKER FIVE.

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Jeonguuk / Jeon Jungkook / Jungkook / Jungkookie / Golden Maknae / Maknae /Seagull / Walking Meme 

Jungkook who is 20, his birthday is on September 1st, 1997. He is a fucking meme, I’m not even kidding. GO LOOK UP VIDEOS OF HIM BEING A DAMN MEME, YOU KNOW WHAT HERE’S TWO LINKS; His Signature Dance Move (I love doing this dance), A fetus Jungkook and V Lip Syncing (Jungkook is the one with the phone, V is the one with the hat). Jungkook is seriously lovable, he is a so funny. He can be handsome then cute then dorkable in .2 seconds. Sometimes I think he is someone who looks so happy in the outside, but leaving his deeps thoughts in the inside. Ya feelz? People call him the golden maknae because he’s good at almost everything and he’s the youngest (Golden = good at everything like rapping, singing, dancing, etc. Maknae = the youngest). Can you guess his position? Yeah it’s singing, rapping, and dance (he’s also good at art O:) When you see the nicknames above, Seagull is one of them… Because when they were forming the group… His stage name was going to be Seagull… But then it was Jungkook, THANK GOD LMAO. Every girl/guy falls in love with this guy, it’s love at first sight!!! HE IS A BIAS WRECKER SIX! 

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That’s the descriptions I have to say… It’s a lot, but when/if you get to know them, it’s worth it. 

A music video you must see: Dope by BTS 

They also have stories in some of their music videos Here are the videos in order (^; Also make sure to put the subtitles on because their lyrics are so good. If you have questions, bc you’ll probably confused, just ask me or look up theories.

I Need U - BTS  (Original)

BTS Prologue

Run - BTS 

Here are other music videos you must see:

Just One Day - BTS

Danger - BTS

War of Hormone - BTS

We Are Bulletproof part 2 - BTS

No More Dream - BTS 

N.O. - BTS 

Boy In Luv - BTS 

DON’T FORGET TO CHECK OUT THEIR OTHER SONGS: (my suggestions) (or just look it up).

Dead Leaves - BTS

Baepsae / Crowtit / Silverspoon - BTS 

there’s a lot more songs, but Im lazy.

ALSO THEY HAVE THIS THING CALLED “BANGTAN BOMBS” It’s when they record themselves whenever for the fans to see what’s up (^: They’re really funny, here’s my favorite one Here then another and another 

For You (Part 4)

Request: Part 4 For you

Pairing: Nate Maloley/Reader

Rating: PG-13

Song inspo : For You x Skate


For You (Part 1)

For You (Part 2)

For You (Part 3)


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After the music video was wrapped you and Nate headed back to his apartment while Sammy went out over Tez’s house.

You were currently riding passenger seat in Nate’s car, his fingers intertwined with yours, while the windows were rolled down. As the night air splashed your face, you couldnt help but admire your boyfriend. He was so damn adorable when he was focused.

 Once Nate pulled up to your destination, he got out and opened your door for you.

“C’mon I gotta surpise for you.” Nate said, offering his hand for you to take .

“Oh, god Nate you know I ha-” You started.

“Y/N, you trust me?” He asked, closing the gap in between the two of you.

“Yes, but-” You interrupted.

“Then dont worry baby girl.” He grinned, revealing his dimples.

You rolled your eyes and he laughed, leading you to the front door.

“Okay.” He stated, placing himself behind you.

“Close your eyes.” He added, covering your eyes with one hand and holding onto your waist, guiding you inside and up the stairs with the other hand.

He removed his hands from your eyes and stood in front of you.

“Alright, you can look.” He said.

When you finally opened your eyes you saw pizza sitting on his desk, his bed covered in rose petals, candles lit on the nightstand, a change of comfortable clothes for you, salty snacks, candy and a movie on the tv screen ready to be watched.

“I know it’s not much but I figured you never just relax and be comfortable. So I thought I’d bring the comfort to you.” He said.

“I love this Nate.” You smiled, wrapping your arms around his neck.

“For real, you’re not just saying?” He asked, with big hopeful eyes.

 “For real.” You told him.

“Thank you so much.” You kissed his lips quickly.

“You deserve it princess.” You wrapped your arms around his neck and kissed his lips quickly.

You let go of him and went straight for the pizza. Then you felt a light smack on your behind.

“Go get changed first.” He said.

You obliged, sadly putting the slice down and headed for the bathroom with the stack of changing clothes.

“Yes daddy.” You said, playfully.

“Aye, dont start nothing lil mama” He laughed, removing his shirt and changing into sweatpants.

You tied your hair into a high bun and removed your clothes, replacing them with Nate’s black v neck and some new red boyshorts he bought you.

When you came back out he looked you up and down and licked his lips.

“How’d I get so lucky, huh?” He asked, while you crawled on the bed.

His back was against the headboard and you sat in between his legs, his arms wrapped around you, and his face in the crook of your neck.

“I could stay like this forever.” You said taking another bite of pizza.


A/N : Let me know if you guys would like a part 5? Feedback is always appreciated and I always take requests xx

For You (Part 3)

Request:  for you part 3?

Pairing: Nate Maloley/Reader

Rating: PG-13

Song inspo : For You x Skate


For You (Part 1)

For You (Part 2)


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It’s been a month since you and Nate starting dating and everyone loved the two of you together. You two have pretty much been inseparable. You were either in Omaha at his and Sammy’s apartment or he was at your condo in LA. Sammy adored you, and the Jacks already wanted to do a collab with you.

The new music video for Nate was being filmed in Omaha so you flew down from LA just in time to show up on set for you appearance in the video.

You were already showered and all that and you knew they would dress you when you got there so you just wore a hoodie and sweatpants.

Once you arrived on set, Nate lit up.

“Hey baby.” Nate smiled, hugging you.

“You look beautiful.” He said, pulling you in for a kiss.

“Ew no, God I look a mess.” You argued, holding his hand.

“Never.” Nate said simply, and then kissing your nose.

“Hey !” Sammy smiled, opening his arms.

“Hi!” You hugged Sammy.

“C’mon babe, the director wants to talk to you.” Nate said, offering his hand.

You took it and followed him to talk to the director.

“Hi, I’m Y/N” You said politely, shaking the director’s hand.

The director went by the name “Director X” and told you to just call him “X”. He said the idea for the music video was very simple. The theme was casual during the verses and rich during the chorus. 

You changed into a white v neck and an oversized red/black varsity jacket and dark blue skinny jeans for the first scene while Nate’s stylist dressed him in the male version of the same thing.

Sammy and the video girl he was paired with were dressed in matching black shirts and simple jeans for the scenes they were in.

During the rapping verses, it was very casual and had all four of you in it, acting very casual and laid back, outside by a pool.

When it was time for Nate to sing the chorus, the two of you changed into formal wear. 

You were in a red gown and black heels with red bottoms and Nate was in an all black suit with a red tie.

There is not a time where you ain’t on my mind.” Nate lip sang over the track in the background as the two of you dance.

He pulled you close, holding you by the waist and rocking you back and forth to the rhythm of the music.

“I just want to sing it for you baby.” Nate continued as he kissed you in between takes.

Once it seemed like you were done filming the video the four of you sat down while the director rolled playback.

“Everyone like it?” X asked.

When all of you agreed, the director yelled wrap time and Nate hugged you tightly.

“You look crazy sexy in that dress lil mama.” Nate whispered, huskily in your ear.

“Might have to take that home.” He kissed your lips.


A/N : Let me know if you guys would like a part 4? Or what you would like to see happen next??? Feedback is always appreciated and I always take requests xx
Happy 26th Birthday Taylor!
This is a video project for Taylor's 26th birthday from a bunch of Tumblr Swifties. We love you Taylor!

I’m so happy to finally post this after almost 6 months putting it together.  This is a video with tons of messages, pictures and videos from more than 40 different swifties here on Tumblr.  We started the project back in August, and the amount of attention it received was incredible.  Thank you so much to everyone who was a part of this!  And to our #1 bestie, @taylorswift HAPPY BIRTHDAY AND WE LOVE YOU SOOOOO MUCH (I didn’t add music because if I did there’s a good change YouTube would’ve removed all audio which would be terrible!)  The beautiful, amazingly adorable Swifties in the video:

@tswifters @mysticalmiraclekitten @shakethebadassoff  @holy-ground-taylor @swiftiesforeternity @swellguy66  @1996swiftie13 @anzengi @poptartswift @sarahmellor86 @larryswiftlinson @swiftienicole13 @burning-it-down-89  @xdarlingimamuse @taylorswiftlovernoa @milthemonster210 @wearethefoxesswiftie @befashionhappy  @youcanseeitwiththelightsout13 @pathiswreckless @swiftlyskating @enchanted-to-blog-with-you @taylorskookie @longlive-happines @1989swiftieuk @itsblondeswiftie @ilovekateandtay @jamilovesswift @thewonderlandtay @tellyouurtheluckyone @taytayswizzle11 @savvyswiftie1989 @treacheroustay13  @windowpanethinkofyou @justgottashake @all-youhadtodowas-tay ( <3) @twoamtay @nat-swiftinwonderland  @thisniteissparklingdontuletitgo @never-go-out-of-swift  @thetaylorfan @caitlin-swiftie13  @alltoostewart (<3) @timewontflytaylor​ 

anonymous asked:

what are your thoughts about Rainbow Quartz?

Rainbow Quartz? Here’s a bunch off the top of my head.

  • Truly, truly outrageous. Truly. I love her.
  • The baddest fucking rainbow I’ve ever seen
  • Moving beyond vintage memes, she actually holds second place in Oath’s Official Favourite Fusions Ranking (The Lovely Sardonyx is an unbeatable number one and Alexandrite is third, though I predict there might be some upset there if/when we see Garnet fuse with Rose (PLEASE))
  • I love her design but I’m a bit sad that she doesn’t have four arms… I mean…. imagine… Pearl’s dual-wielding + Rose’s sword and board style… woah. I’d give up on conquering Earth, too.
  • More battle-related thoughts: I actually hope she doesn’t fuse her weapons and instead fights with some kind of hoplite-like spear+shield combo. If she does, I’ve seen people give her a giant axe and I am in full support of this, too.
  • My headcanon is that she was first formed relatively soon after Garnet. If nothing else, Rose’s trademark curiosity and thirst for new experiences and clear desire to know what it feels like would be a big driving force behind PEARL CAN WE TRY IT TOO, but honestly I just know they were both thinking it the moment Garnet tumbled down that flowery slope and landed at their feet (though how long they danced around the matter in an attempt to be considerate and tactful is another question entirely). And yes, I have no doubt different-Gem fusion proved to be a huge advantage for the Crystal Gems, but I think Rainbow was a whole lot of things before she was anything resembling a weapon, and this knowledge is something that’s important to her.
  • I want to hear her speak
  • I want her and Garnet to smooch
  • I want her and Sugilite to smooch and also cause immense but glorious chaos (and also possibly start a hair/glam metal band)
  • I hope she has something like Rose’s plant-related powers, similar to how Garnet got a version of Sapphire’s future vision. Alternatively, she’s a full-on sandbender.
  • Rose basically using fusion to convince Pearl of her worth/make her feel loved/comfort her is a thing that’s reasonably prevalent in fics and I love it, but I can’t help but feel it might mess with Rainbow herself a bit, as much as she adores being herself.
  • It is a great dream of mine to one day see rebellion-era Rainbow wrecking Diamond armies with the same levels of smugness she displayed in Greg’s music video, but with extra FUCK YOUUUUU  sprinkled on top. While I think she’s generally a lot “nicer” than people tend to peg her as after We Need To Talk, I really do think spite (that most excellent of motivators) is a huge part of her, and in a Rebellion Leader/Terrifying Renegade context it’d be great to see. Plus, as we’ve seen in The Answer, these two have so much fun being filthy rebel scum together. Rainbow is an absolute blast.
13 boys, 3 units, 1 girl. Part 1

Scenario- seventeen fanfic

Type- all. Angst, fluff, no smut tho

I was sitting in my room waiting for the time to leave. The time to go to the Pleadis studio to do my audition in person. I was already a trainee but seventeen’s manager wanted another member.

The manager wanted me to audition in person. He wanted the boys to see for themselves. For the boys to decide which subunit I fit best and he said that I could fit in all units with my abilities but the boys should make the decision.

- - -

It was chilly out as I walk through the doors. But was instantly warmed by the building. My hands are sweaty and my legs felt like jelly as I walked up to the lady in the office

“Can you please direct me to the headquarters of seventeen’s manager?” I asked shakily.

“What is your name sweetheart?” She seemed pretty nice.

“Y/n L/n.” She looked up through her bangs that hung low straight across her forehead and she instantly smiled and pointed to the left saying that the main room was at the end.

Sure enough it was there. I had to take multiple deep breath’s. I almost had a panic attack as I knocked on the wooden double door. The silver handle twisted and a face greeted me. It was the manager. I recognized him but he looked different in person.

“Miss y/n L/n-ah! So nice to meet you in person! Come on in the boys are sitting in waiting.” His kind words spilled from his mouth.

“Thank you but to be honest I am quite nervous.” I said. I was tugged in and greeted once again by the 13 boys but I wonder how long they were waiting I hope not that long.

I sat down and my heart was racing so much. I can’t believe that I am actually here. Wow. Oh how much I wish I wasn’t that socially awkward. My hands were shaking and my heart practically stopped when my eyes met with that famous 10:10.

He smiled and they went down the line introducing themselves. But as if I didn’t already know them. They didn’t go in any particular order. First the manager then Jun and Minghao and DK. Next Hoshi, Seungkwan, and Joshua. All of the others went. But there was one blushing Woozi left, sitting right next to me.

To be honest, he was so much more adorable when he was blushing. His hit was just recently dyed pink. It was strong and I could tell just by looking at it. Because it wasn’t faded at all.

He looked good. But by how nervous I was, I couldn’t tell him. I couldn’t even speak. How am I supposed to sing or rap or even dance? What am I going to do? They all have to test me on my abilities. And to see if I know all of the choreography and lyrics. I mean I do… But I am way too scared.

“So. Let’s just get to know you first. So some of this tension is relieved.” Said the manager.

“Well. I am y/n l/n. I am from America. I am also 18 (19 Korea years). I can seeing and wrap and dance so yeah.” I said just stating the basic information.

“What is your favorite color?” DK asked randomly. I looked over and saw his relieving sunshine smile.

“Um, f/c” I replied.

“Nice. Can we hear you sing?” He questioned.

“Uh, S-sure. I guess.” My stomach dropped. My breathing hitched and I started to choke. I am so scared.

They submitted me the track to Adore U. So I would have learned the lyrics and choreography already just in case they chose me to be in the group permanently so I can be in the music video and when they record the song and put it on the album.

“Okay. Could you please play Adore U? I don’t know if I should do this with you guys. Or by my self with all the dancing.”

“Oh yeah. Why don’t you dance in my part. And I will watch to see if you get it right. Then you can sing the song.” Said Woozi. I am literally dying right now.

“Actually… Let’s head to the practice room. So there is more space to move around and dance in.” Said the manager…


So there is my first fanfic. I am sorry that it is so short. But I finally got to post it. I don’t know the manager’s name. So I will refer to him as Mr. Manager. Assuming that the manger is a male. Thank you so much. This is all I have to say for now.
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