and this number was my favorite ngl

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Hi! Today all the reylo drama has made me realize I kind of want to look into shipping reylo. I'm mainly a fic person, tho. Do you know of a place I could go to get a few recommendations for some fics to start getting into it?

First off, I’m sorry your first experience with this fandom had to have been through crepegate™, lmao.

As far as fic recs, someone made a pretty extensive list today that sorted their favorite fics by genre/length, etc. I’ve read quite a number of stories on that list and I’ve really enjoyed them, so maybe give that a shot.

And here’s a some highly-regarded fics in the fandom (and some of my favorites) :

Interstellar Transmissions by LovelyThings & ricca_riot
FANTASTIC read. Probably the most popular fic in the fandom.
A Collision of Stars by dustoftheancients
Such an amazing fic. Really slow burn, amazing characterization, and fantastic storyline. It was SO engaging (and made me cry at a few points, ngl)
- Charcoal by luvkurai:
Modern AU. Kylo’s a dark, broody artist and Rey’s a student in college. Such an engaging and interesting fic.
- Honeymoon by LueurdeLaube
In-universe. Rey and Kylo decide to sleep together to resolve the tension between them, lmao. It’s an unfinished fic but it’s SO amazing. I love Rey and Kylo’s characterizations. I just really, really adore this fic.
- landscape with a blur of conquerors by diasterisms
An ongoing in-universe arranged marriage fic wherein Rey finds out that she’s heir to the throne of a galaxy sector called the Hapes Consortium. Beautiful, descriptive writing. It’s a slow burn full of UST.
People Will Say by ReyloTrashCompactor
Really fun fake!relationship fic. I love it so much. Rey’s agreed (at the request of Leia) to pretend to date Kylo Ben (post-redemption) to kind of ease other people in the Resistance into accepting him back into the fold.
Conscience and Unconciousness by pontmercy44
Another fake!relationship fic based on the movie While You Were Sleeping. Modern AU. Fantastic fic. Just so funny and endearing too. I love the characterizations of not only Rey and Kylo, but of Leia, Han, and Luke as well. Their family dynamic is just amazing in this. I laughed out loud so many times. And this fic kept me so engaged, I read the entire thing in one night.

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38 & 47

38. Favorite adc?

    Jhin! He’s my number one (but ngl, probably my 4th best skill wise lmao)

47. Your favorite female champ?

Kalista. I love her design a lot. Her kit, lore, quotes, and everything are so thematically well designed and unique. Her and Azir are the main ones that kept my interest in league. (Even though I don’t play them because they are hard as crap)

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i always associate you with wet!killian

awwwww, girl! that’s so sweet of you to say!

there is nothing i would rather be connected with :)

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being in the water and Killian Jones are two of my favorite things, so…

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and I’m realizing that the number of fics I’ve written where he gets/is wet is rather high. (ngl that was half the reason I made him a merman) (and I just realized i have another in the works…)

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@kat2609 is definitely to blame for the obsession. (but how could anyone NOT be???)

sorry for getting carried away here….but couldn’t resist :) have a BEAUTIFUL day! hope some attractive people get rained on in your vicinity!

30 Question Tag

Thank you for tagging me @acesymmetrical-nctzen 🌹

Nickname: None, nobody has ever given me one.

Gender: Female

Star Sign: Aquarius

Height: 165cm

Time: 15:00

Birthday: 28th January

Favorite Bands: NCT, Blackpink, Wjsn, Vixx, One ok rock, Little Mix, SHINee & Day6 💕🌹

Favorite Solo Artist(s): X.Hera, Lee Hi, Kang Hyunseung, Miyavi, Rihanna, Tinashe, Demi Lovato

Song Stuck in my Head: Max - Gibberish

Last Movie I Watched: Split

Last Show I Watched: Produce 101 Season 2

When Did I Create This Blog: January 2017

What Do I Post: Kpop, Anime & small amounts of other stuff

Last Thing I Googled: ‘Was Dionysus attracted to men’.

Do You Have Any Other Blogs:

(And I have a lot of hoarded urls)

Do You Get Asks: I get a few now and again

Why Did You Choose This Blog Name: Because it’s the name of my ultimate bias and love of my life. Plus my old url was a tad sexual for me, I’m not actually an overly sexual person ngl.

Following: 135 (I have a list of other people to follow so this number should at least double)

Followers: On this blog 200 followers 💕🌹

Favorite Colors: Black, Green & silver

Average Hours of Sleep: 4-7 hours

Lucky Number: 3? I just really like the number

Instruments: I have a violin I need to learn and hopefully will have a keyboard soon. I need time.

What am I Wearing: Checkered shirt

How Many Blankets Do I Sleep With: 3-5

Dream Job: Clinical psychologist. I used to want to be a dancer but that went down the drain.

Dream Trip: Australia & Japan.

Favorite Food: Cheesecake & Apples

Nationality: English

Favorite Song Now: 7th Sense

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A: Age: 17

B: Birthplace: Jervis Bay, Australia

C: Current time: 9:36am

D: Drink you had last: Green Tea

E: Easiest person to talk to: my vbs family (a group chat not a bible study group lol) and my mumma 💘

F: Favorite song: at the moment it’s saved by khalid

G: Grossest memory: when a kangaroo jumped out in front of our car we hit it :( it was sad but also hella gross

H: Hogwarts house: Slytherin 🐍

I: In love?: with Taylor Swift, yeah

J: Jealous of people: yeah, ngl

K: Killed someone: well….

L: Love at first sight or should I walk by again?: ??

M: Middle name: Jaye Tammy

N: Number of siblings: 1 younger sister, 1 half brother, 3 half sisters


P: Person you called last: my mum

Q: Question you are always asked: “are you really only 17?”

R: Reason to smile: taylor swift

S: Song you sang last: strip that down by Liam Payne

T: Time you woke up: 7am


V: Vacation destination: the beach

W: Worst habit: cracking my toes

X: X-rays: huh

Y: Your favorite food: spaghetti omg

Z: Zodiac sign: Virgo

I tag: @rosecoloredswift @pettyswift @idontlikeyouswift @straightlinedownx @kingdomkeys

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how do I get into history now that c clown has ripped my heart apart

let’s have a moment of silence for cclown bc honestly i am done for

 … .. 

ok For History im gonna let u know they are So Dumb but also they’re giant angels like i trust them with my life tbh 

i’m gonna link you to videos but First for ppl who dont know the members:

Kyungil is a giant angel baby and also my actual grandfather i didnt know they hired relics to be idols but here we are and there he is. He’s the one that cant keep his shirt on but listen i will rant for days about how he’s so so sosososos o much more than muscles he is a gift from Heaven ok

listen im severely and long-term wedged up Dokyun’s ass but i’ll be the first to admit he’s The Actual Devil if you watch the playlist i link at the end you’ll understand Don’t let his big doe-y eyes fool you he is a Bad Kid (jk he is the light of my life and so sweet So Swee e T)

ngl this is my favorite pic of Sihyoung ever. he’s the second biggest nerd in the group but i feel like he’s also the sweetest tbh he could make angels cry tears of happiness with just his smile idk if he himself is an angel or some kind of otherwordly spirit sent to make our lives better but all i can say is @theWorld: thanks

ok so…. Jaeho is the Number One Nerd and he’s on my hit list. he cant open his mouth, stand up, move, or breathe, without causing me extreme physical embarrassment @jaeho stans how do u do it honestly???? i think most Storias laugh at his bullshit but then there is me, and i … .jsut …. .aaahhhh hh h he’s the funny one and he’s super cute but .…… .. . i wanna fight. he is a giant ham and also he loves ham

my son….. Yijeong….. he’s the maknae and listen he is a brat he’s a Giant Brat !!!!!!!! shit he is so ornery !!!!!!! idk how he’s made it this far without actually getting his ass kicked by the other members but listen he always steals the show his voice is A++++++++ and he is just so wonderful my number one child

Important Things to Watch


Dreamer: MVPerformance VersionSpecial (!!fave!!!)
Tell Me Love: MV
What Am I To You?: MV, Performance Version
Psycho: MV, Performance Version
Might just Die: MV, Performance Version, JPN MV, Taekwondo Version
Lost: MV
Queen: MV

Dance Practices

What Am I To You?
MJD Sleep Shade Version (!!important!!)
MJD Multi-View (playlist with member versions)

Panda PR (!!important and also awful!!)

Playlist (ENG sub)

ToryTory Bang Bang

Playlist (ENG/JPN sub)

Assorted Videos of Importance in No Order Really 

Psycho - Secret Box
140205 Weekly Idol
History on MONCAST
CSI : History : What Am I To You?
D-Day Performance (!!!important it makes me so emo!!!)
Behind History (the one back stage @ MusicBank where Yijeong almost dies)
Dokyun singing “Cleaning” on MBC Radio
Might Just Die on Sound K
Jaeho and His Questionable Dancing

listen im sure theres a lot more and theres tons of live music show performances on youtube if you feel like watching them but that’s what i got for now i hope u love them bc i definitely do

also these are their instagrams

Kyungil, Dokyun, Sihyoung, Jaeho, Yijeong


aaand that’s all of them; all 31 days of inktober!

a few of these i apologize for b/c i basically just had no idea what to do w/ them like i actually had to look up a reference image of an oil pump for edmonton jfc, and the rangers one is a total cop-out. but ye. i tried. (philly’s my favorite tho, ngl. also det, nsh, njd, & sjs, and (nwhl’s) bos & buf.)

also yes, those are my top three (technically four) faves across the top; everyone else is in alphabetical order, starting w/ the nhl, and then all of the nwhl on day 31!

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Name: Silky (That nerd Sora rper)

When is your birthday: June 7th

Where are you from: That state in USA that’s pretty much southern Canada

Have a crush: Nah

Favorite color: #71EEB8 or Seafoam Green

Write something in all caps: THERE’S NO WAY YOU’RE TAKING KAIRI’S HEART

Favourite number: 8

Favourite drink: Soda, any kind really (except Root Beer, that’s the only kind I need ice cream in it to drink)

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