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As I made a post called BTS AT BBMAS (EXPECTATIONS) this is the part 2.

BTS getting out of the Limousine like “HEY you heard that screaming? We here to SCREW change your life”

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Walking the red carpet like KINGS I mean THEY ARE KINGS

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“Jin Blowing kisses” is now GLOBAL. The world knew peace for a second

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And OFC our car door guy made an impact - Now he is the “3rd from the left” guy

FIRE kept playing during the whole PRE-SHOW. It was like hearing  the song for the first time

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BTS interview at the red carpet: Namjoon speaking plus 5 lost souls and one hyped human.

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Paparazzies LOST it. They never saw creatures THAT beautiful

VOGUE was proud of their outfits and ARMYs were proud of the stylist noona (THANK YOUUUU)


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YET a particular someone couldn’t stay in his lane. I name PARK EFFING JIMIN 

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Meanwhile V was lost everytime Rapmon spoke (BTW BLESS THE MELANIN)

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*Trying to nod to hide it* Like BOII 

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THE FANCHANT MADE HOLLYWOOD STARS QUESTION THEIR FANBASES + Jimini smile alone  made the whole arena scream

AND AND AND THEY FUCK*NG WON !!!!!!! (Look t the pple in the back, knowing them for 30 min and stanning them already)

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AND LOOK AT THE ARTISTS THEY ADMIRED GIVING THEM A STANDING OVATION (At that moment half the ARMYs woke up their neighbors)

THEY DID THE INFAMOUS GROUP HUG (Stars were sooo touched)

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And we continued sobbing because of the interviews that bought us to the past aka their debut and strugglinhg days

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Speaking of the past, SUGA HELD THE TROPHEE, and we recalled their first win when he held it the same way - so we cried again

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CAMELIA CABELLO GAVE THEM A KISS KISS (meanwhile Yoongi is more amazed by the card)

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I tried to make a post that sums up the night. Hope you like it ^^

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please write about watching him cuddle a pillow I will die

He looks peaceful, relaxed against the soft pillow and cushions of the white lounging couch, eyes closed and lips pursed as he slumbers away under the Mexican heat. The expanse of his back is exposed and you watch from where you sit at the edge of the pool as he breathes in and out, sleep completely taking over his body.

It’s the first time in a month that he gets to relax and take a few days for himself, after the extensive and seemingly never ending promotion of his new album. You’ve followed him along as you could but this small trip (part of his promotion but still a chance to steal a few days of rest) is the first time you can finally see him for more than five minutes between interviews or the half an hour before the two of you went to bed, after an intense day of work.

Harry’s skin, dotted with tattoos and a little mark here and there, is glistening in the sunshine and your fingers tingle to touch it, but you don’t want to interrupt his nap, not when you know he needs it so much.

Even though you know he loves the fast pace of his work and the interactions with old and new fans, you know there are moments where he needs to relax and recharge. In the last few years in the band, you saw him run himself ragged from all the touring, never ever taking time to just sit back and take a moment for himself, so you couldn’t help but worry once it all started again.

“When is his next appearance?” You ask Jeff, your legs submerged into the cold but pleasant water as your legs move back and forth slowly.

“He’s got a secret show in three days.” Your boyfriend’s friend and manager, tells you.

“I’m glad he gets a few days off.” You tell him, looking back at Harry - he’s sleeping soundly, unperturbed by the sounds of music and conversation around you and you can’t help feel your heart speed up when you see him squeezing a pillow against his side, nose burying into it just like he does with you when the two of you share a bed. 

“Yeah, he earned it.”

Lying back, sunglasses on your face and arms stretched against your sides, you enjoy the contrast between the coolness of the water in your legs and the heat of the sun on the rest of your body and you’re almost falling asleep when you feel the sunlight lightly burning on your skin.

Getting up, you head towards the couch where your boyfriend sleeps, reaching for the suncream that rests by his head with light hands to avoid disturbing him but it’s to no use. The second you grab the bottle, you’re facing the green of his eyes, puffy with sleep and shining brighter than ever against the sunlight.

“Go back to sleep.” You mumble, hand reaching down to brush against the apples of his cheek, his eyes squinting as he looks up at you.

With deep and scratchy voice, Harry answers you, one of his hands reaching up to hold your wrist, keeping your hand on him. “Where are yeh going?”

“Just gonna put on some more suncream.” Smiling, you kneel down, finger brushing against the bridge of his nose in a slow caress that make his sleepy eyes close as he leans on his pillow again, cheek smushed against it. “Did you put on yours? Can’t ruin your money maker.”

His shoulders shake as he giggles, eyes bright when he looks up at you, a smile on his lips. “M’ nose is my money maker? Not m’ voice?”

“Some would say, yeah.” You shrug, fighting a smirk and Harry turns to his back, a hand on his tummy as he laughs lightly.

“Mental…” He shakes his head, before turning towards you again, face just a few inches from yours. “I didn’t put any on.”

Shaking your head in disapproval, you stand up, tapping on his head until he lifts it up, giving you enough space to sit down and then his head is on your lap as he looks up at you. “Gonna put some on for you and then you’re gonna remember to put some more on later, okay?”

Humming, he closes his eyes and allows you to dot the white cream all over his face. WIth delicate fingers, you spread the cream all over his cheeks, chin, forehead and nose, slathering some down his neck and chest. “It’s like a facial. Wonderful.”

You giggle and continue on until the substance is nothing but a sticky and clear layer on his face and you watch as he relaxes against you, mouth opening slightly as sleep takes over him again. He’s hugging his pillow almost like a teddy bear and you can help but slide the fingers of your free hand into his hair, his bandana falling off and giving you a free path to work on scratching his scalp lightly.

He looks peaceful resting against you and try as you might, you can’t help but lean down and steal a quick kiss from his parted lips - they feel warm from the sun and they taste like the fruity drink he was having before his nap. Just as you’re about to pull away, you feel the weight of his hand against the back of your neck, holding you down as his lips part and allow his tongue to find yours. It’s a slow, sensual and toe curling kiss, where your tongues dance together to allow the both of you the best taste of each other, with slow gentle licks and teeth nipping on his full bottom lip as your hand slides down his chest, nails scratching against his tummy.

“Should put some more later.” He mumbles when you pull away with a gasp.

“What?” You ask, frowning at him. “Suncream?”

“Hmmm… no.” Harry smiles, pulling you down again. “Kisses. On my mouth.”

Laughing against his lips, you allow him to kiss you, distracting you from the heat of the sun and focusing on the heat of his tongue, that makes butterflies swarm your tummy and erase any worries from your mind.  


So, to commemorate the end of a 5 year journey and the final episode of the season - I’m TBT to the earliest interviews I could find with OTA.  Up first is baby Stephen Amell at the Pilot screening at the Paley Center this took place before the show aired on the CW.

2.  David Ramsey - I’m not sure where this came from but it was filmed during the pilot I believe.  My favorite part is “a nice looking tough guy”

3.  Finally, Emily Bett Rickards in an interview from April 2013 shortly after being made a series regular.  My favorite part is how adorably flustered the KSiteTV interview becomes towards the end.

These three are why I’ve watched for the last 5 years, why I have a twitter and tumblr blog, and met some pretty frakkin’ cool folks.  Have a nice weekend!
‘Supergirl’: Katie McGrath on Waiting For That Luthor Gene to Kick In
The 'Supergirl' actress discusses being caught between two of the most evil women in TV and why she's as curious about Lena's future as you are.

Part of her character’s allure, muses McGrath, is in the unpredictability of Lena’s story. “I had no f**king clue what was going to happen! I didn’t sign up for that many episodes, so I thought I was just coming in and I’d have a little small arc and that would be it,” she says. But as she made more and more appearances, the character continually bucked her expectations: “I kept waiting for the script to come in that would be, ‘Oh, I get it. There you go. She’s Lex now.’ And it never happened.”

[TRANS] Abema TV Interview with GOT7

MC: Can you tell us the sell point of My Swagger? 

JY: It’s a song full of GOT7 style which delivers the msg let’s aim for the higher!

BB: One highlight of the choreography is JB’s sharp dance during the hook part.  

Q: What do GOT7 like about Japan? Mark: We love Tonkotsu (pork bones soup) Ramen very much!

Q: What do you think is the charming point of GOT7? 

YG: It’s how we always stay as a cheerful/energetic group.

YJ: We will also hold a GOT7 ARENA SPECIAL CONCERT in Yoyogi Stadium. on 24,25/6 

JS: Please come to feel our “SWAG” and play with us, everyone!

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Revealed: Google tried to block media coverage of gender discrimination case
Company tried to dismiss a lawsuit filed by US labor department, claiming that a government attorney may have violated ethics rules in speaking to the Guardian
By Sam Levin

Court documents reveal that Google unsuccessfully argued that a judge should dismiss a lawsuit filed by the US Department of Labor (DoL), claiming that a government attorney may have violated ethics rules by doing an interview with the Guardian on 7 April.

The DoL has accused Google of systematically underpaying women, and the court battle centers on the company’s refusal to hand over salary data the government has requested.

The motion for a dismissal – which a judge rejected, in part citing the first amendment – sheds light on Google’s aggressive efforts to end the case at a time when the tech industry is facing increasing criticisms over sexist workplace cultures, gender discrimination and widespread pay disparities. Critics said it appeared that Google was attempting to limit media scrutiny with unusual tactics that raise free press concerns and seem to contradict the corporation’s public claims that it is committed to transparency and accountability in its efforts to promote equal pay.

Google also attempted to restrict press access during a hearing last month. Following a private meeting with the judge about the Guardian’s reporting, Google’s attorney requested that the proceeding be closed to the media before continuing, but a DoL attorney objected and the judge sided with the government.

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I think a HUGE part of the problem is that people still see sexuality (when anything but heterosexual) as a roles of its own, as though that is the most interesting/important part of a character. THAT is the real problem, in my opinion.

agree! so much! because this is a problem outside acting too!

As Carl said in an interview, that he gets asked all the time if he is “gay in real life”, but why is nobody asking Josefine if she is “straight in real life”


Day 53, Exit-Interview: Choi Meesang

Lillian: “I noticed you spent a lot of time meditating from time to time in the House and you said during your plea that this was the first real time you’ve spent away from your family. Did you find it difficult to deal with the other housemates?”

Choi: “From time to time I did, yes. Especially when the tension between the others got quite high. Although I did find it easier to keep my temper with others.”

Lillian: “And of course you enjoyed keeping fit and active!”

Choi: “Yeah, it’s part of my job; but I do honestly prefer to stay on top of my training! It’s a great way other than meditation to clear your head.”

Lillian: “Well, you set out to get the word out about your methods for fitness and lifestyle, Choi, and I think you’ve done that. Your name is certainly out there now!”

Daddy Osterfield pt.8

warnings: nothing at all.

Word count: 1,562

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Today was the day, Harrison was leaving. Tom had a few interviews to do before they made their way to the airport and out of pure curiosity, you tagged along. Having put Audrey in day-care you needed to pick her up before you headed to the airport but it was nice to have a kid free day.

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Weekly Spotlights, The Schedule

*Edit to include the lovely graphic @lipstickandwhiskey made for this project*

Guys! Here it is! It’s the schedule for Spotlights! WHAT?! There’s so many and I’m so excited for this! Y'all have blown me out of the water with all the nominations, I could not be more pleased! I will be contacting each blogger the week before I post their spotlight to do the interview (simple questions over chat, nothing that will take oodles of your time don’t worry.) So don’t stress, if you’re on the list you don’t need to do anything, I’ll contact you. I’ll keep adding to the schedule as I get more nominations, and you’ll notice a couple weeks are skipped. I have some vacations coming up, as well as the week of my birthday and Christmas. But for the most part, I plan on every week unless something comes up. 

 xoxo, me 

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I have a lot of comments about bts at the bbmas but i dont want to spam with text posts so im putting it all here

1. They all looked fking golden and deliciously tan tonight looking natural af and it was bEAUTIFUL
2. nams did an amazing job leading the group tonight and handling all the interviews and speeches. There mustve been a lot of pressure on him but he did wonderfully
3. 1000000 points to their stylists tonight cuz their outfits were on fking POINT. (Like vogue even said it. Cmon.)
4. Bonus points to their manager for probably just standing awkwardly at the side all night lol
5. Every time the camera zoomed in on them they looked so happy and proud to be there and it literally sent my soul to another dimension every time i saw them
6. So many of the artists tonight were so polite and nice to bts and really seemed to try and make them comfortable (especially the interviewers). The salty part of me thinks that they want to ride on the success of bts but i think that mostly a lot of them were just genuinely friendly.
7. Armys needed to chill on twitter. Some of yall were so savage and rude to fans of other artists and i felt like many forgot that this wasnt a night all for them. MOSTLY, fans were friendly but some were just horrible and im ashamed of them. (I guess thats always to be expected tho especially cuz other fans were rude to bts too)
8. I cant believe logan paul just had his hands in his pocket while presenting the award like he was giving a piece of gum to some kids. Even a small gesture like that is really rude. And his tweet after saying “congrats from me and america” just sounded so condescending to me.
9. All the artists smiling and appluading for bts was literally the highlight of the night. None of them showed that “idk who they are but I’ll just politely clap” look. Again they all looked so genuinely proud of bts and that was fking beautiful
10. Bts jammin to cher was fking amazingggg:’)
11. Ofc im disappointed like everyone else that they didnt get to perform but i guess its bc their award wasnt technically for music? Like it wasnt a top artist award. But i really expect that next year or later they’ll be able to perform on that stage
12. Ok this is 10000% my opinion but either all the cameras just had bad timing or jimin just was absolutely done with all the white people tonight lol. Or maybe he was just feeling awkward and shy. Either way, he truly smiled and looked comfortable when he was with his members and they werent being interviewed.
13. I cant say this enough but i am so fking proud of them. Although i wasnt a fan from the very beginning I can see how much they continue to grow every year into talented artists with a true passion for what they do. Every time they were interviewed they always expressed their gratitude and were so humble. Even with 300mil votes, they were still unsure about the results:’) I know the purpose of tonight wasnt for them to just gain recognition from american artists and audiences but it was pretty amazing to see all the praise they got and i really hope they continue to grow globally so more people can really appreciate these boys as much as we all do!

Maybe a few of you have noticed, that I haven’t post any Renner stuff during the last days/weeks.

Well, the truth is, I’m not a fan of him anymore. I can’t exactly tell you why. Because I don’t know it. I can’t explain. And it confuses me, because it happend so fast.

I see all the new pictures and interviews from Cannes and  I realise I’m not interested at all. I don’t care.

I was a fan for over 10 years. I own all his movies, I’ve read/seen tons of interviews, I’ve saved tons of photos. He was an important part of my life. He was my muse, my inspiration, a role model. And yes, I was a little in love with him.

But now, everything is over. On one hand I feel empty, I feel sad. But on the other hand, I feel lucky and free.

But I also feel sorry, because I know, I dissapoint all the people who are following me for the Renner stuff. I really appriciate all your love and support and I hope you stay with me. I won’t stop posting Hawkeye/Clint stuff, that’s for sure. Because I love Hawkeye/Clint. And I will rebblog my old Renner stuff from time to time, I guess.

Thank you for reading.

I wish you all a wonderful day/week.


On March 12, 1974 at approximately 7:00 pm Ted Bundy abducted Donna Gail Manson from Evergreen State College, Olympia while on her way to a concert in the school’s library lobby.

Evergreen State College (1976). Yellow dashed line designates path Donna Manson may have taken. From “A Visual Timeline”

Ted later told Detective Robert Keppel that he burnt Donna’s skull to ashes in his ex girlfriend Liz’s fireplace in a 1989 interview.

Keppel: Okay, how about Donna Manson? Gal from Thurston County, Olympia. Where’s she?

Ted: Where is she? That was different. That was different.

Keppel: What was different about it? You told me before she might be buried. 

Ted: I won’t beat around the bush with you anymore, cause I’m just tired and I just want to get back and go to sleep…

Keppel: Okay.

Ted: So let me just tell you I’m, I know that, this part of the forest, buried up in there but, nothing identifiable, probably just, literally bones, but, the head however, the–the skull, it wouldn’t be there.

Keppel: Where is it?

Ted: It’s nowhere.

Keppel: It’s nowhere?

Ted: Well, I don’t know, I’m not trying to be flippant, it’s just, it’s just no where. It’s, it’s– it’s– it’s in a category by itself, in– in that ah, it was… no I just assumed this was, something that you just can’t, I don’t know, [garbled] see the head-lines now, but ah, ah–

Keppel: Ted, there’s not going to be any details. Wh-what you told me about Georgeann Hawkins isn’t going to be known. I got parents out there that don’t even want to know the details–

Ted: Well I know… I know–

Keppel: He [Hagmaier who is present next to Keppel] wants to know, and I want to know for my own good. 

Ted: Well it, it was incinerated, and it was, just ah– an exception, ah– a strange exception, but ah– it was incinerated. 

Keppel: Where’d you incinerate it?

Ted: [Embarrassed laugh]

Keppel: Come on pard’ner.

Ted: [Embarrassed laugh]

Keppel: These are things they don’t know about you.

Ted: Well this is, this is probably, the– the disposal method of preference among those who get away with it–

Keppel: Yeah.

Ted: But because ah, gee, um, it’s the most bizarre, bizarre thing I ever– ever, ever been associated with, and I’ve been associated with bizarre shit–

Keppel: Right. [Long pause] It’s incinerated–

Ted: It’s incinerated.

Keppel: Tell me about it, what the hell happened?

Ted: Well it, ah, I don’t know the address of the place, I never wanted to tell this incident, but I promised myself I’d never tell this because it would ah, I– I thought, that of– of all the things I did to this woman this was probably the one she would least likely to forgive me for, poor Liz–

Keppel: Uh-huh.

Ted: …in her fireplace, ah, it’s really not that humorous, but um, in the fireplace in that house–

Keppel: Burned it all up?

Ted: Down to the last ash, in a fit of cleanliness, what have you, just vacuumed down all the ashes. That’s the twist.

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My favorite part of Sami's pre-show interview was when he was like, "I don't know if I'd go so far as to say I always have a positive attitude." because my mind instantly blamed Kevin. lmao.


Hey guys? Could you all cross your fingers for me? I have an interview with a cleaning business that is owned by a family friend. It’s on Thursday and here is the best part. It is 3 blocks from home. So if it works out, I can leave that yellow and black hell hole. Even if the pay is roughly the same, it’s not going in the gas tank.

The only scary thing is the business cleans a factory that makes medical supplies so you have to be so clean and so thorough. But my mom used to work for Kim and Tim so fingers crossed.

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Katie's getting so much attention I fear I will miss something. Every time I refresh tumblr there's something new. This is so exciting! When was the last time she was everywhere just like this?

Yo I’ve been off of Tumblr for most of the day to hide from the finale hype and what happens? I miss 3 interviews and more content. Seems to be a trend whenever I go Tumblr dark 😂 I personally haven’t been part of fandom long enough to know if it was ever like this. Even during the Merlin days. After Merlin, if she got a part and there was one (1) interview it was like Christmas so I’m kind of living right now.

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What throws me off with Liam and his "Bear" is how open he is to talking about him ie "I took him a bath this morning". It's a big contrast from Louis who made it a blacklisted topic in all his interviews. I know Liam is a WAY better liar than all the boys but it's still troubling to me. Then again the fact that all his interviews have mentioned "Bear" is a thing in its self. My inner conflict written out lol

The thing is, like I’ve said before, Liam talks about Bear like he’s imagining what it’d be like to have a kid. His stories are too perfect and have none of the reality of parenting. The reason it’s not blacklisted is because that baby is part of his Chiam PR unlike Freddie who was just a part of Louis’ closet.

Ali coming Assumptions

Most of what I see in Emison tag is Ali will coming out to Em.

I know people assuming that bucz one of the producers said Ali will be verbalizing something for the first time, at Playfest. But guys dont forget this is pll, and Marlene wouldn’t give that away easily. I would really like to think that too but after the paily kiss I dont know if that what would actually happen.

What Ali will be verbalizing for the first time can be many things cuz she isn’t usually open up to anyone especially Em. So, yes she might come out or might saying I love you but I need time to figure things out, or she would like to keep the baby or she hate seeing her with paige (I personally would love that more than the coming out) and it goes.

Also I read in one of the interview article with Mar that many things about Dilaurentis family will be revealed and part of that why Ali is like that.