and this one lonely egg


Long time coming but here it is at last folks. Hope it was worth it >3>’

Despite being gifted at a young age (something she would always gloat about over others) this version of Twilight was denied acceptance into Celestia’s school for gifted unicorns. Outraged, she set out to go do something that would PROVE that she was good enough. What followed was a lot of fire, a lot of scars, and one very large and very angry dragon. Her actions did not go unnoticed though, and in fact it was the Princess herself that found her.  The princess acknowledged that she was indeed talented, but had denied her into her school due to her arrogance. The princess did see potential in her though, and allowed her to attend under one condition: taking responsibility for her actions. Namely in the one lone egg left in the wake of her fight with the dragon…

This Twilight seeks mastery in all things magic, and constantly puts herself in life and death situations to do it. She was one the first to enlist in Celestia’s Monster Defense Force and excelled at it, putting quite a few feathers in her cap… as well as horns, fangs, scales and various jars of unidentifiable liquids (She eventually got rid of the cap.) She’s brash and at times quite a little full of herself (she’s improving) but that’s all hopefully going to change once she finally makes some proper friends.

Need to schedule a rain session? Flight routine? Just want to know how to fly properly? Then chances are this version of Dash will be involved somehow. There is not a drop of water that falls from the sky without her inspection, examination, and signed seal of approval. Though she keeps a firm grasp on all Equestrian weather her true passion comes from attending flight shows and choreographing flight routines. Quite a few teams have come to her looking for her to design unique flight routines for them, and quite a few of them have walked away with the gold. She’s met and designed routines for teams from all over… all but one. She aspires to design the ultimate flight routine for one of the most pristine and elite flying teams in all of Equestria: the Illustrious Wonderbolts.

She spends a lot of her time researching famous flyers and studying highly advanced flying maneuvers developing a keen wing-eye coordination. Many question why she herself does not  compete in flying shows, and while she tells them she is simply not interested, secretly her desire to fly is tethered by her anxiety. Besides, she’d much prefer to watch from the sidelines, knowing that at least some of her influence guides those flyers to glory.

Pheeeeew glad I’m done with all of them now, but chances are I’m going to do some tweaks and edits down the road. Also hopefully I’m going to be moving all this AU stuff to it’s own blog sometime soon so keep an eye out! This has been a pretty fun little project I have to say :)

Oh, and of course these two need names so feel free pitch in some suggestions!

Edit: Seems quite a few of you dialed in on ‘Prism Wing’ for this dash. I like it! Now we just need one for Twilight :v

Edit Edit: Hmmm, you guys made it tough but I quite like this name. So here they are, Prism Wing and Stardust Nova!

i managed to get my work for today done! :D so i wrote a thing.

kiwiitin​ asked “maybe Jack getting to see just how bad Rhys is in the kitchen? By accident witnessing him trying to make something maybe?"but left it up to me to put it in canon or in quid pro quo verse. Because I am a masochist, I’m gonna do both. This is the one for the canon verse!! The other one I’m saving for tomorrow <: along with claptrap/loader bot bc #challengeaccepted

This one is gen and set during the title sequence of ep.3!! No shipping sorry s: next one, i promise! (although if you squint you could probably see rhack bc i am v v predictable)

heavily inspired by kiwiitin‘s art, specifically, this one <:

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