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1.20.18 BoyTears: Kim Yoosung

Finally finished this beautiful boy! Just look at his beautiful face, I was suffering whiling working on his expression. _(┐「ε:)_

Fun useless fact: This drawing was originally part of my flower boys series. So all my previous MM flower sketches will now be part of my Boy Tears series because why not. (´꒳` )

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I rarely see these types of posts so here goes nothing

Jin, you are an amazing person, you make everybody laugh and you care so much for the other members and ARMY. You’re not just handsome, you’re so much more than that. Your voice is beautiful, and never be ashamed of it! I want to tell you that we all appreciate and love you so much.

Yoongi, you work so hard for so many people, and you never let us down. You’re a genius, and so kind when you want to be. You’re understanding of what’s going on around you, and you always try to help. All ARMY’s from every part of the globe love you, and you should never think of yourself any less than what you are.

Namjoon, you’re such a great leader, I truly admire you. You’re also very caring, and your mind works wonders. The ideas that go through your head are pure gold, you’re one of the smartest people I’ve ever even heard of. ARMY will always love you, and don’t you dare think of yourself as any less attractive than the other members.

Hoseok, you truly are everyone’s hope. You constantly make people laugh, and smiles follow you everywhere you go. Your presence is like sunlight, bright and beautiful. You’re a wonderful person, caring, kind and admirable. ARMY loves you too, J-Hope.

Jimin, you’re a star. You shine brightly everywhere you go, instantly making everybody’s day better. Your smile melts ice, and your heart is big and gold. I hope you’ll always be able to shine as beautifully as you do now. ARMY will always support you!

Taehyung, your mind always has the most groundbreaking thoughts running through it. You’re a genius in every way possible, and your parents have done an amazing job of raising you to be who you are today. You make everything fun and you’re kind and caring and beautiful and I and all of ARMY hope you continue to grow better with every passing day.

Jungkook, you’ve grown so much. You’re so talented and sweet, and always thinking of others. You have made you parents and family and friends and all of ARMY so very proud. You will always be golden in our eyes, and you have never disappointed us. I hope life continues to treat you well, and that your life may be filled with joy.

Most of all, I hope you all are able to live exciting and happy lives, because every single one of you deserves. You all deserve the best. I know you’ll probably never see this, but I and all of ARMY will always support and cheer on our boys, no matter how rough times get. We love you.


Best of Me 🌹

One day omega Lee Jimin, youngest son and only omega child of the Lee family, catches the attention of alpha Jeon Jungkook. Completely infatuated, Jungkook asks Alpha Lee to court his son. Without giving the young alpha an answer, Alpha Lee agrees to talk to his son about it. Jungkook thinks he’ll have no problem courting the beautiful omega, too bad Jimin likes to play hard to get.

part 2/?

Um, I changed Jungkook’s older brother to Wonwoo cause they have the same surname and I’m obsessed with Seventeen right now 🤷🏽‍♀️ Also just in case the picture isn’t clear enough, Jimin is texting Yoongi.

Let me say this.

The newest chapter is one of the most beautiful one i’ve read until now in this manga.

I was ready to fangirling too much about a lot of things, but then I’ve arrived at this quote of Inarizaki’s Captain.

I know this beautiful fandom will give a lot of attention at so many things so I want to focus a little bit on this part, which maybe a lot would just skip at; not acting like a fangirl as I expected. (At least for now, ahah)

This part is beautiful. His though is beautiful and really warms my heart.

> “People who run away will think those people are Geniuses”.

> “There are a lot of people who think of someone like Atsumu as having been great from the beginning, with no reasons.”

Thank you, thank you Furudate because this is the first time you say us so directly that none of the greatest players are born skilled as how we know them today.

Being a Genius” is often a Excuse for most. They almost undervalue the sacrificies of some calling them “good because they are a Genius”.

There’s hard work behind the scenes of the greatest, hard work we can’t even imagine.

The thing that really makes them different is that passion, that fire we can’t even imagine that permitts them to do what others think as impossible.

( > “Everyone thinks that something is impossible until an Idiot arrives and makes it Possible”.)

They just can’t stop loving their passion and that love took them so far.

Yeah, there’s people who have more coordinations than others, a faster capabilities of learn the basics but that doesn’t mean anything.

Some persons see the Genius and think that they “don’t feel tired or get exhausted” while maybe they are the tirest in the team and still don’t give up.

THIS is what makes you the GREATEST.

Don’t give up. Believe in yourself. Believe in your capabilities.

If Furudate gives us some signals of this with Oikawa development, here he’s basically shouting this to all us.

That’s just beautiful. Thank you.

> “Hard Work beats Talent, where Talent fails at Work Hard.”

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I just wanted to say that I absolutely adore your art style and that your art is beautiful! I love opening Tumblr and seeing your art on my dash. I think one of my favorite parts of the day. ·~·

aw you are so sweet thank you <3

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Honestly, I loved the couch bed convo in Plus One. It seems to me that the reason why some people didn’t like it is because of the characters’ history and because people took it too literally. 1} I think if you imagine this dialogue on a pairing that you know nothing about, it’s beautiful and real and heartfelt. Just listen to it. 2} This is just them TESTING THE WATERS between them. I would have still liked the word <adoption> to pop up but that’s it. 3} DD & GA deliver their lines PERFECTLY.

David and Gillian forged their careers making Chris Carter’s shit dialogue sound heartfelt and plausible. So we agree on that point.

I like…*parts* of the sofabed dialogue. But I’m, unfortunately, unable to decontextualize them. I am so indoctrinated and immersed in the history of MSR that I am literally incapable of viewing that scene in a vacuum. If I were able to do so, I think I would absolutely love it and think it was brilliant. As it is…I would rather have had that scene during IWTB. Ten years ago. When Scully treating a young boy who was the age William would have been might have prompted her to think about having another child. That makes more sense to me.

Also, for her to say that she has no one to have a child with, as she is quite literally wrapped in the arms of the man who she had previously asked to be her sperm donor, who literally slit someone’s throat with a scalpel for her two episodes ago, who was the father of her miracle child…no. No. A THOUSAND TIMES NO.

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I dare Ninten to have a L I F E C H A N G I N G E P I P H A N Y

Claus: Yeeeaaah, I’m really not a goth, Nelson. 

Ninten: It’s all so clear! The constant gloominess, the resting bitch face, the negativity, the dark, grunge clothing? You’re just a closet goth!

Claus: Again, I don’t think you really know what ‘goth’ means. It’s not only someone who has a negative view and wears dark clothing, it’s just someone who embraces the darker things, and sees beauty within darkness and morbidity. Because after all, not only is there the Yang within the Yin, there is the Yin within the Yang. The light within the dark. You accept the evil as a part of yourself, but not as a bad thing. You relish in morbidity to escape the true evil. Because as Stephen King once said, ‘we make up horrors to cope with the real ones’. 



Claus: …Oh my god, I’m a goth gf. 

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Hey Chris, so I used to be wildly bulimic. I would binge and purge 25+ times a day, my life was empty outside of it. It has been a few years without purging. But I am feeling so ashamed of my past. I wish I had been anorexic instead. It is the hardest thing in the world to admit in front of even myself that I used to lose control like that and it's also so gross. I don't want people to know this about me. I cannot accept this part of my past ever, I think. I am disgusted and shocked :-(

“The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of the depths. These persons have an appreciation, a sensitivity, and an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, gentleness, and a deep loving concern. Beautiful people do not just happen.” – ELISABETH KüBLER-ROSS

^ This is one of my favorite quotes because it explains how some of the strongest, most wonderful people are those who have had to fight the hardest of battles. Your past does not define you, it will always be a part of you, but in a way that has allowed you to grow into the person you are today babe. There is absolutely nothing to be ashamed about. You have come such a long way and your past and what you’ve experienced will allow you to help others as well :) Be proud of your battles and what you have conquered.

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id been waiting on reading Obsidian bc i had no idea what it would be and i didn’t think i was emotionally prepared and OH MY GOD it was so incredible i can’t stress enough how much i enjoyed it the entire concept was handled so well and all the characters were wonderful with distinct dynamics, truly the whole prophecy really fucked me up the multiple twists really had me going! in the end i totally cried that was just really beautiful especially the tragic word play, basically just THANK YOU!!!

asdfjalks ANON! I am actually grinning ear to ear at this ask, this made me so happy. I’m so, so happy you enjoyed the concept and characters… and the twists of the prophecy laskdjflaks THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS! Ahhhh, the word play!! I’d been waiting for eight parts to write that bit! LOL thank you so much for reading and sending me this message! 

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ACOTAR characters as orchestral instruments

Feyre: Cello. Likes the melody played by the violins but she loves the sounds of cello. Started out playing the violin though. Also loves Pachelbel’s Canon in D and somehow finds it beautiful even though she repeats the same 8 notes throughout the whole song. Tears up every time she or someone else plays it.

Rhys: French Horn. Get’s a lot of solos. And attention. Is still very humble about it. “It was just a High F but I messed it up”. Sounds very nice. Everyone in the orch probably crushed on him once. “I mean he plays so well and he looks quite fine too”. Is very loyal to Feyre.

Cassian: Percussion. Does all perc parts because the orch is lacking percussion players. Really wild. Can drink anytime. Rubs it in wind/brass players faces.

Azriel: Double Bass. No one really notices him. Very important to the orch though. Tries to hide behind his instrument.

Mor: Flute. Loves the attention and solos she gets. 

Nesta: Oboe. Everyone just calls her a duck. Is so much more 440Hz but no one really cares. Tries.

Amren: Trombone. Is done with the whole brass section. “They’re like 5 year old kids but worse” Definitely not Vodka in her water bottle. It’s also a red bottle, not a bottle filled with wine. 

Elain: Harp. Very beautiful melodies. Pure. Isn’t always needed so she watches from the backstage. Can see everything in the orch from her position if performing. Very nice hairstyle. 

Lucien: Viola. Thought it was a nice instrument but “Woah you play the violin??” “No it’s a viola” is a conversation he has frequently. Gets overshadowed by probably everyone. Thought he could play the violin but his teachers told him to try the viola instead. 

Tamlin: Piccolo. No one wants him there. Instrument is too high pitched and everyone just covers their ears when he plays and talks. 

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Hey. You are gorgeous. You in all of your Native glory. I'm part Native myself- Inuit. From Canada. While I'm not full-blooded, it's still there, and I'm so proud of it. It fills me with joy that there are people like you in our community. People like me. We aren't alone, and many Fanders appreciate us. So flaunt who you are, honey, because those racist anons are just a small sprinkling of poison in an otherwise beautiful ocean!

Thank you very much. I’m from many nations, I might just be part Hawaiian. I also might possibly, like it’s the smallest possibility ever, but I might possibly be part Scottish, English, or French. We won’t know for sure until we check though. My mom was the one who started questioning because a lot of people on her side of the family are pretty pale. It might just be a genetic thing though.


I adjusted the time frame, only by a couple of hours, any other day it wouldn’t make any difference, but this is Christmas 1914, and a human miracle is about to happen. The Christmas Armistice. It never happened again. Any war, anywhere. But for one day, one Christmas, a very long time ago… everyone just put down their weapons, and started to sing. Everybody just stopped. Everyone was just kind.