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Imagine Laurent trying to get closer to Cynthia's Pegasus cause he knows if he and the horse don't work ain't no way he and Cynthia will. It goes about as well as expected

first there was lots of kicking like the tangled horse with eugene, then it just devolved into an hair eating endurance competition. but he’ll do anything for his horse lady.

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so im considering a career in medicine but i wanted to know more about two fields: emergence medicine and orthopedics. could you tell me more about these fields, maybe list some pros and cons, what those types of physicians do on a daily basis? thanks!

Disclaimer: this is not going to turn into a “tell me what this specialty does” blog. Google is a great place to find most of this information. 

I am not an emergency medicine physician or an orthopedist. My experience in those fields is limited to rotations in med school and residency. 


  • works in the ER or possibly urgent care
  • manages trauma, stabilizes unstable patients so they can be admitted
  • flexible hours / shift work
  • high stress / high burnout rate
  • have to deal with a lot of people who aren’t having emergencies and actually need a primary care doctor
  • see large variety of pathology
  • can see kids and adults
  • lots of procedures: splinting, laceration repair, intubation, possibly chest tubes


  • does office procedures (mostly joint injections) and sees people in follow up in the office for chronic joint problems or evaluation for surgery
  • does surgery - arthroscopic and open, joint replacements, repairs of broken bones
  • often specialized to work on just a few joints (ie hand, hip, foot, shoulder specialists)
  • takes call for fracture emergencies
  • may cover sports teams
  • crazy hours
  • one of the highest paid specialties
  • hard to match into because of high competition for spots
  • mostly bros.

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Gosh, I don’t even know where to start with this. I recently just hit my 300 follower milestone, and I feel it just appropriate that I compile this list to show my appreciation. Some of you have been with me since my first blog, which I created almost two years ago. (March 22nd is the anniversary! Time really does fly, doesn’t it?) I have just met so many great people, and have made so many friends. So it’s only right that I make a list to show everyone how grateful I am. Even to my new followers, thank you so much for taking an interest in my blog. Without you guys, Yukine wouldn’t be the muse that he is today.

But enough of me rambling, we can get onto the list now! Just be aware, it will get super long, ahaha. But I definitely have to do it! You all mean the world to me, so I need to express it properly.

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I saw you said we could share anxiety, but I just wanted to share some positivity, because I think we need it. I'm new here. I'd been a very casual 1D fan/larrie since my friend dragged a reluctant me to This is Us in theatres a few years ago and I saw how charismatic, thoughtful, goofy, and talented the boys were. But, as A GayTM, I didn't really feel like I had a place in the fandom. Then in November I saw the bears on Twitter, started investigating, and fell deep in the larry rabbit hole. 1/3

2/3 The Bears were what brought me to larry tumblr, where I found blogs like yours and others. I finally feel validated and supported and welcome in the fandom thanks to finding all the other queer larries (and allies!), and that never would have happened without the bears. I know it’s sad that they’re gone, but personally I’m just glad we got them at all. Not only do they show me that H and L care about us and love us, but they also led me to a place where I found community and support. 

3/3 I’m optimistic things are going to get better because I can’t imagine any reasonable situations where they don’t, but even if we have to stick it out for a while I’m still glad I ended up here. Larries in despair–take a moment to appreciate the good things that have come out of this storm, and never forget what you know. Their love is real and they love us too.

This is beautiful. Thank you for sharing!

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to emily, the girl who runs this blog,

thank you. thank you for running this blog. thank you for posting one of my submissions in response to another one I saw, to let me feel like I was helping.

you are doing everything you can. I am sorry to hear about all of those nasty anons who feel the need to pressure you. you deserve so much better.

whenever I come across pictures of you and your s.o., I feel happy. I’m so glad to see that there is love out there that will last longer than mine probably will. I wish you a beautiful future.

~a girl wishing you tons of support and sending (platonic) love


“Follow me for more memes!”

You’re not nearly as clever as you think, anything of yours that’s remotely amusing will wind up reblogged on my dash anyway

“Fap to my blog”

Why would I follow a porn blog of such boner-killing desperation

“-Mod whoever”

do you really need a team to run a god damn tumblr

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It really infuriates me when people attack artists just because your head cannon is not the same as theirs. People needs to realize NOT EVERYBODY HAD TO HAVE THE SAME MINDSET AS YOU!! It's best to just ignore them! Keep up the good work this blog is great!

//(( Ahh thank you sweetie! Another thing I tend to get a lot of mean messages about is when I sometimes forget about things? Quite honestly, Im making this au up as I go, I get some asks that I get ideas from/form my own so sometimes I forget if I made it or not

Im also just one person running this blog so please forgive me if I forget something, I’m trying my best with what I can and the time I have//))