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just wondering, but what hogwarts houses would you sort the paladins (plus allura and coran) in? like it can be interpreted a loooot of different ways but what would be your thoughts on it?

Some of my House headcanons are absolute. Other characters, I’m willing to bend on. The one constant? I Am Always Right.

Slytherin: Lance, Pidge

Gryffindor: Hunk, Allura

Hufflepuff: Keith, Shiro

Ravenclaw: Coran

This post contains a lot of my reasoning, though I made it before I realized the beauty of Gryffindor Hunk and Hufflepuff Shiro, so just ignore those parts lmao.


  • Matt is a Ravenclaw, as is Commander Holt. Colleen is a Slytherin.
  • Shay is in Hufflepuff, or she’s from one of the sister schools (see below)
  • Altea and Galra are foreign sister-schools or whatever (Beauxbatons and Durmstrang respectively)
  • LMAOOO Allura either transferred when Coran became a Professor/Head of Ravenclaw OR she arrived during this aus version of the Triwizard Tournament. Obv, she would be her school’s champion then.
    • If the TT is happening, Shiro is 100% his school’s champion because like. He’s literally called ‘Champion’ in the show lmao.
    • Galra/Durmstrang/Galrastrong comes for the TT. Zarkon is the weird headmaster. Sendak is the douchey champion. Galrastrong sits at the Slytherin table and Pidge and Lance make their lives absolute hell.
  • If we didn’t do a Triwizard Tournament au then Zarkon would be a Gryffindor and Alfor would be a Hufflepuff. Alfor is the Headmaster, Zarkon is like……….. the Potions Professor or something lmfao.
  • You: I don't like the fact that the only gay character in Beauty & the Beast was the fool
  • Me, an intellectual: The live action version changed most of LeFou's qualities to make him less foolish and more of a sidekick, however he is still emotionally manipulated by Gaston but achieves a great redemption arc when he realizes that Gaston doesn't care for him
  • Also me, an intellectual: Plus he's a gay character whose story isn't centered around his sexuality, its just an ingrained part of him like gay characters should be written
Part of an Enemies to Lovers AU

There was a reason why beauty sleep was called such a thing, being woken up from a slumber that you hoped to be peaceful and long could leave you restless or just exhausted in the morning, which defeats the purpose of a beauty sleep. Marinette hated being woken up, no matter what the reason. Hell, she didn’t care if someone fell down a well or off a wall, she needed her sleep and she wouldn’t let anyone come in between that. Thankfully, she was a deep sleeper.

…most of the time.

Lately she had gotten a bit better at waking up at the first sign of danger or distress but again, she hated to be woken up, so she would never enjoy the victory afterwards. She also wasn’t very good at waking up, so she tried to sleep as much as possible at night. But when it came to a certain cat, he always found a way to ruin her treasured beauty sleep.

Marinette woke up to the sound of footsteps coming closer to her temporary bedroom, the girl’s blue eyes sliding open slowly and blinking to adjust to the darkness. She sat up at the clear sound of footsteps and glanced once around her small room before her eyes met with acid green eyes staring back at her. She gasped and quickly turned on her bedside table light, looking back over at the set of eyes that suddenly had disappeared.

Was she still dreaming? Perhaps she was just seeing things due to exhaustion. She turned to turn off her light, nearly knocking right in to Chat Noir’s face who stood beside her bed. She was pretty sure he was beginning to say her name before she suddenly squawked in shock, jumping back and smacking her head against the headboard of her bed. She immediately placed a hand on her new bump and groaned, looking up at the feline with a glare.

“What the hell Chat?! A warning would’ve been nice!” She scolded in a harsh whisper, the cat just frowned in response, a pillow locked in his arms in a tight embrace.

“Well I didn’t think you would’ve screamed, jeez you’re such a girl.” He replied in the same tone, although his ears told Marinette that he felt a least a bit guilty or ashamed, they were hanging low, nearly pressed flat against his head. She scoffed and sat up straight, crossing her arms defensively.

“You do know I am a girl, right? I knew you hadn’t been around them much but gosh, do you just assume everyone’s got a-”

“Can I sleep in here tonight?”

His question caught her off guard, cutting off her sentence and stunning her into silence for a minute. She scanned his features, looking for a sign that showed he was joking but by the way he nervously looked down and how his ears were pinned to his head in shame, she knew he had meant it.

And yet she still asked, “What?”

He shifted nervously, his grip on his pillow tightening slightly as he kept his gaze locked on the floor beneath him. “I just… I had a nightmare which usually don’t scare me too often but…” He explained quietly, Marinette finally noticing how he seemed to be trembling slightly. This was the first time she had ever seen him truly scared about something, and it wasn’t even real. She couldn’t make fun of him though, she knew how it felt to wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat because of some crazy dream. They always felt so real.

She sighed in defeat and moved over a bit, her movement causing Chat’s green eyes to look up at her again. His ears perked up in hope and he couldn’t help the small smile that tugged at his lips. “You can sleep here tonight,” Marinette said as she patted down at the spot next to her, gesturing for him to lay down and she noticed how his tail twitched excitedly behind him, causing a gentle smile to appear on her face.

Chat slid into bed next to her, ending up just dropping his pillow at the end of the bed. His transformation dissolved and he was replaced with a blond haired boy wearing black pyjamas, his green eyes staring up at the ceiling as he laid on his back. Marinette turned on her side to face him, giving him a bit more room. The two were silent, but not awkward enough for them to be uncomfortable.

After a moment, Adrien rolled onto his side and stared at her dazzling bluebell eyes with his summer green ones, the silence between them almost comforting. Marinette’s hand slid across the sheets of the bed until she reached his sunny blond hair, her fingers digging into his locks delicately. She began to scratch a spot behind his ear and she watched as his eyes slowly fell closed, her own sleepiness threatening to make her fall asleep right then and there.

“Did you really have to transform and scare the crap out of me?” She asked in a whisper after some time of silence, Adrien’s eyes opening for a moment to look at her before closing again from her soothing touch.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you I can just see better in the dark as Chat Noir,” He replied, his voice groggy and laced with exhaustion. Marinette smiled softly, somehow hearing him apologize for scaring her making it worth it. Perhaps it was because of the friendly rival they had between each other or perhaps it was because there was a possibility that he actually cared.

She was glad Adrien’s eyes were closed so he couldn’t see how much she was blushing, even if the room was dark. For once in her life, she was glad someone— Adrien— interrupted her beauty sleep.

Ok, let me explain why Killian Jones becoming deputy is my most FAVORITE headcanon to become true.

This guy ditched the Royal Navy and became a pirate, because their corrupt king caused his brother’s death. He saw the Navy as a way to become an honorable man, but he decided to pursue something more honorable than serving a corrupt king. (”For at least among thieves, there is honor!”)

Killian becoming deputy just makes the Storybrooke Police Department more of a family business since Emma and Charming are already in it. Kind of cements his place in the family and town. Not that he already wasn’t, of course, but becoming deputy makes him even more a part of the community. 

It’s also him coming full-circle. Taking up a mantle as someone to protect the realm from harm of villains. It’s just so wonderful and beautiful for his character development and I’m just overwhelmed at what beautiful poetry this is :D

And let’s face it; guy needs a day job LOL

Chicago List:
  • UM
  • Met @suga-peaches
  • A lovely lady
  • a sweet bean
  • Stood in the longest line to get in
  • It was pouring rain
  • Still good tho
  • Finally got in
  • Found my seat
  • The people around me were friendly af
  • there was a short asian girl on my left and she swooned a lot and used me as a crutch
  • I love her
  • The girl on my right asked me who my bias was
  • Rapjoon obvi
  • She didnt make fun of me when I flubbed a word like 30 times
  • BTS makes ya stupid with love
  • OK SO
  • Park Jimin?????????
  • CUTEST MOCHI????????
  • I’m pretty sure when they were all doing their talking parts, at one point he said something in English and ARMY didn’t really react so he got all embarrassed anD STARTED TALKING IN KOREAN AND WAS JUST LIKE “SARANGHAE”
  • Kim Taehyung
  • AMAZING  VOICE???????????
  • Min Yoongi
  • A cutie
  • Slayed my ass
  • At some point he was greeting us and was getting us to scream and just started yelling IN THE LOUDEST, SCRATCHIEST VOICE
  • Jeon Jungkook
  • Wore a pair of bunny ears tossed onto the stage
  • Truely the golden Maknae
  • What a man
  • I still want to be his friend
  • Jungkook-ah! Let’s play overwatch!
  • Also Yoongi looked really short it was adorable
  • Uhhhh
  • Kim Seokjin
  • Literal angel
  • Slayed the vocals
  • Snatched my ass with his solo
  • Don’t sleep on him
  • give him love
  • There’s a reason I say I bias 94-line overall
  • WHAT
  • MAN
  • Literal ray of sunshine????
  • UMMMM???
  • He was on fire the whole fucking time
  • being extra as hell doing dances even where they weren’t doing choreo
  • The sweetest bean I’ve ever seen
  • Also A RAP DADDY
  • I said it and I apologize immediately
  • Rap line murdered my ass with cypher
  • Rip lauren dom-joonie is no more
  • He’s the cutest thing ever
  • AND HE DANCED LIKE A BOSS???????????????
  • His english is messy sometimes and it’s adorable
  • I still screamed “I LOVE YOU” at him like 30 times
  • Reflection got me clutching my titty-heart like no tomorrow
  • I love Kim Namjoon and respect him so much
  • Please love him
  • At the end when it was time to go they lingered on stage forever and it made me feel like they really didn’t want to go and ugh my heart
  • Jimin did another little star jump
  • I love him
  • Uhm
  • Jhope wore a hat a fan threw on stage and when Rapmon asked where he got it he said “I bought it!” in perfect english
  • P sure Jin took someones army bomb I wonder if they’re salty
  • On the way out I bought an ARMY BOMB FOR NO APPARENT REASON???
  • Whatever I had to buy something and everything else was sold out
  • I want a namjoon fan tho dammit
  • Also after I went outside I heard girls screaming and I guess BTS had gotten in their van and were leaving??
  • I was like omg let them be
  • And you know what?
  • As I was walking home they drove straight next to me
  • A red faced girl walking in the rain holding an army bomb
  • I didn’t chase after them
  • Some other car did tho–like sped after them–and I was like….bitch really
  • ANyway traffic was a bitch so you know what???
  • I caught up to them on foot bc they were at the light xD
  • I just kind of glanced over at the tinted glass and was like “They’re in there….huh”
  • Also when I came out of the concert hall I was literally deaf for about 10 minutes
  • I’m not kidding
  • Fuck
  • I’m sad it’s over
  • it was so much fun
  • I love bts
  • I’m so glad I did this

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The trolls find out blinky and aaarrrgghh aren't married and panic deciding to marry themselves with a traditional troll wedding. It goes supringly well, blinkys fascinated by the traditions, arghs just happy blinkys happy and weddings are pretty rare so all the trolls are excited. Untill it turns out part of the ceremony is to carve matching ruins into the couple at which point argh grabs blinky bridal style and runs out, probably with Jim telling them it was a bad idea and a laughing Draal :)

TBH i think blinky would’ve been interested to see what was gonna happen next hahaha

thIS ASK might be one of my all-time favorites it was so fun to draw this one :D troll weddings honestly sound so pretty i could just imagine so many beautiful gems everywhere and just- 

i am all for this like a hundred percent

and you drive me wild

(Read previous chapters here!)

PART ELEVEN: Tell your story (part one)

“It started with a girl,” John said.

“Just like the Trojan War,” Alex mumbled.

John looked at Alex and actually smiled, then shook his head, that beautiful smile still on his lips, as if to say I cannot believe you just said that, you wonderful nerd.

Or at least that’s what Alex hoped John meant by the smile and shake of his head.

“My dad liked her. A lot. I mean for me, not like, himself.” John shuddered. “She goes to my church and is in Teen Bible Study Sundays with me which, yes, is exactly as awful as it sounds.”

“So your dad is trying to choose your girlfriends?” Alex said, kind of shocked. He couldn’t imagine the Washingtons ever doing that to him or Laf. It would be so… invasive.

“Uh, not exactly. He probably wouldn’t care which girl I date.” John paused. “He just, uh, he just wants me to date a girl. Period.”

“Oh,” Alex said softly. Sometimes he forgot that not everyone was fortunate enough to have such supportive and accepting parents.

“Yeah. And, well, last week, we kind of… had a fight.” John sighed and shook his head. “He set me and her up on a date, and when I found out, I was really angry. I mean he didn’t even ask me!” John throw his hands in the air in frustration. “What if I’d had plans or something already?”

Alex nodded along empathetically.

“So I tried to play it off like wow, Dad, she’ll never like me now that you went ahead and set up our first date, like, who wants to date someone who doesn’t even ask the girl out himself? but he just shrugged it off, like, he went through her dad, so it wasn’t weird, but that kind of made it… I can’t even say that made it weirder because the whole thing was so weird.”

“It sounds really… awkward?” Alex offered.

“There is no word in the English language, or possibly any language, that properly describes that situation.”

Alex nodded in agreement, feeling unsure of what to say. This was a new feeling for him, not knowing what to say, and it seemed to happen exclusively around John. Alexander briefly wondered what that meant, though he didn’t have much time to ponder on it.

“So I should’ve just addressed the whole thing right then and there. I should’ve said ‘Listen, Dad. You know it and I know it, but since you’re gonna pretend you don’t know it, then how about I just say it. I’m gay as heck, Dad.”

Alex’s heart fluttered because even when John Laurens was angry he said things like heck and it was the most endearing thing that Alex had ever experienced.

“But I’m getting the sense you didn’t say anything there?”

John let out a slightly-pained sigh. “Ha, no.” He stopped walking and crossed his arms over his chest as if he were suddenly cold. “I really, well…” He took a deep breath and looked Alex in the eye. “I really fucked this one up.”

Alex got the sense John didn’t swear too much, maybe because he had so many younger siblings, or maybe because it was just who he was as a person, so when he used that word… Alex knew it must have been pretty serious.

“So Martha and I were supposed to, uh, go on our date,” John made air quotes and rolled his eyes, “the night of our weekly commercial shoot, like, right after it, basically.”

They had started walking again, and John was making a bunch of angry hand gestures, as if the air had personally offended him.

“And I was keeping it together until right after we’d finished the final take when my dad turned to me with a hecking grin on his face and said ‘Maybe soon your special lady friend can do a commercial with us, just for fun.’ But I knew what he was really saying was we’re gonna show the world you are Not Gay, John, even though we both know you are Hella Gay.”

“Damn,” Alex muttered.

“Yeah,” John said, voice flat. “And that’s when I lost it.”

“I would’ve too. I don’t think anyone could blame you for that,” Alexander said in what he prayed was a comforting and not condescending or annoying tone.

John offered him a small smile, and Alex sighed in relief, figuring he’d done something right. He hoped he kept doing things right because when John smiled at him… Well, he fell apart.

“I guess,” John said, and although he shrugged as if trying to keep the statement nonchalant, Alex could see the glimmer in his eyes that hadn’t been there before. “So you won’t judge me too hard for this next part?”

Alex smiled at John. “I think I’ll be disappointed if you don’t do something drastic in that moment.”

John smiled back at Alexander, and Alex’s heart fluttered. He knew in that moment that John had entirely stolen his affections, and there was nothing he could do–– or want to do–– to get them back.

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I have to say. I'm incredibly jealous of writers like you and Gotham for your ability to beautifully weave in lines from the book and show canon. Even if you change who actually says them, you bring those words in seamlessly. I'm really in love with this new story of yours (I know, big shocker). But that "nothing hurts when you love me" line just KILLED me. So SO very beautiful.

Owww, thank you so so so much lovely @takemeawaytocamelot!! But you shouldn’t be jealous at all, it’s not as hard to get those lines in, as it is to create a wonderful plot - and that you do so beautifully! I love that Jamie dixit and thought it was the perfect way to end this first part of the story. 

Btw, I’m saving your Vegas AU to finally catch up to this weekend, when hopefully I’ll be able to breathe a little. Can’t wait!! <3

Something Beautiful-Part 08

The Morning after the ER trip with Steve, you awake in his bed, your feelings for him growing ever stronger until he sleepily mutters Peggy’s name.  Your resolve to be with Brock gets stronger.  Pretty boring chapter over all.  Just some angst.

Words: 2008

Something Beautiful Series

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The next morning you awoke slowly, letting the soft sunlight gently ease you out of the most restful sleep you’d ever had except for an unfamiliar heaviness on your stomach. Confused, you looked down to see the back of Steve’s head resting comfortably on your stomach.  His soft breathing tickled the flesh above your belly button.

It was now that you realized your tank had ridden up your torso, exposing half your midriff.  The scruff on Steve’s face tickled your belly with every gentle inhale you took.  His injured arm rested across your hips and he had one leg wrapped around on of yours, tangling your legs together.  

You were enjoying the feel of Steve next to you, being pressed so close.  Immediately, you felt a jolt shoot straight between your legs. Your instinct was to clench your thighs together, but the large muscle of Steve’s thigh lie there instead, causing you to instinctively grind up against it.

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A word to cheer you up

We didn’t win this one, but I’m a good example of those new members that MONSTA X win over each day. I myself found out about MONSTA X just few months ago and now I’m already here streaming, buying their albums and overall sharing all the love that monbebes get from MONSTA X members.
Every day there will be new Monbebes joining the fandom and each new view and vote will eventually count. So let’s not slow down now but keep on sharing, viewing, cheering and overall doing anything that we can to show our support!

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opinions on ed sheeran?

his music makes me feel like i just had a fling with a beautiful woman who was forced to leave me because of our differing life goals but it pained us both to part ways and like i’ll find her again in 10 years after ive long settled down with a family and that our love will be rekindled at the expense of my life stability

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I'm like totally new to Jon Bellion, what's the beautiful mind? Is that what the fanbase is called? thanks!

BM is a group/record label (not sure if it still is might just be a group now) that consists of the friends (pictured below) he creates music with and tours with. I guess fans are considered part of BM, but I’m not 100% sure if Jon has ever said anything on that, but sure why not.

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Hiiiiiiii I just read the latest TMD fic and hooooly shiiiiit I cannot breathe. It was so beautiful and so well done, it's amazing ;3; Gah, your writing skills are what I aspire to obtain, GG, you're so amazing :3 (I'mma stop now, I'm getting on the "annoying fangirl" levels)

Thank you so much!! I can’t tell you the kind of anxiousness I’ve had. I put off uploading for a while because I just…wasn’t sure how that part was going to be received.

But seriously, thank you so much!! I really hope to read some of your work someday! :D

Truth about fandoms

YOU there! Yes, you who is reading this right now while procrastinating again. I have something to tell you!

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It doesn’t matter which fandom you are a part of. 

It doesn’t matter if you are an observer like me, where you like to stalk the fandom and obsesses over any little piece of art or fiction. 

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Or if you are a creator, who writes beautiful fiction, draws amazing images, dedicates hours to a blog about your fandom, or even if you just create those gifs that everyone uses.

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It doesn’t matter who you are, what fandom you are a part of, who you ship or ever how much you know about your fandom. 

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              The most beautiful truth about fandoms.

Is that no matter what, someone will always be there for you. All you need to do is ask. 

           Because in a fandom family, YOU are never alone. 

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So please, if you ever feel lonely, if you feel like you need someone to talk to because you feel like no one understands or gets you, reach out to members in your fandom. They are the sweetest, most caring individuals ever, and I promise you won’t ever have to feel like you’re alone again. 

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And if you are one of those beautiful people who happens to receive a message from someone, I plead with you to speak to them. We are a family, and family doesn't get left behind. 

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It is becoming too much of a regular occurrence that I find out someone in one of my fandoms felt as if there was no one ever there for them and ended up taking their own life. I don’t think anyone ever deserves to feel like that, and I really hope that you message someone if you need them. Hell, message me if you like. 

But remember, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. And you deserve to smile. 

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One of the most interesting moments in the live action Beauty and the Beast is this scene where Belle asks why the household staff was cursed and now must suffer for the Beast’s actions when they did nothing wrong and Mrs. Potts tells her that when the Beast’s mother died his father turned on him and she implies that he abused the Beast and turned him into the person he was before the curse and Mrs. Potts says something along the lines of “we knew what he was doing to that little boy and we stood by and did nothing” and I just keep thinking about that like we so often absolve adults who know a child is being abused but make excuses and look the other way when they know they could at least try to help and I just thought it was interesting to imply that remaining a bystander instead of taking action to stop a crime can have just as many consequences as committing the crime itself


In some parts of the country, cold weather is threatening crops. Meanwhile, California has been so unseasonably wet that its deserts are experiencing what’s called a “super bloom.” After years of drought, the normally arid desert is lush.

But in California’s largest state park, in the desert south of Palm Springs, nearly four-hour car drive from Los Angeles, visitors are coming from as far as Europe, Africa and Asia to see the “super bloom.” This event is so rare, so special, that looky-loos are causing traffic jams, getting lost in the hillsides and fainting from dehydration — just to take in the beauty.

California Deserts In ‘Super Bloom’ Thanks To A Wet Winter

Photos by Nina Gregory; Bottom photo by Kyle Magnuson/Flickr