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Danny Williams - Ālia iki

Being part of the Five-0 task force often involves going undercover. There are times when the undercover jobs are easy and then there are those times when they’re hard or they go wrong. When you go on an undercover job, things go well, for some time. Then, things go very very wrong.

Pairing/s: Danny x Reader

Characters: Reader, Danny “Danno” Williams, Steve McGarrett, Kono Kalakaua, Chin Ho Kelly, Lou Grover, Jason Wells (OC), Sandra Cox (OC. Mentioned), Grace Williams, Charlie Williams. Max Bergman, Jerry Ortega, Nahele Huikala, Kamekona Tupuola, Shawn “Flippa” Tupuola (Mentioned)

Warning/s: Alcohol, angst, blood, death

A/N: I’ve been really into Hawaii Five-0 lately and decided to write this little thing. Hope you enjoy! The title roughly translated from google translate to Hold On.

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Hawaii Five-0 season 8 rant

I really get it that the cast members aren’t open for a season 8, or maybe see it as a last season. I mean, what Alex revealed in that exclusive interview is true. The show doesn’t lose its magic quickly, but it’s getting harder and harder to find an original plot-line and still be creative while doing it. Basically, Alex doesn’t want it to be milked out, which is absolutely understandable. Besides that, slowly the original cast is walking out to do new stuff, to develop their career the cast want to quit together, as a family. If that isn’t enough, Alex made clear the show also put a physical strain on his body. 

 But I wouldn’t want it to end at season 7, at least not as a fan. Besides that, I feel like I need some sort of closure. Does Danny retire and when? What happens after this? Is there ever going to be McDanno? The directors shouldn’t close the whole season off, with something steadfast, because the crew is always going to remain Five-0 and keep solving crimes, like they’ve been doing for 8 years. You can’t just change that.

 They don’t even have to do a whole season. Not for me.

 But just make a special episode, a somewhat ending. If I got to make one, I would do it like this.

Danny opens his restaurant (after like a year or so), which is not named Steve’s thank you very much… It’s actually more a bar/café than a restaurant. But he serves a mean steak, some (Jersey?) food and nothing too Hawaiian.

Gracie sometimes comes over and helps out.

 Five-0 hangs there often for free beers and it annoys Danny on end, but he’s secretly really glad that they’re still a family. Sometimes when they are stuck on a case, they tell Danny everything and Steve complains about his new partner.

(Just push in a scene somewhere that Danny still got them cop reflexes when taking care of some drunk pricks in his restaurant.)

And I don’t know, sometimes Danny is still a key in solving the crime and sometimes Danny still calls in the middle of missions to see if Steve doesn’t do anything too dangerous. (It makes Steve’s relationship with his new partner start off a little awkward.)

And when the murder is solved, (Steve and the new guy have a scene) and it is night, Steve calls Danny, who’s closing the restaurant and cleaning up and walking up the stairs and Steve says ‘’I’m coming over tonight.’’ He opens the door with a spare key and closes it as soft as possible. He walks up the stairs, just being tired and throwing off his gear. Danny’s sitting up in bed and Steve says something like ‘’I thought you were asleep’’ and Danny answers with something sassy. Steve just rolls his eyes fondly, giving Danny a peck and like ‘’goodnight’’ lying down next to him and turning off the lights. That is when the credits start to roll.  

It’s 2017 guys! Besides that, the directors have teased us so much with McDanno that it would be, I almost want to say weak, not to give the (majority) of the fans what they want. Besides that, we need some closure, but at the same time the reassurance that Five-0 is always gonna be a (fictional) family who keep Hawaii safe.

Safe and Sound - Danny Williams

Title: Safe and Sound 

Pairing: Danny Williams x Reader, Steve 

Relationship: Engaged 

Warnings: pregnancy, angst, fluff at the end 

Request:  Can you do one where the reader is Steve McGarrett’s little sis and is Danny’s fiancé and she and Danny get in a really bad argument about her safety and then she tells him that she’s pregnant. Sorry if it’s too long. Love your stuff girl 😊😊😊

 A/N: Thank you ❤️ Don’t worry about it being “too long,” It gives me more to work with 

Being Steve McGarrett’s sister was hard enough, but having a relationship with Danny made everything 10x more difficult. You had found out you were pregnant just before Grace’s Aloha Girls trip, and were planning on telling Danny in a cute way. You just didn’t expect him getting shot that night. So when you were able to shoot the guy who shot Danny with and no one got injured, there was a lot of tension between you guys. Poor Steve was always torn on whose side he should be on. So when the girls went to bed in their tents a couple miles away, a bad argument rose between the two of you.   

“Y/N, that was so careless!! One of those girls could’ve gotten killed!!” Danny yells at you, his hand supporting his wounded arm. Steve stood behind you, his hands resting on your shoulders. 

“Danny, he wasn’t going to kill her! We both knew he was after the missing diamonds, which Kono and Chin are trying to find now.“ 

“I’m so angry right now. Don’t make me more angry, Y/N.”

“I’m just stating the facts, okay? You don’t need to protect me!! I can do this on my own.”

“See, you say that, but I’m always protecting you!!” You felt Steve shift behind you, one hand leaving your shoulder.

“Let’s save this conversation for a time at home, alright? Grace is here enjoying herself, and so are her friends.” Steve attempted to negotiate, failing miserably.

“No!” You and Danny shouted in unison.

“I can’t keep fighting with you, Danny! How are we supposed to get married and have a baby together?!” You shouted, full on anger rushing through your veins.

“You’re pregnant?” Danny asked, anger draining from his face.

“You’re pregnant?” Steve asked from behind you, confusion evident in his voice.

“Yeah, 8 weeks tomorrow. I already told Grover to take me out of all cases, unless I’m working at HQ. I know my limits, I’m not about to put this baby in danger. Now keep telling me about how I’m careless and need to be more careful. I don’t want to do this on my own. I don’t think I can raise a kid on my own.”

Danny looked down at the ground, drawing in the dirt with his shoe. You exhaled deeply, crossing your arms across your chest, tears welling in your eyes. You didn’t know what you were feeling - the anger of fighting with Danny or the relief of getting everything off your chest.

“I’m going to give you guys a minute, Y/N, if you need me, I’ll be over there.” Steve told you, pointing towards a large tree a couple feet away. You nod, wiping a tear away. You looked up at Danny who was already looking at you.

“Hey,” Danny starts to say, barely audible. He walks over, wrapping his arms around your waist, your arms wrapping around his neck. “I’m sorry for yelling at you. I didn’t know you told Grover to remove you from the cases. I love you.”

“I love you, too. I was going to tell you in a cute way but it’s okay. All that matters is that we’ll always be a family. I promise I’ll be careful.”

“We’re having a baby.”

“We’re having a baby.” You repeated back to him, snuggling yourself under his non-injured arm as you walked over to Steve. You nudged him with your elbow, letting a smile emerge on your face as he turned around. “Ready to be a cool uncle?”

Hear me

Danny’s eyes drift across Steve’s backyard towards the ocean, where Kono is happily splashing about with Grace and Charlie. They are all laughing delightedly and there’s a relaxed air around them. Danny has missed this. For months it seems that everything has been difficult, or painful, or just an uphill struggle.
“Hey buddy,” Steve greets him as he sits down in the white lawn chair beside him. Back up on the lanai, he can hear Lou and his wife laughing about something, Chin and Abby joining in while Jerry tries to understand the joke.


He always thought he knew each what that meant but it’s only now, in this moment of laughter, that he understands.

“You okay?” Steve asks quietly, pressing a palm to Danny’s knee as he continues to stare out toward the horizon.
“Yeah.” He can’t find any more words than that right now because his heart is full.
“Listen, man, I just want to thank you. For everything.”
Danny is confused and he pulls his eyes away from his amazing children and focuses on the child he works with.
Okay. That’s a little unfair. Steve isn’t a child. He is one fucked up individual, but without him there wouldn’t be a Five O ohana.
“You want to clarify? I mean, everything is pretty huge. After all, I didn’t do anything huge recently. Oh wait!” he continues, slapping his palms together, “I only saved your life.”
“Yeah, you did. But not just by giving me part of your liver, man.”
Steve’s voice is soft and it’s strange, because Danny knows that Steve can be sensitive to others-it’s just rarely directed at him.
“Again with the cryptic stuff. What do you mean, McGarrett?”

Steve waved towards where Kono and the kids are playing, his hands a flappy randomness buzzing with energy.
“Family, Danny,” he finally adds. “You share this with me. I’m lucky to have gotten to watch Gracie grow and I’m grateful you let me be a part of it.”
Danny slaps Steve’s shoulder and laughs. He sips at the juice-he misses beer, and coffee, mostly coffee-that fills his pint glass and looks back out over the water.

“You know, we’re pretty lucky to have you as well, goof,” Danny smiles. “Be nice if you showed it a little more though. This, us, we’ve not been so great.”
“You don’t hear me,” Steve says softly, his words barely a whisper on the wind.
“What’s that supposed to mean?” Danny asks, and he can feel his anger bubbling. “What do up you say that I don’t hear? I hear you complain about procedure! I hear you moan about my driving! I hear you bash my love of Bon Jovi and decent pizza! I hear you make stupid decisions that endanger my life! I heard you order me to jump off a fucking roof!” Danny is breathless, his rant consuming him. He gasps in heavy breaths and tries to calm himself down. “I hear you talk about how you’re worried about Kame’s blood pressure. I hear you worry about your sister and little Joanie all the way over in LA on their own. I hear you worry that Kono misses Adam so much it makes her reckless. I hear you talk about Lynn, and how your dates go, and I see your swagger when she stays over. I hear you when you ask me to be someone I’m not just so we can get along better.”

Danny’s heart aches. He hadn’t expected to let that all pour from him. Damn the mess he was on. He cried at a goddamn advert three nights ago so he knows something is messing with his emotions.
“When you jumped, you didn’t hear me when I told you I loved you.”
Steve’s voice breaks a little on the last word and Danny’s gaze whips around quickly so see Steve’s pale face. The other man swallows a little, wringing his fingers as he watches Danny’s ever changing expression. Danny, to his credit, doesn’t say a word. Not because he doesn’t want to, but because he has no idea where this is going.
“Things between us have been wrong for a while. We both know it. The arguments a little sharper, a little more bitter, the words more cutting. I’ve been pushing you away.”
Steve is shaking now and Danny reaches out, places his hands over Steve’s and waits him out. Steve draws a couple of breaths before switching their hands around so that he is holding Danny’s instead.

“I need you to listen, Danny, and really hear me.” His eyes stare into Danny’s, who can only nod at the request, swallowing against a sudden bout of dry mouth. “I like Lynn, she’s outgoing and fun and likes a lot of what I do, but she isn’t you. She doesn’t challenge me, she doesn’t make me breathless. She doesn’t give of herself endlessly, like you do. But you were with Melissa-are with Melissa-and I had to try and move on. I tried with Kath, but she would rather lie to me and put herself in danger that’d be with me. I let her go and I needed to let you go too. But I can’t. I don’t know how. You are in my thoughts even when you aren’t around. I need you to listen, to really hear me this time. I love you. I can’t pretend I don’t anymore. I won’t pretend.” Steve stops speaking abruptly and Danny swallows again, painfully aware that Steve needs a response.

It’s just, he never thought this might happen. Steve was always so driven, his career and his commitment to Five-0 the most important things in his life.

But apparently not.

“Shit. Say something please.” Steve’s eyes are red rimmed and wet and Danny isn’t so worried any more-not about them, not about this.
“I hear you,” he smiles, before pressing a soft kiss to Steve’s mouth.

Behind them, the east of their ohana breaks into spontaneous applause, and he’s pretty sure Lou says something about it being about damn time.
Danny really doesn’t care.

Thoughts about episode 4x19

It won’t be easy, but with this review I want to say how much I LOVED and how much I HATED this episode. Please let me explain.

I always say that both love and hate come from passion and I’m passionate about Hawaii Five-0, a lot. It’s rare for me to get this passionate about a TV show. Very rare. It’s even rarer for me to fall in love with two characters and their relationship like I did with Steve and Danny. Hawaii Five-0 and Steve and Danny are special to me and so dear to my heart, so this episode couldn’t not elicit strong feelings and strong opinions.

This episode didn’t go as I thought and hoped it would. I honestly thought it was going to be totally focused on them, like 3x06, for sure I didn’t expect for Amber to have such a big presence in it, whether in scenes with her or in scenes where the guys talked about her. It was a bad surprise, I must admit, but instead of choosing to be mad and negative about it, I chose to be grateful for what the writers felt ready to give us and hopeful that they will be ready to give us more one day.

So, did that first Danny/Amber scene make me want to just bleach my brain and eyes and pretend I never watched it? It surely did. And I hated the following scene (though bless you Grace, I love you deeply)… I wanted an explanation about why Grace couldn’t reach Danny’s phone, because that bothered me A LOT, but he asked Grace why he didn’t call him, so he sincerely seemed sure he could be reached, so I guess that, at least, it wasn’t intentional. Grace didn’t seem impressed with Amber and that was good… I won’t lie, I would love to see Amber gone as soon as possible, because it’s no mystery I don’t like “love interests” and because, even if they said Danny is 10 years older than her she really looks way younger and that irks me big time… but I do appreciate that in canon she’s only 10 years younger than him. I saw some people complaining about the fact that Danny didn’t mention her since 4x12: it didn’t bother me at all, on the contrary, I think it says a lot and frankly the less I see and hear of her the happier I am. 

And of course I didn’t like Steve saying Danny and Amber are spending much time together, giving Danny “relationship advices” and, later in the episode, encouraging him to give Amber a chance… but hey, this is Steve, the one who said “I just want you to be happy, Danny. That’s all.”, and he’s always been faithful to these words. He always put Danny’s happiness before his own, and this is true love in my book. But I think they need to realize that they can be really happy only with each other and, in my opinion, this episode, the conversations Steve and Danny had, proved it once more.

I’m going to quote some excerpts I read in a beautiful review this morning (here’s the link to the full review):

“Okay, but Danny doesn’t push everyone away? There’s an obvious person apart from Grace they didn’t cover, and he and Danny both said ‘I love you’ to each other in this episode? It doesn’t have to be a romantic connection. Danny hasn’t pushed away Steve, or Chin or Kono, as well as Grace.”

“They could easily have had this really sweet moment for Danny - he’s so afraid of ruining and/or losing everything, but it apparently hasn’t occurred to him that he’s got Five-0 and he’s part of that little family and he’s extremely honest and upfront with all of them and they still love him. This relationship he has with Steve is insanely strong and honestly the second most important he has in his life, and the episode could have just been about that without trying to focus so much on his lovelife with Amber/Gabby etc?”

“I think the episode ended up completely glossing over the fact that all those things Danny was worried about with women, he already had accomplished with Steve, and that’s kinda huge for him”

I agree with these points and I think that Steve and Danny really trust each other with each other’s life… and with each other’s heart. Nothing compare to the way they feel for each other, no one can make them really happy, nor Catherine, nor Amber, nor anyone else. Only each other. This is the way I feel.

That’s the way I feel hearing the sheer panic in Steve’s voice when he couldn’t find or hear Danny after the explosion…

That’s the way I feel seeing their hands touching, the way the camera focuses and lingers on that.

The way Danny didn’t want Steve to leave him… “Don’t go just yet”… The way Steve took care of Danny, taking that piece of rebar out of him, bringing him water, calming him down, encouraging and reassuring him. The way the find reasons to bicker and fight even in this situation! The way they hug and say “I love you” to each other…did that really happen? Someone pinch me, really hard, because It feels like a wonderful dream… (next step is saying “I’m in love with you”, right?? :) )

So, could I do without the “Amber and Catherine are so worried” scenes? Could I do without no Amber at all in this episode? For sure… but what can I say or do? Like I said before, I gratefully take all the things the writers felt like giving us in this episode and it was A LOT and I don’t want to let Amber or Catherine  being there ruin that for me… by the way, Steve and Catherine in these last episodes have been awfully (or wonderfully, the way I see things) distant from each other and some scenes in this episode tried to make them look closer to each other but, to me, they felt as distant as usual, I guess that’s what happens when two characters/actors have no chemistry with each other.

Honorable mentions? Grace running to Danny and hugging him, that sweet Steve/Grace moment… adorable…

… and also the building collapsing a bit more after Danny says he’ll give him and Amber a shot… the universe is speaking, Danny… listen to the universe! 

And now can I linger a little bit more on THAT moment?

-       “When we were in there, you said, uh… you know, before you did the thing with the bomb, you said what you said. I want you to know I… I feel the same way.”

-       “How is that exactly?”

-       “Gonna make me say it? … Come here. I love you”.

-       “I love you, buddy”.

Can’t even say how much I loved this… the fact that Steve needed to hear those words from Danny, the fact that Danny couldn’t look him in the eyes while saying them and so he hugged him, Steve saying for the second time that he loves Danny, after that first “I love you too”.

My love for them is beyond words.

So thank you for these moments… and please understand me if I’m eager and I want more of them… together, just them.

And of course I loved the big plotwist: the CIA being behind the explosion! Wow, just wow. That ending scene was amazing and we got to know some more… the person in that grave in Cambodia was Wo Fat’s mother and Doris killed her in an operation gone wrong, because she was supposed to kill Wo Fat’s father instead. The fault fell on the other agent, who was forced out of the CIA instead of Doris…. And Wo Fat’s father is still alive! But Steve was forced to kill that man before trying to force any more information out of him.

Well, goes without saying how intrigued and excited I am to know more about this… we know Wo Fat will be back in this season finale so I really think some other really interesting stuff is coming soon.   

… so, that’s why I loved and I hated this episode, or at least I tried to explain it.

With respect, love, a little bit of hate (but in a good way ;) ) and hope.


My review of episode 6x05

The episode starts with a whole three minutes of Team/Ohana goodness… so much to love about these three minutes… Kono teasing Danny, Danny feeling the side effects of his breakfast burrito, the confirmation that the team is doing this competition for charity (for the Widows and Orphans Fund), Grover coaching the team after he managed to avoid the competition with a little help from the team doctor (also, strength and conditioning coach…) … Max! The team getting a shower getting an unscheduled shower from Max… 

… and then the scene at the training camp improvised in Grover’s courtyard… I loved Danny’s reference to Steve’s BUDs training… and I want to focus a bit on a line that maybe upset someone… I’m talking about Grover saying “Tough Mudder is a team sport. And as we all know, a team is only as strong as its weakest link”… I admit I cringed a bit at first, but then I started thinking about it. Grover is not saying that Danny is the weakest link of the Five-0 team, just of the Tough Mudder team: put in context, the line makes absolutely sense, because in this particular moment Danny IS actually weak, he just recovered from donating bone marrow to Charlie, plus there is his old knee injury, the fact that he never liked running… and all of this put together, the fact that he’s still doing the competition in spite of everything, well, it makes him the strongest link in the team at the same time, doesn’t it? :-) 

Another thing I want to say about this scene… you know that thing that happens sometimes with text messages, when you have to add an emoji to express the “tone” of that message better? Well, sometimes it happens the same thing with the dynamic between through friends, sometimes you got to understand the way they have to tease each other (and this goes for every dynamic we see on the show, not just Danny and Grover’s)…  Danny didn’t look offended for a moment, and even through the effort of swimming in the mud, he kept smiling, so yes, I think Danny was our “human emoji” in this scene, to make us understand that that comment wasn’t meant to “insult” him or diminish him in any way. At least, it’s the way I see it :-) Plus it was clearly a way of setting up what happens in the ending scene, a beautiful Ohana moment … I’m going to talk about it later in this review.

Now, the scene where Steve receives the anonymous, silent phone call… I don’t think it was Catherine, after all she stayed a whole year without calling him, even when she left him the first time she didn’t even bother to call and she sent an e-mail instead… plus, IF it was her… it would just prove furthermore how selfish, uncaring and inappropriate she is, after the way she left him. I also think it’s interesting that the writers had Danny guessing it could have been Doris on the phone, and then Steve saying that he doesn’t know if it was Catherine, Doris, or someone else, he says “I don’t know, maybe. But I can’t trace the call anyway, so there’s not much I can do”… I think that if he could trace that call, he probably wouldn’t like what he’d find out… maybe that Catherine and Doris are together right now. Anyway, I hope it wasn’t Catherine on the phone and I wish this could be cleared up soon, that we could soon have the official confirmation that this time she’s gone for good.

About the two carguments between Steve and Danny… I liked those scenes, but I’ve got to say - I know it’s not the first time and I’m sorry for repeating myself, but… - I miss the sweet moments between them, I miss them allowing themselves to be sweet with each other. Lately there has been a lot of sarcasm and tension between them. The hug at the end of the episode is a hundred times more beautiful because you really can see them and their feelings for each other there.

Now, the case… it gave us a lot of spectacular stunts, really impressive, and some great lines, such as Danny’s “You know I’d say Evel Knievel did it, but he’s been dead for a little while” and Steve’s “ “Did he just say ‘What’s Top Gun?’ I should arrest him just for that.”, plus some super cool and sexy scenes with the team showing so much confidence and “badassery”… especially Chin!

The twist of the victim leading a double life was surprising and I want to say something… it’s true that, like Grover said, it “takes a special kind of sociopath to keep all that stuff separate”, but what Aubrey did? Having her father killed, ruining… well, two families? It takes a special kind of sociopath to do that, as well.

And, of course, I saved the best for last… the ending Ohana scene… what’s not to love? The whole stretching or not stretching quarrel, the sweet Chin/Kono moment, Kamekona and Flippa, as funny and adorable as ever, bearing gifts in the form of ugly t-shirts ;-) And I’m impressed by Kamekona’s generosity, he usually is all about business! “10% of every purchase at the shrimp truck today is gonna go to those widows and orphans”, aww, love him! And Danny’s line? “I-I would. I just don’t want to”? Memorable ;-) And Grover giving his loooong, poetic pep-talk… and we all know how much Steve loves Grover’s poetic speeches, right? ;-) “Damn, Lou, that arthritis didn’t slow your mouth down a beat.

And when all of them huddled and shouted: “Five-0”, well, it was such a great moment!

I loved, so much, the whole montage of pictures and footage… it actually made me emotional to see them achieving that victory together, seeing them helping Danny after he got injured… all for one, one for all, right? And the group hug… so heartwarming, so perfect! The way Steve and Danny hugged each other was simply wonderful. So much love in that hug,  and I hope that this season will show us more and more of this… maybe starting from the next episode, given that Charlie and Grace will be there? I think it will truly be a great episode.

Hawaii Five-0 spoilers

When last we tuned into CBS’ Hawaii Five-0, Steve and Danny had just saved the island from nuclear catastrophe (even if it put a crimp in Kamekona’s sales), all whilst on their way to Kono’s wedding to Adam. As a last wrinkle in a wild finale, Chin Ho was ominously confronted by his onetime bro-in-law Gabriel, just as the ceremony was to begin.

With Season 6 arriving Friday at 9/8c, TVLine presents our near-complete Q&A with shworunner Peter M. Lenkov, who previews a treasure hunt, a humourous couples retreat, Halloween horror and more.

TVLINE | When last we spoke, you said the premiere would pick up near continuously from the finale. Is that still the plan?

The only thing we’re going to miss is the actual wedding ceremony. If you saw the last episode, Chin Ho had a confrontation with Gabriel in the parking lot, so Chin will be sharing that story as Kono and Adam are being introduced at the reception, as husband and wife.

TVLINE | What do you want to say about Gabriel’s agenda?
Wo Fat was a villain that we had for years, but his agenda was very personal. For Gabriel, he’s more of a sociopath. He’s a bad guy because he’s a bad guy. I don’t think you’re going to find out, at least for a while, what his real agenda is, but it’s definitely not personal.

TVLINE | So, no smooth sailing for newlyweds Kono and Adam?
Not in the first half of the season! Look, if things were content, it’d get a little boring, so they’re definitely going to have a very rough start to their first year of marriage.

TVLINE | Danny just learned that Charlie is his son, so many of my readers want to know: Will we see them together, bonding?

It’s definitely a story arc for the season. It’s funny because we sort of planted this seed years ago, when [Danny and Rachel] had this little affair and she found that she was pregnant. At the time, there were some people saying, “Oh, I bet that down the road they’re going to find out that it’s Danny’s kid.” That sort of bummed me out because I thought I was being so clever! I was going to reveal it the year before but I just decided to hold off, because I was hoping people will start forgetting they posited that theory. But yeah, there’s a nice little runner of Danny having to take some time off to do that surgery, and in the Halloween episode, he gets to trick-or-treat with Charlie at the hospital. The same way we saw him raise Grace in the early years of the show, you’re going to see him now with a new kid. He’s a guy who wears his heart in his sleeve so it’s fun watching him interact that way. As grumpy as he is, with kids you see a while different side of Danny.

TVLINE | What’s the plan for Steve and Catherine? They reunited in the finale, but things were a bit awkward, tentative.
We play that uncertainty in the first couple episodes. There’s a big change that’s going to happen in their relationship, which really shifted at the end of the previous season, when she left [to stay in Afghanistan]. It’s hard to get things back on track as much as they both want to, because she did make that choice — and we’re going to see her make another choice that’s going to come up early in the season as well.

TVLINE | And what of Steve’s “bromance,” with Danny?
There’s an episode where they end up going to a couples retreat to sort of burn off some of their therapy time, because they’ve got to put in a certain amount of hours. It’s a really fun story.

TVLINE | What sort of personal stories will you be telling this season?

We’re going to introduce a character (played by Defiance’s Julie Benz) who’s going to be on loan from the San Francisco police department and she’s going to end up having a relationship with Chin Ho. Maybe there’s going to be a romance there. Danny, meanwhile, still has some juggling to do with his ex. In the Halloween episode, Grace lies to her mom — she’s supposed to go to a friend’s house but ends up going to a party in the North Shore — and Danny has to go down there to get her. It’s every parent’s nightmare, to infiltrate a party and drag their kid out!

TVLINE | Grover had some unfinished business with that old friend of his, the one who murdered the wife. Will you revisit that?
Yeah, we’re actually going to wrap that up with Mykelti Williamson. That’ll probably be in, like, January, at latest the beginning of February.

TVLINE | Lastly, any particularly interesting cases to tease?
The premiere is loosely based on a legend that pirates attacked the island in the 1880s, so we actually open up seeing that pirate attack, in a flashback. It’s our version of Pirates of the Caribbean, where pirates are attacking the palace and the streets of Waikiki, and that sort of launches us into a modern-day hunt for the treasure that they had stolen. It’s a big National Treasure-meets-Pirates of the Caribbean episode, so that’s definitely fun.

Duclair, the pyromaniac from last year, is back in the second episode, played by Randy Couture. Carol Burnett’s back… We have a really fun boxing episode, our version of Flloyd Mayweather Jr. versus a local fighter… And the Halloween episode is great, offering a spin on a Frankenstein story, where a guy is trying to bring back his dead girlfriend… but in a very twisted, dark way. The best thing about the show for us as writers is we’ve got three-dimensional characters to play with, each with very different personalities. The plots are fun, too, but the fun stuff is all the character stuff we do.