and this may be the only bright spot

Solar System: Things to Know This Week

Our Dawn mission to the asteroid belt is no ordinary deep space expedition. 

Instead of traditional chemical rockets, the spacecraft uses sophisticated ion engines for propulsion. This enabled Dawn to become the first mission to orbit not one, but two different worlds — first the giant asteroid Vesta and now the dwarf planet Ceres. Vesta and Ceres formed early in the solar system’s history, and by studying them, the mission is helping scientists go back in time to the dawn of the planets. To mark a decade since Dawn was launched on Sept. 27, 2007, here are 10 things to know about this trailblazing mission.

1. Ion Engines: Not Just for Sci-Fi Anymore

Most rocket engines use chemical reactions for propulsion, which tend to be powerful but short-lived. Dawn’s futuristic, hyper-efficient ion propulsion system works by using electricity to accelerate ions (charged particles) from xenon fuel to a speed seven to 10 times that of chemical engines. Ion engines accelerate the spacecraft slowly, but they’re very thrifty with fuel, using just milligrams of xenon per second (about 10 ounces over 24 hours) at maximum thrust. Without its ion engines, Dawn could not have carried enough fuel to go into orbit around two different solar system bodies. Try your hand at an interactive ion engine simulation.

2. Time Capsules 

Scientists have long wanted to study Vesta and Ceres up close. Vesta is a large, complex and intriguing asteroid. Ceres is the largest object in the entire asteroid belt, and was once considered a planet in its own right after it was discovered in 1801. Vesta and Ceres have significant differences, but both are thought to have formed very early in the history of the solar system, harboring clues about how planets are constructed. Learn more about Ceres and Vesta—including why we have pieces of Vesta here on Earth.

3. Portrait of a Dwarf Planet

This view of Ceres built from Dawn photos is centered on Occator Crater, home of the famous “bright spots.” The image resolution is about 460 feet (140 meters) per pixel.

Take a closer look.

4. What’s in a Name? 

Craters on Ceres are named for agricultural deities from all over the world, and other features carry the names of agricultural festivals. Ceres itself was named after the Roman goddess of corn and harvests (that’s also where the word “cereal” comes from). The International Astronomical Union recently approved 25 new Ceres feature names tied to the theme of agricultural deities. Jumi, for example, is the Latvian god of fertility of the field. Study the full-size map.

5. Landslides or Ice Slides? 

Thanks to Dawn, evidence is mounting that Ceres hides a significant amount of water ice. A recent study adds to this picture, showing how ice may have shaped the variety of landslides seen on Ceres today.

6. The Lonely Mountain 

Ahuna Mons, a 3-mile-high (5-kilometer-high) mountain, puzzled Ceres explorers when they first found it. It rises all alone above the surrounding plains. Now scientists think it is likely a cryovolcano — one that erupts a liquid made of volatiles such as water, instead of rock. “This is the only known example of a cryovolcano that potentially formed from a salty mud mix, and that formed in the geologically recent past,” one researcher said. Learn more.

7. Shining a Light on the Bright Spots 

The brightest area on Ceres, located in the mysterious Occator Crater, has the highest concentration of carbonate minerals ever seen outside Earth, according to studies from Dawn scientists. Occator is 57 miles (92 kilometers) wide, with a central pit about 6 miles (10 kilometers) wide. The dominant mineral of this bright area is sodium carbonate, a kind of salt found on Earth in hydrothermal environments. This material appears to have come from inside Ceres, and this upwelling suggests that temperatures inside Ceres are warmer than previously believed. Even more intriguingly, the results suggest that liquid water may have existed beneath the surface of Ceres in recent geological time. The salts could be remnants of an ocean, or localized bodies of water, that reached the surface and then froze millions of years ago. See more details.

8. Captain’s Log 

Dawn’s chief engineer and mission director, Marc Rayman, provides regular dispatches about Dawn’s work in the asteroid belt. Catch the latest updates here.

9. Eyes on Dawn 

Another cool way to retrace Dawn’s decade-long flight is to download NASA’s free Eyes on the Solar System app, which uses real data to let you go to any point in the solar system, or ride along with any spacecraft, at any point in time—all in 3-D.

10. No Stamp Required

Send a postcard from one of these three sets of images that tell the story of dwarf planet Ceres, protoplanet Vesta, and the Dawn mission overall.

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Spotting Ascendants

How to spot an Aries Ascendant: They move/walk quickly, might be fast talkers, usually the first to show up at an event or party. They have quick tempers, but are also quick to forgive & forget. They can be competitive, and are often naturally athletic. Aries ascendants appear fearless because they are so quick to act. But, they can also be impatient, and act without thinking.

How to spot a Taurus Ascendant: They are very patient and don’t like to rush, so they take their time when walking, working on projects, etc. They are resistant to change, and need stability, so before making a big decision they need to feel secure. As a sign ruled by Venus, Taurus has an eye for beauty, and as an earth sign they like tangible, material things. So Taurus Ascendants often dress well, collect nice things, and even may own multiple properties

How to spot a Gemini Ascendant: They are curious people who ask a lot of questions. They love to talk, and often do so with many hand gestures. At social events they are the ones going from group to group, mingling with everyone. They are clever, and always have something witty to say. Gemini ascendants are often found doing crosswords, puzzles or other mind games.

How to spot a Cancer Ascendant: They are often people with kind faces, who seem shy at first until they open up later, (once getting to know you). They may be easily embarrassed or flustered. They are very family-oriented and with often be seen with family members or close friends around. Their homes will look warm and welcoming, with lots of comfy couches and chairs. Pictures of friends, family and fond memories will proudly be on display.

How to spot a Leo Ascendant: How can you not? They love the limelight! Leo ascendants are often found on stage, they love performing. They are hedonist who will most likely host a lot of events in their home. If their sun sign is a more reserved type, then you might find Leo ascendants enjoying a party rather than hosting one. Since Leo loves attention, they might wear flashy clothes or bright colors so you don’t miss them walking by!

How to spot a Virgo Ascendant: They are perfectionist, so expect everything about them to appear ‘perfect’. They will have very clean homes, and be neatly dressed with exceptional personal hygiene. They are often very health conscious, and may practice yoga or take up jogging. They will also try there best to eat clean. Virgo ascendants are naturally quite humble, so (depending on sun sign) they may appear to be shy or reserved. As practical beings they will most likely only own things they actually use/need.

How to spot a Libra Ascendant: They place a high importance on personal appearance, and as a sign ruled by Venus have an appreciation for beauty. This means these people are more likely to dress up often. They will always be well groomed. They are charming and flirty, so if they are single you can expect them to be flirting with the opposite (or same) sex. If they’re in a relationship they will be very openly affectionate with their partner, and may even be attached at the hip with them. Their homes will certainly be decorated and visually appealing.

How to spot a Scorpio Ascendant: They are very private and protective of their personal space, so they may not appear to be the warmest and most welcoming people. (Not to say they aren’t nice or friendly, they’re just selective of who the let their guard down with.) This leads others to perceive them as mysterious. They often have strong opinions, and they will always speak their mind.

How to spot a Sagittarius Ascendant: They are always on the look for their next adventure. They are likely to be well travelled, as well as somewhat of a dare-devil. They might take up extreme sports like motocross or ski jumping. Sagittarius ascendants are highly optimistic and will always be smiling. If they have a less spirited sun sign, then, they may enjoy watching the extreme, rather than participating. That means you might find them in the stands at a car race, or at home watching shows like ‘fear factor’.

How to spot a Capricorn Ascendant: They are a more serious and traditional bunch. This earth sign loves organization and planning. They will have tidy homes, desk and a real ‘put together’ sense of style. A surprising love for good jokes means you might find them at a comedy club, or catchy a funny movie. They are very ambitious and will probably spend more time working than other signs. They’re the ones who will work overtime or weekends, simply because they want to. Their reputation is of high importance to them. 

How to spot an Aquarius Ascendant: They enjoy being different, they may dress in unconventional outfits that others find strange. They are a social bunch who want to make an impact on society. They may have hobbies or interest that others find peculiar. They need their personal freedom, so it’s not uncommon for a person with this ascendant to be a ‘lone wolf’ type. Unlike Capricorn, they don’t really care about how others perceive them. 

How to spot a Pisces Ascendant: They are often lost, daydreaming in their own little world. They are gentle and approachable in appearance. They are kind and friendly when interacted with, but don’t expect them to make the first move. They are a creative and imaginative bunch, you might find them at home drawing, painting or writing. Don’t mind the mess though, they tend to live in organized chaos. As a mutable sign who takes things as they come they are unlikely to keep list or write down dates, as a result they may often forget things at the grocery store or show up late for appointments.

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In the triad relationship of course its gotta be Stuckony. Ever since Steve had got all serumed up Bucky's missed his little spoon so imagine his surprise when his Stevie went and got himself his own little spoon. Tony is the little spoon in the super soldier sandwich relationship. Both supers love holding, carrying, taking care of their teeny tiny boyfriend. But every once in awhile Tony will sqwack that he's not small, that he is perfectly normal size and that its not his fault they are tall.

If I’m ever gonna die of a fluff overdoes, it’ll be headcanons like this one. Tony being cuddled by his supersoldiers is my weakness, alright? Tony being cuddled in general is my weakness, so just. All the affection for Tony please. Especially when he’s tired, or so hyped up on brittle anger, frustration, helplessness that he can’t, physically can’t, sit still for even a moment, and Steve or Bucky just- hold him. Anchor him.

It works both ways too: Sometimes when Bucky or Steve have a bad day, a really bad day, they’ll seek out Tony and hold on to him, let him anchor them. Bucky tends to scoop him up and carry him off into a corner where they’re locked away from the world, while Steve prefers the living room, with as many other sounds and people around as possible–the most important being Tony in his lap or cuddled against his side. 

And sometimes, when Tony’s not-yet-fully-woken-up, he just rolls over and nuzzles against the closest source of warmth he finds–and neither of his boyfriends can do anything but indulge him with more cuddles. This may or may not be the surest way to keep Steve from getting up for his morning run–one Bucky may or may not abuse shamelessly.

(And yup, his height is a bit of a sore spot, sometimes. Unless the magic power ray misses him and hits everyone else in the face. Then he has no trouble at all mocking them–after it’s been confirmed that the bright, neon coloured hair really is the only side-effect and there’s no lasting damage, that is.)

Prompt: class 77 wakes up and their reactions

A/N I finally wrote this. I don’t know why it took me so long when I just wrote Afterlife Theater on the spot (probably because I’m bitter that Nanami’s the only one dead)

here’s the sequel/reconcilation

Beyond This Point - the sdr2 kids wake up

“The only thing beyond this point is a bright and shining future!”

Brightness. That was the first thing that greeted them when they first woke up from the deepest slumber that lasted for weeks. Or perhaps greeted may not be the right word to describe it. At the final trial, while they were all in the throes of despair, a ray of hope pierced through the darkness. A hope bright enough to outshine the darkness of despair. It was with that brightness that they all decided to vote for the future. And they carried that brightness with them even as they woke up.

But brightness does not exist by itself. Just as there is light, there are also shadows looming over. The hope they had within them was the brightest but at the same time, they carried the darkest of despairs. They were former SHSL Despairs. All of them were. They woke up painfully aware of this fact. A year filled with horrendous acts, all of which done by none other than themselves, all of those memories had suddenly burst forth inside their heads.

They had only been victims of a mutual killing game for the past weeks and now they rediscovered that they themselves were perpetrators of despair.

Whether it was the five of them or the rest of the fifteen of them, they all suffered through the shock of their own sins. It was especially harder for the original five survivors who first woke up. They had just barely accepted the facts during the final trial but to be faced with them with no hope of ever denying this horrendous truth, they had to bear with it and carry on.

Because amidst the despair was hope and not all memories were horrible.

They remembered. They remembered all of the events that happened in the “game”. They remembered how they bonded and trusted each other. They remembered the very few and fleeting moments wherein they were just genuinely happy and enjoying each other’s company. They remembered far more. They remembered their days at Hope’s Peak Academy. They remembered how innocent they were and how much fun they used to have. They remembered how a certain someone had brought hope into their lives.

They remembered Chiaki Nanami. Both of them.

They remembered and they also lived. Unlike her, they were given a second chance to live and even a shot at redemption. And they’d be damned if they don’t honor her sacrifices.

The first one to wake up was not Hinata. In fact, he was the last one to regain consciousness. There was a logical explanation for this and he struggled to hold on to the fleeting dream that he chased after.

“I’m happy… and also proud…” Everything was fading fast and that included Nanami who seemed less solid with every passing second. And yet despite this, her smile was still bright and unfaltering. Hopeful. “Good job on making it this far… Thank you… for protecting everyone…”

“But I didn’t do anything! I couldn’t even protect you!” Hinata shouted as his voice choked on a sob. He tried to reach for her but his hands never quite reached her for some strange reason. It was just that she was within sight but out of reach. And soon, she’d be out of existence. More tears prickled his eyes as he desperately yelled, “I could have saved you but I didn’t!”

“That’s because I… don’t need saving.” She calmly replied with a gentle tone. “From the very beginning… my existence was born to save you and not the other way around…” She gently placed a hand over her chest and smiled softly. “But I’m happy… because you still tried… You’ve already done so much… and that’s more than enough for me… thank you…”

“But that’s not enough! You deserve better!” He objected with all his might. Maybe if he just yelled with all his emotions, she’d be able to stay with him. He knew it was futile though. Just seeing her lose her tangible form was terrifying him because he could practically see her existence being wiped out right in front of him. “Don’t go! Not yet! I… still don’t know what to do! We still need you! I need you!”

“It’s okay… you don’t need to worry… everyone’s with you…” She smiled at him one last time and it was her brightest and warmest yet. She waved him goodbye. “Even… me…”

When Hinata woke up, he was Kamukura and there were tears in his eyes and a hairclip was clenched tightly in one hand.

He blinked the tears away and once his vision cleared, so did everything else. There was no lag time between his awakening and his regaining of his memories. There was no need for an inner turmoil on his part despite waking up with two personalities. He was the helpless Hinata and he was also the emotionless Kamukura at the same time. And somewhere in there was the Hinata of the game who found the courage and strength, and hope to carry on.

He didn’t have time to dwell on the past because he was too busy working on their future. The future they fought and won for.

Five was not a number that he was satisfied with and so he worked out a way to get it up to fifteen. If there was any order as to who woke up first, then it wasn’t intentional. The first one who woke up was Twogami who informed them that he had full memories even if he was skeptical of some of them. Not long after was Teruteru who woke up more terrified than the former. They figured out a pattern from there and welcomed Koizumi when she woke up confused and afraid.

Pekoyama woke up to Kuzuryuu crying over her.

Her gaze immediately softened at the sight of him. “I’ve returned, young master.” She said with a smile she didn’t know she was wearing.

“Idiot. I know you fucking remember! So stop with this master bullshit!” Kuzuryuu scolded her but despite its harshness, it sounded endearing in her ears. “You’re a fucking person and dammit, I’m your friend!” He bawled over when he saw her take in a sharp breath. “And goddammit, don’t ever do anything that stupid again or I swear I’ll kill you!”

She felt the air knock right out of her lungs when he lunged forward and held her in an embrace. It was odd how she was the one who died but he was clinging on to her as if his life depended on it. She let herself cry over the fragile action. Tools don’t cry when they break but she was not a tool. She was a person, a person who was broken far too many times and so for the first time in a long while she allows herself to break in a different way. She broke down. And together, they’d pick up the pieces after.

When Saionji woke up, Koizumi was there to soothe her anguished screams.

“It’s over. It’s alright now. Sshh.” Koizumi whispered in her ear as she held her. Her voice sounded strained from holding back her sobs but the warmth seeped through as Saionji almost melted in her arms. “I’m here now.” And although Saionji cried out like a kid, there was no shame in that, only hurt. She cried and cried until she could only whimper, and then it was Koizumi who cried in her place. And when their tears dried, the faintest flickers of a smile shone on their faces.

Ibuki woke up not long after that and followed by a guilt-ridden Mikan.

“I’m s-sorry! I’m s-so sorry!” Mikan wailed as she knelt as soon as she could and her forehead hit the floor with a loud thump. Unlike everyone else who cried out of sorrow mixed with relief, Mikan cried for forgiveness. “Please, f-forgive me!”

“A second life! What sorcery is this?!” Ibuki had a more energetic reaction upon waking up. She took it all in stride despite the worry that etched her features. “Tsumiki mouse! Enough with the drama bomb. Let’s just reload our save file and be besties again! Ibuki lost an extra life no biggie and Hiyo-yo is fine too, see!” Mikan wanted to protest against that but it was hard to do just that when she was overwhelmed by three girls hugging her. She stopped crying for forgiveness and then just started simply crying. She cried harder when everyone else chipped in to comfort her.

Nidai was the only one who woke up grinning.

“Hahaha! It looks like all worked out well! Good job, everyone!” He laughed, so full of life and the rest couldn’t help but be infected by his good vibes.

“Uwaaah! Old man! You’re finally back!” Owari cried as she tackled him to the ground just as soon as he sat up. “I missed your kickass ass so much! Waaah!” She practically bawled all over him as she held him in a lock. Her arms unconsciously gripped around him tighter at the feeling of warm flesh unlike his cold metallic body from before.

“Excellent grip! It’s good to see you so full of energy!” He praised her as he laughed again, the sound bounced off the walls with much zeal. They don’t dwell much in tears and not even half an hour later, they’re already out in a bout. Unlike everyone else, they talked through their fists and so they poured their feelings into their first match since they woke up. It was a long overdue fight and they fought with the promise of more to come.

Everyone had expected Gundam to have a long-winded speech for when he rose from the dead.

However, before she could even utter a single word, he was fighting for breath first since Sonia had him pinned in his pod. “Oh, Tanaka! You have finally returned to us! I missed you so much! Thank the gods for bringing you back!” She breathed as she squeezed the breath right out of him.

“M-My lady! Nggh… She-cat! Release me… my Dark Queen!” He grunted out his words and it took an audible gasp for Sonia to come to her senses and ease her hold. She had quite the surprising grip despite her misleading appearance. Once he was able to catch his breath again, he smiled triumphantly. “We meet again, dear mortals! I, Tanaka the Forbidden One, have descended into the fiery pits of hell and rose from it again to rule this mortal realm! Bask in the glory of the ressurection of your king who not even death could hold back!”

Sonia barked a laugh as she wiped away her tears at his usual display. It was a tremendous comfort to hear his actual boisterous voice and the deep rumble of his trademark chuckle with her ears rather than with her mind. It was just like him to leave with a dramatic exit and to return with just as much grandeur. She clutched onto his scarf and her heart drummed an extra beat when she felt the steady rise and fall of his chest. He was so full of life now as he tried to live up to his image.

With much tenderness, he reached a hand forward and cupped her face. She leaned towards his touch without hesitation. She couldn’t tell if it was her heart or his which was beating faster and louder. His voice was lowered until a certain softness could be heard in it as he murmured, “I applaud your tenacity, oh queen of darkness. You have fought well and lived accordingly to the will of causality. It gives me joy to see your fighting spirit bursting in flames.”

She cried harder at this and the tears just soaked through his bandages. When she felt the soothing rub of his thumb on her cheek, she was practically bawling over. His other arm snaked to her back where he patted her comfortingly. Sonia vaguely remembered when she sobbed over his trial and when she first woke up but he didn’t. Both were painful memories for her. But this was not painful, at least not in the same sense. This time she cried and she could feel the pain subside with every sob and hiccup. He was too tough to show his tears aside from the scarce few that trickled his cheeks but that’s alright. Yes, it would be alright, they would be alright.

She could feel the rumble in his throat, a sign that he was about to say something, but he was interrupted first. “Alright, alright. He’s alive. We get it. Join the rest of the ressurected club.” Souda said flippantly as he crouched next to his pod. Despite the tone of his voice, tears shone in his eyes and the smile on his face was genuine. “Welcome back, you pretentious bastard.”

“Ah, so the pathetic mortal lives.” Gundam quipped with a smirk.

“Pathetic?” Souda looked absolutely taken aback by the unexpected insult. And so he immediately fell back into old habits. “Dude, look who’s talking! Seriously, you talk like a kid with 8th grade syndrome even though we’re past high school! If anyone’s pathetic here it’s you and your demonic crap!”

“What is a god to an ignorant non-believer? Still all powerful and less benevolent that is. I would choose my words carefully if I were you, foolish mortal.” Gundam retorted haughtily. Souda looked like he was about to burst and Sonia laughed at their usual banter. This was safe and familiar. This was how they used to be. This was how they were supposed to be. This was how they knew that they were going to be alright.

Finally, Komaeda was the last one to wake up.

“Hey! Can you hear me?”

When Komaeda woke up, the first thing that registered his vision was a pair of mismatched eyes staring. “Ahh… Izuru Kamukura?” He asked tentatively. But when his vision cleared somewhat, the blurriness revealed a familiar face. “No, you’re Hajime Hinata, right?”

“They’re both me.” He said as he offered a hand.

“I knew you’d make it to the lowest stratum. I believed in you.” Komaeda replied with a heartfelt smile as he accepted the helping hand.  "How are the others?“

He smiled and as if on cue the doors opened behind him to reveal the rest of their classmates. “You’re the last one out.”

Brightness. That was what he thought when he saw all of his friends right before him. They were all shards of hope shining brightly and overtaking his vision. They were hope bright enough to outshine the darkness of despair. It was with that same brightness that they all decided to vote for the future. No, maybe not exactly the same. They seemed brighter now, radiant even. It was a brilliant brightness full of hope towards the future.

Komaeda couldn’t have been more grateful than to be a part of this hope. He smiled brightly as reunited with them. “Sorry to keep you waiting. I overslept a bit.” They welcomed him back just as brightly in their own unique ways.

And as the whole class set off towards the future, they still carried with them their past.

In the back of their minds, buried not so deep, were precious memories of her. And if they listened closely with their heart, they could still hear her voice encouraging as always. “I’ll never forget about you guys… I’ll be cheering for you guys from now on… from somewhere. ‘Cause… we’re friends, after all.”

They move on. They move forward. They move without looking back because everything they need is already with them, beside them. Beyond this point was the future they worked hard on, her in particular. She’s still with them just unseen with eyes. She’s with them in spirit. And with everyone together and whole again, they take the first step towards the future.

“If you guys carried the burden of both hope and despair, you should even be able to create the future! Come on, let’s go. We’ll make our future together!”

There is a spot in my tiny universe of emotions, which tangles me up and down  in a pendulum movement in so many directions ….

There is a spot in my tiny universe of emotions ,which throw me to crash in a river of flowing sadness ,,,

There is a spot in my tiny universe of emotions, which pours smiles and blooming hopes but soon i realize it is only a trick of life…

There is a sopt in my tiny universe of emotions, which endures across my heart eagering for beauty in a  purple passionate flower…

There is a sopt in my tiny universe of emotions, still dreams and wonders with simple words ,with kindness and trust although living through a cold harsh world…

There is a spot in my tiny universe which still waits for a sudden reverse of a meaning ,of an importance ,of being understood …

There is a spot in my tiny universe which indulge me to accept the will of others ,although being against my view of a simple and delicated touch of humanity …

There is a spot in my tiny universe, which test the fire in a flame which may hurt me ,which i wait for a sparkle of hope …

There is a spot in my universe which will be waiting to bloom in your heart even like just a bright petal in your hand ,being noticed or maybe  it is only an ilusion …

There is a sopt in my universe, slipping slowly ,falling ,crawling for a ray of hope,,,

Nevertjeless ,here is my sopt pouring into the sun of a day yet to come …

is there a sopt in your universe where i can lay down my miserable being in your night shroud? 

Touching still, is my spot of my heart ….in a pendulum  way…


I am very frustrated by the fact that people HATE on Felicity and Olicity Tonight I was trying to find some more information on the crossover and opinions on the picture floating around of Felicity’s grave. But instead of getting information I got ruthless opinions of why Felicity was a terrible character. And on top of that why 6x04 Reversal was one of the worst episodes.

I am very passionate about this because what people forget is that without Felicity Smoak, Oliver would not be who he is today. He would not have learned how to love and fight without killing if it wasn’t for her. Without Felicity in his life, he would probably still be in that bunker alone and killing people. Without her light, his life is dark and lonely.

I get the fact that people are STILL mad that the writers didn’t follow the comic books and Oliver didn’t end up with Laurel , but people GET OVER IT. It’s Season 6, you’re six seasons to late, oh well.

Another thing that some people have made crystal clear, is the fact that they think her characterization is poorly written and she has no purpose for being on the show. And I can’t tell you how much I disagree with that statement. As I said before there is no Oliver Queen without Felicity Smoak. They literally are the definition of the quote ‘Behind every great man is a great woman’ or in their case ‘beside him’.

Originally posted by thinkolicity

Hypothetically speaking, if the writers had based the T.V. show on the comics, there would be a COMPLETLY different show. Especially if Oliver had ended up with Laurel. In my opinion it would be darker and Oliver would not be happy, and only because there would be no light spot on the show resulting to no light in his life.

While people may think Felicity would be better suited on The Flash, I think that if that were the case there would be no concept of dark  and light, which is a MAJOR concept and storyline that revolves around Oliver. The premise is him coming back from Hell and darkness to find a way to right his fathers wrongs, and along the way he meets this bright bubbly woman, who ends up helping him find his humanity.

So tell me would he have his humanity without her? I think not! 

Ever since the beginning I have absolutely loved and adored this couple. They are the epitome of a perfect relationship. They have been through EVERYTHING and now it’s time for them to be rewarded. There is literally nothing that could possibly be thrown their way to separate them now. They know what it’s like to be apart and they both agree that they don’t want to do that again. I’m very glad that this relationship exists because it gives me hope that even through the fights and the obstacles, if two people are meant to be, then they will be. 


The other thing that annoyed me was how they hated on 6x04 Reversal. One person said it was the worst episode he had ever seen, and on top that he said that it was bad because it revolved around Felicity. And to make matters even worse he said that Oliver was barely in it and he ‘just needed something to do’. In my personal opinion, that was by far my FAVORITE episode in the entire series and for several reasons:

Originally posted by rhlizzy

1. Oliver physically caring for Felicity: It was so nice to see Oliver being there for her. I never realized just how much Oliver never really showed his support physically for her. It was always a given thing. But it was so nice to see him truly support her and be there for her when she needed it.

2. Partnership: They have shown multiple times that their relationship goes deeper than their love for each other.  At the end of the day whether their together or not they will always be partners.

3. Seeing our couple happy: It was SO nice to see them happy for a change and FINALLY moving forward. One of the things the men were saying, was that their relationship is a waste of time, but that is so not true. Their relationship is one of the main fuels for the show and saying that its a waste basically says Oliver doesn’t deserve happiness.

I’m sorry I just needed to rant, but please do let me know what you think, I would love to hear if you agree with me or not.

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Part 1- Two newlyweds fall to the Underground, but one of them is going to die due to the fall (the one is still alive is SO). The monsters could take groom’s soul since he’s dead now, but SO is not very sure and develop depression. SO become someway friend with the skeletons and ask to them if they can find a place for their groom’s grave.

Part 2- At the end, SO decide to give to the monsters the soul of their groom because his death won’t be in vain if it can help someone. Meanwhile, the skeletons fall in love with SO but they are still in mourning and depressed. You can choose how it is going on, if SO will fall in love too or not. (With UT/UF/SF Sanses + SF/UF Papis).

This is gonna be… a lot of typing. ~Mod Feral

UT Sans

Man, this is quite a bit to deal with. He was the main one who convinced you to let them use your late partner’s SOUL for their sake in the first place. He, along with Papyrus of course, is doing his best to make you feel comfortable and trying to help you through the mourning process, and of course he helped you find a place for the body. He’s trying so hard, and he likes to believe he’s succeeding. But then there’s the feelings he has. The fact his SOUL seems to pulse slightly differently whenever he enters where you are, the fact that he’s wanting to do anything and everything for you, and the fact that he kinda, selfishly, wants you to hurry up and get passed this tells him all he needs to know. He’s somehow fallen for you. But he’ll never, ever share it with you. He can’t. Even though he so wants to and the waiting is almost painful. He’ll just let you do your thing, as long as it’s safe.

UF Sans

At first he was scoffing at you quite a bit. The fact you think giving the monsters your dead mate’s SOUL is any sort of benefit is the exact type of naive that you’d expect of a child. No, he’s not gonna help you find a place for the body. Dead things stay where they are, that’s just how it is. He may help you dig, though, if you find a good spot. You’re only any safe from meeting his exact fate because Edge decided to protect you from the other monsters. Eventually, however, Red starts to notice little things, how you light up a bit when he successfully makes you laugh, how honestly bright your SOUL is when you’re having a more positive day {which, by the way, he doesn’t want to see out of you}, all of your little quirks.

He’s also started fantasizing about you. And not just the usual stuff either. He realizes that he likes you in a much stronger way than the “friendship” that Frisk talks about. No, he wants you as a mate. But not only have you just lost your mate, which for monsters is so painful it can be deadly, but there’s just no way you’d like him back. There’s no way.

UF Papyrus

He was honestly the one who actually took the SOUL, almost by force even. He’s even less helpful in the burial process than Red, but he’s doing his best to pre occupy your mind with other things while you’re mourning. He can’t handle seeing you upset for some reason. It takes him a while to realize the reason it’s so upsetting for him is because of the pull you have on him. He’s decided you two will be mates once your SOUL’s healed enough to be able to handle a new mate. Which he’s hoping is soon.

SF Sans

He’s surprisingly understanding on you wanting to bury the body of your former mate. He’ll help find an area in the ground that’s soft enough to dig for most people and help you dig, but he’s not touching the body. He’ll have Puppy watch you whenever he needs to work, but he’s doing his best to help you feel comfortable, safe, and happier hopefully.

Heck, he doesn’t start acting a little more cold until he realizes he likes you. He’s not very good with romantic feelings, so he’ll be going back and forth between ‘no don’t be upset let me help let me get Papyrus to help’ and ‘leave me the fuck alone!’ He’ll only ever say or do anything about it if he gets pushed over the edge with his emotions. This’ll include if you try to leave after a fight.

SF Papyrus

He helps, kinda, with the body. He honestly helps by holding it out of the way with his magic as you go looking, giving some small “i think there might be better” sometimes. He’ll be giving you everything you may need in the house, and ask if you need anything, but nothing that seems out of place for the skeleton who seems to be almost a servant to his brother.

When he starts to fall for you, the amount of things he does just for you increases. He’s trying to hold back to the best of his abilities for the sake of your healing, but he’s bound to just randomly hug you and have some sort of stupid reason for it. If it gets too bad, he may end up asking for casual sex, though.

Dylan Geick, gay role model

Here is why Dylan Geick is such a great role model for the LGBT community: He respects and reveres the history of the gay rights movement and knows the significance of places like the Stonewall Inn in his new college town, New York City, which he seems to be embracing and exploring every chance he gets. You can tell he was in awe while standing at the birthplace of the gay rights movement, a movement he himself is now helping to lead, especially for those younger than even he is.

From his first YouTube broadcast where he professed his love for the gay community, to his highly sought-after advice for kids coming to grips with coming out, to his participation in Pride events in Chicago and LA (and, possibly, in New York next year), Dylan has been turning into a national icon of sorts for the next generation of gay youth. He is perhaps the first — certainly the most visible — mainstream college athlete to embrace and fearlessly display his love of another male on the global stage of social media. For that reason alone he’s worthy of attention.

It helps, of course, to have an icon who is so good-looking. That’s the nature of this world; we tend to pay attention to someone who is attractive and pleasing to the eye. But as soon as he starts talking about something as serious as gay rights, such as defending the right of someone to proclaim he/she is bisexual, to name a specific instance, you realize Dylan is more than just a pretty face. He knows what he’s talking about, is highly motivated to share his views and is passionate when expressing himself to whoever cares to listen. What I hope we are witnessing is the evolution of a new national spokesman for LGBT issues, the guy who Lawrence O'Donnell and others will turn to someday for the gay perspective on an issue of the day.

It’s clear from his Instagram, Snapchat and Younow appearances that he’s already had a huge impact on teens his age. He can’t keep up with all the requests he receives for personal advice, but that does not deter kids from continuing to seek a rare piece of his time — rarer still now that an Ivy League education and Division 1 wrestling regimen are consuming most of his time. (I know because I often get requests for advice from kids who think this blog is Dylan’s. I point out that it’s only a fan site and direct them to his IG email.)

His influence is not just reaching kids in the U.S. but also in the so-called developed world, with fans and followers in Europe, South America and Asia. Some of his most active bloggers are in Spain, England, Norway and Canada. And just imagine the effect he is having in corners of the world where the internet has to be smuggled in to gay kids who are raised and indoctrinated into thinking same-sex relationships are not only immoral but illegal as well — and punishable by death in some places. Those lucky enough in that dark world to catch a glimpse of Dylan can harbor hope that change may someday be possible if they can only get to America.

So here’s to this promising bright spot on the gay scene. Let’s hope that Dylan emerges from the incubator that is a liberal arts education to take his place as an intelligent, articulate and attractive advocate for not only the LGBT community but for his age group as well. Thanks to the unabashed pride Dylan and others display as young gay adults, this post-millennial generation will grow up never having to live in fear of who they are.


P.S. And thanks, too, for a truly enjoyable YouNow last night (9/19). Now go study. lol

the-hawks-rye  asked:

86 or 34 for almei? (Fluffy prompts)

34. You can put your cold feet on me.

Vi! Bless you for giving me this long ago. I needed a good interlude/practice after writing horror HAHA. I hope you enjoy this fluffy af Almei, you wonderful bean. <3 

She never experienced the cold like this.

It wasn’t frigid and biting frost from the Amestrian North. It wasn’t the depressing chill after a rainshower staring at an empty hearth, wet and shivering and alone.

May closed her eyes and she could hear the  river’s stream splashing against rocks. The breeze carried over a misty gust over their campfire. The ember struggled. She didn’t have to see it, she felt it on her feet.

Restless, she turned on the cloth separating her and the ground; it’s cool surface temperature indicating the return of winter and the welcoming of autumn. Around this time, what seemed like a lifetime ago, the clans of her municipality held mid-autumn festivals, appreciating and offering sacrifice to the moonlight. Her own clan of meager resources meant their offerings were scant.

This cold was different because her family was warm and fed at last. Thriving, and not just surviving.

May opened an eye . She was here, on the ground and at the wind’s mercy, because of the alchemist.

Inquisitive and curious Alphonse Elric sat with a book on his lap and a rock at his back. The light of a small lantern illuminated his choice of literature that night and it cast a flickering shadow over his right side. Eager and astute Alphonse Elric wanted to know all that he could about Xing and the secret behind the five ley lines written in his ancient tome, hoping for a scientific explanation for the Dragon’s Pulse.  

The ley lines were things of legends - folklore, May knew, but Alphonse Elric was the type to chase after legends tirelessly. As did she. Five years had gone by since Promised Day, she’d seen impossibilities firsthand and she couldn’t discount the shred of truth hidden in each myth.

A gust of the stubborn wind flew into his lantern and snuffed out the flame, leaving him with only the light of the moon. He mumbled something about “well, that’s that” and placed his closed book to the wayside.  He flattened himself on the ground a few feet away from her.

She watched him as he situated him, tossing once - twice, to find a comfortable spot on the soil before he settled facing her.

“Hey, are you asleep?”

May brought her eyes to open completely and caught  the brightness in his gold eyes, the smile on his face. He did that a lot, smiling. It was very hard to tell with a suit of armor, but May figured he’s making up for all the lost years. Embarrassingly, she couldn’t help the hiccup in her heart when it was shot her way. A dilemma for her as it happened frequently since they started travelling across Xing six months ago.

Failing at suppressing her own smile, she answered, “Barely, it’s hard to with the wind.” Her awkward smile turned into a smirk, “But I think you’re blocking it now.”

“Glad I can be a human shield for you,” said Al, laughter tugging at every other syllable.

“Wouldn’t be the first time.”

A distinct silence fell over them, branches bristling in the distance and water babbling. She shivered involuntarily with the gust.

“Are you cold?” He sounded concerned.

“No,” she choked, rubbing the soles of her feet for warmth. “My feet are just-. Fall is early this year.”

“Here,” he said, probably not thinking about what he was saying, and flapped open his blanket. Wiggling his toes, Alphonse continued, “You can put your cold feet on me.”

May chuckled, but it sounded more like a squawk. “No, really. I can just put my slippers on.”

“Nonsense, that’s not very comfortable” He scooched in closer to him, lifting her excuse of a blanket.

Her cheeks flared with heat without any fire. Her eyes widen, she was rendered speechless as the extra pair of his feet tangled with hers and momentarily thanked the warmth they brought to her. May breathed out slowly, if only to control the thumping in her ribcage, but she didn’t mind.

“Mine were cold too,” he confessed softly.

This cold was warmer with him.


Summary:  After the Wizarding War, Dudley has a choice to make. He can go back home, back to where he knows who he is, or go out into the world, and try to become something more. He chooses the braver option.

Word Count: 3,497

Notes: Requested by @harryjamesheadcanons

           The Wizarding War was the first time in his life Dudley felt powerless.

           As a child, he could send his parents scurrying with a few screams. His teachers were afraid of his mother’s shrieks, the neighbours were afraid of Vernon Dursley’s influence, and the kids were afraid of his fists.

           The kids, of course, including his cousin.

           But after the Dementors, Dudley realized that his power wasn’t enough to make people like him. And it wasn’t enough now to drown out the voices he’d heard, the voices he could hear so much more clearly now—the ones that said he was slow and clumsy and cruel and stupid, and wouldn’t be worth much once he was alone in the world.

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  • person: who is josh ramsay?
  • me: *takes a deep breath*
  • me: imagine you are in a insane asylum. there are many around you. some are sleeping. some are hallucinating. some are talking to themselves. you spot a man sitting alone in a corner wearing bright red pants. he is eating a pear. now you may ask yourself, "why is he eating a pear?" the truth is, the world may never know. you approach the man and tap him on the shoulder. he turns around only to say "great job." you may ask yourself, "why did he say great job?" the truth is, the world may never know. you continue trying to talk to him considering he is the most sane looking person in the room. But every time you try and ask him something, he throws glitter in your face. now you may ask yourself, "why is he throwing glitter in my face?" the truth is, the world may never know. you ask him one final question preparing to walk away if he didn't answer. just as you open your mouth, the man stands up. he begins singing call me maybe at the top of his lungs. now you may ask yourself, "why is he singing call me maybe?" the truth is, the world may never know. he sits back down like nothing happened. you begin trying to converse with him once again. he only answers you with one worded responses. you feel yourself slowly being driven insane with every word out of his mouth. with every action he makes, you can feel the anger rising within you. you finally stand up and yell at him. he looks up at you and says but one thing. "ham"
  • person:
  • person:
  • person:
  • me: that. is josh ramsay.

An excerpt from the May 2001 issue of Esquire magazine featuring correspondence between Timothy McVeigh and Phil Bacharach.

In May 1998, Theodore Kaczynski, the Unabomber, became McVeigh’s neighbor. Along with World Trade Center bombing mastermind Ramzi Yousef, they made up the trio of Supermax’s most notorious inhabitants.

MAY 22, 1998

Friday PM

I have started this letter 3 times and have so far failed to put my thoughts into any meaningful or coherent order. This is a reflection of my haggard mental state at this time (due mostly to fatigue/lack of sleep). I’ll try again… . This place has turned into a complete circus.

Now I’m gonna mention this, but don’t you dare discuss it in future letters . . . as it would probably be considered a security breach and cause to restrict my mail privileges (although I write it with no criminal intent, so I have no problem telling you).

Kaczynski is literally my neighbor—and hence, most of my problems stem from this.

Before he arrived, I was moved to a “new” cell (there are 4 on this range). After I thoroughly cleaned it (my new home), they moved me back here (to my original cell) after 3 weeks. My cell had been brutally thrashed by a pig-inmate (Luis Felipe—he’s resident #3. His story appeared in The New York Times. He lives like a pig—crap smeared on the walls, etc.), so I began cleaning again. Guess who they moved into the one I had just cleaned?!? Kaczynski. Things just get worse from there, including a change (to my detriment) to their lighting policy (in my cell only) at night; a guard stationed out front of my neighbor, who, depending on personality can engage in 8-hour arbitrary harassment (clicking cuffs, etc.)—all right after I get a favorable 6-month review. (It’s a conspiracy, I tell ya!)

So things have been far from stable here.

As for the final episode of Seinfeld; after much internal strife, I opted for Unforgiven on ABC (possibly the best movie ever made). Fuck ABC for having me have to make such a decision in the first place; but I didn’t have a VCR and may never have seen Unforgiven again.

I aggured I could catch Seinfeld on a re-run, but after viewing it during commercial breaks on ABC, I didn’t really care to see it. It looked lame, and I did see the ending—dumb.

That was the only bright spot this May: In a span of 4 days, I saw Unforgiven, Forrest Gump, and The Rock (All on my “Top Ten Movies” list.)

One of the guards out in the hall last night told another of the shootings at the school in Springfield, Oregon. The other guard’s response? (I’m not kidding… . )

“Job security.”

In the “bombers wing” of Supermax prison, McVeigh eventually warmed up to his fellow celebrity inmates, Kaczynski and Yousef. The trio, allowed outside in the prison exercise yard for ten hours each week, sometimes made small talk, separated by small individual wire-mesh enclosures. Yousef and Kaczynski discussed languages while McVeigh chatted with them about the movies they watched on the twelve-inch black-and-white TVs in each cell.

More letters here:

• one in a million || pt. 2

A/N: So I got an ask from a nonnie asking if I could do a part two of one in a million, originally it was just going to be a one shot drabble. Well I got to thinking to do it in a mini series, maybe about 5 or so parts. If you guys would enjoy that of course, please IM or send into my inbox + ideas are included! I’m still going to make an appearance as your friend ‘cause why not? And as always requests are open and ships are open unless I say otherwise. Haven’t read part 1? Click here to read it ( x )!

                        » Relationship(s): Grant Gustin & Reader (crush), Jinx Me & Reader (friendship) «

Finally after saying goodbye to your viewers of your live stream and it was your stop, you wanted to get far away as possible. You couldn’t believe you gushed about how dorky and cute Barry was your crush like almost literally in front of the guy whom played himself, Grant Gustin. You were sure Jinx might try and laugh at you but they were friend regardless. It was almost as that one time where you had accidentally threw up in front of everyone in first grade during a recital right? Who knows now? You needed to rush out.

As the bus driver stopped, people rose up to exit with you included as you tried to rush to find your friend to hide your face from everyone. Your S/C tinted cheeks were still burning as you quickly hurried away, thank goodness you wouldn’t have to face Grant ever again right? You spotted Jinx with their bright hair, one thing that you might’ve been glad that they did. Even if you may have scolded them not to bleach their hair twice and dye in crazy colors. Of course you couldn’t stop that since that was one of the ways they chose to express themselves. “Y/N! There you are!” You heard them as you gave a quick hug as you noticed a look on their face.

“Uh Y/N? Why it that guy following you?” They asked as you turned your head to see the one and only Grant. He must’ve followed after you as you tried to hide behind Jinx with a quick and hushed of ‘Hide me!’ Jinx smiled awkwardly as you miserably failed hide from the one person you didn’t really want to see. You could hear Grant trying not to laugh as he vaguely describe your appearance to your brightly colored haired friend. ‘Please. .Please Jinx don’t let me down now.’ You silently prayed but that never did happen. “Oh of course! Y/N, I think Grant wants to ask you something.”

You felt Jinx pull you up and their arm wrapped around your shoulder as you saw them smile while you gave a silent glare. “Yes hi Grant. Again.” You managed to say as Grant chuckled some more at the situation you were stuck in. “Hey Y/N. It’s nice to see you more clearly but you ran out before I could ask something.” You nod, “Well sorry about that.”

With an weird smile on your face as the burnet male licked his lips, “How would you like to go for lunch or something Y/N?”

The Legal Thing

Prompt 1 of 642: Write yesterday’s fortune cookie.  It got everything wrong.

“You will find a thing.  It may be important.”

“In bed!” Balthazar snickered and made Castiel look up from the small white slip of paper in his hand.  “Maybe you’ll finally find your balls.  If Winchester hasn’t already stored their dried remains in an old baby food jar and shoved it to the back of the pantry.”

Castiel rolled his eyes and tossed the paper aside.  When your best friend and your boyfriend couldn’t stand each other, all you could do was ignore their petty comments about each other.

“What does yours say?” Cas asked.

“Hmm…”  Balthazar cracked open his golden brown cookie.  He popped a piece into his mouth and straightened out the slip.  He frowned.  “You are cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.”

Cas snorted.

“That’s not even a fortune,” Balthazar complained.

“But it is accurate.”

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Masterlist: Historical- 1931 - 1950

This Masterlist features Everlark stories that take place from 1931 to 1950. These fics have been tagged as “historical” on AO3 and has the world “historical” in their descriptions on ffnet. Topics of the fics consist of the Great Depression and WWII.

Please make sure to read the tags and summary before diving into the fic. Some stories may feature subject matter which is not to everyone’s tastes.

As with all masterlists, if you find a story that fits but is not on this list, let us know by sending us a message or fanmail with the story link. Please also let us know if you spot any inaccuracies. Thank you!


A Journey North - dustwriter

Everything But Money - MTK4FUN

In Name Only - IzzySamson

Pour Toujours (For Always) - MTK4FUN

Promises and Plans - loupee

Refugees in the Manor - Punzie the Platypus

Sins Of The Father - Streetlightlove

Under the Hawaiian Moon - historywriter2007

We Have Brought Peace onto You - jeeno2


Alice - MockingJayFlyingFree

Bright Lights in Dark Times - 16Sydd16

Coal Black, Water Blue - dandelionsandroses            

Love in the Time of War - fadedmeanings

Normandy Landing - AlwaysEverlark

On a Cold, Unforgiving Day - SleepyMango

Partition - everllarkingjoshifer (*Added 7/10/17)

So We Beat On - shesasurvivor

Strange Things Did Happen Here - kdubs685

Struggle With Love - istillwanttobeme

The Blind Date - malibustacy

The Braves - Merciki

The Mockingjay Nest - streetlightlove

The Path of Death - FrozenSpitfire

Unfailing Love - knottedenergy

When The World Ends - snuffles95


Apart - Jgem87

Fireflies in the Dark - titania522

For Good - littlebluedress016

Four Minute Lull - katnissdoesnotfollowback (*Added 7/23/17)

Furlough - PeetasAndHerondales

Glitter and Dust - jeeno2

Inevitable - annieoakley1

Marching Together to Victory - historywriter2007 (*Added 7/10/17)

On This 8th Day of May - titania522

Promise Me This - Amelia_Day

Rosie the Riveter - mega-aulover (*Added 7/23/17)

She’s Not There - loveleee

Someone to Watch Over Me - silvercistern

Tumblr Fic - swishywillow

Under The Clock - deathmallow

You Can Leave Your Hat On - jennagill

Completed: 5/1/16

Updated: 7/23/17

Sentence starters: Fortune cookie edition (pt 2)

“Patience makes lighter what sorrow may not heal.”

“Think like a man of action, and act like a man of thought.”

“There is no security in life, only opportunity.”

“Where there is no vision, the people perish.”

“The good life is a process, not a state of being. It is a direction not a destination.”

“Even the toughest of days have bright spots, just do your best.”

“Tough times never last, but tough people do.”

“If you must choose between two evils, pick the one you’ve never tried before.”

“It takes less time to do a thing right than it does to explain why you did it wrong.”

“One look is worth ten thousand words.”

“You are on the verge of something big.”

“Watch out for little problems that cough get a lot bigger.”

“People are naturally attracted to you.”

“First learn to ‘give’ and then the universe will reward you.”

“Your virtues are your priceless treasures.”

“A leader is powerful to the degree he empowers others.”

“Real is all a vision. You have to see it for yourself.”

“The surest way to have nothing to give is to give nothing.”

“Fate loves the fearless.”

“Do not be overly judgmental of your loved one’s intentions or actions.”

“Procrastination is the fear of success.”

“The human body was designed to walk, run, or stop; it wasn’t built for coasting.”

“Nothing motivates a man more than to see his boss put in an honest day’s work.”

6. Charles Xavier (Request)

Request:  “hello can u pls do 1, 6, 21, and 22 with Charles? Thank u!”

Afternoon requester! Here is no. 6 because Ives and I are splitting them two each and I am currently procrastinating my “holiday homework”… I mean… those are two words that don’t belong together at ALL. It’s like a bizarre twisted oxymoron. Any who, I hope you enjoy. Happy Reading!


It was an incredibly hot night. Too hot. Too blooming hot. Like the stereotype of an Aussie summer but times by a bazillion… though perhaps that’s a tad exaggerated. You’d blasted the AC in the hotel room but it just wasn’t working that well. Charles and Erik were out recruiting and you had tagged along. Mainly because you didn’t want to stay at the bunker. Too many people there, too many humans who didn’t understand. You didn’t want to join them on the recruit either, because they could very much handle themselves and you could have some alone time. Nice book, nice rest. Except you hadn’t counted on the bloomin’ heat.

You looked at the adorable little pajamas you’d put on the bed… Little owls on the shorts, little slogan on the top. Should you wear them, should you go without… that was the question. You’d just jumped out of the shower and you figured, “Nah. Nope.” You jumped in and snuggled under the blankets. To others it might be weird; a hot night without pajamas and you were jumping under the covers but you just couldn’t sleep without them over you. You just felt safer under the covers. They were like a little shield to the rest of the world. Also they were a good cover for your naked-ity if anything should go wrong. You read your book for a while until you reached over to turn out your light and lay down your head to go to sleep.

You heard footsteps coming down the hall and frowned. Must be Charles and Erik heading to their room. Suddenly you heard your door opening. You sat bolt upright, pulling the covers tight against you till it could be safe to say you could rock that sheet at fashion week with no chance of a wardrobe malfunction. Only your shoulders were bare. You flicked on the light and there was Charles, now shielding his eyes from the assault of the brightness you had created. He had just taken off his shoes and had them in hand. He blinked a couple of times and shook his head until he spotted you.

“Is there a reason you’re naked in my bed?” He asked, confused.

“Um… because it’s not your bed, Charles. This is my room.”

“Nope. This one is mine, I think.” He said, lowering his eyebrows and trying to concentrate. He may have had a few to drink, it seemed.

“Just… just step out of the room so I can get dressed?” You asked, and he did just as you said. You put on the pajamas from before and then he stepped back into the room.

“Show me your room key.” You said as soon as he entered the room again. He did and the number matched the one on your own room key.

“I don’t… Why didn’t we notice the mix up before?” Charles started.

“Because you put your bags in Erik’s room before so you could rush off to track down the mutant without checking your room first?” You reminded him. A look of understanding dawned on his face.

“Oh. So we’re sharing?” He was confused again.

“I… I guess.” He could stay in Erik’s room but you weren’t going to mention that. You both jumped into bed, putting a pillow between you both before you drifted off to sleep. Charles was still fully dressed but he didn’t seem to mind. Somewhere in the both of your sleep, the pillow got moved and you ended up snuggling. In the morning, instead of either of you trying to make excuses, Charles had just kissed you on the top of your head and when you’d smiled at that he’d kissed you full on the mouth. Well… that little mix-up had worked out for the best!

comfort in the waiting room

and i knew that you were a truth i would rather lose than to have never have lain beside at all.

Captain Swan. 4x02 fic. 

Notes: I’ve decided to (belatedly) throw my hat into the post-4x02 fic ring. ‘What Sarah Said’ is one of my favorite songs ever (I wrote an entire multichap fic around it) and I couldn’t not. So, you know. Enjoy. 

love is watching someone die


            And there’s something about it that feels like finally, something that feels like completion. Like full circle, like an ending—

            Like we’ve wasted our lives.

            (Except he doesn’t count a single moment with her as wasted.)

            (But he would. He’d waste his whole life away, if it was with her.)

            (If he should be so lucky.)

            (He isn’t, usually.)

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