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My submission for issue II of the @shallurazine, Stars Aligned ~

Thank you Cat and Jules for all your hard work, and for letting me be a part of this! Everyone’s submissions are so beautiful and creative. I’m blown away ♡

American Jew (PoC Profile)

I am not an immigrant or child of an immigrant; my great-great-grandparents are the ones who brought my family to America, but I thought it would be interesting to see how my cultural experience compares to those who are immigrants or immigrant children.

  • Beauty Standards

Of course, there is the typical stereotype that Jewish people have big noses. I’ve heard people comment that someone doesn’t “look Jewish” because their nose isn’t as prominent. Just because someone doesn’t fit the stereotype doesn’t mean their identification is any less true or important. 

  • Food

Food tends to be a big part of Jewish culture. I don’t know if this is true for others, but in my family we have a joke that goes: “They tried to kill us, we won, we ate”. This is pretty much used to sum up every Jewish holiday because the holidays tend to revolve around the Jewish people overcoming an obstacle or celebrating a victory. Some of my personal favorite foods from my culture are latkes, sufganyot (jelly donuts), matzah ball soup, and falafel. On the holidays, my extended family gathers and provides a feast. Some of my childhood memories are of my mom making homemade latkes and my dad and I eating all of them before anyone else could get to them. I also have memories of my great-aunt spooning me bowls of matzah ball soup to hand out to family and of my grandma bringing us lots of kosher for passover foods.

  • History

There’s not much to tell since my family is very Americanized. No one in my family is a immigrant or immigrant child, so there are no stories of that kind to tell. My mother will tell the story though of how when she went to college, some of her roommates had never seen any Jews and thought she’d have horns, because that’s how they were raised. My grandma and grandpa were both born in 1938, so they have vague memories of the Holocaust. 

  • Holidays

In my family, we don’t celebrate any of the minor holidays. We only celebrate holidays such as Passover, Chanukah, Rosh Hashanah, etcetera. On the holidays, most of my extended family gathers at my family’s house. Together we provide a feast of foods like brisket, meatballs, potatoes, latkes, and more. We all chat and tell stories and eat a lot of food. Our families don’t go to temple all together, as most of my family lives out of state and doesn’t belong to our synagogue. I remember enjoying services when I was younger because my parents would allow me to bring books to read because we attended the adult service, and not the kid service. I remember dreading services after my parents stopped letting me bring books because in my mind, they were very boring and dragged on forever. Now, I get a little bored, but my rabbi tells interesting stories and makes a few jokes to keep us entertained.

  • Home/Family life/Friendships

Being Jewish hasn’t really affected any of my relationships. All of my extended family is at least ½-Jewish, so they all understand at least some of the culture and traditions. My town has a high Jewish population, so I’ve never felt out of place because of my religion. My middle schools were dotted with bar and bat mitzvahs, which got repetitive after awhile, but it was still nice to see my non-Jewish friends participating in prayers and songs. 

  • Language

Growing up, my parents sent my brothers and I to Hebrew School at our temple. My town has two main temples, so our classes were pretty small. I’m sad to say that while I do know the Hebrew Alphabet and can read fairly fluently, I don’t know the meaning of the words. My Hebrew School also didn’t teach us to read without vowels (most Hebrew is written without them), so when my family traveled to Israel we had difficulty reading signs and directions.

  • Micro-aggressions

It annoys me when people assume I’m Kosher just because I’m Jewish. It also generally annoys me when people mock my traditions or are just plain ignorant about them. Just because they don’t know about my religion doesn’t give them the right to make fun of it. Ignorance is not an excuse.

This was actually more than a micro-aggression to me, but an acquaintance and I were having a friendly insult battle, and they referred to me as a “terrorist” just because my ancestors are from the Middle East. At the time, I laughed it off, because though it’s a terrible thing to say I know my friend didn’t know what she was implying (which of course doesn’t make it right). But months later, I still find myself thinking about that comment. I don’t make fun of my friend for her Albanian and Greek culture, and yet she referred me to in such a negative way without even realizing the magnitude of what she was saying. 

  • Things I’d like to see less of

I’d like to see less of people caring about others’ religions. This doesn’t mean you should be ignorant about them, but I hate seeing religion cause rifts between people. Just because people believe something else than you doesn’t mean they’re wrong. 

  • Things I’d like to see more of

I’d like to see more people having awareness/knowledge about other people’s religions. Most people only know about their own religion and don’t know anything about other religions. I’d also like to see more of schools discussing the Holocaust and other major events that revolve around religion. I don’t know if this is true for other schools, but in my school we never talked about the Holocaust. Most of my friends only know that it was something involving the deaths of many Jews and it was caused by Hitler, but that’s all they know. They don’t know about the atrocities committed or the lingering affects; the Diary of Anne Frank and all of the people who were killed just because of their belief.

  • Tropes/Stereotypes I’m tired of seeing.

I’m tired of people picturing Jews and only envisioning Orthodox Jews. People think Jew, and they picture a man wearing a tallis and a yamaka/kippah who keeps Kosher and has a prominent nose. Everyone assumes that we all are this religious when whether or not you celebrate the Sabbath and wear religious clothing doesn’t determine your Jewishness. I’m tired of Israel being just thought of as a conflict zone, when if you go there you’ll discover an amazing, rich culture and history. I’m tired of people being ignorant of our struggles and conflicts throughout history

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i loved your thoughts about the monsters and female sexuality, and i was wondering if you had anything specifically about the phantom? or any thoughts on the phantom of the opera in general i would love to hear them

You know those pieces of media you can’t read/listen/watch without being transported to your first go-through, with all the exact emotions that come with it? And it doesn’t matter if these were profound Great Works of Art, they were just there at the exact right time to crawl under some bit of skin, to find the exact right string to pluck—and you will never, ever get rid of them. They are inside you, all you can do is accommodate them.

For me, that’s what Phantom of the Opera was. I stumbled over it at twelve-thirteen, already knowing that I was a fucking weirdo but not really sure how I was planning to deal with that, and it just—blew the fucking doors off the place. I cannot listen to a single song, watch a single frame of the 2004 movie, even glance at a picture of Sarah Brightman without the all-over cringing embarrassment of being that thirteen-year-old again and feeling things that were enormous and sweating-hot and nameless and much more than I was even sort of prepared for.

Which means that I am largely incapable of talking about it in a rational sort of fashion. I will say that Phantom takes…something an opposite tack towards the monster romance. Typically, a monster romance is Beauty recognizing the humanity of a Beast, and ennobling the Beast because of it; it’s a redemption-thorough-love narrative. In Phantom, Beauty (Christine) recognizes there is something also monstrous in her, but ultimately rejects that monstrosity. She’s really he one who undergoes through the transformation, not the Beast, though he ultimately does recognize her transformation.

I generally put this down to the addition of the Svengali narrative—while there’s always a power imbalance between Beauty and the Beast, it’s acute in Phantom. (The Beast just wants Belle to come to dinner and avoid the West Wing, Erik watches Christine through her fucking mirror and kills people.) The Phantom’s real monstrosity isn’t his face, it is the demand Christine sacrifice literally everything to him and capital-A-Art. The absolutist mania is monstrosity in itself. Monstrosity is just another way of transcending the ordinary, and isn’t that what artists are meant to do?

Christine’s desire to be an Artist is part and parcel of the monster romance of the Phantom; if she didn’t sort of want to be an artistic monster herself, there’s no draw. The 2004 movie is….awkwardly blunt about this, making the Phantom a transgressively sexual figure. (While I don’t think it’s incorrect, I also think it obscures some of the real motivation there. Desire for a basement dwelling weirdo can be two things, ALW.)

I realize my previous meta was about monster romance-qua-monster romance, monster romance as an expression of desire, but monster romances represent a hell of a lot of different things—each slightly different, but drawing on the long legacy of transgressive desire in all senses.

Also, the overture remains A True Banger.

Can we please fucking stop

with this “the game is homophobic because of this secret cult ending that didn’t even make to the final game" bullshit? I’m honestly trying to enjoy this game and its beautiful art and music and diverse cast of characters and I’m just so pissed off by seeing the word “homophobic” and “(literally) demonising lgbt+ people" fucking EVERYWHERE!
Breaking news: LGTB+ PEOPLE CAN BE ASSHOLES! Just because some people are queer doesn’t make them some kind of perfect, pure angels that cannot do anything bad. There are evil gay people, asshole trans people, bi bullies just as there are asshole white people, asshole hetero people, asshole black/Latino/Asian people. We are all HUMAN and some people being duchebags is just part of it! Where did the equality we all fight for suddenly dissapear? You can’t pretend like hate doesn’t exist among other than white cis communities. That’s fucking EQUALITY!!! Accepting that not only there’s nothing wrong with being gay/trans/pan… but that these people have the same flaws and make the same mistakes as any cis person.
So just because one, ONE fucking character who happens to be bi is evil and a literal demon doesn’t mean you’ll forget all the other SIX fucking amazing, beautiful, QUEER dads who all have different and distinctive personalities, ethnicities and body types. Just fucking stop please.


Shibori (tie-dye) antique kimono. Taisho period (1912-1926), Japan.  The Kimono Gallery. A chirimen (crepe) silk kimono featuring shibori-dyed motifs of yellow and red camellias. Spaced silver and gold metallic thread inserts create vertical highlights. The camellia, called ‘tsubaki" in Japan, is a symbol of spring, and has a long tradition in Japan. During the Heian period of a thousand years ago, in the book “A Tale of Genji”, the “sudden death” which camellias symbolized could as well be the sudden death of dreams, illusions, & love affairs. There was tragedy in camellias because they are simultaneously things of great beauty and of transience, indicative of the “sadness of things” in Buddhist philosophy. From China, the Japanese associate the two main parts of the camellia – the petals and the calyx, which holds the petals – with a young woman and young man, respectively. Just as a young man protects and supports the young woman he loves, the calyx protects the petals. This association also explains the far eastern belief that camellias symbolize pure, devoted love because when the flower’s petals fall off, so does the calyx. This characteristic is rare among flowers. The different colours of camellia has different associations, pertinent to the red and yellow flowers on this kimono: red camellias represents 'love’ , while yellow camellias represents 'longing’. Tie-dying the camellia motifs would have been exacting to create a realistic camellia outline. The aesthetics of the 'stream’ of camellia motifs is unusual and effective. This is another example of Taisho-period artists taking traditional motifs, and presenting them in new ways.

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HELLO, Do you have fics with bottom Jimin and over possessive Jungkook? If you do yayyy if you don't thank you for trying to help me!!! HAVE A GOOD DAY

Hi! First, I hope you’re having a good day too (◠‿◠✿) Second, of course! Here you go, I hope this helps :)

Title: Again?
Author: FluffFairyMin
Rating: Mature
Genre: Slice of Life
Summary: Just another day in Jimin’s life. (after an escapade with his boyfriend)

Title: Bacteria
Author: minimints
Rating: Teen
Genre: Fluff
Summary: Alternatively, where Jungkook’s hyungs like messing with him and there’s literally nothing Jimin can’t make better.
Note: Part 2 of the “Cardiac Arrest” series, find the rest here

Title: Blonde Beauty
Author: Kaminari
Rating: Mature
Genre: Fluff, Smut
Summary: He bites his lip nervously and stares for a few more minutes at videos of his hot boyfriend. Jimin looks like a work of art made by satan, which is nothing new, dancing in a way that can only make people stare at him in awe, trying not to pop a boner at the same time. Jungkook fails most of the time, by the way, which is why he puts his phone on the bed and gets up, not caring about being too quiet because he doubts anyone can wake up the snoring monster. He slowly leaves the room shared with their leader and goes to the one where Jimin sleeps. Or: Jimin’s blonde and Jungkook’s possessive more than ever.

Title: Help You Out
Author: sweetmxchi
Rating: Explicit
Genre: Smut
Summary: Jimin is stressing over the end of the semester. Jungkook is more than willing to help.

Title: Mine
Author: Polkari Seuta
Rating: General Audiences
Genre: Hurt/Comfort
Summary: Jungkook was not in the best mood during the fansign.

Title: Tension
Author: snarcsics
Rating: Explicit
Genre: Smut
Summary: Jimin has been spending too much time with others that weren’t Jungkook. So maybe it was time for Jungkook to remind his pretty little boyfriend who he belonged to.

Beauty and the Beast: Belle (Reprise)

Pairing: Dean x Reader (eventually), Cas, Gabriel, Claire, Sam, Jess, Walter (OFC)

Word Count: 2.8k

Warnings: Swearing, violence, guns

A/N: Finally! The Reader and Dean meet! Finally! An update! Sorry this took so damn long, I wasn’t feeling like myself for a while there.

Part Summary: Walter finds himself in a bit of a situation, making Y/N come to his rescue. Here, she meets Dean and some other members of The Hunters.

Beta: @iputthesininbuisness

Beauty and the Beast Masterlist

Originally posted by batbobsession

x x

Can you imagine? Me, the wife of that boorish, brainless… Madame Gaston Can’t you just see it? Madame Gaston. His little wife, ugh

Y/N kicked the door of her apartment shut harshly, effectively scaring the living daylights out of Philippe, “Sorry, boy,” Y/N apologized, patting the dog on the head.

Y/N trudged around her apartment, kicking off her shoes, changing into a more comfortable pair of sweats, and preparing a cup of tea, “Can you believe it, Philippe?” Y/N said to the dog as she made her tea.

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A Taste For Danger

Part 1 - Just A Little Taste 

Logan Rossi is a Sicilian Mob Boss that is known to the world as a top CEO in cyber security. You are a PR Coordinator for one of England’s top agencies. What happens when both your paths cross and you are pulled into his world? Will you both choose safety or will you choose love?

Rating: M, 18+ (Violence, SMUT, Language, the usual)
If you are under the age of 18, do not read this!!

This story will be written from the readers and Logan’s perspective - it will be noted at the beginning of each chapter

A/N: One day I will be able to write something and just let it be that one thing. In the meantime, enjoy the super cheesy synopsis and this first part. In celebration of Westworld receiving 22 nominations, the excitement of SDCC 17  and our boy Ben playing this incredibly dangerous yet makesmewannadropmypanties character!

Special thanks to @kisen95 for making the beautiful aesthetic (I made two minor changes) and inspiring me. Thanks @delos-mio for betaing this for me - the comments helped a lot! 


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Reader Prospective

Zip. Ping. Pop.

Silence. Repeat.

Zing. Ping. Pop.

The sound of bullets echoed across the isolated parking garage, hitting cars and cement blocks as the repetitive sounds run loudly in your ear. You were crouched behind one of the said cars, holding your breath as you clutched the light metal suitcase close to you. You tried to concentrate on something else, something that could distract you from the fear of losing your life versus those three constant sounds.


You closed your eyes, trying to will the situation away. A soft thud brought you back to the present and you didn’t want to know how the man had met his end. Instead, you focused on the sounds, the three repetitive sounds and tried to will them to something else.

Bam. Pow. Bam.

You understood why media had transformed those sounds, lethal and deadly echoes and made them comical. It alleviated the fear.

The distraction had also worked.

The sounds of shooting had been muted, leaving only one man who had temporarily stopped his assault on the both of you. You turned your head to the right, letting the cold metal of the car that you were pressed against cool your hot cheek calm you as you watched Logan, his eyes diligent as he reloaded his gun. He was wearing a light cream suit that was now covered in debris and blood. His blood? Someone else’s?

You would never know. He would never tell you.

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This is just a little note to say that your poetry comes from such touching vulnerability. You are a beautiful soul who shines out in your words. I’m so glad you are part of the Tumblr Community. It wouldn’t be the same without you.

This is just a little response to tell you I’ve seen you, floating around dropping kind, thoughtful, personalised and heartfelt compliments off to people, and I want to tell YOU that you’re the kind of person that makes me keep faith in humans! I’d love to know who you are, so if you choose to reveal yourself I can shower you with endless heart emojis 💕💞💕💞 but if you wish to remain anon, that’s cool too! Just know that what you’re doing is a beautiful thing and you made me smile.

MALEC (and some other Shadowhunters pairings/friendship) headcanon - Part 3

Part 1

Part 2 

Warning: Could contained SPOILER. Proceed with caution.

- Alec knows that almost no one - no matter if they are Downworlder or Shadowhunter or even mundane, no matter what their sexual orientation is.. no matter if they hate or likes him - could deny that Magnus is beautiful. Alec thinks so too~.. but more than that, Alec just thinks Magnus is really really the cutest thing ever existed. Don’t tell Magnus but sometimes when he tries to be sexy and seductive and coy, all Alec could think of is just how adorable his lover is: those bright eyes looking up at him..those pink lips pursing into a pout when Alec pretends he didn’t notice Magnus wants his attention..

- Sometimes Alec is the little spoon. Sometimes Magnus is the little spoon. Sometimes Alec wakes up and found he’d drooled all over Magnus chest. Sometimes Magnus wakes up to Alec hugging him to his chest so tight he could barely breathe. Sometimes the night was just too hot and there’ll be a considerable space in between their bodies. Whatever their position may end up in the morning though, one thing for sure: they almost always, with hands entwined in between them, fall asleep facing each other.

- It’s true that Simon thinks Luke as his unofficial dad. But he also knows that between him and Clary, Luke will always be more partial towards Clary. Simon is pretty sure that goes for Magnus as well (not to mentioned Magnus’s boyfriend hates Simon)… So why, Simon questioned himself, even knowing all that, he still found himself standing right outside the warlock’s door at 2 in the morning, soaking wet from the heavy rain outside and feeling so painfully lonely and hurt - 3 days after that Seelie Court visit. 

- Magnus opened the door just as Simon turned to leave, ushered him inside and without saying anything, just grabbed the young vampire into a big tight hug. 

- Simon was ashamed to admit it but he cried: snot and all. Tried to explained in jumbled of words but Magnus just shushed him and just hugged him tighter (Simon later found out that Jace had confided in Alec what happened at the Seelie Court and apparently #malec couple is one of those couples that share almost everything with their partner)

- Malec on Seelie Court incident after they heard what happened between Clary, Jace and Simon: 

“It was no one’s fault, obviously.. but.. still.. Simon deserves better.. That Queen~ she’s always such a…” *sigh* “If it was us and Jace.. and you were in Clary’s place.. what do you th..”

“It’ll be you.”

“..but you and him..”

“Magnus, Jace made me aware that I might be different. But you.. you are the reason I’m not ashamed of it, that I embraced it… that I’m thankful for it. 

So it’ll be you. No what or if about it. For me, it’ll always be you..”

- It truly was no one’s fault.. Just one of those shitty things that we called life. But if for the next few weeks Clary found her hair keeps getting tangled like bird’s nest no matter how many times she brushed it in a day or that Jace found no matter where he goes for patrol, there’ll be a duck popping out of nowhere and keeps stalking him, if all vampires (especially Raphael’s clan) is extra growly with both Jace and Clary, and if their drinks order keep getting mixed up - especially when it was Maia manning the bar… well, no one’s admitting to anything.

(they may have their differences and disagreements between races but when it comes to Shadowhunters, the Downworlders is a united front protecting their own from ‘em uppity Angels bullies)

- The first time they noticed Izzy been spending more and more time with Simon, Magnus asked Alec tentatively how does he feels about those two budding friendship-probably-gonna-be-more-if-Izzy’s-hungry looks-towards-Simon-to-be-believed.. Surprisingly, Alec said he has no problem with Izzy being with Simon… largely due to the fact that Alec knows full well that Izzy will be the one be in full control in that relationship~ ^^;;

- Magnus offered to take Alec away from everything: The Clave, The Institute, Shadow World itself~… All Alec needs to do is just say the word, and Magnus wouldn’t hesitate to quit the High Warlock post and spirit Alec away from all the stress and lies and judgement.. Just the two of them, off to explore the world twice over before retiring to any country of Alec’s liking. Alec just smiled, kissed Magnus and said that was a very nice offer but he has to say no.

- He didn’t want to even admit it to himself but what he truly meant was.. not yet

- Izzy is super protective of Simon and if she heard of any vampires/werewolves/shadowhunters bullying or even talking bad/down on Simon, she would literally hunt them down ad kick their ass. 

- Simon told her that he is a vampire and thus is very strong (not to mentioned has super speed) and could take care of himself. Izzy said if Simon could best her in a mock sparring, she would agree to tone down a bit.

…… Current score? Izzy: 12, Simon: 1 (Izzy had a cold that day and Simon got in a lucky foot sweep move)

- Luke misses her every day: her early morning smile, her funny faces in trying to make him laugh, her never ending failure in making edible omelette, her gentleness, her stubbornness, their warm days and hotter nights… When she’s gone, something inside him broke and hurts and his wolf mourned and howled to the moon goddess, begging to follow his heart to the Afterlife. 

He thought he would never feel again… he didn’t even want to. 

But…  life funny in the most unexpected way..

No matter how much you get kicked down,

no matter how hurt you are.. so hurt that you feel like dying.

When you think ’this is it

When you promised yourself ’no more’.

The world still keeps turning.

You still going to find yourself living day after day after day

When your inside felt like something was carved out of them,

Look outside the window and see how nothing had change.

For what are we to the vast universe but a speck of dust - lost in the sands of time.

And so one day in the middle of laughing about some of the ridiculous silliest thing, Luke realized that the gaping wound in his heart is but just a distant throbbing.

He looks across to the (truly rare) sight of one Maryse Lightwood trying not to laugh out loud (gotta keep the stern image up, right~?) but is failing miserably, and thought.. ‘Ah~.. could it be…?’ 

- Magnus brought Alec to visit Indonesia. And though the place changed a lot since he was small (800 years old is a damn long time after all~ the site where his house once was, now has a huge shopping mall on it), they did visit the Candi Borobudur - the temple in which Magnus found the sanctuary in with the monks after the tragic incident with his parents. And as Alec walks silently among all those huge statues with Magnus besides him - chattering on about the history of the place; he imagines small, chubby-cheeked Magnus still in shock and traumatized by the suicide of his mother and the murder of his stepfather by his own tiny hands. Alec imagines how lonely and sad and terrified Magnus must’ve felt then, being among these strange stern-looking monks… unsure of his fate, unsure of even what he is.. He imagines all that, and pulls Magnus closer to him - as if to offer comfort to that little boy, long gone hundreds of years ago.. 

*********** XXXX************

A moment of silence for these lost #malec scenes that we should’ve got…

… yes. still bitter about these (ꐦ ಠ皿ಠ )


I have plenty more (friendship/couple) hc on #jimon #climon #sizzy #saphael #parabatai #magnus/maryse #sebastian/magnus #luke/maryse #lightwoodfamily #magnus/clary and of course #malec.

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Hey what are some of your hcs for benny? How does he feel about his tribal past vs his time in the strip? Does he have any embarrassing hobbies or habits? What's his relationship to 1) swank and 2) the courier? I just followed you recently btw and your art is so good it's like Polished and Clean, good clean lines and good colour composition, beautiful

OH BOY NOW YOU’VE DONE IT! I have a lot of Benny head canons and most of the Benny lovers that are following me will disagree because I tend to make everything cute, sweet, heartwarming and Disney but hey, I am soft like that I don’t need more sadness and heartbreak in my life!

  • Benny and Swank grew up together as part of the Boot Riders. And as I head canon them, for no particular logical reason, the Boot Riders had a part of the tribe for men and another one for the women. Hence why we don’t see Chairmen ladies. Not because they weren’t programmed in the game, or anything. Hey the White Glove society and Omertas have women I do have a lot of ground to stand on here! 
  • Benny and Swank were boyfriends up until they went to Vegas when Benny let all that luxury and fame go to his head and became distant and unbearable. 
  • Benny gets his Gecko title from having a gecko “pet” in his Boot Rider days. This is a Disney head canon sponsored by me! Her name is Assmaster or Baby and she is very big.
  • Benny and Swank absolutely got into all sorts of trouble in their youth and it was most Benny- thinks of a terrible idea that will get them some profit, Swank - thinks it wont work but goes with it, the Idea - obviously doesn’t work and both get in trouble, and in the end they somehow get out of trouble and learned a valuable lesson! Until Benny gets another “great idea” the next day and it’s all over again. 
  • Benny has a scar across his shoulder and left side of his chest from Bingo. That was the first strike when Bingo cut him before he retaliated in seconds and killed Bingo by stabbing him in the neck. 
  • Benny didn’t instantly try to fight Bingo but he tried to reason with him and the tribe at first. He didn’t know he will get them all to play dress up but he did know that House offered food and medicine and shelter they so desperately needed. And when he was met with resistance from Bingo, it was Bingo who challenged him and Benny obliged. 
  • Benny is conflicted about his tribal past life and that is very much noticeable at how angry and upset he gets when he thinks the Chairmen are slipping back to that kind of lifestyle. Because he is afraid he too will go back to the old ways. He is just unaware that is those old ways that make him who he is, that helped him get where he is. Whenever he uses all the skill he acquired in his days of travelling the Mojave, he is successful (getting Yes Man, tracking down the Courier, almost making it into Caesar’s camp) and whenever he is using his “Vegas” skills he majorly fucks up (you can use all his fancy Vegas stuff such as his cigarettes and lighter to prove to Swank that he tried to kill you, he can be killed at the Tops because he tries to pull some 50s mobster double cross like deal or because he sleeps with the person that he shot and he gets caught by Caesar because of his hair). Vegas life is a disadvantage and his old ways save his ass and make him succeed at the things he does. If only he too could see that and stopped playing pretend as House wants.
  • Benny, after being spared by the Courier probably feels a bit of regret - not care for the Courier unless they are a thing, but regret he fucked up the good thing he had, that he let his family down and he can never go back to the Chairmen. He forgot the family values that kept them together for so long, honesty, honor and most of all goodness. Which leads me to the point below–
  • Unpopular opinion but I think Benny is good. I mean obviously killing the Courier and the Singer from his tribe is evil, but I don’t think he is evil - not by  Wasteland standards. I think his heart is in the right place, he obviously hates on the Omertas and the Legion because they are rapists and slavers, he is reasonably creeped out by their cannibal next door neighbors and he is one of the rare characters openly hating on the NCR because to the tribes of the Mojave, the NCR is no better than the Legion, and as a ex-tribesman he probably knows this better than most.
  • Embarrassing hobbies or habits - I mean aside from trying to imitate 50s rat pack slang? He probably tries to sing too but that really doesn’t work out for him. Doesn’t stop him from humming when he is walking around and I believe his pals and bodyguards are getting a bit tired of it. Oh and he is terrible at flirting, he thinks he is very good and smooth at it, but he is terrible and people are laughing behind his back for it. 
  • As for the Courier, I don’t know there are a lot of very shitty Benny/Courier ships so I only like selected few (read: m!courier/Benny) otherwise I prefer couriers who don’t kill him, just let him go and finish the job that he didn’t. It feels more satisfactory to have him be alive and see the Courier do what he couldn’t. And you know, seeing how he tried to help them when he thought he will die I think it’s rather bittersweet. It will hurt obviously, but he got outplayed and made peace with it. 
  • If Benny is on good terms with the courier he does return to Vegas after few months and will need to fix his broken relationship with Swank, Tommy and the other Chairmen if he wants to be manager of the Tops. However even when they forgive him, they won’t trust him the way they used to and that is the price he will be paying for the rest of his life.
  • Benny still loves Swank and if he doesn’t get with the Courier, he will probably have a off and on relationship with Swank. A bit of Vegas in it and a lot more of the good old days.

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I'm sorry for ranting but I'm so sick of people who can't stfu about V being 'canonically dead' which would mean his route won't work. Honestly idgaf if cheritz said Sevens route is the 'true route' he isn't my fav, his route wasn't that good, I'm not accepting this. Pls I just want to be excited for my sweet summer child, my gentle blueberry, my beautiful future boyfriend, just leave him alone people

no apologies needed! the secret ends are only a part of seven’s route. it’s unlocked if you finish his route, not all the routes. everyone else’s routes are completely valid as canon! they /are/ canon. are these people not gonna mention how he’s very much alive in the christmas dlc? 

people seriously need to stop trying to bring others down lmao sorry some are excited that a character that they like might get a happy ending for once, ffs. just might! we’re not even sure wtf is really going on! if they wanna be negative about it for whatever reason then that’s their business, there’s just no need to make posts + tagging everything mm related under it. i’m sure they wouldn’t be happy about that if their favorite character got the same treatment.

just had a moment looking in the mirror after fixing my frizzy hair and had like. a split second of forgetting I was looking at myself, and went “wow beautiful” in my head at my own face and it startled the shit out of me when I realized? I can’t remember the last time I ever honestly thought that about any part of myself and it was just out of the blue. Seems stupid to get worked up about but like I said I don’t even know if I’ve ever thought that

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Hey, I'm super bummed about all the stuff happening in the SG fandom right now. I love SG so much and it's still such a huge part of my life. I'll keep watching because of that and the ever optimistic part of me that it'll see the error of its ways. Just a plea, to every fan being beautiful angelic creators of all things Supergirl (ff or fanart) Please don't stop. I love you guys and it's you who makes Supergirl great, who takes the message it should embody and run with it. But thank you. Xx

I’m not saying I’ll never write Supercorp again, but it’s all just so disheartening.

Of course on of my first thoughts in times like these is ‘at least we still have fanfic’ though, so I suppose it would be a little hypocritical of me to just quit cold turkey. Although there is a small part of me that wishes the entirety of the supercorp fandom would just go radio silent all at once to show how much chatter about the show we actually generate.

telvani replied to your post “no one ever mentions it but magnolia’s songs are kinda nice and “baby…”

I LOVE MAGNOLIA I LOVE HER SM AND HER MUSIC she’s my sole’s bff and i need more content

HONESTLY! I feel like on a fandom level, the part of Fallout 4 that is very overlooked and tossed aside is the “Noir theme” that follows through most of the game. I agree that it is not executed well enough and sometimes the game forgets to remind you about it but it’s the theme that would parallel New Vegas’s cowboy theme. It’s just not referenced much because of the way the game tosses it aside, but I really like it on a personal level? Because those parts from Fo4 have been my favourite.

And that’s why I love Goodneighbor and Magnolia and Nick, they all have that cliche sort of noir feeling to them. Magonolia is I am 100% sure kind of made in the style of Jessica Rabbit, beautiful and attractive lady in a red dress singing to the protagonist and the detective who found themselves in the bar while working on a case, and that is one of those cliche movie scenes where they would take few minutes to hear her flirt with them and sing one whole entire song. Also Goodneighbor in general, Nick’s entire personality and appearance, his agency and Ellie, the fact that you save him from bunch of mobsters etc. It’s just a really good theme and I really loved it and I just wish there was more content in that direction! 

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Yeah I don't like it because Gamora is the only woman in a movie mostly dominated by strong male characters and they immediately set up a possible romantic relationship with the protagonist. I just don't want her story to get sidelined like BW in favor of a romantic pairing. Also Peter is like a ridiculous womanizer in the beginning of the movie and treats females (aliens) pretty shitty, and then Gamora comes along and she "special". I'm not a fan of that trope in general, I think it's gross.

Fair, I understand that. I think that a romantic relationship doesn’t have to mean sidelining the rest of a characters story though. Like take Wonder Woman for example, Diana’s story is not hindered by her relationship with Steve, neither does her relationship with Steve become her whole story, it’s just a part of her story and it was a beautiful part of her story but it didn’t remove from the rest of her story. The thing is though, that historically Marvel aren’t great at that balancing act, especially when it comes to the female part of the relationship. They’re fine at giving the men stories outside of the relationship, but the women become props, who serve little purpose outside of the relationship.

But I still like Gamora/Peter and hope that if they move it forward they don’t kill her vibes just for the sake of a romance.

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I can relate a lot with the other anon in a way.I am always wishing I could just escape for a bit and just go to Radiator Springs..To me Radiator Springs is comfort. Everything about it I just love. I love how everyone there is so close like a family. I love how simple yet extremely beautiful the place is. I just love it so much and id give anything to be able to go into the movie and be there...Is that weird?

I feel this so hard it hurts my dude.
It’s a fictional town that genuinely feels like home. The best part is, it exists in real life. It’s scattered all throughout the American southwest on 66 and as someone who’s done the trip twice, I can guarantee you that those places RS is based off of have that same homey, historic, and majestic feeling.

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i just watched alien covenant and despite me thinking "this is a fucking mess" the whole time- michael fassbender. times two like he is two people in the movie so twice the beautiful fassbender ass like you gotta google that shit it was beautiful :)

It was beautiful until the flute part XD i legit laughed and was the only one in the theater to have laughed out loud like ppl looked at me like??? (I already watched it and yes it was a mess…and the end…was too predicable to me…like I knew it)

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This is just a little note to say that your presence and your words invoke a billowing invitation to all that is beautiful and filled with love. I’m so grateful that you are part of this community :)

From the bottom of my heart, anon, thank you for this. Your words have filled me with the same love I’ve longed to share through my writing, even in the smallest of ways. That kindness & love is something I am just learning, after all these years, to give to myself. The view I’m beginning to see ahead is extraordinary. With much love, >Kevin