and this part got to me

FAM CHOI YOUNGJAE IS LITERALLY BOYFRIEND ASF. It was so sweet he helped her and talked to her. And even tried to make her feel comfortable. I would have been staring at him nonstop. He is such a gift. Sadly I didn’t get to watch this part of the Live fanmeet because the persons thing cut out. But I did watch most of it. My heart was so happy. He’s amazing.

Pause but did y'all see my other bias booty in those leather pants?!?!?! And THOSE LEGS.

Now BamBam’s extra ass. I should’ve known he was gonna do this shit again. 😂😂 What is this his 3rd time? I cannot. But she got him back by pulling him towards her like he was literally shook. That’s what you get. 😋

Yugyeom’s english this whole entire fanmeet had me grabbing my chest, I was like yes. And the way he shielded that girl from Jaebum would’ve had me on the floor. BamBam’s “Go back to your seat” to Jaebum had me crying.

I can’t wait to seriously meet them. I would kill to be their friends tbh. They are so relatable and goofy and friendly it makes me happy.

Credit belongs to rightful owner. This is not my video.

His (C.H.)

Originally posted by dimplelashton

A/N: This imagine (and the next couple of parts following this) are based on text post that some bloggers that I follow reblog. This will most likely have three parts to it (including this one). Sorry that I haven’t written in a long time. I didn’t have much inspiration. I hope you enjoy this though :)

Masterlist || Ask


“I’d be his if he asked.”


I turned away from my locker to see one of my very few friends making her way towards me. I smiled as she got closer. “Hey, Pheebs. What’s up?”

“You’re not doing anything tonight, are you?” She asked.

I turned back to my locker. “Just studying, per usual. Why?”

“You’re not going to the game?”

I shook my head as I shut my locker. “No.”

“You’re really going to miss the game to study on a Friday night instead?” She asked me incredulously.

I clutched my books to my chest. “You know I don’t do well in crowds.”

She raised an eyebrow at me. “Not even for a Calum Hood?”

I flushed. “He doesn’t even know that I exist.”

She rolled her eyes. “You two have gone to the same school since the fifth grade and practically had almost the same classes since freshman year. How could he not know that you exist?”

I shrugged. “I’m a nobody.”


“What? It’s true. I’m shy, I barely have any friends, I keep quiet in class, and the only club I’m active in is the music club.”

“But that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t know you.”

I sighed. “If I just say yes to going tonight, will you drop the whole ‘Calum knows I exist thing?’”

She smiled triumphantly. “Good. I’ll pick you up at six.”

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friend: u down to hang tonight? 
me: no, I got big plans sorry :) 
me tonight: *closes the drapes* *lights candles* *plays secret love song part 2* *opens louis’s instagram*


Pairing : Winchesters x Sister!Reader,
Word count : 2,872
Author : Mel
Warnings Across parts : Incest, Non-con elements, cheating. IF THESE BOTHER YOU DO NOT READ. I don’t want to listen to you bitch.
A/N :
Please DO NOT ask me to write more of these topics. (Incest/wincest or non-con). More will only be written if ideas hit me, this is way out of my comfort zone. Thank you for respecting that. If you want to be tagged, please ask.

Part 6 of ‘WTF is wrong with me’

When John was around, Dean was a good little soldier like he had always been. Always doing as told, protecting you, but never getting too close. Never showing any sign that what had happened in the bar that night had, or would happen again. So John let up a bit.

But when he wasn’t around, Dean was yours every chance he got. He’d sneak to Bobby’s or whatever motel John had you in if he could. Just to hold you for a few minutes. Anything more was a bonus. You never asked about the women he slept with on the road, you didn’t care. All you cared about was that he came back. And he said he loved you.

After that birthday, you never heard from Sam again and it killed you. You knew if you said hi, or called, he’d answer. But what was the point. You wanted him to want to talk to you. To call and see if you were okay. To tell you he hadn’t forgotten his promise, he’d get you out. That’s what you held on to. Even when you were holding on to Dean, you held on to Sam’s promise. That one day, you’d be free.

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Shadows // Yoongi

Part 1/ReflectionsPart 2/FlashlightsPart 3/Pathways ⇎ Part 4/Shadows

Originally made based on this request: Yoongi + “How could I ever forget about you" + Angst | for anon

Character: Yoongi x reader

Word count: 7,714 words (well since this is no longer a drabble)

Genre: Angst

a/n: I have re-written this part so many times because I originally had two different ideas for the ending - one got people (my proofreaders) screaming at me, while the other had so many plot holes in it which made me unhappy with it. I finally wrote this version down after taking a nap this morning and got a much clear head. Sorry if it’s too sappy and sorry if I made some mistakes in it - I’ll probably come back to edit this later (let’s just hope I won’t change my mind once I do that and erase the whole thing to make an entirely different ending cause I did that once lol). Thank you for reading and please let me know what you think. I’m sorry for the long wait.

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Amoré - Part 4

Characters - Peter Parker x Reader, OFC (Kait, @bionic-buckyb), Mentions of May

Word Count - 1665

Warnings - Fluff? Rude af cliffhanger

A/N - I’m still in love with this series and again, it’s definitely a slow burn but there are big plans. I’m taking my time getting there. Let me know what you think! P.S. this series is never beta’d

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

“Y/N!” You were brought back into reality by vision of fingers snapping in your face. “What’s going on with you? You sounded pretty shaken when I called you last night, did everything go okay at Peter’s?” She reached across the table toward your face and though her touch looked to be delicate, you instinctively pulled back before her fingers could land, “and what happened to your nose? You look like you got into a fight.”

You avoided her gaze, your face shrouded in a mixture of unhappy emotions. Kait sighed and looked down at the whipped cream cat in her mug that was slowly beginning to deform as she sipped. A heavy sigh slipped past her lips before she spoke again, breaking the awkward silence, “I already know the answer to this but I’m gonna ask anyway; Peter didn’t do this to you, did he?”

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anonymous asked:

Shiro taking like 12 year old keith to Disney world and " forcing" him to take pictures with the characters but really shiro knew which were his favs and that he was too concerned with looking cool to ask to take a picture with them

wait this gave me a whole list of headcanons so here we go. sorry i’m making this disneyland but i’ve never been to disney world so i don’t know the layout! 

  • Keith has never been to an amusement part that large before so he’s obviously very excited.
    • Because of this Shiro has to basically keep Keith on a leash the entire time. He looks away for one second and all of a sudden Keith is no where to be seen.
      • Shiro accidentally loses Keith because he got distracted by someone idk let’s say Princess Jasmine was walking around and Shiro being a teenager at the time obviously had to stare because wow what a pretty actress.
      • Keith is, justifiably, ignored at his brother.
        • “The one time I don’t intend to run off is the one time you don’t notice I’m not with you.”
        • “Shut up”
        • “I’m telling Dad”
        • “You won’t if you wanna stay here.”
  • Ok so everything Disney is always super expensive right? Can we just take a moment to imagine Shiro buying Mickey Mouse ears for the both of them? Externally Keith doesn’t want them on and grumbles because he thinks he and Shiro look dumb but internally he’s really excited because those things cost like $20 minimum each and they’re really fuzzy and cute too.
    • Keith, despite the protests at first, keeps them on the whole day (save for when they go on actual rides.)
    • Shiro actually low key regretted spending $40 on two pairs of mouse ears but seeing how happy he knew Keith was on the inside made it all worth it.
    • People thought it was adorable how they matched.
  • Keith’s never been on a roller coaster before and honestly Keith was a pretty short kid before hitting his growth spurt so I can definitely imagine Shiro teasing him about not being able to get on the more aggressive rides because he’s not tall enough.
    • “I’m not that short!” 
    • “Sorry I couldn’t hear you all the way down there.”
    • Going along with this, Shiro loves thrill rides so while Disneyland isn’t the best place to go for a ride where you’ll be turned upside down and inside out, he can still appreciate it.
  • The first roller coaster Shiro took Keith on was the Matterhorn. Let’s assume this is before they got the new seats (thank god for them though) and they still had to share two people per car. I’m just laughing because Shiro is so tall his legs were probably sticking out and he had a hard time fitting in and Keith was just sliding around the cart.
    • Low key Shiro hoped Keith got a little scared by the yeti noises but Keith is “smart enough to know that real yeti’s wouldn’t be able to survive in California’s climate.”
    • This actually got Keith on a whole long convo about cryptids at which point Shiro actually had to cover his mouth while they walked to the next ride.
    • While Keith enjoyed the ride he honestly through he was gonna fly out of his seat.
  • Shiro convinced Keith that on the Indian Jones ride the person at the wheel was able to control where the car was going and they asked for front seats when they got on the ride. Shiro got in the “driver” seat with Keith right next to him.
    • You can imagine how that went.
    • “STOP IT”
    • When they got off the ride Keith hit Shiro in the arm for being an ass and playing him like that but now he just laughs at that memory.
  • Accidentally implied that some of the skeletons in the Pirate’s of the Caribbean ride were real. Keith spent the entire time traumatizing the poor little kids behind them during the ride asking which ones were real.
  • On one ride Keith was chewing gum and it fell out during the ride and got stuck to the seat and when Shiro stood up after the ride was finished there was just a glob of gum on his pants. Keith never said a word.
    • Shiro walked around with stained pants for a good half hour before he overheard someone make a comment about him.
    • “Payback, brother.”
  • During the jungle cruise Shiro almost fell out of the boat because Keith was carrying a spider he found in line and was like “HEY SHIRO LOOK”
    • Shiro isn’t afraid of spiders but imagine having a bug shoved in your face when your not expecting it at all…poor guy.
  • When they were getting pictures with the characters Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella gave Keith a kiss on each cheek and he was so embarrassed because not only were there a lot of people around but Shiro got it all on camera.
  • At the end of the day you can bet Shiro let Keith climb on top of him piggy back style so they could watch the fireworks together.
  • Shiro had to carry Keith back to the car because he was so exhausted and all his energy was completely wiped out after the fireworks.

anonymous asked:

There's a meme circulating around, and in it, it shows a fat woman holding a protest sign that says something like "No, YOU go make ME a sandwich!" Anyways, some assholes got their hands on it and started making memes that said "how about a salad instead?" & stuff like that. The worst part of it all is, this is circling even outside of anti feminist communities. It's on mainstream Instagram accounts and stuff because apparently people find it genuinely funny & okay. The fatphobia is disgusting.

I’ve been listening these days that “Trump did what Michelle Obama couldn’t making millions of fat women get out of their houses and walk.”

Remember my fat folks and allies, that both right and left are going to throw fat people under the bus. Fatphobia is everywhere and knows no Party or political side. 

- Mod Guillermo

anonymous asked:

I got a doll from our local thrift store for a few bucks (it was crappy china doll, I only bought it to pilfer for parts and the clothes it was wearing), bumped a weird knob on its back while I was undressing it and IT STARTED MOVING ITS HEAD AND LOOKED AT ME DEAD IN THE EYE. Turns out it's some ungodly automaton that you wind up and the head and arms move back and forth while it plays music. I was about ready to call a priest.

You know maybe disassembling it can wait… Get some holy water… And an axe… Then try

anonymous asked:

were you dating your abuser or were they just a friend?

I now know why people kept asking this when we were friends, because she tried to force a relationship on us,even to the point of trying to get away with the ‘qpp’ label. (I fell for it.yikes) SHE WAS ALREADY IN A RELATIONSHIP WHEN SHE TRIED TO DATE ME. SHITS DISGUSTING YO

like jesus christ,,,, she was 14 and i was turning 17. she kept trying to manipulate me into dating her and when I got a crush on my friend, YOU KNOW… SOMEONE IN MY OWN AGE RANGE, she got so manipulative and gross. 

she kept posting vents all because she wanted to date me, and she got very manipulative and defensive whenever I would talk about my own crush. Like fucking chill. you’re 14 and YOU ALREADY HAVE A GIRLFRIEND. OH MY GOD.

the worst part is she kept telling me ‘don’t tell my gf xD. if she leaves me i’ll kill myself’ 


cornchrunchie  asked:

I don't know if somebody already talked about that but ... if it was only texting with 'E' (just as John admits) then why did they text stuff like 'miss you' or 'it's been too long'? Too long since what? The good morning text?? I don't think sooo

Well, I THINK we’re supposed to believe that months have passed (proved by the baby’s aging) but yeah, I was confused too. Like… What’s weird is that John explicitly stated it was just texting, so to me that says they never got together. And the way they interacted at the end of the “affair” just felt really impersonal for someone who apparently missed John, PLUS we never saw her even receive any sort of text.

Just… the WHOLE “cheating” thing seems so phoney and it really feels like part of something else going on. I don’t know. 

I’m STILL thinking it was Sherlock. Who knows.

random stevenson facts, because i’m emotional. 

- part of the reason he got into writing was because he was always ill as a child, and he could never really go out to play like other children. he had to stay inside, often in bed, so he just made up grand stories in his head to pass the time, and when he became older, he started to write those stories down. 
- his family owned a cabinet made by deacon brodie — who, according to stevenson, was a major inspiration for the character of jekyll. he also wrote a play about brodie. i’d love to tell you more about brodie, if you’re curious! you can still see the cabinet his family owned; it’s in the writer’s museum in edinburgh. 
- he was only 44 when he died of a brain haemorrhage. reports vary, but it’s said that his last words were asking his wife, ‘does my face look strange?’ or ‘is my face changing?’ some people find this oddly ironic, considering how much that sounds like something out of jekyll & hyde. 
- he’s buried in samoa. his old house has been turned into a museum to him, too. he published a great deal of short stories set in samoa, too. 
- he thought that a heavy cane was the best weapon a man could carry, according to what he told his stepson. he said that it wasn’t as hard to get into action as a sword-cane and couldn’t misfire like a gun. incidentally, hyde commits his murder by beating a man with a cane, so. you know. stevenson’s bias in action. 



tonight, as i was closing up the bar, my friend & coworker who is currently bustin her ass in beauty school was like um, juli i LOVE your new haircut, but to be honest it’s got me thinkin about your face shape & the soft layers framing your face & what do you think about a center part? & i was like, honestly never ever in my life tried it, only because it’s just always been a certain way

anywho, here’s her recommendation for me on the right & i was like hmmm


Decided to combine two OTPs, you got a mashup of Clexa and @jaxxgarcia / @toomuchducky.

Just wanted say thanks. Jaxx has helped me come out to my friends and family (well just my sister with the family part). I wasn’t really sure what else to do to show my gratitude for being such an awesome human being. So here is this…yeah. Btw you guys are hella cute together.

seoul at last

My language program in the countryside is over, and I’m finally snuggled up back in my tiny apartment.

Just for my own personal memories, I wanted to write down a few of the highlights from this weird little 5 month transitionary period in my life.

  • I made lots of international friends. I was really worried about how I’d fit in, but my classmates were all awesome and it was great to feel part of a community.
  • I also got close with several of the Korean students through a mentoring/language exchange program. I made lots of guy friends actually, which is new for me, but fun. Lots of drinking beer, giving girl advice, debating about politics, and generally giving each other a hard time.
  • I was the MC for our university’s festival, which took hours of practice, last minute changes and improvisations, and general craziness, but was a really cool experience in the end.
  • I also joined the Taekwondo club, took a couple of trips to Jeonju, had a field trip to Everland, took a cooking class, saw a concert, and finally cracked down on studying for TOPIK.

Overall, I gained a lot more friends and unique experiences than I did language skills, but that’s okay. And now I am very glad to be back home with my cozy bed, kitchen, cat, boyfriend, and neighborhood coffee spots just two minutes outside my front door~

Remembrance {Part VII}

Author: Zoe

(A/N: Nevermind, I’m posting it today! I’m so sorry, I’ve had some bouts with writer’s block lately!)

Plot Summary: Cassian Andor is a salesman for Valley Tech, a company specializing in selling various computer parts to other companies. You’re the receptionist for Valley Tech, with a little crush on your coworker. Little do you know, Cassian has known you longer than you can even remember. And he’s going to help you get those memories back.

Originally posted by hermiunes

“Have fun!” Jyn smiled as you left, locking the door as Cassian got out of his car to help you with your bags.

“Thank you again for offering to drive.” You noted, nodding as he opened the passenger side door for you.

“Don’t thank me, I was happy to offer.” Cassian replied, putting his car in drive. He was still pissed that he couldn’t even talk to you about something he had rehearsed in the mirror so many times. “Ready?”

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“I’ll see you again” (part 3)

Originally posted by blueskyandpudding

Summary: A Credence Barebone imagine (Credence x Reader)

Note: This is the third part to this imagine so make sure you check out the first two! I hope you like and reblog it. There also will most likely be a grammar mistake so bare with me. Anyway… I hope you enjoy!

Warnings: mentions of abuse, and WAY too much cuteness to handle

Year: 1926

Part: three of ?

Part one here -> I’ll see you again (part 1)

Part two here -> I’ll see you again (part 2)


After Credence left you were on cloud nine. You flew around your apartment all morning, getting ready for work. You showered and got dressed and you were out the door. You walked to work with a little skip in your step. You couldn’t stop thinking about him, or maybe it was the way he hugged you, that seared your brain. It was so unexpected, so tight. You smiled just thinking about it.
You walked into work the happiest you have been in a long time. Everything went so good that day at work, you were so happy and felt like a new person.
You didn’t go looking for Credence that day after work. You decided to wait till the next evening at the coffee shop to see him. You just wanted time to go faster so you could see him again. You went to bed early so the time would go as fast as it could.

You tried to keep busy the next day. You worked a short morning shift so you had most of the day at home. You tried your hardest to keep busy and not think about the fact that you were going to get coffee with your new friend.
You read your favorite book, cleaned, drew a lot of pictures, trying to get your mind of off everything.
Finally it was time to get ready. You started to pick out your dress. It was much harder than you thought it was going to be. You felt kind of stupid that you cared so much. After all he was just a friend, right? You started to think about him being more than just a friend. Then you quickly wiped that from your thoughts. He wasn’t ready for that kind of relationship. He needed a friend, that was it.

You finally picked out your dress. It was a long sleeve, pale yellow dress with a white collar.
You fixed your hair and put on your hat. You went to the book shelf in your room and ran your fingers across the spines of the books. You wanted to bring Credence a book for him to borrow.
After you picked out the perfect book you headed to the door and put on your coat. You paused for a second, gathering yourself for the night ahead. You smiled and closed the door behind you.
You walked out into the cold evening. You were so excited to see Credence. Even though it had only been a day, you missed him. You walked the whole way with a small skip in your step. You arrived at the coffee shop a few minutes early. You scanned the room making sure he hadn’t gotten there first. He wasn’t there, so you went to the corner booth and sat, facing the door so you wouldn’t miss when you came.
Ten minutes had passed, no Credence. It was passed 7:00. He must be running late, or he couldn’t get away from his mother.
7:33…. No Credence.
7:52…. You were starting to get nervous. You stood up and headed for the door. 

You stepped out into the cold air, walking in the direction of the Second Salem church, where he lived. When you finally got near the church, you saw him standing quite a few feet away from the church, in the cold handing flyers to people that passed by. People pushed past him in a hurry to get to their destination. Slowly you made your way to him. His back was facing you, so he didn’t see you coming. You lightly tapped his shoulder. He turned around and with red, puffy eyes that looked at you. Quietly he said, “I’m sorry, I couldn’t come.” Tears began to fall from his sad eyes. You wiped them away saying, “It’s fine. We can reschedule.”
“I don’t think that’s a good idea.” He said walking away, towards the church. You quickly caught up with him, gently grabbing his arm. “Hey, What’s wrong? What happened?” He stood still, head bowed and shoulder hunched. “Credence?” You said while lifting his chin. “W-Why do you do all of this for me?” He said lifting his eyes to yours. “Because you need help and a friend and…” You sighed, looking down. “And I-I love you…” You looked back up to see shock in Credence’s eyes. He thought for a second he heard you wrong, but looking into your eyes he knew he didn’t.
You gave him a small, nervous smile. Quietly he said, “Well don’t.” He pulling away from your grasp, starting to run toward the church. You stood there with your hand slightly extending where it used to hold Credence’s arm. Your eyes filled with tears as you watched Credence run away from you.

When Credence got back to the church he went up to his room quietly so he wouldn’t get noticed. He laid, curled up on his bed, surrounded by his thoughts. He couldn’t believe what you had said to him. “I love you.” It played over and over in his head. Did you mean it? Did he love you too? He quickly wiped these thoughts away. You deserved way better than him and all the baggage he came with. You deserved a strong man. Someone who can protect you. He fell asleep with those bitter thoughts.
You walked home crying. Your tears where cold down your rosy cheeks. You finally got home and went straight to your bed, crying yourself to sleep.
The next day you woke up early and headed off to work. The last thing you wanted to do was work, but you knew you couldn’t afford to take the day off. So you trudged to work. You didn’t try to look for Credence that day. You thought you would back away and hope he would come to you when he was ready.
You got off of work in time for dinner, so you decided you were going to make some soup. It was a dreary, rainy day, which didn’t help your mood. You had totally forgotten an umbrella, so you had to walk home in the rain.
Once you got to your apartment you were soaked. You quickly changed so you wouldn’t get a cold.

You started to make the soup. You were cutting up vegetables when you started to think of how much fun it would be if Credence was here to help you make the soup. Your eyes started to well up with tears. You quickly wiped them away and got yourself together.
After you finished the soup you filled up a bowl and sat at your small kitchen table. You sat with your head bowed. You didn’t feel like eating. You looked up at the chair in front of you and began to crying. You sobbed as you stared at where Credence sat only a few days ago. You sat there crying for a few minutes when you decided you had to see him. You couldn’t just let go of something that made your lonely life great. You left the steaming bowl of soup on the table, grabbed your coat and your umbrella and left your apartment in search for your only friend.
It was still pouring rain when you left your apartment, but you didn’t care. You searched for Credence walking up and down the streets. You were about to give up when you saw him in the distance. He was handing out flyers in the pouring rain. He didn’t have a coat or an umbrella. You quickly made your way to him. He was staring at his feet when he noticed feet stoping in from of him. The rain had stopped peacefully hitting him. He slowly raised his head to see your sweet face. Your eyes and nose were red from crying. You managed to give him a small smile.
You looked into each others sad eyes, trying to figure out what to say. “Credence, I can’t do this without you. You’ve brought so much happiness into my life these passed few weeks.” You said nervously, “Before i met you I was lonely and I didn’t have any friends.” You weren’t looking at him in the eye, you couldn’t bring yourself to do it. You were embarrassed to admit all of these things to him. But he was looking at you. He couldn’t understand why he meant so much to you. How could he bring happiness to you when he was so weak. After you had finished admitting everything you stood there with your head bowed. Credence took a step closer to you as the rain poured down and the people rushed by you.

“(Y/N), you have helped me more then you know.” He said quietly, head bowed as well. “But you deserve better than me. You deserve someone strong, someone kind, someone who can be there for you.” The words broke your heart. You looked up at him, his head still bowed. You slowly lifted his chin and his eyes met yours. You looked at him with broken eyes and said, “Credence, you are kind and you are strong. You have made it through so much that you don’t deserve.” He looked at you and slightly nodded, looking down again. “When you said you loved me.-” He started. “Did you mean it?” He raised his head slightly. “Of course.” You said quietly, raising your head also. 

You looked into each others eyes, both taking a step forward. You put your hand on his neck, your eyes never leaving his. “C-Can I kiss you?” He whispered. You smiled, leaning forward on you toes. You lips touched softly. Credence’s shaking hand went to your waist. You pulled away slowly, looking into his eyes. You both blushed and smiled. You went back in for a tight hug. With one arm around his neck and one holding the umbrella, you stood there for a while hugging. When you pulled away you looked up at him and said, “Don’t leave me like that again. I don’t know what I would do without you.” He nodded and half smiled. He couldn’t believe someone cared about him that much.

You left him your umbrella. Credence stood there as he watched you walk away. You had to walk home in the rain, but you didn’t mind. Had just kissed you and you both couldn’t believe it and both couldn’t stop smiling.

To be continued…

7. Part 2

Staring ahead of me “was that Rihanna?” Keeis said in a whisper, breaking my stare from the wall “yeah” I sighed out “thought so, she good?” I shrugged, turning around “is she good though?” Mijo asked “I have no idea, I am so confused. How can she just come to me like that” I am not sure if to go upstairs or just stay here “do me favour, uhm. Just get everyone out for me yeah. I rather nobody here” Mijo hit my arm “got you, let me know if you need anything though” scratching the top of my head making my way to the stairs, I am just in shock a little because this is not my Robyn that I know. She has Mel, that is her friend so why me. I am just going to guess that she is using my bedroom bathroom, sharply breathing in. Walking ever so slowly to the room, I am just scared to hear anything that has happened to her but then again when Robyn is drunk, she tends to come to me and tell me how she feels but she doesn’t seem drunk at all.

Seeing Robyn’ clothes on my bed, she is in my bathroom but I don’t know if to just walk in. I mean I am an asshole but when it comes to Robyn, I have a little respect for her. I have never had to question myself on whether to walk into Robyn having a bath or not, this situation is just different and I can feel it. I know the door is a little open but I am just going to knock and do the decent thing, that is my baby mother and what not. Lightly knocking on the door “uhm, it’s me. You good in there?” I said aloud, hearing the water splash, the sound of her moving. She didn’t speak a word, I can’t help but to have a little look. Slowly poking my head around the door, seeing the bathtub filled to the rim. Her head against the headrest, the water just flowing just under her neck. My jaw flinched seeing the tear slowly fall from her eye. My eyes slowly closed remembering the time when Robyn was pregnant, she had me running her baths all the damn time and the one time she was near the end of the pregnancy. All I remember is Robyn shouting me and I came running, her lazy ass couldn’t get up out of the bathtub. The struggle to get her up while her body being soapy, I grinned to myself opening my eyes.

I want to speak to her but then again I feel like she don’t want to speak, moving my head back. Let me act like I wasn’t just watching her “Robyn, you good in there?” asking again, hearing Robyn clear her throat “you can come in” her voice so low, pushing the door open slowly. Chewing my bottom lip, I am dying to know what happened because why me. Out of all the people in her life, I know Robyn, she has good people in her life so she would go to them. I don’t know what to say now because deep down I am scared to know. Rubbing my hands together “you mind if I sit on the side?” I pointed, she opened her hazel eyes slowly, those beautiful eyes that are now red “yeah, you can” releasing my bottom lip from the grip of my teeth, I am nervous. Slowly sitting on the edge of the bathtub “is this water hot enough for you?” this is steaming and a little too hot for my liking “I don’t know, is it too hot?” she asked, I shrugged “from when I remember, you liked it a little warm. You didn’t like it this hot” maybe she has changed “I don’t feel it” furrowing my eyebrows.

The silence is driving me crazy so I have to say something “I know you, this is not you. Something has happened, tell me? I mean you don’t have to tell me because I would never say no to you having a hot bath here but I am just confused, speak to me. I know I am the last guy you want to speak too but also I am the last guy you would come too, unless drunk” she knows I am right, she swallowed hard not looking at me “come on Robyn, it’s me. Something made you come to me, even when your ass is drunk you come to me. Talk to me, who is it? I still care, I cut all communications with you but here you are” feeling a wet hand placed onto mine, Robyn finally looked at me and I swear I felt a shudder down my back “you right” is the only thing she said.

Looking down at Robyn’ hand atop of mine “talk to me shawty, what is wrong? You know I got you” she sniffled, she took in a breath but it looked like the thought in her mind was too painful, the look of fear on Robyn’ face took me “you need to tell me now, I am not here for this at all. Talk to me, what happened?” Robyn stared into my eyes, moving her hand away from mine as she shuffled up a little, the water still covering her breasts “I was a little tipsy, I drank again so it’s my fault” she doesn’t look drunk to me at all “we had sex, as always” she closed her eyes “he got a little too rough, I said to him stop. Please you’re getting rough, he kept going. I tried to move, he’s a heavy guy” is this real life, are these words even coming out of her mouth “Mychal?” I said to confirm, Robyn nodded her head. Bringing her legs up to herself, I am numb to this information she is telling me “let me get this straight, Mychal raped you?” Robyn’ eyes flew open “don’t say that, we are adults. I was drunk things happen” shaking my head “he raped you, Robyn what the fuck?” she grabbed my arm “you the only person I could go too, I can’t go to my family. They would make it into a big thing, please don’t say that. I want this forgotten, you can’t say anything” she pleaded with me “it is a big thing, Robyn..” I dragged out, she is in denial.

I feel sick to my stomach, she is being blind to the real truth. My heart broke for her “nah, just because you had sex, you said stop” getting up from the edge of the bathtub, her hand snatched away from my arm “fuck” I can feel the anger in my body, I want to kill him “where is he?” I asked, Robyn shook her head “leave it, please Chris. I want to be forgotten” shaking my head “Robyn, you finna tell me where he is!” she got up from the bathtub, I don’t know who she is trying to stop. My eyes fell to her waist. I can’t even stand to see it, turning around and walking away. She has a bruised waist, I am so angry right now. Rubbing my head, he about to get this shit. Getting my phone out of my pocket, I will get him myself. The images of Robyn’ waist blurred my vision and the thought of that happening “fuck!” I shouted out, throwing my phone straight through my balcony window, the smashing of glass to the ground “you need to fucking tell me right now! Tell me where he is!?” I shouted, pacing back and forth “Chris what the fuck!?” Mijo shouted outside the door, I am so angry and I don’t give a fuck right now.

I was about ready to leave, that phone fell on my car. Everyone is gone and I was about to go, I don’t want to walk in even though the door is half open “Chris, the fuck are you doing in that room?” I am panicking here, I heard Rihanna say she was having a bath, I don’t want to see her naked. I was about to just bite the bullet and walk in but I heard stomping “fuck you!” the door slammed shut, he hit it so hard it just came flying back open “you need to calm down” I don’t even know where Rihanna is, seeing Chris I got a little scared my damn myself, he is so mad “you need to go, I fucking told you to go! Why the fuck are you here?” I didn’t know what to say to him “Robyn, tell me where he is now? I swear I am going to kill someone” holy shit, I just need to walk in and be blind to Rihanna if she is naked or not.

Walking into the bedroom “Chris, tell me what has happened” staring ahead of me, Chris is breathing so heavy staring at what I can think is Rihanna at the side of us “leave it Chris” Rihanna said in a whisper “leave it!? Fucking leave it” he covered his face with his hands “Chris just calm down” I said, Chris gripped my tee pushing me back out of the room “get the fuck out!” he pushed me down to the ground, I am a big guy myself and he pushed me down, staring up at my brother “Mijo, just go. It’s ok. Honestly I can deal with him” seeing Rihanna behind him with a towel wrapped around her body, Chris moved back from me “you telling me where he is now, you fucking telling me now! Where is Mychal! Where!? I told you he is a bad guy!” Rihanna shook her head “please stop” she said fighting back a cry, Chris stormed off back into the room. He is like the hulk, getting up from the floor and hearing what I can think is a television being hit to the ground “Mijo, honestly it’s fine. Being here is making it worse” I can’t leave her with him, he is an animal “if I couldn’t handle him I would’ve said” somehow I believe her.

Searching Robyn’ pockets from her clothing on the bed, feeling a card in her pocket. Pulling the card out “hotel Bel-Air” I said reading the card, he will feel the pain she is feeling. Turning around “no!” Robyn snatched the card from my hand, the towel she held around her body fell to the ground “you’re not doing this, I came to you. Stop it” she slowly leaned down to pick the towel up but I stopped her, I reached down picking the towel up slowly for her. I didn’t look at her body, not because I am ashamed but because it hurts to see. Placing the towel around her shoulders covering her body, Robyn didn’t once look at me. She let out a sob, her head hitting my chest “why won’t you let me get him” wrapping my arms around her “I told you he was bad news, why didn’t you listen to me” my heart hurts so much to hear Robyn cry, she is in pain and there is nothing I can do about this to make her better.

I still want to kill him, he will somehow feel the pain. I will get him, Robyn sat down across from me in my oversized hoodie and sweatpants. Looking down at my hand, a slight cut to my knuckle but it’s nothing to worry about “I’m sorry I put this on you” Robyn spoke, looking up from my hand “don’t say that” watching Robyn stare down at herself “you now have a broken window and TV, I had nobody else” she mumbled “what if I wasn’t here?” I questioned “then I do what I am good at, hide the pain. Cry and get over it, I just didn’t know where to go too. I had nothing, sat in a cab and I didn’t know where to go” shuffling closer to Robyn, she rubbed her hands together “I drink, I always do. Numbs me at times, I thought to myself I need to move on. I need to be happy, I need to be just like him. Be over something without a care in the world and I tried so hard. He was on me and I couldn’t stop it, I couldn’t stop it” she cried out “I tried but I let that happen” tears falling, grabbing Robyn’ hand “you didn’t let anything happen, stop blaming yourself. This is not your fault, I want to kill him for you” tears fell from my eyes automatically “no man is good for you, I keep telling you this. Not even me. Stop blaming yourself” sniffing as I wiped my tears away, I feel so bad.

I can’t believe that this has happened, it has to be some sort of dream “you think things like that would never happen to you, but you’re lying there helpless, the man is just enjoying himself. I never thought” I said shaking my head “thought it would happen to Rihanna?” she finished off for me “yeah” I said, I sighed “you can’t let this go Robyn” she shook her head “no, I am not doing it. I am not being the victim again, I am not going through that shit again in my life. My family, my friends will never know, my daughter will never know. You never to tell anybody, I am trusting you because you’re the only man I know that I can trust with this. I needed someone and I know I can come to you, I am sorry I never listened but I am suffering like I always do” she wiped her nose with the sleeve of my hoodie “I don’t want to ever mention this again, I feel dirty. I feel disgusting inside Chris, I laugh at the person that would want to be me because it’s nothing good” I don’t think he should get away with this shit, he needs to get a beating “where is your stuff?” she wiped a tear that fell “I ran out of the room, it’s in the room. He was asleep” she needs her stuff back “I think he will be ashamed, let me please get your stuff. He won’t want this to come out, I am calm. Let me get your things” she needs to let me do this.

Stopping outside the Bel-Air hotel “you keep your ass in the car, give me the key card” holding my hand out, Robyn has been hanging her head low for the whole car journey “please don’t do anything stupid, think of me. I don’t need to be shamed, people think I am some hoe already. They will think I deserve it” gripping the steering wheel “please stop talking like that, stop that shit. Wait in the car” snatching the card from her “you move, the car alarm will come on. I am locking you inside” pulling the car door up “hurry up, I don’t want to be alone” getting out of the car “I won’t” closing the door, locking the door with Robyn inside. It will keep her ass inside even though she won’t move, she is not the woman I know right now.

The door unlocked which is a great sign, pushing the door open. Nice room, looking around the dimly lit room. Scanning the room, seeing his suitcase. Rubbing my face and making my way to the bedroom, I have to remember that this nigga is built like a caveman and could beat my ass but then again I think I can get him. Seeing the bottle of Ace of Spades, grabbing the bottle as I walked straight ahead. The bottle is still full, I should be just getting Robyn’ stuff but I need to do my thing. Pushing the bedroom door open, the room is blacked out. Looking to the side of me and pressing the light switch on, I snorted seeing that nigga sleeping, I could just kill him. Walking into the bedroom and making my way over, I feel myself getting angry seeing the bed alone, my grip on the bottle tightened.

Standing at the side of the bed, contemplating on many of things and also killing him is one of them. I need to calm the fuck down, clenching my jaw as I held the bottle over his face and poured the contents on his face. He gasped awake, letting the bottle go and allowing it to fall on his face “surprise motherfucker!” stuffing my hands in my pockets watching him struggle, he jumped out of bed holding the blankets around his body “are you fucking crazy!?” He spat in shock “I said I would get you, I am that crazy motherfucker you called the police on. You might want to put some clothes on” I am glad to see the bottle has cut his eye lid, seeing him squirm and falling over himself “you lucky I didn’t kill you” I will wait until he can put some pants on, I am not about that shit. This guy is built so big but I am not scared, no wonder Robyn’ small frame was stuck.

He pulled his sweatpants up walking over to me in shock “how the fuck you get in the room?” he stormed towards me “I mean, I just came to get Robyn’ things” I pointed at her bag, Mychal turned his head to look and then looked back at me, I punched him square in the face. Mychal stumbled back, not expecting that. I did karate and boxing, I will beat his ass. Mychal froze touching his nose “you fucked with the wrong woman, I told her I would be good but I can’t help but hit you.” Mychal charged at me, angry and yelling, I simply stepped to the side as he missed me.

Mychal hit himself into the wall but he turned around, I managed to punch him again in the same spot and heard his nose crack. I hit him again, this time in the chest. He staggered backwards and I charged at him punching blows to his face “you want to rape women, you sick fuck!” I shouted “I want to fucking kill you” punching him in the stomach, looking up Mychal head-butted me in the mouth and pushed me back “that is a lie!” he shouted back, touching my bottom lip “you stay away from Robyn, you raped her. She said no and you know she did, I swear to fucking god, I want to kill you! You dickhead, you better watch your fucking back. You stay away from my family” Mychal chuckled “like your daughter, I spoke to her” I am going to jail tonight, this nigga “you know what, I am not doing it. I want to see my daughter grow up” it is taking all of me to do this and walk away “you stay away or I will make sure your career is over, rapist” I spat on the ground before walking off.

Banging the car door shut “here” passing Robyn her Jacket and bag on to her lap “your knuckle, Chris” I am angry, so very angry “don’t want to talk about it, so very close. I wanted to strangle him. Motherfucker!” punching the steering wheel “Chris please stop” he mentioned my daughter, he mentioned my fucking daughter “I wanted to kill him, I don’t feel I have done much for you. I let him get away with it” I feel so bad because this is on me too “stop, I just want to get away from this. Please let’s just go” I honestly want to cry, this is so fucked up.